The Parents Diaper Pail

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Chapter 13
Bedtime Stories for Parents

Chapter Description: Melissa reads a few stories for her daughters, while they check her diapers

It was a nice quiet evening, two sisters were jumping on their beds, refusing to sleep. Thier mother Melissa came in, 'I told you girls to go to bed' she said, putting her hands on her hips. 

Sally and Janey giggled, both girls sat down and got into bed, Melissa smiled as she tucked them in, 'Now you better stop all this craziness, after all when your older you won't have this much energy' she said, beaming down at them

'Mommy' said Sally, 'We want bedtime stories'

Melissa sigh, the mother pull back her long brown hair, still dressed in her work clothes. 'seriously, you are too old' she said.

'please' begged Janey. 

The mother sigh, besides she could read them some stories, after all she has all night to go over those reports. 'ok fine' she said, 'but you better go to sleep' she said, pointing at each of them. The girls nodded, so Melissa walked over to the bookshelf, looking for something simple like Little Red Riding Hood, or Goldilocks. She pulled out Jack and the Beanstalk and sat in the chair between their beds, opening the book. 'Once upon a time, there was a young man named jack...'

'Not that book mommy' said Sally, 'This one' she held out a rather odd book.

Melissa held the book, it was old, kind of like those curse books you find in a horror movie. But she is tired and wants to get this over quickly, so she open the book and started to read.

Space Family Playtime

Once upon a time, 
in a galaxy far away in the Milky space way, a family was flying back home in their spaceship. The family consists of Jack Spencer, his wife Lori Spencer, and thier little son Jimmy Spencer. 

They traveled through the galaxy, hoping to get back home soon. Jack was at the wheel, driving the ship through the stars, while his wife search the hull for their son, Jimmy loves to play with his toys. She found him in the kitchen, playing with his action figures. 'Ok Jimmy that's enough' she told him, 'We have to prepare for landing' 

'But Mom!' whined Jimmy, Lori taking his hand as they head back to the cockpit. 

Jack was arguing with the Ships Ai, which they call "Nani". Nani is a blue hologram, resembling a young woman, Jack like to think she would have black hair like Lori, but it would have been blue. 'Mr Spencer' said Nani, 'This pathway is not a good decision, as the Zapbo System is unreliable' 

'We can handle it Nani' said Jack, heading to the swirling red sky's in the galaxy.

'But Mr Spencer'

'Just zip it' said Lori, 'my husband can get past anything, especially some gas clouds' she laughed, Jack smiled as he gave her a slap on her bum, the family dressed in their spacesuits since normal clothes isn't suitable for space travels. Bani sigh and beeped away. Jimmy actually like her, sure she is a ai, but she actually plays with him, while his parents were too busy researching and studying the universe. He sat in the chair just as they entered the system. 

The ship rocked back and forth, Lori got into her seat, but before she could put her belt on, the ship flipped, spun and stopped, the lights turning off and on as the system fried them, Jack held onto the wheel, doing his best to get them out of here while Nani was shouting warning labels at them. 

Finally they shot out of it, the ship buzzing and creaking but still alive. 'See, we got out ok' said Jack. Getting up to check on his family. Jimmy was still in his seat but Lori was on the ground, having fallen out of her seat. She got up and kicked the side of the cockpit, 'Stupid robot, warn me next time' she said, fixing her hair. 

'its not the ships fault mom' said Jimmy. 

Lori sigh, Nani came back, explaining about the damages of the ship, Jack shut her off and walked out, going to fix these damages. Lori decide to take a nice long shower. Once they were gone, Jimmy got out from his seat and turn Nani back on. 'Sorry about my mom and dad' he said. 

'no woBZZrry Jimmy' said Nani, glitching a bit.

Jimmy frowned, 'Are you ok?'

Nani smiled, Jimmy has never seen that smile before. 'Do not worry, I am perfectly functioning as always, now go on and play' she assured him. Jimmy shrugged and walked out, just as Nani began to smile more. 

Jimmy went back to his room, going to play with his toys. Nani kept an eye on him and his parents. Jack was repairing the cargo bay, while Lori stripped out of her spacesuit, discarded her black bra and panties on the floor as she stepped into the shower. After all she expects Nani to pick up after her. 

Lori let the warm water wash over her. Soon she turned it off and stepped out, drying herself with the towel as she walked nude into the parents room. She looked around for her spacesuit, seeing it vanished along with her underwear. 'Guess the robot is doing her job' she said dropping the towel on the ground. She walked to open the closet, but they won't open. She groaned, 'Nani opened the closet' she yelled, tapping her foot. 

Nani appeared behind her, 'What is the matter Mrs Spencer?' she asked.

'I want you to open the closet' said Lori, standing nude infront of the hologram woman. 

'I can't do that' said Nani, 'The clothes in there are not appropriate for you' 

'Excuse me?' said Lori, wagging a finger, 'I am your master or whatever, and I say open this dam closet right now' Nani glared, suddenly she grabbed her wrist, Lori gasped as she could actually feel the hologram, then was flung over her lap, Nani held her down while she raised her hand, smacking her bum. Lori yelp as more smacks continued, 'What are you doing?' she yelled, kicking and trying get off her lap.

'discipling you' explained Nani, 'You are not fit for duty, therefore must return to your point of innocence' she continued spanking her. Lori cried out as her poor bum was beaten red, she bang her hands and kick as she wants this to stop. Tears fell down as Lori begged.

'Pwease stop' she said through her crying, 'Im sowwy'

Nani smiled, she sat her up so that the mother was sitting on her lap, Lori cried and wiped away her tears, her bum beet red as she was cradle by the hologram. 'Now its time' said Nani

'Time.. sniff, time for what?' asked Lori looking at her.

Nani brush her hair, 'To return you to your point of innocence Mrs Spencer' 

A hatch opened up, Lori gasped as a helmet fell onto her head, glowing red as she froze, crossing her eyes and drooling as Nani absorbed all her intelligence, returning Mrs Spencer to the point in her life where she was innocent. Once the helmet beeped, it was pulled back into the ceiling. Lori drooled, Nani smiled at her, 'How are you feeling Mrs Spencer?' she asked.

Lori giggled, 'I feel good' she said, putting her finger to her lips, 'Can I go play now Nanny?' she asked.

'Of course, but we gotta put protection on you' Nani stood up, holding Lori in her arms then laid her on the bed. Lori grinned as she kick her legs in the air, watching as the blue hologram pulled out some supplies, baby powder and a giant thick diaper. Lori giggled as Nani held up her legs, she sprinkled baby powder on her private area, then she slid the open diaper under her, humming as she taped the diaper nice and snug around the space mother's waist. 'All done'

Lori sat up and got off the bed, this diaper us so thick that the thickness went down to her knees and over her belly button, like these were made for giants. She wobble then fell back on her bottom. 'Nanny, I can't walk' said Lori.

'You're not mature enough yet' said Nani, 'Let me Mrs Spencer' she picked her up by her armpits, Lori kicked and giggled as Nani held her on her blue hip, one hand under her thick pamper as they walked out of the room. 

Jack looked over the panels, seeing the wires fried, 'Looks like we need to repair it soon' he said closing it. He got down from the ladder, heading to the break room, where he could get a beer. As he walked down the corridor and into the break room, he was met with a strange sight.

His wife was sitting on a playmate, completely nude except she wore the thickest diaper he has ever seen. Nani was kneeling infront of her shaking a rattle, making Lori laughed and clapped. 'Honey what's going on?' asked Jack walking in.

Lori looked up at him and spread out her arms, 'Jacky, come play!' she said, 'Nanny said we can play all day' 

Jack walked in, 'Honey you got a diaper on' he said, trying to understand all this. 

Nani stood and put her arms on his shoulder, 'Mrs Spencer has returned to the point of innocence' she said. Before Jack could ask, he was suddenly being lifted up, Nani has picked him up and held him, he put his legs around her hips as she pat his back. 'No need to worry, you and Mrs Spencer can play now' 

Jack widen his eyes, whatever happened must have affected Nani, before he could escape her embrace, a helmet landed on his head, 'Nani no!' he yelled before it turned red, his eyes glazed over as he started to drool. Lori watched in awe as drool dropped down from her lips. 'pretty' she said.  

Soon, the helmet beeped and went back up, Jack laid his head on Nani's shoulder, giggling while she rock him. Nani hummed a lullaby and place him on the kitchen bench, removing his spacesuit. Lori suck her thumb as she watch Nani throw away the space suit, along with her husband's boxers. Next she started powdering him, before putting him on the floor. Jack giggled as he only wore the thickness diaper like his wife. He rolled and babbled as Nani patted his head. 'All better?' she asked.

'all better' said Jack, 'thank you nanny' 

Nani smiled, she beeped away leaving them alone in the break room. Jack crawled to his wife, who giggled as she hug him, 'wanna play?' she asked

Jack nodded, heading to the toys. 

Jimmy played on his bed, holding up his toys when Nani appeared. 'Jimmy, its playtime in the break room' she said. 

Jimmy nodded, he knows Nani always have some cool toys for him to play with, so he hopped off the bed and walked out of his room. Once he walked in, he was met with laughter, he walked closer to see his parents surrounded by toys. Dad was leaning against the seat sucking his thumb, Jimmy was shocked to find him wearing a diaper, but not more shocked to see Nani changing his Mom out of her stinky diaper, the rolled up diaper is giant, Jimmy watch as Nani powder his mom and got her in a fresh thick diaper. Nani stood as Lori rolled on her back. She turn to Jimmy and smiled. 'Have fun' and beeped away.

Jimmy stared at the place she vanished from, then turn to see his parents sitting up and looking at him, both have big smiles and drooling down their chins. Thinking nothing of it he got them some toys, having their first family playtime, with many more to follow.

And they lived happily ever after, with Nanny looking after them through Space. 

Melissa held the book out, unable to believe what she just read. Grown ups getting diapered, is this for kids? Sally and Janet whined, wanting another story. 'No' she said, standing up, 'This book isn't suitable for children, now go to sleep' 

'No!' said Sally, "We want another story'

'yeah!' said Janey

Melissa has a good mind to scold them, but their tone of their voice made her a bit cautious for some reason, so with a sigh she sat back down and continued with another story. 

Date Night

Once upon a time, 
there lived a young family. Darren and his wife Maria we're getting ready for their date night, Thier first date night in a long time since having their daughter Lisa. Lisa was just a baby, sitting in her playpen as her parents got dressed. Darren walked in his suit, fixing his tie while Maria came after, dressed in her red dress and done up her hair. 

'How do I look' beamed Maria twirling around.

'Beautiful' said Darren, embracing her in his arms. They happily kissed then walked to the living room.

Lisa was giggling in her playpen as Mommy walked in and cooed to her, they are leaving her with Grandma to babysit, who just walked in the house and hugged them.

'Thanks for babysitting mom' said Darren

'Its no problem, I love my grandchild' said Grandma, picking Lisa up, 'how is the little bundle of joy?' Lisa giggled and kicked. Grandma sat on the couch and tickle her belly.

Darren and Maria are ready to go, so they waved goodbye and walked out the door. 'Remember to watch what you eat' said Grandma calling out from the door, 'I remember you stayed on the toilet for a week Maria' 

They groaned, 'She gotta stop treating us like kids' said Maria. 'We might as well be back in there sitting on her lap'

'hey, tonight is our night, try not to get stressed' said Darren

They both got into the car, and was soon heading to the restaurant. They had a lovely dinner, each talking about work and other stuff. But it was after dinner that these parents are looking forward to. Darren booked them a room at the new hotel that opened up, built for couples to rekindle thier love. 

Once they're finished, they entered the hotel, holding hands and giggling as this is their only chance to have kinky sex, they never got to after having Lisa, but with Grandma watching her, they got all night. They reached the desk and checked in. The attendant was a tall gentleman, he looked on the computer and smiled. 'Ah Mr and Mrs Becker welcome' he greeted. 

'Hi, I booked a room for two' said Darren.

The attandant smiled, 'Apologies, but I was meant to call, that room is being fumigated at the moment, but don't fret' he said, seeing their faces, 'I got a special room just for you two' he handed them a key. 

Darren and Maria looked at each other, then he took the key and they walked to the elevator. The key says room 0, so they took the elevator down. Pressing the zero button on the side. 'He is so weird' said Maria

'I know' said Darren 'I hope it isn't the basement' 

'Whatever' said Maria holding onto his arm, 'As long as I'm with you, that all that matters' 

He kissed her as the elevator stopped. They walked out to a door. Darren used the key and opened it. They entered some sort of waiting room, at the end two doors, one blue and one pink. There was a tall woman there waiting for them. 'Welcome' she said looking down at them, 'This is a special place for couples like yourselves to enjoy' she explained. 

'Um, where is our room?' asked Darren

'Yeah, we have a whole night planned' said Maria

The woman smiled, 'You will be sent to your room soon, but for now time to get dressed in the proper attire' she gestured to the doors, 'blue for males, pink for females' Darren and Maria both looked at each other, they both then turn and walked to the doors, Darren going into the Blue door, with Maria going into the pink door. 

He walked into a small room, blue painting on the walls, and pictures of teddy bears running around. He spot a box filled with clothes. 'Welcome' said a soft voice. Darren turn and look up at another tall person, a woman wearing a maid outfit. She bend down and picked him up, Darren was held like he always does with Lisa and was carried to the table, the maid singing a soft lullaby. 

'Whats going on?' he asked, being laid gently on the soft table. 

'Hush now' said the Maid, putting a finger to his lips, as she started pulling off his shoes. Not wanting to argue with someone who can picked her up, Darren laid back. Thinking about his wife in the other room and what she must be going through. He heard some screaming but the Maid told him not to worry, as she reach his pants. 

'Hey' said Darren kicking away, 'What the fuck are you doing?' 

The maid grabbed his ankles and lift him up, giving his butt a smack, 'No language' she said, wagging a finger as she laid him back down. Darren put up no resistance and the tall Maid stripped him until he was lying nude. The maid cooed down at him, making him blushed as he kinda like this loving affection. Then she took out something he never thought to see. 

It was a diaper. Not those adult diapers but a enlarge version of the baby diapers they use for Lisa. Then he finally realised that he is on a change table right now, the maid sprinkle baby powder on him, then slid the diaper under. Darren felt the soft padding as he was taped up, his waist and man parts encased by the infant underwear. 'all done' said the maid putting him on his feet, standing infront of a full length mirror. 

He looked like a giant baby, wearing only the diaper, as he marvel at how thick it is. His legs are spread due to the bulk making him waddle if he walks. He thought about his daughter in her playpen earlier, then imagine him playing in there dressed like this. The maid reach out her hand to him. Darren gave a weak smile and held. Soon he was waddling out the door from the other side, his diaper crinkling with each big step he takes. 

They entered a giant nursery, there was a giant crib, giant change table and giant high chairs, it's all giant to Darren but to this tall Maid, it was normal. He stopped and looked back, the two doors were side by side, a tall Butler walked out from the pink door, holding Maria's hand as she too were stripped, and put into a thick baby diaper. She was sucking on a pacifier as she has trouble walking, her diaper made crinkles that made her whimper. Darren noticed she was rubbing her bum, and realise that the screaming he heard must have come from her. 

They stood together as each of their tall person let go. 'Now play nice, it will be bedtime soon' said the butler as he and the maid walked out, leaving them alone. 

Darren got his wife in an embrace, Thier diapers mashing together in the hug. 'You ok?' he asked as it looked like Maria was crying. 

Maria took out her pacifier and shook her head. 'No, I was spanked Darren, when I told him I didn't want to wear a diaper he had me over his knees and spanked me' she wiped her tears, 'I watched him stripped me then put me in a... In a.. ' she doesn't want to say it. 

Darren hugged her, 'Lets go home' he told her. She nodded and they both head to the doors.

They waddle together, holding hands so to make sure they dont lose their balance. Darren took slow steps, looking down at his bare feet to make sure he doesn't fall. Maria held on, taking big steps and whinging at the crinkle sounds thier diapers make. Soon they reached the blue door when the Butler walked in, looking down at them. 'What are you doing?' he asked.

Darren and Maria gulped, feeling like children right now looking up at the tall man. 'We wanna go home' said Darren, 'we didn't book the room for this'

'We want our clothes back' said Maria.

The Butler stroked his chin, 'I shall speak to the manager, in the meantime just wait patiently in your room' he assured then, turning them around and gave their butts some pats.

Darren and Maria looked at each other, then they waddle and sat by the toys. 'Now what?' asked Maria

Darren shrugged, 'I guess we play' 

They started playing with the stuff toys. Maria giggled as she pretended her bunny is a princess, with Darren's bear as a prince rescuing her from a dragon plush. They crawled instead of walking since it was so much easier. Maria bit her lip as she noticed Darren staring at her behind. She giggled and shook her bum, 'Like what you see Baby Darren?' she teased.

Darren giggled, 'I got a new game, Baby Maria' he climb on top of her, Maria on her back as they started making out, Darren humping her diaper as he thrusts, with his wife holding on with her legs. They wanted the diapers off so they both ripped each other's tags and threw them away. Maria moaned as he thrusts inside her, suddenly he was being lifted up in the air. 'Naughty' said the Maid holding him under her arm while she picked Maria up with the other. They struggle and begged as she sat on a chair, throwing them over her lap side by side, with their bums facing up. Maria cried as she knows what's coming, Darren was about to yell when she started smacking thier bums, Maria burst into tears, crying like thier daughter as the maid continued to spank them. It didn't take long for Darren to cry like a baby as well.

Once the spanking stop, the Maid sat them on each knee as they cried into her shoulders, 'There there' she cooed as she rub and patted thier backs. 'Lets get you diapered and ready for feeding' 

'Feeding?' said Darren, sucking his thumb.

The maid stood and carried them to the change table. Darren and Maria laid side by side, thier legs up in the air as the Maid slid new diapers under them. She powdered them with soft baby powder, then pulled up the front, soon Darren and Maria were back in those thick pampers. 

The Maid then sat in the rocking chair, cradling the couple as they slowly rock back and forth. Darren tried to speak up, 'Um, miss maid, we want to go home' he said, but he was ignored, as the maid pulled out from her blouse, two giant breasts, Darren drooled as the urge hit him, he latched onto the nipple and started nursing. Maria scoff at how horney he must be, she was about to tell off the maid but the tall woman held the back of her head and force her lips on her nipple. Maria struggled, but once the warm milk entered her lips she stopped, moaning as she started nursing. 'Good little ones' beamed the Maid as she strokes thier heads, humming as she nurse the couple. 

Once they were full, the Maid pulled them off and draped them over her shoulders, patting thier backs. 'BWWWWAAARRRPPPP' they both burped, Maria spitting up some milk on her shoulder. The maid smiled and put them on the ground, as she cleaned up the vomit on her shoulder.

The couple realise that they have to leave, fearing that if they stay any longer, they will join Lisa in the playpen. They started crawling to the door, crawling for their freedom. 'We're almost there!' said Darren, crawling like his whole adulthood depended on it, alongside his wife who were planning to never see another diaper again. 

But two feet stood in their way, they stopped and look up at the Butler looking down at them. 'Apologies Mr and Mrs Becker, but the manager said that once you entered the room, you must stay until checkout tomorrow morning' he bend down and picked them up, each being held on his hip as he carried them to the crib. Darren and Maria started to cry. 'Oh hush now' said the Butler sitting them down in the crib, 'you got the alone time you wanted after all' he pulled up the bars. Darren and Maria stood on their knees as they held onto the bars, shaking it. Both screaming with their faces going red and tears rolling down their cheeks.

The Butler and Maid turn down the lights, 'Time for bed' he said.

'Let us out!'

'Please, we have a daughter!'

'You can't do this!'

'WE'RE NOT BABIES! WAAAAAAAA!!!!' they began to wail while the butler and maid laughed and closed the door behind them.

The next morning, Grandma was on the phone, talking to the nice manager of the hotel. 'oh yes, I don't know what you did, but they are so relaxed' she said, 'I can't remember the last time they were so happy to see me' she made her tea and walked to the living room. 'Darren, Maria, the nice man from the hotel wants to talk to you' she called out as she entered.

Lisa was giggling as she roll the ball to her daddy, who was freshly diapered and roll back, clapping his hands. Mommy was laying on her side drooling on her thumb. Lisa poke her so she can play too. Mommy looked at her daughter and laughed, sitting up as the ball roll to her. Grandma beamed at the sight of them in the playpen, 'Theyre busy I'm afraid, but they say hi' she said, hearing their babbles, then she sniff the air. 'i gotta go, one of them needs a change' she hung up the phone and put her tea on the table, seeing Mommy's satisfied face as she sat in her messy diaper, while daddy and Lisa kept playing with the ball.

Grandma laid Maria on her back, 'I told you to watch what you eat young lady' she said, getting ready to change her diaper for the third time that morning. 

And so the family lived happily ever after. 

Melissa put the tip of her thumb to her teeth, this story was really scary, she hope her daughters didn't get scared. She looked up from the book to see them giggling, 'Whats so funny?' she asked.

'mommy' said Janey, 'You wet yourself' 

Melissa looked down, sure enough there was a wet spot on her skirt. The girls giggled and laughed, making their mother blush. She stood up and quickly ran out, telling them she will be back.

She walked into the bathroom and took off her skirt, throwing it in the basket along with her wet panties. Then she stripped and got into the shower. Soon after she stepped out and dried herself. Putting on a clean pair of panties and bra, but can't help but think of those stories, what if that happened to her, and she suddenly finds herself getting a diaper change infront of her children. She shook her head and put on pyjama pants and a top then walked out. 

Sally were sitting with Janey on her bed, both wanting another story. 'No, go to bed' she scolded. 

'But mommy, you distracted us with your wet pants' said Sally 'we had to take the chair outside' 

Melissa blushed, she gave in and picked up the book, sitting on Sally's bed as she started another story. 

Don't Look Under The Bed

Once upon a time, 
a family moved into their new home. Jane helped carried the boxes for her mommy and daddy. Mommy was so proud of her, she even made her some sandwiches for lunch. Daddy helped set up the tv so she can watch her favourite shows, while Mommy and Daddy talk in the kitchen.

Jane is only four years old, but she could see the stress on their faces, Mommy worked in a big bank, while Daddy work in a firm, she doesn't understand much, but gets sad when they can't play with her. Mommy walked in and picked her up, 'Wanna see your new room?' she beamed.
Jane nodded as she was carried down the hall, Mommy opened the door and she marveled at how big it is. The bed there looked so old, but until they can buy a new one, Jane would have to sleep there.

The little girl started jumping on the bed, 'come on mommy, jump' she said.

Mommy smiled, but she said 'Sorry Jane, but grownups aren't supposed to jump on the bed' she told her, 'just have fun ok?' Jane sigh as she watch mommy walk out of the room. She sat on the bed and pouted, wishing that they could play with her all day. 

Suddenly she could hear laughter. Jane look around for the source, hopping off the bed. Then she hear it coming from under the bed. 'Hello?' she said, kneeling down to look under. 

'Hello' came a voice.

Jane smiled, 'Im Jane' she introduced herself

'Hello Jane, I'm Bed' said the bed, 'I hear your mommy doesn't want to play' Jane nodded, 'I can make her play if you want'


'Just get her to look under the bed' said Bed, "Then mommy will play with you forever' 

Jane smiled, she pictured mommy playing patty cake, hopping on the trampoline and chasing her around the backyard. She nodded and quickly ran to find her. She found mommy talking to daddy outside, 'mommy' she said, tugging on her dress, 'you have to see something' she said looking up at her. 

Mommy beamed down, 'ok sweetie' she said, being led into the house. Jane took her to the room, 'Look under the bed' she told her.

Mommy smiled as she kneel down, going to pretend to see something when something caught her eye. 'What is that?' she said, getting lower then crawling under the bed, Jane watch as Mommy's legs were the only ones out, then they got under. 'Jane?' came mommy's voice, Jane kneeled as she tried to look, but only saw darkness. Suddenly mommy's hand was out, she crawled out until she was halfway out, Jane gasped as she stood, mommy has no shirt on, her boobies was touching the floor. Mommy turn her head up at her and smiled. 'Hi' she said. 

'Hi mommy' giggled Jane

Mommy crawled out from under the bed, Jane gasp as she only had a diaper on. Mommy giggled as she crawled out from the room, wagging her padded bum. Jane couldn't believe it, Mommy is a baby now. Mommy turn her head and smiled at her, 'Come on sweetie, let's play' Jane beamed and followed Mommy down the hall. 

Mommy was drooling as she look around, acting like everything is new to her. Jane helped her into the living room, where her toys have been kept. Mommy sat on her big pamper as Jane got some toys out. Mommy picked up a rattle and shook it. 'Hehehe' she laughed.

'Thats a rattle Mommy' explained Jane

'Rattle' said Mommy, drooling as she was memorised by the rattling noise it makes every time she shook it. Jane giggled as Mommy look so silly right now, Mommy giggled along then open her mouth, Jane saw that she doesn't have any teeth, only wet gums. Mommy put the rattle in her mouth and started sucking it. 'Mommy eww' said Jane, taking it from her lips, 'That is not for eating'

'Sorry Jane' said Mommy. 

Jane gave her some dolls and they started their playtime. Mommy giggled as she is having so much fun. Jane is so glad she can finally play with her, now she wish Daddy would play too. Mommy leaned back against the couch, she look so content, Jane was about to say something she heard a hissing sound. Mommy let out a sigh of relief as a yellow spot formed on the front of her diaper. 'Mommy, you went wee wee' giggled Jane. 

Mommy giggle, her legs were spread so she can look down at her wet crotch. Feeling the wet pee on her, she bit her lip and whimpered. Jane came up to her and patted her head. 'Do you want a change?' she asked. 

Mommy nodded, 'I don't like being wet' she said.

'Why didn't you use the potty?' asked Jane. 

'Potty stupid' she said, 'Wanna go in my diaper' she looked down at her crotch then back at her daughter, tears rolling down. Jane was afraid she might started bawling. So she hugged her and told her she will get Daddy. 

She left Mommy in the living room while she ran to the kitchen, finding Daddy getting his coffee. 'Hey Jane' he said, smiling down at her.

'Daddy' said Jane pointing to the living room, 'mommy needs a change' 

Daddy frowned, he followed Jane to the living room, when he found his wife sobbing in a wet diaper, completely nude Infront of their daughter. "Stephanie what the hell?' he said.

'I wet Harry' sobbed Mommy, pointing to her wet diaper and sucking her thumb. Daddy walked over and pick her up, Money cried into his shoulder as he pat her back, trying to calm her down. Mommy started calming down, resting her head on his shoulder, Jane could see the big smile on her face. 'Now, can you tell me why are you half naked?' asked Daddy, then sniff and gagged, pulling back her diaper, 'Did you just shit yourself?!'

Mommy laughed as the back of her diaper sagged. 'I made boom boom' she announced proudly. Jane giggled as Daddy held her from him, trying to catch his breath as Mommy demanded a change. 'We got no diapers that big' said Daddy taking her to the bedroom.

Jane got an idea on where to find big diapers. She quickly ran to her room and kneel besides the bed, looking under, 'Mr Bed' she said, 'we need diapers for mommy'

'Coming right up' said the voice. 

Jane reached under, feeling a package on her fingers she grabbed and pulled. She saw the package of Pampers: Adult Crawlers, on it was a mommy and daddy crawling around in the babyish diapers. She thanked Bed then stood up, heading to her parents room. 

She walked in, Daddy had manage to clean Mommy's butt, her diaper rolled up on the ground, and now he is trying to put her in her panties. 'Cone on Stephanie, you need to wear these' said Daddy holding up her pink panties.

Mommy shook her head, kicking her legs so her husband doesn't slip them on, 'No, I want diaper' she yelled, crossing her arms over her breasts and huffing. Daddy sigh, Jane tug on his shirt and showed him the package. 'Where did you get that?' he asked.

'From under my bed' said Jane. 

Daddy frown, he pulled out a diaper from the package, opening it up and seeing how huge it is. 'This can fit me' he said. Mommy clapped as she held up her legs, Daddy slid it under her bum and place her down on it. He grabbed the old powder they used for Jane when she was a baby, and sprinkle it now on Mommy's bum. Soon he got her nice and snug in her diaper.

'Thank you Harry' said Mommy, giving Daddy a kiss as she stood up, the diaper spreading out her legs making her look weird. 

Daddy scratch the back of his head, 'Ok Jane' he said facing her, 'Keep an eye on your mother while I check out your bed' he walked past her, entering Jane's bedroom. 

Jane walked to her mommy and tapped her leg, 'Tag you're it' she said, running down the hall.

Mommy waddled after her, 'No fair Jane' she said holding out her arms for balance, giggling like a mad woman, 'I don't wanna be it!'

'Then you gotta catch me' said Jane, going outside, Mommy chased her around the back yard, finally catching her by the tree. Now Jane chased her, making sure to go slow and let Mommy run ahead, since her big diaper is making it hard for her to run, she can barely walk. Mommy fell on her butt, laughing as Jane got her from behind. 

Suddenly they heard big footsteps coming outside, they turn to see Daddy waddling out from the house, wearing only his diaper as he stood awkwardly smiling down at them with his toothless smile, drool running down. 'Can I play too?' he asked innocently. Jane and Mommy nodded, Daddy cheered as he is now it, chasing them around the backyard. 

Soon it was getting dark, Jane helped Mommy and Daddy crawl inside and got them to the living room. 'Lets play hide and seek' said Daddy

'Ok Harry, I'll count' said Mommy, then she face the wall and covered her eyes, while Daddy crawled and hid under a blanket. Jane hid behind the curtain, watching as Mommy try to count. 'One, uh two, three, eleven, twenty ten!' she opened her eyes, looking around as she waddled. She spot Daddy's butt out from under the blanket. 'Found you' 

Daddy laughed as he threw off the blanket, they waddled together and found Jane, she giggled as her mommy and daddy went to the toys. They continued playing, babbling at each other as they shook their toys. Jane is worried, if mommy and daddy can't take care of themselves or her, then who will? She decided to ask Bed. 

She entered the room and kneel so she's facing under the bed, 'Bed, who will take care of us?' she asked.

'You will of course' said the voice

Jane shook her head, 'But I don't know how to, Mommy is always playing while Daddy needs a change'

'I can help you'

'How?' asked Jane

'Climb under the bed, and I will give you all the maturity I've sucked out of them' said Bed, 'You will be thier new mommy' 

Jane hesitated, feeling a bit scared, but she got down and crawled under the bed, until she was fully under. 

One week later, Mommy hum a tune as she warm up two big bottles, making sure they are the right temperature by dripping it on her tiny arms. ' Ready' said Mommy taking the bottles. She walked right up to the high chairs, where Harry and Stephanie were, Mommy handed them thier bottles and they quickly drained it, thier bibs and chins were a mess from the mash peas they had earlier. 

'Mommy' said Harry, putting his bottle down, 'Stephanie called me a stinky butt'

'You are a stinky butt' said Stephanie throwing away her bottle.

'Nu uh!' 

'ah uh!' 

Mommy picked up the discarded bottle from behind them, 'Now now, stop fighting you two' she told them, then she reached and pull back Stephanie's diaper. 'Looks like you are the stinky butt Stephanie' she cooed, snapping it back against her skin. 

'Stinky butt' laughed Harry

'Shut up!' said Stephanie. 

Mommy giggled, the little girl removed the table and help the grown woman down, taking her hand and leading her to the nursery for a change. 'After you change me, can you play with us?' asked Stephanie. 

Mommy looked up and smiled, 'Sure sweetie' she said, making Stephanie cheer.

And so, after a big messy diaper was changed. Mommy, Stephanie and Harry all jumped on the bed, enjoying their playtime while underneath the bed, there was laughter. And they all lived happily ever after. 

'Good story Mommy' praised Sally.

Melissa giggled, sitting on the bed as she held the book, her daughters never praise her for anything. She put the book down and was about to tell them to go to bed, but there was a pressure in her bladder, she put her hands in her padded crotch and did a little dance.

Sally and Janey noticed, 'Do you need to potty?' asked Janey.

Melissa nodded. Sally got off the bed and held out her hand. Melissa followed her to the bathroom, where she then pulled down her pants and pull-ups. Melissa then sat on the large adult potty her daughters got for her, and started tinkling, her pants and pull-ups around her ankles. Sally praised her more, even putting a sticker on her potty chart. Melissa beamed. Janey walked in with the book. 'While you're going potty, can you read us another story?' she asked.

'But, I'm all finished' said Melissa. 

Sally shook her head, 'Nu uh, you have to stay until we're sure you won't have another accident' 

That made sense to the mother. So she held the book on her lap, her daughters sitting with her as she began a new story. 

Grow up too fast

Once upon a time, 
in a post apocalyptic world, ravaged by a virus that spread out of control. A family is traveling on the road, looking for sanctuary. The virus causes anyone over 18 years of age to regressed into babbling infants, lucky this family survived that, avoiding everyone they meet if they want to keep their minds. 

Unfortunately, thier ten year son Will and 12 year old daughter Emma got infected, but instead of regressing their minds, it has matured them, acting like responsible adults and protecting their parents. Pete and Rebecca we're glad they weren't frighten anymore, leading thier new matured kids through the empty city.

'hold up' said Pete, his wife and kids stopping behind as he ordered around the corner. Two people were playing in an abandoned park. They were completely naked with nothing to cover themselves. The girl crawled around while her boyfriend ran up and down the slide. 'What is it Pete?' asked Rebecca, looking past him and gasping at the sight.

'We should move' said Pete. 

They left them alone, looking for a safe place where the virus won't reach them. 'How long do we have to go on like this' said Rebecca

'Until we find a safe place' said Pete. 

'And what if we can't?' said Rebecca, 'How long until we're the ones running around naked? I don't want to lose my maturity' she said.

Emma held her hand, 'Dont worry mom, we'll look after you until we find a cure' 

Pete and Rebecca looked at each other, both of them scared for their children's future, the last thing they want is to burden them. Which is why they made a pack that if one of them gets infected, the other puts them down. 

They walked down through an apartment block, looking for more supplies, Will has found some adult diapers and a nursery in Apartment 3a, something his parents don't want to know about. Pete and Rebecca split up from the kids to look in 4b. Pete listen for any noise, but finding quiet. Rebecca nodded and started searching the sinks, she soon found some Twinkies hidden under the pipe. 

'Bingo' she said, reaching down, the pipes creak and moved, Rebecca knew that the virus traveled in the water, which is why they always make clean water to drink. She grabbed the Twinkies when the pipe burst. Rebecca was pulled back, Pete pushing her out of the way when he was hit full face from the water. 'PETE!' screamed Rebecca, reaching for her gun, but stopped as she can't bare to shoot him. Pete cried as their children came in, finding their mother a blubbering mess and thier father crying from the water. Will took Rebecca out of the room, while Emma took Pete to a different one.

Rebecca begged to see him, but Will held her back, 'Stay here mom, he could be contagious' he told her before leaving her alone in a bedroom. Rebecca paced around, hoping it wouldn't affect him and he will walk in here laughing it off, she doesn't want to have to change his diaper! She sat on the bed, praying that he is alright. Soon her son came in, 'Time to see him mom' he said gently.

Rebecca stood and followed, they entered the living room, she found Emma kneeling on the floor, Pete babbling and kicking. He still wore his shirt and jacket but his pants were discarded, along with his underwear. 'We didn't want him to have any accidents' said Will. Around Pete's waist is a diaper, an adult diaper design like a baby diaper. Pete laid on Emma's lap, like a newborn baby with his mother.

'Ba, ba,' babbled Pete, giving Rebecca a smile as he kicked softly.

'Oh Pete' sobbed Rebecca, wanting to hug him but Will pulled her back.

'Sorry mom, but you might get infected too' he said,

Rebecca cried, watching her children taking care of their father. Pete laughed and kick as they cooed down at him. She wish it was her instead of him, she should be the one in the nappy getting care for by the kids not him. Her guilt eating away at her so she went to the bathroom to eat the Twinkie she found. 

They stayed in an apartment for the next few days, Rebecca slept alone in the bed, listening to Pete's cries during the night as her children try to calm him.

'Maybe he's hungry' said Will's voice

'I just fed him' came Emma's voice

'Does he need a change?'

'I checked, he's clean' 

Rebecca smiled a bit, remembering a time when she and Pete used to go through that with the kids. The next day Will found them a vehicle, with a large car seat for Pete to sit in. Since the weather was getting warmer they had him wear only his diaper, as Emma buckled him in. Rebecca got behind and drove, the kids sitting with their father in the back. During the ride through the country, Rebecca looked into the mirror to check on them. Emma was watching out the window, Will was reading a book while Pete shook his rattle, chewing on his pacifier. 

They drove on, stopping for bathroom breaks or diaper changes. Rebecca sat in the car and watch as Emma change Pete in the back, dangling toy keys to distract him. Rebecca got out and head to the toilets, doing her business as usual without needing the kids to wipe her. Once she pulled up her pants, Will came back as soon as she got out. 'I found something' he told them. 

Will led his family through the bush, Pete riding in the carriage they made using a trolley, filled with blankets and pillows. They soon came to a cabin sitting on the field, with the lake not far off. 'I figured since the virus doesn't affect those already infected, we can take dad there for a swim' said Will

'But Mom can't come with us' said Emma

'Its ok' Rebecca told them, 'I can rest in the cabin, go have fun' the kids frown, but they took Pete down to the lake. Rebecca walked to the cabin, wanting to be useful since she feels like a burden to the kids. So she got the place cleaned up, set up some toys for Pete and sat on the couch. She looked out the window to see the kids, Pete was sitting in the lake as he splashed, the kids cooing at him. 

She wish she was down there, but if she touch the water then the kids will have another parent to change, to feed and keep entertained. Then again is that so bad. Pete looks so happy, she wish she could be that happy with him. She sigh and walked away, she just have to wait until someone finds a cure, and hopefully get her husband back. 

Later in the day, Pete was sleeping in the crib they found, sucking his thumb as he look so peaceful. The kids are going to look for some supplies, Emma handed a walkie to her mother. 'If dad wakes up, call us' she said.

'Dont worry' said Rebecca, 'He will sleep for hours' 

'You gonna be ok mom?' asked Will, the kids know that she have been depressed since the accident in the apartment. 

Rebecca smiled down at them, 'I'll be fine, now go' she said.

They walked out, leaving her alone. Rebecca hug her shoulders, wondering what can she do, Will and Emma are out providing while she has been moping. She heard crying from the bedroom, Pete is awake. She held the walkie about to call the kids when she stopped, putting it on the table. 'I can handle this' she told herself, 'I took care of babies before' 

She stepped into the room, Pete was crying. 'Whats wrong honey?' she asked going up to the crib, then she stood back as the smell hit her. 'Ok, you need a change' she picked him up and rock him, Pete sobbed as she gently put him on the bed, she grabbed the change supplies and started. She removed the diaper, wipe his bum then rolled it up, then she pulled out a fresh one and powdered him, taping it up around his waist. Pete giggled as he kicked softly. Rebecca smiled down at him, she put him on the floor and let him crawl. 

She soon found him in the living room, playing with his toys. She sat on the couch and kept an eye on him, wondering if the man she loves is still in there. Pete turn his head and smiled, holding out a doll to her. 'You want me to play?' asked Rebecca. He nodded. Rebecca smiled and got on the floor with him, taking the doll.

They played for an hour, Rebecca was having fun, smiling for the first time since ever, Pete suckle on his pacifier as he rolled on his back, soon he saw a ball and started rolling it. He rolled to her, then she rolled back. Rebecca smiled, laughing at how he giggles at her, they got bored with the hall, Rebecca ran as Pete chase her, then she chase him around the cabin. Soon they were on the floor, sitting together and watching baby shows on DVD. In that moment, Rebecca felt like a baby, all she needs is a diaper and Binky and she'll be all set. 

Pete giggled at her, 'Pretty' he said, pointing to her, making Rebecca blushed. 

Soon he was yawning. Rebecca picked him up and held him, rocking him back and forth. 'I miss you so much Pete' she said, 'You were always there taking care of us, I miss being in your arms' a tear rolled down her cheek. Pete frown, then he pulled out his pacifier and held it out for her, Rebecca looked at the soaked nipple, her lips trembling. One suck of his drooled soaked pacifier and she can join him, she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. She open her lips and lean forward, ready to put it in her mouth. 

'MOM NO!' yelled Emma taking the pacifier and taking Pete. Rebecca froze as Pete started bawling, 'What are you thinking?!' said Emma rocking her father, 'We don't want you regressed too'

Rebecca never felt so furious, she stormed out of the cabin, banging her feet. Her kids doesn't have the right to talk down to her, she can make her own decisions. Her eyes turn to the lake, so beautiful in the light of the sunset. She thought back to when her children were playing with their father, then she made a decision, she doesn't want to live in this world anymore. 

'Mom? Are you out here?' said Will walking out. 

Emma had put Pete in the playpen and followed her brother. 'Mom I'm sorry I yelled' she called out.

'Emma look' said Will pointing to the ground.

They found their mothers clothes, her pants in a pile, her panties thrown away along with her jacket, belt and bra, they found her shirt leading to the path to the lake. They ran to the lake, finding their mother sitting on the shoreline, naked and staring out to the water. Her face was blank and there's a line of drool running down her chin and onto her breasts. 'Mom?' said Will tapping her shoulder. 

Rebecca turn her head to them, and she giggled. 'Gaa?' 

Weeks rolled by, the kids got a radio up and was listening in on any new developments. Will was eating cereal while Emma was dealing with their parents. She had Rebecca on her back, wiping her bum as the used diaper was rolled up next to her. 'Aba!' she babbled, wanting to continued playing. Pete was leaning against the wall, drooling while shaking his rattle. Once she was freshly padded, Rebecca rolled and crawled to her husband. 

Will was looking over the map they made. 'We can stay here for a while longer' he said. 'We need to find more adult diapers, otherwise we should move them to cloth diapers' he said, looking at Pete and Rebecca playing together by the toys. 

Emma nodded, then they got a signal on the radio. '...we have the cure' it said, 'we can cure anyone who is infected, please come to...' Will shut off the radio, both children beaming as they looked at their parents, thinking it is better they stay like this, at least for a little while. 

Will went out to find more diapers, while Emma sat on the porch, watching Pete and Rebecca chase each other, running around naked on the field. And they lived happily ever after. 

'Good reading Mommy' praised Sally, looking down at her.

'Thank you Sally' said Melissa, looking up at her. She was laying on the ground, her legs in the air as Sally powdered her bum. Melissa held the book as she pulled up the front of her diaper, encasing her in it. 'All done' said Sally.

Melissa sat up, the diaper acting like a soft cloud under her bottom. 'Thank you Sally' she said, getting up on her feet. The diaper making her wobble, so she sat back on the bed, 'Ok' she said opening the book, 'One more story' she told them, Sally and Janey sitting on the bed and listen as Melissa began the next story. 

Mrs Mackenzie's Day Off

Once upon a time, 
a teacher was marking the reports in the class after school. Her name is Ellie Mackenzie, to her students its Mrs Mackenzie. She sigh as she got so many reports to grade. She rub her hand over her brown hair tied up in a bun, today she is dressed in her blouse and tight pants, some of her students tried to get a good look at her bum.

She didn't have any of that. She has a family of her own, her husband Rick and thier two little boys Andy and Dan. She was almost done when the door to the classroom open up, two students walked in.

Ellie sigh, it was Kevin and Gwen, two troublemakers of this high-school, Ellie had given them detention for making out during class, Kevin had his uniform shirt ripped while Gwen strut around with her buttons undone, and her dark red hair glowing down her back. 

'Hi Miss' said Kevin, trying his best to behave.

Ellie put down her glasses, 'What is it you two?' she asked in a stern voice. 

They walked up to her desk, 'We wanna apologize for our behaviour yesterday' said Kevin, 'We see that you are stressed, so we got you something's 

Gwen giggled, smiling at her as she held out a weird shaped egg, 'This is a soothing egg, just twist it and you can be relaxed all day' said Gwen. 

They put it on the desk, Ellie raise an eyebrow, thinking this must be a prank, 'Thsnk you' she said, putting it in her handbag, 'Now go home, school is over for the day' they both nodded and walked out, snickering to themselves. Ellie thought nothing of it and went back to those reports, not worrying about what they are up to.

The next morning, Ellie pulled up her pants as Rick got dressed in his suit for work. 'We still on for our date tonight?' he asked

Ellie nodded, 'Yep, just don't be late coming home' she giggled, going out to wake Thier children. She walked in and clapped her hands, 'Ok you two time for school's

Andy and Dan groaned, 'But Mom, we're still sleepy' said Andy

'Can we take a day off?' asked Dan

Ellie shook her head, putting her hands on her hips. 'Nope, get dressed we are leaving on ten minutes' she told them, walking out.

Ellie grabbed her bag off the desk in her bedroom, Rick walked out and spit the egg in her purse. 'Whats that?' he asked.

Ellie picked it up, she has forgotten about that thing. 'Just something a student got me' she said

'Maybe we can eat it for breakfast' joked Rick, giving her a kiss then walking to the hallway.

Ellie held the pink egg in her hands, they told her she would feel relaxed, and with the students she will teach today she will need it. She she held the top and bottom and twist. A wave flown from the middle, spreading put everywhere, pushing her back and dropping the egg. Ellie felt a chill on her skin, she looked to the mirror and gasped, she was completely nude, except she wore a giant baby diaper, decorated with cartoons around her tabs. 'What the fuck?' she said, looking down and touch the padding with her hands.

She looked down at the egg on the floor, she didn't know how but she knew Kevin did this. She waddled to where she dropped it when the door opened up, Ellie squealed as Andy walked in, wearing a suit like his father. 'Mom, I thought I dressed you' he said.

'Andy?' said Ellie, before she could do anything, her son grabbed her hand and drag her out, Ellie couldn't believe how strong her son is, 'No time to dress you now, you'll be late for daycare' he said.

'Daycare?!' screamed Ellie pulling her hand away and started waddling back to her bedroom, but she tripped and fell to the ground, landing on her breasts. Andy came and picked her up.

'Whats wrong with you today? You never had a problem going half naked before' he said, carrying her out the door, 'especially since I caught you being a jaybird everyday's Ellie blushed, unable to imagine herself running around naked outside. She covered her chest so no one can see her. 

At the car, Dan was buckling someone in the back, as her son took her closer, Ellie gasped as it was her husband, being buckled in a giant car seat. Rick drooled as he was wearing a shirt and overalls, Ellie could tell he was diapered too from the bulge in his pants. 'Hi honey' he said, giving her a big smile, 'How come you're naked?' 

'Moms taken off her clothes again' Andy explained to Dan.

'Guess that means she'll only wear her diaper' said Dan, 'We can't go dress her otherwise we'll be late to work' 

Ellie sobbed, Andy got her into the other car seat and buckled her in, 'I want my egg' she quickly told him. If she could get it then she can make everything normal again. 

But Andy shook his head, as he flipped the belts on her padded crotch. 'Sorry mom, but we got no time' he told her. Ellie started kicking, throwing a big tantrum before they could start the car, Andy sigh and he quickly ran inside, grabbing the egg then putting it in Ellie's princess backpack, 'Happy now?' he asked, closing the door.

Ellie will be happy once her and Rick are out of diapers, she reached for her bag on the floor, but the belt is tight against her skin, she gave up and just lean back, looking out the window as they drove. She watch normal families taking their children, envying a mother getting to walk around in adult clothes, looks like that egg only affected her family, she just hopes that no one else sees her as a big baby. Rick shook his rattle, giggling at the sound it makes. Ellie try not to look, she doesn't want to think of him as some big baby. 

They soon arrived at the daycare. Dan held his father's hand and led him inside, Rick beaming behind his pacifier as he has his pound puppies backpack on. Ellie was carried instead, Andy held her as she suckle her pacifier, her bag on his sons back as he carried her inside. A worker was there, another teenager as she greeted them, Ellie tried to read her nametag but it was all scribbles to her. 'Hi Ellie, 'Hi Rick's she beamed, making Rick giggle.

'Say hi to Jamie' said Andy, cooing at Ellie, but she shook her head and turn away, seeing a mother saying goodbye to her toddler son. 

Jamie soon got Ellie on her hip and hold ricks hand, Ellie watch as another worker put their bags in the locker, while she was carried away. Her children waving goodbye before they turn and left. Ellie and her husband were taken to the baby room, filled with regular babies crawling around. Some stared at the two adults being put in the middle, while some giggle at their diapers. 

Ellie sat there, while Rick crawled to the toys. 'Now play nice' said Janie patting her head, 'If you need anything, talk to miss Gwen' 

Ellie gasped, then she heard someone behind her. 'I can't believe you're wearing a diaper' she turn to see Gwen standing behind her, a smirk on her face as she looked down on her teacher. 

'What did you do to me!' said Ellie, getting up on her knees and facing her.

Gwen picked her up, Ellie whimpered as she sat on her lap, Gwen sitting in a chair. 'My boyfriend found that magic egg online, and we decided to use it to put you back in pampers' she explained

'Change me back now' said Ellie

Gwen laughed, "Why would I do that, you look so much better, besides' she laid her teacher over her knees, 'Ive wanted to give you this for a long time' Ellie blushed as she felt her diaper bring pulled down, Gwen patting her bum.

'What are you doing?' asked Ellie but...


Ellie screamed as her hand smack her bum, Gwen continued to spank her, ignoring her cries, Ellie wailed as she kick, Rick couldn't do anything, he was busy playing with the babies to notice his wife getting spanked. Gwen laughed as she gave one final smack, then pull her diaper back up. Ellie cried, as she sat on the floor, looking up at her student. 'Now if you tell anyone, I'll make sure your spankings get worse' said Gwen.

Ellie nodded, Gwen beamed then walked off. Ellie whimpered there like a little girl until someone came up to her. It was a baby girl, dressed in her dress and diaper as she talk to the grown woman. 'You ok?' she asked. Ellie nodded, wiping away her tears. 'Im Sandra' said the baby, 'Wanna play?' 

Ellie smiled, she nodded and crawled behind her as the actual baby went to the toys. They played with their dollies, taking Ellie's mind off her recent humiliation. Then she felt a pressure in her bowels. 'I feel funny' said Ellie

"That means you need to make boom boom' giggle Sandra. 

Ellie shook her head, 'I need to use the toilet' she said standing up, Sandra looked up at her wondering what she means. 'Potty' said Ellie, 'I need to use the potty' 

Sandra giggled, 'But you can't use the potty, none of us are potty trained' she said.

Ellie 'but I'm an adult's she tried to explained 'i don't wear diapers, I use the potty like your parents' Sandra giggled, thinking how silly her friend is. Ellie eyes look around for a bathroom, turning to see Rick on a change table, getting change by Gwen who played around with his penis, making Ellie more furious. 

'Ill prove it's said Ellie, helping Sandra to her feet and they waddle together, one baby and one adult baby, to the bathroom. Ellie giggled to herself, she will use the toilet and this child will believe her, maybe kick start her potty training by seeing a adult like herself use the potty. 

They made it to the door when Gwen stepped in their path. 'And where are you going?' she asked in the smirk of hers.

Ellie blushed, not wanting her to ruin what could be her only chance to avoid a diaper change, but Sandra blurted out 'Shes going to the potty'

'Really' said Gwen, her smirk getting bigger, 'That can't be right, I thought Mrs Mackenzie isn't potty trained yet, that's why she's wearing these' she grab her critch, squishing it and making the pressure in her bowels worse. Ellie whimpered as she tries to hold it in, feeling it coming out.

'Please just let me use the potty' she begged.

Gwen grinned, she put a hand on her teachers belly and rubbed, 'U think you need help miss, don't worry just let it out' Ellie whimpered as the rubbing is making it worse, 'You know I like changing your husband, he has a nice...' 

'SHUT UP' yelled Ellie pulling away, 'DONT YOU DARE TALK ABOUT HIM' Gwen smiled, Sandra gasp as Ellie started making small farts, before she could stop herself, the poop went out of her, dragging her diaper down as she started shitting herself. 

'Looks like you're not the boss anymore' said Gwen

'This is all your fault' said Ellie stomping her feet, but the weight of her diaper make her fall back on her bum, pushing the poop even more. Ellie sat there and cried as Gwen mocked her. 

'Wow, she looks so retarded' 

Ellie looked up to see Kevin standing next to his girlfriend, holding the egg in his hand. 'Looks like we are the teachers now Miss' he grinned. 

'Please stop' begged Ellie, "Change us back'

'Aren't you gonna change her?' asked Sandra, looking up at Gwen.

Gwen shook her head, 'Nah, I prefer her to stay in her poopy pampers, what a baby's she and Kevin started laughing, making the poor woman wail in her hands, not wanting a diaper change but not want to stay with her own shit around her. 

Sandra frown, she looked to the egg in the mean boys hand, she quickly snatch it but Kevin held on, 'Hey let go you stupid brat' he yelled trying to pull it back. Gwen turn and tried to take it, but Sandra held on, Ellie wailed at the top of her lungs, tears and snot running down, as the slipped out of the hands and smashed on the floor. Kevin and Gwen yelled as a wave flew out hitting everyone in the room.

It was the end of the day, Andy was tasked in picking up his parents. He walked in and went to the reception desk. 'Hi Jamie's he waved.

Jamie dribbled as she sat in the high chair, Molly had taken her shirt because she got juice on it. She sat there in her diaper playing with a toy phone. 'Shes been so helpful today' said Molly, the little girl behind the desk. Andy head towards the playroom, going past children picking up their parents, he turn and saw a toddler son checking his mother's diaper. 

He entered the playroom, looking around at all the adults and teenagers, he walked past Kevin and Gwen rolling a ball between them, both giggling as they only wore thier diapers. He found Rick crawling and dragging a cloth, he lost his pants earlier in the day, and he found Ellie on the change table, Sandra giving her a second diaper change. 

Ellie kick and babbled, drooling over her bib as Sandra powdered her bum, then got the adult in a fresh diaper. 'All done' beamed Sandra, helping Ellie down. 'Andy' babbled Ellie crawling to her son, Andy hugged her, feeling his mother's drool on her shoulder. 

'Has she behaved today?' asked Andy

'She is well-behaved, unlike some naughty teenagers' said Sandra, looking over at Kevin sucking his toes and Gwen making poppies in her diaper. Andy waved goodbye as he held Ellie, and held Rick's hand as they walked out of the daycare centre. While Sandra decided to leave Gwen crying in the corner, stuck in her poopy nappy.

And they lived happily ever after. 

Sally smiled, putting down the book as Melissa laid on the bed, Janey stroking her hair as Melissa drank her warm milk. The girls left her wearing only her diaper. Melissa pulled the nipple from her lips, 'Another' she asked sitting up, drool and milk running down her chin. 'I want another story'

'But you need to go to bed' said Janey

Melissa shook her head, 'Im not tired' she said, but she let out a large yawn. The girls giggled, Janey pick up their mother and laid her in the crib. Melissa was sucking her thumb, drooling as she can't keep her eyes open. Sally and Janey turn off the lights and left her nursery.

Melissa slept, hugging her toy bunny and drooling over her thumb, hoping that one day she can be mature like her daughter's.

Sally and Janey went and jump on their beds, enjoying their playtime while knowing that tomorrow, mommy is going to need her morning change. 



End Chapter 13

The Parents Diaper Pail

by: Themaster234 | Story In Progress | Last updated Oct 26, 2022


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