The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 2
The Parents have been Naughty

Chapter Description: Richard and Karen took their kids to a amusement park as a final family vacation before their divorce, lucky they came out even happier together in diapers

Sunnyside Park, a place of magic, fun and excitement, you get to see all your favorite cartoon characters as you enjoy a family week at the theme park. Except not all families are happy

The Harper Family entered the park, they are on a family vacation, maybe the last one they’ll have. The parents, Richard and Karen Harper, have been arguing non stop, they have finally decide to get a divorce, but only after their vacation with their two kids Jane and Robert.

Jane is the oldest, a hot fifteen year old gal with dark hair, dressed in jeans and top as she notice her parents fighting, once they entered the park she spots them arguing again, Dad is wearing his collar shirt and shorts and mum in a yellow sundress, both trying to decide where to go.

Robert is only ten as he doesn’t see the trouble in their marriage. The poor boy is wearing his hat and shirt with shorts, Jane doesn’t want him to get sad, guess that’s why they on this vacation so they have something to remember before everything turn to shit.

’i think we should get photos first’ said Karen looking at the map, ’there are the colourful characters over by Baby Bay’

’no, that place is for babies’ moan Richard ’do you really wanna embarrassed them that much?’

’Me embarrassed them? What about you talking up that worker slut?’ Said Karen angrily, Richard argue back as they got into another fight, Jane and Robert watch sadly as the parents notice there faces and stop, acting like nothing happen, ’OK let’s go to the future stop’ said Karen as they lead the way, with the kids walking behind them.

jane sigh, why can’t they just go back to being lovey dovey again? ’Jane, do you think mum and dad will get a divorce?’ Ask Robert looking up at his sister

Jane frown, ’no Robert, trust me soon they’ll go back to bring loving’ she smile half heartedly as she rub his head, they continue on as they got on the line. Jane notice her parents still fighting, Karen talking about his drinking while he complains about her shopping, They got to the ride as they enter the cart, kids in front and parents in back.

karen and Richard sat together, the cart move as they go through all the attractions about the future. It started to ask them random questions, the parents answer them as it process it into a future about their future.

’i can see the future, you jobless and on the street’ giggle Karen

’yeah? Well you are a hooker on the street’ chuckle Richard

They continue on as they watch robots, food machine and flying cars, the kids seem to enjoy it but the parents aren’t, once the ride is over, it showed them a video of their future. Thinking it too be something stupid both Parents look, watching some flashes as they were soon mesmerized by it, then it showed a bright flash of a picture, once its done they rub their eyes, they could’ve saw something weird, the image they saw was them but naked, well not naked but wearing something around their waists.

’Must be a lion cloth, seeing as I am such a sexy beast’ chuckle Richard

’Oh please, then why was I topless?’ said Karen

’Cause your nuts for me, like always’

Karen groan as she got out with her kids, with Richard following, she saw the look on their faces, like they were so happy, more then happy they had a look of bliss on their faces, but what was they’re wearing? Richard was having trouble getting out, he manage to stand but he stood weird, like something was bulky between his legs, Karen giggle at how stupid he looks, unaware that she is also standing with her legs apart.

’Having trouble standing darling?’ she teased

Richard frown, ’I can stand fine’ he said as he walked ’Now where do you wanna go?’

Karen turn to the kids as they look around, standing very awkwardly as her legs are spread apart, she touch her bum as she feels a soft cushy feeling, My panties feel a bit weird, she thinks as Jane look at the map, ’Jane honey let me see that’ she said as she try to grab it but Jane held it away,

’Don’t worry Karen, I’ll pick a fun place for you guys’ she smile as she turn and both her and Robert look at it

The parents stood there, wondering what got into her as Robert pick a place, ’How about Happy Harry fun park?’ he ask

Richard sigh, Happy Harry is a show on tv about a man in a huge cat suit, only babies watch that so why would his son wanna go there? ’I don’t think you wanna go to that’ he said

’Its not for us Richard, its for you guys’ said Jane

Richard step back, since when do Jane call him by his name? It must be a phase but why is the attraction for them?

Jane and Robert walk off as Karen and Richard walked to keep up, ’whats gotten into them?’ she ask

’Maybe its too much time with you, you are gonna make them babies’ said Richard

’I did nothing!’ yell Karen ’Maybe you should think about your home life! Sitting there watching that stupid show everyday!’

’I never watch it!’

’Yes you did! We watch it everyday!’ yell Karen ’So don’t you go bad mouthing Happy Harry!’

Richard look at her, thinking back years, yes they do watch it, every day its on they sit on the ground, legs spread no matter what clothes they’re wearing, him in a suit and her in her gym clothes, both eyes fixated on the screen as happy Harry came on and greet them. How can he forget that? In the memory they also had massive bulges around their waist, while trying to think about it the parents have met their children at the attraction.

The parents stood as they entered, it was a big room in a small building, there were activities everywhere, like holding rings through a loop, or racing toy cars across an obstacle course. Karen and Richard walk in as they began going on the activities, while Jane and Robert sit by the parents waiting area.

Jane lay back as they watch their parents run around going on each activity, a woman sat by as she ask them, ’Hi, are those your parents?’

Jane and Robert look at her as the woman is a little older, wearing jeans and a top as she is here with her two children, ’Yep’ said Jane ’Aren’t they adorable?’ she smile

The woman frown as she look back to her two boys pinning the tail on Happy Harry, The boys look over at her as they wave to her, wanting her to join, the mother was shock but shrug as she got up and went to her boys. Jane and Robert’s parents are having fun themselves as Karen got on a slide and Richard throwing a ball around.

Soon they both went to their kids, ’Ok I admit that was fun’ said Karen ’Now can we have the map so we can pick the next one?’

Robert shook his head, ’Sorry Karen, but we pick the rides, since you two can’t decide anything’ he said as the family walked out of the attraction. Unaware that the mother’s boys took the seat while they watch their mother run away laughing.

’But we’re the parents!’ yell Richard ’So we pick the next one!’ he said stomping his foot

Jane and Robert look at each as they sigh, ’Ok fine’ said jane handing them the map, Karen and Richard look as they search for a fun ride.

’Here!’ yell Karen ’Spooky Mountain!’

Jane look as she glance up at them, ’Are you sure? won’t you get scared?’ she ask in a concerned tone

Karen and Richard nod, ’Yeah, we’re not afraid’ he said proudly

’What about you with ghosts’ tease Karen making ghost noises and wiggling her fingers

Richard blushed red, ’Oh? what about you with clowns?’ he tease

Karen fumed, ’At least I don’t wet the bed!’ she screamed

Richard was blushing deep red now, ’Well you still couldn’t keep your pants dry!’

’Pants wetter!’

’Poopy butt!’

’Enough!’ yell Jane as she grab their wrists, ’we’ll go to spooky mountain!’

Richard and Karen both were taken aback, as she held their hands, taking them to the ride. Along the way the parents try to figure out something, something that is weird or amiss, their kids never called them by their names, and they are acting more childish then usual. And what is that crinkling sound they keep hearing?

As they got to the entrance, the Harper Family wait in line. Karen look around, wanting to figure out where to go next as something spots her eye. A family was walking out the exit, there was a mother and father, with a little girl holding their hand, she finds it cute how those two can keep their child calm during that scary ride, but as she look closer, she could see that the girls face was calm, happy even.

The girl was holding her parents hands as she spoke to them, ’its ok Dave and Sally, everyone gets accidents’

’But Jenny!’ wailed the mother Sally as she rub her tear fulled eye ’I’m the mummy! I use a potty!’ The father was crying too, Karen look closer as she could see two wet spots on the front of their pants.

Jenny smile as she led them to the bathroom, ’Don’t worry, soon I’ll get you in nice fresh diapies’ she said as she took them into the baby care room, with the parents wailing even louder.

karen frown, about to go up and check but Jane held her tight as the family entered the ride. Going up to a cart as a train cart came, holding four seats, perfect for them as the kids got in the back, with the parents in the front.

Karen and Richard both sat on the soft seats, they feel even softer as they look but the crinkling sound is still there, even when they move their legs some bit. The ride as they went through a dark tunnel. Karen held tight to Richard as she began to feel scared, Richard just smile as he put on a brave face, but as the first monster, a Frankenstein, jump out, both Parents screamed, holding each other as each new monster pop out. Once it went through pitch black, you can hear the sounds of Karen and Richard sobbing, wishing it would end as they don’t want to go on anymore, but as they went to a light a even bigger monster pop out.

Karen and Richard scream, crying as they close their eyes. Once the ride is over, the two adults were whimpering like children. Jane and Robert help them out as they leave the ride.

’See? I told you you guys can’t handle it’ said Jane patting their backs

Karen and Richard whimpered, Karen was walking weird as she feels like something wet is around her, fearing she peed herself she quickly put her hand on her crotch and feel the wetness, of something soggy, not her panties but something puffier.

Jane notice this as she grab the hem of her dress and lift it up, making Karen squeal, fearing that everyone will see her pink lace panties, but she looked as well as her panties are gone, only a big diaper in its place.

Richard jaw drop as he stared, his wife is wearing one of those Happy Harry diapers, except its pink for girls, and by the looks of it, its very wet with pee. ’Oh my gosh!’ laugh Richard ’You are actually wearing a wet diaper!’

Karen blush red as she quickly pull down her dress as far as she could, with her daughter sighing, ’Guess I need to change you’ she said

Karen turn to her, ’Change me? my diaper?’ she squeaked

Richard laugh harder, ’Oh this is priceless!’ he said ’I can’t believe you are wearing a diaper’ Karen glared at him, then looking down to see a bit of blue plastic peeking from his pants, Karen quickly grab his pants and slid them off, exposing his own Happy Harry blue diaper. Richard gasp as he look down.

’Ha! You are wearing diapers too!’ laugh Karen

Richard fumed as he grab the tabs but Karen stop his hands, ’No! I want everyone to know what a big baby you are!’ yell Karen as the two parents started to squabble and fight. Jane and Robert shook their heads as onlookers look at them, grunting Jane walked up and smack their padded bottoms. Richard and Karen whined as they look at their teenage daughter, who has a very scary look on her face.

’I can’t believe you two!’ she yell smacking their butts some more, ’I thought that if we dressed you like adults you can act like adults, but I guessed you are just a bunch of squabbling babies!’ Richard and Karen were frozen, did she really dressed them? but they dressed themselves, but as they remember it it was Jane, she had both parents sitting on the bed, both freshly diapered and half naked as Jane dressed them in adult clothing.

Karen was giddy as Jane help put her bra on, she always prefer to have her breasts out but she wanna be a adult for once, Jane also help put a shirt on Richard, after putting his pants on his happy kicking legs she dressed Karen up in that nice sundress.

But now, Jane grab their ears as she drag them both into the bathroom, poor Richard was dragging his pants around his ankles as Jane shove both parents inside. The parents looked as there was someone inside, a ten year old boy was busy changing his mother’s diaper on the change table. ’See? was that so bad?’ he said

The mother just turn her head away, seeing the parents watching her as she blush deeper and whimpered, looking away from them as her son finish putting her in a fresh diaper, and pulling her business skirt down so it barely cover it. The son cooed as he got her off the table and lead her out the door, as Jane motion Karen to get on.

Karen wanted to run, but looking at Jane’s face she has the sense of fear, as images of Jane spanking her sore tushy pop into her mind, she sadly went and got on the table, as she lay and wait for her to begin changing her. Richard could see this as a chance to leave, pick his pants up and get out, but he is too afraid as he slip his thumb into his mouth.

Karen close her eyes, wishing this is a dream as Jane began wiping up her privates, she feels a bit calm, like she’s used to this, her children changing her whenever she’s poopy, She shook her head, No! She doesn’t need diapers! This is a nightmare. Jane finished applying the powder as she pull out a fresh diaper from the bag.

Richard peek in, seeing two packets of diapers, one blue and one pink, they are both Happy Harry diapers for men and women. Richard suck his thumb harder as his wife finally got changed into a new diaper.

Now the parents stood as Jane came up to them, she started to unbutton Richards shirt as he pull away, ’What are you doing?!’ he yell feeling really awkward

’Taking away your clothes’ she yell as she smack him, ’If you wanna be babies then you can dress like babies!’ she remove the shirt as she took away the pants, leaving Richard only in his diaper, Karen knew she’s next as her sundress went over her head and off her body, Jane began grabbing the bra but Karen pulled away

’No!’ she whimpered but Jane gave two slaps on her bum as she pull her closer, removing the bra and letting Karen’s breasts out. Karen shamefully covered herself as Jane shove their clothes into the bag, leaving the parents naked and padded.

They both look at themselves in the mirror, standing there awkwardly while thickly padded as they have no clothes to cover their infantile garments. Karen knew she seen this before, but she can’t remember. Jane pick up the bag as she smack their bottoms, ’Now behave you two, or your bums are going to be red’ she threaten as she held their hands, leading them outside.

The parents whimpered as they walked bare foot back to Robert, both blushing red as they try to cover themselves but no success as everyone can see them. A passing mother and daughter walked by as the little girl point at them, ’Mummy, why are those people babies?’

The mother just look at them as she covered her daughter’s eyes, ’Just ignore them sweetie, they are special people with special needs’ she said as she look disgusted at these retards just waddling around, ’look there’s an ice cream shop over there’ she said as she drag her to the ice cream. The daughter smile as she look up at her mummy, then sniffing the air as she look down to her poofy butt, knowing that somebody’s gonna need a change.

Robert came up to his family as he look up at his parents, ’Aw, guess you try next time kiddo’ he said as he pat his father’s diaper, Richard just sob, he calls his son that! Karen cried as their kids lead them to the next ride.

The parents waddle behind the children, both looking very embarrassed, Richard whispered to Karen ’We should run’ he said

Karen gave him a shocked face, ’But they are our children!’ she whispered back ’Why can’t you just man up for once in your life’

Richard glared at her, ’Man up? I think our attire says different about that’

Jane look back as the adults stop talking, fearing that spanking they kept quiet as they got to the roller coaster. Robert is excited to go on, but Karen and Richard can’t go on since they are too young. ’What do you mean?’ ask Karen

Jane sigh, ’well guess you can’t read yet’ she took them to the sign and point, ’see?’ she said as she made them look, Karen and Richard looked, dropping their jaws as they read, with Jane reading it out loud, ’People over the age of 21 are forbidden to go on since they are too young and fragile, and to avoid any messy accidents on the ride’

Richard and Karen stood dumbstruck, ’But.. what do we do?’ ask Richard

Jane lead them to the spot beside the entrance, where is a huge mat with adults sitting around listening to a person in a Squeaky Cat costume, a character from the dam baby show. Each adult listen with big eyes as they enjoy a story the cat is telling from a book. So far there are a few adults watching. A husband and wife wearing their regular clothing, except their pants are gone as their diapers are exposed, a father sitting infront of his teenage son wearing a childish shirt and shorts, and a mother laying in her son’s lap suckling on a bottle, dressed in a frilly pink baby dress with her diaper exposed, her blonde hair in pigtails.

Karen and Richard sat down as Jane went to join Robert at the ride. They both blush as they listen to the story. ’Its like every parent are growing dumber’ said Karen

Richard was too busy paying attention to the story, Karen wanted to hit him but she listen as well, both hearing the story was they gave it their full attention. Listening to the story as it is about Happy Harry go to the mall, the parents listen, even while the blonde mother got her diaper changed during it they didn’t mind as they drooled.

’Ok, now lets sing a song’ said the Cat as she began singing, all the adults got up as they dance around, Karen and Richard dance as well, the women shaking their padded bums as the men kick their feet, Karen laugh, flashing back to those days where she and Richard always dance along when it pops on tv, they even danced naked that one time they got out from the bath. Richard will always remember Karen’s sexy wet bum bouncing in his face. Karen might try to deny it, but deep down she loves to go nakie and run around, makes her feel free.

Jane and Robert came back as they poke their bellies, ’Having fun?’ said Jane

’You two look adorable!’ said Robert

Karen and Richard glared as they stopped, going back to their pouting. Their children smile as Robert pull out a camera, ’how about a photo with Squeaky Cat?’ He beamed as Jane motion them to stand next to the cat. Richard and Karen blush shadier as they inch next to the cat, forcing smiles as they took the picture. Squeaky Cat giggle as she smack their behinds.

’Enjoy your stay at the park’ she said as the parents walked away with their children

The Harper family tummies began to rumble as it is time for lunch. They make their way to the food area, where there are stalls with hot dogs, burgers and ice creams. It is also located next to the water play area, where the kids can run and play in the childish water playground, where they can splash each other and run around in the small pool, which only goes up to their ankles.

But the water area isn’t occupied by children or babies, all the adults are running around, having fun as they giggle and laugh as they splash their friends and children. Since the children don’t want their parents clothes to get wet, they have strip them down to nothing, not even keeping the diapers on them as each adult ran out to the water park nude as the day they were born.

The Harpers sat by the table as they enjoy their lunch, Karen was getting fed by Robert, giving her chips as Jane ate her burger. Richard was too busy drooling over by the park, where plenty of naked women ran around, Karen spots a few of those mothers running around, wet with their breasts and butt jiggling as they didn’t care who sees them. She hit Richard in the arm, ’Stop looking you pervert!’ she yell

Richard struck out his tounge, as karen notice his diaper is getting bigger, ’Oh my god you’re turn on! So is this like with every naked girl!’ yell Karen

Richard frown, ’Not my fault they are running around naked!’ he yelled

Karen punch his arm as Richard smack her back, soon they smack and babble at each other like angry toddlers, Jane groan as she held their hands, ’Ok Thats it!’ she yell pulling both closer then forcing them over her lap, both parents struggle as Jane held them down tight, pulling off their diapers as both Richard and Karen put their heads up

’Jane what are you doing?!’ Yell Karen

’Please don’t!’ yell Richard


Both parents screamed out as Jane slap their butt, WHACK another slap as they began kicking, earning themselves more smacks to their poor bottoms, ’This is what you get for being spoiled brats!’ Yell Jane, smacking them some more, Karen and Richard began crying, wailing like little babies as their dignities are gone, wanting nothing more then their daughter to stop spanking them, Richard was so distraught that he began sucking his thumb, crying as both parents got sore red bottoms, Robert pat his sister’s shoulder as both parents lay over her knee crying,

’I think thats enough Jane’ he said

Jane nodded as she stood them up, Karen suck her thumb too as her bum is red hot with pain, Richard sniff as he look over to the water park again, Jane pat both their shoulders, ’Ok you can go play, but behave’ she said sternly

The parents nodded as they ran to the park, hitting the cold water as they both sat their exposed bums in, cooling them off but still feel the pain, and the humiliation. Karen look up as she spots a couple but the fountain, a young mother with wet hair sitting on her bum holding her legs in the air and blowing spitbubbles, she has a daze look on her face as her husband was on his back, giggling as he splash the water, Karen look back at Richard, ’I think we should get out of here’ she said

Richard look back, ’But what about Jane?’ he whimpered

’We can call her once we get out of this park! Everyone here is turning into babies’ she unsteady got up, ’Now come on before we get put back in diapers!’ she got up and ran, running for her adulthood as Richard started to sit there and cry, Karen look back at him, fine let the big baby stay there, I’m getting out, she thinks until she bump into another women, the girl was standing there with her ice cream as it fell, hitting the water. The woman began crying as Karen feels really bad, ’Oh I’m so sorry!’ she said trying to comfort the, thirty something woman as she wailed at the top of her lungs.

Karen started to feel scared as two teenagers came, a red head in a mini skirt and Jane, Jane held her hand as the red head comfort the crying mother, ’There there! I can buy you another ice cream’

Jane was holding Karen’s wrist tight, ’Why did you push her?’ she ask sternly

Karen started to stutter, ’I.. wa...wa..was.....’ she babble geting scared

’She was running away!’ yell Richard

Karen turn to him, ’Richard!?’ she yell, then turn back to jane while pointing at Richard, ’It was he idea! He want to run away too!!’

’LIER!’ Yell Richard

’Enough!’ yell Jane as she drag Karen away, Richard watch them go back to the table as she force Karen over her lap, winching as he turn away, distracting himself with the hot girls running naked through the fountain, splashing each other, soon hearing Karen’s cries as her wet butt got slapped.

Richard continue playing in the water park, chasing the women as he slap their butts, some find it funny while others cried like babies, he is getting hard when Robert grab his hand, ’Ok Richard time to go’

Richard whined, he need release but Robert dried him off, and put him back in a thick diaper as he waddle after his son, going back to the girls, Jane had Karen re-diapered but Karen was crying, sucking on a pacifier as she was seated in a stroller, she glared at Richard as she spat out her pacifier and stick out her tongue, Richard stick his out back as the Harper family began moving again.

Richard waddle as he look over to his wife, giving him a angry look as she drooled, no doubt her ass is sore, she turn her head away as they made it to the next ride, a silly kiddie ride, but Richard is so excited he waddle towards the line, wanting first on the ride, it was a silly hippo ride with the carts design as hippos, Karen struggle as she wants to ride it too, not caring about her sore butt she babble to Jane

Jane look down at her as she smile, ’Ok karen, you can go on it’ she said as she let her out, Karen giggle happily as she waddle towards Richard, the parents stood in the line as it is filled with adults, all diapered and giggling like babies. The parents stood as one each group of adults get seated on the ride, a mother and father was being pressured by their four year old daughter, the parents seem scared as they are the only adults in normal adult clothing, no diapers or pacifiers, they wanted to leave but their daughter whined

’No you two get on it now!’ She yell

Giving in they got in the ride, sitting in between two diapered men as the ride began, the parents held hand as they rude the hippos, going into a tunnel, when they got out they were suddenly smiling, happy even as the rude stop, the mother got out first, her jean skirt too small to cover her brand new diaper, the father join her, now in a romper as they both waddle towards thier daughter.

Karen refuses to look at Richard, still grumpy that she had her sexy bum spanked, making Richard feel guilty for getting her in trouble.

’Im sowwy’ he said hugging her naked body, Karen pouted as she turn her head away, so Richard began kissing her neck. Karen tried to resist but he has never kissed her like this for a long time. Smiling as Richard grin, reaching his hand down her diaper to give her bum cheek a squeeze

Karen yelp as she turn her head, ’Stop it Richard’ she said, but not wanting it to stop, Richard smile more, getting hard as he took his other hand and slid in down the front of her diaper, Karen stood there as he rub, and squeeze both sides, soon she began touching her breasts, fingering her nipple as she is so aroused.

But sadly the worker slam the stick on the bars, snapping them out of it as Richard took his hands out

’Your turn’ he said as he lead them to the cart, both Richard and Karen giggle as they sat their pampered bums on the soft seats, as the carts began moving. They rode in a circle, going past the pretty fishes and the pond, then they entered the tunnel, with bright bugs and spiders, Karen whimpered as she held Richard, who has his arm around her as they left the scary tunnel, back in sunlight as the ride is finished.

The parents waddle to thier kids, holding hands which surprised Jane, ’well you two look like you had a blast’

Karen and Richard smile at each other, their happiness faded as jane force karen back in the stroller, kicking and babbling as she was strapped in, soon the Harper family moved on to the next ride.

Th final ride is the petting zoo, Karen and Richard waddle around the bright field, along with other diapered and babified adults as they feed and pat the goats, ponies and doggies. Karen fed the sheeps as Richard hig her from behind, kissing her as he is still a bit turned on

’Richard....’ moan Karen

Richard grab her hands as he lead his wife to the shed, closing the door as Karen began kissing him, both parents thrusting against their diapers, Karen moan as the shed is filled with sounds of crinkling and moaning, soon karen got on her hands and knees as her diaper got ripped off, Richard taking his diaper off as he began thrusting into her butt, Karen moan as Richard thrust harder, both parents moaning and gasping as they both orgasm

They both lay on the ground, huffing and puffing, soon turn into cooes and babbles as their minds have broken by the orgasm, regressing them into infantile states to match their treatment.

Jane open the door as she spots them naked and diaper less, ’So you two did it huh?’ she sigh

Karen and Richard babbled as Jane took them outside to be re-diapered.

Soon the day ended as every family began leaving the park, Karen sucking her thumb as she got push in her stroller by her son as Jane carry her husband Richard, they are not the only family that change as every parent has change as well, kids carrying their diapered mommies and daddies, Karen look aroun at a mother being cradle in her daughters arms, drinking her baba, she then spots a father getting a diaper change from his kids while the mother stays on her playmat.

In the car park she can see adults in car seats, some getting diaper changes in the back and some crying for their babas, Karen and Richard babble as they were strapped in their own giant car seats as Jane began buckling them in.


The sun sets as the Harper Family drove home, Jane driving the car, with Robert in the front seat, the parents sitting in two large car seats as they have gone full baby, not a single adult thought in their heads

’Looks like the babies enjoyed themselves’ said Robert

Jane chuckle, her brother being too young to know, ’Yep, and looks like they are closer then ever’ she spots them in the mirror as Karen and Richard fell asleep, holding each other hands as they slept.

Jane smile as she drove them home, smiling as her wish have come true.

Robert on the oter hand didn’t get his wish, he wanted to be the parent not his sister, lucky the park gave him one final wish as he looks down to Jane’s waist, seeing a diaper peeking out from her jeans, smiling as pretty soon Jane’s going to need a diaper change.



End Chapter 2

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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