The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022

Chapter 5
Speech Therapy for the Adults

Chapter Description: Joy questions her authority when she cant seem to help a little boy with his speech, but at least he can change her diapers

Joy sip her coffee as she sat at her desk, she is a speech therepist for children, she helps them speak words clearly, now she is waiting for her next client.

Joy has short black hair, dressed in her blouse and jeans as she sat in her chair. The door open as Joy got up and put on a smile, ’Hi there’ she said

The next client is a mother and her son, the son name is Billy, he is ten years old, scruffy brown hair and wearing his shirt and shorts as he sulked, clearly not wanting to do this boring therapy. The mother name is Sarah, she is dressed professionally in her blouse and skirt and jacket, smiling as she said hi to Joy, ’Hello, we here for the appointment’ she said rubbing her sons hair.

’Yes welcome’ said Joy bending down a little to speak to Billy, ’Hi, excited for your therapy’ she ask, trying to make him feel better

’’This sucks’ said Billy in a huff

’Billy! Be polite’ said Sarah turning to Joy, ’sorry, my husband and i have our hands full’ she explain

’No worries, me and my husband has a baby girl named Jessy’ said Joy, thinking about her husband Brad and their baby girl back at home, lucky she doesnt have to worry about her speech for a long time to come, ’well you can wait outside and we’ll be done in a hour’ she said as she wave to Sarah a the mother walked out the door, closing it as Billy took a seat at the small table. Joy took a seat on a small chair herself, ’ok Billy, tell me about yourself’ she said, but when Billy just pouted, Joy continue, ’Im Joy, I’m 32 years old and I like disney’ she said

’Im not a b-b-b-b-baby’ huff Billy

’Of course your not’ said Joy, ’But I hear you got a bit of s stutter’ she said

Billy huff, so Joy pull out some cards, ’Ok, lets start with some words’ she pull out a card with a duck on it, with the word duck on it, ’now repeat after me, du du du’ she began sounding the word out, Billy huff as he began saying it, giving it a stutter so Joy help him to slow down and think, ’Ok lets try the next one’ she said pulling out a new card, with a phone on it, but then she began to feel a bit light headed, she clutch her head as she bend down a little

’Are y-y-y-y-y-you ok?’ ask Billy smiling a bit

’Yeah I’m fine’ said Joy ’Now t-t-t-t-t-o do the new one’ she stop as she notice her stutter, she close her eyes for a bit, but when she open them she was sitting on the ground. ’Huh?’ she said as she sees a pile of blocks infront of her, her legs crossed as Billy stood up over her

’Joy I can go home now’ he said pointing to the clock, seeing that a hour has passed

’Oh yeah’ said Joy standing up, feeling her chin wet as she wipe herself, they walked out to Sarah sitting at the chairs, reading a magazine that she put down as she stood, ’Well I think he did well’ said Joy, not knowing what happen but it could be nothing

Sarah thank her as she took Billy, waving goodbye as they left the waiting room, Joy continue her job as she finish at 5, going back home, she walked in as Brad is already home, watching tv while Jessy was on the carpet, playing with her toys, ’I’m home you two’ said Joy bending down to pick up Jessy, cooing at her as she babbles and laughs.

She sat next to Brad as he cuddles her, ’So how was your work’ he ask

’Busy, poor kids trying to form simple words’ said Joy putting Jessy back on the ground as the baby crawled back to her toys, she smile as she watch her with her playing, the tv seem boring to her as she feel a bit jealous that she isnt playing as well. She begun thinking back to her session with Billy, she cant remember a thing about it, all she knows she had toys infront of her and Billy sitting at her desk, which is odd considering no child ever sits at her desk, she has a statues as a adult after all. Her train of thought got interrupted as she sniff the air.

’I think our little treasure needs a change’ said Brad

Joy nodded as she got up, picking up their baby as she carried her away, ’Ok stinky, time to change your didie’ she cooed, Jessy giggle as she cradle in her mama’s arms, wearing only her diaper as Joy figures babies can run around in just their diapers at home, seeing no harm in it. They pass some photos on the wall, Joy smile as she look at one showing her and Brad with Jessy at the park, she was wearing her sundress and Brad in his shirt and shorts as Jessy was in her stroller, laughing at the camera, the next was at the beach, Joy was wearing a sexy red polka dot bikini, sitting on the towel as she held Jessy in her swimsuit and swim diaper looking up at the camera smiling, but her favorite was the family photo, She was in her neatest blouse, Brad in his suit as they sat on the couch, Jessy between them in the cutest baby dress, diaper showing under her dress as they all smile, Joy smile as she walked past them. They entered the nursery as they came to the change table, Joy lay her down as she started the change, cooing at her. Jessy kick playfully so Joy place a pacifier in her mouth, hearing her suckle as she remove the dirty diaper, clean her up, powdered her and put her in a new fresh diaper.

’All clean’ cooed Joy lifting her up, Jessy laughs as Joy held her, being a cheeky baby Jessy pull her pacifier out and put it in her mouth, Joy eyes widen as she suckle a bit, feeling the nipple under her teeth as she chewed, Joy left it in as she carry Jessy back to the carpet to play, Brad chuckling at his wife’s paci

’So I see Jessy decides to share’ he teased as Joy sat back down, Jessy back on the ground playing, as she pull it out

’Oh shut it’ she said throwing the pacifier to the ground, but keeping her eye on it as the urge to suckle is still there.

Soon it was time for bed, Jessy being laid gently in her crib as Joy kiss her goodnight, going to her bedroom as she found Brad already sleeping, tired form his hard day of work, Joy sigh, she was planning on some fun tonight but she can wait another night, taking off her clothes as she strip down to her panties, putting on her nightie as she crawled into bed, she open her ipad as she open the video of her office, seeing what happen when she blacked out, and see watch it, seeing her clutching her head, then she got up and grab the box of toys, then she spent the next hour playing with the toys while Billy sat at her desk, drawing on paper, Joy doesnt seem to remember that, but its something to think about tomorrow as she turn off the light and went to sleep.

The morning light shone as Joy yawn awake, hitting the alarm as she got out of bed, she had the weirdest dream last night, she was in a park, naked with nothing to cover her shame, but she wasnt the only one, Brad was there too, and Sarah, and every adult was there, they were running and playing on this huge playset. Joy ran with her husband when they reach the swings, then she woke up. ’Wow so childish’ she giggle at herself as she strip down to nothing, being as naked as her dream as she step into the shower. Joy scrub and clean herself, letting the water wash her as she turn it off, stepping out as she began drying herself with the towel before wrapping herself up, walking to the bedroom to change into her clothes for today.

Once she got dressed, in her shirt, cardigan and jeans, she walked to the kitchen as her husband made her some breakfast, ’thank you honey’ said Joy giving him a kiss

Brad chuckle as he sat down too, Jessy already fed by Brad as she stayed in her high chair playing with her toys. Joy began eating her food but sometimes missing her mouth, getting her lips dirty, Brad just laugh, ’Need help there?’ he ask mockinly

Joy stuck out her tongue as she continue to eat, the adults finishing their meal as they clean up and head off, Joy dropping Jessy at daycare before she head back to her work. Heading into her office as she sat at her desk, ready for the day. She help some kids with spelling, speaking and saying those hard words, Joy smile as the children are happy at the end at their progress. Joy wave goodbye to Sally as she left with her daddy, going back to her desk as the door open, Sarah and Billy walking in again. Joy turn and smile, but also noticing Sarah’s look, she seems different, her skirt looking a bit looser as her blouse is a mess.

’Hi Joy’ said Sarah shaking her hand, ’Well Billy be good’ she said giving her son a kiss as she proceed to wait outside, probably to read another magazine

Joy meanwhile sat at her desk, motioning Billy to sit in the chair next to her, ’Ok Billy, how about we start with s-s-s-s-s-s-s-sounding the word’ she said stopping, her stutter seem to have come back

Billy giggle a bit, ’having trouble?’ he ask

Joy shook her head, ’no its fine, now what shall we s-s-s-s-s-start with’ she said cursing herself to focus, but Billy kick his legs

’How about we introduce o-o-o-oourselves’ he ask

Joy look at him, maybe he wanted to do it right today. ’Ok you wanna start’ she said

Billy began, ’I’m Billy, Im ten years old and I like soccar’ he said

’Good’ said Joy as she began, ’I’m Joy, I’m thirty two years old and I like Disney’

’No your not’

’Parden?’ ask Joy

’I dont think your thrity two, I think your one’ said Billy holding up one finger for Joy to see

Joy chuckle, thinking he’s just playing and getting comfortable, ’Oh so I’m a baby huh?’ she said playing along


’So if I’m a baby then that means I wear diapers and play with toys’ said Joy geting a image of herself sitting on the ground, pile of toys next to her as she wore a huge diaper, she chuckle at that thought as she blinked, finding herself suddenly on the ground again, this time laying on her belly, her legs spread out behind her as a pacifier fell out of her lips, Billy sitting over her in her chair as he kick her softly

’Joy I’m going home now’ he said smiling

Joy stood as she look down, seeing her pants gone as her pink panties are exposed, she quickly covered it with the rim of her shirt, ’where a-a-a-are my je-je-jeans?’ she stuttered panickly

Billy point to the corner, where her jeans have been tossed, ’you took them off to get comfortable, remember?’ he ask

Joy trottle to the corner, quickly pulling her jeans up her legs and over her soft bum, buttoning them, ’ok-k-k-k-kay B-b-billy’ she stuttered, seeing it got worse as Billy head to the door, Joy followed him out, trying to figure out why she would take her pants off as they found his mother sitting by the children play area, playing with a toy kitchen as she spot her son, getting up as they waved goodbye to Joy and left

Joy then spent the afternoon practicing, trying to lose her stutter, ’C-c-c-ome on’ she sigh, hoping her husband doesnt notice as she pick up her bag and began going home. She walked in as Brad was shaking a toy infront of Jessy, making the baby giggle and laugh. Joy giggle as she sat next to them on the ground, ’She looks like shes having fun’ she said watching the toy shake as well

’Yeah, dont know what came over me, suddenly I feel like shaking this’ said Brad as he put it down to give her a kiss, Joy kiss back as she pick up another toy to play.

’Hello mr tiger, wanna shake with me’ said Joy playfully

Brad smile as he pick up the tiger, ’sure ms bear, lets shake’ he said as the parents shook the toys, making Jessy laugh at this silly show. The parents smile at each other as they continued.

Soon it gotten late, Jessy was falling asleep as she was carried by Joy to her crib, tucking her in and kissing her head as she went back to her bedroom, walking by as she spots something, she look at the photos, something seem different, the photo of them at the park has changed, now it showed them standing at the playground, Joy and Brad with Jessy holding their hands, the stroller seem to be gone, the next was even stranger as Joy was wearing a one piece swimsuit with Jessy in a normal toddler suit, the last one was the family photo, Jessy was smiling like a mature child, along with Brad and Joy, but as she look closer she could barely see some dark spots on her pants and Brad’s as well, thinking nothing of it she continue to the bedroom. Brad getting ready for bed as Joy change into her sleepwear. ’Come on honey, lets have a little f-f-f-fun’ she said laying on the bed, stopping herself as she covered her mouth

Brad lay next to her, ’got yourself a stutter sweetie?’ he said

Joy frown as they got under blankets, both ready but they both yawned, getting really sleepy as they close their eyes, drifting off to sleep, she has the same dream again, except the playground looking a bit younger if thats a thing, more adults running naked and playing, Joy and Brad playing together on the see saw, going up and down on it, her breasts bouncing up and down as they have no bra to hold it down, but she didnt care as she was having the time of her life. When she woke up she was slightly dissapointed, being a bit grumpy she pull the covers off, exposing her naked body

’What the fuck?’ she yelled, looking down, she has nothing on, not her bra or her sexy pink panties. Brad moved as the covers fell to the floor, showing his naked body as well, ’Whats wrong honey?’ he ask still half asleep.

’Whats wrong? We’re naked’ said Joy lifting her long bare legs in the air, feeling a bit childish as she does

Brad lay next to her doing the same, ’well yeah, we always sleep naked remember?’ he said as he began waving his legs in the air

Joy frown, trying to think but all she could is remember going to bed naked every night. ’That cant be right’ she said to herself, she kick her legs playfully, giggling a bit as she poke his shoulder, ’hey look im a baby’ she teases putting her thumb in her mouth as she kick her feet in the air like Jessy does.

Brad chuckle, ’Ok Baby Joy, lets get ready for work’ he said as he got up

Joy nodded as she took her thumb out, going into the shower to wash herself. Getting into the shower as she giggle, Baby Joy, she admit it sounds about right for her, she stood there as she hears the door open, turnign to see Jessy looking up at her, ’Jessy?! what are you doing?’ she squealed covering herself

Jessy giggle, ’Im here to wash you silly’ she said as she grab a sponge and started to wash her, Joy wanted her to leave but stayed as she let her baby wash her body, it beats doing it herself she guessed. Jessy wash her, telling her to turn as she wash her bum, Joy blushing red as she was wash down with the water, Jessy smile as she finish, leaving her to stay in the shower by herself.

Joy shivered, thinking it was just in her head she turn the water off as she step out, wrapped in a towel as she walked in the bedroom for some panties, opening the drawers and getting a big shock. ’Huh?’ she said as she pulled out one huge adult diaper. Her drawers are filled with diapers, no panties in sight. She pull out the diapers, looking for panties of any kind, then Brad walked in with a crinkle, ’What are you doing?’ he said

Joy turn to him, seeing her husband wearing a adult diaper of his own, ’Brad? whats going on where are my panties’ she said getting very confused. Why is he acting like this normal?

Brad waddle to her, wearing just a diaper make him look like a oversized baby, ’Uh did you hit your head? We dont wear panties or underpants’ he said

Joy pouted, ’b-b-but babies wear diapers’ she stuttered

Brad smile, ’but parents wear diapers too, now come on we gotta drop Jessy to daycare’ he said as he went off to get dressed

Joy held the diaper in her hands, feeling the plastic as she sat on the bed, opening the diaper up as she sat her bare butt on it, towel on the bed as a mat, she began applying powder, feeling like she did this many time before, infact she cant remember the last time she wore panties. Once the diaper was fasten she stood, crinkling as she look in the mirror, ’Now I look like a baby’ she said to herself as she began putting her bra on, getting her jeans up over her diaper as she pulled, managing to button them up. Once she put her shirt and blouse on she head to the kitchen for breakfast.

Jessy was getting fed by Brad as Joy watch the video feed, yep she has taken her pants off, chucking them in the corner as she exposed her diaper, wait that cant be right she was wearing pink panties, but here she was in a huge diaper, infront of Billy, doing a silly baby dance. Her thoughts interrupted as she sniff, ’Honey I think Jessy needs a change’ she said closing her ipad

But Jessy shook her head, ’Not me mommy, daddy needs a change’ she said giggling

’Yeah it was me’ said Brad as he got up, waddling to the bedroom for a change, Joy frown as she knows something is definality wrong here.

She got to work as she seem to notice more bizarre things, like every parent that comes in with their child seems to be waddling, or under dressed as some walked in in pajamas or lazy everyday clothes. The children think nothing of it as they think its normal their mommy and daddy are wearing diapers, Joy sat at her desk, just finish with a child as she sat in her chair, feeling the diaper cushioning her bum as she lay back, waiting for her next client to walk in.

Sarah and Billy walked in again, Sarah came waddling in in her long light blue night shirt, Joy stood, wobbling a bit on her feet, ’W-w-where is your suit?’ she ask

Sarah sigh, ’suits boring and I just didnt feel like wearing it’

Billy walked in as he sat at Joy’s desk, ’Ok Mommy, you can wait outside’ he said

’But but what happens if I made doody’ said Sarah rather very babyish

’If you did, I’ll change you after’ said Billy

’Okay Billy’ said Sarah as she waddle out, her crinkle louder then Joy’s own diaper. Waddling out as the door closes

Joy turn to Billy, ’B-b-b-billy that my C-c-c-chair’ Joy force herself to say, her stuttering really bad

Billy giggle at her, ’Guess you need some speech therepy Joy’ he said as he grab the cards out, ’here try to sound these words out’ he said giving her the same cards she used on their first session

Joy pouted, ’I dont n-n-need it’ she argue but looking at the first card, Duck, she began trying to sound out the word, ’Duuu duuuu phribbbt’ she blew a raspberry, she tried again, sitting on the chair next to her desk as she continue, Joy sounded the word as she close her eyes in frustration, opening them again to the ceiling on top of her, ’N-n-not again’ she cried as she sat up, she was laying on a change mat, her jeans gone again into the corner, but looking at her diaper closely she notice something, ’this isnt the d-d-diaper I put on’ she frown, it looks a bit different then her regular diapers

Billy tap her head as Joy look up at him, ’yeah you did one big doody, so I change you’ he said as he walked to the door,

’Ch-ch-ch-change me?’ said Joy as she crawled to the bin, seeing one huge messy adult pamper rolled up, did she really do that? She turn to see Billy left the room, waddling behind as she look out her door, seeing the child help his mother to her feet from the play area, where its occupied by a lot of adults

Billy lift up his mother’s night shirt and look at her huge messy bum, ’Yep you need a change, I’ll change you when we get home’ he said as he grab her hand and lead her out.

’But you said you’ll change me now!’ babble Sarah, starting to cry as she was led out, Joy watch the scene unfold, looking to the other waiting parents, a little girl has her father on her lap feeding him a bottle, two mothers have a tea party while their kids check their diapers, Joy quickly waddle back in, closing the door as she open her laptop.

’I kn-kn-know something is w-wrong’ she said to herself. She open the video feed as she watch, watching herself read the cards, trying to sound it out when she threw them in frustration, Billy gestured for her to sit on his lap, which she did, sitting on the childs lap like a toddler as he pull out a bottle of milk, holding it up as Joy latch on to it, sucking it down, once she finish the baba she was drape over his shoulder and got her back patted, obviously so she can burp, then Joy suck her thumb as she lay into him, watching him draw on the paper. Then the moment when Joy decided to shit her diaper, Joy watch herself grunting and pushing as she finish, knowing she has made that huge mess, Billy laid her on the ground, pulling her jeans off as he started to change her.

Joy shut it off, unable to watch herself being so babyish, its not right, but seeing herself treated like that feels like she deserves to be babied. Every time that boy comes in, weird things keep happening. The door knock as Joy quickly got out of her chair, ’Coming!’ she yelled as she grab her jeans, getting them just over her padded rear as the door open, her next client walking in. Joy button her pants as she turn, it was a little girl name Emma, shes with her mother Jenny, who was drooling and wearing just her blouse, her diaper expose for Joy to stare at, she put on a professional smile as she waddle to them, ’Hi Emma ready for more speech activities?’ she ask

Emma shook her head, ’no silly, My mommy is here for speech therapy’ she said as Jenny nodded, smiling as she waddle to the kiddie table and sat on the small chair. ’Now you be good mommy’ said Emma wagging her finger

Jenny groan, ’yes Emma, I’ll be good’ she said as the child smile and left the room, closing the door

Joy waddle to the table as she sat down too, ’Um, Jenny, Emma is suppose to be here’ explained Joy, trying to convince the parent

But Jenny shook her head, ’Nuh uh! Me here now!’ she said

Joy gasp at her broken speech, ’B-b-but you are a a-ad-adu-adult’ she said stuttering

Jenny sigh, grabbing the toys as she spilled it on the floor, ’Whatever, I go play toys now’ she said getting on the ground to play, grabbing some small blocks to build a house, Joy sat down with her, going to tell her to stop when she picked up a block, shrugging as she built her own house.

The two adults continue to play, with different toys as Joy held a toy sheep, building a farm with Jenny as they make silly animal noises, Joy giggle to herself as she watch jenny crawl around, drooling as she hit a toy that makes a jangling sound, what was it called again? Joy shrugged as she grab the blocks from earlier, sniffing as she turn to see Jenny sitting down crying, ’Whats wrong?’ ask Joy but got her answer as she smell the aroma from her diaper, clutching her nose she gag as the mother is wearing a poopy diaper, Jenny wailing like a baby. Joy suddenly feel scared, she doesnt know what to do, so she started to cry too, they both cry like babies while Emma walked in, seeing them cry as she came to them and got them in a big hug.

’shhhh there there’ she said patting their backs, ’seems like I got some huge diapers to check’

Joy hug her as she started to feel better, sniffing as Emma let them go, leaving them sitting down as the child began checking their diapers, pulling back Joy’s jeans and diaper and peer in, Joy feeling embarrassed but didnt complain as she was announced clean, while Emma moved to her mother, seeing the big mess, ’Oh Mommy, you made boom boom’ she cooed as she laid her down, grabbing her diaper bag as she began changing her mother’s diaper. Joy watch, seeing the diaper change like watching some bizarre thing, the change itself is too complicated to her, makes her wonder how she gets her own diapers clean.

Jenny cooed as Emma tape her clean diaper up, she look so content laying there, legs spread and arms laying apart, like a actual infant getting a change from its mommy, Emma giggle as she help Jenny to her feet, then strap her into a stroller. ’Did Mommy enjoy her playdate?’ she cooed as she place a pacifier in her lips

Jenny suckle as she nodded, Emma beamed as she push the stroller out, saying bye to Joy as they left.

Joy just sit there on the ground, her jeans have been unbutton as it open to the top of her diaper, she drooled as she got to her feet, she should go home and lie down, maybe when she wakes up she is a big girl again, she waddle out of her office, saying bye to her friends as she went home.

Waddling in she walked into a even more bizarre sight, seeing her husband on the playmat, with Jessy as they have discarded their clothes, jessys onesie by the couch, Brad’s shirt and tie on the floor by the door, his pants by the hallway, with him sitting in just his diaper, shaking a rattle as Jessy read him a story, Jessy turn to see mommy waddle in, "mommy! Your home’ she said as she got up, Brad smile at his wife as the infant daughter waddle to her, turning her around to pull down her jeans.

’Jessy....’ began Joy but she felt her jeans around her ankles, Jessy peering into her diaper to check if its clean

’Yep, good mommy your being a good girl’ she said praising her, Joy beamed, being called a good girl lighten her spirits, Jessy help her step out of her pants as Joy was sat next to Brad, the parents watch as Jessy sat infront of them, ’Now lets play a game’ she told them, Brad and Joy listen as they began playing animal farm, the parents picking up the toys as they played with their daughter, making moo sounds and chicken sounds, Jessy giggle as she look at the clock, ’Oh I have to get dinner ready’ she said getting up and waddling to the kitchen.

Joy wipe her chin as she turn to Brad, ’Honey, why are we being babies?’ she ask

Brad took the sheep out of his mouth, giving his wife a smile, ’Well we’re not babies, we’re parents’ he said

Joy frown, ’B-but parent dont w-w-w-ear diapers, or -pl-pl-play with toys’ she stuttered, trying to get the word out

brad poke her diaper, ’well Parents cant use a potty, so diapies are more comfortable’ he said, ’Now come on lets get some nums nums’ he crawled to the kitchen, Joy watch him wag his diaper as she followed, the parents crawling into the kitchen as Jessy got off from the stool she used to cook, beaming at her parents

’Ok you two, lets get those bellies filled’ she cooed as she help them up, Joy having trouble standing as she was lead to a high chair, Jessy pushing her butt up so she can sit down, getting the table lock her in as she sat, watching Brad getting in his chair as Jessy set them next to each other. Joy waited while Jessy tied bibs around them, going to her daddy now as Joy look at her own bib, seeing a cartoon of a mommy wearing just a diaper in a baby cradle drooling, she look to her husbands one as it is the same except it has the father.

Jessy sat in her high chair, infront of her parents as she put the bowls on the tables, ’Ok eat up’ she beamed as she started eating her meal, Joy watch as Brad started eating his, using his fingers to grab handfuls and put it in his mouth, Joy grab her spoon as she ate hers like a proper adult, but failing a bit as she misses, hitting her chin, cheek and bib, boobs as well, as she manage to finish her meal, She smile as Jessy wipe her face and her parents faces, removing the bibs as she help them out of the high chairs, Jessy stood Joy up as she tug her blouse, ’Mommy, you didnt take your shirt off’ she giggled, Joy stuck her finger in her mouth as Jessy look up at her, ’Remember, babies and parents can stay in just diapers’

Joy smack her forehead, of course it makes sense, no hesitation she took her blouse off, throwing it on the table along with her bra, now standing fully diapered and nude she waddle behind Jessy as the family sat on the couch, all wearing just thier diapers as they began watching tv, their favourite baby show Pound Puppies.

The family sat together as they suckle on their babas, Joy drank her milk as she suddenly sat up, she isnt suppose to do this, bottles are for babies and she isnt a baby. She stood as she wobble, ’whats wrong honey?’ ask Brad taking his baba out

’I need to go lay down’ said Joy waddling to the bedroom, she need to rest, waddling past the photos she spots as they look different, The first photo is now her and Brad in strollers, Jessy standing between them as the parents sat looking happy, Joy could see her diaper poking out from her sundress as her legs were spread apart showing up her dress. The beach photo is now her and Jessy sitting by s sandcastle that they built, a swim diaper poking out of her swimsuit, the family photo is now them wearing baby clothes, Joy and Jessy in baby dresses and Brad in a baby shirt and shirt, their diaper bulges noticeable.

Joy whimpered as she waddle, running into bed as she laid down, sucking her thumb as she went under the blankets, its all that stupid boy fault, ever since he came in she’s been turning into a baby, well tomorrow she is gonna get some answers, she yawned as she rest, falling asleep.

She giggle as she poke her head out of the ballpit, the playground looking more babyish as she crawled around, naked like a newborn baby as she threw balls around, seeing all other adults in the same position, some playing balls, some drooling and laying down and some just splash the balls like infants, it was a paradise for adults. Joy smile as she started chasing Brad, ’Im gonna get you’ she said crawling in the ball pit.

Joy yawn as she woke up, ’Mommy wake up time for work’ said Jessy’s voice

Joy sat up, now finding herself in a huge crib, Brad still sleeping on one side and Jessy between them, poking her until shes awake, Joy mumble as she rub her eyes, ’Im up’ she said as she look around, her bedroom is now a huge nursery, its getting worse she thought to herself, she stood up as she held on the bars, reaching for the hook as she un hook it, letting the bars fell, Brad mumble as he sat up, Joy not paying attention as she get ready for the day, taking off her diaper as she went to take a shower.

But the shower is gone, instead its a huge bathtub. Joy moan as she sat in, opening the water as she bath herself, soon joined by sounds of feet as Brad and Jessy came to join her, splashing into the water as they laughed, Joy groan, she needs to fix this, she cant be a baby forever! She climbed out as she dried herself, getting into another diaper as she pull her jeans up, putting on her sweat shirt as she walked out of her bedroom, looking at the photos, seeing them at the park, sitting in baby strollers smiling as they are still in their adult clothing, the one at the beach shows her still in her one piece swimsuit and large swim diaper with Jessy wearing the same thing, the family photo they are now all wearing onesies, Joy in a pink one, Brad in a blue one and Jessy in a purple one, all smiling and happy.

Joy stomp her foot as she stomp away, diaper crinkling as she will go back to being the adult.

She drove straight to work, waddling into her office, past the diapered adults and children as she sat at her desk, all the footage from the camera shows Billy at her desk, drawing on something. She huff as she couldnt find anything, then she hears a knock as the door open, turning to see Sarah walking in with Billy, ’Good Morning Swarah’ she said smiling, today she is in her blouse but no skirt as her diaper is exposed.

Joy stood, her legs standing apart due to her padding as she drool a bit, ’Sa-sarah where’s your skirt?’ she asked

Sarah shrugged, ’eh, skirt too tight, so I decide to go diaper instead’ she said, bending down to kiss Billy as she wave then waddle out the door, going for more playtime in the waiting room.

Joy close the door as she waddle, sitting at her desk as Billy sat in the chair next to it, ’I think I’m getting better’ he said smiling up at her

Joy huff, ’I kn-kn-know you did this!’ she yelled

Billy look at her, ’did what?’

’This!’ she babbled pointing at her diaper bulge, ’Ever since you came, I been bl-b-b-blacking out and in d-d-d-d-d-diapers!’ Billy just laughed as Joy got angrier, ’St-st-st-stop! I wanna be normal again!’ she stuttered

Billy smile, he went into his pocket and pull out his phone, showing Joy as he showed her a website, Joy look as she read the title, ’Re-re-re-’ she tried but the words seem so weird to her, she can barely make it out

Billy laughed, ’Its a reality app, I write what reality I want’ he explained

’So th-thats what you’ve be-be-been doing at my desk!’ she blurted out, she could’ve sworn he was drawing!

Billy nodded, ’Yep, I wanted to put all parents on the same level as their kids, I think going back to diapers might calm you all down, make you listen and understand more But I see that you need to be treated less then us’ he explained as he began typing

Joy gasp, ’Bil-bil-billy NO!’ she screamed but too late as her lightheadeness returned, she close her eyes for a split second as everything changed again. She open them as she found herself sitting in the chair next to her desk, where Billy was sitting a moment ago, but now Billy is sitting in her desk, wearing a kid version of a suit as he smile at her

’Well Joy, I think your hour is up’ he said

Joy felt a chill as she look down, her blouse and sweat pants are now gone, now she is wearing a backless pink onsie, her diaper bulge noticible as her bare back is exposed. ’Oh no’ she dribble as her bra is gone now, her breasts under her onesie as there is a pacifier tied to a string that is clipped on her top, Billy stood as the door open, Jessy walking in, in her own little blouse and skirt as she walked up to her, smiling.

’Did you have fun Mommy?’ she ask looking up at her

Joy open her mouth, ’Jes-jes-jessy Bil-billy is....’ but Jessy pull her forward, so she is bending forward as she pull back her diaper, peeking in

’Good girl, you are clean’ she beamed pulling her mother to her feet

Joy open her mouth to scream but was suddely silence by the pacifier being shoved into her mouth, she suckle and chewed as Jessy held her hand, ’Thank you, same time tomorrow?’ ask Jessy patting her mothers bum

Billy chuckle, ’Tomorrow is saturday’ he said

’Oh right sorry’ giggle Jessy ’You know how a handful parents can be’ Joy stomp her feet. whining as Jessy smack her bum, ’Behave Mommy’ she said glaring, Joy whimpered as she suckle her pacifier

Joy waddle out as she spot more parents and thier children, the parent all wore baby clothes, while the children wore adult clothing fit to size, Sarah is in the playpen shaking a rattle, drooling as she wore only a diaper, unaware that she is suppose to be a responsible adult right now, Joy waddle pass as Jessy took her out of the office. Joy suckle her pacifier faster, the whole situation too much as she was getting buckled in her own baby car seat, super sized to fit her, while Jessy sits in the driver seat, driving them away. Joy struggle in the seat, trying to take the belt off but it is design to keep babies in, well adults in this case. She spat out the pacifier as she grunted, ’stupid thing’ she babbles

She then notice they are stopping at the daycare, where she drops Jessy off everyday, Joy stayed in her seat as Jessy got out of the car, returning with Brad waddling behind, in his blue onesie as he was soon strapped in his car seat next to Joy. Joy jaw dropped as Brad was drooling, looking like a big baby as he smile at her, ’hey honey, how was your speech therepy?’ he ask with a line of drool running down his chin.

Joy stuggles to tell him, ’I w-w-was a bi-bi- adult!’ she babble out, trying to speak like a proper adult but Brad just ignore her as he look out to all the pretty birdies outside, Joy wanted to hit him but spot a puppy and giggle at it, joining him in watching the outside. She didnt notice the car pulling in the driveway to her home, as Jessy got out and took them out of their carseats, leading the parents inside and putting them on the playmat. Joy and Brad then got their onesies taken off, Joy got on her hands as she kick the clothing off her feet, crawling a bit as she join Brad by the toys, both wearing just diapers as they have officially getting treated like babies, Jessy put thier clothes away as she left them alone to play.

Joy went to Brad as she tries to get him to think straight, ’C-c-c-co-come on B-b-b-b-brad’ she stuttered, ’We no ba-ba-babies, we parents’

Brad shook his head, ’nu uh, Jessy is the parent’ he said

Joy shook her fists, ’NO! Me M-mom-mommy!’ she yelled crying a bit, then she feels a rumble in her bowels, Joy fearing what gonna happen, stood up trying to escape to the potty but she only made it into a squatting position as she started filling up her diaper, grunting as she let it all go, so her diaper began to sag. Joy yelled and sobbed, sitting back down as she squish it, making her wail for Jessy to come walking in, sniffing as she fan her nose.

’wow mommy, you made one big doody’ she giggle as she pick her up, holding her with great strenght as the toddler carried her to the nursery, Joy shove her own thumb in her mouth as she suckle, going past as she peek at the photos seeing new changes.

The first photo is now her and brad in strollers while Jessy stood proudly, the parents in silly baby clothes while their baby girl is wearing a sundress, the beach photo is now her sitting infront of Jessy, wearing a swim diaper and baby swim suit while Jessy wore a adult swimsuit. The family photo is now Brad and Joy sitting on the couch with Jessy between them, Jessy smiling in her professional suit while her parents wore only diapers, both giggling and laughing at the keys being shaken on top of the camera. Joy sobbed harder as she was carried to the change table, small enough for Jessy to stand over it as she laid her mother down, beginning to untape the huge diaper.

Jessy clutch her nose, ’wow mommy, you sure needed to go’ she cooed as she remove it, wiping her mothers bum as she rolled up the diaper, throwing it in the diaper pail along with other giant diapers. Joy lifted up her head to see Jessy sliding a new diaper under her, noticing her pubic hair gone as she is left smooth, while Jessy apply the baby powder to her private parts and her huge bum, Joy couldnt help but feel like this is all a dream, she has change Jessy’s diaper so many times yet now she is the one getting changed by her, their roles reversed as she is now a diaper wearing baby dependent on her daughter, Is this what Billy wanted? Jessy tape up the diaper fastly around her waist, blowing on her belly as Joy giggle and laugh, laughing as she kick playfully.

Soon Jessy lead Joy back to the playmat, leaving her with Brad on the ground as she picked up the stuff bear she was playing with before, back when she was in proper clothing, Joy and Brad played together while the door bell rang, Jessy going off to answer it.

Brad held the tiger up, ’shake time’ he babble

Joy giggle as she shook her bear, laughing along as they dance together, then she hears a voice behind her ’Awwww I see you are much happier’

Joy turn to see Billy looking at her, smiling his evil smile, Joy drop her toy as she gasp, seeing Sarah toddling behind, wearing a baby shirt and pink overalls as she sat down with the other adults, ’Yay playtime’ she babbled happily

Joy drooled as Billy went with Jessy to talk adult things in the kitchen, feeling embarrassed being in the nude infront of the child who has reduced her to this infantile hell, she stood up, waddling away as she left Sarah and Brad to giggle, drool and play alone, she waddle to the kitchen as she eavesdrop on the conversation, she hid behind the door as she listen, ’Nice to let your mother have a playdate’ said Jessy washing the dishes

’Well she wanted to have more friends’ chuckle Billy sitting at the table, Joy figure he should have his phone on him, spotting it on the table she began to sneak in, getting on her hands and knees as she crawled along the wall, hoping they dont see her. Joy began going towards the table, hoping no one hears her diaper crinkling, she got on her knees and about to reach the phone bu Billy grab her, lifting her so she sat on his small lap, ’well well, guess you cant behave at all’ he said

Joy sobbed, ’please ch-ch-change me back’ she begged, ’I’ll be g-g-g-good I pwomise’

Billy smile, noticing that Joy is now afraid of the small child, seeing as she is wetting her diaper out of fear, he pull out the phone as she show her the note, ’look, I think being a baby is too much for you’ he said as he began typing, Joy trying desperately to read, but the words look like gibberish to her, Billy then began reading it for hewr, ’All Parents are the intelligence of newborns’ he said as laughing as he push the enter button.

Joy screamed, Jessy walking to them as reality began shifting, the family photo and all the photos changing, now it shows Brad and Joy, both naked and on their bellies as they drooled with gums showing, no teeth at all, the house change as Joy found herself on the ground, back on the playmat as she is now sitting in a baby bouncer seat. She drooled alot now cause she could feel her gums with her tounge,not feeling any teeth, ’aba, goo blu’ she babbles, losing the ability to speak. She turn her head to see Brad on his back, hitting a new born playset as he was drooling, only wearing his cloth diaper as he laughs and babbles. Joy look down to see the straps of her seat, belted together over her own cloth diaper, held together by the sides with two pins.

Joy babble as she struggle, seeing Billy leaving the room with newborn Sarah in the carriage, sucking her thumb as he came to say goodbye to joy. Joy babble pleadily at him while he tickle her bare belly, ’Maybe when you be a good girl, then you can be in adult underwear again’ he said as he held the carriage and walked out, Jessy waving goodbye while Joy cries with her loud newborn wailing.


Billy smile to himself as he put away the notes in his desk, it has been one year since he reduces all adult into diapers, now he help adults with their speech problems, or let them play with the toys since that is all they do anyway. He called in the next client as the door opens, gettinga nice surprise

Jessy walk in, holding the end of a baby leash made for Joy, Joy looking happier, Billy change it back to babies level a week after but Joy didnt seem to notice, now here she is, wearing only a light pink bib, her pacifier clipped to it as she smile happily, having a few teeth in her lips as she wore her large thick diaper, waddling as Jessy remove the baby leash on her, ’Hi Billy, Joy is here for her appointment’ she said

Billy nodded as he lead Joy to the kiddie table, sitting her down as Joy suck her thumb. Jessy leaving the room as she close the door, Billy smile as he turn to Joy, ’Hi Joy remember me?’ he asked

Joy drooled as she took her thumb out, ’Bi-bi-billy’ she said

Billy smiled, ’good’ he said ’do you remeber what I did?’ he ask, wanting to see how broken her mind is

Joy think, trying to think where she seen this boy before, then it hit her, ’You a-a-are my t-teacher!’ she yelled happily she figured it out, like a good girl.

Billy laughed, to think when he first met her, Joy was a profession therapist, perfect speech and a degree, but now she is nothing more then a oversized baby, with a horrible speech. ’Ok, lets start by introducing ourselves, Im Billy and Im 11 years old’ said Billy

Joy drooled as she spoke, ’Im J-j-joy, I’m this ma-ma-many years old’ she said holding up one finger

Billy chuckle, ’ok Baby Joy, why dont you go play with those toys’ he said

Joy cheered as she got on the ground, crawling towards the toy box as she spill all the toys out, starting to play, she sat on her padded butt and began building a block tower. Billy smile as he watch her, finding it funny how she is such a big baby.

Joy laughed like a good baby adult, forgetting her own life as she enjoys her second babyhood.



End Chapter 5

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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