The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 4
No More Responsibility

Chapter Description: Amy wishes her son could be more responsible, while she loses all responsibility including keeping her diaper dry

Amy Williams groan, picking up the discarded clothes as she stuff them in the basket.

The young mother, age 32 and looking very attractive by the way, was carrying the basket to the laundry room, where she proceed to put the clothes into the washer, putting the softener in as she start the washer. Then she see the door opening as her son Jimmy came walking in, heading for the tv as he sat on the couch and turn on his shows.

Amy walked in as she stood over him, looking very intimidating with her blue shirt and jeans, the type moms wear, as she glared at him. Jimmy look up at her, her son is 13, with shaggy brown hair and dressed in his dirty clothes as he look up at his mother, ’Hi mom’ he said

Amy glared, ’Don’t hi mom me, why aren’t you doing your homework?’ she said sternly

Jimmy winced, ’I can do it later’ he said

Amy grin, ’Well you can do some chores until then’ she said as she turn off the tv

Jimmy moan, ’But mom, I don’t wanna do chores!’ he whined

Amy shush him, ’Take out the clothes and hang them up, then you can watch some tv’ she said

With that Jimmy gave up and skulked out to the laundry room to collect the clothes, Amy meanwhile walked to the kitchen, she got some letters and bills to pay. Sitting at the table, Amy began going through them. Soon she yawned, she really hates doing these, but she has a responsibility as a mother to provide, to look after her child, since she can’t rely on her deadbeat ex to do it. So she continued

Soon as she finish, she spots Jimmy by the Tv, then she peek outside to see the basket hanging from the line, the whole basket. Amy groan as she rub her head, ’Goddammit, couldn’t do one thing’ she frown as her eyes spot something, picking up the paper she read it, ’"Write down a simple wish, then place it under your pillow for it to come true" what is this some spam?’ she said turning it over, looking at her son as she figure what the hell, picking up her pen she wrote ’I wish my son could be responsible’ folding it as she got up from the table, slipping it in her pocket as she went to start dinner.

As she set the food, Jimmy sat at the table on his phone, ’Put that away Jimmy, time to eat’ she said taking the phone.

Jimmy moan as he ate, Amy ate her meal as well as they finish dinner, ’Jimmy help me with the washing please’ she said but her son quickly ran out, avoiding more chores, Amy sigh as she pick up the plates and wash them, the letter still in her pocket.

That night, Amy changed into her pyjamas, pink all over as she brush her teeth, her son in his room reading comics, she told him its time for bed but he stays up under his covers, Amy walked into her bedroom, her queen size bed warm and waiting for her as she climb in, the letter on the pillow as she pick it up, slipping it under her pillow as she turn off the light and lay gently under the covers.


The alarm blared as Amy shut it off, getting up as she climb out of bed, hearing someone cooking in the kitchen.

Getting up she walked in to find Jimmy by the stove, ’Jimmy? what are you doing?’ she ask

Jimmy smile at her, ’Im making breakfast’ he said as he held the pan, putting the eggs on the plates with the bacon, ’Sit down mom’ he said as he set up the meals

Amy smiled, This is a nice changed, she sat as she began eating her breakfast, Jimmy join her as they finish up, Jimmy then grab his bag and gave her a kiss on her cheek, ’Bye mom’ he said as he went off to school without a fuss

Amy smile proudly, did her wish come true? she shook her head as he probably want something, so she put the plates in the sink and went off to change for work. Dressing in her jeans and blouse with a undershirt as she left the house.

That afternoon when she came home, she found Jimmy not on the couch but washing the dishes, ’Well this is a surprise’ she said smiling

Jimmy look at her, ’Well I figure I should wash these, then hang the clothes so you can relax mom’ he said smiling

Amy smile, this is better then she thought, so she went to the couch and watch her shows, while Jimmy do the chores then his homework. Then its dinner time as Amy got up to start dinner, with Jimmy coming in and sitting at the table as Amy set the plates down, ’May I help you mom?’ he ask

Amy look at him, ’Ok Jimmy’ she said as Jimmy help her setting up the table, soon after dinner Jimmy went off to bed where he change into his pyjamas and lay in bed, falling asleep.

Amy changed into her pyjamas as she crawled into bed, her wish has come true and Jimmy is being responsible, she close the light and lay in her bed, soon going asleep herself.


The alarm blared again as Amy yawned, sitting up in bed as she feel something wet, she pull off the covers as she sees the huge wet spot on her pants and on her bed, ’What the fuck?’ she whispered as she got out, looking at the damage as she has wet herself last night.

Not wanting Jimmy to find out his mother is a bed wetter she took off her pants and panties and took the sheets off, hiding them under her bed as Jimmy yell out ’Mom! Breakfast!’

Amy whimpered, taking off her top as she changed into new panties, her jeans and shirt with a open blouse as she casually walked out, closing the door as she can wash her sheets later. Walking into the kitchen as Jimmy has set the plates down, ’Morning Jimmy’ she said sitting at the table

Jimmy notice her look, ’Something wrong mom?’ he ask as he began eating

Amy shook her head, ’Nothing sweetie’ she said as she ate her breakfast.

That afternoon, Amy got home quickly but stop as Jimmy was already home, ironing the clothes, ’Hi Mom’ he said ’Im just ironing the clothes from yesterday’ he told her as he continued

Amy smile weakly, ’Im proud of you sweetie’ she said as she quickly trotted to her bedroom, walking in to find her pyjamas and sheets gone, fearing the worse she ran to the window and spots her sheets hanging on the line, when did Jimmy had time to do that?! Jimmy walked to her as he notice her staring, ’I did the laundry mom, hope you dont mind’ he said

Amy look at him, ’No no, Just I spilled some water last night and was going to clean it’ she explained

Jimmy smiled, ’Well looks like I beat you to it’ he teased as he turn, ’Im going to start dinner, you wanna watch tv while you wait?’ he said as he walked to the kitchen

Amy shivered, ’Sure’ she said walking to the couch, sitting down as she tries to process this, lucky Jimmy believed her lie, and it was just a one time thing, she drank too much water yeah thats it. She turn on the tv as she began to relax.


Amy tossed in her bed, groaning as suddenly the curtains open up, ’Rise and shine mom!’ yell Jimmy happily

Amy groan as she sat up, she slid her hand under her covers and touch the wet spot, ’Oh no not again’ she gasp, Jimmy then grab the covers and began pulling them off, ’Jimmy wait!’ yelled Amy but too late as the covers flew off, showing Jimmy the huge wet spot on the sheets and on her pants.

Jimmy drop his jaw, seeing that Amy has covered her bright red face, ashamed to be looked at and about to cry, ’Aw mom its ok’ said Jimmy pulling her into a hug, ’It just a accident, just go have a bath while I clean this up’ he said

Amy nodded, getting up as she shamelessly walked to the bathroom. Stripping off her wet clothes as she stood, butt naked and step into the bathtub, turning on the showerhead and closing the curtains, Amy let the water wash over her, making her feel better a bit, she turn the water off and step out, drying herself with the towel as she wrap it around her and walked back to her bedroom. Jimmy has took the sheets, leaving Amy’s clothes lay out on the bed for her to change, including her pink panties and bra, Amy face grew red as she changed into her clothes.

The day drag out long, Amy couldn’t forget her accidents as she entered her home, where Jimmy was waiting by the couch as he look like he has something to say.

Amy look at him, ’whats wrong?’ she ask. Jimmy took a deep breath, and held out a pull up, a large pull up fit for adults, it is pink and decorated with silly cartoon birds, Amy gasp as she took a step back, ’Jimmy I dont need those’ she said fidgeting her legs a bit.

Jimmy shook his head, ’Sorry mom, but I dont want any more mess to clean, you have to wear these’ he said

Amy shook her head, ’No, I am your mother, I dont need any stupid baby diapers!’ she scold him, crossing her legs as she stood

Jimmy sigh, ’They are not diapers, they pull ups, its to help with potty troubles’ he explained

’I don’t need them Jimmy!’ yelled Amy

Jimmy glared at her, ’Then why are you peeing yourself right now?’ he points to her crotch as Amy look down, screaming as a wet spot started to form, making a puddle under her feet as she stood, wetting herself like a toddler.

Amy blubbered, ’I....i.......but.......’ she babbled, Jimmy grab her hand as he force her to follow, heading to the bathroom

Amy was forced in as Jimmy began taking her pants off, Amy struggle but Jimmy look up with a glare, ’Mom! Behave’ he said scolding her

Amy stop as Jimmy took off her jeans, then he took her wet panties off, leaving her naked from the waist down, ’Jimmy let me...’ she began but Jimmy hush her

’Sorry mom, but you really need these’ he said as he grab the pull up, opening it for her to step in, feeling defeated Amy put her foot in, then the other as the pull up is pull up her bare thighs, then it rest around her, it feels like normal panties but thicker and more padded. Amy stood awkwardly as Jimmy took her wet pants and panties, walking out to put them in the washer.

Not wanting to stay pantsless, Amy went to her bedroom, where she put on some sweatpants, seeing as Jimmy wont let her out of these infantle garments for a while. Then she walked out, spotting Jimmy at the table doing the bills, ’Jimmy let me do those’ she said walking up

Jimmy smile at her, ’I already started mom, why don’t you watch some tv’ he said as he went back to it

Amy sigh, Jimmy seems to be doing everything, wanting to feel wanted she went to the stove, but Jimmy got up and grab her, leading her out, ’Ill make dinner after some work’ he said leading her to the living room

Amy was then left on the couch, she guess this is good in a way, she doesn’t have to do the bills today, or the washing, or the cooking, she sigh, trying to think of something she could do.


Amy woke up quick, pulling off her covers as she has stayed dry, ’I did it! I didn’t pee!’ she said proudly, but Jimmy came walking in, ’Jimmy look! All dry!’ she beamed, pulling off her pants so she could show him her dry pull up. Pointing to her dry padded crotch between her legs

Jimmy chuckle at her excitement, ’Yes, but you still need to potty’ he said pulling her out of bed, Amy stood as her pants were left on the bed, being lead out of her bedroom

’Jimmy where are you taking me?’ ask Amy as they entered the bathroom, Amy gasp as next to the toilet was a huge potty, an adult one as it is so pink, ’Where did that come from?’ gasp Amy, noticing a potty chart on he wall, with gold stars and x marks, Trying to process this while Jimmy pull her pullups down, forcing her to sit her bum on the potty. Amy sat there, dumbstruck as Jimmy stood, waiting for her to go, ’Jimmy I dont need this, I stay dry’ she said about to get up but Jimmy force her down

’Mom, you have to use the potty’ he said, ’I’m not leaving until you go’ he said

Amy shifted uncomfortably, her son standing there watching her, but soon she hears a tinkle as she began peeing in the potty, ’Oh come on’ whimpered Amy putting her face into her hands as she peed in the potty. Once shes finished Jimmy stood her up, cleaning her and pulling her pull ups back up

’Good job mom, soon you get to wear big girl pants’ he said beaming as he went to put a gold star on the chart.

Amy felt shame as she was lead back to her bedroom, where she changed into her clothes for the day, still feeling the shame of using a potty infront of her son, Jimmy made breakfast again as they sat at the table, Amy noticed her food is cut up into small bites, infact it seems to be more childish every day. Still she ate it as Jimmy wash the dishes.

Soon the day ended, Amy walked back in, lucky no one notices her pull up as she hasn’t used the bathroom all day, she walked in as Jimmy came to her, ’Good your home, now its potty time’ he said it like its somethng to be proud of

Amy glared, ’No I dont need a potty! I am a grown woman, your mother and I will be treated as such!’ she yelled, acting like the strict mature mother she is

But Jimmy glared back, ’You need to potty mom!" he yelled back

Amy finally had it, storming to the bathroom, ’I’ll show you!’ she yelled back ’I can use a potty...I MEAN TOILET!’ she storm in, pulling her pants down as she sat on the toilet seat, letting go as she proudly look at the door, as Jimmy walked in, ’See? I can use a toilet’ she said proudly, now he has to treat her with more respect

Jimmy stood there, shaking his head like a parent ashamed of his child, ’Oh mom, you were so close’ she said

Amy frown, looking down as she screamed, her pants is pull down around her ankles but she hasn’t pull her pull ups down! Still around her waist and now bulgy and stinky, as she has really let all her poop out and into it. Amy soon started to cry, she has just shit herself!

Jimmy stood her up, pulling her messy pull up off, with Amy sobbing into her hands, now he will never look at her the same way again, Jimmy then took her clothes off, forcing her into the shower as he threw the pull up away, putting a x on her chart. Then he turn the shower head on, Amy stood, sobbing as her son began washing her, wiping her bottom, Amy wanted to say something but there are no words, so she continue to cry, the water washing away her dignity.

Jimmy turn the water off as he help her out, drying her and covering her with the towel as he leads her out and into her bedroom, Amy stood there, shivering as Jimmy came back with a package, Amy gasp as Jimmy pull out a large, thick adult diaper. ’No Jimmy please!’ beg Amy as Jimmy open the diaper up, laying it on the bed

’Sit down mom’ said Jimmy sternly

’I’ll behave! I’ll use the potty I promise! just please don’t put me in that diaper’ she sobbed, Jimmy glare at her, making her scared as she sulkily sat her butt down, sitting on the diaper as the soft plastic pamper is soft on her poor bum, once Jimmy grab out a bottle of baby powder, Amy couldn’t handle it and started to get up and run, discarding the towel as she ran naked but yelp as Jimmy grab her hand, dragging her back, but not on the bed but over his knees, Amy struggle but was soon met with a hard smack to her butt, making her scream

’You are very naughty today mom!’ yell Jimmy smacking her harder, her butt going bright red, Amy soon began bawling, crying as she kick and bang her fists. Her spanking continues as she was soon reduced to crying like a spoiled little brat, begging her son to stop

Jimmy stop the spanking, knowing that Amy has learn her lesson as he lay her back on the bed, her butt stinging as she touch the diaper, Jimmy made her hold her legs up as he sprinkle her with baby powder, the smell overwhelming as Amy, out of habit, put her thumb in her mouth, sucking it as its the only thing to give her comfort, only its worse as she is now reduce to thumbsucking.

’There, all done’ said Jimmy

Amy sat up, looking down at her huge diaper, thick and puffy as it hug her waist, making her feel dumb and retarded for needing these, she continue to cry as Jimmy stood, ’Now I’m going to get dinner ready, get dressed and if you need a change tell me’ he said

But Amy shook her head, ’I don’t want to’ she cried

Jimmy sigh, pulling her int a hug, ’You know the rules, if you can’t stay clean then you have to be in diapers’ he said comforting her, Amy hug back, feeling a bit better.

Jimmy left as he went to the kitchen, Amy soon began putting on some clothes, strapping her black lace bra on herself as she tries to pull her pants up, but the diaper so thick its impossible, not wanting it exposed she instead put on a long skirt, putting a shirt on she walked out.

Jimmy has dinner ready as Amy sat at the table, she hasn’t done anything all week, Jimmy’s been doing everything, the cleaning, the cooking, the bills, she has nothing to do now, Jimmy has taken over all responsibility, Amy look down as Jimmy gave her some spaghetti, picking up a fork as she began eating, making a mess on her dress as she miss her mouth a bit, getting her chin messy as well

Jimmy ate his meal, seeing his mother in a mess as he does find her adorable trying to be a big girl.


Amy suckle her thumb, laying under the covers as her thumbsucking has gotten worse, then Jimmy came in opening the curtains, ’Wakey wakey mom’ he said as he walked up and pull down the bars

Amy sat up, rubbing her eyes as she gasp, bars? she is in a giant crib! Jimmy pull the covers off her, now Amy could see that she isn’t wearing her pyjamas anymore, well her top since her pants couldn’t fit, but now she is a in a bright pink sleeper. Her diaper bulge thicker then her waist as Jimmy pick her up, holding her on him by her bum as Amy held on to him, sucking her thumb faster as she was carried towards the large change table, My room has changed into a nursery! she was laid gently down on the soft surface, Jimmy then got her out of the sleeper, leaving her naked while wearing the large, very messy and very wet diaper.

’Wow, you sure made quite a mess’ chuckle Jimmy as he began her diaper change. Amy whined as her diaper open up, exposing her huge mess, covering her bare breasts, she lay there shamefully while Jimmy wipe up her butt and vagina, rolling the messy diaper up and throwing it in the pail. Then he pull out a new diaper

Amy whimpered, laying her head back down as tears run down her cheeks, her son putting baby powder on her vagina and huge bum, how could this happen? All she wanted was Jimmy to show some responsibility now it seems he has become the parent while Amy has become the child, with Jimmy doing the bills, the washing, the cleaning, the cooking, changing her, feeding her and take care of her while she just sits around shitting herself.

Amy eyes widen, the letter! She has to grab it and undo this wish, knowing it could still be under her pillow she sat up, a fresh diaper on her as she got on her feet, but her knees wobble as she fell back on the ground, landing on her butt. Amy moan as her bum is still sore from her spanking, she tries to stand up but couldnt as her body is too heavy, falling back down. ’Whats happening?’ She sob smacking the ground frustratedly.

Jimmy pick her up, ’Awww dont cry mom, one day you will walk’ he said as he carry her out, with Amy reaching for the crib with angry and crying sobs.

Jimmy carry his struggling mother to the kitchen, where he put her in a adult high chair, locking her in with the large table, which has small toys on it, Amy kick and bang her hands as Jimmy tie a cute pink bib around her neck, Amy look down to see the silly cartoon of a mother in a large diaper getting tickled by her child. Amy cross her arms, shivering in the cold morning air as Jimmy sat infront of her, holding a bowl filled with mushy baby food. He held out a spoonful and held it to her, ’Say AH’ he cooed as he wave it infront of her lips.

Amy turn her head away, huffing as she refuses to eat. Jimmy held it close, but Amy is being a fussy baby, so he put the bowl on the table and started tickling her bare belly, Amy couldn’t help but giggle, ’Jimmy stop it’ she giggles, soon laughing hysterically, Jimmy use this chance to shove the spoon in her mouth, almost making her gag as Amy close her mouth, chewing the mush, her lips wet with drool and mush as she shallowed. ’Please Jimmy no more’ beg Amy but another spoon shove into her lips.

Soon the bowl was wiped clean, Amy holding her belly as she groan like a fat infant, drool mix with saliva and baby food dribble down her chin, her bib a mess of spit and mush. Jimmy ate his breakfast and had clean the dishes, soon taking Amy out of her high chair, ’Ok mom, time for daycare’ he said as he clean her up, removing her bib as he sat her on the couch.

Amy sat moaning, ’daycare? but I have work’ she began

Jimmy chuckled, ’But you are just a baby, who needs work when you can play all day’ he said as he grab out some clothes for her to wear. Now Amy has lost another responsibility of dressing herself as Jimmy got her dressed in the silly pink romper, straps on her bum for easy diaper changes, Amy was then pick up and carried out, seeing as Jimmy is literally doing everything for her, making her feel helpless and infantile.

The day horibly for Amy, being the only adult in a daycare filled with other babies, she went through the humiliation of being teased, pick on and whats worse, having the workers change her big messy diapers. She woke up from nap time hoping it could all be a dream but instead met with more crying babies, with herself crying along.

Now she sits in a large baby seat in her car, being driven by her son Jimmy, who she found out doesn’t go to school anymore but now has her job! She suckle her pacifier and shook her rattle as they have arrived back home.

Once inside, Amy was strip of her romper, leaving her only in the diaper as she was placed in the playpen, having lost the ability to walk, Amy knelled by the bars as she watch Jimmy leave to do adult things, her adult things! She crawled around the playpen, hitting the toys and chucking them out, acting like a fussy baby, she wanna do adult things again, she wanna clean and wash and do bills and cook and other mother stuff, and especially use the toilet! Amy lay on the soft toys as she look at the tv, Jimmy left some stupid baby show on so she has no choice but to watch.

Amy sang along with thw songs, enjoying the show as she bounce on her padded rear, then she stop once she realizes what shes doing, so she stay arms folded and pouting.

Soon Jimmy came in, picking her up as its dinner time, carrying her back to the high chair for more baby food, it went like the morning with Amy gagging and moaning, missing the adult food that Jimmy is eating infront of her, as to mock her, as she rub her sore belly, after that was done Jimmy took her out, and sat her on his lap, surprising her with a nipple shoved into her mouth. Jimmy held the warm bottle of milk, making Amy drink it as she cradle in her son’s arms, suckling like a infant, her eyes getting heavy as she is feeling drowsy.

Jimmy help her finish the milk, soon sitting her up and laying her over his shoulder, patting her huge bare back as Amy let out a great big belch, ’BBBBWWWAAAAARRRPPPPPPP!!!!!’ Burped Amy as she spit up some milk, laying her head on his shoulder as she was so tired.

Jimmy got up as he carry her to the nursery, Amy drowsy but staying awake, she is close to changing things back to normal, Jimmy sat her inside the crib, she soon crawled to the pillow and threw it away, ’Yes its still here!" beamed Amy as the letter is right there, her handwriting making the wish, now she just have to tear it up and she can be a big girl again.

But Jimmy snatch it, ’What is this doing here?’ he wonders looking at it

Amy screamed as she try to grab it, but Jimmy pull the bars up, locking her in the crib as she grab the bars, shaking it and crying, being locked away from her adulthood.

Jimmy took the note, looking at it as he shrugged, deciding to throw it away in the bin, Amy jump and babble, crying like a overgrown baby as she needs that note, as Jimmy left her nursery, Amy climb out of her crib, whimpering as she fell to the ground, in the dark nursery only lit by her nightlight, she crawls towards the bin, her diaper crinkleing as if reminding her of her new role, her fave grew redder as she pull the note out of the bin, about to tear it but stop, what if tearing it makes it worse? Not wanting to risk it she decided to write another wish. ’Ok gotta find a pen’ she spots a bunch of crayons on the small table by the papers and coloring books, grabbing a red one she began to write, ’I want everything to be normal’ she said smiling.

She got on her feet, smiling as she took big esy steps to the crib, slid the note under her pillow as she grab a small chair, using to to lift herself back into the crib. Amy laid down, cover herself as she close her eyes, beaming as she will be a adult again and forget about this nightmare.


Amy yawned as she smile, finally now things can be back to normal, still naked she lay in the crib as it is so comfortable, she wants to stay here all day and not go to work. She kick the covers off, seei g her diaper still on her as she got a funny rumble in her belly.

’I need to poop’ she said to herself, she should try to go to the tpilet but instead she lift up her legs and started to push, grunting as she began farting, soon she began filling up her diaper as she sigh with a sastofied look on her face, she cant believe she wasted years of running to the bathroom when she cpuld just shit herself whenever she wants.

Amy look up at her foot, how her toes wiggle in the air, beaming she put her foot closer and grab her leg, so she could stuff her big toe in her lips, she then began sucking on it as it makes her feel blissful, her messy diaper filling the room with its foul smell.

The door opens as Jimmy walked in, fanning his nose as he notice his mother awake, ’morning Mom, feeling better?’ He said as he pull the bars down.

Amy giggle as she took her foot out, drooling up at her son as she gave him a great big goofy smile, Jimmy sat her up so she is now sitting on her mess, but Amy doesnt care, her son can clean her up while she does nothing but drool and play. Amy put her thumb in her mouth as Jimmy lift her up.

Amy laid on the table as Jimmy change her big stinky diaper, glad she is not doing it herself, she hits the mobile hanging ontop of her, giggling as Jimmy gave her a pacifier to suck on. Once Amy got a clean diaper on Jimmy carried her to the kitchen for a much more easy feeding as Amy is really hungry.

At the end of the day, Amy sat on the couch, drinking her baba with both hands while Jimmy do the bills.

She had a awesome day at daycare, playing with her new infant friends and being a good girl, having all her needs taken care of by workers. Now she can enjoy her favourite show and not worry about dumb responsibility like bills, or washing or using a potty.

Speaking of which Amy just messed herself, grunting behind the nipple of her baba as she sat in her stinky diaper waiting for her son to come change her, after all he is the responsible one.



End Chapter 4

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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