The Parents Diaper Pail

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Do you think your parents are as mature as they say they are? Or do you think they are more suited to wearing bigger diapers than you? Then read these stories of simulate parents as they fall back down into their babyhood and fill up their diaper pail with their own stinky diapers

Chapter 1
Parents Daycare

Chapter Description: Its Parents day at the daycare as mommies and daddies get to watch their kids play, but someone will need a diaper change soon and it wont be the kids

Jessica Walker stood at the reception desk, waiting for her children to come out of the playroom, the young mother, standing with long blonde hair as dressed in her blouse and jeans as she waited for her son to come running out

’Mommy!’ her son yelled as he ran and hug her,

’Hi Billy’ she smiled as she hug him back, her son is around 4, wearing her shirt and shorts and has his fathers shaggy brown hair.

The next is her baby girl Sarah, crawling and babbling as the little 2 year old got pick up by her mother, ’Thank you’ said Jessica to the reception girl

The girl smile, ’No problem, say are you coming in tomorrow for parents day?’ she ask

Jessica smile, parents day is a day where the parents spend the day at daycare with their children, the children play while the adults catch up with each other. ’Sure, me and my husband will be there’ she said as she waved goodbye and walked out with Sarah in her arm and Billy holding her hand

She buckle them in their car seats as she got in the front, she spots her friend Mary waving goodbye by her car, her friend has a son around 3, who was laughing and giggling in the back as Mary buckle her in, then Jessica got in the front and started the car, driving home with her children.


’Parents day huh?’ said Kevin eating his dinner, he wore his polo shirt and jeans and has short brown hair.

Jessica nodded as she took a bite of her meal, then she took a small piece of meat as she fed Sarah in her high chair, ’Yeah its a bonding thing to have with our children’ she said

Billy nodded, chewing on his dinner, ’Yeah and we can play on the playground, and draw and play with the toys’

Kevin chuckle, ’Well it should be fun’ he said

Then they smell a doody as Sarah needs a change, Jessica stood as she grab her daughter and take her to the nursery for a change. Sarah giggle on the change table as Jessica cooed at her, changing her into a fresh diaper

’Clean baby!’ Babble Sarah proudly

’Yes a cute clean baby’ cooed Jessica blowing her bare belly, making her giggle and laugh as she pick her up and carry her back to the dinner table.

The family finish the dinner as Jessica took the kids to their beds, tucking Sarah in her crib then tucking Billy in as she read him a story, little red riding hood, his favorite story. Billy listen as he giggle at the big bad wolf and the huntsman cutting him, its a bit dark but it got him to sleep. Jessica gave him s small kiss on his forehead and turn off the lights

Jessica walked in her bedroom as her husband is already dressed in his pyjamas, Jessica changed ot of her clothes and put on her nightie, then climbing into bed

Kevin cuddle her as she relax into his arms, ’Since the kids are all asleep, how about we have our own playtime’ he said cheekily

Jessica smile, ’You know the smallest noise could wake them’ she said turning around and kissing him, ’Maybe tomorrow’ she said

’Can I get that in writing?’ tease Kevin

Jessica giggled as she turn off the light, as the parents soon fell asleep.


The Walker family entered the daycare, Sarah cooing in Jessica’s arms as Kevin lead them to the reception desk, Jessica could tell other parents are already in the playroom, talking to each other as their children play.

The girl smile at them, ’Walker family, welcome, please make your way inside’ she said as she open the door for them

The family entered the huge playroom, all the kids are running around, some playing and some drawing, the parents each took seats by the wall as they talk and watch their kids.

Billy went off with his friend as Sarah was put into the playpen with the other babies, Jessica then join Kevin at the adult chairs by the wall, her friend Mary wave as Jessica sat next to her, as Kevin talked with his friends. ’They look so adorable playing’ said Mary watching her son Harry play with Billy

Jessica nodded, today her friend is dressed in her business suit, with a blouse and skirt, the adults talk as the worker came to the parents

’Come on everyone, come join in the fun’ she beamed as she motion them to join their kids.

The parents all feel uncomfortable, but they began getting up

A mother and father, both Italian with the mother having a huge bum, sat by their children, both girls, as they began playing the dolls, the father pick up a car while the mother pick up a barbie, then they began playing in the dollhouse. A father played with cars with his baby son, both making car noises as the son giggle, happy his daddy is playing with him. A strict asian mother sat by her son at the drawing table and began coloring in properly, telling her son to color properly too. Other parents join in the duck duck goose game as they children laughed and clapped, while some mothers and fathers join their babies in the playpen, feeling really red about it.

Kevin went to join Sarah in the tv room, while Jessica went to play with Billy. ’Hi Mommy’ said Billy holding a toy action figure

’Hey Billy, mind if I join’ said Jessica kneeling down as she pick a toy dog up, ’Look I"m a doggy’ she said playfully

Billy giggle as he held his toy up., ’Hi doggy, wanna go on adventures?’ he said

Jessica made the dog nod as Billy walk his toy around the floor, Jessica walk with him, having some fun as this is really nice playing with your child and not worrying about bills and other adult responsibility. Jessica crawled a bit with her toy as she sniff the air, looking up as she sees a baby with a dirty diaper, the mother was about to get up and change her but the worker came and pick the baby up.

’Don’t worry, today you stay while we do our jobs’ she said as she left the mother back to her game, while carrying the baby to the change table. Jessica smile, this is like a vacation as she return to her game with Billy.

As they played the worker walked in the playroom as she yelled out to everyone, ’Ok its naptime’ she said

The kids complain but the workers lead them to the nap room, the adults got up to go back to the chairs but the worker started leading them inside as well, ’Even adults need to nap’ one worker said

Jessica join Kevin in the line as they entered the nap room, each grabbing a blanket and pillow as each family took a nap together, Kevin and Jessica went to Billy as lay next to him, as Sarah is in a crib with other babies in their own cribs. Jessica lay on the soft carpet, wrapping the blanket on her as she close her eyes, soon finding herself asleep.

Jessica began dreaming, she is running in a field, naked as the day she was born, Kevin was running with her as they laugh and run around, she soon began to notice they are in their backyard, both naked and getting worried their kids will see them, but then she hears Billy’s voice ’Mommy! Daddy!’ the parents turn as they ran to Billy, Billy hug them as pat their bare backs, Jessica not caring her breasts are out and exposed as Billy began to lay them down

Jessica feel the soft ground under her back as she lift her head, seeing Billy smiling down at her from between her legs as her son began putting some powder on her, ’Mommy, mommy....’ he said

’Mommy wake up’

Jessica open her eyes as she yawn, sitting up as the blanket was half off her body, ’Billy whats wrong?’ she ask

Billy point to her crotch, ’You made wee wee’ he said

Jessica eyes widen as she pull the blanket off, seeing the huge wet spot on her jeans. ’Huh? But I didn’t....’ she babbled

the worker came over as she hush them, not wanting to wake the other kids and adults, ’Oh it seems you need some new pants’ she said as she grab her hand, Jessica too shock and confused as she was lead out, leading to the bathroom. The wetness so uncomfortable that she made a puddle.

Once inside the worker grab the sides of her jeans but Jessica pull away, ’I have to take these wet pants off’ said the worker forcing her closer so she could pull them down, Jessica covered her blushing face as she began pulling her wet panties down, soon getting her legs out of them as she put them in a basket

Then the worker pull out something that made her squeal, ’A pull up?’ She gasped

The worker nodded as she began wiping her, Jessica try to pull away but she held her there tight, then she open the pull up and made her put her feet through it, Jessica cover her face in shame, as the pull up is pull up her legs and secure around her waist, the pull up is bright pink and has Minnie Mouse on it. Her blouse the only clothing she got as the worker put the basket away, then grabbing her hand to lead her out.

’Please can I have my pants back’ said Jessica ’my children cant see me like this’

The worker pat her like like some sobbing toddler, ’Dont worry, everyone have accidents’ she said as she lead her out.

Jessica was left in the playroom, sitting on a chair trying to cover her pull up with her blouse but no used. Soon everyone began coming out if the nap room, Jessica blush redder as the children and babies came out and went to the toys, then the adults.

But as Jessica saw, the adults seem different, and some have wet spots on their clothes, she could tell that some of them are in pull ups as they got no pants on. Kevin walked to her as he notice her pull up, ’oh honey’ he said as he sat next to her

Jessica just want to leave but the worker came and made them go play with thier kids, Kevin decided to go play with Billy while Jessica, getting up and holding down her top, went to the playpen where sarah is playing with blocks.

Sarah look up as Jessica step over the rails, giving her a good look at her mommys pampered bum, making her giggle as she sat down, ’Hey sweetie, you building a tower?’ She ask

Sarah nodded then point to her pull up, ’nice dippie’ she giggle

Jessica blush, ’no this is a pull up, it means that i had some potty troubles’ said Jessica picking up a block and putting it ontop another

’Like my pull up?’ Said Sarah pulling up her dress to show hers

Jessica frown as she look at it, she wasnt wearing any pull ups since she is still a baby, ’thats great sweetie’ she said being proud that shes learning to use the potty. Going back to the blocks as they began playing

Jessica built a tower then made another, while Sarah got bored and decide to watch her play, Jessica put the last block on as she look around, she began to notice that all the other parents are acting a bit strange. Almost more childlike

The italion parents were by the toys, the mother put the barbie doll in her mouth, sucking it while her husband made car noises on the ground, while thier kids talk and chat. The asian mother was coloring her book wrong as she got it out of the lines a bit, while her son was coloring it right, getting it in the lines. The father was playing patty cake with a mother by the edge of the playpen, while the duck duck goose game in the middle has more adults then children. Kevin was shaking his toy excitedly while Billy shook his half excited.

Jessica felt something dripping down her chin as she realize she is drooling, wiping her chin as the workers came to take the babies out, ’Ok time to play outside’ one said as all the children, mostly adults run outside to the playground.

Jessica walked out as the playground is huge, with slides, monkey bars, sandboxes, swings and a playhouse. Billy grab her hand as he pull, ’come mommy, lets play on the see saw’ he said leading her to the see saw

Jessica smile, sitting on one side as Billy sat on the other as they began bouncing up and down. Jessica being the biggest use her long bare legs to pull herself up and down but jumping a bit as Billy land hard on the ground so she can be in the air for a bit, her blonde hair flapping in the wind as they played some more.

Kevin came waddling towards them, wanting a turn as Billy got off. Jessica could see something thick and bulgie under his pants as he began bouncing

’Honey what is that your wearing?’ Ask Jessica in the air

Kevin bounce up, ’ diaper’ he said going red

’Diaper?’ Said Jessica shocked, ’but you dont need diapers’

Kevin shrug, ’I thought so too, but the worker said i wasnt ready for big boy pants, then change me into a diaper’ he explained

Jessica frown, what is going on here, it seems that all the children are acting more like adults and the adults are acting more like children. ’Ok honey we’re leaving’ she said getting off

Kevin pouted ’but i wanna play’ he whined

’Fine stay here and I’ll get help’ Jessica said as she walked away, going to the door when the worker stood infront of her

’And where are you going?’ She said

Jessica coward, all sense of worry gone as she suddenly feels so small, despite being bigger and older, ’I wanna go home’ she whimpered holding her blouse tightly like a notty little girl, shifting her legs together as she suddenly has the urge to go toilet.

The worker notice her potty dance, ’do you need to wee wee?’ She said treating her like a little girl.

Jessica nodded, too ashamed as the worker held her hand and lead her to the bathroom, the mother doing more of the potty dance as she let go and has both hands clutching her crotch, on the verge of peeing.

They entered the bathroom, many children and adults in here, the children are sitting on potties while the adults are on tables, getting diaper changes. Jessica figure she is the only one left in a pull up as mothers and fathers are put into fresh thick diapers.

Jessica trotted as she try to find a toilet, she look into each stall but they are occupied by more children, wearing grown up underwear, the last stall has her baby Sarah sitting on it, looking very grown up, ’Hi mommy!’ She waved ’im using the big girl potty’ she said in her most adorable voice. Jessica whine as she couldnt hold it in anymore and started peeing, flooding her pull up infront of her baby daughter! Sarah watch as a puddle form around her mommy feet, with mommy sobbing in shame.

The worker walked up as she spots the puddle, ’oh my, guess you’re not ready for big girl pants’ she said leading her away, Jessica put her thumb in her mouth as she started sucking it. The worker led her to the change table, then she began pulling the wet pull ups down. Jessica feeling more bizarre and surreal as she was soon pants-less, the worker giver her bare bum a few pats as she help her on the table.

Jessica lay back as she spread her legs wide, holding them up as the worker wipe her clean. She doesnt feel shame but something different, like calm and innocent like. She lift her head as the worker began applying baby powder to her bum, then she pull out a large disposible diaper.

Jessica lift her legs higher, wanting that big babyish pamper on her as the worker slid it under her, soon taping it up so she is encase in it. Jessica feel the plastic around her, hugging her bum and making her feel even more little, the worker stood her on the ground, her legs spread due to the bulk as Jessica waddle back outside.

Jessica waddle back to the playground, her husband playing hide and seek with the other adults, his pants and shirt missing as he only wore the diaper, he look back at his wife waddling and sitting down on the ground behind him, ’hey honey, i see you’ve been demoted to pampers’ he teased standing over her, his diaper thick and big like Jessica’s

Jessica look up at his naked body, ’Kevin where are your clothes?’ She said gaping in shock and wonder.

Kevin scratch his head, ’well the big boy clothes were uncomfortable, so i took them off and felt more free in just my diapie’ he said blushing

Jessica frown, that doesnt seem right but it makes so much sense, her blouse started to feel uncomfortable too. Kevin soon rejoin his game as a father call out to him, also wearing just a diaper as they follow the italian mother on the stairs, also wearing just her diaper as she struggle with each step, looking like a large toddler with a huge diaper to cover her big bum.

Jessica look down as she began grabbing the buttons on her blouse, trying desperately to take it off, she spots her son Billy walking by, ’Billy!’ She call out to him

Billy walked up to her, ’what is it mom?’ He ask

Jessica pointed to her shirt, ’I wanna be nakie like your daddy’ she said bouncing on her padded butt like a excited baby.

Billy smile as he bend down, unbuttoning the blouse as he open it, sliding it off her bare shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. Jessica clapped, but notice her bright pink bra and pouted again. Billy cooed to her as he got behind her, unbutton it from the back as he removed it, leaving her breasts free and exposed

’Thank you’ smile Jessica as she got on her feet, exactly like a baby would by putting her bum in the air and standing up, then waddle to the slide. Jessica never felt so much freedom before, usually she would never go out in the nude but now its the most fun shes ever had. Climbing the ladder she plop her bum on the top and slid down, ’Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!!’ She bellowed sliding down to the ground. Jessica giggle as she crawled around and climb back up.

After the third time, the worker came and rang a bell, ’Its lunch time’ she yelled out to both children and adults.

Jessica drooled, she didnt keep track of the time, standing up as she began waddling back inside, looking back at the playground. All adults have discarded their clothes, both mothers and fathers clad only in large pampers as they waddle with their children, the Italian mother bounce her huge boobies as the Italian father held her daughters hands, the Asian mother drooled as her son gave her bum a few smacks so she can go inside, a father crawling along his baby boy, who stood and followed him like a proud parent. Other mothers and fathers looking more like oversize babies while their children look more like adults, as each child are fully clothed, as Jessica could tell neither child is wearing a pull up or diaper.

The worker lead them all inside, as other workers began picking up the pile of adult clothes around the playground.

Soon everyone sat at the table, sitting on pillows or their own padded behinds, Jessica sat opposite of Kevin as the worker hand them sandwiches, Billy and Sarah sat next to them as they began eating.

Jessica and Kevin ate thier sandwiches, chewing and crushing it in thier huge hands as they made a huge mess of themselves, Billy ate his neatly and also Sarah, infact every child has no problem eating thier lunch while thier parents ate like greedy little babies.

Jessica got food all over her chin and boobies, shaking them as she giggles. She has finish her food as everyone has finish, the workers cleaning them up as they let them all go back to the playroom to play

Jessica waddle behind her husband as the parents giddly join the large duck duck goose circle in the playroom, now only made up of diapered and drooling dumb parents as the italian women began, going around the circle as she said ’duck duck duck duck duck duck duck’ soon she came to Jessica’s head ’GOOSE!’ she bellowed then ran away, Jessica got up and chase after all, all the adults cheering and laughing as the italian women sat back on her spot.

Jessica began again, going duck duck duck then patting her friend Mary’s head, ’GOOSE!’ she yelled as she ran, Mary waddling after her before catching her,

’I got you!’ she giggle

Jessica giggle as she started again. going around having the time of her life, the children are back at the chairs, chatting as they talked, even the normal babies talked to each other while the adults are in the playroom. Jessica waddle around then she stop, feeling a funny feeling as she squatted down, pushing as she grunted. The adults cheered her on as she began filling her diaper. Jessica push as her stinky poop filled her backside, the mother pushing all of her adulthood into the seat of her large stinky diaper.

Once she’s done she stood proudly and yelled, ’I made poopy!’

The mothers and fathers cheered as they clapped, the worker came as she fan her nose, ’My my, what a stinky mommy’ she said as she grab her and lift her off her feet, bridal carrying Jessica to the bathroom.

Jessica suckle her thumb, kicking her feet as she drooled, ’Poopy feels good’ she mumble.

The worker smile, laying her gently on the table, ’Yes but we need to change that icky diaper’ she cooed down at her as she undid the tabs

Jessica giggle as she kick her legs in the air, feeling the worker wipe up all her mess, then rolling the diaper up into a ball as she put it in the pail with the other huge messy and wet diapers. Jessica played and hit the mobile on top of her, she has one just like it back home in her nursery, laughing up at it as the worker slid a new diaper under her, powdering her privates with sweet smelling baby powder as she tape it up snug around the nude mother.

Soon Jessica found herself in a clean diaper and being carried back outside, being carried to the playpen where all the other adults are, playing with silly baby toys and watching the huge tv hanging over the playpen, playing a silly baby show as some mothers and fathers lay around it, drooling and sucking their thumbs, some drinking their bottles of milk.

Jessica found Kevin sitting by the pillow, looking up at the show that he was watching with Sarah in the morning, she crawled towards him and cuddle him, ’Hey honey’ she said giggling

Kevin smile as he cradle her, making Jessica lay on his lap as she look up, a worker gave her a bottle of her own as she began suckling it, drinking down the milk. Kevin got his as he drank too, soon all parents drank their babas while watching their favorite show.

Jessica lift up her head, pulling her bottle out as she look around for her children, ’Honey where are our kids?’ she ask

Kevin shrugged, ’Probably doing boring kid stuff’ he mumble

Jessica smile, thats probably right, she lay back down and suckle her bottle.

The parents finish their babas as they each burp loudly, having a competition for who burps the loudest. The worker came walking in as she clap to them, ’Ok time to go home big ones’ she said

The playpen open as the parents either crawled or waddle out as they were led to the reception area, where their children are waiting with big smiles, hugging them as each of them take their parents out. This morning every mother and father walked in as mature strict parents, now they walk out as happy dumb babies.

Jessica held her husbands hand as they waddle to their kids, Billy look at them with a big smile, ’Hi mommy and daddy, time to go home’ he said,

Kevin just blew some spitbubbles as Jessica stupidly pick her nose, the parents being led outside as Sarah wait in the car. In the back were two giant car seats, Kevin was helped into one as Billy help his mom into the other, buckling them in with the huge baby seatbelts. Jessica drooled as she look around, spotting her friend Mary being buckled in by her son, she waved at her as Jessica waved back, before the door close as Billy start the car and drove the family home.


’So that was fun huh?’ said Billy eating his dinner

Sarah nodded as she took a bite of her meal, then she took a small piece of meat as she fed Jessica in her high chair, ’Yeah, I can’t believe we suck all the maturity out of our mommy and daddy’ she said

Kevin babble in his high chair, not understanding what they are talking about, ’We play with blockies, and on the slide, and my friend touch his wife boobie’ he giggled

Billy chuckle, ’Yes daddy, it was a fun day’ he cooed pinching his toes, ’I bet you dont even know what we’re talking about’

Sarah smile, ’I felt so powerful watching mommy wet herself, I was going to panties while she was going back to diapers’ she giggles

Then they smell a doody as Jessica needs a change, Sarah stood as she grab her mother and take her to the nursery for a change. Jessica giggle on the change table as Sarah cooed at her as she change her into a fresh diaper, ’to think you were changing me yesterday mommy’ she said

Jessica dribble as she blew raspberries, giggling as she doesn’t remember doing any of that, Her daughter always changed her diapers.

’Clean mommy!’ Babble Jessica proudly

’Yes a cute clean mommy’ cooed Sarah blowing her bare belly, making her giggle and laugh as she pick her up and carry her back to the dinner table.

The family finish the dinner as Sarah led the parents to the nursery, dressing them in their footed sleepers, Kevin in his blue one and Jessica in her pink one, soon Sarah tucked them both in the crib and pull the bars up, then she read them their favorite story, Little Red Riding Hood, as they began yawning and having heavy eye lids. Sarah kiss them on their foreheads as she turn off the light, leaving them to sleep.

Kevin and Jessica cuddle each other, smiling as the parents fell asleep, they wanted to have sex on this night but they are too young to know what sex is.



End Chapter 1

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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