The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 6
Birthday Wish

Chapter Description: A simple birthday party turns into a best day ever for the adults when the children let them play

Jean sigh as she sat on the chair, the beautiful hot brunette in her business clothes as she sat bored while attending her friends kid birthday party. Her friend Lucy talk with Rachel, Lucy has short blonde hair and wore a top and jeans as Rachel’s hair is long and she wore a dress that goes up to her thighs. Jean talk with them as the three are best friends.

Outside was Lucy’s husband Troy, he is doing the bbq as the other adults talk while the kids play. Troy and Lucy have a young son name Mike, who turn 10 today, Rachel’s two kids play with him around the big open space, she and her husband Harry name their kids Sally and Jesse since they are both girls.

Over by the table her husband and Rachel’s husband talk about their stupid footy, her husband is Peter.

Jean drank her beer as her young daughter pull her skirt, ’mummy I gotta go potty’

jean smile, Gwen was only 3 years old but still having trouble going to the bathroom, ’OK sweetie’ she took her to the bathroom as Gwen went to the toilet. She held her hand as the little girl did a potty dance, Jean smile down at her as she let her walk in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet seat. Jean waited outside while she did her thing, hearing the toilet flush as her daughter walked out proudly, ’Im a big girl mommy’ she told her giving a big smile.

’yes you are’ she said back smiling, leading her back outside where the others are getting the cake ready. She left gwen with the kids while she sits by the table talking with the other adults, unaware the kids have something cool they’re gonna do.

Mike gather all the kids together in the sandbox, ’so are we all ready?’ he ask them

Sally and Jesse giggled, ’can we do it now? Mom banned us from our phones’ said Sally

Gwen shook her head, ’I wanna wait, after all they have to eat the cake, then we can start’ she said, getting excited

the kids all nodded and agreed, Lucy came walking to them as she bend down, ’so what are you all talking about?’ she ask them

the kids all smiled and shook their heads. ’Nothing mom’ said Mike smiling

Lucy shrugged, ’ok, cakes ready for the birthday boy to blow out’ she said as all the kids ran to the table, sitting in the chairs with the parents with Mike at the front, the cake huge and blue, it is chocolate cake his favourite, everyone started to chant happy birthday, Mike smile to himself as he mad ehis wish and blow out the candles. The parents cheered, Lucy began cutting the cake for everyone.

Mike look to the other children, each refusing the cake as they want to play, ’Come on, how can you resist cake?’ ask Sally’s father harry said, taking it for himself as he took a bite.

’Ill eat later’ sally and jesse whined together, wanting their parents to enjoy, with Rachel taking one and eating too, the kids left the adults alone at the table as they went to the jumping castle.

Jean took a bite, savouring the sweet taste, ’mmmm this is delicious!’ she moaned eating more

peter nodded, finishing his plate as he went for another piece. Lucy and troy started to dig their hands into the cake, grabbing huge pieces and eating it, rachel wave her long red hair away, ’ewwww is that sanitary?’ she said

Troy shrugged, ’who cares’ he said grabbing a piece himself, Jean watch them all, even her husband take pieces, so she ditch her plate and started grabbing pieces herself, the parents messing up the cake as soon there isnt a piece left, Jean and Peter still on the bench, rachel sitting on the ground spreading her legs while Troy and Harry sat on the chiars, Lucy sitting on the table as she lick her fingers, ’wow that is really one tasty cake’ she said

’hey what ingrediants you use?’ ask Jean sitting on the table with her

Lucy shrugged, ’Just the usual, nothing different’ she said, ’hey I feel kinda funny’ she said

Harry got up, ’well we did covered ourselves in cake’ he said

jean and the rest look down, yep their clothing are covered with mud chocolate and frosting, lucy giggled, ’guess we overdid it’

’Well we better wash up’ Tory said, ’you can all use the bathroom’ he told the other parents, rachel and Harry got up, ’I go in first’ she said running to the bathroom, harry following her as he called out that he wants first. Lucy and Troy ran behind as well, with Peter running behind. Jean got up, looking to the kids she call out, ’kids! We’re going inside to freshen up’ she told them soon running behind as well. The kids all laughed to themselves, then come out of the castle to get things ready.

Jean walked down the hall, opening the door to see such a bizarre sight, troy and harry were all standing in the tub, taking their clothes off as they are taking a bath, the water running to fill the tub, but the sink also has the water running as lucy was taking off her pants, throwing it onto the floor as it got soak with all the ater, Rachel and peter still in their clothes as they hop in and out of the shower.

’Jean help me with this bra’ said Lucy trying to take her pink bra off, her only clothing left, jean hesitaded, wanting to know why they are all taking off thier clothes, but she instead walked in, wetting her shoes and help take the bra off for Lucy. ’Thank you’ she said, her huge breasts exposed and bouncy, ’now time for you’ she said pulling down her skirt,

’Lucy!’ squealed jean, ’what if the kids see?’ really, as if that was the most important thing?

Lucy giggled, ’dont worry, we’ll be cleaned and dressed before the kids come in’ she said, taking off Jean’s blouse, Jean frown, that does sound right so she help Lucy stripped down her clothing, soon she was naked as well, Lucy clapped as she went to the tub, ’move over boys, time for my bath’

’No its still our turn’ said Troy huffing

’NO MINE!" yelled Lucy, sticking out her tounge, which Troy stuck out back

Jean watch this silly behavior as Peter gave her bare bum a smack, ’nice bum honey’ he chuckled

Jean smile back, ’and why arent you naked?’ she teased getting to pull his jeans down, which are soaking wet, peter blush as his wife began stripping him, leaving him naked as well, ’there we go, now your naked like me’ she said proudly getting into his embrace and kissing him.

’Ewwwwww’ Lucy troy and Harry said, all sitting in the tub now, legs up to the chins, and covering Lucy’s boobs, ’why dont you get a room’ said Harry

Jean and Peter both giggle, Rachel was naked now as well, sitting in the shower with her clothes around her as she feel the water on her hair, Jean stood infront of them all, showing her bare nakieness, ’ok we better get dressed before the kids catch us’ she told them all

’too late’ giggle Gwen, standing in the doorway with the other children, all holding towels and seeing their parents naked in the bathroom, Jean and Peter both screamed, trying to cover themselves, Rachel picked up her clothes and ran out, ’turn away!’ she squealed,

Lucy Troy and Harry hid in the tub covering themselves as well, ’we can explained’ lucy began but the kids all walked in, Jesse turn the taps off, while the rest began going to their parents.

Mike went to the tub, looking at his parents, ’come on mom and dad, let me get you dry’ he told them, Troy and Lucy both look at each other, both sighing as they stood, water dripping off thier bare bums as they stepped out, mike wrapping them up in towels and drying them, Troy and Lucy held their towels around themselves like their children do, and Mike push them to walk out.

Rachel cried, not wanting her daughters to see her naked body, Harry stood up as Jesse dried him down, while Sally gave her a towel, ’here mommy, dont cry its all gonna be ok’ she told her as she led her out, following her sister and daddy out.

Next it was Gwen, the little toddler beamed up at her parents, ’here mommy, you first’ she said, making her hold the towel, Jean did that, while her daughter dried her hair, body and breasts, going red as she dried her private parts as well, giving a few pats to her bum, she then held the towel around her while Gwen dried Peter up like she did her. ’Ok now lets get you dressed’ she said leading them out, but suddenly Jean started to do a little dance, Gwen recognized that from earlier when she did it, ’do you need to potty mommy?’ she ask her

Jean nodded, ’yeah, give me a minute sweetie’ she said as she went to sit on the toilet

Gwen smiled at her, ’ok mommy, enjoy your last potty’ she said as she led daddy out

Jean frown, what did she mean by that? she sat there peeing in the bowl, once shes finished she wiped herself then walked out, still holding the towel as she try to wonder why they are all naked infront of their children and not doing anything. But she walked into the living room and gasped


her husband was sitting in the hallway, on the ground with no clothes on, but he is dry which is good, but he is wearing a large thick diaper around his waist. He looked up as Jean got on her knees next to him, ’Hey honey’ he said blushing, ’Gwen said I need this, so I dont have any accidents’ he told her

’but your a grown man’ said Jean

’Thats what I said, but she was very stern’ he said, ’kinda like you’ he chuckled

Jean frown, looking through the doorway she sees the other parents in similar situations, Lucy was getting a diaper taped onto her by her son, Mike adjusting it so its comfy on her soft smooth bum, as his father Troy was on the couch, also wearing just a diaper as Rachel and Harry joined him, both in diapers too and nothing else, once Lucy was snug she was sat on the foot of the couch, legs spread out as she looks like she is also confused by all the this, the parents looking like they know this is wrong but they cant fight back, Gwen came out from the hallway behind Jean, holding Peter’s hand, ’mommy, there you are Ive been looking for you’

Jean watch as Gwen sat Peter on the couch, being squash up with the others as she laid Jean down, using her towel as a mat. ’Gwen what are you doing?’ she ask lifitng up her head and watch as Gwen began putting baby powder on her, sprinkling her smooth bum with the swet smelling arouma, Gwen then grab a open diaper and slid it under her, cooing at her like she is a baby instead, she pull the front up and taped it snugly on her, Jean wanted to object, maintan her dignity but she couldnt resist the soft padding under her.

Soon she was sitting next to Lucy, in her own thick pamper as all parents are in diapers, and looking like babies as their kids stood infront of them, looking like their parents instead of the other way around. ’Ok mommies and daddies, you can play for an hour before its time for dinner’ said Mike taking charge

Troy held his hand up, ’um son, whos going to cook?’ he ask

The rest nodded, but Jesse step forward, ’we will cook, you just have fun outside, ok?’ she said cooing at them like babies, Lucy and Rachel and Harry smiled, Troy frown while Peter and Jean look at each other, ’can we have clothes?’ asked Peter

’Yeah, you already messed your clothes, so those diapers are your clothes’ she replied

Peter pouted, that does make sense to him, Jeans wanted to cover her breasts, but the sight made her drooled, she was in her own world until she notice everyone waddling outside, not wanting to be alone she got up on her feet and waddle, her diaper crinkles with everyone else as they all entered the backyard.

Lucy waddle to the front as she stood proudly infront of them, ’ok lets all play a game’ she said, taking charge

Rachel frown, ’but lucy, dont you think this is all wrong?’ everyone look at her, ’look at us, we’re nakie out here’

’We’re not nakie, we got our diapers on’ harry told her

Rachel frown, a line of drool going down her chin. ’But’ she began but too late, Lucy poke her husband and ran waddling, her diaper crinkling with every movement of her bare legs,

’Your it hubby’ she called out running like a child

Jean watch as Troy chased after her, soon he began chasing everyone else, Harry and Rachel both ran and hid behind the tree, Peter got tag so he began chasing now, troy running to the sandbox with his wife as they sat their padded bums in the sand, Jean watch everyone acting like babies, lucy and troy began playing in the sandbox, while rachel peter and harry all got into the jumping castle, jumping and bouncing as they have the time of their lives.

Jean waddle back into the house, taking big steps cause of the bulk of her diaper, looking for some clothes she can take out of Lucy’s closet. But she got a surprise seeing the kids in the living room. Mike Sally Jesse and Gwen were watching tv, seeing as the adults are too busy playing they can watch as many adult shows as they want. Jean fumed as she stomped in, ’you kids are not allowed on the tv!’ she scolded them, despite the fact that she’s practically naked and wearing a very infantile nappy.

The kids all look at her, Mike sighing like a dissapointed parent, ’Dam it one of them came in’ he said

’Dont worry I’ll get her’ Gwen said as she got up, the little girl walking up and beaming up at her mother, ’Awwww whats wrong mommy? Did you go potty?’

Jean blushed beet red, ’Just because I am wearing a diapie does not me I go potty like a baby!’ she yelled throwing a tiny tantrum with her feet, then felt a chill up her legs as she look down to see Gwen pulling back her leg holes to look at her bare bum, ’GWEN?!" squealed Jean

’Yep your clean, so no fuss mommy’ she said snapping the plastic back, Jean tremble as she grab her hand, being led back out of the room, ’now go play with your friends mommy, daddy must be wondering where you are’

’But but’ Jean began ’I dont wanna pway!’ she blurted out

Gwen cooed at her, Jean fumed and groan, why isnt she listening? They went outside as the other adults were gathered on the grass, they stop as Jean notice what they were all doing, they were all cheering Lucy on, who was squatting in the center of the circle, Jean waddle to them as they all cheer out her name, Lucy grunted and smiling a big grin as her diaper began expanding, finally she lifted up her arms, ’I did it! I went POOPY!’

’Lucy ewwwwwww!’ Jean gag ’What are you doing? Your suppose to be a adult!’ she scolded but deep down she cant help but feel proud for her, who needs the potty when they have their diddies.

’Good job honey’ cheered troy

Lucy put her finger to her chin, drooling as she giggle, Gwen step into the circle and stood her up, ’Oh my, looks like this mommy needs her diaper changed’ Lucy nodded, following the little toddler like a oversized infant going after her mommy, Jean wanted to follow them but Peter poke her shoulder

’Come on honey, lets play on the see saw’ he said, a ling of drool running down his chin.

Jean beamed, she loved the see saw when she was a little girl, now her hubby want to go play on it with her, ’but its silly, we are adults’ she said

Peter giggle, ’yeah but we can still play’ he told her as he grab her hand, both adults waddling to the see saw with their diapers crinkling as loud as the grass they walk on.

Jean drooled, sure she can still play but it is still wrong that they are all acting like babies, she look back to see Lucy laying on the porch, her legs raised as her dirty diaper was rolled up beside her, Gwen wiping up her big bum. ’She doesnt look like a adult’ jean said to herself as Peter let go and sat on one side of the seesaw. Jean sat her padded bum on the other as they began bouncing up and down.

Jean kick her legs in the air, ’weeee im flying!" she babbled going back down so Peter can go high, the two parents laughed and bounced, not caring how stupid they look. Soon they spot all the adults with Lucy in the sandbox, Peter and Jean both got off as they waddle, but siddenly Jean fell back on her bum, not wanting to fall behind she started to crawl behind peter, soon arriving at the sandbox where they got in and sat down in the sand with the adults.

’So Lucy, how did it feel getting your diaper changed by a child’ ask Harry hitting the sand with a toy shovel, Rachel laying in his laps sucking her thumb. Troy had a bucket on his head as he sat next to Lucy while Pater and Jean sat on their big butts as well.

’Well it feels so nice, just laying there not doing anything while your daughter did all the work’ she said giggling to Jean and Peter

’But doesnt it feel so wrong that a child is changing you, seeing as you are the adult not her’ ask Jean frowning

Lucy stuck out her tounge at her, ’why? Its exactly what is should be, after all I cant change my own diapers’ she said throwing a toy at her head, Jean scowl as she threw it back, the two mothers throwing toys at each other.

’Girls calm down’ peter said

Jean yelled as she threw it, Lucy hit the toy away as it fell on rachels face, the toy was a car and it really hurt her, instead of getting up and yelling at them to stop being babies she instead started to cry like one, wailing at the top of her lungs. ’Honey!’ harry said rocking her but she cried louder,

’sorry’ jean and lucy said but rachel continue to cry

Jean look up to see troy sobbing, the loud noise making him cry as well, lucy hates seeing him cry so she began crying, peter and harry soon wailed like babies as well, Jean doesnt like seeing them act like this, so she did the only thing she knows to do, she cried like a widdle baby.

All the kids ran outside, ’what is going on here?’ mike said, seeing all the adults crying in the sandbox.

Jesse and Sally went to their parents, jesse hugging Rachel and Sally hugging Harry as they rock and pat their bare backs, ’daddy whats wrong’ sally said

’shhh mommy, its ok’ cooed jesse

Both Harry and Rachel held on to their daughters, sucking their thumbs and sobbing while they get rocked gently.

Mike has both Tory and Lucy sitting on his lap, he begun checking their diapers in case they need changing, ’nope your both clean’ he sigh rocking them, ’whats wrong with you two’ he tried telling them but both Lucy and Troy are too distraught to speak proper english instead they just speak baby babble as they cried.

Gwen came up and gave her daddy a hug, rocking him as he hug back, Jean just stood on her bare feet crying, ’shhhhh its ok daddy, mommy, do you need changies?’ she said pulling back his diaper, snapping it back after founding it clean she then turn to jean and pull back her diaper so her round bum is exposed, ’clean too’ she said pulling it back up.

Jean rub her teary eye, sobbing like she was back to being a little girl, except she is all grown up and nakie, she look over to Jesse rocking Rachel on her lap, the mother calming down she she babbled, ’Lucy and Jean threw a toy at me’ she sobbed pointing at the two other women

’Is this true mom?’ Mike asked her in a stern voice

Lucy sobbed, getting scared to be in trouble, ’it was Jeans fault! She started it!’ she tattled

’Liar!’ Jean cried back, her heart pounding as she is getting afraid of what her child might do, ’Lucy is a stinky butt’ she yelled back

’Your a doodoo head!’ Lucy babbled at her

The two mothers blew out raspberries, suddenly lucy was grabbed by her son and laid on his lap, spread out as her diaper were pulled off, ’Mikey!’ gasp Lucy as he began smacking her big bum, Lucy cried out as she began to wail, kicking as her son gave her a giant spanking.

’Naughty Mom, you shouldnt start fights’ Mike said slapping her cheeks red.

’Im sowwy! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!’ Lucy wailed

Jean smiled as she and the rest of the adults were being led out of the sandbox, ’Come on time for your bottle feeding’ Sally told them as the kids made them all waddle infront, Jean Peter Harry Rachel and Troy all waddled inside, diapers crinkling as Lucy was left bare naked on her sons lap as she got her first spanking since she was a child.

Jean waddle into the living room, looking around the parents were sitting on the ground, the kids handing out bottles of warm milk as each adult grab it, immediately putting it in their lips to suckle down the milk. Gwen walked up to her and hold a bottle for her, Jean gave her a big smile, ’Baba’ she dribbled as she grab the bottle, sitting on her padded bum she put her lips on the nipple and began to suckle. Jean laid back, resting her head on Peter’s lap as he suckle his baba, Harry has his back against the couch as he drank his baba as well, Rachel getting bottle fed instead while Troy finish all the milkies.

Soon Jean spots lucy waddling behind her son, sobbing and sucking on her wet drool soak thumb as Mike sat in the couch, he sat his mother on his lap and gave her her baba, lucy smile a bit as she use both hands to grab the bottle and shove the nipple into her lips, drinking all the tasty milkies as she was bounced up and down on her sons knee.

Jean soon drank her bottle dry, removing it as Gwen came and got her drape over her small shoulder, patting her huge bare back, ’BWAAAAAAPPP!!!!’ Jean burped, spitting a bit of milk down her lips. ’Good mommy’ Gwen praised her as she let her go, Jean left sitting on her big pampered bum with her legs spread outward as she giggles, she likes being called a good mommy.

Peter let out a big burp as well, both parents look at each other and giggled, Gwen then left them sitting by the couch as they were soon joined by the other "adults", Troy and Harry were sitting next to them, harry sucking on a pacifier now, while Rachel was sitting on Sally’s lap on the couch, lucy was being buckled into a baby bouncer seat, the straps holding her in by wrapping around her waist as she continue sucking her baba.

The kids all gather infront of them, ’Ok mommies and daddies, its time for presents’ Mike told them all

All the adults cheered, they love pressies, the children all bring the presents that they have bought, but Mike has replaced them with baby toys so it would be like they are the ones getting the toys, while he still have his birthday presents in his room, Gwen and Jesse brang the presents and gave each one to a parent.

Jean eagerly ripped off the wrappings, squealing like a little girl as she held her new stuff bunny, ’Yay! A bunny rabbit!" she cheered hugging it into her breasts, ’Ill call you Bun Bun’ she said

The rest got other baby toys, Peter was making car noises with his new police car, rolling it on the ground as he crawled around making it move, Troy was rolling a ball, hitting it and chasing after it, while Harry was playing with his building blocks. Rachel was shaking her new two rattle rattle, showing it to Sally as she is proud to have it and wanna show everyone. lucy was having too much fun kicking her legs as she held her new teething keys, chewing on them as she giggles like a newborn baby.

Jean made Bun Bun dance on the ground, suddenly she has a funny feeling in her tum tum, smiling she sigh as her diaper began to expand, letting off a foul smell. Gwen walked up behind her as she fan her nose, ’uh oh, did mommy went potty?’ she cooed pulling back her diaper, seeing the big mess her mommy made, ’yep, guess mommy needs her diaper change’ she cooed at her

Jean giggle at her as she was laid on the ground, holding her bunny in the air as her legs were lifted up, Gwen removing the diaper as she began wiping her mess. Peter crawled towards them as he giggles, ’can I help gwen?’ he ask drooling

Gwen shook her head, ’no daddy, only children can change diapers’ she told him

Peter gave her a big dumb grin, drool running down as he crawled away, rolling his car again as Jean watch him go, stupid hubby, who ever thought of adults changing diapers, Jean thought to herself as she watch her daughter roll her messy diaper up, then she grab a fresh one and slid it under her, jean kick happily as she was powdered, soon taped back up in her thick clean diaper. ’Clean mommy’ she announced to her

Gwen beamed at her, ’yes, you are a good clean mommy’ she prasied her

Jean smile grew brighter, then she let out a big yawned, wow I am so tired, maybe I should go nap nap, she thought to herself as a line of drool run down her chin, dripping onto her breasts. Gwen look around as all the other adults are getting sleepy, Sally holding both Harry and Rachel up as she followed Jesse out, saying goodbye to everyone as they walked outside, seeing Peter yawning as well Gwen got both of her parents to stand up, lets go home mommy and daddy’ she said to them, after all adults cant stay up past seven.

Mike helped them get their parents into huge carseats, his parents asleep in the living room, Troy on the couch while Chole suckle her thumb in her baby seat, sleeping like a baby. Mike help get the other adults in their car seats, Jean eyes dropping as she turn to see Gwen buckling Peter in, looking to the other car to see both Harry and Rachel sharing a couple car seat, both sound asleep and resting their heads on each other’s shoulders, rachel sucking her thumb.

Jean yawned, the car ride making her so sleepy, Gwen was talking with mike before she sat in the drivers seat

’what happens if they got their maturity back? we will be in so much trouble’ she ask

Mike smile, ’just put them in their adult clothes, if they back to being adults then they would think its a crazy party, otherwise they would still be dumb babies’ he told her

the children agreed and they all left, Jean fallen asleep in her car seat on the way home.

Mike got his parents back into their king sized bed, putting his father in his suit and manage to get his diaper to fit under his pants, his mom’s padded bum was so big it took a lot of effort to get her jeans over it, but he manage to button them up, putting her shirt back on he tucked them in, Troy and Lucy sucking their thumbs as the light turn off. Jesse and Sally got their parents into their pyjamas, Harry in his blue one and Rachel in her pink one, both had huge diaper bulges under their pants as they dream off into sweet baby dreams. Gwen tuck her parents into their bed, she figure she might as well leave them in just their diapers, wanting to see how babyish they look she gave them a kiss goodnight, closing the light she left them to sleep, hoping they can still be babies tomorrow.


Soon the morning sun shone through the window

Lucy yawned, sitting up she found herself still in her clothes from yesterday, ’troy wake up’ she said shaking her husband up

Troy mumble as he got up, ’what is it?’ he mumble

’I made a big oopises’ she giggled

Troy smile as he pullback her jeans, seeing her big messy diaper, ’nice, you are a stinky adult’ he tease her

Lucy beamed in pride, not caring what he says as they son walked in, ’Mike! I made a big boom boom!’ she told him raising her arms up in victory

Mike smiled, ’ok mom, how about we get that diaper changed, then you two can go play outside’

’YAY!’ the parents cheered, as Lucy was laid back, her son pulling her jeans off as she is ready for her diaper change.

Jesse and Sally giggle to each other as they hear alot of laughter and babbling from their parents room, they open the door and peek in, seeing daddy kicking his legs in the air as he lay on the floor, sucking his thumb as he laughs, mommy was jumping on her bed, having so much fun as she laughs.

Jesse and Sally walked in, ’Ok mommy and daddy, its time for your baths’ said Jesse

Harry whined as he sat up, ’but i dont want a bath’ he said

Rachel got off her bed as she stood infront of them, pulling down her pants to show off her clean diaper, ’llok im all clean, im a big girl’ she said

Jesse and Sally look at each,laughing as they praised her, then they got their parents stripped naked and in the tub as they have their regular bath together, giggling and laughing as their children wash their nakie bodies, cause they cant clean themselves after all.

Gwen tip toed to her parents room, worried that they would wake up and get mad, thinking they will punish her by putting her in diapers, since she was the one who changed them and treat them like babies, she hold a hand to the door when she hears crying, infact it was a adult woman and man wailing like they were babies. She open the door to find both mommy and daddy wailing and kicking on their backs on the bed.

Jean and Peter cried, they had big accidents last night and now their diapers are huge and messy. Gwen sigh a breath of relief as she walked in, ’Awwwww does my mommy and daddy need changkins’ she cooed at them as she help them get to their feet. Jean and Peter nodded, both wearing only diapers as they suckle their thumbs, now fully adult babies Gwen held their hands and led them out, ’come on, I got a new nursery for you two, after all you cant be parents anymore, so from now on im your mommy’ she told them

’Okay Mommy’ both Jean and Peter said

Gwen beamed, holding their hands as Jean and Peter waddle towards their new nursery, thoughts of silly adult things gone as they enjoy their diaper change.



End Chapter 6

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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