The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 14
Last Family on Earth

Chapter Description: Adam and his family are the last ones on Earth, being cared for by thier new Mommy

On an empty planet there lived a family, the last family on earth. None of them knows what happen, but this family could be the only humans left on an empty planet. The family consists of Adam, Maggie, their teenage daughter Piper, and their baby son Tom.

Adam is 42 years old, he has balding hair and wore his shirt and jeans. Maggie is 39, her blackish hair flowing to her shoulders as she wore her long sleeve shirt and mom jeans as Piper like to call it. Piper wore a tank top, she has red highlights in her dark hair as she take advantage of the empty shops. Thier son, only a baby stayed in just a diaper, as the air is too warm for his baby skin.

Adam was searching the empty city, looking down at the list. 'Ok, diapers, cans of food and clothes' he said, rubbing his chin. He pack the car with the supplies, when he spot something. He saw a little girl, around eight or seven sitting alone on a park bench. This is the first person they saw since everyone vanished.

Adam walked up to her, 'Hi there' he said, 'Whats your name?' he asked sitting next to her.

The little girl smile at him, 'Megan' she said.

'Where are your parents?' asked Adam

Megan shook her head, 'Theyre gone' she said in a sad voice. 'Im all alone' she was wearing a white dress, her blonde hair down her back.

Adam frown, not wanting to leave a child behind, he offered to take her home. Megan sat in the car while he drove them back to the house. They park the car, Adam got out and help Megan inside. They walked in to see Piper playing on her phone, since the wifi is out she was playing her offline games. Megan walked in and cooed at Tom, who was sitting in the playpen.

Adam found Maggie in the kitchen, and explained the girl to her. 'Oh that poor girl' said Maggie, 'Are you sure her parents aren't anywhere?' She looked at Megan shaking a toy in front of the baby.

'Im sure, I didn't want to leave her out there alone' said Adam, then he asked, 'Whats wrong?'

"it's just I have a bad feeling about this' she said, 'she us the only person out there, I don't know Adam'

'It will be fine, look she's great with Tom's they turn to see Megan tickling Tom in her arms, 'Soon she'll be a big part of the family' Maggie frown, but she nodded and they walked into the room, introducing them to Megan. Piper groaned, not caring, while Maggie talked with the girl. 

For the next few weeks, Megan has made herself at home. She help Adam with the hunting, learning how to trap and skin the rabbits. He was surprised at how natural she is. They caught some fish as well. Maggie has also shown Megan how to wash the clothes and clean the house. The little girl doing a better job then her teenage daughter, and also smiling at her. Maggie smiled back but can't help but have a bad feeling about this girl. Piper was getting along with her, they read magazines and play games, sometimes going on walks and do a bit of shopping.

But what Megan is best at is babysitting Tom, Adam and Maggie were surprised at how motherly she is, changing his diapers, feeding him and taking good care of him. 'See?' said Adam as they sat and ate dinner, Megan feeding Tom in the high chair, 'She is so good with babies' 

Maggie nodded, Adam told her that tomorrow they will try to look for any more people, while Piper can babysit Megan and Tom, 'But at this rate' said Maggie, 'Megan might as well be the babysitter'

'Mom!' said Piper, groaning.

'Relax, I'm just joking' said Maggie.

Megan giggled, glad that she found a family to look after her. Soon everyone went to bed, Adam tuck Megan in and wish her goodnight. 'Adam' said Megan, 'Thank you for taking care of me' 

Adam grinned, 'Its no problem, goodnight' he left the room, as Megan smiled.

The next day, Adam and Maggie got into the car and went on a run. While Piper sat on a lawn chair, sunbathing in her red bikini, while Megan walked out, dressed in a one piece swimsuit and carrying Tom in his swim diaper. They have set up a kiddie pool for Tom to play in. 'There you go' said Megan, watching as Tom splashed and laugh. 

Piper laughed, 'You are like my mother' she said, 'Always cooing at babies' 

Megan smiled and went to her, 'Why don't you join in' she asked, 'You need a cool down too Piper'

Piper sat up, she does feel the heat getting hotter, 'nah' she said shaking her head, 'I prefer a normal pool' Megan held her hand, Piper was about to go off at her, but the look on her face made her smile, she got up, her bikini showing off her cheeks. 'Fine I'll get in' she said, 'But only because I want to' 

Megan beamed, Piper put her feet in the water and sat down, feeling it go up to her thighs, 'Ok' she said, splashing a bit, 'This isn't that bad, at least I'm cooling down' Tom giggled at his big sister and splash her, 'Hey you little twerp' said Piper splashing him back. 

Megan sat on the lawn chair, watching them splash each other. Piper turn, her hair wet as she said, 'Arent you coming in?' 

'Im fine, I gotta keep an eye on you two since Adam left me in charge' 

Piper groaned, hating that her parents put a little girl they don't even know in charge, she doesn't need a baby sitter. She continued playing with her brother, while Megan left to go into the house, when she came back out, Piper could see she had towels, and two diapers, one for Tom of course, but the other looks so big. 'Time to get out' said Megan, taking Tom out and laying him on the blanket, Tom giggled as Megan dried him with the towel, Piper wanted to get out, but now she has the pool to herself, she laid back and relax, while Megan took off his floaties and got him changed into a new diaper. 

Once Tom was finished, Megan took him inside, then came back holding a towel for Piper. 'Ok you're turn' she said to the teenager pretending to swim. 

Piper looked back, seeing Megan holding the towel for her, she got up and stepped out from the pool, while the little girl stared drying her. 'Hey stop' said Piper, as she dried her hair, 'I can dry myself' 

'Dont worry, I can do it' said Megan, putting the towel on the blanket then helping Piper sit on it. Piper sigh as the little girl started taking off her bikini, she should argue but having someone else do the work of stripping her feels nice, she laid back as she was left nude. Megan held up her legs, smiling down at her as she started applying baby powder to her privates. 

Piper lift her head up, 'What are you doing?' she asked

'I figure you would want one of these' she held up a large diaper, looking like Tom's diaper except it was huge, big enough for the teen. 'After all, I know how much you hate having to go to the bathroom'

Piper didn't argue there, she hated having to get up and go when she was doing something, like doing her hair or playing with her toys, she admit she was jealous that her baby brother was getting all the attention from mommy and daddy. Megan slid the diaper under her, humming as she got Piper in a nice thick diaper. 

Adam and Maggie drive back home, having search the city for any signs of life, but finding nothing. So they pulled into the driveway, seeing the empty kiddie pool on the yard. 'Looks like we miss the fun' said Adam, feeling the heat under his collar.

Maggie agreed, she needs to have a cold shower once she got in. They both walked inside, 'Piper? Megan?' called out Maggie.

'In here' came Megan voices, They walked and saw Megan running towards them, 'Adam, Maggie, something is wrong with Piper' she said

Both parents got worried, they ran to the living room, stopping and staring at the sight before them. Piper was sitting next to Tom, both wearing only diapers as teletubbies played on the DVD. 'Piper!' said Maggie, going to her daughter, 'What happened?' 

Piper giggled, 'Im watching Teletubbies' she babbled, poking her mother's nose then laughing. 

'I went to put Tom in the house, when I came out she was like this' said Megan, 'Im sorry' 

'Its not your fault' said Adam, 'We'll just hope she snaps out if this' 

But she didn't, the next week proved too much for the parents. Piper cried for nights, having giant diapers to change while Adam tried to calm her, Maggie kept an eye on them whenever Adam goes out, Megan played with Piper and Tom, even changing their diapers. The mother still have a bad feeling about that girl, but Adam wouldn't listen. One day, Megan suggested taking them to the playground in the park.  Maggie was changing Piper on the bed, the teen girl laid there kicking as she wipe her bum. 'Im not sure, it's going to be too hot for her' she said. 

'Theybcan wear only diapers, and have plenty of sunscreen ' said Megan, watching as Maggie powdered her daughter. She soon got Piper into a fresh clean diaper, never thought she would have to do this again for her. She got the kids into bed, with Piper and Tom sharing the crib.

'why not?' asked Adam, laying in bed as Maggie laid in his arms, telling him about Megan's idea.

'I don't know, I'm telling you that girl isn't right' said Maggie

Adam kissed her, 'Dont worry, we'll figure something out with Piper, but in the meantime' he put a hand on her boob. Maggie but her lip, they soon started stripping each other, leaving their clothes on the floor as Maggie bend over on the bed, Adam gave her bum a snack, then stopped. 

'Whats wrong?' she asked, kneeling up.

'Your skin is so soft' said Adam rubbing her butt and back, 'Feels like baby skin' 

Maggie felt her breasts, sure enough she felt the soft baby skin on her, now that they thought about it, Piper's skin was so soft when they bathe her. She looked down and gasped, Adam looked down as well, both of them finding their pubic hair missing, leaving them smooth down there. 'Where did our pubic hair go?' whimpered Maggie.

Adam shrugged, they decided to go to sleep and hopefully this is all a dream. But when they woke up, they stood nude in front of the mirror, still feeling baby soft skin and still bald down there. "Maybe it's in the air?' said Adam.

Maggie nodded, trying to keep it out from her mind. They got dressed, Adam put on shorts and a top, while Maggie put on a tank top and dress, both of them feeling the heat now. They walked in to see Piper and Tom in their high chairs, Megan already feeding them. 'Good morning' she beamed as Piper took another bite. 

Adam and Maggie replied back, both going to get breakfast. Soon Adam was off on a hunting trip while Maggie take the kids to the park. She rubbed sunscreen on Piper, the teenage girl giggle as she was strapped next to her baby brother, both only in their diapers as the heat is too much for baby skin. Maggie decide to put some on herself, rubbing her arms and face. Megan got the diaper bag ready and they all walked out the door. 

They made it to the park, Megan helped Maggie take Piper and Tom out and let them run to the playground. 'Thank you' said Maggie sitting on the bench. Megan giggled then sat next to her. 

They kept an eye on the babies. Tom was playing in the sandbox, while Piper was going up and down the slide. Megan walked and check on Tom, the little baby giggling up at her, while Piper decided to strip off her diaper and run, being a jaybird. Maggie sigh as she watch her teenage daughter run, lucky there was no one to hawk at her breasts or bum bouncing as she ran. Megan turn to her and ask 'Arent you gonna get her diaper back on?'

'Theres no one around' said Maggie, 'and it is too warm for her baby skin to handle, just let her have fun' Megan smiled, then turn and watch the naked girl run around.

'She sure is a jaybird' said Megan

'Gets it from me' said Maggie, smiling at the memory of herself as a toddler running around naked. 

Megan then had taken Tom to the bathroom to change his diaper. Maggie got up to follow them, when Piper ran to her, 'Mommy' beamed Piper, grabbing her hands, 'come play with me' 

Maggie shook her head, 'Mommys busy sweetie' she said, but Piper was already leading her to the playground. She poke her mother then sprinted in a run, Maggie smiled, running after her, they ran around the playground, Piper stop to look back and see her sweating. 'Sorry sweetie' said Maggie, rubbing the sweat off her head, 'Im feeling quite hot'

'Then take your clothes off' said Piper, like that's the smartest thing she said. 

Maggie frowned, 'But I don't want to be nakie, what happens if someone sees us?' 

'Whos gonna see us?' drooled Piper, 'We are the last ones on earth' 

Maggie smiled, that is true. She watch Piper broke into a run, unable to resist, she stripped off her top, throwing it to the ground as she pulled down her dress. Standing there in her pink underwear, Maggie still felt hot. She grabbed the sides of her panties and pulled them to her ankles, then she took her bra off, now she is in her birthday suit. She has never felt so cooled, she started stepping out from her dress and panties and chase after her daughter. 

They ran to the playground, Maggie went down the slide, she spot Megan back at the bench, feeding Tim his bottle of milk. Piper walk to the little girl for her bottle. Maggie just kept playing, sitting in the sandbox, getting sand on her soft baby skin as she dig, and made sandcastles

'Here you go' said Megan, coming to her and handing her a bottle of milk. 

Maggie turn, seeing the little beaming at her. She saw Piper, now back in a diaper, drinking her baba on the ground, while Tom drank his in the stroller. 'No' said Maggie standing up, 'I know what you're doing' she said, getting out of the sandbox. 

Megan tilted her head, coming closer to her, 'What am I doing?' she asked in an innocent voice. 

'Youre turning me into a baby' said Maggie, pointing at her. Stepping away from the little girl before she gets her into pampers

Megan giggled, 'Thats silly Maggie, you are an adult right?' 

Maggie nodded, 'Yes I'm an adult, I think' she said

Megan frowned, 'You think? So you're not an adult?' 

Maggie shook her head, 'I am!' she yelled.

'Then why are you naked?'

'Because she told me too!' She point to Piper, hoping to get her into trouble. 

Megan shook her head, 'You shouldn't blame other people, you wanted to get naked in the first place'

Maggie shook her head, 'Nu uh, I'll prove it' she ran to her daughter. Piper giggled as she sat on the grass, Maggie stood over her, 'Piper, tell Megan you told me to take my clothes off' 

Piper giggled, feeling naughty she shook her head. Maggie turn to see Megan's disappointed face. 'She lying' whined Maggie

'Nu uh' said Piper

'Ya uh' retorted Maggie. 

Megan sigh, 'Now come on Maggie, let's get you in your diaper before you have an accident' she grab her hand.

Maggie pulled it away, 'I don't need diapers, I'm not a dumb baby like them' she pointed to her children, 'I can use the potty' Megan started laughing, looking down to her hairless crotch. Maggie frown then look down, gasping, 'IM PEEING' she yelled watching her pee run down and onto the grass. 

Megan giggled, 'Looks like you needs diapers after all'

Maggie's lip began to tremble, then she hung her head low and started crying. Megan held her hand and cooed, getting her into a hug and rubbing her back. 'Shhhh don't cry, how about I get you clean up huh?' she asked. Maggie nodded, sobbing into her shoulder.

Megan laid her on the change mat, Maggie wouldn't stop crying so she put a pacifier in her lips. Then she held up her legs and started wiping her. Maggie turn her head to her children, see Piper and Tom crawling on the grass, they look so happy, the mother wants to be happy too, and if all it costs was her adult privileges like using the potty, then she'll gladly go back to wearing diapers.

Megan slid a thick diaper under her, then sprinkle baby powder on her hairless crotch. Maggie smile as the diaper was taped up, leaving her nakie but have some protection. Maggie sit up, Megan cooed as she cradle her, the mother laying her head on her small lap. Maggie look up at her, 'Will you take care of us?' she asked

Megan nodded, 'Ill take care of you all, now have some milk' she held the baba over her lips. Maggie smiled and latched on, drinking the warm milk as she laid in her new mommy's arms. 

Adam was on his way home, getting worried as the heat was getting to him. He soon pulled into the driveway, 'Hope my family is alright' he said, getting out. He stepped inside, calling out for his wife. He walked into the living room seeing the horror before him.

Maggie was chewing on a rubber ball, wearing only her diaper as she drooled. Piper was crawling around, while Tom was giggling in his bouncer. 'Maggie' said Adam, cradling his wife.

Maggie giggled and hug back, 'Come play with us Adam' she said pulling away, 'Lets go back to being babies' 

Adam shook his head, not wanting to believe that his family are now babies. 'Who will take care of us?' he asked, the idea creeping into his head. 

Megan giggled, 'I will of course' Adam turn to see the little girl walking towards him. Fear built inside of him, but that was replaced with warm affection as he walked to the little girl, holding out his arms. Megan beamed up at him, 'Thats it Adam, come to mommy' said the little girl, watching as the grown man try his best to walk. 

'' said Adam, he took a few big steps then fell back on his butt. 

Megan came up and patted his head. 'Dont worry' she told him, 'One day you'll walk' 

'But I can walk' Adam said, trying to convince himself. He wipe the sweat from his brow, feeling hot in his clothes, 'Mommy' he whined, 'Im hot' 

Mommy smiled, 'Let Mommy fix that' she gestured him to follow. Adam got on his hands and knees and followed the little girl. They walked into a room Adam never saw before. Inside was four cribs, a small one for Tom, a medium for Piper and two huge ones for him and Maggie. Mommy helped him climb on the change table. Then she removed his shirt. Adam felt so much cooler as he was stripped nude, sitting there naked while mommy put his clothes away. 

Mommy then stood up Infront of him, hushing as she laid him down. Adam looked up at the mobile dangling over him, he giggled as he remembered the one he bought for Tom, before everyone went bye bye. He was lost in his own little world, staring up at the mobile as it spun. 'All done' said Mommy.

Adam sat up, seeing the large thick pamper taped on him. 'Hehe, it's a diaper' he said, poking his crotch. 

'Thats right, a diaper for a big boy' praised Mommy. She then helped Adam get onto the floor and he crawled back to the living room. 

Maggie, Piper and Tom are all together, playing with the toy animals on the ground, Tom handed it to Maggie to suck it, the grown woman took it and stuff its head in her mouth, chewing on it while Piper open the front of her diaper, studying toys and blocks in. 'Messy' said Piper squishing it around her smooth vagina. 

'Piper, that's naughty' said Maggie 

Piper stuck our her toung, Maggie blew a raspberry at her, then turn to see Adam crawling into the living room. 'I wanna play too' he said, coming up to his family. Piper took all the toys out from her diaper, while Maggie and Tom played with the blocks. Adam played with a Choo Choo Train. Making noises as he roll it around the floor. Suddenly Tom tug on the back of his diaper, 'Aba' said Tom.

Adam frown, wondering what's wrong when he belly began to rumble. 'Hungry' he said, Tom nodded. The family getting hungry now. Then they heard footsteps walking in. 

'Dinner time'

They all turn, seeing a tall woman with blonde hair and wore a white dress. 'Mommy?' asked Piper crawling up to her. 

Mommy nodded and pick her up, 'I think you can be first' she carried Piper out to the kitchen. Adam, Maggie and Tom crawled after them, Piper watch them crawling behind Mommy, thinking how silly they all look. 

Mommy entered the kitchen, putting Piper in her high chair, right next to her little brothers high chair, which soon Tom was sitting in. Adam and Maggie sat in a couple's high chair, two seats with one table locking them in together. Adam and Maggie kick thier feet, as Mommy gave each member of the family a bib. 

Mommy sat down, feeding Piper and Tom first. Adam and Maggie whine and complained, saying they're bigger so they need to be first. Mommy hushed them by giving them toys to play with. Adam shook his toy dinosaur, while Maggie play with her toy phone, pretending she is taking calls like she did in her old life. Soon, once Piper and Tom was done, it was their turn. Adam and Maggie ate with no fuss, except getting food mushed on their lips, making a bigger mess then the children as their bibs are dirty. 

Once the bowls were empty, Mommy cleaned them up and took them to the living room. Adam and Tom crawled, while Piper was watching a DVD on the tv, drooling as Mommy pat her head, then she sat on the couch and laid Maggie on her lap. 'Mommy I wanna play' said Maggie, drooling onto her breasts. 

'Soon, first you all need to feed' said Mommy, before Maggie could ask, Mommy pulled out her big breast, without any hesitation Maggie latched onto the nipple, drinking it as Mommy nurse her. Soon she pull her off and draped her over her shoulder. Mommy patted her back.

'BWAAAAPPP!!' burped Maggie, dribbling some milk. 

Mommy smiled, she put her on the ground, Maggie crawled to the blocks as Mommy picked Tom up, she nurse the actual baby, humming then drape him over her shoulder, giving his back a few pats before. 


She put him on the ground and continued, picking up Adam and nursing him now. The grown man greedily held on, touching her breasts as he dribble milk over her nipple, soon she pulled him off. Adam was over her shoulder, getting his back patted. 

'BWAAAPPP!!!' he burped. 

Finally it was Piper, Mommy put Adam in a baby bouncer, the grown man shaking his keys, while she laid the teenage girl on her lap. Piper didn't wait, she latches on and started suckling. 'Easy Piper' giggled Mommy, stroking her hair as she nurse. Maggie crawled to Adam, giggling as she help bounce him, making him laugh. Then Maggie got a funny feeling in her tummy.

'Adam' she said, He looked at her, drool down his lips, 'Watch, I'm making boom boom' Maggie grunted and push, soon her diaper was filled, sagging and smelly. 

Adam laughed, 'Maggie, you went poopy

Maggie nodded proudly, sitting down on her messy backside. Mommy sniff the air, 'Guess someone needs a change' she pull back Piper's diaper, peering at her clean bum. She snapped it back then pull her off. Piper was draped over her shoulder, her back getting patted. 

'BWAAAPPP!' burped Piper.

Mommy smiled, she put her in a bassinet then went to fine the stinker. She checked Tom, he was clean, then went to Maggie and pull back her diaper. Mommy fanned her nose then picked her up, 'Arent you a big stinker?' she cooked, Maggie laughed as she dangled in the air, Moment taking her to the nursery for a change. 'To think you were using the potty yesterday' she giggled to herself. 

Mommy got her on the table, Maggie kicked as her diaper was removed, then she was wiped clean. She held up her legs but Mommy shook her head, 'Nope, its bath time' she told her. She picked up the nude woman and held her on her hip. Maggie smiled as she was taken to the bathroom, Moment place her on the floor, then left, coming back with her family. 

They all sat on the floor, Mommy removed thier diapers and started the bath. Maggie and Piper giggled at Adams pee pee, Adam shrugged, at least it's bigger then Tom's. Mommy got the water at the right temp, soon all the babies were sitting in the tub, splashing and playing with the baby toys while Mommy wash them. 

Piper looked down at her vaginy, 'Why don't me and Maggie have a pee pee?' she asked mommy as she look at Maggie's vaginy too. 

Mommy giggled, 'Its because you are girls silly' she said, washing her hair,

Piper giggled, that makes sense. Mommy had rinse thier bodies, then she drained the tub. One by one she dried them with baby towels then carried each of them to the nursery for their diaper. 

Adam, Maggie, Piper and Tom each laid in the cribs, Piper chewing on her toys, Tom babbling, Maggie laying on her back, her breasts fell to her sides, and Adam sat up, watching Mommy kiss them each goodnight. 'Mommy, can we have a story' he asked, hugging his bear as Mommy put a pacifier in his mouth. 

Mommy smiled, 'Ok' she said, standing in front as she face the cribs. Adam and his family sat up, listening as Mommy began her story. 'Once upon a time there was a angel, who was lonely, all she wanted was to be loved, but when she can to earth everyone was gone, the angel got sad and walked alone, hoping to find someone to love her' she came to each of their cribs and tuck them in. 

'Soon a nice man found her, he was so kind that she loved him from the start' she tickled his belly, making Adam giggled. 'He introduce her to his wife and children, all of them took her in and made her a part of the family' Maggie yawned and started sucking her thumb. 'But they look so scared at being alone too, she could see it in their souls, so the angel decided that since they took care of her, she will take care of them' Piper fell asleep, clutching her teddy as Mommy pat her diaper, 'She saw how happy and blissful thier baby son was, so she made them all happy and blissful, taking a piece of the baby's soul and putting it in them, giving them baby skin as a sign of their second babyhood' Tom giggled as Mommy kiss him goodnight. 

'In the end, the baby soul spread throughout their souls, making them the perfect babies an angel could ask for, and they all lived happily ever after' 

Mommy walked to the door, smiling at the sleeping forms of the family. She turned off the light and close the door, tomorrow will be a brand new day for this family of babies. 

And so this family was never alone again. Mommy will watch them forever, she sat on the lawn chair and watch as her babies all sat in the kiddie pool, naked as they all splash and babbled, Mommy has never loved them more then anything before. Adam came up to her, babbling as he point to his mouth, Mommy sat him on her lap and started to nurse him, the grown man drinking happily while his family run around the field dripping wet. 



End Chapter 14

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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