The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 8
Wrong Roles in the Family

Chapter Description: Luke and Emma used an invention to switch places with their children for the day, but can they go back to being the parents when they cant keep their diapers clean?

Luke Danvers carefully adjusted the wires in his latest invention, the man of age 32 is busy with his latest invention that is going to surprise his wife Emma.The inventor is in his basement, his hair brown and shaggy and wearing a sweat shirt and jeans under a huge lab coat, looking like a mad scientist.

Emma is 31 years of age, she has just gotten out of the shower, her long brunette hair wet so she dried it with a hair blower then she got dressed, standing naked in her room she put on some sexy pink panties and a skirt and blouse, for she has to go to work at the bank, she got out to get the kids ready for school.

Tommy is the eldest, about 10 years old with his sister Katy, who is only 7, tommy is wearing his hat and shirt with pants, a picture of superman on his shirt, while Katy is in her sundress with Dora the Explorer on it, the kids all sat at the table while Emma prepares the breakfast. ’Honey you better come here if you want food!" she called out to him putting the plates of eggs for the kids on the table.

Luke yelled back as he got up and walked up the stairs. He entered the kitchen and sat down just as Emma got their meal ready to eat. ’thanks honey’ he said giving her a kiss

Emma smile as the Danvers family enjoy their breakfast. ’Do i have to go to school mom?’ whined Tommy with eggs in his mouth

’Yes, you needan education’ she told him ’and eat with your mouth close’ he closed his mouth and chew.

’Mommy, you promise we all are going to the park today!’ beamed Katy with her littlesmile under her blonde bangs.

Luke and Emma look at each other, ’sorry sweetie but your father and I are going to work really late today’ she said

’But you promise!’ sobbed Katy

’Tomorrow we’ll go’ Luke said trying to cheer her up


’We promise’ he finished

Katy smile again, while Tommy wipe his food from his chin with his arm, Emma scolded him telling him to use a napkin. Then they heard the bus outside, Emma quickly got thier bags and led her children outside to the bus, gave them kiss goodbyes and wave them off as the bus leaves, then she walked back inside. ’Ok honey we should get going as well’ she said, clearly not llooking forward to another day of more reports to fill out.

Luke just got up, ’well honey we could go to work or we could try out my new invention’ he told her giving off a cheeky grin.

Emma gave him a questioning look, ’its not another machine that force feeds us right?’ she said remembering getting so fat after that incident happen.

’No, this will be different’ he said getting her in his embraced, ’lets just say this will give us the break from work and all responsibility for one day’ he told her

Emma gave him a questioning look, sure they been working hard everyday, doing reports, luke with his inventions at work, taking care of the kids its all too much, they never get any alone time together. ’Ok genius, what do you have in mind? Remember we have ten minutes before we need to get going’

Luke led her into the basement, where they enter his makeshift lab, Emma followed him to the table that has his latest invention, a small iphone with green bars attached to it. ’You made a phone’ she teased walking towards it

Luke chuckled, picking it up, ’this phone will change reality around our lives’ he told her, ’we just type in what we wanna change and itll change around us, its in the testing phase so Im thinking we use it to swicth roles with our kids’ Emma look at him, folding her arms, ’they go to our jobs while we go to school in their place, something to relax us for a bit’ he told her

’So we learn some children maths while they do the reports? Shouldnt they know how to do it by going to school?’ she said

’Thats the thing, it will give them the knowledge, we’ll be the only ones who havnt changed’ he said

Emma frown, this really sounds like a bad idea, but the pile of reports appear in her mind so she nodded, ’fine, just do it’ she said

Luke grinned, typing in it to open the profiles, it shows a full body of him and Emma on the screen, along with a separate profile of their kids, Luke typed in that Tommy and Katy are the responsible adults with their jobs while Emma and him go to school in their place, the photo change to show Emma and Luke wearing their children’s clothes but adult fitted on them while their kids are wearing their children suits. Then the green bars glowed around them.

Luke and Emma felt the changes around them, The parents look at their suits started changing, vanishing to leave them naked, emma gave her husband a look before the clothes reappear but it was the clothes their kids were wearing when they left, Luke in his hat, blue shirt and shorts with a picture of Superman on the top, Emma was dressed in Katy’s sundress with Dora on it smiling, Soon they found themselves sitting down on something, the scene reforming around them to make a bus, with lots of other children in it that they are the only adults sitting on a school bus going to school.

’ha it work’ he grinned looking around

Emma giggle, ’ok I admit this is kinda fun’ she said ’us going to school again after all this years’ she look down at her now adult sundress, all pink with dora’s smiling face beaming out of it, her breasts snug tight under it and have no bra on, she then had a thought, ’wait doesnt this mean our kids have the phone now?’ she asked him

Luke shook his head, holding the phone in his hand. ’Nah we’re the ones who change reality so we are the ones who can keep it’ he told her, ’it still has enough battery for one more change, which we’ll use to return to normal, for now lets enjoy our free time at school’ he said

’Here to being kids again’ she said kissing him on the cheek, remembering that they are probably still seen as siblings so they keep their loving duving stuff quiet for now, but hoping that after they change back he will fuck her brains out.

Soon they arrived at the school, Luke and Emma pick up their school bags and walked off the bus, going to class in place of their children. Luke went to his class while Emma went to hers

Luke sat at Tommys desk, he put his bag down and pull out his pencils and paper, looking up as the teacher came in, Mrs Wilson waltz in with her long red locks and wearing her jeans and sweat shirt, greeting the children as they all say hello back. ’Ok now we are going to learn fractions’ she said turning to the board and writing down different math equations. Luke jot them all down, seeing as Tommy needs to do his homework so he better pay attention for him.

Emma meanwhile sat in her class learning about different animals, chuckling to herself as she is acing every question, she couldnt believe it was this easy for children, all the kids marvel at her, thinking she is a big kid like them but really she is an adult living the life of a kid, so she became a teachers pet like always.

The day went by quick for the parents, At recess the parents went with their childrens friends, Luke played hopscott with the boys while Emma played jump rope with the girls, all stress and worry gone for the one day so they could enjoy being kids again, but the day soon ended when the bell rang to signal the end of school. They sat together on the bus and talked about their day. ’Oh it was the best, the girls all did my hair’ she said showing him her neat hair tied into two pony tails.

Luke smiled, ’yeah the boys taught me some tricks with the lolo’ he said holding the lolo on his hand, showing his wife the tricks and spins of each move. ’See, how cool is that?’

’Awesome’ she beamed

They soon arrived home, Luke and Emma pick up their bags and left the bus, walking back to the house, ’ok so your going to change us back?’ she asked him adjusting her panties under her dress, ’cause these childish panties are giving me a wedgie’

’Well dont you wanna see how our kids do? I’m pretty curious’ he told her as they went to the door

’fine, but after that we change back’ she said

he nodded and opent he door, the parents walked in, feeling bizarre at the fact they are dropping school bags like their children and walked into the house, they spot their kids in the living room, Katy were at a table working on reports with Tommy sitting next to her fiddling with a device.

Suddenly the parents felt a wave of joy, they ran excitedly at them and sat on their laps, ’mommy and daddy!’ they blurted out with big smiles on their faces

Tommy smiled, bouncing Emma on his lap, ’hey sweetie, how was school?’ he asked her, his smile making butterflies in her stomach

They told them about their day, the children listen and nodded, giving them praises for Emma’s schoolwork and Luke’s sports game with the boys, the parents then went to the couch cause the children told them they need to finish some work, then they can go to the park like they promised.

Emma beamed at that thought, kicking her legs under her as she sat on the couch, while Luke was poking her, ’honey’ he said, snapping her out of her trance

She turn sharply to him, ’what was that? i felt like a little kid again’ she said

’I think its a wave of reality, it makes us formed into this version of us’ he told her taking out his phone, ’I think we should change back’

’yeah, I hate to think what would happen if it happens again’ she said getting a bit scared, moving closer to see him opening the app.

Luke open their profile, trying to type but it froze for a bit, ’stupid thing’ he mumbled pushing the buttons, trying to fix it, ’its lagging bad’ he told her

’well let me try’ she said trying to grab it but he held on

’no let me, its my machine’ he said

Emma tried to pull but he pull it back sharply, both falling to the ground, Emma and luke groan as they got to their feet, luke holding the phone in his hand, then his face dropped, ’uh oh’ he said, Emma look at the screen over his shoulder, gasping at the app, it now showed them wearing toddlers clothing fit for adults, Emma in a pink fluffy skirt and a purple shirt with butterflies on it while Luke was wearing toddlers shorts and a long sleeve shirt, both looking happy and so retarded while their children were the same with their adult clothing. Together they read the info, ’Luke and Emma are learning how to use the potty with the help of their children, who they call mommy and daddy’

The parents look at each other as Reality began changing around them. The room swirled around them as their clothes vanish, Emma’s breasts bounce free as they were soon covered by the purple shirt, soon a pink mini skirt wrapped around her waist, showing off her bare legs down to her bare feet. Luke’s bare body was encased in the long sleeve blue shirt and puffy shorts, also not wearing any footwear as they stood back in the living room.

’You idiot!’ Yelled Emma ’Look what you did!’

’Im sorry!’ Luke said ’I’ll fix it’ he held the phone, face dropping now as the bar is empty, ’uh its need to charge’ he said with hesitation.

Emma wanted to throttle him, ’great so we’re stuck like this, how long until it charges?’ she asked

Luke hesitated, ’well it gets fully charged every morning, but since we change reality twice we need one full bar to change back to what is once was’ he told

’So we’re stuck as even littlier kids then’ she reach under her skirt, ’at least my panties arent making me....’ she stop as her fingers felt plastic, lifting up her skirt she let out a small scream, ’im wearing training pants!’ she squealed

Luke look down at her waist, seeing the pink pullups on his wife, with Disney princesses on it, showing a picture of a smiling Belle, he slowly look into his short, seeing his own pullups with cars on it, ’I guess we are being potty trained’ he said

’Luke I swear Im going to fucking kill you’ she said angrily.

They heard footsteps, turning to see Katy coming up to them, ’there you two are, come on its time for dinner’ she said to them holding their hands

Emma and Luke both beamed, finally they can have din dins, they followed their daughter eagerly as they were led to the dining table, Luke and Emma both being sat in their booster seats on the grown up chairs, ’mommy what are we having?’ asked Luke eagerly, kicking his feet in anticipation. Katy tied a bib around Emma, who was bouncing up and down, ’I can use the potty mommy’ she said feeling proud of it

Katy smiled, then she gave her a pinch on the cheek as she sat at the table, Tommy walking in with their dinner, chicken and chips with peas on the plates. ’Ewwwww!’ gag Luke

’You gotta eat your greens’ Tommy said ruffing his hair, ’so you can be big and strong’

’I am big and strong’ he said

’More like small and dumb’ giggle Emma sticking out her tounge, he stuck out his in return as the parents began eating, Luke ate his chicken piece messy with his hands, using them to grab the leg and eating it like a child, while Emma was stuffing her mouth with chips, using a fork for the whole leg so she can take some bites, both refusing to eat the peas.

The children chuckle at them as they ate their food like mature kids, seeing as they are acting more like adults then their parents, once the food is finish Katy wipe the mess off their faces, Luke and Emma struggle at the wipe as Emma got her bib removed, then Katy got them off the seats and led them to the living room, where they spot two huge potties waiting for them.

Luke and Emma proudly ran to them, pulling their bottoms down and their pull ups they sat their huge adult butts on the seat, ’Look Im a big girl!’ said Emma proudly

’Yeah soon we get to wear underpants’ Luke said

Katy nodded, ’yes, but for now you use those potties like good toddlers’ she cooed as she left the room to help her brother with the clean up, they were really messy at the table. Once she left the parents snapped back out of it, looking at what they were doing.

’Luke we’re on potties!’ gasp Emma

’Well it did say we were potty training’ he said

Emma shook her head, ’no I am not using the stupid potty like a baby, I want to use the toilet’ she suddenly gasped, ’Im peeing!’ she squeaked as a tinkle sound is coming from her, Luke was about to say something to comfort her but he started to pee too, the parents using the potty like they were supposed to.

’I think our bodies are now adjusted to this reality’ Luke told her, ’as soon as the phone is charged we’re changing back’

’Good, but we better not end up worse’ she said, getting the thought of them in diapers and drooling like stupid retards

The parents stayed on the potties, Luke explained that since the kids reality were changed too that they will regressed to the mindset of this reality whenever they’re see them, Emma groan as she really doesnt wanna embarrassed herself any further, she already got help into a baby seat by her daughter and being help using the potty, this isnt a way a mother is suppose to be.

Katy came back in, meaning its back to dumb retard parents, ’Mommy we made wee wee’ Emma said as Luke nodded

Katy praised them, ’good job’ she said standing them up, she pull up her fathers pullup while Emma giggle proudly, ’now can we go to the park?’ she asked as Katy went to her

’Sorry Emma, but we had so much work we forgot’ she told her pulling up her training pants

’But you promised!’ sobbed Emma

Katy gave her a pat, ’Tomorrow, I promise’ she said

Emma pouted, folding her arms like a child. Katy cooed to them and took their hands, ’I think I know two cutie butts need beddy time’ she said leading them out.

’But its only seven!’ Luke said

’True but only grown ups stay up late, you two need your sleep’ she replied leading them to their bedroom. Luke and Emma whined like little children as they entered their childish bedroom, the double bed decorated with disney characters with bars on each side so the parents dont fall off. Luke and Emma were seated on the bed, Katy pulling their shirts off.

Luke got his off and stared at his wife’s exposed breasts, Emma noticed and gave them a jiggle just for giggles. KAty went to their closet and pulled out two night shirts, blue for Luke and pink for Emma, ’ok you two arms up’ she said. The parents did as they were told, holding their arms up while their daughter put their shirts on like she did a million times before. Once they were on she gestured them to crawl into bed, Luke and Emma crawled and laid down side by side, getting tucked in and having kisses on their foreheads. ’Goodnight you two, sweet dreams’ she said closing the light, but leaving the glow of a nightlight on and left the room.

Then their senses came back, Emma turn to him ’Luke where’s the phone?’ she said sternly

Luke gulp, ’Its back in the living room’ he said

Emma groaned, ’fine first thing tomorrow morning we change everything back, got that’

’got it’

The two parents laid in silence, but the lull of a lullaby making them drowzy already, Luke turn to see Emma sound asleep sucking her thumb, finding her so adorable that soon he cradle her and they both slept so peacefully. Soon before they know it they were being shaken awake by Tommy, ’wake up you two’ he said helping them sit up.

Emma and Luke moan and rub their eyes, ’Uhh five more mintutes’ luke complain

Tommy shook his head, ’sorry but you need to potty now’ he said

’I dont need to potty’ Luke said proudly

Emma blushed and nodded her head, ’I need to potty daddy’ she said, feeling ashamed for calling her son daddy and saying she needs to potty like a baby. Tommy help her out of bed and lead her to the bathroom, where her potty waits for her huge bum to sit on.

While Tommy left her on the potty, Luke got back into his senses and quickly walked outside, hoping not to run into Katy until he can get the phone back and fix this mess. He creep into the living room, spotting the phone by the couch. ’Ok sweet’ he said walking to pick it up, ’Now to get us out of here’ he open the app and started to type, but suddenly it started to lag, ’Oh no not again’ he said shaking it trying to get it to load faster, until he accidentally dropped it, hitting the ground. Luke panic and pick it back up. ’Oh no’ he said seeing that it has change again. Now it reads "Luke and Emma are adult infants who depend on their children for their every need" it showed the children still in their mature clothing while Luke and Emma stood in their birthday suits, naked and bare for all to see, then adult diapers formed on the picture and they have rattles in the hands and sucking on pacifiers.

Suddenly reality changed once again. Luke felt his shirt disintegrating off his bare chest, his pull up going thicker and whiter until it sprouts tabs, growing until it is now an full grown adult diaper hugging his waist. His legs gave out beneath him and he fell right on his bum, ’Emma is going to be pissed’ he said to himself finding himself in a playpen. Toys appearing out of thin air and landing around him. Finally it all went back to normal as he spots Tommy kneeling beside the playpen with Emma laying on a huge change mat, chewing her hair while being completely naked, her son wiping up her vagina for she is in the middle of a diaper change. Seeing his son made the regression hit him again, Luke dribble and grab a rattle shaking it backand forth so he could enjoy the silly sound it makes.

’Emma thats nasty’ said Tommy reaching with his small hands to pull the hair from her mouth

Emma just babble in response, ’Tehehe my hair is tasty daddy’ she dribble getting spit on her breasts.

Tommy chuckled, ’ok you little bugger, legs up’ he said, Emma lifted up her legs so Tommy could slide a new fresh diaper under her soft bum, then he powdered her then tape up the diaper snug around her. Emma cheered and clapped while Tommy picked her up, holding her with such strength by her butt he went and put her in the playpen with Luke. ’Ok you two be nice for mommy’ he said giving them a kiss on their heads then he picked up his suitcase and walked out the door.

Luke shook his head and dropped the rattle, crawling to his wife with a crinkle of his diaper, ’oh honey I am so sorry’ he said knowing she will yell her head off at him.

But Emma just gave him her infantile look as she suckle her thumb, ’What you saying silly?’ she said picking up the rattle and shaking it herself.

Luke frown, ’are you ok?’ he asked

Emma giggles, ’Yeah dummy, of course Im ok your the one being weird’ she said going on her hands and knees and crawled to the blocks, ’now come on lets go play!’ she babbles sitting her big bum down and started building a tower.

Luke smack his head, she was suppose to be with him when he used the phone now she has completely merged with this reality, this is all his fault. ’Dont worry honey I’ll fix this’ he said going to grab the phone, ’I can still use this a second time, hope it doesnt lag’ but then Katy came walking in forcing Luke to put the phone in his mouth and suckle on the device.

’Luke get that out of your mouth’ she scolded taking it out, Luke pouted and cried, Katy cooed at him and shove a bottle of milk in his lips, Luke calm down and suckle the warm milk, while Emma got her own baba too, they then laid down in the playmat holding their bottles with both hands and suckle the milk like a bunch of hungry babies.

Katy put the phone on the table and sat on the couch, putting on the tv for her to watch her show. Luke find the boring adult show stupid, prefers to watch his baby shows. Emma finished her baba and let out a mighty belch, ’Hehe you piggy’ Luke teased making a big burp himself.

’Now you piggy’ Emma said making piggy noises with her nose, Luke stuck out his tounge but then he felt a rumble in his belly, letting go with a deep sigh as his diaper expended. ’Ewwwww stinky!’ Emma said turning and going to the bars so she can face Katy, ’Mommy! Luke made a doody!’ she told her feeling very proud.

’Emma!’ Luke sobbed feeling very ashamed

Katy sigh and got up, going to the playpen and picked him up, ’Ok stinky pants lets get you changed’ she said laying him on the change mat now. Luke laid back while she change his nasty diaper, seeing the phone on the table beside him,forcing his infant brain to reach out and grab it, I can do this, just gotta be smart he thought to himself grabbing the phone off the table and held it in his hands, drooling he look to Emma chewing on her hair again, dont worry honey soon we’ll be back to being the parents he thought and started the app, hoping his infant brain can work it.

Opening their profiles he began to type. Luke and Emma never used the stupid phone cause they are smart and, and..... he grumble trying to think back to their normal lives, ’Something wrong Luke?’ Katy asked just finished wrapping the diaper around him

Luke showed her the app, screaming in his head to stop but Katy took the phone, ’Awwwww you want to type you and Emma are the parents?’ she cooed finding him cute

Luke blushed and covered his cheeks, Katy smile thinking he needs help so she type for him, ’and they lived happily with Katy and Tommy who take care of them forever’ she said playing along, then clicking enter.

Luke screamed in his mind as Katy put it back on the table, the phone changing reality again and he cant do anything cause Katy picked him him and put him back in the playpen, everything going white for the poor father as he vision went blank.


’Ok here we are’ Luke said driving the car into the parking space

The kids all cheered, finally they have arrived at the park, Emma smile as she got out of the car with her husband, wacthing the kids walk on ahead while they followed, Luke is back in his suit, Emma is back in her blouse and skirt as they walked to the park, ’Finally we took them to the park’ she said

’Yep, but I have this weird feeling something isnt right’ he said

Emma sigh, ’oh get over it honey, just let us enjoy this day please’ she said right when they caught up to Tommy and Katy, who sat at the park bench with their gameboys and books, the playground right infront of them waiting to be played on. ’Ok mom and dad, you can play now’ Tommy said

Luke and Emma look at each other and smiled, Emma put a finger to her mouth and went to their kids, ’Um tommy, katy, can we take out clothes off?’ she asked them

Katy sigh, ’we told you to go change before we left’ she said

’yeah but we didnt think our clothes were this uncomfy’ luke said

Tommy and Katy look at each other, ’ok fine’ he said

Both Luke and Emma cheered, thanking their children they began stripping off their clothes until they are left in only their diapers, then they both waddle or ran as they think of it to the playground, Emma climb the ladder and look back at her husband, ’bet you cant catch me’ she said behind his view of her padded ass and sat it on the slide and slid down.

Luke accepted the challenge and followed, chasing her all around the playground. Tommy and Katy watch as their parents run around and play on the playground. ’Our parents are such babies’ she giggled

’Yeah, remember your on diaper duty’ tommy reminded her going back to his game

Katy sigh and went back to her book, looking up to see her stinky mommy waddling to her for a great big diaper change.



End Chapter 8

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated May 11, 2021


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