The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 15
The Hidden Beach

Chapter Description: A family finds a secret beach spot that is said to give a new youthful experience, just remember to keep an eye on your parents

It is the middle of the summer holidays. A young family is driving down to the beach in the hottest day of of year. This family consists of a mother and father, two children and their grandparents. 

The parents are Robert and Vanessa Charming. Robert is dressed in an open shirt and jeans along with a hat. His wife Vanessa is wearing her tank top and those beach skirts around her waist. Their children are Jake and Sara. Both under ten years old and already dressed in their swimwear, of course Vanessa has already packed a change of clothes for them in the bag. 

They have Vanessa’s parents with them as well. Mary and Jack Peters. They were invited so Robert and Vanessa can enjoy themselves while they watch the kids. 

Robert was told about this beach site from a strange old man in a shop. He said the water there will make anyone feel young again, although it will have no effect on the children. Robert of course was curious so he asked for the directions and told Vanessa later at home. The old man did warm him to pack extra diapers. 

‘Extra diapers?’ Asked Vanessa sceptically that night. 

‘Maybe it’s the fountain of youth and it will turn us into babies’ Robert joked. Vanessa had an image in her head of her and her children regressed to babies and playing in a playpen. She laughed a bit at that. 

So here they are driving through the woods, Robert trying to follow the directions he was given. Vanessa turn to him and asked ‘Are you lost?’ 

He shook his head. ‘Nah I know the way trust me’ 

‘Are we there yet?’ Asked Jack

Vanessa turn her head to the back. The car they’re in has two rows of backseats, the middle is where her parents are sitting and the back is where the kids are. ‘For the hundredth time no we are not’ said Vanessa ‘you kids need to learn how to have patience’

’But we want to swim now’ said Jake

’You heard Mom, you need to have patience’ teased Sara. 

‘Sara don’t tease your brother’ 

‘Oh relax pumpkin’ said Mary waving a hand. ‘They’re just kids, all they want to do is have fun’

’Yeah pumpkin’ giggled Jake

Vsnessa groaned, ‘Mom don’t call me that I front of the kids, it makes me sound like a big baby’ 

‘You always love to be called that’ said Jack

’Yeah when I was still in diapers’ 

Robert chuckle at the diapers comment the old man said to him. Vanessa gave him a look then turn back in her seat, while Jake and Sara started chanting ‘Pumpkin’ in the back. She turn to him and asked ‘Are we there yet?’  

He beamed, ‘Yes we are’

They reach the coast by some trees and parked the car by the change rooms. The water was so shiny, the sand was sparkling and there is a breath of fresh wind in the air. In the park area there is a playground and a bbq pit along with park tables to eat at. The family all got out of the car and walked up to the sand. 

The kids tried to run to the water but Robert stopped them, ‘Hold on, while you kids may already have your swimmers on, we still need to change into ours’

’But dad’ whined Jake and Sara

’We’ll be quick don’t worry’ 

The grandparents waited with the kids while Robert and Vanessa went into the change room. Robert went into the mens while Vanessa went into the womens. As she walked in she can’t help but notice how old this place is. The stalls have working toilets in them and a shower so that’s good. The walls are wooden so it’s easy to get hot in here from the sun. Vanessa was started to sweat do she stripped off her tank top and skirt, until she was left only in a bikini. She laid the clothes on the huge bench so she could adjust herself, her bikini is bright pink with flower patterns on it. As she picked up her clothes she couldn’t help but noticed how large this bench is, almost big enough to lay down on it. 

As she walked out she put her clothes in the bag, Robert was already in his board shorts as Jack and Nary walked in to get changed. Robert pat her butt while the kids was busy looking at the water. ‘Nice ass’ he mumbled

’Keep it in your shorts mister’ giggled Vanessa. 

Soon her parents were out in their swimmers, Mary has a huge brim hat on to protect from the sun. Now they can all walk onto the sand and pick a spot for the towels and umbrella. Sara was behind, Vanessa went to her while the rest of the family walked on. ‘What’s wrong Sara?’ She asked

’I don’t know about this beach mom’ said Sara ‘It feels wrong’ 

‘Its just water, there’s nothing to be afraid about’ said Vanessa. She took her hand, ‘Come on let’s go have some fun’ 

Sara nodded and they both stepped onto the beach. Vanessa couldn’t help but admire how soft the sand is under her bare feet, she expected it to be hot but it feels warm. They reach the spot by the rocks where Robert and Jack set up the towels and chairs, Mary was applying sunscreen to Jake who mumbled as he was coated. ‘Kids get burn easily young man’ said Mary as she started putting done on Sara. 

Vanessa and Robert could feel the heat in the air so they put on extra sunscreen as well. Once everyone was done the family then went to the water. Jake and Sarah already started splashing in, playing with the waves. Robert and Vanessa stood on the edge watching them, their feet in the water. Mary and Jack splash the kids as they splashed back. ‘They look like they’re having fun’ said Robert 

‘Im glad hey!’ Robert just splashed her, getting her soak and her hair wet. She laughed as she kicked the water to him, ‘Oh your in for it now’ 

‘Try to get me Pumpkin’ teased Robert as he splashed back. The parents then started splashing each other, soon Jake came and splashed Vanessa. Now the kids have joined in. Mary has gone back to the spot to sit in the car, leaving Jack to watch them from the edge of the water. 

Once they get tired of splashing each other, Jake has an idea. ‘Let’s play wave running’ he said to his sister and parents. Robert and Vanessa both frown, so Jake explained the rules to them. What they have to do is go to the edge of the beach and chase the water as it recedes into the wave then run once the wave arrives. ‘It’s so easy’

Vanessa can’t help but get excited at that game. So the family stood at the edge and chase the water, then ran back so the wave doesn’t get them. The parents seem to be enjoying it more then the kids, Robert pretended to get caught and dragged his wife down so they are both hit by the wave. ‘Get off me’ laughed Vanessa as they both stood up, both drenched by the water. 

Robert and the kids continued to play in the water while Vanessa decided to dry herself and sunbathe for a while. She walked back to where her mother is sitting in a chair and reading her book under the shade of the umbrella. ‘How was your swim pumpkin?’ She asked as Vanessa grabbed her towel and started drying herself. 

‘It was great’ said Vanessa sitting down next to her on the mat. ‘Robert was right, I do feel young again’ 

‘I know dear, your father and I haven’t felt this good in years’ chuckled Mary. 

Vanessa was started to feel a bit hungry, so she rummage through the bags to find any snacks she can eat. ‘Hey mom, do we have any snacks?’ She asked after giving up so quickly. 

Mary raise an eyebrow at her. ‘You just ate an hour ago on the way here’ 

That was true, they stopped at a fast food place on the way to the beach so they wouldn’t get hungry until the bbq they are going to have later. Vanessa pouted ‘But… but I’m hungry now, all that running has made me famished!’ 

‘Sorry Pumpkin you are going to have to wait until the Bbq’ 

Vanessa shook her head, she wants something right now, why isn’t her mother getting that? Seeing the frustrated look on her face Nary sigh and put down her book, ‘On pumpkin, I got something for you’

Vanessa beamed, finally. Mary gestered for her to come closer, Vanessa got up on her knees and watch as her mother pull down her top to show a breast to her, it didn’t have much singles but still she could tell it is full of milk. ‘Mom I am not going to get breastfed’ said Vanessa blushing crimson as she turn her head to make sure Robert was still playing with the kids. 

‘It’s either this or you wait’ Mary told her. 

Vanessa turn back, facing the nipple. Her stomach growling and a sudden urge made her instantly latch on, closing her lips on the nipple and started to suckle. The milk swam down in her belly, filling her as Vanessa got herself a new taste for breastmilk. She kept on suckling, before she knew it she was being cradle on her mothers lap as Mary nurse her. The grandmother covered her with a huge nursing cover, shielding her in its shade as her legs were expose out from the side. 

Vanessa closes her eyes as she enjoy the milk filling up her cheeks. She lost track of how long she was there, covered by the nursing cover as her mother rub her back. ‘Ouch, I forgot you were such a biter’ smiled Mary. 

After a lifetime for her, Vanessa was pulled off, the cover removed as she shield her eyes from the sun before having her chin rest on her mothers shoulder and getting her back patted. ‘BWAAPPP’ she burped. 

‘I think that should satisfy you until lunch’ said Mary sitting her down on the sand.

Vanessa was embarrassed, but somehow felt warm as getting breastfed by your mother is natural. She look over to see her father taking Robert and the kids back to them, Robert looking sad as they came. Before she could ask what’s wrong Jake blurted out ‘Dad poop himself’

’Jake?!’ Said Robert

Vanessa can’t help but laugh, making Robert dull even more. Lucky Sara was holding his hand and making him feel better, ‘it’s ok daddy, everyone have accidents’ she said avoiding to look at the sagging bottom in his shorts. 

‘I’m going to take him to get clean up’ said Jack leading Robert by the hand to the change rooms. Vanessa felt sorry as she watch him waddle away, but her son sat next to her, ‘Mom wanna play in the sand while we wait for dad to get back?’ He asked

Vanessa shrugged, after all they do need a break from the water do she played along with her kids. She started digging a hole, wanting to see how deep it can get while Jake and Sara build sandcastles. Mary watch them for a while, until Jack came back holding a bag filled with Roberts shorts, Vanessa turn and, like her children started laughing as Robert was walking naked. 

‘Shut up’ Robert pouted, ‘Being naked is cool’ 

‘Alright, let’s get more sunscreen on you before you get sunburn’ said Hack putting the dirty shirts away and started applying sunscreen on Robert, a little too much. 

Vanessa then felt a rumble in her belly, she clutch at it as she felt like she needs the potty as well. She got up and walked to her mother, ‘Mom I have to poop’ she blurted out. Jake and Sara both giggle behind her back but she ignored them. 

Mary smiled, ‘Ok pumpkin’ she said getting up, ‘Jack I’m going to take Vanessa to the bathroom’

’No worries, I’ll take the kids to the water’ said jack as he held Roberts hand and started leading the naked man to the water with Jake and Sara already running ahead. 

Vanessa quickly tried to run to the change room but her mother grabbed her hand and stopped her, ‘No running, you might trip and fall’ she told her as she started leading her. 

Vanessa wrapped an arm around her stomach as the pain hit her, doubling over as she waddles clumsily while holding her hand. ‘Mom hurry!’ She begged

’Almost there Pumpkin’ they got off the sand and was in front of the door to the womens change room but it was too late.

’Mommy!’ Cried Vanessa as she couldn’t hold it anymore, she groan as she filled the back of her bikini bottoms up with a huge mess, making it sag quite a bit. 

Mary turn and scolded her, ‘Vanessa! We were just outside the bathroom’

’Im sorry Mommy’ cried Vanessa, whimpering as she stood there with a big accident, hoping it doesn’t leak out. 

Mary and just pat her back, ‘It’s ok, let’s get you clean up Pumpkin’ Vanessa nodded, wiping away her tears she followed her mother inside. 

The mother stood in the stall in shame as Mary pull down her swim panties and dump the mess in the toilet, then she asked Vanessa to turn around. ‘I can wipe myself mommy’ sob Vanessa trying her best to stop crying. 

‘Pumpkin you’re too distraught, I don’t think you would do a proper job of wiping your bottom’ said Mary, ‘Just turn around and let me, it’s what mothers are for’ That sounded sorta right to Vanessa, so she sniff and turn around, bending forward a little do Mary can use the toilet paper and wipe her bum. 

Once she was cleaned, Mary removed Vanessa’s bra much to the girls cries, ‘Pumpkin it doesn’t make sense to only wear a bra, besides wouldn’t you want to be naked with your husband?’

’Mommy I am a grown woman’ said Vanessa stomping her foot as her breasts jiggle without any support. ‘I am not a baby!’

’You will always be a baby to me Pumpkin’ said Nary picking up the dirty swimwear. Vanessa just huffed and folded her arms, pouring as she is getting tired of being treated like a child. 

Soon it was Vanessa’s turn to walk out naked out of the change rooms. Lucky this beach is secret so no perv can see her breast and butt jiggling as she walked. Robert and the kids were playing in the water once they got back to their spot. Before Vanessa could join them Mary held her hand, ‘Not yet Pumpkin, you need more sunscreen first’

’But mommy I already put it on’ whine Vanessa. 

‘I know but you need more for your soft sensitive skin’ Mary grabbed the bottle and started rubbing the cream onto her daughter. Seeing no other choice Vanessa stood there as Mommy apply the sunscreen all over her body, making sure she breasts don’t get burn. Once she was done Mary led her down to the water. 

Jack chuckle as he saw her, ‘There’s my little jay bird’ he teased

’Daddy not infront if the kids’ blushed Vanessa 

‘Sorry Pumpkin, go and have fun’. 

Vanessa smiled as she joined her family. Robert was sitting on the edge of the water while Jake and Sara swam, the waves hitting him and making him laugh. Vanessa soon joined him as they both started splashing each other again. Soon they got bored with that and decided on a game of catches, Jack and Mary watch as Robert and Vanessa crawled along the water, splashing each other as they get caught, then their kids came and splash both of their parents. 

‘Hey no fair’ laughed Robert

’Seems fair to me’ laughed Jake splashing his father again. Now both Robert and Vanessa stood as they started chasing the kids around, splashing them and each other until they are both soaked. 

‘Alright kids time to head out’ said Jack. The fss as milt all complained but he waved it off, ‘We are going to have a bbq, so let’s get changed and maybe you can go play on the playground’ 

‘Race you’ said Jake and Sarah as they sprinted out of the water and across the sand, Robert and Vanessa tried to run as well but Jack held both their hands, ‘Sorry don’t want you two tripping’

’Daddy!’ They both whine as they were led back to the spot to pack it all up. 

Once they pack the umbrella and towels it was time to go to the change rooms to change out of their swimmers, or in this case for the parents put clothes on. Jack took Robert and Jake into the mens room while Mary took Vanessa and Sara into the womens room. 

They showered all the sand off their bodies, Vanessa especially since her huge bum is covered with it. Then Sara took her change of clothes and went into the stall to change while Mary had Vanessa laid down on the huge bench. Vanessa look up at her as Mary held up her legs. ‘Mommy what are you doing?’ She asked eyeing the strange padded garment in her hand.

’We need to put your diaper on Pumpkin’ Mary said as she opened it up. Vanessa gasped as the diaper was way to big for any normal size baby. 

‘Mommy I don’t need a diaper!’ She squealed. 

‘May I remind you of your little accident earlier?’ Said Mary. 

That shut Vanessa up, blushing at the cheeks as Mary lift up her bum and slide the diaper under her, putting her butt back down onto the padding. Vanessa dies admit it feels like a pillow under her, Mary held her legs as she started applying baby powder onto her vagina and bum, before she put them down and pulled up the front.

Sara then walked out in fresh clothes, her swimmers in a bag ss she saw Vanessa sitting up in the bench, using her arms to hold herself up as she stare down at the giant thick diaper she has on. ‘Isn’t that better?’ Her mommy cooed. 

‘It’s soft I guess’ said Vanessa pouting. She can’t even close her legs properly and the diaper is making lots of crinkles every time she moves her thighs. 

‘Ok now we can have that bbq’ 

‘Finally I’m hungry’ said Sara.

’Wait!’ Said Vanessa. Mary and Sara look at her, ‘This isn’t right! I am not suppose to look like a baby! I am a grown woman! It’s not fair!’ She was about to burst into tears but Sara came and held her hand. 

‘It’s just a diaper Mom, you need it for your accidents, there is nothing to be afraid of’ Vanessa sniffed, looking down at her as she started to feel a better. Sara beamed at her ‘Now let’s go have some fun, wanna try walking for me?’ 

Vanessa smiled. She held onto her hand as she slid off the bench, now standing with her legs apart and an arm out for balance. ‘Come on Mom, just one foot after another’ said Sara. Not wanting to let her down Vanessa lift up her foot and put it forward, then another as she takes more big steps, her diaper crinkling with each one. Mary was filming it on her phone as she praised her, making Vanessa beamed as she is enjoying the attention she is getting. Sara let go so Vanessa can try walking on her own. She made it one more step before falling back down onto her pamper. 

‘Did you see it?’ Said Vanessa looking at them both, ‘I did it, I walked!’ She cheered with a big goofy smile on her face. 

‘Yes Pumpkin I’m so proud of you’ said Mommy picking her up. 

‘Good job Mom’ beamed Sara patting her padded bum. 

Vanessa giggled, being held on her mommy’s hip the girls then left the change room, Jack was waiting for them, Jake standing at his side and Robert held on his hip. Like Vanessa, Robert was wearing only a diaper as he suck his thumb, clearly not caring about his wife’s lack of clothes as well. Robert giggled as he look to her, making Vanessa blush as she dangle her legs. 

‘Might as well keep them naked, it is still too hot for their soft skin’ said Mommy

’Sure, ok let’s get the bbq started’ The kids ran to the playground, Mommy and Daddy called after them to help their parents play as well. Jake complained but Sara nodded and went to help them as Robert and Vanessa was put on the grass. 

Robert started crawling to the playground, ‘Race you!’ He said crawling as fast as he can. 

Vanessa quickly got on all fours and stared crawling, Sara laughing as she followed them and made sure they make it to the playground. Vanessa beamed as she headed for the slide, while Robert wants to go on the swings. Sara went to help her dad into a giant baby harness then started pushing him. Jake, feeling sorry as he knows his mom can’t go up by herself, helped Vanessa up the slide. ‘Now put your butt down and slide Mom’ said Jake, Vanessa nodded as she sat on her butt. The top of the slide looks so big, she must be all the way in the sky. She then started sliding down. 

‘Wheeeeeeeeee!’ She cheered as she slide to the ground, the slide itself only close to her size but to the parent it must be huge in her eyes. Vanessa, with Jakes help got back on it a couple more times before she decides she wants to go on the swings. 

Sara just got Robert out from the seat, ‘Do you want a turn mom?’ She asked as Robert crawled to the tunnels in the playground. Vanessa nodded, drooling down her chin. Sara helped her get up on her feet, and place her in the seat making sure her long legs go through the leg holes. Vanessa sat there kicking as Sara started pushing her, ‘up we go mom!’ She said. 

Her daughter must be very strong, for Vanessa felt like she was pushed high, laughing and kicking as she held onto the ropes of her baby seat, not knowing that Sara only pushed her softly and that she wasn’t even going high at all, just a little dangle above the ground. ‘Higher!’ Said Vanessa bouncing in her seat. 

‘Ok mom that’s enough’ said Sara after a few more times, taking her out of the seat, ‘why don’t you play in the sandbox with dad’ Vanessa nodded happily, playing in the sandbox foes found like gun. So she crawled over to the sandbox with Robert already sitting in it and playing with a toy shovel and bucket while Sara and Jake played on the playground. 

Robert was putting the sand in the bucket and turning it upside down, making a sandcastle that impresses both parents. Vanessa sat on the sand, ‘Can I have a turn?’ She asked. 

Robert giggled ‘Sure’ he gave her the shovel and bucket. Vanessa dig up the sand and put it in the bucket, then she dump it all over the box, ‘I did it!’ She cheered, bring proud of her mess. 

Robert picked up the shovel then got a idea, digging up lots of sand he pull back the rim of his wife’s diaper and dump all the sand in around her butt. Vanessa felt it in her diaper as she spun her head to him. ‘Haha you got sand in your diaper’ teased Robert. 

Vanessa smirked at him, grabbed a fistful of sand then pulled the front of his diaper, shoving it inside. ‘Now you got sand in your diaper ha!’ She stuck out her tongue and did a raspberry at him. 

Robert did how own, getting spit on her face as they both kept blowing raspberries at each other. Mommy walked up to them, ‘Ok you two, it’s lunch time’ she said bending down and picking both adults up like it is no problem. Vanessa can’t believe how strong her mother is as she had both her and her husband on her hips and carried them to the park bench. Daddy had finish making the food and Hake and Sara were at the table, ready to eat after a long day. 

‘Mommy, Robert put sand in my diaper’ tattled Vanessa

’Liar she put sand in my diaper’ said Robert

’Now you two, do I have to put both of you over my knee?’ Said Mommy as she sat on the bench. 

Vanessa and Robert shook their heads, not wanting to get their poor bottoms spanked. Daddy came with the plate of food, he handed the kids their meals, his and mommy’s meals and a plate of cut up sausages and lamb for Vanessa and Robert. Mommy tied bibs around Vanessa’s and Roberts necks as they started grabbing the food with their fingers and shove them in their mouths. Vanessa chews, getting drool and sauce down her lips as her cheeks is stuff, Robert was playing with his food, throwing it around them, Vanessa joined in as she threw a big piece onto the grass. ‘Mom! Dad!’ Said Sara ‘That is a waste of food’

‘Oh lighten up Sara, they’re just babies’ said Mommy ‘All they want to do is have fun’ 

‘Yeah Sara’ Vanessa stick out her tongue as she bang her hands on the table. 

Soon it was time to go. Daddy packed all the stuff in the car while Mommy carried both parents, Jake and Sara were in the back row, buckled in already. In the middle row was two giant car seats that wasn’t there before, at least Vanessa tries to remember but she is so exhausted. Robert was already closing his eyes as Mommy buckled him in, Vanessa sat in her car seat and watch as Daddy came to buckle her in, getting the straps around her bare shoulders, over her breasts and bib and buckle it over her diaper. ‘Did you have fun Pumpkin?’ He asked smiling at her.

Vanessa nodded, letting out a big yawn. A pacifier was place in her mouth so she started to suckle it, waiting as Daddy and Mommy got into the front. Soon they are driving away from the secret beach. She turn her head to see Robert already fast asleep, sucking on his pacifier and the front of his diaper turning yellow. 

Vanessa lean back and watch the trees speed past, before long she closed her eyes. Sara sniff the air, then she and Jake clutched their nose, ‘Grandma one of our parents pooped their diaper’ said Jake

Mommy look back, seeing the sagging mess around Vanessa as she was sleeping soundly. ‘It’s alright dear, I’ll change her once we get home’ 



End Chapter 15

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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