The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 9
Little Susie's New Trick

Chapter Description: Steph wants to know what new trick her daughter has learned at school, but silly tricks like that are too complicated for someone who is still in diapers

Stephanie Chase hold her daughter Susies hand as they walked to school, today is her first day, Susie beamed, the younge six year old have her blonde hair in ponytails and dressed in her cute dress as she is too excited

Steph smile, the mother is pretty beautiful as she is 29, wearing her jeans and shirt as they entered the school, 'ok sweetie be good today' said Steph pulling her light brown hair behind as she gave her a kiss on the head

'I will mommy' said Susie giving her a hug as she skips to class, Steph smiling as she began walking back home, her little girl is growing up, starting her first day of school, Steph smile as soon she arrived back at her home, her Husband Jake left for work, leaving her alone with her baby son Harry.

Steph entered the house, Harry was in the playpen drooling, her son dressed in his blue romper as he play with his toys. He spots Mommy and began to babble happily

Steph smile as she pick him up, 'Awwwww look whos a happy baby' she cooed tickling his belly, Harry giggle as Steph carry him to the nursery, as she could feel his heavy messy diaper. Steph carry him inside and laid him on the table, proceeding to change the diaper. The Mother hum a tune as she remove it, clean up his mess then slid a clean one under, powdering him with sweet baby powder, then finally tape up the clean one.

'All clean you little stinker' cooed Steph tickling him some more, Harry giggle and laugh as Steph took him out of the nursery. 

The rest of the day went by, as Susie came home, beaming as she ran and gave her mommy a hug, 'Hey how was school' ask Steph as she hug back

'It was fun! I made new friends and they taught me a new trick!' beamed Susie

Steph smile as she walked to the kitchen, 'Well you gotta show me' she said as Susie smile from the living room

'I already did it' she giggle as she went to Harry, telling him the trick while Steph started cooking dinner

Harry giggle along with Susie as their daddy came home, back from the office and greeted his family, 'I'm home' he called out as Susie ran to him, hugging him tight as she smile, Jake pick her up as he carry her to the kitchen, 'So how was your first day of school?' he ask sitting her down at the table

Susie told her parents her great day, her friend Amy taught her a very cool trick, when they ask to show it she just giggles as she said she already did it, of course Steph and Jake figured she is just being silly, as they began to eat dinner, Steph bringing Harry from the living room to his hair chair, then they all sat down and ate their spaghetti. Susie watch as Harry grab a spoon, Steph worries he will make a mess and was about to feed him but stop as Harry ate his spaghetti, no mess or playing.

'Awwww good boy' she said smiling, proud of her son as she continue her meal, noticing she drop some on her shirt, 'Oh dam' she said frowning, trying her best not to make a mess, her husband manage to keep his shirt clean but his chin is messed with sauce. Susie giggle as she ate hers perfectly. 

Steph wash the dishes as Jake got the kids into bed, the parents have a hard day of work tomorrow as they change into thier sleepwear, Jake in his white vest and pyjama pants and Steph in her nighty. Both got into bed and shut the light, soon drifting off to sleep.


Steph works at the cafe, a busy family cafe as she serve tables and take orders, her friend Sonya in the kitchen making the snacks.

Sonya is 32, have a daughter of her own with her husband Tony, their daughter Amy also go to school with Susie, 'She was so happy after' she said talking to Steph at the counter, the cafe got quiet as a couple of people were left. 'She even said she learn a new trick' 

'Thats what Susie said' said Steph 'must be fad then' then she spots another worker, Piper the 18 year old with smooth brown hair and in her jeans and top, 'hey piper do you know this trick the kids are saying?' She asked

Piper shook her head, 'probably nothing, kids are annoying anyway' dhe said then put her headphones on

Steph shrugged as she went in the kitchen, seeing Sonya clean up the tables as a guy gave her butt a slap, 'hey sexy' he said

Sonya glared, 'you know i can sue you for harrasment Luke' she said 

'Come on i just wanna see some skin'

'Yeah you can see my skin when hell freezes over' she said then walked back to the counter. Where Steph was handling a mother and her child.

'Mom i want the ice cream' whine Peter holding his mothers hand

'No, itll ruin your apetite for dinner' said Nicole as she ordered small sandwiches, Peter sulked as he  followed her out.

The day ran by as Steph drove to pick Susie up, walking in the classroom as she sees Miss Mountakis escorting her to her, 'thank you' said Steph hugging her daughter

'Its no problem, your child has been really helpful' said the teacher

'Mommy, Miss Mountakis forgot how to subtract so i help' said Susie beamly

The teacher blush, pulling back her long brown hair, 'well i probably forgotten a little' she explained

Steph smile, 'dont worry im sure you'll get it soon' she said as they wave goodbye and drove home. On the way Steph giggled at the thought of the teacher standing there with no idea how to subtract, its easy you gotta...... her mind fumble, you gotta do...... she pouted she knows this, maybe it'll come back to her as well.

They arrived home, Susie unbuckle her belt as she notice Steph having trouble, her fingers on the buckle but what does she press? Getting worried she started to sweat then push the button releasing her, Oh thank god, she sigh as she step out, maybe she is worried for nothing.

They entered home to find a surprising sight as Harry came walking towards them, 'mommy! susie!' He babbled

Steph squeal, her son is talking! 'Aw come here!' She cooed hugging him, her son us learning to walk and talk, wait till she tells Jake.

The kids sat on the couch, Harry drinking his baba while Susie watch her show, while Steph and Jake talk in the kitchen

'Really? Thats great' he said 'soon he'll be singing and dancing' he joked sipping his beer

Steph nodded, 'oh and Susies teacher forgot how to do math' she said it in a mocking voice that she stop, where did that childish burst come from? 

Jake just chuckle along, 'very childish arent you?' He said

Steph stuck out her tongue at him


Over the next few days Steph sees alot of things that she knows cant be right but she cant put her finger on it

First Miss Mountakis has been firgetting lessons, all the kids laugh at her every day, but the other teachers are going through the same thing, soon Susie told her that shes in charge of the class now while Mountakis sits with the other children.

Steph thought it must be a joke so she didnt pay it any mind, but more weird things happen at work.

She was at the counter trying to open the register, 'How does this thing open?' She whined banging it

Piper came up and open it easily, 'jeeze your such a child' she mumbles then walked off.

Steph blew a raspberry at her, catching the attention of Sonya, 'what gotten into you?' She ask drinking her soda

'I dont know, Piper is just being mean' she said making sure the register is staying open, Sonya shrugged as she went to the kitchen, drop her stuff then head for the bathroom, 'be right back i gotta potty!' She squealed doing a childish dance as she enter the bathroom.

Steph raise her eyebrow, wondering what shes on as a customer came in, 'hi' said Nicole, her suit looking messy like she slept in it, 'I want a ice cream for my son please' she said

Peter nodded, looking very happy as Steph gave them the ice cream, but Nicole took a lick first before peter snatch it, 'no its mine' he said licking it. Nicole sigh as she took his hand, going out the door. Seeing that makes her know something is wrong here, but it somehow looks normal. 

Sonya came back out, 'What was that?' Ask Steph

Sonya blush, 'just needed to use the potty, Amy said that i can wear panties soon' 

Steph frown, 'But arent you wearing panties now?' She ask very confused, Sonya giggle a bit as she pull her dress up a bit, showing her very childish pink pullups. Steph held back a laugh, feeling a bit jealous, 'Is that a pull up?' She giggles

Sonya sarcastically laugh, 'haha laugh it up but soon Ill be wearing panties in no time' she said proudly

She is acting like this is normal, and as far as Steph knows it is, when is she getting potty trained its not fair! Her shift continues with Sonyas pullups still in her mind, how she would look in her own pair. A image of herself on a potty with her pull ups around her ankles pop into her head. She kept that image until she went back home.

Steph sat on her couch, thinking about all the things she saw, when Jake came and sat next to her, 'what you watching?' He ask

Steph look to the tv, Sesame Street is playing, she never put that on but she doesnt want to turn it off, 'its sesame street' she said laying back to watch, Jake shrug as he lay back, both parents watching thier new favourite show.

'You wouldnt believe it, at work everyone seem to forgot how to use the computers' started Jake

Steph gasp, 'really?'

'Yeah, its strange but it feels like that its nothing to worry about' Jake said as he put his arm around her, Steph cradle into him as they continue their show, watching Elmo teaching colors to adults, a woman got it right and gave Big Bird a hug, Steph spotted something plastic poking from the bottom of her skirt but payed no attention to it

A hour pass as Susie stood infront of them beaming

'Ok Mommy and Daddy, time to start your potty training' she said holding out two adult pull ups, The parents stare as one is blue and the other pink, having pound puppies on the blue one while the pink one has disney princesses. 

Jake and Steph beamed, Finally they can start using the potty! Susie stood them up as they stood in the living room, Jake pulled his pants down as Steph followed with her pants, leaving them around their ankles as they step out, Susie giggling as they stood bottomless, privates exposed as she held out the pink one.

Steph giggle to herself, putting one leg in as she step into the open pamper, Susie pulling it up her mommys legs until it fits snugly on her. Steph stood, bouncing on her feet, she cant believe shes finally gonna start using the potty, but didnt she use the potty before? Steph tries to think but she never remembered using the big white potty in the bathroom, Susie said shes not ready for it. Jake was soon standing in his pullups, both parents looking at each other and laughing, Susie got them another surprise as she brang out two giant potties.

'Now sit in the potties until dinner' she said 'show me you can be good adults'

Steph and Jake look at each then pull their padding down, sitting on the potties as they started peeing in it, feeling really big right now.


Weeks go by as the family got into a routine, every morning Steph and Jake wake up and use their potties, Harry putting up a potty chart for each of them to show their progress.

'Ha im winning' said Steph pointing, sitting naked on her potty as she just got out of the shower, Jake naked as well as they sat on the potties, the chart hanging on the wall, showing Stephs chart with lots of smile stickers, and a few friwny ones, while Jake has not that much.

'Not my fault we dont have potties at work' mumble Jake

Steph giggle smugly, soon she'll wear panties while her dumb husband go back to diapers. Susie came in cooing at her parents, 'You two are doing very good jobs' she praises them as she hug and kiss them. Steph smile as she stood up, Susue clean her up then pull her pullups up, putting a new sticker on the chart. 'Ok mommy lets get you dressed' she saud leading Steph to the bedroom.

Steph followed as she entered the master bedroom, she lost the ability to dress herself weeks ago but lucky her daughter can help her, soon dressing her herself. Susie open the closet while Steph sat on her bed. 'Ok mommy, arms up' said Susie holding a t shirt

Steph frown, 'But Susie im suppose to wear a bra' she gestured to her breasts, exposed and big for all to see.

Susie smile, 'of course, silly me' she said as she pull out a pink bra, Steph relaxed while her 6 year old daughter adjust the bra on her, then slip the tshirt on her. Steph then lay back while Susie put her legs in the black tights, pulling them up so they cover the pull up.

Now fully dressed, Steph walked out of the bedroom while Susie go and get Jake dressed as well. She entered the kitchen as she spots Harry cooking, her little baby growing up mentally every day as he gave his mother a big smile, 'Hi mommy, sit down your breakfast is ready' he said

Steph sat at the table, waiting eagerly for her food as Jake soon joined her, sitting next to her in his suit as Susie help bring the breafast, mash peas for the parents and eggs for the kid and baby. Steph and Jake began eating greedily, making a mess on the table as they use their fingers to grab a handful and stuff in it their mouths.

Susie and Harry ate their food neatly and quietly, soon the parents finished as they let out big burps. 'You two are such pigs' giggle Susie

Steph giggles as she turn to Jake, seeing her husband sobbing, 'whats wrong honey?' She ask, then a aroma hit her nose as she sniff, 'oh my god did you shit yourself?' She teased laughing 'Ha your a poopy pants'

'Shut up!' Whined Jake but Steph continues, chanting 'Poopy pants' over and over

Susie sigh as she stood up, getting her daddy in a hug as she pat his back, 'shhhh tgere there daddy, its ok' she cooed

Harry got iff his chair as he got Jake to his feet, then led him out to change him, while Susie pull Stephs ear, 'Naughty! You dont tease your husband!' Steph whimpered, crying herself as it really hurts

'Ok ok i wont' said Steph sobbing

Susie smile letting go, 'good, now finish up im coming with you to work' she said as she walked out.

Steph whimpered, today Susie is going with her to work cause no one seems to know what to do anymore, so the children will help the adults out so they can do it themselves. Harry and Jake wave goodbye as they drove to Jakes work as Susie walked with Steph, arriving inside as they spot children taking orders. 'Ok mommy go in the kitchen and let us do it' said Susie putting on a apron, Steph nodded as she join Sonya in the kitchen

Sonya was trying to make a sandwich but failing at it, making a mess as Steph cams in, 'Let me help Sonya' she said

'Thanks Steph' said Sonya smiling as Steph gave her hand, but she stop suddenly, feeling dread as she could feel her pullup getting heavier, 'Im going pee pee' she gasped, crying a little as she flood her pullup. Sonya got her friend in a hug as she cried, rubbing her back.

'Awww its gonna be ok' she said to her

Steph shook her head, 'no! Ill get a frowny then Susie will never let me wear panties' she sob, rubbing her eyes, then Sonya pull her back as she smiled

'I got an idea, why dont I wear your pull ups and you can wear mine, that way they think I had the accident' she said

Steph frown, 'But then you wont get to wear panties'

Sonya giggle, 'yeah I dont wanna wear panties anymore, its too much work getting up and using the potty all the time, when I can poop whenever I want and get cleaned up by someone else' she explained while she began pulling her pullups to the ground, Steph frown as she got her jeans off, slipping off her pullups as the two women switch, Steph putting her jeans back on as Susie walked in. 

'What is going on here?' she asked looking up at the adults

'I had an accident!' said Sonya proudly

'Sonya, Im going to have to tell your child about this' scolded Susie but couldnt help but giggle, Steph smiled but she cant help but think how diapers might be more comfortable, she shook away that thought as Susie led Sonya out, going back to work.

Soon Steph and Susie went back home, Jake was already home being scolded by Harry, apparently he has made an accident in his pull ups, 'Ha does this mean he is going back to diapers Susie?' asked Steph

'I wouldnt be so mean mom, after all you are not doing well on your training' said Susie pointing to her chart on the wall

Steph look and saw all the frowny faces, 'but that isnt right, I made it' she said, then she began to hear a tinkle, looking down to see her jeans going damp, a puddle forming under her feet now as she had peed herself, 'I went wee wee!" she cried

Soon she was stripped naked and left in her wet pull up like her husband as they were both being scolded by their children, Steph rubbing her tear filled eyes while Jake just cried, both parents feeling so bad for not making it to the potty. 'Honestly I can not believe you two!' scolded Susie, 'after weeks of potty training and you two wet yourselves, looks like neither of you are ready for pullups!' Steph couldnt help but notice a slight giggle from her, like she wanted this to happen.

Susie grab their hands and led them out of the living room, Harry already started to clean their mess behind them, Steph look to Jake and back to her little girl leading her like a child half nude through to their bedroom, once they entered the parents dropped their jaws, instead of the queen size bed they sleep on, it was replaced with a queen sized crib, with two silly mobiles dangling over where they would sleep, there was a change table by the window with packages of diapers, adult sized baby diapers with smiling men and women on them acting like babies.

'Susie please!" begged Jake

'Give us one more chance' begged Steph

Susie shook her finger, 'nope, no more chances, now its back to diapers for you two' she led them to the change table, Susie turn and waited for one of them to volunteer to be first. Jake quickly pushed Steph infront, Steph yelling at him as she was forced onto the change table, Jake sticking out his tounge at her.

'Ok Mom, stay still' said Susie pulling her pullups off her legs, soon the mother had her legs up while she started to wipe her, Steph wanted to try and begged, blame jake for failing his potty first, but her eyes move up to the mobile dangling above her, she reach out and touch a ball, making it spin and sing, she smiled as she hit it more, smiling to herself as she can make it spin, it was so pretty.

'All done' announced Susie

Steph look up, seeing the diaper taped snugly around her waist, 'diapiee?' she said sitting up

'Yep your diapie' said Susie

'But but I was using potty' said Steph

Susie frown, 'what are you talking about, you never used a potty'

Steph shook her head, she did she remember, she think but it was so hard and boring, Susie help her off the table and on her feet, Steph then waddle out, leaving Susie to put Jake in his diaper now. She waddle back to the living room where her son was watching tv, he turn and smile up at her, 'hi mom, how was your change?'

'Harry, I used potty!' said Steph

'Mom your being silly, adults dont use the potty'

'But I did!' said Steph wanting to convince him, 'I had big girl underwear and I.... I........' she faltered, 'I think me suppose to do something....' a line of drool drip from her lips, the big baby trying to figure out what was wrong, Harry pat the spot next to him on the couch, gesturing her to sit which she did

She sat her big pamper on the couch, Harry patting her bare leg as he cooed up to her, 'do you want your baba?' he asked holding out a bottle of warm milk

'Baba......' she babbled holding onto it, using both hands to hold the bottle up and put the nipple in her lips, suckling down the warm milk into her belly, soon Harry laid her down, her head on his small lap and her legs dangling off the couch, Jake was led back in by Susie, who let him sit on the floor and play with his toy trucks, Steph look to her husband sitting with his bare back to her, thinking how silly he must look. 

Steph drank down her milk until Harry remove the bottle, sitting her up and pat her bare back until she let out a loud belch, 'good girl, now why dont you go and play with Jake Steph' said Harry

'Otay Daddy' said Steph standing up, her feet wobbling a bit, but then she turn back to him, 'but, I am mommy' she said

'No your not, your Baby Steph' cooed Harry standing on the couch so he can pat her head, Steph frown but went and sat with Jake, picking up a girl car and played with that. Jake suckle on his pacifier as he held his boy car, the two parents focus on moving them and making car noises, Steph rolling her around while Jake follows, having a little sill race around the doll house. 

Soon Susie walked back in, she walked up to her parents and stick her finger in the waistband of her mother's diaper and pull back, Steph looking back to see her peering at her bare bum, 'good girl, maybe if you continue to stay dry then maybe we can potty train you' she said as she went and did the same to her father.

Steph and Jake look at each other and giggle, hoping mommy lets them use the potty and they can be big people! Mommy gave them small kisses on their heads as she stood infront of them, 'ok you two, its time for bed' she said, the little girl standing over the her parents.

'But its only seven' said Steph, 'cant we stay up a little more?' 

Mommy shook her head, 'come on, babies need their sleep, now you two go to your nursery so I can change you into your sleepers'

Jake and Steph sigh, they got on their hands and knees and crawled, wagging their padded bums out into the hallway and towards their nursery, Mommy followed behind as she went to their closet. Steph and Jake sat by the crib, Jake dropping the paci as he started poking her belly, Steph giggle and poke back, both poking each other as Mommy came back holding two large sleepers, fitted for both adults that covers their hands and feet too, and one is blue for Jake while the other is pink for Steph. 

Mommy then went to work, she got Steph on the ground, pulling the pink sleeper up her bare legs and under her, then she got her arms through, steph feeling the soft materials on her fingers while she was zipped up, now she is standing, having a large bulge around her waist. Her husband soon join her having been in his own blue sleeper and his own bulge, then Mommy help them into the crib.

She tucked them under the babified blanket, Steph yawned and rub her eyes, Mommy giving her a pacifier to suckle on and her teddy, as she kiss her goodnight, then she left them in the crib, the bars rose up locking them in, then she turn off the light and leave the night light on, then she walked out.

Steph turn and saw Jake fast asleep, she cuddle him and her teddy and close her eyes too, hearing the sound of her suckling and the hiss of her diaper going damp.


Days have passed until it became Saturday, at least that what Steph thinks since she lost track of the days, but Mommy said one day she will be a smart girl like her.

Today she is sitting in the back seat of the car, buckled in her baby seat as Jake was next to her in his own baby seat, made specifically for adults like them. Mommy and Daddy are in the front, Daddy sitting in the front seat while Mommy drove the car, sitting on some books and pushing the pedal thingys with stilts, Steph giggle as she look out the window and see the pretty sky.

'We are nearly there' said daddy turning and tickling their toes, the two adults chortled and gurgled as they kick their legs playfully, Steph and jake can hardly wait, today they are going to the park to play! Mommy had dressed them so they dont get dirty while playing, She dressed Steph in a flowing baby dress fit for her, with the hem stopping just in the top of her Diapie, while Jake was dressed in a blue baby shirt and shorts, the bulge of his Diapie making it bloom out.

They both look out the window and saw the park coming into view, 'We're here!' said Steph beaming

They park the car into the carpark, Steph and Jake were so excited they couldnt stop bouncing in their seats, Mommy step out while Daddy grab the baby carriage, it was big enough for one baby, so when Mommy got them out from their car seats she put Steph snugly in it, of course she help her climb in as Steph is such a big baby.

She laid in the carriage sucking her pacifier while Jake toddle next to them, Mommy pushing the carriage while Daddy held Jake's hand so he doesnt go toddling off. They arrived to the playground which is being occupied by lots of adult babies, running around in either baby clothes, adult clothes or none at all, and some decides to be jaybird and run around with their naughty parts showing. 

They came up to a mat that was set up, Sonya was already there along with her mommy, Sonya was in a pink onsie and being entertained by the keys in her mommy's hand, she turn and waved, 'Hi Susie! Hows your parents... I mean hows your babies?' she said giving the keys to Sonya, who stuff it in her mouth and chew. 

'Oh they are great' said Mommy, Helping Steph out of the carriage and onto the mat where she sat on her big pamper next to her, while Daddy took Jake to the playground to play. Sonya crawled to her and giggle, 'Hi Stephie' she said holding her keys in her hands, 'wanna go on the playground?'

'Can we mommy?' asked Steph turning to her mommy, with a big smile

Mommy giggle, 'ok Steph, but remember if you need a change come back ok?'

Steph promised, then she got on her hands and crawled, Sonya following behind her as the two babies went to the playground, They made it to the slide where Steph got up and climb, Sonya behind her as they take turns sliding down, having the times of their lives. Their parents watch from the mat making sure they dont hurt themselves.

Steph and Sonya sat by the playset and played a game of patty cake, Sonya is so good at it that Steph gave up, watching as she crawled to play with Mountakis, who was sitting in the sand box wearing only her cloth diaper, drooling onto her breasts and banging her toy shovel. 

Steph giggled, unable to remember a time where she was a smart teacher, but that would be silly, she then got a familiar feeling in her belly, she lean forward and pushed, her diaper expanding and getting a little stinky, 'Hehe, Boom boom!' she started to crawl back to the mat, 'Mommy! I made boom boom!' she yelled wanting to show her mommy

'Steph, you stinky baby' said Mommy getting her onto the mat and laid her down, proceeding to change her huge diapie. As she was getting cleaned on her messy bum, Mommy was still talking to Sonya's Mommy, 'I cant believe all we did was make a spell and our parents are now big babies' said Mommy

''Careful, wouldnt want to say stuff like that infront of the "baby"' said Sonya Mommy

'Oh i dont think she has any intelligent thought, do you?' she cooed at her, tickling her big feet as she reach into the diaper bag, Steph yawned and beginning to close her eyes as Mommy pull something out, 'Uh Amy, why are there only cloth diapers?'

Steph open her eyes, having just a nice nap she tried to lift up her body but it was so heavy, she lift her head to see Mommy and Sonya Mommy standing over her, with worried look on their faces, 'you said it would regress them to babies, not newborns!' said Mommy

Steph could feel her nakie body, she lift her head up to see her boobies out, her nude body only clothed by the cloth diapie pinned around her waist, next to her on her right was Jake also wearing just a cloth diapie, along with Sonya in the same position and attire on her left, the three babies gurling and cooing as their mommies do their silly big girl talk. 

'Ok lets turn them back, who know how far they will regress' said Mommy

Steph look around, on a bench was Nicole, getting her cloth diapie changed by her daddy while Mountakis was busy in the sand box, putting sand in her diapie, while Piper was waddling with a baby leash by her mommy along the footpath, she could also see other babies as newborns, but they were playing on the playset before.

Steph reach up to Mommy, wanting to be picked up or cuddled, but Mommy smile down at her and held Sonya Mommy hand, both making a chant as Steph feel herself getting tired again. She closed her eyes and drift off, letting go of everything including her poopy filling up her diapie..........


'Mommy wake up'

Steph moaned, rubbing her eyes and sitting up in bed, Susie beaming at her as she is waiting for her to wake up, 'how are you feeling?' she asked

'Funny, I feel like running around naked' said Steph before she shook her head, 'Um what happen?' she asked, turning to see jake waking up next to her, both parents back in their bed room where it is not a nursery anymore, both in their shirts as their legs and waist were still covered by the blanket

Susie held Harry in her arms, the baby giggling and babbling, Steph smiled and held her, 'awwwww how is my little boy?' she cooed tickling his belly, Harry laughed as Susie sat on the bed

'Come on, I need to go to school today' she said

Jake and Steph nodded, 'alright, hey maybe after we can all go to the park' he said, 'I got a feeling we should'

'yeah me to' said Steph, then she sniff as she can clearly smell a dirty diaper, 'oh my, does somebody need a diapie change?' she cooed to Harry pulling back his diaper but finding it clean. She frown and look to Jake then to Susie who was giggling

'Silly Mommy' she said getting off and pulling off the blanket, exposing her parents diapers, with Steph's diaper being the source of the stinky smell. 

Steph giggle, 'you got me Susie, can you change me before I go to work?' she asked handing Harry to Jake, who got up and waddle out of the bedroom

'come on champ, lets find you some breakfest' he said leaving the room

Susie then help Steph laid down on the bed, the mother waiting as her daughter undid the tapes and open it up, 'Pew ew! What a stinky baby you are' said Susie

'Im not a baby, I am your mommy' said Steph

Susie giggled, 'of course, now lets change your stinky diapie Mommy'


The little girl proceed to change her, cleaning her up while Steph laid back and waited, after all this is just another routine for her, getting her diaper changed by her daughter before heading off to work.

Everything is as it should be



End Chapter 9

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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