The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 17
Paranormal Babies

Chapter Description: After spending a night in a hidden nursery. Don and Katie find out about strange events happening in their crib

Static buzzed as the screen shows a family moving into their new house. 'Ok, welcome to our new home' said the father holding the camera. He walked in, past boxes as he moved the camera.

Soon he found his wife in the kitchen. She was putting the utensils away and spotted the camera. 'Don really?' she sigh, hiding a smile as she pull back her long dark auburn hair. 

'Come on Katie, show a little boob for the camera' said Don, zooming in into her blouse. Katie just gave him the finger and turn to leave the kitchen. Don zooming in on her assas she walked out. Her bum moving side to side as Katie gave a cheeky wiggle to the camera. 

The screen changed to stairs. Climbing up as he entered a bedroom. 'And this is where the kids will be sleeping' said Don. The camera turn to the two children. Luke and Jenny. Luke is four years old and Jenny is three. They laughed up at the camera. 

'Daddy, can I play with it?' asked Luke, having his father's same brown hair as he beamed up at him.

'Sorry bud, but this is for adults only' said Don 'How about you go help mommy with the boxes' Luke giggled and nodded, running past him with Jenny behind, holding her toy penguin Cushy like always. 

Soon, the screen cut to the next footage. Don was in the basement and put the camera down, showing him rummage through the boxes. 'Ok, what junk is down here?' he asked himself, putting away some lamps, and some books. He turned his head to see a door. 'Huh' he picked up the camera and held it. The screen zoomed onto the door. Don's hand reached out and opened it.

He turn on the light. It showed a large nursery. The carpet was so soft under his shoes, there is a crib big enough for the whole family to fit in. And the change table is huge. He open up the drawers to see diapers. 'Woah these are so big' he said reaching in and picking one up. It is way bigger then any diapers he seen, or used for the kids when they needed them. 'What kinda babies used to live here' he put the diaper back and closed it. He then moved to the crib, the bars were down, but as he put his hand on it, he felt how soft the fabric is. He turned and put the camera on the table.

The screen faced the crib as Don sat on it. 'Shit, this is comfortable' he said. 

'Don what are you doing?' came Katie's voice as she entered the nursery. 'I just put the kids to bed while you go through the junk here, is this a nursery?' she entered the view of the screen. Looking around as she walked over to the crib. 'What are you sitting in? She asked folding her arms.

'Honey you gotta try this mattress out' said Don, hopping on it as he gestured her to join him.

'Its a crib Don, why is it so big? Said Katie, but Don kept pestering her so she gave in and sat beside him. 'Oh my God' she gasped, feeling the soft mattress under her bum. 'This is so comfortable, why isn't our bed like this?' 

Don grinned. 'You know, we haven't christened our new home yet' he said, leaning closer to her and putting his arm around her shoulders. 

'Seriously, here?' she said, giving him a look. 

'Wgen are we ever going to do it in a crib anyway?' said Don

'Its weird' she said.

But Don kissed her, soon she was kidding back, putting her arms around him. Then the screen cut to them in the crib, Katie and Don both naked as they thrust against each other, Katie on top with her butt visible to the camera. Katie and Don gasping as they made love in the crib. Then it cut to them cuddling as they slept peacefully, then, around 3am, both adults moved and sat up, sitting on the edge of the crib as they seem dazed, Katie giggled as she slipped off, going to the ground and started crawling until she's off screen, Don laughed as he got down and crawled after her. 

Sunlight filled the nursery, as footsteps came into the room. Don, now fully dressed grabbed the camera and examine it. 'Thought I left it in here' he said before shutting it off. 

The screen flash on at the kitchen. The camera faces the table as the family was eating breakfast. Katie took a bite out of her food as she spoke. ‘Also kids please put away your toys after you’re done’ 

‘Mom it wasn’t us’ said Luke.

’Since when do you call her mom?’ Said Dan

’Well it wasn’t us’ said Katie ‘Now remember to put your toys away next time’ 

‘But it wasn’t us!’ Said Luke while Jenny was watching. 

The screen cut back to the nursery. Dam had the camera on the change table facing him as he look around. He sat on a rocking chair as he looks at the strange packages of diapers. ‘These are so huge’ he took one out, looking at how huge it is. He unfolded it and examine the plastic. 

‘Don can you help me with the boxes please?’ Came Katie’s voice from off screen. 

‘Coming!’ Said Don putting the diapers on the table, picking up his camera as he left the nursery. Not noticing the mobile in the crib spinning just as the screen moved. 

The screen cut to 9pm at night. Don held the camera as his wife was wearing her nightshirt, getting a peek of her pantries underneath as she giggled. 

‘Turn it off’ she said getting into bed. 

‘I’m just thinking we can have a little fun, you know since the kids are asleep right now’

Katie gave a grin, ‘With the camera huh? You really want to make a sex tape?’

’Why not?’

’I don’t want our kids finding it!’ Said Katie. 

‘I’ll hide it, and my laptop is password protected. No one is going to see it’ 

Katie narrow her eyes, then have a smirk. ‘Ok fine’ she said. 

Don place the camera on the dresser facing the bed and door. Then he got into bed as they started making it. Don pulled up her shirt to expose her bra as Katie cradle his bare chest. Soon they started stripping each others clothes until they are in their underwear. Soon those came off as well. Don thrusting into Katie as she moan, the bed creaking up and down until they both finished. 

The camera fast forward as they both slept in bed. Neither one putting their sleepwear back on. Then once it is 3am the door opened. Jenny walked in. She got up to their bed, she was holding two bottles of milk in her hands. She put one down on the bedside table, and checked the temperature in her arm. Then she sat next to Katie. The mother moaning, too drowsy as she was sat up, the blanket falling off as Jenny sat her nude mother up. ‘Shhhhh it’s ok mom’ whispered Jenny handing her the bottle.

Katie took the bottle and started putting it to her lips. Suckling it as Jenny took the second bottle and went around. Don mumbled as he look up. Jenny handed. Him the bottle. Both parents started drinking, holding the bottle with both hands as Jenny left the room. Katie and Don both finished their bottles, letting out huge burps the echoed then fell back asleep. 

The camera sped up to 6 30am. Katie sat up as she picked up the empty baby bottle. ‘What is this?’ 

The screen cuts to Don in the nursery. He held the diaper in his hands. ‘Wonder if this can fit me?’ He said. He looked out the door then went to the change table, taking off his pants and underwear he started putting the diaper in himself. Once it was secured he move around. ‘Shit this is comfy’ he said. 

Unfortunately Luke was at the door. ‘Dad?’ 

Don spun, ‘Hey sport’ he said acting casual. 

‘Why are you in a diaper?’ The little boy asked. 

‘Well I was just trying out a costume’ said Don, ‘You know for Halloween, what do you think?’

Luke just shrugged, then walked away. Don quickly took off the diaper and put his underwear and pants back on. 

The screen changed to facing Don in the office. Katie walked in with the laundry basket. ‘Hey what you working on? Your costume?’ She teased. 

Don chuckled. ‘Haha very funny’ he said. 

‘Want me to get you a warm bottle of milk?’ She said putting down the basket and went over to him. 

‘Speaking of which, look at this’ said Don showing her the screen. Katie watch the video, ‘Why is Jenny there?’ She asked. 

‘She walked in and gave us bottles to drink’ said Don. 

‘Why would she do that?’

Don held the camera as they entered Jenny’s room. The little girl was having a tea party as Katie knelt down to her, Don standing over them. ‘Jenny, did you go into our room last night?’ Asked Katie. 

Jenny shook her head. 

‘You didn’t give us milk bottles?’ Katie asked again. 

‘No mom’ she said

’Jenny are you lying to us?’ Asked Don. 

Jenny shook her head. 

The screen moved as they left the room, standing in the hallway as the camera faced Katie. ‘You think she was sleepwalking?’ Asked Don.

’I think, what happens if it happens again?’ She asked. 

‘Don’t worry I’ll leave the camera on tonight to make sure’ 

It is now 1 45am. The camera faced the bed and the door as Katie and Don slept peacefully. The door opened up but no one was there. Katie tossed and turn, then an hour later she stood up. She sat there as Luke walked in. 

‘Mom what’s wrong?’ He asked. 

Katie looked down then mumbled ‘Potty’ 

Luke took her hand, Katie stood and followed him into the bathroom offscreen. There is a sound of shuffling and tinkling. Then the sounds of wiping. Finally a toilet flush. 

Luke led his mother back on screen as katie fell face forward on the bed and slept. Luke tucking her in and giving her a kiss on her head. Then he walked out. An hour later there was another tinkling sound. 

At 7am Katie shuffled then sat up, feeling the dampness as she scowled. ‘Don, Don!’ She said

Don moaned and sat up. ‘What is it?’ He mumbled 

‘You just wet the bed you big baby!’ 

The camera cut to the office at 11am. Don on the laptop reviewing the footage as Katie walked in. ‘Ok the sheets are on the line’ she said. ‘Maybe you should start wearing diapers’ 

‘It was one time’ said Don. 

‘I was teasing’ she sighed. Then she looked over her shoulder. ‘So what happened this time?’ 

‘This time it was Luke who I believe took you to the bathroom’ said Don showing her the video. They watched as Katie gasped. 

Then she said ‘At least I still used the toilet’ she said.

’Something is strange happening here’ said Don. ‘Ever since we found that nursery, I watch the video of that and we seem to be acting strange’

’Ok so what do we do?’ She asked. ‘Should we talk to our kids?’

’I got it, we stay up and catch them in the act’ he said. 

‘Alright but we have that dinner tonight’ said Katie. 

‘Ok after dinner then’ 

The camera cut to the living room. Don set it up so it’s facing the couches and the front door, from its angle it has a clear shot of the room. Don was dressed in a suit, the time is 5 34pm. The doorbell rang.

Katie walked by in her prettiest dress and heels and answered the door. The babysitter Annie walked in as they greeted each other. Don and Katie talking to her as they said their goodbyes to Luke and Jenny sitting on the couch. ‘We will be back at 9’ said Katie

’Be good for Annie’ said Don.

’We will’ said the kids.

’Have fun you two’ said Annie opening the door for them. Then Don and Katie left. 

The night had no strange events. Annie watch the kids as they watch a movie. Then she got them off the screen into the hallway, leaving the screen empty until 11pm, where the door opened up. 

Don and Katie stumble in, both clearly drunk. ‘Let’s dance some more’ said Katie swinging her arms, throwing her heels away. 

Don laughed. Annie came on the screen to greet them. ‘Wow you are so drunk’ 

‘Annie thank you, how much do we owe you?’ Said Don struggling to open his wallet. Katie collapse on the couch, still high from liquor. Annie helped Don in picking out the money then took the notes. She said goodbye as she exit the front door. Don took off his jacket as Katie stood up. 

Luke and Jenny entered the living room and folded their arms. Don and Katie stood and looked down in shame. ‘What time do you call this?’ Scolded Jenny. 

‘You said you be home at 9 it is 11’ scolded Luke. 

‘What do you two say for yourselves?’ 

‘We got a little drunk’ said Don. 

Katie sniffed, holding down the rim of her dress. Jenny walked up to her and started tapping her foot. ‘Mom’ she said. 

Katie sobbed, lifting up her dress to expose her wet panties. ‘I went pee pee in the car, it was an accident’ she said. 

Jenny sigh, she looked to her brother. ‘Let’s get them into bed, I’ll get Mom cleaned up’ she took her mothers hand and lead her off screen. Katie started sucking her thumb to calm herself. 

Luke took Dons hand and was about to lead when Don pointed to the screen. ‘Wait camera’ he said. 

Luke sigh. ‘You and your toys’ he walked over and took the camera. 

The screen started moving, showing the hallway as they move to the bedroom. The screen turn to the bathroom showing Jenny helping a naked Katie in the tub, her ass to the screen then it moved and the camera was place on the dresser. Don sat on the bed, getting sleepy now as Luke changed him out of his clothes. Don sat in his underwear as Luke helped him into bed, just as Jenny led Katie into the view, drying her with a towel, she then help her into fresh clean panties, leaving her bra less. Then the kids tucked them into bed. 

‘Goodnight Mom and Dad’ they said turning off the lights and walking out the room. 

It is now 12 45pm the next day. Don held the camera as he walked out to the backyard. Katie was hanging up the sheets, wearing a shirt and sweat pants. ‘Ok this is getting weird’ said Don, the screen showing Katie’s face. ‘Our children are basically acting like our parents’ 

‘Dont be ridiculous Don’ said Katie, ‘It’s bad enough both of us started bed wetting’ she looked down at his waist. ‘Are you wearing a diaper?’ She whispered. 

‘Yes ok’ said Don. ‘It’s better then washing our clothes every morning’

’Its no wonder our kids are acting adult since they think you are a baby’ 

‘Hey you were the one who peed yourself last night!’ 

‘At least I’m not the one wearing pampers!’ Katie gasped, her cheeks blushing as she turn away from him. The camera focus on her back as the back of her sweatpants formed a lump. 

‘Honey? Did you just…’ 

Katie shook her head, turning to the camera with tears running down her cheeks as she held up her pants and ran inside. Don found her in the bedroom an hour later. Katie sat on the bed in clean panties, sobbing softly. ‘Hey honey’ Don put the camera on the bed, only showing her legs as he sat down next to her. 

‘What is happening to us?’ She said, ‘I just shit myself like a toddler’ 

‘I don’t know’ said Don. ‘I think we need to go see a doctor about our incontinence. In the mean time’ there is a crinkling sound off screen. ‘I think you need to wear these as well, just until our accidents get better’ 

Katie sighed, she took the diaper and held it in her hands. ‘Gods sake turn that stupid camera off’ she reached down and shut off the screen. 

The screen turned on, Katie is the one holding it this time as she stood in her bathroom mirror. She look at her reflection, she is wearing her blue blouse and mom pants, you can see she has a huge bulge on her. She turned and look at her butt which looks so big. ‘The kids will definitely tell’ she said. 

She turn and walked out of the bathroom, going back into the room where Don has just finished. ‘There we go’ he said as the camera point to him. He wore his shirt and track pants with the oblivious bulge. Every move they make there is a huge crinkle sound. ‘You said you wanted to feel safe in your bed so I moved the crib here’ he explained. 

Katie moved the camera to where their bed used to be. Now there is the crib from the basement nursery. It was the same size and the bars are big enough that it reached their heads just from standing outside the thing. ‘I can’t believe we are going to sleep in this’ she said to him pointing the camera back to his face. 

‘It’s just until all this weirdness goes away’ said Don. 

‘Weirdness? Don we’re wearing diapers’ 

‘Mom Dad’ came Luke’s voice. The camera shifted to the door where their son is standing. ‘Dinners ready come’ he turned and walked away. 

The camera turned back to Don as Katie asked ‘Did our kids cook?’ 

The screen cut to the kitchen. The camera on the counter as it faces the table with the whole family sitting down to eat. Luke and Jenny were eating their meals while the parents sat in silence. 

Jenny looked over to them. ‘Eat your dinner’ she said in a tone. 

Don started eating, while Katie put down her fork. ‘I’m not hungry sweetie’ she said.

Henny said ‘Eat mom’ in a tone that seems authoritative. 

‘No I don’t want to’ said Katie.

’Im going to count to three’ said Jenny. She started counting but Katie just avoiding her gaze, trying her best not to cry as Jenny got up to three. Then the little girl stood from the table and walked offscreen. Katie and Din looked at each other. Then there was a scraping noise. They turn horrified as a high chair was being pushed to the table behind them. The high chair was the huge one from the nursery, the one that could fit an adult. 

Jenny then opened the table and turn to her mother arms folded. ‘Get in’ she said.

’No!’ Said Katie, ‘I am not getting in that, I am a grown woman!’ 

‘Oh? So I guess I didn’t wash your bedsheets this morning, or wash your poop stain underwear’s or the face that I just changed you an hour ago’ said Jenny. 

Katie hung her head in shame and said meekly ‘I didn’t ask you to’

’Get in Mom or do you want a red bottom?’ 

Katie looked over to Don who avoided her gaze and kept eating. Luke was giving her the cross look. So the mother stood up and stepped onto the step to the high chair, her pants crinkling as she turn and sat, sitting higher then everyone as Jenny locked her in and put her plate on the table. 

Jenny then stood on the chair and started using the fork to grab the food. ‘If you are going to act like a baby then I will treat you like one, now open up’ she held the fork to her. Katie cried as she open her mouth and took the bite, Jenny started praising her ‘Good girl, see it’s not so bad’ she took another forkful and held it up, ‘Here comes the airplane’ 

Katie cried silently as she ate, Luke put his plate away then came around, he sniffed and looked to Don. ‘Dad did you make boom boom?’

The camera cut to the bedroom. Katie dressed in her nightshirt and diaper, Don in his pyjamas pants with his diaper poking on top as he locked the door, Katie sitting in the crib covered by bars on the cameras side. ‘Ok locked’ he said climbing into the crib. Then he spun and lift up the bars locking them inside. 

‘I can’t believe we have to resort to this’ said Katie getting undercover. ‘Hiding from our kids in a crib’

It is now 2am. Don and Katie slept in the crib in the dark. When suddenly the door started banging. Both parents woke up, since Katie is closer to the door she shuffled as far as she could. Don holding her. 

‘Mom! Dad! Open the door’ came Luke’s voice. 

‘Go hack to bed!’ Said Katie. 

The door banged again. Making both of them scream until it stopped. Don pat her back ‘It’s ok I think he went back to bed’ he said. Then the door flew open. 

Luke walked in, standing by the crib with cross look on his face. ‘You two have been very naughty’ he scolded. ‘But I won’t punish you both if you tell me who’s idea was it to lock me out’ 

‘It was Katie!’ Blurted Don. Katie looked at him and push him away. 

‘Thank you Dad. Mom you have been acting out lately so this is for your good’ as if by magic the little boy pull down the bars. Katie screamed as she tried to get away but Luke grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. He sat on the edge of the crib and drape Katie over his knees. 

Don watch helplessly as Luke ripped off her diaper, and started smacking, sounds of flesh being smacked as Katie cried out. ‘Luke please stop!’ She begged but her spanking continues, the mother soon wailing at the top of her lungs. 

The camera sped up for thirty minutes of Katie’s spanking until it stopped. Katie laying in the crib with her legs up as Luke taped a new diaper into her. Don in the corner of the crib sucking his thumb. ‘Done’ said Luke. 

Katie sat up, sniffing as Luke climb out of the crib and pull up the bars. He looked to her ‘You know I do this because I love you right?’ Katie nodded. ‘Now go to sleep you two’ he then walked out of the room. 

Katie got into a feral position and cried herself to sleep while Don laid down and continue sucking his thumb. 

It is now 6 45 am. Katie was on her knees shaking the bars. Don mumble and sat up ‘Honey what’s wrong?’ He asked. 

‘I can’t pull down the bars’ said Katie ‘They’re stuck!’ She shook them harder, her wet diaper sagging down. 

Don got up and hike up his own soaked diaper as he tried to pull them down. ‘It’s going to be ok’ he said to her. 

‘No it’s not! I just… I just want to leave’ she said to him. ‘Can we sleep somewhere else tonight? A motel or anything’ 

‘What about the kids?’

’We can get Annie to stay overnight to watch them, I just want to sleep in a bed without bars or not have my children feed me in the middle of the night. I just want to feel like an adult again’ 

Don got her into a hug. ‘Ok. Ok we’ll go tonight, hopefully this will stop once we are out of the house’ 

The door opened up. Jenny walking in as Don and Katie looked to her through the bars. ‘Morning mommy and daddy’ beamed the little girl. ‘I see tee we o very wet bottoms that needs changing’ 

At 3pm, Don held the camera as he look around the motel room, turning to Katie taking out clothes out of their bag. ‘Glad Annie agreed to stay overnight’ said Don. ‘Don’t know what we’ll do without her’

’You made sure the kids didn’t know where we’re staying right?’ Asked Katie. 

‘Yeah of course, don’t worry tonight will be adults only’ he said. Katie smiled feeling relieved as she pulled out the extra diapers. ‘You know if you wanted to feel like an adult, there are ways to do it’ 

Katie looked at him, biting her lower lip as she smiled. 

At 8pm tonight, Don and Katie were making out on the bed. Kissing as they get more intimate, Don kissing her neck as he removed her blouse, revealing her pink bra. She took off his shirt and cradled his chest, he pulled off her pants as he took off his. Then the bra came off showing her breasts. 

Now the two are only in their diapers, humping against each other making lots of crinkles, Don smacking the back of her padded ass. Katie sat on top of him as she put her fingers on the tabs of his diaper. ‘I want to feel really adult’ she said seductively. But before she could ripped them off the light went out. 

They both screamed in the dark. The light lit up the screen from the torch as Don held the camera. ‘It’s ok, the power went out’ he said pointing the camera to Katie hugging her knees on the bed. She nodded but then the door started banging.

Katie stood up from the bed and stand behind him as the screen look to the door. 

‘It’s them, they found us!’ Cried Katie

’This way!’

The screen turn and they started running to the bathroom door, running through it to their living room back home. Don look around as they have left the motel, turning to see Katie’s horrified face. ‘What are we doing back here?’ She said

’I don’t know!’ Came Don terrified voice. 

‘Don, is our diapers thicker?’ 

The screen looked down to her waist. Katie was standing with her legs apart as her diaper have grown twice it’s size. He look down to his own growned diaper. ‘Mom! Dad!’ 

They turn to see the children standing there in the dark, scary black eyes on their faces. Don and Katie screamed, he held her hand as they started waddling away. The screen filled with sounds of loud crinkling and bare feet slapping the floor as they ran to their room. ‘The crib!’ Cried Don as they waddled in but the bars were up. 

Don handed the camera to Katie as he shook, trying to get them down. Katie sobbed as she pointed the camera at him, Don desperately trying to pull it down. Then Katie turn the camera as there is sobbing. She look to the corner to see Annie facing it. ‘Annie?’ 

Annie was naked, sobbing in the corner as the camera pan down her bare back to her bum which was red, the poor girl recently gotten spanked. Then it move down her legs to see a wet diaper around her ankles. The camera look up at Annie’s tear stained face as she turn her head to them. Unable to talk the babysitter started wailing. 

Katie cried as she waddled out the door, Don calling after her as she waddled to the hallway. There was a thump found, she turn the camera around to see Don crawling on all fours. ‘I can’t walk!’ He cried. 

‘There you are daddy’ said Luke coming up behind him. He picked up his father and held him like an infant. ‘I’m sorry but you need your punishment’ the boy said carrying him away. 

Don started bawling. ‘NO PLEASE DADDY!!! IM NOT A BABY!!! WAAAAAAAA!!!!!’ 

Katie turn the camera around, waddling and sobbing as her husbands wailing filled the house. She waddled through the door and went down the stairs into the basement. She waddled into the nursery and dropped the camera. The screen fell to the soft carpet as it faces the corner by the changing table. There is a sound of the door slamming shut as Katie fell to her knees and crawled into view, sitting in the corner and hugging her knees. 

‘This is a dream, it has to be a dream’ she said rocking back and forth, her diaper spreading her thighs as the mother is in distressed. She started breaking down into tears as she can’t help herself anymore. 

‘I hic want hic my hic MOMMY!’ She started wailing, sounding like an infant. ‘MOMMY! MOMMY! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!’ She bawled as she started sucking her thumb, crying like a little girl. 

Then there was the sound of the door opening. Jenny walked in and walked up to her mother. Katie sobbed as she looked at her. ‘Awwww it’s ok Katie, Mommy’s here’ said Jenny getting her in a hug. Katie wrapped her arms around as she cried into her shoulder, Jenny cooing as she pat her back. Jenny sniffed as she pull her back, ‘Katie, did you make poopies?’ She asked. Katie nodded, her lips suckling on her thumb. ‘Do you want me to change you?’ Katie pulled out her thumb. 

‘Yes Mommy’ 

Jenny picked her up and stepped up on the stool, showing Katie’s messy diaper as the girl laid her former mother onto the change table. Katie’s legs the only thing you see on the screen as Jenny held them up, she removed the tapes s as me open up the diaper. ‘Oh my, you made such a big mess’ she giggled removing the diaper, then she grab the wipes and started wiping her butt. 

The only sound is Katie sucking her thumb off screen, while Jenny rolled up the diaper and put it on the side. Then she pulled out a fresh diaper and open it up. ‘Bum up’ she said. Katie lift up her bottom as Jenny slide the open diaper under her, then she put her butt down. Jenny sprinkle the baby powder on her private areas and on her big ass. ‘Good girl almost done’ Jenny pulled up the front as Katie put down her legs, then she taped the huge diaper. 

‘Good girl’ praised Jenny, she picked her up like an infant. Katie was cradled, sucking her thumb as Jenny smiled. ‘Ok I think you learn your lesson, how about a nice warm baba and get you into bed’

Katie nodded, Jenny then carried her off screen while the camera stayed on the floor. 

The camera then changed to the next scene. It is 12 30 pm in the day and Luke is holding it. ‘Here’s Dons toy’ he said looking it over before turning it around and walking down the hallway. Jenny walked up to him, both kids are wearing very mature clothing. 

‘Put that away Luke’ said Jenny ‘we are going to be late to the movies’ 

‘We got plenty of time’ said Luke. Then the doorbell rang. The kids walked up to the door and opened it to the babysitter. 

Annie stood as she beamed, wearing her blue overalls and pink shirt. ‘Hey guys’ she said walking in. The screen following her. ‘Where are the cute bundles of joys?’ She asked

’They are in the living room’ said Luke. ‘I should warn you they just woke up from their nap’ 

‘Annie did you went potty before you came here?’ Asked Jenny. Annie blushed and shook her head. Jenny sigh and took her hand. ‘Come on you can use the potty we got for you. Looks like we will be late’ she led the girl off screen. ‘I swear maybe you should just go back into diapers’ 

The camera and walked into the living room. On the floor we’re both Katie and Don, the tv playing pound puppies in the background and there are toys everywhere. Don was on his back sucking on his toes. He, like his wife were only wearing thier diapers, and he dribbled and babbled. Katie was shaking a rattle giggling, drool running down her lips as she noticed Luke walking in and bounced up and down on her padded bum. ‘Daddy!’ She said giving him a goofy smile. 

‘How are you Katie?’

’Im all better, look!’ The camera panned down to show Katie patting the front of her baby pinks diaper. ‘All dry, does that mean I’m a big girl?’ 

‘No that means you still kept it dry for now’

’Im a big girl’ said Katie happily. 

Luke laughed then turn yhe camera to Don. Don pulled out his toes and held them up. ‘Camera!’ He babbled

’Yes this is a camera, but I bet you don’t know what it does’ 

‘Camera’ said Don again. 

Luke put the camera down on the counter facing the hallway entrance, then he pulled Don into a sitting position. Now it only shows the big babies backs to the screen. In the background Annie and Jenny came back into view. Luke walked to them and they started talking while the former parents sat and watch. 

Katie started trying to stand up, she stuck her butt in the air, giving a good view to the screen and got up on her legs, then up on her feet as she wobbles a bit. She started laughing then she stopped. Standing still she started making rude noises as her diaper grew some lumps, making her diaper sag. Luke noticed her then came over. 

‘I think someone needs a diaper change’ he took her hand. Katie held out her arm for balance as she followed, her diaper sagging down to expose her bum. Luke just chuckled. 

‘So much for being a big girl’ 

The screen then cut to black. 



End Chapter 17

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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