The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 3
Rainbow Farm

Chapter Description: A popular baby show thats also for parents who think they are adults when they are just dumb babies

Kelly Summers walked into her home, the young mother of about 34, with her long brown hair and dressed in her business suit as she just got back from work, walking in as she sees her children watching their favorite show.

She and her husband Dan has three children, Maggie, the oldest is five years old, just came home from kindergarten as she sat on the couch, the second is only four years old, her son Max as he sat on the ground next to the one year old baby Peter.

Kelly walked in, ’Hey what are you guys watching?’ she ask

Maggie giggle up at her, ’Rainbow Farm mommy’ she said pointing to the tv, Kelly look at the show, it has a host, a young woman dressed like a fairy, flying around at a farm with colorful characters like cows, pigs and all the other farm animals.

Kelly smile as she walked in, picking up Peter as she check his diaper, ’Yep messy’ she said as she lay him back down, grabbing the diaper change supplies by the tv, as her kids will cry if they miss one second of this show, as she began changing him

’Ewwwww you changing him here?’ said Max going to the couch so he can’t see it

Kelly sigh, ’Its just a baby getting a diaper change, its normal to see honey’ she said as she wipe him clean, then she powdered him and tape him into a fresh clean diaper. Peter giggle and kick happily as Kelly put him in his baby seat, leaving her kids to continue their show as she went to put the messy diaper in the pail.

Then she went to her bedroom, slipping out of her skirt and blouse as she change into her clothes, putting on her shirt as she slip her sweat pants on. Once she’s done she walked out to the kitchen to start dinner, right when her husband came home.

Dan walked in, wearing his old suit and have wet brown hair as it started raining outside as he walked in, ’So still watching that show huh?’ he chuckle at his kids

The kids nod as Maggie said ’You and mommy should watch it daddy’ she said ’Its really fun’

Dan ruffle her hair, ’Maybe next time’ he said as he went to the kitchen, where his sexy wife is cooking them steak. Going behind her as he began kissing her neck

’Honey stop I’m cooking’ she said grinning

Dan smile as he went to get changed, Kelly finish cooking the food as she put each steak on a plate, with mush up meat for Peter as he is still a baby. Walking in as the show just finished, ’Ok kids time for dinner’ she said picking Peter up

Maggie and Max went to the table, sitting in their chairs as Kelly put Peter in his high chair. Dan came out in his pants and shirt as he join them at the table, soon the whole family started eating their dinner, Kelly taking some bites of her food as she fed Peter some of his mush. Maggie was talkig about that silly baby show again, she is a big fan as Max corrected her on some facts, Dan just nod his head, not really interested in baby shows as Kelly join him in faking interest.

Then once dinner is finished, its time for the kids to go to bed,

’But we’re not tired!’ whined Maggie

’Can’t we stay up late?’ ask Max

Kelly sigh, ’You are too young, only mommies and daddies stay up late’ she said as she got them all to their feet, Peter in her arms as she lead them to the bedroom.

Kelly got them all in their pyjamas, Peter in her footed sleeper, and got them tuck in their beds, after she tuck Peter in his crib she close the light and wish her kids goodnight.

’They sure love that show’ said Dan flipping through channels

Kelly nodded, ’One day they’ll grow out of it’ she said sitting down and cuddling into her husband, ’So what are we gonna watch?’ she said

Dan shrugged, flipping it as he stop, ’Oh you gotta be kidding me’ he said

The tv is playing Rainbow Farm, a re run from today, ’Why would they play it late at nght?’ said Kelly

Dan shrugged, about to change it but stop as a pig caught his attention, Kelly watch too as the pig started to sing, ’wow thats a catchy song’ said Dan

Kelly nodded, all attention on the screen as both parents watch the silly baby show. The fairy singing and playing games, with Kelly and Dan joining in, they watch until the credits rolled, where they notice the time

’Shit its late’ said Dan getting up

’Kelly gasp, ’yeah we should get to bed, we have work tomorrow’ she said as both parents got up and went to their bedroom, where they change into their sleepwear and climb into bed. Dan grabbing her bum as Kelly smile at him, soon both going under covers to have a little playtime of their own.


Kelly yawned as she sat up, she just had a weird dream,

In it she was taking her kids to the park, Peter in the baby carriage as Maggie and Max ran to the playground as they play and chase each other, Kelly smiled as it was a nice dream.

She got out of bed, naked after a night of sex as she went to the bathroom to have a shower. After she got out, brush her hair and change into her suit as she entered the kitchen, making breakfast as the rest of the family got out of bed.

Dan is dressed in his suit as the kids are getting ready for kindergarten and daycare. Kelly gave them to food as the family eat in peace.

Soon, after Dan went to work and the kids to school, Kelly drove towards her work for another day at the office. She did the usual, sitting at her desk doing files and reports. Couldn’t get the theme song of that show out of her head, humming it a bit to herself.

Soon, after a long day Kelly entered her home, where her kids are sitting around watching Rainbow Farm

Maggie smile up at her, ’Hi mommy!’ she said happily

Kelly smile as she look toward the tv, the show playing again as she watch the animal dance, Max notice her staring as he said ’You wanna watch?’

Kelly shook her head, ’Nah I have to make dinner’ she said blushing as she walked away, what is she thinking? its just a show for kids, mostly babies, she got changed out of her suit and back into her shirt and pants a sshe walked out, looking into the living room to see Dan on the watching with the kids

’Dan?’ she said

Dan look at her as she got up, ’Ok kids daddy has to go’ he said as he walked to her

’What are you doing?’ she said

Dan shrugged ’I just saw the tv and suddenly wanted to know what happens in the show’ he said ’I couldnt get the tune out of my head’

Kelly frown, ’Me too’ she said

The parents try their best to ignore it as they started dinner, then when the kids came in for food they all began having their family dinner, Peter needed a change as Kelly gave him a diaper change, then once they finished she got the kids into bed, with the same routine

Now the parents are back on the couch looking for a show to watch when the baby show plays again. ’Hold on leave it’ said kelly ’I want to know what the pig was singing about’

’The pig sings?’ said Dan wanting to see it himself, as they began watching another episode of Rainbow Farm.

Once the show finish the parents were yawning, tired as they climb into bed in their clothes, soon dozing off to sleep.

Kelly fidgit as she began dreaming, she is taking her kids to the park, Maggie and Max ran to the playground as Peter is in his baby carriage, Kelly smile as she watch her kids play, then she began hearing a voice ’Go play too mommy’ she turn as peter said that to her. Kelly smile as she got up and ran to the playground, where she played with her children.


Kelly awoke as she began feeling something wet next to her, sitting up as she pull the covers, ’Honey wake up you wet yourself’ she said shaking him

Dan moan as he got up, seeing the wet spot on his pants, ’Dam’ he said unable to believe it,

Dan got into the shower, washing himself as Kelly changed the sheets, wondering how can he wet the bed like some toddler, after putting it in the washing machine she went and changed into her suit as she prepares for another day.

After a hard day work, Kelly walked back in her home, the kids watching Rainbow Farm, she walked in as she sat on the couch next to Maggie, ’So whats happening?’ she ask

Maggie smile at her, ’Well Fluffy Bunny wants to start a singing contest so the Fairy is helping him’ she explained to her

Kelly got it as she watch, her attention on the show as Dan came home, sitting on the couch as well as the entire family watch the show. The kids do find this a bit weird but they didn’t care, Max groan as he got up, ’This is getting boring’ he said

Kelly frown ’But you love this show’ she said

Max nodded ’Yeah but its too babish’ he said as he walked out, going to play something else.

Kelly frown, maybe her son is growing out of it, she was about to get up when Maggie whined, ’Ewwwww mommy Peter needs a change’ she said clutching her nose.

Kelly sniff as she got on the ground, kneeling as she pull back Peter’s diaper, but only finding it clean, ’Huh thats strange’ she said, so where is that smell coming from?

Dan fan his nose as he look down to his wife, noticing her bum a bit soggy, ’Uh honey’ he said ’I think its coming from you’

Kelly grab her bum as she squish, feeling the poop, ’huh bu wha’ she babbled

Maggie stood as she pull back her skirt, looking at her messy panties, ’ewwww mommy you did poopy’ she said, Kelly stood, her panties drooping down as she lift them up, Maggie smile up at her, ’You want me to change you?’ she ask

Kelly shook her head a she waddle away, going to change her panties in the bathroom and have a long shower, Dan frown as he is worried, this morning he wet the bed and now his wife has shit herself without noticing, what is happening to them?

Kelly stood in the shower, sobbing as she is so embarrassed, now her daughter will think she is some overgrown baby, she shut down the water as she dried herself, changing into clean panties and bra and put on her clothes.

That night after dinner they all went to bed, Kelly sat on the bed, dressed in her nightie as Dan was dressed in his pyjamas, Kelly holding a pillow as Dan comfort her in his arms, ’Its ok honey, we all have accidents’ he said patting her back

’But Why are we losing our potty training?’ said Kelly wiping her tears, ’We have to stop watching that show’ she said

Dan agreed as they both lay down in bed, not in the mood for sex tonight as Dan turn the light off, leaving them to sleep soundly.

Kelly continue her dream, she arrived at the park with her kids, Peter in his carriage, Kelly tell her kids to start playing but they shook their heads, ’Why don’t you go play mommy?’ said Maggie patting her bum, Kelly smile as she left them with Peter as she ran to the playground, running around and going on the slide as she squeal with happiness.


The parents were being shaken awake as they mumble and moan, ’Huh what.....’ began Kelly rubbing her eyes,

Maggie was shaken them as she got them to their feet, ’Come on mommy and daddy, its potty time’ she said

Dan and Kelly were too tired as they follow her to the bathroom, Kelly should resist but its too early as they enter the bathroom, their bare feet touching the cold metal floor. Kelly stood as Maggie began pulling her fathers pants down, revealing a blue pull up, Kelly frown, Dan doesnt wear pull ups, she rub her eye as Maggie pull the pull up to his feet and made him sit on the blue potty, next to him is a bright pink potty as Kelly figured thats for her. ’Maggie what are you doing?’ ask Kelly as Maggie grab her own bright pink pull up and pull it to her ankles, leading her to the potty with the mother waddling with her pull ups around her feet.

’You need to be potty trained mommy’ explained Maggie as she sat her butt on the seat.

Kelly sat there, waiting to start peeing, looking up as she notice a potty chart, two of them as one is blue and one is pink, she figure the blue one is Dan’s and pink one is hers. Kelly frown, she is already potty trained, she thinks, she was about to get up but she began peeing, so she stayed until she finished.

Maggie came back as both Dan and Kelly finished, getting them to their feet, ’Good, maybe soon you two can wear adult underwear’ she beamed as she pull their pull ups back up their legs. Putting gold stars on two potty charts hanging on the wall, Kelly and Dan stare at it, getting fully awake.

’What are you doing young lady’ said Dan

’We do not need potties’ said Kelly sternly, the two parents scolding their child for treating them like toddlers.

Maggie frown up at them, ’But you always been potty training, don’t you remember?’ she said

Dan and Kelly frown, as far as they can remember they have been potty training, sometimes Kelly has accidents at work, she remember standing there, a puddle of pee around her as she cried. The parents try to think about wearing adult underwear, Kelly in her sexy lace panties but they couldn’t

Soon Maggie led them back to the bedroom so they can change into their suits for work. Kelly managing to pull her skirt over her pull ups as she turn and spot Dan in his suit, ’Honey are we really potty training?’ she ask still so confused

Dan frown as he nodded, ’I think, thats what Maggie said so it must be true’ he shrugged

Kelly nodded as well as they walked out, going to the kitchen to have breakfast made by Maggie, the parents sat at the table, marveling at how mature she is as she made them eggs and bacon. The family ate their meal, Maggie feeding Peter baby food and Max finishing his plate before the parents, who seems to have trouble eating as Dan keeps dropping his fork and Kelly using her fingers.

After a long day of working, Kelly walked back in her home, where Maggie grab her hand, ’Come on Mommy, its potty time’ she said leading her to the living room, where Peter was in his playpen watching Rainbow Farm. Kelly soon notice the pink and blue potties infront of the tv, as Kelly got her skirt pulled off by her five year old daughter, soon having her pull ups back down around her feet as she sat on the potty, watching the baby show as she has nothing to do for a while. Soon Dan joined her, sitting on his potty with his pull ups around his ankles as they watch their new favorite show.

Soon Peter need a diaper change as Maggie came, laying him down as she grab the diaper supplies and began changing him there, Kelly gasp as she whined, ’Ewwwwww you changing him here?’ she said

Maggie frown at her, ’Its just a baby getting a diaper change’ she said sternly as she finished wiping him, soon putting him in a fresh diaper. Leaving Peter to crawl away as the parents continue watching the show.

Once the credits played, Maggie came and stood them up, pulling their pull ups back up them as she lead them to the table for dinner. Dan and Kelly seem not to care about not having pants on as they still have their tops on, Dan in his shirt and tie and Kelly in her blouse, Maggie then put Peter in his high chair as Max was cooking dinner.

Soon the family began eating, Maggie taking a few bites then feed Peter some of his mush, as Max ate his meal while Kelly and Dan ate theirs very messy, using fingers and throwing pieces at each other.

’Stop it you two’ said Maggie

Kelly and Dan frown as they began eating, managing not to mess themselves as the family finish dinner,

’Ok time for bed you two’ said Maggie holding Peter

’But we’re not tired!" whined Kelly

’Can’t we stay up late?’ said Dan

Maggie shook her head as she got them to their feet, ’You are too old to stay up late’ she said as she lead them to their bedroom.

Maggie put Peter in his crib as she entered their parents bedroom, where Kelly and Dan sat on the bed as Maggie removed their clothing, Kelly and Dan shivered, only wearing their pull ups as Kelly covered her boobies, not wanting Maggie to see them as Maggie pull out their sleepwear. Soon she got them in silly Rainbow Farm pyjamas.

Kelly is wearing a pink one, with the fairies and stars on it as Dan is wearing a blue one, with the farm animals on it. Maggie help them climb into bed as she tuck them in, kissing them on the forehead as she turn off the light. Kelly and Dan cuddle each other, both closing their eyes as they soon entered dreamland.

Kelly arrived at the park with her kids, Max and Peter walking with Maggie as she push the large baby carriage with Kelly inside, dressed in her suit as she kick and babble. The kids smiling as they took her out so she can crawled towards the playground. wagging her butt under her skirt as she is still wearing adult clothing as she babbles happily.


Kelly shuffle as she yawned, sitting up as her body feels really hot, looking down as her pyjamas have changed, ’huh?’ she mumble as she remove the covers, she is dressed not in her Rainbow Farm pink pjs, but a large pink footed sleeper, every move she makes a crinkle sound can be heard.

’Honey wake up’ she said shaking her husband awake

Dan was sucking his thumb, opening his eyes as he sat up, mumbling as he notice he is also in a large footed sleeper, a blue one as he makes the crinkle noise too. ’Whats going on? when did we change pjs?’ he ask poking a large bulge around his waist

Kelly has a large bulge too, crinkling everytime she moves or touch it. ’Hey isn’t Maggie suppose to take us to the potty?’ ask Kelly as she sat on the edge of the bed

Dan join her as the door open, Maggie walking in as she beamed at her parents, ’Awwwww are you two awake?’ she said as she walked up to them, tickling their chins, Kelly and Dan giggle as Maggie began grabbing the zipper on her mothers sleeper, unzipping it as it open up, Maggie got her arms out as she lay her down, pulling it off her long legs.

Kelly sat up on her arms as she look, instead of seeing her pull ups, she is looking at a large diaper, the diaper is huge, has a brown patch as Kelly has really messed it up with her poopy. Kelly couldn’t believe her eyes, neither can Dan as he had his sleeper taken off, leaving him on all fours on the bed in his own large diaper. The parents look at each other, then to their diapers as they are unable to believe their own eyes. Kelly sat up as Maggie began pulling out the diaper change supplies, ’Now now mommy, we gotta change that dirty diaper’ she cooed as she lay her back down, Dan sat on the edge as he watch his young daughter give his wife a diaper change.

Kelly feel the cold wipe wiping her bum, cleaning her huge mess, the mother trying to figure out whats been happening but Maggie began applying baby powder to her bum, the smell making her calm, Dan also smell the baby powder as he relax too, the powder having a calming effect as it made the parents docile.

Maggie slid the diaper under Kelly as she tape it up, ’There you mommy, all clean’ she said smiling

Kelly sat up on the bed, Dan sitting next to her as they touch their diapers, Maggie pull her parents to their feet as she motion them to waddle out, ’Come on you two’ she said ’You can watch tv for a while’

’But what about our work?’ ask Kelly taking big uneven steps as her diaper is so thick

Maggie giggle up at her, ’silly mommy, its Saturday, you got no work on Saturday’ she said patting her padded bum.

Kelly giggle, of course, she figured as she waddle with her husband to the living room, both Dan and Kelly feel a bit weird and awkward just being in their diapers and being dependent on their daughter to take them to the couch, as she made them sit side by side next to each other. Dan and Kelly lay back on the couch as Maggie hand them their bottles of milks, making the parents put the nipples in their mouth and began sucking.

Maggie left them as she put on the tv, Rainbow Farm playing again as both Dan and Kelly clapped, watching it with focus, not paying attention to anything else. Max came in to take their empty bottles as he also check their huge diapers, Dan is messy so he began changing him right there on the living room floor. Kelly didnt even noticed as she watch the funny bunnies dance with the cows as the Fairy use her magic to make fireworks. She wish she was a fairy so she can do fun fairy stuff. As soon as Dan was in a fresh clean diaper, the show finish, playing its credits as Kelly and Dan stood up.

’Now what?’ said Dan scratching his butt

Kelly smile, ’Lets play faeries!’ she giggled dancing her feet a bit, her boobies bouncing.

Dan shook his head, ’Nope, that is lame’ he said

Kelly pouted, ’But......but fairy’ she sob

Dan pouted, he hates it when she gives the puppy look, so he gave in as Kelly beamed, running towards the children’s bedroom with Dan following. They entered the children’s bedroom, walking to the chest of toys and costumes, The parents began going through it.

Kelly found a puffy pink tutu, Dan watch as she step in it, pulling it up her bare thighs, shaking her pampered bum a bit so it fits, his penis getting hard as Kelly turned, drooling down her breasts as she notice his look, ’Whatcha staring at?’ she ask wiping her chin with her arm.

Dan shook his head out of it, ’Nothing’ he said and went to put on a hat and grab a toy sword, Kelly grab a wand and put on some fairy wings

The parents both walked outside, standing in the backyard as anyone who saw them would mistake them as dumb retards. The mother and father soon ran around, reenacting rainbow farm. Their children watch them play as they giggle and laugh, guess Mommy and Daddy aren’t so big after all, Maggie grab out a fresh diaper as Kelly began messing her diapie, being a really stinky mommy.



End Chapter 3

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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