Heroine Addiction

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 27, 2021

In a world of superheroes, an infantilist puts himself in a dangerous position to get rescued by the woman in tights of his dreams

Chapter 1
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Patrick Porter stood at the edge of the girder, peering down at the ground beneath.  One false step and he’d go tumbling ass over tea kettle to his death.  Pat didn’t even know how he’d gotten there.

Correction.  He knew exactly how he’d gotten to the top of the unfinished building. There were no blackouts.  No supervillain like The Fugue or Mesmerosa had hijacked his mind to use him as a hostage.  The Conveyor hadn’t teleported him away from work.  Pat knew how he got here, he just didn’t understand HOW he had gotten here.

A dark little thought: if this didn’t work maybe he should start looking for The Fugue or Mesmerosa. Hostages got rescued by heroes all the time.  Didn’t Beldame fight Mesmerosa regularly?  But if he was purposefully seeking out a villain so that he could meet a hero, did that make him a hostage or more of a henchman?

In actuality, it made him neither.  It made him something altogether less dangerous than a common henchman and more pathetic than a random passerby drawn into a bad situation.  Patrick Porter was a Damsel; a growing trend of people who deliberately put themselves in danger on the vain hope of meeting a superhero. 

A darker little thought:  if this didn’t work there was a very good chance he’d never do anything again.  According to recent studies and investigations, at least half of all suicides in large metropolitan areas were the results of people playing Damsel. 

No suicide note.  No warning signs or history of depression. Just an obsession with people in capes and the incorrect belief that somebody would zip through the air and catch them if they fell from high up enough.  Super heroes were amazing… just not omniscient.

In planning this stunt, Pat had been tempted to rig up a bungee cord or parachute; but had let the idea slide. If Beldame realized that Pat wasn’t actually in danger she wouldn’t need to save him, and telescopic vision was one of her super powers he’d read.

Though if she had telescopic vision, would that mean she’d notice the subtle outline of the wet diaper he was wearing underneath his baggy shorts?  “I should have cleared my internet history,” Pat whispered to himself.  And this wasn’t just because of the almost stalker level profile that most Damsels had on the targets of their obsession.

Pat was an Adult Baby. In a world of Mole Men and time displaced Chrono-Wanderers, your average passerby might think an Adult Baby was something in the “cape” department;  a being whose body aged inversely to his mind, perhaps.

Good or bad, it was no such luck. An Adult Baby was just a fetishist. In such a crazy and wondrous universe such as this, Pat was just a person who felt an intense need and gratification from being treated much younger than he really was.  The fact that he was five foot five was purely a coincidence.

Six months ago, Pat wouldn’t have considered himself an exhibitionist, yet alone a Damsel.  Yeah, he had a makeshift nursery but he kept it home.   He wore diapers while out and about, but he took care to conceal them as best he could.  He had a closet full of baby toys and adult sized onesies, but no one who wasn’t part of the fetish community ever saw them.  It’s not like Pat was the kind of person to walk around with a pacifier clipped to his shirt or approach a strange woman asking them to be his Mommy.

Not until six months ago…

Six months ago he’d been on a tour of the White House when Megoron had attacked.  Alien despots loved attacking different nations’ governmental headquarters.  The Maxes had responded instantly.  Crimson Knuckle had duked it out and kept Megoron distracted, and  Black Blitz had evacuated most of the bystanders, but when that tremendous explosion had come, it had been Beldame who had shielded Pat from it. 

It had been Beldame who had picked him up and flown him to safety. Beldame, with her long dark hair and strong muscular frame.  So beautiful.  So powerful. And at a solid seven foot two, so big. She didn’t notice (or at least think to comment) on the nature or state of his underwear. Out of coincidence, she flew him out of the fight cradling him not unlike how a mother would cradle a child.

Perhaps it was instinctual.  Pat was smaller.  And if the internet was correct, Beldame was much much older.  She and the other warrior women from her island were practically immortal or something. Beldame looked like she was in her early thirties at best but was so much older and wiser than he could ever hope to be.

Raven hair. Ruby lips. The trim but muscular frame with the physique that Olympic athletes and MMA fighters like would kill for wrapped up in a costume that Vince McMahon might think showed off too much skin.  There was a reason why ‘Beldame’ was a constantly trending search term on Pornhub. If a person didn’t find themselves even slightly attracted to the heroine on at least a basic primal level, there was no amount of physical perfection or ideal that could move them.

And yet Pat’s breath had been taken away not by her beauty, strength, or the fact that she’d just rescued him from certain death, but by feelings that were much more complicated.

“Don’t worry,” she’d told him. Her voice was calm and deep and reassuring. “You’re safe, now.”  Even in the tight spandex that bared her legs and showed off her cleavage, there was something more gentle.  More nurturing.  More maternal. 

Just staring up at her in total awe had taken him back to a time that he’d long ago left, when Teacher or Mother would look down at him, wipe the tears away and tell him that everything was going to be alright. A time when he could hear all this and intrinsically know it to be true.

“Thank you Mmm…” Pat pursed his lips together. “Ma’am.”  He didn’t have the guts or the wherewithal to call her ‘mom’.

Beldame hadn’t replied.  Just looked back over his shoulder and given him an indulgent smile before flying back off into battle

It meant nothing. It was polite. She was a superhero doing her job. She was just trying to comfort him and get him out of danger all at once.  Just a coincidence. That coincidence would go on to change Pat’s life forever.  It awakened something in him.  It was so intense, like the feelings he first got when he realized he’d had this fetish to begin with.  Feeling so small and helpless yet so protected and cared for.  It made everything he’d experienced, everything he’d ever fantasized about, seemed watered down by comparison.

It had ruined him.  That feeling of being held and cared for (whether the care was real or imagined) was the most intense feeling of everything he’d ever lost and wanted back that he’d ever felt in his life.  And everything he’d tried since then compared in comparison.  He’d gone so far as to purchase a gigantic stuffed teddy bear so that he’d have the feeling of being held.  There was no warmth.  No strength.

Friends within the community had tried to help him by giving him long hugs and cuddles.  It felt nice, but it wasn’t the same.  He was looking for the feeling of being held by a big strong grown-up and was having to settle for sympathy from other kids.  (He’d never tell them that though.  He’d been left unsatisfied, not ungrateful for the attempt)

It just wasn’t the same, and that craving he’d awakened in himself was about to be the death of him.  He’d done his research.  Looked at all the news articles.  Went to the fan sites.  Compared timelines.  When Beldame wasn’t off planet or otherwise globetrotting with the Maxes, she was here.  If Beldame had a hometown or a single base of operations, it was here.

And based on his obsession, the Maxes had just put down another attempt by Dr. Morpheus to throw the world economy into chaos two days ago.  Chances are another world conqueror or whatever wouldn’t be ready to strike again anytime soon.  The big guns could return to their homes.  Things were normal.  Quiet.  Perhaps quiet enough for Beldame to be back home and be on patrol.

Feeling like a total doofus, Pat took out the pair of camping binoculars he’d bought and stared off into the horizon.  “Got it!” he whispered.  Off in the distance, barely a speck even with the binoculars, the beautiful Beldame was flying around the city; letting citizens know she was home and they were there to keep them that way and that they could go about their business as usual, knowing that she’d be there if needed.

Just like a Mommy…

It could have been a speck, but specks didn’t usually have such long black hair or dress in bright primary colors. Specks didn’t soar and dip down below eyesight for a second only to be carrying a car over their head like it was a laundry basket a second later.  Somebody had just avoided a nasty accident.  A moment later she dipped back down and placed the car safely in a parking lot

It was a wonder how she never broke anyone's bones or dented a car (unless she wanted to).  Perfect strength and perfect precision.  The ability to ram through a falling meteor, while cradling a babe in her arms.  The ability to protect.  The ability to pamper.

Like most people, Pat had gone through a phase thinking his parents were invincible because of how wonderful they were and how much more they could do than him. Beldame was as far above twenty-nine year old Pat as his mother had been above ten month old Patrick.  It was wonderful, and he wanted that feeling back.

It was going to happen.  It was finally going to happen.  Either Pat was going to be in the strong woman’s arms again, or he’d be a splat on the concrete.

“Just a little closer,” he said to himself.  “Just gotta wait for it.”  He didn’t want to risk not being heard or seen by her.  “Just a liiiiiitle…”

“Hey!” A voice called up.  “What the fuck are you doing up there?!”

Pat dropped the binoculars and looked down.  He shouldn’t have.  A bunch of construction workers had just clocked in for the morning and seen him.  Pat didn’t look like one of them at all.  No hardhat, no orange vest. Nothing.  He was obviously a gawker; a tourist. 

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  He’d been so focused on the destination that he had forgotten the route.  Now he was going to at best get dragged down and kicked out for trespassing or he’d get arres-


Falling! Falling! Falling!

Looking down so quickly had caused Pat to lose his balance.  Pat was many things, but graceful was never an apt descriptor of him.  It wasn’t like in the movies and cartoons either; no flailing or going “Whoah whoah whoooooah!”.  Pat just dropped like a stone, head over heels and his skull pointing straight for the ground.

He was going to die! He was going to SPLAT!  He didn’t even have time to call out “HELP BELDAME!”  He was so surprised that not even a startled shriek could escape his lungs.  He was going to die in silence.


He wasn’t falling anymore.  He was staring death in the face.  Pat wasn’t even looking at the street!  Just then, he was staring at complete and total blackness.  Bound in darkness, Pat’s body was forced to contort into a fetal position.  Adrenaline and panic overwhelmed him and he began to softly cry to himself.

He was alive, but he’d almost been dead, and if it hadn’t been for whatever net had broken his fall and ensnared him, he’d have been encased in eternal darkness.

“ARE YOU OKAY LITTLE GUY?”  The voice was booming and deep; even more so.  It sounded closer to a roar.  Even through the thick net that had saved him, it hurt Pat’s ears and made a throbbing sound in his temples.  It was like he was at a massive concert and had parked himself right up against the speakers.

Shafts of morning sunlight bled in through minute gaps in the massive tarp.  It was as the tarp opened that Patrick fully realized that he hadn’t been snared by any kind of safety net.  He was in a hand.  A giant hand.

“DON’T PANIC!”  The massively amplified voice thundered.  Easy for it to say.  Between fear of falling and now fear of being crushed, his diaper had just gotten a lot soggier.  He’d need to change soon. A few massive strides rocked his body and Pat began to make sense of things again.

The hand that he had landed in was receding from him and the construction sight was getting farther and farther away.  The pavement below was starting to come up at him, but more gently.   “I’M SHRINKING BACK DOWN,” the giant person said.  “DON’T WORRY! YOU’re safe!”

He went from being the comparative size of a mouse to his rescuer to the size of a puppy and he felt himself be shifted from the palm of one shrinking hand and into this thing’s arms, dangling him by his armpits.  Not a thing.  A woman.  A woman was holding him.

Her costume was a light, almost gray blue with white boots and gloves. Her blonde hair was tied up in a bun and she wore an white domino mask to obscure her eyes.  She was still shrinking when she spoke again.  “You okay, bubba?”

Dumbly, Pat nodded his head.  The ground was a good ten feet below him yet, but it was getting closer with each passing second.  Instead of being put down on his feet, though, Pat was shifted onto the big woman’s hip, with one hand balancing his back and the other supporting his bottom.

A crinkle and a squish accompanied the sudden shift.  “Hmmm?” his rescuer hummed. The domino mask did nothing to disguise the confused frown pointed directly at him.

“Ms. Wonder!” a third voice called.  “What do you think you’re doing?”

If Pat hadn’t already emptied his bladder directly into his pants, he would have risked doing so just now.  Standing in front of his rescuer, hands on her hips and eyebrow cocked, was the Woman, the Myth, the Legend herself.

“Oh! Beldame!” the giant woman squeaked.  She seemed younger now.  Less sure of herself.  Intimidated, despite still being a head higher than Beldame.  “Sorry! I didn’t mean to interfere. It’s just that this little...this guy was falling and I saw...and...and…” Her words were starting to tumble all over themselves.  Patrick wasn’t the only person who was star struck.

Two women talking to each other while he rode on one’s hip in a wet diaper.  This had not been what Patrick had planned, but it was so much better.

“Not that!” Beldame scolded, shaking Patrick out of his trance.  “Why are you still carrying him?  Why are you holding him like that to begin with?”

Pat could feel his rescuer’s body heat skyrocket.  Her outfit did nothing to conceal the blush.  “I’m sorry, ma’am.  I mean Beldame!  I was just shrinking back down, but I didn’t know if he had broken anything, and I carry my one-year-old nephew like this when I’m babysitting him and-”

“Don’t compare him to a one-year old!” Beldame interrupted.  “Just put him down safely!  Nothing is broken.”

Pat’s feet found the ground, and he couldn’t help but feel both overwhelmed and disappointed.  “Are you okay, sir?” Beldame asked.  She didn’t bend over.  She didn’t condescend to him.  She stood tall and proud.

His neck craned up at her.   “Uh-huh.”

“Do you need medical attention?”

Pat slowly shook his head.  Did she remember him, or recognize him from the White House incident?  He never got the chance to ask.

“I don’t know what he was doing on top of that construction site,” his rescuer said “but-”

“Construction site?” Beldame’s gaze rose to meet the steel girders still visible from the sidewalk.  “Oh...I think I know.”  She glanced back down at Pat and her face took on an even more annoyed look.  Ruby red lips flapped as she breathed out and muttered.  “Damsels...”

Ironically enough, it was the giant woman whom he’d failed to recognize that spoke up for him. “Isn’t that a bit reductive?”

Beldame ignored her.  “Sir.  If you’re looking to meet me in person, there are official channels, fan groups, and personal appearances that you can use.  It’s highly inappropriate to put yourself in danger as well as trespassing on other people’s property.”

He suddenly felt very, very small.  Not in a good way, either.  Teacher or Mother had caught him with his hand in the cookie jar and was cross.  Pat deeply wished that the mystery girl who had saved him would pick him back up… because he felt like he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

“Yes, ma’am.”

The world famous heroine was already walking away. “Just don’t do it again,” she called over her shoulder and flew off.

He’d blown it.  He’d gone and embarrassed himself.  Six months of obsession for nothing and now the woman who had been flying through his thoughts night and day was disgusted by him.  Pat wanted to break down there on the street.  He’d almost wished that  whoever had caught him hadn’t.

A hand rested on his shoulder.  “Hey,” the giant woman said.  Pat turned around and looked up at her, but not as far up as he had.  At six foot one, she was still taller than him, but well within the parameters of normal human development.  “Are you okay?”

Pat sniffed, making himself numb to his own humiliation and shoving down all of the conflicting emotions at war with each other.  “Yes. I’m fine,” he said, rather stiffly. “Thank you for catching me when I fell.  I hadn’t meant to.  So yeah...thank you Miss…?”

“Wonder,” the heroine said.  She’d stopped around the six foot mark, so that was probably her real unaltered height.  “Miss Wonder.  What’s your name?”

A jolt of terror.  “Um...Jim?”  If she knew his real name she might turn him in or something.

Miss Wonder’s lips retreated past her teeth.  She was stifling a bit of laughter.  “Okay.  Jim?  Can I ask you a question?  I’m sorry if it embarrasses you, but I’m kind of new to this whole superhero thing.”

Pat hung his head low.  Time to bite the bullet and admit that he was doing exactly what Beldame had accused him of doing.  He was a Damsel.  He was one nuclear waste accident away from becoming a stalker villain.  “Yeah,” he sighed.  “Sure.  Go ahead….” he bit his lip.  “My real name’s Pat, by the way.  Sorry.  I’m just kind of freaking out.  What do you wanna know?”  He looked at his feet and braced himself for the worst.

“Are you wearing a diaper?”

The man almost gave himself whiplash.  For the second time that day, he physically unbalanced himself and stumbled into a fall.  This time, instead of crashing on his head, he merely fell on his ass.  “What?!”

Miss wonder bent her knees and held out the palms of her hand in a calming, defensive position.  “It’s okay! It’s okay!” she whispered.  “I’m not trying to embarrass you!  I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“C-c-can you tell?” Pat stuttered.  He started feeling around his clothes and waist, seeing if anything was poking up out of his pants. A quick and adrenaline fueled glance said that there wasn’t any tell tale bulge that could be seen through his pants or signs of leaking.  “How ca-?”

“Like I said,” the superheroine interrupted.  “I’ve got a nephew that I babysit.  And for a second there when I was shrinking back down but still holding you…” A hint of blush came back to her pale cheeks.  “I guess muscle memory kind of kicked in and I…” She stopped herself. “Sorry about that.”

Pat wicked himself up off the concrete and dusted himself off.  Definitely no leaks or tells.  No one else would know.  “It’s okay,” he said hastily.  “You saved my life when I was doing something dumb.”

“Do you have a diaper bag?”  Miss wonder asked. 

Pat almost felt his heart stop.  “Diaper bag?!” he yelped.

For the barest moment, the size changing super failed to notice.  “Or I guess it wouldn’t be a diaper bag for an adult.” She was talking to herself.  “Like a backpack?  Or a briefcase?  A purse?”

“Um..no...no, no no.”  His objections were coming out far too quietly

“I’m just asking because if you have medical needs or something and you’ve lost it, I can…”  She finally noticed the panic just behind his eyes. Again, she held up her hands.  “Don’t worry, I’m not going to change you or anything.  I know you’re not really a baby.  I was just wondering if you’d lost something, or...”

It’s remarkable what the human brain can do.  He couldn’t remember how many times he’d fantasized about a pretty girl wanting to change his diaper for him, cooing and fussing over him like he was a real baby; being so powerful that he didn’t really have a choice but to accept.  Now, when confronted with something so close to such a setup, the only thing he felt when assured that this fantasy wasn’t becoming reality was tremendous relief.

Soft rejection felt amazing.  Funny that.

Another funny thing the brain can do is make it oblivious to factors and signs that any outside observer would classify as objectively obvious to the point of self-evident   “Thanks,” Pat said starting to back away and look down at the ground to hide his shame. “Sooooo...I’mgonnagohomeandrethinkmylifenow.”

He turned and started to walk away, not caring whether or not this was the direction of his hotel.  “WAIT!”

Pat froze, afraid that he’d be this new heroine’s first arrest or something.  He’d easily made the blunder list that every super who got famous enough would retell for laughs in a book or interview.  Should’ve just let her think his name was ‘Jim’.


She reached into her boot and took out a notepad and pencil.  Pat hadn’t noticed it before.  “I’ve got to get me one of those utility belts with all the pouches,” she muttered to herself.  She tore off a piece of paper with one hand and held it out to him.  “Can I give you my number?”

Pat reached out and took the slip of paper.  “Um. Sure?”  It wasn’t professional looking. No letter head or anything.  Just a phone number on a piece of paper.  He saw the pencil and pad shrinking in Miss Wonder’s hand just before she slipped them back into her boot.   “But, I’m just a tourist.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to help you spot crime or whatever.”

The young lady snorted laughter.  “No, silly!” she said.  “I was hoping you’d want to go out on a date. Maybe later tonight?”  A date? Even if she didn’t have super powers, she was still way out of his league by comparison. “You’ve had a rough morning, and I’ve just embarrassed you and I was thinking-”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled.  “You’re very pretty and everything, but I don’t want a pity date.”  Lies!  What else was a Damsel other than someone trying to force the ultimate pity date?

“It’s not a pity date,” Miss Wonder replied. “I just...I think you’re kind of cute. Call me when you get back to wherever you’re going?  So I know you’re safe...?”

Certain gears started turning in the back of Patrick Porter’s head.  The same crazy gears that had started turning six months ago.  Pat felt he could not deny those gears any more than he could deny himself.  “Sure..uh..the thing is, though, I’m staying at the Ditko Hotel.” he admitted.

“Oh neat!  Means you won’t even have to make the bed.  I’ll meet you there?” She smiled and then gave a flirty wink.

“Uh...sure,” Pat started.  “If you think that’d be okay.  It’s not the fanciest place.”

“It’s more about company than decor for me,” Miss Wonder replied. “That and I’ve already picked you up once today.  What’s one more time?”


Pat opened up the door to his hotel room immediately after the first knock.  He’d spent over an hour freaking out about what was going to happen.  It had taken all of his willpower to wait that long to start getting ready.  He’d wanted to start an arduous, panic filled grooming routine as soon as he’d closed the door.  The waiting had been near intolerable.

Showered, shaved, and in his best button up shirt and khaki pants, Pat had agonized in the bathroom mirror trying to figure out how to part his hair.  He felt like a highschooler back at prom.  Stupidly, he wore a diaper underneath his pants.

Not stupidly, he assured himself.  He was just keeping up the ruse.  Miss Wonder thought he needed diapers or something, so he couldn’t dare be caught without them.  Truth be told, he did need diapers some days, but that was more emotional than physical.  It wasn’t like he had thought to pack any regular underwear, either, and he didn’t dare go commando.

“Hi,” the girl at the door said.  “May I come in?”

The brain is a funny thing.  It can make associations that weren’t there, such as a buff super strong woman rescuing you from certain death set off the same emotions one had when they were being cradled in their mother’s arms.  It can also make the obvious invisible to the naked eye.

The girl was a few inches shorter than she had been.  Her blonde hair was down, and she’d ditched the domino mask.  Naturally, her superhero outfit was missing and in lieu of it, she wore a plain pink top, jeans and sneakers. 

“Uh...yeah.  Come on in.”  Pat felt himself starting to tremble.  It wasn’t due to being starstruck.  He barely knew who Miss Wonder was.  That, and the girl coming in the front door, while pretty, didn’t stand out as much as the seven foot tall Amazonian beauty. 

But she was a pretty girl.

And she had saved his life.

She sat on the corner of the hotel’s queen sized bed. “So…”  Gently she took the pastel blue purse off of her shoulder and slid it down to the floor.

“So.”  What to do now? He had no idea.

“Nice hotel room,” the heroine said.

Pat bit his lip.  “Thanks.  It’s very affordable.”

She smiled softly; kind of awkwardly. “Yeah.”

“Yeah.”  He rubbed his elbow, and hummed tunelessly to cover up the crinkling sound every time he rocked back on his heels.  “So, um.  I’m not sure what to do.  You’re kind of my first…you know.”

“Super hero?” Miss Wonder asked.

“Girl,” Pat admitted.  He quickly amended.  “I mean, not my first girl.  Just, it’s been a while.  Never like this, either.”  He let out a heavy breath of resignation,  “I don’t have a lot of money, either.”

“It’s cool,” the blonde woman said.  “I was just thinking of something casual.  Burgers okay?”

Pat brightened up a little bit.  “Huh? Yeah.  Sure!  I mean, if that’s okay with you.”

“I suggested it, didn’t I?”

Pat looked to his door.  “So should we?”

She didn’t move from the bed. “I was thinking we could get to know each other a little bit better first.”

“Oh yeah,” Pat stuttered. “I guess so.” His stutter transmogrified into nervous laughter. “Wouldn’t want me calling you Miss Wonder out in public, would you?”

Her smile didn’t fade.  “Yeah.”

“So what is your name?” Pat asked.  He almost immediately started backtracking. “Or what do I call you I mean? I don’t wanna compromise your secret identity or anything. But like I said...yeah. Probably shouldn’t call you by your super name.”  Why was he so nervous?

“Call me Alice,” she said.  “You know.  Like the girl in Wonderland who grew and shrunk all the time.

Alice in Wonderland.  Miss Wonder.  The simple connection seemed so clever that Pat felt bowled over.  “Is that your real name?”

“Do you really want to know?’

“I don’t think I should,” Pat admitted.  “I don’t know that I’ve earned that kind of trust.”

Alice seemed thoughtful for a moment.  “Thank you,” she said.

“For what?”

“For being thoughtful enough to admit that.”

“Huh…” Pat felt himself musing.  “You’re welcome, I guess.  I just don’t want to be a creep is all.”  He’d already gone close to full stalker with one beautiful lady.  A lapse in judgement of that magnitude wouldn’t do a second time.  “What do you want to know about me?”

All of a sudden, it looked like the superheroine was getting a little uncomfortable.  “Um...about earlier today,” she started.  “And the diaper question.”

Pat froze. “Yeah?”

“Sorry again.”

That wasn’t a question.  “It’s okay…”  He remained a rabbit, ready to run.  Only he lacked the luxury of a watch to glance at or the excuse of a suddenly remembered appointment.

She looked away.  Avoided eye contact.  “Is there any chance I could look at yours?” 

Reflexively, the boy’s hands shot down to his crotch, as if he were terrified she might pants him.  He was wet, too!  Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!  Just putting on the diaper and wetting it like he normally did gave him comfort.  This was not a situation in which he should be comfortable, though!

Now what was she gonna think?

“I meant a spare!” she said, trying to calm him down.  “I don’t mean the one in your pants. I’m just curious!”

His legs still bunched together, Pat pointed to his suitcase. “Over there.”  The words vomited up out of him and he instantly regretted it.  It would be hard to look at one of Pat’s diapers and think that he simply needed protection.  Medical diapers didn’t have cartoons on them.  Fuck it. 

At least if he disgusted her enough, she’d leave.  There was a cold comfort in plunging towards failure instead of drawing it out and delaying the inevitable.

“Huh…” she said, turning over the white plastic rectangle in her hands.  “Cute.”

“Cute?” If the boy had had fire powers, the room would be ablaze.

“I mean neat,” Alice corrected herself.  She opened it.  “Why are there four tapes instead of just two?”

Pat blinked.  He hadn’t really considered it before.  “Um...I think it has something to do with physics? Surface area or something? Or maybe it’s cheaper to make four small tapes instead of two big ones?”

Alice put the diaper down and then picked her purse back up.  It wasn’t until she dug down and took out the Size 4 Pampers that Pat realized it wasn’t a purse.  “It’s for my nephew when I’m babysitting him,” she said as if that explained anything.

Even so, it didn’t stop Pat from replying.  “Okay…?”
She looked at the diaper, the regular baby diaper, in her hand.  “If it’s a physics thing, it shouldn’t be a problem. My mojo doesn’t really account for a lot of physics.  It’s why I don’t collapse under my own weight when I go Kaiju sized.”  She licked her lips in concentration. “If it’s a cost thing…”

Pat started to drool watching the baby diaper enlarge and grow in her hands.  If he hadn’t known she was a super before, the now magnified Pampers she was holding would have clued him in.

She finished her thought. “...baby diapers are still cheaper than adult baby ones.”

At hearing his own kink, Pat felt a sensation akin to tumbling off a construction tower.  “Adult baby?” he said. “What’s that?”  He was lying.  Badly.

Alice/Miss Wonder patted the bed.  Feeling numb, Pat waddled over and sat down beside her..  “It’s okay.  I know.  I had a hunch,” she said. Emotionally he was back in Kindergarten with a young teacher explaining to him how she figured out that he’d been having accidents and hiding them.  “You’d be surprised by the things people in my work come across.  Last year there was this bizarre serial killer who chose his victims based on fetishes.  Called himself the Kink Killer.”

Oh crap!  Having an association with a crime she’d solved! That didn’t bode well.

Either mind reading was part of Miss Wonder’s powers, or Pat was just that easy of a read.  “It’s probably not what you’re thinking,” she said.  “I started educating myself to try and find a pattern; figure out the next target.  Infantilism was something that hadn’t made his list yet, but I stopped him before it got that far.  So I just took that info, filed it away for trivia and…”

Pat clenched his butt cheeks.  “And then you held me like a toddler and felt my diaper.”

She smiled faintly and shrugged.  “Pretty much.  I didn’t want to make assumptions.  But yeah,” she pointed to the still open suitcase and the contents inside.  “Pretty sure those just confirmed it.”

“Sounds like we’ve both got secret identities. Huh?” Pat joked.  He didn’t feel particularly funny. 

“Yeah.” she laughed nervously.  “Is that why you were damseling for Beldame?  You were hoping for a big strong Mommy type?”

He hung his head in shame.  “Kinda.”

She lifted his chin and made her look at him.  “Wanna know something?”  On baited breath Patrick Porter nodded his head and waited.  “I’ve got another secret, too.”

“What?”  Please oh please oh please oh please!  He prayed that she would say what he was hoping she would say.

“I’m attracted to short guys,” she whispered wistfully. “I’m used to guys trying to outmuscle me. They get intimidated by my size changing and go all macho.  It’s like for every inch I gain, I lose femininity.  So the idea that I could be bigger than a guy and somehow it would be a good thing…”  She paused and let out a shuddering breath.  “I’m intrigued.”

“You’re a Mommy?” Pat asked.

She didn’t shake her head, but she seemed to give it serious thought.  “I don’t know.  I’ve never done it before.”

Pat was trembling.  “Would...would you like to?”

He got half a playful smirk.  “That’s why I’m here, dummy.”  She stifled a laugh and then added,  “Silly baby.” Pat must have been awful at keeping a poker face.  “Oh yeah. That did something.”

“Can...can you shrink me?” Pat asked. 

“Sadly no,” Alice told him.  “Stopping super villains would be a lot easier if I could.  I can only change my own size and the size of inanimate objects that I can see and touch.”  As if to illustrate her point she started to grow.   “It’s also why if I want to throw a semi truck I have to grow. I can’t throw a matchbox car and unshrink it in mid air.”  She stood up and her head almost hit the ceiling.  “I think we can make this bed a bit bigger.  Make it so I can squeeze in comfortably.”  Like a sponge the bed engorged, lifting Pat’s feet fully off the ground.  “This is why I have a loft…”

“Uh...okay.  So what do we do?”” Pat asked.

“I’m not sure,” Alice admitted.  “I’ve never done this before.”

“Me neither,” Pat admitted.  “I just...I guess...if we’re doing this now...you would just treat me like you would a baby.”

“I think I can do that,” the young woman replied  “Do you consent?”

For some reason the question caught Pat off guard.  “Huh?”

“Do you consent?  Do you consent to me treating you like I would a baby?”

Patrick nodded, unbelieving of what was going on.  “Yes, ma’am.”

“Good.” Alice said.  “Do you need a diaper change?”  Pat didn’t have time to reply.  “What am I asking you for?” she giggled.  “Babies don’t know.” 

Gently, Pat found himself pushed back on the mattress.  Gentle only because it was all the force that was needed.  If she’d wanted to, the giant woman could have forced him into laying down.  His belt was unbuckled and his pants were dragged off his feet along with his loafers.  “Hmmmm…” the woman said, sticking two enormous fingers into the cuff of his diaper.  “You’re just a little wet, but I don’t know this brand very well.  Let’s change you.”

Two different sets of muscle memory kicked in.  Pat found himself laying back.  His thumb popped into his mouth instantly.  He started sucking while Alice ripped the tapes off his old diaper.  “That’s right,” she cooed at him.  “Suck your thumb.  No squirming.  I’ve gotta work fast so you don’t have an accident and go pee-pee on me.”

A kind of giddiness and awe started to creep into Pat’s mind. This woman was a natural!  Any AB would be lucky to have her company and it was just starting to dawn on Pat that he was that lucky AB. 

Bigger wipes cleaned him between his legs and wiped his bottom for him and Pat’s eyes rolled back into his head in ecstasy. 

“No signs of rash.  That’s good.”

A tremendous, impossibly sized Pampers was slipped under him with ease.  This was better, better than anything he had fantasized about. Beldame looked like a superheroine. A statue of a Greek Goddess brought back to life.  Mommies and baby sitters didn’t wear spandex or have bulging biceps. 

Beldame made him feel weak.  Right now, he was only feeling very very small, and that subtle distinction made all the difference.

“Let’s put a little powder anyway, just in case.” Alice’s voice was relatively high and chirpy even if it dropped nearly an octave due to her enlarged vocal chords.

Pat giggled, actually giggled like a little boy when the cool powder was dusted on and then the new-actually-a-baby-diaper was pulled up between his legs and then taped on.  “Fankyooo,” Pat gurgled around his thumb.

His giant sitter balled up the used diaper and then brushed it aside so she could sit down on the bed.  “You’re very welcome, sweetie.”

Pat was in Heaven, plain and simple.  This is what the good place was like for him.  “Now that you’re all changed and in no danger of leaking, how about some cuddles?”  She picked him up and placed him on her lap; encircled him with her arms in a warm embrace. 

Correction: this was Heaven.  He had pushed away the strifes of the world and was now a baby boy in Mommy’s loving embrace sitting comfortably in her lap.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?”

“Mmm-hmm..”  Pat barely had the mental fortitude to use words.  He was being crushed by ecstasy and fantasy come to life.

She laid back on the scaled up bed and pulled him closer, cuddling him and letting him lay his head near her breasts.  That’s when Pat knew he was hooked. Addicted.  If he had to, he’d move to this city, just so he could do this again. 

Not just the padded cuddling, but he was feeling a definite connection, or at least a chemistry bubbling between him and her.  He found himself wanting- genuinely wanting- to get to know this woman better.

“I’ve got a little cuddly boy, don’t I?” she interrupted his thoughts. 

“Do you like it?”  Pat asked.

“Honestly?” Alice replied.  “Yeah.  I think I do.  I’m digging it.”

Pat’s stomach started to grumble. “What do you want to do about the burgers?”

With her free hand, Alice Wonder tapped herself on the chin.  “Well, we could get dressed, I’ll shrink things back down and we could go get dinner and see where that takes us.” She waited a beat. “Or we could stay here, order pizza, and see where this takes us.”

The goofiest smile came to Pat’s mug.  “Pizza sounds nice.”

“Okay. We’ll get pizza.  But I get to cut it up for you.”

(The End)



End Chapter 1

Heroine Addiction

by: Personalias | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 27, 2021


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