The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 11
Brian and Linda's Growing Down Video

Chapter Description: When Brian installed cameras to make a growing up video for his son, he and his wife soon made their own growing down video

Static buzzed as the camera was turned on.

A man was hold the camera from his face, next go him is his wife. Both looking at the screen as they smile, the man smile big while his wife beamed.

'You got it working?' She said

'Yep' he said going up and steppping on a stool, he set the camera up in a corner of a room.

The man name is Brian, hes 31, short hair with a few greys and wearing his button shirt and jeans. His wife Linda is a year younger, her brown curly hair tied in a ponytail as she has some freckles on her cheeks, wearing her green top and jeans as sne look above as the screen settled, until finally Brian got down and put the stool away.

They are standing in a nursery, thier sons James nursery, who is standing in his crib, the child only 16 months as he giggle at the shiny camera.

'Cab bwa' he babbled

Linda smile and turn to him, 'yes its a camera sweetie, mommy and daddy put it in here so we can watch you grow up' 

James giggle, jumping up and down in his crib. Linda bend to tickle his belly, giving the camera a good view of her bum, which Brian decided to give it a smack, Linda stood and giggled, 'not infront of the baby' she said smiling

Brian chuckled, 'why dont we let the baby sleep while we have some fun ourselves?' He said

Linda smiled, she turn and tuck james in, giving him a kiss on the forehead as she and her husband left the nursery, turning the light off. 

James slept peacefully, while there was sounds of a bed creaking, and his parents voices gasping, until they stop an hour later. At which point the nursery door open up, Linda poking her head in, 'you sure he wont wake up?' She asked looking behind her

Brian whispered behind her, 'im sure' he said

Linda and Brian walked in, both naked as the got on the foor, Linda on all fours as he got behind, 'youre right' breathed Linda, 'doing it in a nursery is so hot!' 

Brian nodded, thrusting into her butt as both parents moaned, her breasts jiggling under her as they gasp, sweating as they finally reach thier climax. They seem to have forgotten about the camera, but they were too busy fucking to care, but the screen did caught something. Two essenses rising from the parents that flew up and into thier son, who continued to sleep.

With their pleasure done they laid on the ground, they stayed a shile until Brian sat up, he looked around the nursery, a line of drool running down his chin as he look to his wife laying on her back, her breasts huge as he reach out a hand and squeeze, 'boobie' he said

Linda look up, looking to her breasts she giggle, 'boobie' she said sitting up, both parents spend a few minutes looking at their private areas, as if seeing them for the forst time, they they both lay side by side, Brain sucking her thumb while Linda grab her leg and stuff her toe in her mouth, drooling all over it. Soon they both fell sleep cradling each other. Until soon they both raise thier heads, finding they are still in the nursery they quickly got on all fours and crawled out the door, giving the camera a good view of their bums as they entered the dark hallway.

The camera fast forwarded to the next morning, Linda walking in now wearing her shirt and sweat pants as she pull down the bars, 'wakey sleepy head' she cooed picking her son up, Jame giggled as he was carried out. 

The nursery stayed empty until the middle of the day, Linda came in carrying James to the change table. The mother began her regular routine, laying him on the table and lift up his small legs, she removed the diaper, cleaned his bum the rolled it up, throwing it in the pail. Then reaching into a package she pulled out a new diaper, james lift his bum up as she slid it under him, then she powdered and taped him snugly.

Linda tickle his belly making the son giggle, then she pick him up and carried him out of the nursery.

Soon the footage forwarded to 3pm, James playtime. The baby sat on the floor of his nursery surrounded by his toys, he look to them but he didnt touch them, finding them a bit boring. He got up on his feet and waddle out, leaving the nursery.

Soon it was 6pm, Linda carried James into the nursery humming a lullaby. 'Time for bed' she said tucking him into the crib. James babbled as Brian walked in, carrying the laptop, 'honey look at this'

Linda turn and look at the screen. The parents watch the footage from last night, 'must be a state of ectasy' said Linda, 'since we did it in our sons nursery' 

'Yeah thats true but this seems strange' said Brian, 'since we both wet the bed last night'

Linda blushed, 'shut up, i dont want our son to think of his parents as big babies' 

'Mommy' said james standing in his crib

Brian and Linda both turned, thier backs to the camera as they praised thier little boy, 'awwww his first words'

'And we got it on camera'

The proud parents beamed, then Linda held on the bars as she squatted down, groaning as the back on her sweatpants began to bulge out, James giggle as he babbled 'mommy stinky' 

Linda giggle, then she suddenly stood up, her hand on her messy backside as she turn, showing the camera her blushing face, brian held back a small giggle before showing worry, 'linda?'

Linda cried and ran out of the nursery, holding on her bum as her husband followed her, James just sat down and giggled.

Fast forward to 8am the next day, the door open ip as Linda waddled in, still in her pyjama shirt and pants but she has a huge bulge around her waist, with a bit of plastic poking from the top. 'Cant believe we are wearing diapers' said Linda picking up her son from the crib, 'now we know how james feel' she carried him to the change table, Linda laid him down and started removing his diaper only to find it clean. 'Good boy' she praised 'keeping your diaper clean, maybe we can start your potty training'

James smile behind his pacifier, Linda picked him up and held him, then he pulled out his pacifier and put it in her lips. Linda suckle on it, bobble it up and down as she turn and carried him out of the nursery.

Soon static filled the screen, showing Brian and Linda in the living room, Brian holding a tablet as he just put up a camera. 'Ok now we got a camera in the living room, kitchen and our bedroom'

James sat on the playmat, playing with his toys, his parents were busy, Brian was wearing his suit while Linda wore her blouse and long dress, hoping to cover her diaper while brian still has a bulge under his pants. 

'This should catch all the strange stuff happening to us' said Brian

'You just want to film us doing it' said Linda, 'except that we shouldnt take these diapers off, i spent all morning cleaning your accident'

'You did most of it' said Brian, 'you ruin more panties yesterday'

'Shut up!'

'You shut up!'

They bicker like children, both stomping thier feet when Brian suddenly blushed, Linda smile as she giggle, 'did you just shit yourself?' Brian shook his head, 'ha you did!' Laugh linda

'Shut up'

Linda laughed, grabbing his hand she led him put of the room, James watch them waddle out, while the footage cut to the nursery, Linda drag Brian in towards the change table, 'time to change you' she sang

'I can change myself' said Brian as he laid back on the soft surface

'Nu uh, im the mommy so i change the babies' said Linda clearly enjoying this

'I am not a baby!' Cried Brian kicking

Linda ignored him, taking off his shoes and sock as she threw them everywhere, then she pull down his pants to exposed his diaper, Brian watch his wife stood and put her hands on his diaper when she stopped, Linda frown as she tap the tabs, 'something wrong honey?' Asked Brian

'Nothing' said Linda, looking like she has never changed a diaper before despite changing her son this morning. The mother poke the diaper trying to figure it out, until she smack her head, 'of course' she said going for the tabs and removing the diaper, then she proceeded to change her husband, throwing the dirty diaper in the pail and putting him in a fresh coat of powder then a fresh adult diaper.

brian sat up, 'thank you' he said

'Mommy' said James at the door, the parents squealed as their son stood there, Brian covered his diaper with a toy while Linda went to him, 'why is daddy on my change table?'

Linda quickly came and picked him up, 'daddy was just finding a place to sit, why dont we get you some nums nums' she said quickly carrying him out of the nursery while Brian tries to put his pants back on once they were gone.

It then cut to the kitchen, Linda had the tabke set up for dinner, while she put James in his high chair, then she sat infront holding some spughetti, which is what the family is having tonight. 'Open up for the choo cboo' said Linda making train noises.

James sigh, 'mommy i can feed myself' he said taking the bowl and putting it on his little table, which he then started to eat with a fork like a big boy. Linda was impressed, when Brian walked in he was proud as well.

so with thier baby son feeding himself, the parents sat at the table and ate thier meal. Brian and Linda held thier forks and ate, making a mess as some bits fell and hit thier clothes, they ate like greedy babies, even making noises as they get thier faces and tops messy with sauce.

james finished his with no mess, but he turn to see the mess on the table and on them, 'mommy daddy you made a big mess'

Brian and Linda turn to him, still chewing and slurping. They were about to speak when they let out big burps, james giggle at that while they start to get worried.

Soon it is 8pm, James js asleep in the nursery while the camera is focus on the parents bedroom, thier clothes discarded on the ground, a door on the otuer end of the camera is open showing the light of the bathroom, the door only shows a view of the tub, which lindas bare back was sitting in it, 'Honey stop splashing' her voice said

The parents stayed there until there is a sound of water draining, Brian and Linda close the light and walk in, wrapped in towels like adults, Linda held her as she look at the camera, 'you sure its off?' She asked

'Im sure babe' he said taking his towel off and laying on the bed, on the change mat they set up. Linda took hers off, going to the bed and bending over her husband as she sprinkle baby powder, then lifting up his legs she slid a new diaper under him.

'I feel like a baby' he said once he was in a diaper

'We are not babies' said linda moving him off while she laid down as well, 'just cause we wear these doesnt make us babies, we are still parents' she said as her husband proceed to powder her, the holding up her legs to slide the nappy under her big butt.

Now clad in only a diaper, Brian lean down and kissed her, she kissed back while he fondle her breast, Linda started to moan as he laid on top, reaching to close the lights leaving them in dark. Brian started to thrust as Linda wrapped her legs around. The bed creak as they moan, 'say it' said Brian, both parents thrusting faster and faster 'say it!'

Linda scream out, 'BABY LINDA IS COMING!'

With that they both shook and orgasmed in thier diapers, then fell next to each other on the bed, two essenses flew out and out of thier bedroom.

The screen cut to the nursery, the essesense flew into the room, into James who sat up awake, he look around his room until he could hear loud crying. James stood up in his crib, he pull down the bars then hop onto the floor, walking out of his nursery.

Cut back to the parents bedroom, Brian and Linda sat on the bed, leaning back and having thier legs spread out, both crying and sobbing, James walked in, turning on the lights and seeing his parents crying. 'Mommy daddy whats wrong?' He asked

'Diapie!' Babble Linda crying

James got on the bed, he went and put his fingers in the waist band of thier diapers, 'yep, you need changing' he said

James went out of the room, coming back with two pacifiers he placed them in thier lips. Brian and Linda chew on the bulb, making sucking sounds as James laid them side by side, proceeding to give them both a diaper change. The parents held up thier legs while James clean thier naughty parts, then powdered them with baby powder and finally got them in large thick diapers, even thicker and more babyish thien what they were wearing.

Then james help them into bed, he tuck them in and kiss them on the heads, singing a lullaby as the parents close thier eyes, suckling themselves into a deep sleep. 

James turn off the light and left them to sleep, taking thier used diapers out.

The camera sped to 8am, Linda stirred awake and sat up, her pacifier fell from her lips, she look to her husband and poke him, 'wake up' she said, Brian woke up and rub his eyes, 'Did James come n to our room last night?' She asked

Brian shook his head, 'no he was in his crib'

'But i could have sworn' said Linda putting her thumb in her mouth. Brian didnt seem to noticed as he got out if bed, standing a bit wobbly as his diaper is too thick.

'This isnt my diaper' he said

Linda got out too, also having trouble standing, her legs too spread out, she took one step then fell, going on her hands and knees, her husband soon joining her on the ground. 'Did you change our diapers?' She asked

'I didnt' said Brian, then he got an idea, 'we can see the footage' he said kneeling infront of his wife

linda scoff, 'you said it was off!' She said hitting his shoulder, 'you big stupid head'

Brian started to crawl out, Linda fumed as she crawled behind, then pushing forward to grab his legs, 'wait!' she said holding on so they both fell down, he look back as Linda spoke, 'we need to put on clothes, James shouldnt see us like this!" she said

He nodded, the parents crawled to the closet, they stood up and went to put on clothes, Linda got her bra on and a shirt, along with Brian with his shirt, but they are having trouble putting on pants as they cant seem to fully cover their diapers. Linda sobbed and stomp her foot, leaving her pants down around her ankles, 'its not fair, we cant cover our diapers' tears are running as she sobbed like a little girl. 

Brian got his wife in a hug, 'its ok honey' he said

'No its not, what is happening to us, we cant use the potty, our clothes wont fit and if james sees us he wont think of us as his parents' she cried

Brian kissed her, 'dont worry, i will look at the footage and see what is happening, just relax ok?' Linda nodded, she dried her tears and went to put on a long dress, it should covered her diaper and it did, as long as no one noticed her big bum. Brian just got his pants on and thy both walked out of the room. 

The screen cuts to the living room, Brian on his laptop trying to access the footage but he can't seem to remember the password, he mumbles while it cut to the nursery. James is busy sitting on the floor, looking at his toys but not playing with them, Linda then walked in, making a loud crinkle as she waddle in her walk, 'hey sweetie' she said going to him, 'why aren't you playing with your toys?' she asked trying to bend down, but the bulk of her padding is too much so she casually plop her bum on the ground, making sure her dress doesn't expose her diaper.

'They are so boring' said James

Linda frowned, she picked up a toy that makes a jingle sound, 'but this is so fun' she said trying to convince him, but she looks like she is having fun herself, shaking it in her hand.

James got up and give her a pat on her head, 'why don't you play with them mommy? after all you look like your having more fun' Linda couldn't argue, she is having more fun then he is.

So she just shook it some more, James then gave her a pile of blocks, Linda gave him a smile and started building it, standing on her knees as she build a single tower, she built it so high that it fell down again. She soon lean forward on her hands, picking up her blocks and moving them to make words, while her butt was facing her son who looked at her like a proud parent. Then james started fanning his nose, 'pewww ew, guess somebody needs a change' he said playfully

Linda turn her head quickly to him, the camera catching her red cheeks, 'no! I mean I think you need a change' she said trying to hide her embarrasment.

James shook his head, reaching out and pushing the back of her dress, hearing the squish sound, 'nu uh, you are the poopy mommy' he said

Linda turn away and sobbed, tears running down while James sat her up, and got her in a hug, rocking her then laying her down. Linda tried to sit up but her son keeps pushing her down, soon he had her legs up and her dress pulled up to her tummy, exposing her messy pamper. Linda Bawled into her fists and cried, while James removed her diaper, then he grab some wipes and wipe the mess from her butt, then he rolled up the diaper and threw it in the pail, where the camera caught a glimpse of the other huge adult diapers already in before the lid closed. 

James came back, holding the baby powder and a new fresh adult diaper, Linda look to her son and held up her legs, James lift up her bum and slid the open diaper under her, then he sprinkled the powder over her vavgina and big butt then finally taping her snugly in the infantile padding. Linda sat up and mumbled 'thank you'

James lift her dress up more and gave her a raspberry on her belly, Linda burst out laughing, kicking her legs as she giggle, 'stop it james' she laughed. James stop, giggling at his mommy when daddy started crawling into the room, Brian had lost his pants somewhere so his diaper is exposed, James look to him and went to pat his head, 'you can play with mommy daddy' he told him then walked out.

Brian sat infront of Linda, while she pulled down her dress, 'I forgot the password' he said sadly

'What? But how do we watch the footage?' Said Linda

Brian shrugged, 'Guess we have to keep alert' he said, then he look to the blocks, 'so you wanna build a tower?' he asked

Linda wanted to hit him, but a tower does sound fun, so the parents knealt by the blocks and started to build one together. 

Soon the camera fast forwarded, cutting to the kitchen at 6:15pm, where Brian and Linda both waddled into the kitchen, James already set up dinner for himself, Linda was about to sit on a chair but her son shook his head, leading her to the two high chairs by the table. She was about to speak but James push her up by her butt and help her sit in the chair. 

With Brain in his chair, and the small tables locked in place, they sat while James tied bibs around their necks, then she stood on a chair and held out a bowl of mushy baby food, he pull out a spoonful and held it up to his mother, 'say ahhhhh' he cooed

Linda smiled and took a bite, then James grab another spoonful and gave it to his father, who ate it greedily. James continued to feed them, each getting messy then the next, soon the bowl was empty and he put it in the sink, then sitting at the table and having his own dinner.

Brian and Linda stayed in their high chairs, both kicking their legs and licking their lips. Linda poke her husband leg with her toes, making him giggle as he poke back.

The footage sped up, showing James taking his parents out and leading them out of the kitchen, towards the nursery where it stop, the time is 6:45pm, Brain and Linda were led by their hands inside, waddling behind and making loud crinkling noises. 'ok time for beddy byes' said James, 'but you two need to be properly dressed'

The parents looked confused, they were then place on their butts on the ground while James started stripping off thier clothes, Linda was now on her back, naked and thickly padded while she held up her hands and kick, while Brian sat against the crib sucking his thumb.

james put away their adult clothing, 'ok now I dont think those diapers are thick enough' he said giving a pat to her diapie, 'Lets change you to something that can hold your big messes'

Linda open her mouth to object but he picked her up, the mother admireing how strong he is as she was laid on the change table, James standing on a stool so he can reach up. He took off the tabs of her diaper and remove it, then he pulled out a package that neither Linda or Brian has seen. The camera could see a picture of a woman looking from behind her big thick diapered bum, giggling like a retard. 

James pull out a diaper and slid it under her, then he powdered her and tape it up. Once that was done he put her on the ground.

Linda sat there, legs spread apart and diaper so thick she doesnt think she can ever walk again. Brain had his turn now, being taped up in a new thick diaper like her from a male package and seated next to her. Brian and Linda turn their heads to each other, giggling and smiling, while drooling a bit, 'this feels so wrong' said Brian

'But so right' finished Linda touching her own breasts and sliding her hand into her nappy, 'I have never felt this turn on!'

Brian nodded, the bulge under his thick diaper says it all. The parents tried to reach each other but Linda was picked up by their son, 'in the crib Linda' he said

Linda sobbed, not even realising that he called her linda, james put her in the crib, but her smile grew bright as Brian was laid next to her. 'Bed time you two, dont want you playing around in your nursery' said James pulling up the bars.

Brian and Linda faced him, 'our nursery?' said brian, 'but this is your nursery daddy'

James shook his head, he walked out and turn off the lights, leaving only the pink nightlight on. The parents face each other, the camera only showing Linda's bare back as Brian is infront of her. 'He says this is our nursery' said Linda

'But, we have a bedroom' said Brian, shifting his waist a bit, with Linda doing the same, 'god I feel so turn on'

'Me too, the baby powder from our butts is making it worse' said Linda, she shifted and wrapped her legs around him, thrusting it as she is trying desperately to take off her diaper, but she cant, the dam thing is too thick and hard to rip off. Brian having the same problem, 'fuck it just thrust' said Linda, which he does, thrusting each other as they moan, Linda saying come on while Brian saying alost, but soon they were reduce to nothing but gibbous baby babble as they thrust faster, faster until......

'AAAAbbbbbbbbbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu' both moaned out

Finally, the essence flew out of them, flying out of the nursery and into James in the living room. 

Soon the footage cut to 8am, Brian and Linda slept in the crib, diapers crinkling with every movement they make. James came walking in holding two big bottles of milk, he walked up the the crib and pull the bars down. He sat on the end as he poke Linda's leg, Linda stirred awake and sat up, James put the nipple in her mouth and help her suckle, making her turn and lay on his legs while he held the baba. Linda drank the milk for ten minutes before it pulled out of her lips, James help her up and pat her bare back. She let out a big burp, even drooling down some milk. She was left sitting up in the crib drooling and staring into space while James fed Brian his milk now.

Once he was done, he was burped and leaned back on the crib. James look to Linda, her back to him so it was easy for the little boy to pull back her diaper and peer in. He fanned his nose and got off the crib, Helping Linda off and led her to the table. Linda put up no fight as she was still sleepy, she laid down and lift up her legs, her son taking off her diaper and proceeded to clean her up. james sang a lullaby as he powdered her huge bum and vagina, then he slid a new diaper under her and taped it up.

The camera cut forwards to 11:25am. Linda and Brian are in their nursery, the wife sucking on her pacifier while she roll a ball to her husband, both wearing only diapers today. Brian babbled and push the ball, making her giggle as it hit the front of her extremely thick diaper.

'Aga!' said Linda clapping

'Gaba!' said Brian

They continue pushing the ball back and forth, drooling and babbling nonsense. Linda look up and notice the shiny camera watching them, 'cabwa' she pointed

Brian looked up, drooling down his chin as he babbled, they got on their knees and look up, drooling down their chins and smiling gaply, Linda giggle as she did a little raspberrie up at it. Brain grab the ball in his hands and threw it at the camera, it fell off and hit the ground, showing nothing but the carpet floor as the parents laughed off screen. 

Soon, the camera was picked up, Brian held it infront of him, showing his dumb smile and drool covered chin, his wife Linda next to him, also drooling and laughing, both parents giggle as they look at the shiny screen. 'Linda, Brian!' called out James from off screen, 'Time for Barney!'

'Barney!' both parents yelled before dropping the camera, it fell back on tne ground sideways and only showing the former parents crawling out, wagging their diapered bums through the door. Linda stop just at the door, her diaper growing a big lump as she let out a sastified breath, then crawled out of sight. James then came in and picked up the camera, looking at the screen now.

'Now I got a video of you two growing down' he said before turning it off.



End Chapter 11

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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