The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated May 11, 2021

Chapter 7
The Immature Plane Ride

Chapter Description: Sonya takes her daughter to go see her husband on his business trip, but how can she survive the plane ride without any clean diapers?

Sonya Mitchell sigh as she wipe the water from her face, ’Ok Nellie, enough splashing’ she said to the young toddler in the bathtub.

Nell giggle, the little girl laugh at her as she splash her toys, Sonya smile as she continued washing her, ’You know you can be a real fuss’ she said to her daughter, rinsing her, the mother is wearing her long dress, with a strap over each shoulder as she stood up, her hair dark blonde as she drain the tub.

Nell giggle, her hair brighter blonde as her mommy wrapped her in a towel, ’now lets get you dressed’ Sonya said carrying her to her bedroom. Nell stood as Sonya dried her, then she got her dressed up in her pink pants and pony shirt. Nell really loves the my little pony show, Sonya herself only look at it once, finding jt too babyish for any adult, she ignore it while Nell loves them.

Sonya smile, ’ok nellie, get your case cause its time for us to catch the plane’ she said

’Ok mommy’ nell said as she ran to grab her pony case, Sonya beamed as the doorbell rang, walking past the living room she open the door, welcoming her sister Jane, standing there with her leather jacket and brown hair in a ponytail, she walked in her tight jeans that shows off her bum, in the house with her own travel bag.

’Alright sis, you ready to go?’ She said sitting on the couch

Sonya nodded, they are on thier way to visit her husband at a work trip, Jane is coming so she can watch nell while they have some private time. ’Ok, Once nell and i are packed we should get going, the plane leaves at 6’ she said looking at her phone

Jane moan, ’but its so early, cant you relax for a few hours?’ She whined

Sonya sigh, ’we have to be early so we dont miss it, so stop acting like a baby’ she said, seeing jane sticking out her tonge as Nell came in, rolling her pony case as she beamed

’Im ready’ she said

Sonya and Jane both smile at her as they grab their bags and went out the door, heading towards the airport.

They arrived early, like Jane said, so they waited a hour before they are allowed to board. Sonya held nells hand as they walked into the plane, Jane behind them as they took the three seats by the window. Sonya got the edge, nell in the middle and jane at the window, already putting her headphones in and closing her eyes.

Sonya look around, seeing this plane filled with families, behind them was a family of three, a woman was rubbing her forehead as her two children, a boy and girl, were squabbling over the window seat.

’Ok enough!’ Venessa yelled, getting up and forcing her children to move over, so she sat at the window seat instead, ’if you going to act like babies then no one gets the window seat’ she scolded sitting her mature bum onto the soft cushion. Her kids whined and moan as they sat in silence, little bobby and sally arguing in silence.

A dark skin mother was scolding her child down the hall, ’stop kicking that poor mans seat’ she told him sternly

’but it was fun’ micheal said

Sasha moan, ’no its not, now go there and apologize’ she said putting her hands on her hips, Micheal sigh and went to the man and his daughter, he said sorry and the man accepted it

Sonya smile to herself as she laid back, feeling the plane taking off, soon flying through the air as they are on their way. Sonya laid back in her seat, enjoying the ride as she close her eyes. But suddenly she began to get a whiff of baby powder, opening her eyes she look around, Jane with her headphones in and on her phone, and her daughter Nell watching her show on the small monitor. Sonya turn to search for the source of that smell, it is so strong, she soon spot some legs sticking out the side of the seat at the far back, she couldnt make them outbut she could sworn they belong to a adult woman. Looking closer she spots a little boy, around seven or six with his head poking from the top of the back seats, facing his mothers hands shaking a rattle and teething ring.

Sonya turn back, thinking she might be tired she laid back into her seat, her daughter tugging her sleeve as she hand her a set of headphones, ’come on mommy, watch a episode with me’ she asked giving her the biggest cutest eyes.

Sonya beamed, ’ok why not’ she said taking the headphones, turning her attention to the screen, they are watching a episode of pund puppies, the puppies are rescuing people and teaching them about trust and friendship, Sonya couldnt believe how infantile this show is, but she gave it her full attention as she join in the games. She is so proud of Nell getting the games right while Sonya struggles coming up with the simpliest solution, like which car is the blue car and she pointed to the red one.

’Thats red mommy’ Nell giggled at her

Sonya giggled back, ’oh sorry’ she said blushing, she shouldve gotten that easy one. She took the headphones off as the stewardess came with the food cart, ’Oh can I have some lunch for us please?’ Sonya asked.

The Stweardess, name Sally nodded, ’of course, would you like a warm bottle of milk?’ she asked her

Sonya shook her head, ’No, just some chicken please, and some bite size ones for my daughter, jane do you want some?’ she asked turning to Jane, who kept ignoring her, ’Ok two chicken and chicken bites’ she finished turning back

Sally smile, she nodded and walked away, going to the seat with a man in it, she handed him a bottle of milk and he began drinking it, Sonya recongized it as a baby bottle, she watch him held it with both hands and suckle on the nipple, holding it up like a baby, while his sons were sitting next to him playing with their action figures, both not minding their daddy drinking a baba.

Sonya hears more weird noise around her, toys jangling and cooing from infants, just how many babies are on this plane? She hears a gasp from beside her so she turn to see Jane putting her arms between her legs, her cheeks going red, ’are you ok?’ Sonya asked

’Im fine shut up’ she snapped, Sonya got taken aback, but Nell just giggled at her aunt, ’she pee herself’ she told her

’Shut up!’ kane repeated standing up, hiding her stain under the rim of her shirt she trottle past them, ’I’ll be in the bathroom’ she mumble, her blush redder as she ran to the stall.

Sonya frown, she should go check on her but as she tried to get up the stewardess came barging past, knocking her back down as she went to the chairs behind them, ’Im here, here you go’ she handed the child a diaper.

Katy smile, ’thank you’ she said before turning around, her brother was wagging a finger at Vanessa, ’come on mommy you need it’ she said

’I dont need diapers, It was an accident’ Vanessa said deperatly drying her crotch and skirt with napkins, but her son, Jason smack her hand.

’Sorry mommy, but you really need it’ he said sternly, Sonya gasp as she watch the children move off the seats, Katy and Jason got out some baby wipes and baby powder from the cart, thanking the Stewardess as she walked off. Jason pull up the arm rests and help Vanessa to lay down, Sonya could see more of the wet spot on her skirt. Vanessa sob as her son began pulling her skirt down, exposing her wet panties, they were bright pink and had frills, but the mother could not believe she is getting stripped of her underewear as the panties joined the wet skirt in the bag.

Vanessa spot Sonya looking, making her turn back quickly, ’Jason! She saw me!’ she could hear her whined, looking back a bit to see her kick her legs on the edge of the chair.

Sonya feel kinda bad for peeking, it was probably a private matter for her, but she couldnt beleive that she had wet herself just like Jane did, she heard the ripping of the tapes on the diaper as Vanessa screamed, she tried to ignore it by putting her headphones back on and going back to the show, getting a wiff of baby powder from behind her. She focus on her show, now playing Peppa Pig, she used to love this and still does, she sat comfortably in her chair and watch it with Nell.

Forgetting about the family behind, Sonya began shifting in her seat, ’I feel wet’ she mumble, she took the headphones off as she look down at her dress, something is wet there, did she.....

Nell took hers off and grab her dress, puling it up, ’Nell!’ squeak Sonya as Nell exposed her white lace panties, which are now soaking wet. Sonya held her dress, unable to believe what she is seeing, she has wet herself too.

’Mommy, you had a accident’ Nell giggled at her

Sonya quickly pulled her dress down, ’I need the bathroom’ she said quickly,. getting up from her seat, she turn and walked quickly towards the other bathrooms in the back, Sonya couldnt help but spot the same man getting his eat kicked again, ’dam baby’ he mumbled trying to enjoy his toy, Sonya looked at the kicker, instead of the boy Micheal, who was busy reading a book, his mother Sasha was going the kicking, being a real hypocrite from before.

Sonya wanted to tell her off, but her potty accident is more important so she head to the stalls. She tried to open it but it was locked. ’Go Away!’ yelled someone inside

Sonya stood back, feeling really hurt by that mean tone. So she held her tung and went to the other one, finding it empty she hurried inside and lock the door. She stood in the small room, a sink and dryer by the wall and a toilet at the end, she pulled up her dress and grab the towels, wiping the pee off her panties and legs, ’why is this happening? Everyone here is peeing themselves’ she said throwing it in the bin.

She pulled her panties down her legs, stepping out of them and holding them up, wishing she had brought a spare in her bag, but she has never thought she would acutally wet herself like a toddler. She stuff the panties in a bag and held it in her hand, pulling her dress down, ’Guess I’ll go pantyless’ she said hoping no one will try to lift her dress up, she would hate for anyone to see her bare bum.

She walked out just in time to see the occupants leave the other stall, getting a shock as it was two parents, a tall man with shaggy ahir and a woman with long red hair, the woman is wearing her shirt while her husband was shirtless. Sonya eyes went down tot heir waists, both adults are wearing huge thick diapers, tape snugly around their waists like they were babies. ’What the fuck are you looking at?’ said the woman crossing her arms

Sonya could feel tears in her eyes, their child came behind them and smack their padded bums, ’come on you two, back in your seats’ she told them

’we can take care of ourselves!’ yell the dad

’Oh really? is that taking care of yourselves? Cause I just change two huge stinky pampers that doesnt belong to anyone but you’ she scolded, pointing to the bin in the bathroom, Sonya look past as she could see the bin had two huge messy diapers rolled up, one covering the bin and other on the ground.

The parents moan in embarrasment, the mother just mumble lets just go and waddle back to their seats, the dad and child following behind her.

Sonya started to get a little spooked, she quickly ran a little back to her seat and sat down, it is a weird feeling sitting without any panties but it was better then being diapered liek those two. She turn her head to see Vanessa again, seeing her sitting on Jason’s lap, she was laying back, legs spread out so Sonya could see up her skirt, seeing her padded crotch facing her, Jason was bouncing her on his knee with Vanessa folding her arms, clearly not enjoying this.

’Come on mommy, smile’ he cooed to her

’Shut up, I am not a baby’ she growled

Jason poke the huge bulge under her skirt, ’uh yes you are, if you cant keep your panites clean then you are a baby’ he told her, Vanessa groan as she turn her head away, seeing Katy shaking some toy keys infornt of her, Vanessa groan some more so she face forward, seeing Sonya looking again, ’stop looking you bitch!’ she said

Sonya turn her head back, people are really mean here. She took a deep breath to calm her thoughts, last thing she wants is to start crying like a little girl. Nell was busy watching her shows, Sonya took a look at her screen as it isnt a baby show but one of the shows Sonya watch at night when Nell would be asleep.

’um Nell, I dont think you should be watching this’ she said to her, seeing the blood and dead bodies on the crime show

Nell sigh, ’its ok, I dont mind it but I think you shouldnt look Mommy’ she said up to her

Sonya couldnt understand, she watch that show every night, but seing the blood and scary stuff made her feel uneasy so she turn back to her own screen, seeing Dora playing right now, which is making her feel so much better.

Soon she began seeing Jane coming back, crawling on all fours, she crawled up to the seat and look up at Sonya, ’what?’ she said sharply

’Why are you crawling?’ she asked

’Cause my dumb legs cant work’ she said grabbing the arm rest and lifting herself up. Using the seat she moved past them and landed her butt back at her own seat, ’I cant even use a potty anymore, its like everyone here is turning into retards’ she said

Sonya shook her head, ’dont be silly, I think you took a bump on the head’ she said, trying to convince herself that this is all some bizarre dream

But Jane stomp her foot, ’No! I just a saw full grown man getting bottle fed by his son, and a bunch of retard parents playing patty cake, dont tell me Im being silly!’ she yelled, ’God I forget that you a dumber baby then your daughter’

’hey!’ she yelled, ’If your going to be so mean and rude then go back to your phone!’

’I will! Gonna watch me some porn to keep my mind on adult thoughts!’ she said putting her own headphones in, going on her phone and ignoring her sister.

Sonya put her headphones on, going back to Dora herself and try to forget this arguement. She enjoyed herself watching Dora find a missing plate of runes, she did the call out of the map and scolded Swiper, feeling proud of herself for helping a babyish show that only one year olds watch.

Sudenly her phone began beeping, taking it out she sees its a call from her husband, smiling she took her headphones off and pressed accept. ’Hi Liam’ she said smiling

Liam smiled, ’hi sexy’ he said, rubbing his short brown hair, ’hows the plane trip?’

’Its really weird, Jane’s being a bitch as usual’ she said looking at Jane, who subtly gave her the finger, ’But Nell is good, watching her shows and being well behaved’

’Thats good to hear’ Liam said, ’Well Im just finishing a meeting but I should be able to make it to the hotel after you arrived’

’Thats good to know’ she said, then she got a rumble in her belly, she gaped as her eyes rolled, giving off a grin that spooked her husband, ’uh honey?’ he asked getting concern, ’whats going on?’

’pooopy’ she mumble, giving off a lot of farts as she did a big sigh, then the realizastion hit her as she open her eyes wide, ’uh. uh I call you back!’ she yelled hanging up, sniffing the air as the foul aroma filled her seat, ’oh no’ she sobbed feeling the mess under her, knowing she has destroyed her dressed and this seat.

Jane gagged, ’Ewwww ok which one of you retards shit yourself?!’ she yelled around the plane, getting some angry noises coming to her

Nell sniff her mommy and lift up her dress, seeing her exposed vagina and messy legs, ’Mommy!’ she gasped ’Where is your diaper?’

’diaper?’ squeak Sonya trying to pull her dress down but the Stewardess, named mary this time, came and fanned her nose

’Oh my, you are really naughty!’ she scolded to her

Sonya sobbed, ’Im sorry!’ she cried feeling like a child at that moment, everyone seeming really bigger then her at that moment as she hung her head in shame, crying soft tears down her cheeks. Mary force her to stand, so she can began removing the seat and clean up the mess, Nell held Sonya’s hand and led her away, through the chairs and into the bathroom stall so she could clean up herself.

Sonya look around, this was the same stall those parents were in, realizing now that it is a parents room to change their babies in, with a huge table set up with wipes, baby powder and packages of diapers in the shelves. Sonya peer closer to the package, one was blue and the other was pink, both in adult sizes and had men and women parading around in only diapers on them, the woman on the pink package was Katy Perry showing her pampered bum and drooling with exposed gums. The sight too much for the poor woman that she burst into tears.

Nell help her climb onto the table, Sonya hesitated but did what she was told and got onto the soft surface, turning around so she can lay her back on it so Nell could stand on the step stool, removing her mothers dress and bra, ’you dont need clothes for a while mommy’ she told her putting them in a diaper bag Sonya never saw before. Nell tell her to lift up her legs, so she can use the baby wipes to wipe up the mess on her private parts. ’This cant be happening’ Sonya said to herself watching Nell clean her up, then she reach into the package of katy perry diapers and pull out a huge thick diaper, Sonya knows she wont be able to walk properly in that.

The diaper slid under her, Nell lifting up her big bum so it can land softly on the pamper, Sonya feel her cheeks on the soft pillow like surface as Nell began applying baby powder to her, she took a whiff and relax a bit, even having a line of drool running down her chin. Nell began humming a tune that make Sonya feel so warm inside, as soon as the diaper was taped onto her waist Sonya was help to her feet, looking in the mirror and seeing herself naked, her bare breasts exposed and a huge thick nappy on her, Sonya doesn’t seem to recognize herself as a adult anymore.

Nellie held her hand and lead her out of the bathroom,Sonya shove her thumb into her lips and suckle, following her like a huge toddler back towards her seat, waddling with her breasts out for all the baby men to gawk at while the baby women slap them, she was soon being sat back in her seat, Nellie back in between her and Jane, but Jane was in a different position.

’What the fuck happen to you?’ she said

Sonya turned, pulling her thumb out of her gaping mouth, Jane was looking at her very grumpily from her own adult baby seat, being securely buckled so she couldnt move, ’what are you looking at?’ she blushed, ’at least Im not wearing a diaper’

That comment hurt Sonya, she began to cry and sobbed, Nell cooed and hug her, patting her huge back, ’Aw don’t cry, look its a wormy’ she pull out a jingle worm and shook it, Sonya sobbed but took the worm and shake it, feeling oddly better with each shake. ’tehe’ she giggle shaking it more in the air, sticking out her tongue as she enjoys the silly infantile toy.

Nell meanwhile pulled Jane’s ear, ’you are being really mean, say your sorry!’ she scolded

Jane shook her head, ’NO!’ she yelled

Nell unbuckle her belf and pulled her over her small lap,Jane struggle while her jeans were being pulled down, along with her pink panties so her huge butt can be exposed, ’Nell!’ she squeaked trying to get out of her grip but Nell held her down and started to smack her. The sudden smack to her bum cause Jane to yelp, followed by more slaps to her butt cheeks that suddenly she burst out in tears, ’WHAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAA! SWOP PWEASE ME BE GOOD!!!!’ she begged crying like a baby.

But nell continue to spank her bottom red, Jane cried and wailed and turn to Sonya, ’ME SOWWY!’ she yelled hoping it would be enough for her to stop.

Sonya started to cry, ’Nellie stop, she sorry’ she begged her daughter

Nell look at her, ’ok mommy’ she said giving one final smack, then she sat jane up, her panties and jeans fell to the floor as she is seated on her lap, hugging the little girl and bawling her eyes out into her shoulder while Nell rock her. ’Shhhh there there’ she cooed, Jane calming down now and sucking her thumb while she sobs a little, the stewardess came rolling a change table cart towards them

’Does this little one needs a new diaper?’ she asked beaming

Nell nodded and gave Jane to her, Jane laid on the soft table and watch as the stewardess started to powdered her red butt, then she was soon taped up in a nice thick diaper. Then Jane was seated back in her baby seat, buckled and sobbing, her sexy ass stinging under the thick padding. The stewardess hand Nell two baby bottles of warm milk, ’ok you two, time for your babas’ she said to Sonya and jane, making jane hold hers and drink it while Sonya was laid onto her daughters lap, she held the nipple to her face, Sonya drooled and gave a big smile and then latch onto the nipple, drinking her baba while Nell held the bottle. Sonya cradle closer to her, knees up to her breasts and continue to suckle the yummy milkie.

The stewardess then gave each adult on the plane their own babas, mothers and fathers suckle down the milk while being cradle and praised by their children, Nell took the empty bottle out and sat her mother up, she pat her huge bare back so she can let out a big burp. ’BWWWWWAAAAAARRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!’ she burped, getting some cheers and claps from other parents

’Good girl’ Nell praised her, making Sonya feel proud, she look to her sister in her baby seat, sound asleep and dropped her baba on the ground, the front of her diaper going yellow. ’Nellie, shes going wee wee’ she giggles pointing.

Nell look and giggle too, ’How about we let her sleep, that will teach her for being mean’

’YAY!’ Sonya clapped, ’Can I go back to watching my show?’ she asked

Nell nodded, seated Sonya on her lap and gave her the headphones, Sonya put them on and bounce on her knee, watching another episode of teletubbies.


Liam made his way back to his hotel room, he just got off work and needed to get back cause Sonya and Nell have already arrived and waiting for him, along with Jane but he never like her that much.

Also he wanted to find out if Sonya’s ok, she was acting a bit weird on the video call so he wanted to see if shes alright. Going up to his floor he entered the door to his room, ’Sonya? you here?’ he said walking in

He dropped his jaw, in the room on the bed was his wife, laying on the bed wearing a huge thick diaper she was cooing and babbling, while Jane was crawling around in a diaper as well, looking for toys to play with. Sonya sat up and babbled loudly, holding her arms in the air, ’Liam! Yay you here!’ she cheered

’Sonya what is this?’ Liam said unable to believe what he is seeing, then he hears Nell coming up to him and grab his hand.

’Hi daddy, come on lets get you changed’ she said leading him away to the bathroom, ’You cant be in those clothes anymore, they for mature people like me’ she told him

Liam head feels hazy, his thumb made its way to his mouth and he suckle, going to a change table where a nice comfy diaper is waiting for him, then he and Sonya can play all day with no worries just what they always wanted.



End Chapter 7

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated May 11, 2021


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