The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022

Chapter 12
A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Chapter Description: A strange comet flew by Earth, changing the lives of Carol and Jake as they are reduced to crying adult infants

A comet shoots through space at such force, this is not any ordinary comet it is the Verge Comet, any planets it passes it changes the reality of that planet.

Soon it will pass Earth and change its reality forever, it happen one day to a small family.

They are the a simple suburban family, Jake Howards is the father, a man in his early thirties like his wife, he has short brown hair and dressed in his suit. He got out of his car, just got home from a day of work, and walked in the house, 'I'm home' he called out

'Say that again young man!' came the voice of his wife

He walked in the living room, his wife Carol was scolding thier 8 year old son Peter, the mother has long brown hair tied up in her ponytail, she wore her sweat pants and top as she has her hands on her hips. Thier son sat on the couch, his brown hair shaggy as he wore his shirt and pants. The youngest child was thier baby daughter Sally, she was in her playpen wearing only her diaper, as the parents don't want her making her clothes a mess, so they just leave her in only the diaper.

'Mom, I don't wanna go to bed' said Peter, whining

'You need to sleep, and as you are my son, you will do as I say' said Carol, 'when you learn to grow up and stop being baby then you can stay up late, now march!'

Peter sobbed, he stood up and walked past his dad, Jake gave him a pat as he sulks off to bed, it was only 8pm, Jake had worked late tonight but at least he got the weekend now. Carol walked into the kitchen, Jake followed her.

He came up behind and gave her a hug, 'another bad night?' he asked her

'Oh the worst' said Carol, 'he is just so stubborn, and he talks back you know'

'well he is your son' said Jake going to the fridge

'And just what is that suppose to mean?' said Carol giving him a look.

Jake shrugged, 'just relax, we got the weekend to enjoy ourselves' she smiled at him, she gave him a kiss then went back into the living room, Sally needed a new diaper, Carol picked her up and check the back of her diaper.

'Ok, time for a change' she cooed at her, taking her to the nursery. She walked in and laid her on the change table. She then proceeded to change her, 'one of these day, you won't need diapers anymore' said Carol, as Sally was distracted by the mobile.

Then once she was in a clean diaper, Carol took her to the crib, she kissed her on the head then tuck her in, Sally held her teddy as she fell asleep, Carol then turn and left the nightlight on, leaving her to sleep.

The parents stay up the night watching tv, and making out a bit, Carol spread her legs on his body as they laid on the couch, kissing each other. 'We better not wake the kids' said Jake holding her, feeling his fingers on her sexy ass.

Carol giggled, 'then we better enjoy it' she said, getting up she led him to the bedroom, there they stripped each other of their clothes until they lay bare naked on the bed, Carol got on all fours as Jake thrusts into her bum, both gasping and huffing as they spent the night. Soon they fell into each others arms and laid there, hoping that their kids don't walk in and find them naked.

But that would be the night that they would be parents, for the comet has flown over them, changing their reality for the worse.

It started the next morning, They groggily sat up, 'morning sleepyhead' said Jake

carol smiled, 'morning' she turn and got off the bed, Jake laid there, admiring her bum as she pulled clean pink panties up her legs, then her bra as she put on a long shirt, that way she can look like she is wearing a dress. Jake got dressed in a casual shirt and sweat pants as he join his family in the kitchen. 

They walk in to a surprise, Peter was busy cooking, he didn't burn anything, just made perfect eggs and bacon, he saw them and smiled, 'Morning mom and dad, sit down' he told them

'Sweetie, you made breakfast?' said Carol taking a seat, Sally already in her high chair, Carol cooed at her, but also noticing how different her diaper looks, she peered under the small table and notice it was training pants, did she start her potty training?

Jake took a bite of the eggs, 'good job son'

Peter smiled, seeing as there seems to be no cause of trouble, they ate their breakfast. Soon, once they have finished and Sally walked to the playpen to play, something both Jake and Carol are proud of, Peter started doing the dishes.

'Maybe he wants to make up for being a brat last night' said Jake

'Honey!' said Carol rolling her eyes

They finished their warm milk, since they have no more coffee left for some reason, then they went to the living room, the playpen's gate was open, and Sally was in it playing with her toys, when Carol walked up to close it, Sally turn to her, 'come in mommy, let's play'

Carol looked down at her, her little baby in her pullup beaming up at her and holding out a dollie for her, She wanted to tell her that she is an adult, and adults don't play in playpens or play with toys. But one look at her adorable face she caved, 'ok, but only for a few minutes' she said taking a seat in the playpen.

Sally clapped, handing her a doll they started to play. Carol pretended her doll is out for a tea party with Sally's ken doll. They sip teas and talked like "grown ups", jake walked in and found them, 'uhhhh, what is this?'

Carol turn to him, 'I'm just playing, relax' she said

'You should play too daddy' said Sally

'Yeah "daddy" you should play too' carol teased him

Jake laughed, 'alright' he said going into the playpen, as he sat, Sally gave him the ken doll and he played along. He and Carol pretended to go on a date by the blocks, they talk and run their dolls around, they were so invested in it that they didn't notice Sally leaving the playpen and closing the gate, locking her parents in.

Knowing she has to potty, she made her way down the hall, Peter walked to her and talked to her, 'have you seen mom and dad?' he asked her

'Yep, they are playing in the playpen' she told him.

Sure enough, Peter found them, sitting in the playpen and playing with dolls, he decided to let them play for a bit, but then his mom started to yawn, soon dad rub his eyes as they are suddenly feeling tired. Peter looked at the clock, seeing it was 12 30 pm, 'yep, time for their nap' he said going to the playpen. 

Carol and jake can't understand why they feel so tired, maybe after a rough night of sex made them more drowzy, their son open up the gate and came to them, he help his mom to her feet, 'good mom, now come along' he led her out of the living room, Carol held his hand as she march to the bedroom, where she was helped into her bed, laying in a position that her pink panties were exposed.

Peter returned to the living room, where he found his dad already asleep, laying on the ground and snoring. 'Maybe I should leave him' he said, closing the gate again.

Jake in the meantime was having the strangest dream, he was walking down a dark hallway, hearing baby babble and crying, he looked around until he found a door, seeing the light he walked towards it, opening the door into a large nursery.

It was Sally's nursery, but everything seem to be giant, there was a giant crib, giant toys and a giant table with giant diapers. Jake walked on the soft carpet, where he noticed he was completely naked. 'What is this?' he said covering himself up

then he feel someone behind him, he turn and look up, Sally was a giant, looking down at him as she smiled, 'awwwww, did daddy get out of his diaper?' she cooed down at him

jake looked up at his giant baby daughter, he tried to speak but found that he can't control his mouth, Sally reach down and pick him up by the armpits, Jake was then carried to the change table, Sally cooing and making baby talk to him

'Sally stop!' came his voice, 'I am your father!'

'No your not, you are not even potty trained yet' said Sally, laying him down and holding up his legs, Jake watch in terror as Sally applied baby powder to his private areas. Jake struggle and kick, 'Sally stop! Please!' he begged

But she then pulled out one of the giant diapers, Jake watch as it was open and slid under him, once his butt touch the soft plastic he wailed, not sound like a grown man of two kids, but a little helpless baby.

'There there, almost done' cooed Sally, taping it up on him, 'there all done' she said picking him up, Jake held there, tears running down as his legs are spread due to the thickness of the padding. 'Now, time for nums nums' sang sally sitting on a chair now

She put her daddy on her lap, then open up her shirt, Jake gaped at the large breast that welcomed him, Sally nudged him closer but Jake pulled away, 'now now daddy, you gotta feed, Mommy fed a while ago and she loved it'

Jake turn to the floor, Carol was on her back, wearing a giant diaper that Sally used to wear and babbled, her teeth are gone only gums, and her hair have fallen out, she doesn't have an intelligent thought in her head as she stuff her painted toes in her mouth and suckle, the front of her diaper growing a spot of yellow.

Jake cried louder as his lips latch on the nipple, screaming to wake up from this nightmare.

While Jake suffers in his nightmare, sobbing on the ground in his sleep, his wife was in the bed, chewing on her thumb as she whimpered, having a dream of her own. In it she was walking in the living room, waddling with big steps as her panties seem to have grown, she stopped just in the middle and look up.

Peter was a giant to her, he stood there with his hands on his hips, 'I told you mom, bedtime is at 8pm!' he scolded to her

'But I'm not tired' squeaked Carol, glad she still has her clothes on 'I stay up cause...'

'cause you are an adult?' Carol nodded, 'sorry, I don't see a grown woman, I see a dumb little baby playing dress up' Carol looked down, her shirt is gone, showing off her breasts as she stood there naked, 'and you can't even use the potty yet, how can you give me orders when you are standing in a messy diaper?'

Carol sobbed, wiping her tears as her diaper smells, wearing one of sally's diapers as she just used it to go poopy. 'I made boom boom' she admitted

'As punishment, you can stay in that diaper' said Peter looking down at her

'NO!' begged Carol going on her knees, 'please, I want a change!' she begged, sobbing like a little girl as she begged her son to change her diaper. Peter looked down, he shook his head, 'ok fine'

He picked her up by her armpits, Carol found herself being carried through her giant house until they came to the change mat. 'NO! I wanna be change in the nursery!' she scolded

'Daddy is getting change there, you can get change here'


'Do you wanna stay in that stinky diaper mom?'

Carol shook her head, being gently place on the mat as her son started her change. He removed the diaper then wiped up the mess, Carol waited until he pulled out the baby powder and applied it to her bum, then she was taped up in one of Sally's diapers again. Then she found herself in the playpen, she looked around for her son, when she spots her husband sitting next to her, he was bald and drooling a big line of drool, he was also wearing one of Sally's diapers, Carol noticed his mouth was open, showing her his gums. 'Honey?' she asked

Jake turn to her and giggle, 'baby' he called her

'Nu uh, I'm mommy'

'Baby!' he pointed

'Mommy! Mommy Mommy mommy mommy!' yelled Carol

Jake continued to tease her, Carol couldn't take it anymore, so she cried like a little baby.

Carol then woke up with a sweat, huffing as she was glad it was just a dream. 'Oh thank god' she sigh, wiping the sweat from her head, 'for a minute there, I thought it was real' she turn to the clock, 2pm, 'shit, I took a nap, I gotta check on the kids' she stood up, she looked down, glad to see she isnt wearing a diaper, just her normal mylittlepony panties.

She shook her head, pulling up her shirt, she stared at the panties, showing ponies on them. 'What the fuck!' she yelled, going to her drawer and looked for normal, adult panties. but all she found were more pony panties for people younger then her. 'Jake' she growled, thinking her husband is playing a joke on her, so she storm out of the bedroom

Jake sat up, gasping as he tried to forget that horrible dream, then he found his wife storming in, 'why are you in the playpen!' she yelled

Jake stood, 'I was playing with Sally'

'Like a dumb baby huh?' said Carol

Jake fumed, 'it was your dumb idea, you were playing first' he pointed

'yeah, so you replaced my underwear with stupid ponies?!' yelled Carol, pulling up her shirt to show him the pink pony panties, Jake stood there dumbstrucked

'I didn't do it'

'Then who? the kids?' said Carol

They continued to argue, Jake tried his best, but all he could see was his wife looking like from his dream, kept picturing that stupid woman rolling around on her back, sticking out her toung as she shits her diapers.

Carol kept scolding him like he was a child, quite easy to picture him wearing sally's diaper and crying, like in her dream. But then their son walked in, 'Aunt Jenna is here for a visit' he told them

Jake quickly stepped out from the playpen, Carol pull down her shirt as Jake's sister walked in, dressed in a tank top and shorts as she greeted them, 'hey there' she said going up to them, 'how is my little brother today?' she said to Jake

'I'm not little anymore' said Jake, ignoring Carol's giggle

She ignored his comment as she did the same to Carol, his wife fumed at being treated like a child, she was about to tell them off when she started pinching their cheeks, 'ok, I just had to drop of your toys, you left them at my place again' she said rolling her eyes, 'now have fun you two' she turn and left, waving goodbye to Peter and Sally.

jake and carol look to each other then to their kids, noticing how mature they seem to have dressed now. Peter wearing a button shirt while Sally wore a dress. Jenna waved goodbye then left.

Carol shook her head, 'whatever, I need to go grocery shopping' she told her husband, 'try not to shit yourself when I'm gone, only got diapers for Sally' Jake blew a raspberry as she walked to the bedroom.

She changed into jeans, and a blouse, then she grab her purse and picked Sally up, 'wanna go for a ride with mommy?' she cooed

Sally giggled, 'sure, but let me drive mommy' she told her

Carol shook her head, 'nope, only big girls drive' they walked out the house and left, leaving Jake alone with Peter.

'So, sport, wanna throw around the ball?' he asked

Peter look up at him, 'sure dad'

Carol arrived at the mall, everyone they walk past cooed at them, Carol figured they are just admiring Sally holding her hand.

'Look, isn't she adorable

'She think she's a big girl'

'I hope she has her diaper on'

Soon she had a trolley in her hands. Sally refuses to sit in it, kept telling her to sit in it instead, but Carol is determine to prove she is an adult, trying to forget her dream where she begged her own son to change her diaper. She and Sally walked picking out the things they need, Carol still hated the fact that she has childish panties on, but she couldn't find any normal ones, maybe she can buy some new ones instead. She search the aisle until she found the women's panties, but she couldn't believe her eyes, every package only has silly cartoons on them, none has the right sort of maturity that she wanted, guess they all ran out.

She could feel her bladder, she really needs to go to the potty, but she couldn't leave Sally alone, so she held it in. They waited in line to the cashier, Carol trying to hold it, just need to get home, she can do it. The teenager at the casher scanned their items, Carol trying her best not to lose it.

She paid her then grab the trolley, but....


Carol cheeks burned, a puddle formed under her as she just peed her pants, right infront of Sally. 'Mommy, did you tinkle?'

Carol shook her head, denying she did such a thing, but her baby daughter held her hand, 'its ok mommy, even big girls have accidents' she console her, then lead her and the trolley to the bathrooms.

Carol stood in the bathroom, the stalls were empty so thank god no one can see her, but Sally came up to her and started unbuttoning her jeans, 'Sally don't' she said

'But mommy, I need to change you' she told her, opening them up and pulling them down, showing off her wet pony panties' Carol stood there in shame, 

'Please don't tell your brother or your father' she said

Sally smiled, pulling her panties down now until they are at her ankles, she help her step out of them, then help Carol climb onto the bench. Carol laid there, wondering what will she do, will she treat her with respect? She looked up just as Sally held out a large diaper, exactly a giant size version of her diapers. 'Legs up' she cooed, Carol obeyed, unable to fight as she just wants to go home. Sally wiped her vagina, then powdered her with baby powder, Carol closed her eyes, hoping this is another dream.

'All done' said Sally

Carol sat up, looking down at her large pamper, thick and decorated with silly cartoon birds. 'It's too thick! I want my panties!' said Carol putting her hands on her hips, trying to use her authority as a mother. 

'You wet them, and the rule is if you have an accident its back to diapers' she told her

'Nu uh!' said Carol, being helped to her feet, Sally held her hand and lead her mother out the door, Sally pushing the trolley now as Carol tried in vain to use her blouse to cover her diaper, but everyone can noticed it.

'Awwwww she is wearing a diaper'

'How adorable, guess she was playing dress up'

'I wonder if she knows her ABCs'

Carol gasped, they weren't talking about Sally earlier, they were talking about her! They made it to the car, Carol looked in to see that Sally's car seat have grown, 'Get in mommy' said Sally.

Unable to understand, Carol climb in the back and sat on the car seat, just an hour ago Sally was sitting in it. Now Sally is buckling her in, making sure its trapped tight around her shoulders and over her diaper. She put the groceries in the back. Then she went to the drivers seat and started the car.

Carol put her thumb in her mouth, 'what is happening to me?'

Jake and Peter were outside, the father throwing a large ball to him as he throws it back, he started to feel a bit tired, but kept playing, soon the ball was getting bigger, Jake tried to catch it but decided to sit and roll it, Peter seem to join along as he rolled it back, 'ok time out' he said, holding the ball as he felt like he is sitting on something thick and soft.

Peter walked up to him, 'do you want a drink dad?' he asked

Jake nodded, 'sure, thank you' Peter ran inside, Jake looked around the backyard, usually he wouldn't get this tired but for some reason he got more energy to spare, infact he feels like running. He stood up and ran, running around like he did back when he was a kid. The heat from his clothes are making him sweat, so he pulled off his shirt. 

he threw it on the grass, still feeling hot he pull down his pants, 'what the fuck?'

He stood there, pants around his ankles and a large thick diaper around his butt. It was the same diaper from his dream, how did it get on him? Did Carol put it on him while he slept? He heard his son calling from the door, 'Peter!' he waddled to him, Peter watching like a proud parent, 'Peter, did you mother diaper me?'

Peter raise an eyebrow, 'nope, I did' he told him, 'I don't want to clean up another accident' Jake shook his head,

'No, something is really wrong...' he said before Peter shoved something in his lips.

'Now hold it and drink up' he told him

Jake grab the bottle of warm milk, holding it up as he drank, feeling the milk swimming down his throat. Peter grab his hand and led him inside, 'I think that's enough playtime for one day'

Jake followed him, his son led him back into the living room, where he was put back into the playpen, drinking his baba. Peter left him alone while the baby show played on the tv. Jake push the bottle out of his mouth, the show is pound puppies, his favourite! He left the bottle on the ground, dripping with milk and spit as he lean forward, watching the silly baby show.

Soon the door open up. Jake turn to see Carol waddling in, her blouse a mess and a large diaper around her too. 'What the fuck are you doing?' she yelled

Jake frowned, Carol came up to the playpen, 'I left you in charge for five minutes, and I find you wearing a diaper and watching stupid shows'

'Its not stupid, shut up!' yelled Jake

Carol shook her head, 'unlike you, our kids needs a mature adult, and it looks like it wont be you!' Jake's bottom lip quivered, soon he burst into tears and started to cry. Carol kept going, 'oh go ahead and cry you dumb shithead!'


Carol turned, Peter stood there with his hands on his hips, 'you are very naughty!' Sally came in, getting her father into a hug as she rub his bare back.

'Shhhhhh there there daddy' she said, making him calm down a bit

Peter grab his mothers wrist, Carol scolded him but soon find herself over his lap, 'PETER!' she yelled, before she could say another word, her diaper came ripping off, she kicked on her sons lap but he held out a palm and smacked her bum. Carol yelped out as her spanking continues.

Sally rock her father, pulling back his diaper and peek in, 'ok daddy, time for a change' she said, noticing the mess around her bum. Jake were put on his feet, sucking his thumb as Sally led him by the hand out of the living room, waddling behind as he turn to see his wife's ass turn red, with Carol screaming, the minute he walked out those screams turns into what sounds like a newborn baby crying. 

jake followed Sally into her room, she help him climb onto the change table, where she stood on a stool and faced him, she held up his legs and remove his diaper. Jake made himself feel better by watching the mobile swing ontop, he hit it with his hands, kicking softly while Sally cleaned him up.

Soon, before he even notices, he was powdered and taped up in a new diaper. He sat up and smiled, 'thank you' he said

Sally beamed, 'anytime daddy, now I got a surprise for you' she told him as he stood up.

Jake watch her leave the room, then come back pushing a giant baby walker, or in his case an adult walker, it was blue with toy cars and rattles around. He clapped, waddling to it, Sally help him get a leg in then the other, soon he sat there, suspended by the walker and his feet barely touching the ground, but he can still walk. 'go ahead, try it out' sally said.

Jake put one foot forward then another, making car noises as he sped out of the room, he has a blast rolling through the hall, going back to the living room to rub it in Carol's face. When he entered, he wished he could enjoy this moment.

Carol has her nose in the corner, Peter has stripped her down to her birthday suit, and left her standing there showing off her red bum to the room. Jake rolled to her and gave her bum a smack, 'Owie!' sobbed Carol, looking at him, Jake could see she has been crying, her mascara ruined.

'Ha, nice ass Honey' he teased, 'look what I got' he said rolling away

'Shut up, I don't care' she huffed, turning back, but she does care, in fact she is jealous that her husband is getting all the gifts, why can't she has a walker too, its not fair! She slapped herself, what the fuck is she thinking?! She is a mother, not a baby!

She was about to turn when Peter came back in, 'ok mom, you learned your lesson' he said grabbing her hand. Carol followed her son as he gently sat her on the couch, her bum stinging from the pain. 'Lay back'

Carol laid on the couch, Peter held up her legs, then applied soothing oil to her bum, it does feel a bit better, especially the baby powder that came after. Peter sang her a soft lullaby as he slid the diaper under, lowering her legs and pulling the front up, once it was taped snugly he helped her up.

Carol looked at her diaper, with those stupid ponies decorated everywhere. She hates those fucking ponies. 'Now mom, don't pout, I got something for you'

Carol looked up, her pout turn into a smile as Sally walked in with a giant pink walker, ponies and rattles around it. She hugged her son, thanking him then quickly stood up, she wobble and was about to fall but Peter catch her, 'easy, take easy steps' he helped her walk to the walker then push her big butt up, Carol put her legs through the holes then sat, feeling the floor with her red painted toes. She did her best to run, rolling out of the living room as she bump into her husband, 'catch me if you can' she called back, turning and rolling away.

Jake followed behind, chasing her then they have a race, both parents racing around the house, hitting their toys and sending the sounds of wheels, and crinkles as they rolled into their bedroom, where they stopped and stared. The king sized bed is gone, the only thing there is two large cribs, fit for only one adult. 'What happened to our bed!' said Carol rolling towards it, putting her hand on the wood so to see if it was real.

'Maybe our kids replaced it' said Jake, 'they have been acting very strange today'

'they have? we got diapers on Jake!' said Carol, 'they probably think we are just dumb babies'

'But we're not!' pouted Jake

'Let's prove it, we get out of these stupid walkers and go ground them, demand that they treat us with the respect that we deserve!' said Carol proudly, finally feeling like she is regaining control again.

jake nodded, so he started to push himself up. Carol followed soon, lifting herself, and turning her back on him so he doesn't get distracted by her exposed breasts. Then they lift one leg out and over, Carol lean on the side and push herself to the ground, landing on her soft pamper. Jake soon joined her on the ground.

'Ok, now we go ground them' said Jake

They got to their feet, their diapers spreading their legs wide so they walk in awkward waddles, waddling out of the door, then Carol's legs wobbled, she tried to regain her balance, spreading out her arms and stopped, but her husband fell on his butt. 'Get up' she said to him, 'we can't look like strict parents if they find us like this' she said

Jake tried to stand, but everytime time he got up, he wobbles back and forth before falling back on his bum, 'I can't walk' he sobbed

'Fine, I'll do it myself' huffed Carol, taking big easy steps, but once her foot touch the ground she fell forward, landing on her breasts and her belly. She laid there on the floor, trying her best not to cry. Jake crawled towards her

'Are you ok?' he asked

'No, I am not ok' said Carol, tears running down her cheeks, 'I wanna walk again, I wanna wear panties, I wanna be a mother!' she started banging her hands and legs, throwing a giant tantrum as she screams and cries, 'It not fair! WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!'

jake wanted to hold her, but her crying is infectious as he started bawling too, sitting on his big pamper as his wife continues her tantrum. Soon their kids walked in, seeing them cry. 'Awwwww what's wrong?' asked Sally getting her father in a hug while Peter picked up their mother and rock her.

'I think they're hungry, don't worry mom, food is ready' he placed a pacifier in her lips, Sally doing the same to their father. Carol suckle and chew the bulb as she was bridel carried by their son, their baby daughter, who is the one supposed to be in diapers not them, carried Jake.

Now Jake and Carol find themselves sitting in seperate high chairs, locked by the tables as their children prepare their bowls of mush bananas. Carol suck her pacifier, huffing as she is not prepared to go through this, Jake held her hand as he wished he could find a way to fix them. 

Sally sat infront of them, holding the bowl, 'ok mommy, I will feed you first' she removed the pacifier. Carol babbled nonsensly, trying to form the words to regain her authority, but was silenced by a spoonful of mush in her lips. She chewed and shallow, getting another spoon, just missing her lips and hitting her cheek, which made some mush fell on her breast. 'Don't worry mommy, we'll clean it up during bath time' said Sally

'bath time?!' squeaked Carol before getting another spoonful in her mouth.

jake whimpered, Peter removed his pacifier and started feeding him, 'here comes the car' he sang, holding the spoon to his lips. Jake refused to eat, he lean back but the spoon kept pushing against his lips, making his chin messy, soon he decided to eat it, shallowing it before the next spoon. After the bowl was half empty, he looked to his wife, Sally had given Carol a bottle of warm milk. She sat there holding it both hand and suckle, her chin messy with tears, drool and food, her breasts were stain as well, they should have worn bibs. Jake continued eating his meal until he was full.

Peter praised him, Sally remove the bottle then pat her bare back, Carol let out a large un lady like burp before putting her hands over her eyes and cried. The children then sat at the main table and eat their adult food, while their parents watch helplessly from their high chairs.

Unable to watch, Jake looked to Carol sobbing like a little girl, 'its ok honey' he said to her, 'we will get through this'

'Its not that' sobbed carol

'What is it? Are you afriad they won't see you as their mother anymore?' then he sniff the air, smelling a foul dirty diaper. 'Honey, did you....'

Carol put her hands down and face them, 'Yes! I shit myself, I made boom boom, I went poopy in my diapies, happy!' she then broke down crying, 'its so stinky, how can any baby do this?' then she cried,

Sally fanned her nose and went to her, 'Peter, Mommy needs a diaper change'

'Then change her' said Peter

'I already change daddy, its your turn' she huffed.

Peter sigh, then he got up and went to Carol, 'come here mom' he said to her, before removing the table and picking her up, Carol buried her head in his little shoulder as she was carried out of the kitchen. Jake kicking his legs trying to get out, but Sally went up to him.

'Time for your bath' she told him.

Jake shook his head, 'no, I don't need a bath' he started but Sally shoved a pacifier in his mouth then got him out of the high chair. She carried him down the hair, Jake could hear his wife crying in their bedroom, screaming while the sounds of tabs ripping off her diaper filled the air. She took him into the bathroom, where she sat him on the ground, Jake suckle his pacifier as Sally got the bath ready. He looked to the door, now is his chance to crawl and hide. He got on his hands and started to crawl until Peter walked in, holding a nude Carol in his arms.

'Awwwww, you are so cute dad' he cooed down, placing Carol on the ground as he kneel to remove his diaper. Jake sobbed, sucking his pacifier harder as his diaper was removed, leaving him naked like his wife. They looked down at their naughty parts, crying softly as their pubic hair, the sign of their adulthood, is gone, leaving them bare like a baby's bottom.

Carol suckle her own pacifier, the only thing giving her some level of control as Sally picked her up, putting her mother in the tub, soon joined by her father.

Jake and Carol sat across of each other, the warm water up to their waists as they sat there, being soaped and rinse by their children. 'stand up mom' said Peter, helping his mother stand in the tub, Carol turn so they can wash her bottom, then they sat her back down and did the same with Jake. 

he can't admit it, but this feels so right, being cleaned and pampered. Carol splash some water, trying to distract herself from the living hell as Jake sat back down. They played with each other for a bit, Jake drooling behind his pacifier at Carol's breasts, soapy and wet, Carol can't deny that she is getting quite wet as well. Wishing their children can leave them alone so they can fuck.

But sally drained the water. jake tried to hide his erection but Peter already has him standing up and being dried, Sally drying Carol and got them out of the tub. Peter then picked up Jake, who is wrapped with the towel and carry him, 'No mommy!' jake look back as Sally slapped Carol's bum, 'you do not touch!'

Carol was trying to touch herself down there, needing release, but Sally pulled her down and started spanking her, making her spit out her pacifier and wailed. Soon the spanking stop and Carol was on the ground in a fetel position, sobbing like a baby, she can't even have some sexy fun.

Sally picked her up and carried her. The fight being all gone as Carol just wants to lay down and sleep, hoping tomorrow she can go back to using the potty. Sally carried her back to the bedroom, she looked around, their dresser became a giant change table now. Carol was laid on her back as Sally powdered her bum. She turn see Jake already in his crib, alone and sobbing as he held a teddy bear. 

Carol looked up, watching Sally put her in a cloth diaper instead of her plastic ones, 'you have big accidents Mommy, gotta be safe' she told her.

'No!' begged Carol, but Sally didn't hear her pleas as the cloth diaper got pinned together with four pink pins. Carol wiped her tears as Sally picked her up, then put her in her crib, seperate from her husband. The tingling down there getting too intense now. Sally tuck her in and gave her a pacifier, 'good night mommy' she said, leaving her parents in their cribs and closed the light. Carol looked to the big cartoon clock on the wall, it was only 8pm.

They laid in silence, only sounds are the lullabys from their mobiles, and the sucking of pacifiers. Jake could hear some frustrating breaths from his wife's crib, turning to see her sticking her bum in the air and moaning. 'honey what are you doing?'

'Shut up' she huffed, her hand inside her cloth diaper as she rubbed. Jake could not believe he is watching her masturbate,

'Honey, stop, what if the children see?'

'Ahhhh yes, it will be so naughty' huffed carol, rubbing furiously, the thought of being caught turning her on.

Feeling more helpless then before Jake turn around and close his eyes, ignoring his wife's orgasmed as she fell to her side, drooling on her bear. That masturbation will be her last control over her life.

Soon, they enter dreamland. Jake open his eyes and found himself in a park, he looked down and found himself wearing his button shirt and pants, he turn to see Carol next to him, wearing her sundress and her hair in a bun. They looked at each other.



They stood up, 'are we sharing a dream?' asked Jake

Carol nodded, 'maybe we can finally figure what is wrong with us, and try to reverse it' she said hopefully, but then she could hear big steps. Jake looked behind them, two giant figures were waddling towards them. Carol buried herself in his arms.

It was them, giant Jake and giant Carol, both bald and have no teeth. They gurgle and babbled as they waddle towards their tiny counterparts, Jake and Carol turn and ran, their giant baby selves only in thick white pampers as they chase them

They ran around the playground, Jake grab Carol's hand and they turn and hid in a playhouse, looking just in time to see Giant Baby Carol waddle by. 'What happens if they catch us?' asked Carol

'I don't know' said Jake

Carol looked into his eyes, 'I love you' she said

'I love you too'

The playhouse were pulled apart, they both look up in time to see Baby Jake and Baby Carol drooling down at them, Baby Jake reached down and grab him, Jake yelled as he was lifted up, Carol crying and begging as her giant self picked her up next.

They started ripping off their clothes, Jake hung by his fingers nude as Carol held desperately to her panties, her last proof of adulthood before it was taken away. Baby Carol then stuff her in her lips, sucking her as her butt stick out, her legs kicking for life as she was engulf in her own wet gums. Jake was lifted up, Baby Jake pulling the front of his diaper, before dropping him inside, slapping the plastic back.

Carol was pulled out, her hair untangle and wet as Baby Carol pulled open her own diaper, dropping her inside. Carol fell on the plastic, looking up as her Giant Baby self laughed, sealing her fate.

Peter and Sally woke from their beds, they both walked together to their parent's nursery and open the door. 'Mom? dad?' said Peter, walking to the cribs as Sally open the curtain to the bright sunshine.

'Awwwww look at our mommy and daddy' said Sally

Jake and Carol kick and drooled in their cribs, Jake's hair fell off and surrounded his crib, along with teeth on the floor, the same happen to Carol as well, she was chewing on her toes with her gums, her hair gone and on the floor along with her adult teeth. Peter pull down her bars as Sally pull down Jake's. 

'I think one of them made us a presant' said Sally, sitting up her father and looking down at his diaper, only see a wet spot. 'Daddy wet himself' she said.

Peter had his mother leaning forward, Carol drooled as her breasts hung under her, Peter pulling back her cloth diaper and peering in to see the massive mess she made. 'Found out stinker, guess Mom isn't ready for the potty yet'

'Poo poo' babble Carol

'Yes Mom, you did a big poo poo'

'Ma...mama' she said sitting up

Peter smiled, patting her bare back, 'yes you are mama, but mama needs a new diaper'

'Abuuuuu' she drooled as her son picked her up, she kicked her legs playfully as she was carried to the change table, laying back as he removed her cloth diaper. Jake was crawling on the floor, Sally walking past him, 'once your done, can you change daddy? I don't want him to stay in a wet pamper'

'Sure' he said as she left the room

Then he returned to cleaning up his mother's mess, Carol kick and babble as her son changed her into a new fresh clean diaper. Taping it snugly as she blew spitbubbles, then she lift up her hands, 'aba! me clean clean!' she said happily.

She was then put on the ground, Carol drooled as she crawled to her husband, who had a rattle in his mouth, chewing on it with his gums. He took it out and swing it around, Sally then picked him up before he could go to his wife, then he was put on the table and got his diaper changed. Sally hummed as her daddy kicked and laughed.

Carol tug on her daughter's small pant leg, 'me changue, me chanue' she babbled, wanting to help him, Sally ignored her as she pat her bald head, Carol drooled as she was picked up from behind by her son Peter, carrying her now and walk out the nursery.

Carol drooled on her fingers, being place in a baby bouncer, the kind where its like a seat except she is strapped in. She whined and shook her hands, spraying spit everywhere, Peter shush her with a pacifier, Carol suckle it, chewing the bulb.

Carol smiled, she hit the pretty toys, laughing like a complete idiot she bounce and clapped, wanting her husband to come and see this really cool thing

Jake was carried around, blowing spitbubbles with his lips, Sally cooing up at him as she sat on the couch, shoving the baby bottle of warm milk in his lips. Jake suckle it down, feeling it swim down his belly, milkies are the greatest. Carol got bored with the toys and started chewing on her fingers, feeling her wet gums as she babbled. 

Sally held the bottle, Jake unable to hold it with his weak hands, so he laid there while he let his daughter do all the work. Soon the doorbell rang. 'Aunt Jenna is here to babysit' smiled Sally.

She removed the bottle, then got up off the couch. Jake laid on the couch kicking and babbling, milk and spit dribble down his chin. Sally walked to the door, greeting her aunt as she walked in. 

Jenna put down her bag, 'awwwww, you are your parents' jake babbled on the couch, carol kick and giggle, wanting to picked up. Jenna went and picked the mother up, holding her over her shoulder and hand on her diapered bum. 'Wow, Carol is getting fat' she said

'Afa, drooooo' said Carol, drooling on her shoulder.

Peter came to her, 'ok, me and Sally are going to the movies, make sure to take them to the park, they need the excercise, got it?'

'I got it' said Jenna, 'and I'll make sure to change their stinky diapers'

'Dipsdips' said Carol

'Yes, dipsdips' cooed jenna sitting on the couch, Jake was on his belly on the floor, Jenna watch her brother drooled and babbled. Carol was sucking her thumb, getting spit on her face everytime she babbles. 

Peter and Sally waved goodbye as they left. Jenna put Carol and jake in the playpen, 'ok dumb retards' she said, 'Im in charge now, so no shitting or pissing yourselves, got it?'

Jake and Carol stared open mouth, Jenna sigh, what does she expect? 'I think I know what you want' she said, pulling off her top. Jake and Carol stared open mouth as Jenna removed her bra, snowing them her large breasts. 'Do you want some nums nums?' She cooed, kneeling in the playing and showing off her nipples.

'Abaaa!' Cheered Jake and Carol, holding their arms in the air. They got in closer and latch on. Sucking on the nipples with thier wet gums. Jenna rub the backs as they nurse.

The comet has already passed. Changing the life of Jake and Carol, once proud strict parents who now relies on others, especially thier children, to care for them and make sure they have fresh clean nappies around thier bottoms. Thier adult minds trapped forever.



End Chapter 12

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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