Office Mismanagement

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 9, 2021

A CEO of a failing company decides to change things, and her employees. How will they all react to their ultimate fates?

Chapter 1
Complete Story

It had been nearly ten years since Samantha began working at the office. The company she worked for mainly dealt with making products for children ages thirteen and below. Everything from clothing to food to toys to music, they worked on it all. However, in their little office building, all they seemed to do was make business calls and go to meetings, merely doing research on different age groups in order to determine how best to make money. They used to work on designs and product ideas themselves, but lately that had been done less and less.

Samantha was now thirty-five and was a tall curvy woman with long black hair and brown eyes. She had worked her way up and was recently made CEO. However, in spite of her accomplishments, she was tired of all of the dull business dealings and wanted the company to move in a different direction. Things were too focused on money instead of actual good for children and their families. She had become much too busy to have kids of her own, and she wanted to rectify that. Thanks to a friend of hers at a certain academy, she now had a means to shake things up and turn the office into what she really wanted.

Today was the day that everyone moved into a newer, larger office building. Samantha had made her plans and made a few alterations to suit her new direction. At the board meeting, she had coffee for everyone, and passed out several packets of paper to them.

Good morning everyone.” she said. “I hope you all like the new building. It was designed to help you with your work by getting more attuned to the child-like frame of mind.”

The room mumbled a bit and one person spoke up. It was Charlie, a thirty-eight-year-old man with brown hair and blue eyes, dressed in business attire. He worked mostly in toys.

What does that mean exactly?” he asked.

It means you may notice some decor that looks more childish in nature or even see some toys and things here and there.” said Sam. “You may also hear some music over the intercoms from time to time. This is also to help keep you in the right frame of mind for coming up with new ideas for clothes, food, and toys. Make sure you document any ideas you have.”

So we are expected to work in a playground environment?” asked Scott. He was a thirty-four-year-old man with short black hair and blue eyes. He wore glasses, but only when reading as constantly looking at computer screens and reading small print had taken its toll. He worked with educational software and games.

For lack of a better word, yes.” said Sam. This drew some criticism from the board members and much mumbling.

But will this really help us?” asked Jennifer, a thirty-year-old woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She made her way onto the board via a relationship with one of the men, instead of working her way up, and Sam knew this. She claimed to work with mostly baby things like diapers and training pants, but she usually got others to do her work for her.

I believe it will.” said Samantha. “I noticed things have been getting stale around here, and sales have dipped. We need a fresh new take on things, and moving into a new building is just the start. If you would all look over the papers I gave you, you will see where your new office spaces will be.”

Everyone looked over their documents as they sipped on their coffee. Some seemed to struggle to make sense of it all. It was such a stark contrast to the usual office environment. Even so, they didn't want to say no to their boss

Now, before my next announcement, I have a preview of our new ad to show you.” said Sam. She turned on a wall mounted flat screen TV and dimmed the lights. There were some grumbles but everyone stayed to watch.

As they watched, they saw images of teenagers hanging out together, getting burgers and fries. Then they saw footage of younger kids playing video games and attending school. The music changed each time the ages of the people on screen changed. It showed some younger kids playing on the playground and getting dirty, but smiling and having fun. Then it switched to images of toddlers playing with toys and blocks, all wearing training pants under their clothing. Finally, it showed some infants playing with baby toys, wearing diapers and cute little onesies as they crawled and waddled about giggling. It was all very cute and was followed by images of their products, all looking very brightly colored and fun. The video seemed to glitch and there was some digital static. Everyone in the room found they couldn't look away as the static seemed to shift around and become different images.

Soon the video stopped and Sam turned the lights back on. “Sorry about that.” she said. “I guess the video glitched out, but you get the idea.”

Everyone in the room squinted and blinked when the lights came back up.

Ugh, that was sappy and broken.” said George, a forty-year-old man with a mustache, balding brown hair, and hazel eyes. He was the one having an affair with Jennifer. He tended to work with food, and was also overweight as a result of too much product testing.

I thought it was kind of cute.” said Anthony. He was a thirty-eight-year-old African American man with short dark hair and brown eyes. He mostly worked with clothing styles.

I'm willing to give it a shot.” said Brian. He was the youngest member of the board at age twenty-eight. He had red hair and brown eyes, and mostly worked in sports gear. “I was getting tired of those boring gray and white walls.

Good to hear.” said Samantha. “I look forward to your new productivity results. In my final announcement, I have hired on new staff that will help with paper work and communication. Ladies, come on out!”

Four women came out of a small room and into the board room. First she introduced Mary, who was twenty-five and a tall curvy blonde woman with green eyes. The next was Diane, who was twenty-six with short brown hair and brown eyes. The third was Teresa, a twenty-five-year-old woman with medium length orange hair, green eyes, and curvy figure. The fourth was Stella, a twenty-eight-year-old woman with brown skin, a full figure, long dark purple hair, and blue eyes.

These women will be helping you with whatever you need.” said Sam. “If you need them, just call for them using the new button installed on your desks. Also we have a new automated cafeteria that will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. For those who choose to spend long nights at the office, we have special quarters with beds and TVs for you to get some sleep in should you need it. If there are no further questions, please see your new offices and feel free to explore the building.”

George just kept looking at the pretty ladies and grinning. Jennifer noticed and huffed. Afterwards, everyone left the meeting and went to their offices. There were a few other employees around running errands and doing paperwork, but for the most part it was just the board members, the CEO, and the new assistants.

. . .

Scott looked around and noticed his area was brightly colored with posters of the current teen trends along the walls. He walked past a few employees and greeted them with a smile and wave. At his desk, there was his computer setup and boxes of some of the software he had worked on. There were even a few small desk toys to amuse himself with. “Hmm, this isn't so bad.” he said, examining one of the toys. It was a tiny version of the classic arcade game Pac-Man. It was his favorite classic game. It worked just like the original, but was smaller. The controls would obviously be easier to use with smaller hands, but he made due.

. . .

Anthony looked around at the various clothing trends that adorned the models in the posters along the walls. Some were ones he had designed himself, and it made him feel proud. At his desk was his computer along with some cloth samples and desk toys. One in particular caught his attention. It was a canister of color changing putty. He took it out and began playing with it, smiling at the colors. Music began to play over the intercom, and he felt calm.

. . .

Meanwhile, George walked down to his office, ignoring the images of various food ads on the wall. “This is all so stupid.” he mumbled to himself. In his office was his computer and a few samples of food for him to try. The coffee had made him a bit hungry so he tried some chips meant to advertise to teenagers. They had trendy colors and fonts on the bag, but the chips themselves were just your usual barbecue flavor. Even so, they were good, and he soon found himself finishing off the small trial bag.

Jennifer walked up behind him. “Don't sample too many snacks now.” she scolded. “You're trying to lose weight, remember?”

Oh shush.” said George, trying some cookies meant for kids. “Its my job.”

You should just sample a bit at a time.” she said. “I want my man to look hunky, not chubby.”

Just get off my back already.” George grumbled.

I saw how you were ogling those new girls.” said Jennifer. “Just remember that I can make big trouble for you if you even think about cheating on me.”

You think I don't know that?” said George angrily. “Look, the divorce is almost done. Just stay quiet about it a bit longer and it'll be fine.” He had split from his wife, on somewhat bitter terms, and wanted nothing to do with family.

It better be.” said Jennifer, storming off. She went to her station, which was down a hall full of images of babies wearing diapers, sucking on pacifiers, laying on changing tables, and other things. The idea of actually having a baby made her sick. She didn't want the responsibility nor having to deal with stinky diapers and putting a kid through school. She was too focused on herself and what she wanted, and right now she wanted money and comfort.

On Jennifer's desk were some small baby dolls with diapers on that she helped design. She claims to have designed them, but she really got Anthony's input on them. Some soft music began playing on the intercom and suddenly looking at them made her want to play with them for some reason. She picked up one of the dolls and held it. It had a blank expression, but the eyes would blink when the doll was tilted. It felt so strange to be doing this, but it also brought back memories of her childhood when she would play with dolls. She even rocked the doll a bit to the tune of the music.

. . .

Charlie heard the music while walking to his office. The posters of ads for the toys he had won awards for helping design were starting to look more and more fun. At his desk was his computer and also some toys here or there. He picked up one of his favorites, which was an action figure of a super hero. It was a translucent blue color and he held it up to the light. He had always enjoyed clear action figures as a kid. He saw a few other toys from a popular new video game and began arranging them as if they were fighting. “Pew pew!” he said, having fun. “I never realized how fun these can be.” He made sure to keep his playing to his office so no one else would see.

. . .

Brian looked around his new area and saw posters of kids at various ages playing different sports. He walked to his desk and sat down at his computer and began to work. Then he noticed the music playing and glanced at one of the baseballs on his desk. Smiling, he picked it up and tossed it up in the air, catching it when it came back down. He hummed along to the music and kept tossing the ball and catching it. He felt of the leather on the ball and the woven strings on it, and remembered playing baseball in school. He was never great at sports, but he did like them.

Samantha watched from her office. There were cameras here and there that she could use to keep an eye on things. She could even change the music or employ other methods from her desk. Smiling, she turned the music's effects up a bit and watched events unfold.

. . .

George seemed to have more of an appetite than ever. He remembered when his father helped him get this job at the company. He didn't know anything about children, so they stuck him in as a food tester, which started his addiction to food and subsequent weight gain. However, he remembered what Jennifer said and decided to get up and stretch his legs a bit. He also needed to use the toilet, so he went into the restroom to do that. Inside, he saw that even the restrooms looked more child friendly. The walls were a light blue and the floors were white tile. There were some cartoon frogs and ducks along the walls as well. He just shrugged and went to do his business. He noticed that his pants seemed looser and smiled, thinking he was actually losing weight somehow. When he went over to wash his hands at the sink, he looked in the mirror and was shocked to see that some of his hair had grown back. He smiled bigger and couldn't wait to tell Jennifer.

. . .

Anthony was still playing with the putty in his office and going over some designs in his head. He soon began to think back on his own childhood and the clothes he used to wear. He loved the designs of the nineties and the colors. He wished they made adult sized versions of the clothes he designed. “I've got it!” he thought. “I'll try and bring back those retro designs!” He immediately began drawing up designs on his computer tablet, feeling more energized than ever.

. . .

Scott had been distracted by the mini arcade game in his office and didn't realize so much time had passed. He figured he should get back to work, but had to suddenly rush to the bathroom. He passed by George, but didn't have time to notice his hair or loss of weight. Instead, he just barely made it to a urinal to pee in time. He sighed in relief an then flushed and washed his hands. He looked in the mirror and his vision blurred a bit. He had to take off his glasses to see well. For some reason he now no longer needed his glasses. This made him smile, and figured maybe it was the environment rejuvenating his senses. He just hoped it wasn't temporary. Scott whistled along to the music playing as he headed back to his office where he cheerfully began work designing a new game.

. . .

Charlie had made an army with the toys in his office when he heard something outside his office. He opened his door and saw that some of the other employees were also playing with toys. They were shooting foam darts at each other, arranging figures on shelves, and making 3D puzzles. This made him smile. The only time he got to see anyone playing with his toys were in videos of his nephews or in test groups. He and his family were distant, but he still watched them on social media. He never really wanted to start a family, feeling like he was too much of a kid to have a kid. Charlie went back to his desk and arranged some puzzle blocks to make a base for the action figures. He adjusted his pants and sat up in his chair, getting a new idea for a toy set that could adapt to various ages. Quickly, he began typing away at his computer, unaware of his slight dip in height.

. . .

Jennifer's memories of playing with dolls reminded her of how she used them to cope with the loss of her mom when she was only five. One of the only things she had from her mom was a doll that was given to her when she was three. It gave her lots of comfort, and she wanted to create dolls that would help do the same for other kids. It also meant she grew up without a mother figure, which led to her cheating on multiple boyfriends and never settling into a solid relationship. Her father had died as well, when she was twenty-five. She grew distant from the rest of her family, burying her head in work and sex. If only a doll could help her with her adult life. Suddenly, she had an idea for a new line of dollies for various ages, even teens. As she began typing, George walked up behind her.

Hey Jenny!” he said excitedly. “Look at me!”

Jennifer sighed and turned around. She noticed that George seemed a bit more energetic and happy. At first she didn't notice his hair. “So what am I supposed to see?” she asked.

Look!” said George, bowing a bit and showing the top of his head. Sure enough, he had grown some extra hair, but was still balding. It was only slightly noticeable even now that he was showing her directly.

Oh, you have a few new hairs.” said Jennifer. She had been attracted to George once, many years ago, before he gained a lot of weight and lost his hair. He was actually a handsome young man in his day, but now she was mainly attracted to his money.

Isn't it great?” asked George. “I think this new environment is having a positive effect after all!”

Its just a few hairs George.” said Jennifer. “Could be some kind of genetic thing or a sudden shift in your body's development. Its not like you're regaining your youth or something.”

Oh don't rain on my parade!” said George. “Maybe it was that food I tested. I'm going to approve it right away if that's the case!”

Well I've got my own work to do.” said Jennifer. “So why don't you go on back and get yours done too?”

Fine, maybe next time you see me I'll have a full head of hair!” said George, walking off.

Jennifer sighed and adjusted her blouse. For some reason it felt a bit tighter around her chest. Shrugging it off, she went back to typing out her ideas.

. . .

Brain paced his office, playing with the baseball. He looked around at the other sports equipment displayed and was interested by the tennis one. He remembered how he would play pickle ball with his dad when he was younger. It was kind of like a simplified version of tennis. His parents both died in a car accident when he was seventeen, leaving him in the care of his aunt, who had no idea of how to raise a teen. Sports was what helped him remember the good times in life, so that is what he decided to focus on within the company. Thinking about that caused him to get an idea for a new game that could incorporate the rules of baseball and tennis, in a sense, and excitedly sat down to type it out. He had to re-tie his shoes since they felt a bit loose, but he was feeling more full of energy than ever and didn't want to lose his train of thought.

. . .

Soon it was time for lunch and an announcement came over the intercom, advising everyone to take a break for a meal. Everyone made their way to the cafeteria, which looked like a school lunch room meant for young kids. The walls were painted with murals of cartoon characters eating food, and a picture of the food pyramid. There were already other workers there in line getting food.

Isn't this all a bit much?” George grumbled. “We're not children!”

Calm down George.” said Anthony. “If you have any complaints, you can log them in the system.”

It reminds me of my old school lunchroom.” said Scott.

Me too.” said Charlie.

Anything to help get more into the mindset of children I guess.” said Brian. He noticed a few other employees with clothes that didn't quite fit.

Its kind of creepy if you ask me.” said Jennifer. “I'm just going to grab something and eat in my office.”

I think I will too.” said George.

Charlie shrugged and got himself a meal. He thought he was ordering a plate of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, but he got a plate of chicken nuggets and a cup of mashed potatoes with gravy. He shrugged and got himself a soda then had a seat at a table.

George was happy to see the many choices of food. He ordered some spaghetti with meatballs, but instead got pasta in fun shapes in tomato sauce with tiny meat balls. “Hey! This isn't what I ordered!” he grumbled. “Give me an adult meal!”

Only one meal per person per lunch.” said a computer voice.

Damn it all.” said George. He got a drink and huffed, hiking up his pants on his way out.

Anthony ordered himself a deli sandwich, but got what looked like a home made sandwich cut into triangle shapes, and a bag of chips. He shrugged and went to sit down with Charlie.

One by one they each ordered their food and in turn got children's versions of what they ordered. They figured there must be some kind of bug in the software and made a note to report it later.

Jennifer went back to her desk with her food and ate while watching videos on her computer. At first it was just videos about fashion and drama, but soon she began wanting to see videos of cute cats and other animals as she ate.

Anthony, Brian, Charlie, and Scott all ate at the same table. They had a discussion about their productivity and how much better they seemed to be feeling in the new offices. Soon their conversations turned to stories from their childhood and they began to laugh and feel like friends chatting it up in the school cafeteria. The other employees were chatting as well, which had the whole room buzzing with talk.

After lunch, everyone returned to work. Lunch seemed to be working its way through them as they each had to get up and go to the bathroom a few times. They made sure to also note this in their logs.

Meanwhile, Samantha was in her office having some tea. She was getting readouts of the reports in her office and smiled. “The treatment is really working like they said it would.” she said to the four young women nearby. “Are you ladies ready?”

They all nodded and giggled.

This will be interesting.” said Stella.

I'll be sure to take good care of them.” said Mary with a smile.

I'm so excited!” said Teresa.

They'll be surprised for sure.” said Diane. “I wonder if any will resist.”

If any of them do, you know what to do.” said Samantha. “I've taken care of the doors and any lines out. I have total control of the building from here, but I will need your help to complete the project.”

Yes ma'am!” they said in unison. They all left to roam the halls.

. . .

Scott continued his work on his computer, working out the details of his new educational computer game. It was a game that could adapt to teach anyone from age four to fourteen. It was going to be massive, and revolutionize the educational software industry, or so he thought. As he tapped away on his keyboard, he kept making mistakes. “Grrr, why do I keep screwing up?” he wondered to himself. He remembered his parents were always complaining about how he played video games too much as a child. His father wanted him to go into accounting like him, and work for a large insurance company, but that's not what he wanted. His mom just wanted him to be happy, but would often side with his father, so he moved out on his own and never looked back. It had been a long time since he spoke to them. He let out a sigh and rolled his sleeves up, since they were getting in the way, and kept going. Eventually he had to go to the toilet yet again, but when he got up his pants drooped low. Blushing, he pulled his pants up and headed to the restroom.

. . .

Anthony was also having trouble concentrating on his work. More and more he kept wanting to wear his work rather than just design it. It reminded him of when his mother would take him shopping for clothes during back to school sales. She would drag him all around town to get clothes, but rarely let him pick any out. Whenever he did pick something out, she tended to find something wrong with it. Needless to say, once he was able, he bought all the clothes he wanted. His mom and dad split up when he was seven, and he rarely saw his father. Now his mom was mostly concerned with keeping up with her friends, and his younger brother who was born after she remarried. He didn't like to think about her remarrying. His step-father treated him badly.

Soon he began to feel thirsty but didn't want to interrupt his work. Eyeing the shiny red button on his desk, he wondered if he should ask for something to drink. Unable to resist, he pressed the button and heard the click-clack sound it made. It lit up and soon Stella was standing right next to him.

Hello Tony!” she said, using a shortened version of his name. “Do you need something?”

Anthony was surprised by the sudden appearance, but smiled. “Um, yeah, I could use something to drink please.” he said. “Maybe a bottle of tea or something.”

Sure thing!” said Stella. “I'll be right back!” She left and soon returned with a cold bottle of sweetened tea. “Here you go!”

Thanks Stella!” said Anthony. “That was fast.” He opened up the bottle and drank a few swallows.

Fast and friendly!” said Stella. “That's what we're here for!” She smiled and bowed. “Is there anything else you need?”

N-no, not at the moment.” said Anthony. He didn't really like relying on others for help in the first place, and felt bad for asking a young woman to do mundane tasks for him.

If you do, just press the button!” she said with a smile, and walked away.

. . .

Brian was coming up with rules for his new game, but needed to practice it out. He left his office and walked down the hall where there was a large room that had various sports equipment in it. He went inside and began trying to hit balls with a tennis racket. “I wonder if someone would mind playing with me.” he thought. All the other office workers seemed busy with other tasks. He went back to his desk and eyed the shiny red button. “Maybe one of them could...” He pressed the button and it lit up. Soon Mary appeared, wearing a short skirt and white blouse, almost as if she knew what he was going to ask.

Hello Brian!” she said cheerfully. “What can I do for you?”

Oh Mary!” he said, startled by her sudden appearance. “W-well, I um, I actually need someone to test this new game's set of rules with. Would you mind?”

I would be happy to help you!” she said. “Whatever you need!”

Thank you Mary!” said Brian, leading the way to the sports room. He got a racket and ball, then gave her a racket too. “Okay, now this will play kind of like tennis, but when one of us misses the ball, the other gets to run around some bases. If they can get around all three before the other can get back to the net with the ball, they score three points.

Oh, this sounds like fun!” said Mary.

Lets just use these as the makeshift bases for now.” said Brian. He went and got some baseball gloves and put them around his side and her's. Along the way, he had to stop and retie his shoes. For some reason they felt a bit loose. He also rolled up his pants legs to help him move better.

If your pants are in the way, I can go get you some shorts.” Mary offered.

No, its okay. This will do fine.” said Brian. He tossed the ball up in the air and hit it towards her.

Mary, being efficient in sports, was able to hit it back. The ball went back and forth for a bit until she intentionally missed a shot. “Oh oops!” she said, going to retrieve it.

Brian smiled and took off running. He hit the first base, then second before Mary got the ball back. He came running back to the line almost stumbling on his shoes again. “Darn it!” he said. “These office shoes weren't made for sports.”

You can take them off If you like.” said Mary. “We can play in our socks!”

Brian thought and nodded. It sounded like a good idea. He removed his shoes, which slipped off rather easily, and stood there in his socks ready to play some more. He was really getting into it now.

. . .

Charlie was documenting his toy ideas while also getting distracted by the toys on his desk. “I need to get away from these or I'll never get any work done.” he said to himself. He got up and left his office. There were a few employees still playing with toys, but when they saw Charlie they went back to work. He didn't like ruining anyone's fun.

No, its fine!” he said. “Really, if you want to play with this stuff, then go ahead. You have my permission. So long as you still get your work done.” He watched as a few played with some toy building blocks with one another. He also noticed he wasn't the only one having trouble keeping his pants up.

Charlie walked down the hall and soon found that he was surrounded by toys that were still in their packaging. He felt like a kid in a toy store, and remembered how excited he would get when he got a small bit of allowance from his mom and gleefully walked down the toy section of a store. He looked around at all the fun toys, some of which he had a hand in designing. All the packages were designed to jump out and get the attention of kids walking by. “No way!” he said excitedly. On the wall were some actual toys from his childhood, still in their original packaging. Easily distracted, he quickly snatched them down and looked at them. Excitedly, he wondered if he should remove them from their packaging and play with them. “Hmm, what the hell?” he said to himself. After all, he had given the other workers permission to play. He ripped open the blister cards, removing the action figures happily posing them. He smiled and sat on the floor playing with them and some other toys, reveling in his childhood memories. All the while, his age continued to tick backwards.

. . .

George sat at his desk typing up a description of his advertising idea of the new snack food, but was quickly getting bored. He idly snacked on some toddler food puffs. His mind turned to thoughts of Jennifer and her shapely body. Hormones began to pour into his brain and his penis soon became hard. He began to browse the net for porn as he stroked it through his pants. Soon he couldn't resist anymore and got up, making his way to Jennifer's office. He had to tighten his pants and shoes again, but he didn't care. One thing was on his mind as he pushed is way around some office workers.

Jennifer was also getting a bit restless and bored. She leaned back in her chair and sighed, thinking of having lots of money and sex whenever she wanted. She began looking up images of hot guys on her computer and getting all worked up. Suddenly there was a knock at her door and she jumped a bit, closing them out. “Uh, come in!” she said, her voice sounding a bit higher.

George came in with his pants sagging. “H-hey Jen.” he said while blushing. “I was just um, thinking about you.” He shut the door behind him and walked up to her desk.

Jennifer smiled. She noticed his obvious erection, but also noticed that he looked more trim and youthful. Even his bald spot seemed to have grown back into a widow's peak. “I can see that.” she said with a smirk. She got up from her desk, wobbling a bit as her high heels were a bit too big and awkward. She stepped out of them and made her way around her desk to him, giving him a hug and a kiss. “I was just thinking the same thing.”

George smiled big and began kissing her in kind, and soon the two were entangled in ravenous romance.

Samantha watched from her monitors and grinned. “They're giving in to their base desires.” she said to herself. “Lets see how they feel about each other when those desires change.”

. . .

Scott seemed lost. He thought he knew where the restroom was, but it was almost as if the office layout had changed. It was like a maze of some sort. His imagination started seeing life as a game. If he managed to make it to the toilet in time, he would retain his potty training. If he didn't, well, it meant the opposite. He smiled and laughed at his own thoughts as he went around corner after corner, looking around. The halls seemed empty. None of the other employees were around, and it was quiet. What started out as a fun game was starting to seem a little scary. He was sure he had gone past that row of posters before. He hiked up his pants and wiggled his feet further into his shoes and carried on.

Wh-where is everyone?” he wondered to himself, feeling smaller and afraid. The posters seemed to be looming over him, and the characters from the games seemed threatening. He felt the pressure building and building in his bladder and bowels. He pressed a hand against his crotch in an attempt to help keep control of himself. There was suddenly a flash of light and loud clap of thunder from outside. Scott yelped and jumped a bit, causing a bit of pee to dribble out into his pants. “Oh no, come on!” He whined and kept on moving through the office maze. Ahead he thought he saw the door to the restroom. Finally he could have relief. However, when he opened the door, he found it was just his office. Sickeningly sweet music was softly playing over the intercom, making his head all fuzzy. Another loud clap of thunder was all it took and he shuddered, starting to wet himself like a toddler. He whimpered as he felt the warm pee meet his hand pressed against the front of his pants. The warm flow of urine trickled its way down his legs and into his roomy shoes. A moment later, he felt his sphincter relax and he began openly pooping his pants. He stood there squatting and grunting, making a big mess of his pants and underwear. He let out a loud fart as a large load plopped into the seat of his pants, making them sag and expose his poop covered butt.

After emptying his bladder and bowels, Scott began to tear up. He felt like such a baby. His office stunk badly. He needed help though. No way he could clean all this up himself. Spying the button, he pressed it, and soon his office door opened.

Hello Scott! How can I-” said Teresa. She quickly covered her nose upon picking up the stench. “Oh my!”

H-hey Teresa.” Scott said shyly. “I um...”

No need to tell me.” said Teresa. “Come on, lets get you cleaned up.” She gently held his hand as she led him to the restroom.

Scott blushed, feeling like a toddler being led by his mother to the potty he failed to use. He held up his sodden and poopy pants, trying to keep it all from spilling out, but leaving a palpable cloud of stink through the hall. The employees were back, and covering their noses as he passed by. He blushed, but also swore he saw children running by. He wasn't sure how he got lost in the halls, as now it seemed like a simple walk.

Once there, Teresa guided him over to a shower stall. “Lets get those dirty pants off first.” she said.

Scott blushed and clung to his pants. He didn't want to be treated like some child, let alone have her see him naked. “N-no, I can do it.” he said.

If you insist, but you did call for my help.” said Teresa. “Please let me help.”

Scott thought about it. He didn't want to be covered in his own mess for much longer, and nodded. “Okay.” he said, feeling smaller.

Teresa smiled and gently tugged down his pants and underwear. She saw they were soaked and full of poop. She guided him to step out of them, and put them away in a plastic bag, taking his shoes and socks with them. “May as well get you all the way undressed so you can get clean.” she said.

Nooo...” he wined, tugging his shirt down to cover his front, exposing his messy bottom.

Come on now, don't be shy.” said Teresa. She guided him in taking off his office blazer and tie before unbuttoning his shirt and removing that too.

Scott stood there naked in front of her. He looked down and saw his crotch was covered by short black pubic hairs, and that he was fully erect. Blushing he covered his penis with his hands. “Um, I think I got it from here.” he said, his voice cracking a bit. “I know how to use a shower.”

Okay then.” said Teresa. She had seen it and smiled, knowing she turned him on. “I will get you some clean clothes.” She turned and left him to wash up.

Scott turned on the water and began to shower off. It felt weird to be showering at work, but weirder still to be cleaned up by someone like that. His mind kept going over it again and again. His confusion led to him having a full on accident in his pants, then he was helped and undressed by a pretty woman. His hormones took over and he began to masturbate in secret in the shower stall.

. . .

Anthony had finished his tea and had just finished up some designs for a new shirt. Suddenly his screen glitched and displayed a happy singing furry monster with children dancing around him. It was a familiar show to him, one he hadn't thought about since his childhood. He found himself unable to stop watching and soon he was humming along to the music. Then there was a random clap of thunder and he blinked. His screen was back to normal. “What was that?” he thought to himself. Feeling anxious and energetic, he decided to get up and stretch his legs and explore a bit. The posters along the walls seemed to have changed. They now all looked like they were straight out of the nineties, making him very nostalgic. It reminded him of when his mom would take him clothes shopping before schools tarted back. He was always so bored having to tag along with his mom, but he loved to pick out his own clothing to wear. In a way, he missed school. He missed playing on the playground and the social interactions mainly. He imagined himself on the playground as he used some chairs to substitute as something to climb on.

A few other workers saw the fun and began to join in. Anthony saw a few head into a nearby room and curiously followed them. There he saw what looked like an indoor playground. There were colorful walls to climb, rope bridges, slides, jungle gyms, and even ball pits. Soon he was swinging from the monkey bars and climbing tall ladders to slide down long slides like a kid in the summer sun. He took off his very loose shoes and socks, and began running around barefoot. His pants kept tripping him up, so he lost those as well, not even caring. After all, there were some already inside that were only wearing shirts and underwear as they happily played. He thought maybe it was just his imagination, but even so, he just wanted to have fun.

. . .

Charlie lost track of time playing with toys. They were just so much fun, and getting more fun all the time. A sound from his office snapped him out of it though, and he stood up. His pants fell to the floor, making him blush and quickly tug them back up. He tripped and stumbled out of his shoes, making him almost tear up. He looked around and saw a child running around with one of his toys, wearing only a shirt that was much too large for him. An older office worker was chasing him, but her clothes looked too big for her as well. Something strange was going on. He knew the place was decorated like a daycare, but he didn't expect there would be actual children there.

Once he got to his office, he saw an email had arrived on his computer from the CEO. When he opened it at first it looked blank, then he briefly saw an image of fun, smiling, colorful dinosaur puppets dancing. He recognized them as some he had helped design toys for. Then he saw a video of animated transforming robots running around shooting lasers. This was definitely something he remembered. It was his favorite childhood show, and what inspired him to design toys. He was entranced watching it for a while until he felt his pants fall down again. He looked down at his loose clothing and it only now occurred to him that he was standing up straight yet the computer screen was at his eye level. “What's going on? Why are my clothes so big?” he wondered. “Am I shrinking? No, that's not possible.” The music continued to play softly, and his head was spinning trying to figure it all out. That was when he noticed the button on his desk. Curiously, he pressed it and it lit up.

Hello Charlie!” said a voice from behind him.

Aah!” he shrieked, his voice sounding higher. “Oh, its just you Stella. You snuck up on me.”

Didn't mean to scare you.” said Stella. “Is everything alright?” She had a small bag around her shoulder.

Actually...” Charlie said, clearing his throat. “I think something is wrong. My clothes don't fit and everything looks bigger. Even you look bigger. There are kids running around and...and...”

Ah, I see.” said Stella. “You must be tired. I bet you had a long fun day playing with your toys. Your clothes must have stretched a bit. That's all.”

Charlie thought about it. He did have fun playing with his toys, and it wasn't until he was done that he noticed his clothes seemed baggy. Maybe she was right. “Um, maybe, I guess.” he said.

Stella smiled and put down her bag, then helped him pull his pants back up. “And staff are allowed to bring their kids to work if they need to. Its not unusual to see a rugrat or two running around from time to time.”

Oh...right.” said Charlie. He rocked back and forth on his feet a little.

If you want, you can take a nap in the nap room.” she offered.

N-no thanks.” said Charlie. “I don't need a nap. I just need to...” He stopped, trying to think of what it was he was supposed to be doing.”

Were you playing with your toys?” asked Stella.

Charlie nodded sheepishly. The toy army on his desk was hard to miss. “Yeah, I'm uh...testing them.”

I see.” said Stella. “Do you need help with that?”

No.” said Charlie. “But I guess you can play too if you want.”

What's wrong?” she asked. “Don't like playing with girls?”

N-no, that's not it.” he stammered. “I-its just that, I'm sure you're busy.”

But my job is to help you.” she said. “If that means playing with toys, then I'd be happy to.”

Charlie smiled and walked over to a set of blocks. “Okay, you can help me build a castle then.” he said. When he bent down to pick up some blocks, his pants and underwear drooped, exposing his bare bottom.

Stella smiled and let out a small chuckle. She reached out and pinched his little butt.

Hey!” squeaked Charlie, hiking his pants back up. “Why'd you do that?” He blushed and looked like a kid in his older brother's clothes.

Because its cute.” said Stella. “It looks like some of your clothes are getting in the way. Here, let me help.” She walked over and removed his pants and shoes.

Uh! Uhm!” said a blushing Charlie. “Now I'm in my underwear.” He tried covering himself, but it was no use.

Its okay.” said Stella. “This is all part of the creative process right? You must remove distractions.”

Charlie thought for a bit and nodded. He still wasn't sure about how his clothes could stretch so much while playing, but he knew she was right. “You're right.” he said. “Sorry I snapped.”

“Think nothing of it.” said Stella. “Now, lets build that castle.”

. . .

George and Jennifer were still very much feeling the effects of raging hormones as they had shed their clothing and now lay completely naked on the floor. The two lay kissing and fondling one another, getting more and more into it. They were each in their prime again.

Jennifer fondled George's turgid penis, slipping a condom onto it, and ran her hands through his now full head of hair. She didn't know how it happened, but he was back in his prime and she was taking advantage of it. She rubbed her large breasts against his face, which seemed to excite him even more. Her vulva was fully aroused and ready for sex. They both did their best to ignore the calming music playing over the intercom.

George grinned and ran his hand down her hair, back, and ass. She felt even more curvy and firm than usual, and it reminded him of his first time having sex. He was awkward back then, but now he was a confident lover. He moaned a little as his large, stiff wrapped cock was squeezed and stroked. Soon he began to press himself into her, and his penis found its way into her vagina.

Jennifer moaned as well, and felt waves of pleasure as he thrust in and out of her. Their bodies had become combined in an interlock of sexual desire. A beeping notice came from her computer, but she ignored it. Nothing else mattered to them at the moment other than the hot, intimate sex they were having on the office floor.

George explored her hot, wet interior with his throbbing member. He bucked in and out of her over and over, feeling their skin rub together and inhaling the scent of sex that surrounded them. The sound of their breathing and wet skin slapping together filled the room, and they looked deep into each others eyes. It was indeed a stimulation for all the senses. Soon the pleasure build and the dam burst. George shivered as he ejaculated into the condom.

Jennifer moaned and shivered as well, coming to a climax at the same time. The whole process had been such a workout for them both that they lay there on their backs breathing heavily.

George lay there as his penis went slack, still dribbling a bit into the condom.”That...was...nice.” he said between breaths. His voice sounded somewhat higher than usual. was.” said Jennifer, laying there naked on the floor feeling wet between her legs. The music sounded louder. “Ugh, that damn music. Wish I could turn it off.” She sat up and looked at her naked lover. “You look...younger.” She noticed that he was skinnier and his facial hair was a pale imitation of what it once was.

George looked down at his stomach and noticed this as well, then he looked at Jennifer. She seemed more slim as well, and still curvy with firm breasts. “So do you.” he said finally. His penis sprung to life again and began dribbling precum into the used condom. Any questions they had were pushed away by hormones.

My my, ready for round two already?” asked Jennifer, removing the used condom and replacing it with a fresh one. She eagerly teased the tip of his penis, giddy at its length and gerth. They both embraced again, energy renewed, and began another passionate session. They rolled around the office floor together until once again she was penetrated by George. However, something soon began to feel off.

As George was fondling her breasts he noticed there was less and less to fondle. “Huh?” he said in surprise.

Jennifer looked down and blushed as she saw her chest deflate. “What?!” she said, her voice getting higher.

Your boobs are getting smaller!” shouted George, his voice getting higher too. His penis shrank and slipped out of her as they began looking themselves and each other over.

Your penis is getting smaller too!” she said, pointing at his shrinking member. It soon shrank right out of the condom, which fell to the floor.

“N-no its not!” said George, hiding it with his hands, yet he could feel it shrinking with his fingers. “It can't be!”

What's going on?!” shouted Jennifer, standing up. She only now was noticing that the room seemed larger. Only a few traces of pubic hair remained on her. She felt of her breasts and noticed they were indeed smaller. She was always very aware of her breast size and quite proud of it too, but now there was nothing to be proud of.

George stood, still covering his privates. They began to feel smoother under his hands as his chest hair receded and soon all traces of pubic hair was gone. Even his manly mustache seemed to disappear, leaving a smooth, hairless boy face.

You look like a little boy!” said Jennifer. Her mind jumped to memories of her talking about how dumb boys were with her girl friends. “Ew! I can't believe I made love to a gross boy!”

Oh yeah?” said George. He was starting to see her as something to avoid. “Well you look like a little girl! I can't be with someone who has such tiny boobs!”

No boyfriend of mine is going to have a small dick!” she shouted.

Sh-shut up!” stammered George, embarrassed about his size. He was a late bloomer, and memories of kids making fun of him in the gym shower floated to the surface. “Its not small! You're boobs are small!”

Be quiet you stupid little boy!” said Jennifer, her breasts now nearly entirely flat. She snatched up her clothes to cover up but saw that they were too big now. “Who's clothes are these? They can't be mine. They're too big!”

George gathered his clothes and noticed much the same. “Hey, mine are too big too!” he said. “Did you do this?”

Of course not, idiot!” said Jen. “Something's wrong... We're getting younger!”

What?!” said George, his voice cracking. “How?!” He looked down at himself trying to see if he noticed any part of him currently shrinking.

Help!” shouted Jen, trying to get the attention of someone outside the room. Then she remembered the button. “Oh, I know!” She ran over and clicked the red button, and it lit up.

Diane appeared at the door. “Oh my!” she said. “What's going on here?” She came in and looked down at the two pre-teens.

Help us Diane!” said George in a squeaky voice. “We're getting younger!”

Why are you both naked?” asked Diane. “What were you doing? Were you being naughty?”

Naughty?” asked Jen. “We're not kids, we're adults!”

Yeah!” shouted George. “We were just...working when we started shrinking.” He hoped the lie would work.

That's right!” said Jen. “We shrank out of our clothes!”

Well, we can't have you running around naked.” said Diane. She helped them both get their over sized shirts on, which covered their privates at least. “There, that's better isn't it?”

But, why are we getting little?” asked Jen.

It will all be explained later.” said Diane. “Now, I think you two need a bath.”

A bath?!” said George angrily.

Yes, a bath.” said Diane. “You both kind of stink of sweat and sex.”

Jennifer blushed. “B-but..” she stammered.

No buts.” said Diane. “Now lets go.” She took them by the hands and led them to the bathroom.

Hey! Let go!” shouted George, trying to pull his arm away.

We're not little kids!” shouted Jen, sounding like a little kid. “You can't treat us like this!”

Diane was too strong though, and forced them into the bathroom.

. . .

Brian was still trying out his new game with Mary. He was getting a bit hot and sweaty though. He kept having to adjust his pants. Quickly moving to hit a shot, his pants fell to the floor. “Oooh, dammit!” he shouted, and feeling frustrated, stripped down to his boxers and shirt. “That's better!”

Mary just smiled and kept playing. She was going easier and easier on him as he shrank.

Try this one!” said Brian, his voice sounding higher. He hit the ball hard and in the opposite direction of where Mary stood, thinking it would make her miss. However, she quickly darted over to it and hit it back, requiring him to move fast to get to it. This time his boxers fell and tangled his legs, causing him to fall and miss the ball.

Mary smiled and began running the bases. “Oh, I did it!” she said. “Better go get the ball!”

Brian fought back tears, having skinned his knee, but got up and hobbled over to the ball. He blushed when he saw his boxers on the floor and quickly picked them up, tugging them back on. They felt a bit wet around the crotch, but he figured it must have been sweat. Unfortunately, Mary had ran all the bases and that meant she scored points.

Mary cheered. “Hooray!” she said. “Did I win?”

Uh, yeah.” said George. He rubbed his knee and squinted out a tear.

Oh no!” said Mary. “Are you okay?” She came over to inspect his injury and saw his reddened knee with a bit of skin peeling from it. “That looks painful. Let me help you!” She went over to a first aid kid and got out some anti-bacterial cream and bandage.

Brian blushed and watched as Mary applied the cream and bandage to him. It was a blue bandage, one of many colors of bandages meant for kids. He didn't question it though. A bandage was a bandage after all.

There we go.” she said. “All better. Do you want to continue?”

S-sure!” said Brian, happy to be asked. He got back out onto the court, but it all looked bigger now. He felt like he had to pee, but wanted to play more.

Mary stood on the other side, ready to keep playing with the regressing boy.

. . .

Scott had finished his shower and blushed when he saw Teresa's tall form standing there with a towel. He took it from her and began drying himself off. “You don't have to stand there like that.” he said, still trying not to show her his privates.

I'm here to help.” said Teresa. “When I see a grown man peeing and pooping his pants, I think he needs help.”

Scott blushed, being reminded of his childish accident. “That was just because I couldn't find the restroom!” he said angrily. “This new place is like a maze!”

Even so.” said Teresa. “You should know your office from the restroom.”

I do!” said Scott, stomping his foot.

Yet you stood there and peed and pooped your pants right in your office.” said Teresa. “The poor janitor had to clean some of it up.”

Its not my fault!” Scott yelled. He was having a fit, too wrapped up in defending his actions to notice he was losing height.

If you say so.” said Teresa. “But we have to make sure you won't get the floors dirty again.” She pulled out a disposable pull up.

Oh no, I'm not going to wear diapers!” said Scott backing up. “I'm not a baby!”

I didn't say you were.” said Teresa. “Besides, its not a diaper, its protective briefs. If you check the papers, it states quite clearly that if you have incontinence of any kind you must wear protection.”

I'm not incontinent!” shouted Scott. Just then, a tinkle could be heard. He blushed and looked down to see pee streaming from his penis. “N-no...”

You were saying?” Teresa smirked. She watched as he shrank before her and helplessly peed on the shower floor.

I...I...” said Scott, sniffling a bit. He looked down and it seemed as if the floor was coming closer to him. He could have sworn he was bigger down there, and had more hair on his body. He rubbed his protruding tummy, feeling very small indeed, then looked up at Teresa. “Wh-what's happening?” He sounded so pitiful and childish.

Aww, there there.” she said, patting him on the shoulder. “It'll be okay. Just finish peeing and we'll get you dressed.”

Scott nodded and continued to pee on the shower floor. It pitter-pattered on the tile and flowed away down a drain as he watched. He tried to stop but couldn't no matter how hard he tried. Once he was done he walked over to Teresa, no longer bothering to cover himself.

Good boy.” said Teresa. “Hey, I have a surprise for you.” She helped him step into the disposable absorbent underwear, then slipped a shirt onto him that had Pac-Man on it.

Scott smiled at the shirt. “Hey, its Pac-Man!” he said happily.

That's right!” said Teresa. “I know he's your favorite.” She smiled at the twelve-year-old boy in front of her. He looked adorable wearing a disposable pull up and shirt. Just then, the door opened and in walked Diane with George and Jennifer in tow. Both appeared to be in single digits now.

Let us go!” shouted Jen.

I don't wanna bath!” shouted George.

Who are those kids?” asked Scott.

You don't recognize them?” asked Teresa. “They're George and Jennifer.”

And they need a bath!” said Diane. “Yuck!”

. . .

Anthony was climbing around on the indoor playground equipment with some other regressed employees. Instead of getting tired, he was feeling more energized. He was enjoying himself, running around with others with his same age and energy as happy music played over the intercom. However, it was getting harder to climb things and coordinate his movements. When climbing the monkey bars again, he looked down and the floor seemed much further away. He wiggled and froze as his boxer shorts fell to the ground, leaving him in just his adult-sized shirt. He heard the others giggling.

Look at his butt!” said one of the regressed adults, pointing and laughing.

Hehe, yeah!” said another. “He's too little to be playing in here!”

I'm not little!” said Anthony. He let go and hopped to the floor, landing on his shrunken bare feet. The sudden shock of the landing jostled his bladder though, and he dribbled some pee onto the floor.

That little kid just peed!” shouted one of the older kids. “Get him out of here before he pees everywhere!”

Let's get him!” shouted another.

Anthony found himself being chased by a group of adults turned kids. They were being bullies, but he decided to have fun with it. “Nyeh nyeh! Can't catch meeee!” he teased, running from them, leaving a drippy trail of pee behind him. He ran around the room giggling as things grew around him. He got tripped up on his shirt a bit, but kept going. When it happened again, he took it off in a huff and tossed it at his pursuers.

Ew! Its got pee on it!” said one of the girls, dodging it.”

Anthony just giggled and ran around completely naked, happy, and free. He smacked his bare bottom and teased the others, making them chase him around more. Luckily the door was open and he escaped outside, followed by a group of shrinking former office workers.

. . .

Charlie was playing on the floor with Stella. Together, they had built a castle and put some action figures inside it. He had put some robot toys in front of it and wanted to have a giant robot fight. He got up to get some dinosaur toys, leaving his pants and underwear on the floor, not caring about his state of dress any more. He was even humming the fun music that was playing in his office.

Stella chuckled, getting a glimpse of his little bottom again. She didn't see him as an adult now, he was just a ten-year-old boy wearing an adult-sized shirt.

He soon returned with several dinosaur toys. “Okay these are my dinos!” he said, explaining it to her. “I made em myself! Rawr!”

Stella chuckled. “Oh no, they're attacking the castle!” she said in mock surprise. “We better get ready to fight!” She moved some of the robots closer to the dinosaurs.

Rawr! They can't stop us!” said Charlie, sounding more and more like a child. He was on his hands and knees, marching a dinosaur toy towards the castle.''

Stella noticed him shrinking as he had fun and smiled. He was so adorable, and he didn't even know it. Just then, she noticed a strange expression on his face.

Charlie felt something warm and wet around the front of his shirt, pooling at his knees on the floor. He was peeing. “S-Stella?” he asked, looking pitifully up at her. “I...I...went pee pee.”

Aww, poor dear.” she quickly placed his other clothing under him to absorb the rest. “You should have gone potty before playing.”

Y-yeah.” he said with a sniffle. “But I'm s'posta be big!” The embarrassment from the accident made him feel younger, and he visibly shrank in front of Stella.

You are big!” she said, reassuring him. “Even big boys have accidents sometimes.”

Th-they do?” he asked, wiping his nose on his sleeve. He looked more like a ten-year-old now.

Sure they do!” said Stella. “Now lets get you all cleaned up so you can keep playing.”

He stood up and nodded, his shirt still dripping but now it was down to his knees.

Stella gently removed his shirt. “First lets get you out of that wet thing.” she said.

Charlie blushed and tried to cover himself.

Its okay.” said Stella. “Nothing I haven't seen before.” She pulled out some baby wipes she kept in her bag. She began cleaning his wet privates and legs free of pee.

He just blushed more and looked down. He was hairless and tiny down there now. “Wasn't it bigger before?” he wondered to himself. He went to poke at it but had his hands brushed away gently. He was about to say something, but was interrupted by a fart escaping his little bottom. This made him instantly giggle.

You stinker!” said Stella. “Do you need to poop?”

I dunno.” said Charlie. He did feel something inside. “M-maybe?” Her questions and the music were making him feel all confused.

We better get you to the potty before you have a stinky accident!” she said, and scooped him up.

But they'll see me nakie!” he complained, sounding more like a child, and now looking more like an eight-year-old boy.

Its better than them seeing you with a poopy butt.” said Stella. She carried him out of his office in her arms.

Charlie looked around and saw that he wasn't the only shrunken one in the building. There were people that looked familiar, but they looked like little kids running around with over-sized clothes on. Some were even running around completely bare. It was like chaos at a daycare.

Stella spotted little Anthony running around completely nude and still dripping pee everywhere. “Tony!” she shouted, using a shortened version of his name. “Come here young man!”

Charlie giggled at the naked little boy in front of him.

Stella!” shouted Tony. “I um...I mean I was...trying to find the bathroom!”

Clearly.” said Stella. She took his hand and walked to the bathroom with them both.

Inside, little George and Jenny were getting bathed by Diane while Teresa talked with her. Next to them was little Charlie, standing there sucking his thumb wearing a shirt that was a bit too big for him.

Stella!” Diane greeted. “I see you brought us two more little naked co-workers.”

Come on in!” said Teresa. “We were just talking about our little charges here.”

Hello Diane, Teresa!” said Stella, walking up to them with little Charlie in her arms and holding Tony by the hand. “Yep, brought two more! They're coming along nicely!”

What's that supposed to mean?” asked Jen.

It means you're all becoming our sweet little children.” said Diane, washing Jen's hair.

We're not your children!” shouted an angry George.

So that's what you're up to!” shouted Scott. “I knew it! Yer makin' us little! You made me have dat accident!” He was starting to sound more like a toddler.

Charlie and Anthony looked at each other and shrugged.

So what if we are?” asked Stella. “It's all part of the new plans for the company.”

But how we s'posta do gwon up stuff if we liddle?” asked Charlie, now looking more like a toddler himself and feeling lighter in Stella's arms.

“You won't have to.” said Stella, rocking him a little.

Sam is making some big changes.” said Teresa with a smile.

I won't be part of it!” shouted Jenny.

But you already are.” said Teresa. “Just look at your boyfriend there.”

Jenny looked over at George and saw a five or six-year-old boy. His dinky was just a nub now, and he was a bit plump with baby fat. She looked down at her own body and saw how small, smooth, and underdeveloped she was. She thought she noticed her hands shrink a little in front of her. The thought of becoming a baby scared her. “Nu uh!” she said, jumping up. “I not gonna be some diaper butt baby!” She bolted from the tub, running out of the bathroom.

Jenny wait!” said George, jumping out of the tub and following her. “I don't wanna be a baby either!”

Teresa and the other assistants just laughed and watched. “They won't get far.” she said.

. . .

Brian was losing, and not taking it well. “This game is too hard!” he complained.

But you came up with it.” said Mary. “Are you saying its no good?”

N-no, its good.” said Brian. He didn't want to admit defeat. “Its just...this equipment! Its too big!”

That's funny.” said Mary. “Its fine for me.”

No fair!” shouted Brian. “How'd you get so big?”

I didn't get big.” said Mary, walking over to him. She towered over him now.

Brian looked down at himself. His shirt reached his knees and he saw his little bare feet on the floor. He pulled back the collar of his shirt and looked down inside, blushing. “I got...little?” he asked, sounding confused.

Yes, yes you did.” said Mary, sitting down beside him.

B-but, why?” asked Brian, looking into her eyes.

Well, lets just say that our boss has some new ideas for the company.” she said, booping his nose. “It'll all make sense soon.”

Brian was confused. He didn't understand what she was talking about. It was getting harder to think like an adult, but he knew that he used to be one. He knew he used to be as big as Mary, or bigger even. Just then, there was some sort of commotion outside of the room.

Oh my, something is going on out there.” said Mary. “Better come with me.”

Brian nodded and held her hand. When she opened the door, he saw a bunch of little kids, former adults like him, running around screaming and yelling, giggling and cheering. Most of them had over-sized clothing on, but then he saw two naked little ones run past.

Mary recognized them as George and Jennifer. “Georgie! Jenny!” she shouted. “Stop right there and get some clothes on!”

Nevew!” shouted Jenny.

We not gonna be babies!” shouted Georgie. Though they very nearly were, now only about four-years-old or so, and leaving a bit of a wet trail. However, most of the workers in the office were like this now; running around, crying, laughing, and having accidents. However, they already had assistants chasing them, trying to catch them as well.

Mary sighed and picked up Brian. He was now about five-years-old and light enough to carry. “Up you go.” she said. “We better find them before they hurt themselves.”

Samantha smiled, watching it all from her office. There were tiny terrors running around in her halls. Most of them were ready for her new plans. Once she had her little board members, she would reveal to them their true new offices.

. . .

Scott looked on as Stella helped Charlie onto a small plastic child's training potty. It was strange seeing his co-worker now toddler sized and being treated as if he were one.

There, now once you're done you can have a bath too.” said Stella. She drained the tub and cleaned it out, then refilled it.

Scott knew the two toddlers with her were Charlie and Anthony, and waddled over to them. “H-hey.” he said shyly, tugging at his training pants.

Hey Scott!” said Tony, smiling and waving, seemingly uncaring about being tiny and naked in front of him and the others.

Um, hey Scott.” said Charlie, a bit more shy, sitting on his potty.

S-so, awe you guys okay wif dis?” asked Scott.

I dun mind.” said Tony. “I can pway aww I want n dun hafta do any bowing work!”

Ish embawwassin.” said Charlie. “Ish weiwd.”

Stella added some baby bubble bath to the tub, then picked up little Tony, settling him into it.

Tony giggled and splashed her with the bubbly water.

Ah!” said Stella with a smile. “You little scamp!”

St-Stewwa?” said Charlie. “I guess I dun hafta go.” He stood up and took a few steps, then felt a pressure in his gut give way, and another in his butt. Seconds later, he was in a squatting position pooping on the bathroom floor.

Stella just sighed and watched. “Guess you're not ready for the potty.” she said. “You may as well go ahead and finish.”

Charlie wanted to cry. There he was, little, naked, and pooping in front of everyone. There were little wet plops on the floor followed by a tiny hissing fart. He had a finger in his mouth and turned around after he had finished, looking at what he had done. On the floor was a pile of stinky brown poo. It was his own poop that he had just made like a toddler or infant would have. He hiccuped and began to cry.

Oh, sweety, its okay.” said Stella. “Diane, can you give me a hand please?”

Sure thing!” she said, and helped clean up the mess.

Stella picked up the crying and shrinking little boy, laying him on a smooth counter top. She lifted him by the ankles and began cleaning his messy rear with a baby wipe. “Shhh,'ll be okay.” she said, comforting him.

Charwie made a poopy!” Tony giggled from the bath tub.

Its okay. He's just a baby.” said Diane. “He can't help it.”

Notta babee!” Charlie squealed and shrank on the counter. Was he a baby? He wasn't sure anymore. Diane said it so matter-of-factly. “Aaaah! Hah haaaaa!” He wailed like an infant as the others watched. His face reddened and tears streamed down his face as he kicked his legs.

You sure sound like one right now.” said Stella. She finished cleaning him then held his little naked form against her chest, patting his back. “Shhh, shhh. It'll be okay.”

Charlie eventually started to calm down but hiccuped a little. Tears and snot ran down his face.

Stella wiped his face clean. “Now, how about that bath?” she said in a motherly tone.

Charlie sniffled amd nodded, inserting a thumb into his mouth. He looked down at the tub with little Tony sitting in it. He was smiling, waiting for a play mate. As he was lowered into the tub of warm bubbly water, he felt the warmth on his feet first, then his legs, and finally his groin and hips. It was oddly cozy. He hadn't had a bath like this since he was an actual child.

Tony smiled at the baby in front of him. He looked a bit younger than two, and a bit smaller than him. He playfully splashed Charlie with water. “Hehe, yoo wook wike a baby!” he said.

Charlie meeped and blocked with his chubby arms and hands, then giggled, splashing back. “So do yoo!” he said. The two began splashing and kicking their little feet in the water.

I can see yoor weewee!” said Tony, giggling and pointing.

Charlie blushed. “I can see yers too!” he said, not bothering to cover his own.

Scott watched and peeked over the side of the tub. It looked fun, and he wanted to play too.

Tony looked up and saw Scott's face peering over the side and splashed him. “Wets get Scotty!” he said to Charlie.

Charlie giggled and began splashing Scott too. “Gotcha!” he shouted. The two stood up and began splashing the little dark haired boy.

Scott giggled and tried to block the water. “H-hey!” he shouted. The water soaked his shirt and also his training pants, causing them to sag lower and lower. “You got me aww wet!”

Ya was gonna get wet anyway!” Tony chuckled.

I alweady hadda bath!” Scott shouted.

Dats not wha I meant!” giggled Tony.

Yah! Wook down.” said Charlie, giggling.

Scott looked down and saw that his disposable training pants were down around his ankles,and he was freely peeing on the floor. “Oh no! Not again!” he cried.

Baby baby!” said Charlie, happy to point out someone else's babyish behavior instead of his being focused on. “Oooh, he getting smawwer!”

Scott covered his face with his hands as he shrank and peed. Soon his shirt lowered enough to where it was getting wet too.

Aww, come on now.” said Teresa. “Its nothing to be ashamed of. All little ones your age need protection.” She kneeled down to Scott and hugged him gently.

Her words and touch made Scott start to feel better. Once his little dream had stopped, he looked up at her. “I need diapews?” he lisped.

It looks that way.” said Teresa. “But before that, how about a bit more fun?” She gently took his shirt off, then picked him up and sat him in the tub with Charlie and Tony. It was a large tub, so there was easily room for all three of them.

Scott blushed, being in a bath tub with his regressed co-workers, now being bathed like a toddler. He was about the same size and age as Charlie now.

. . .

George and Jenny were still running through the halls completely bare. Seeing an open door, they ran inside and shut it.

Think we wost em.” said Jenny.

Not for wong.” said George, breathing heavily. “We gotta get outta hewe before we tuwn into babies!”

You alweady sound wike one.” said Jenny.

So do you.” said George with a blush. “You look wike one too.”

N-no I don't!” she denied. “You do! Look at your tiny baby dick! Its puhfetic!”

Look at your fwat chest!” George yelled. “I can't bewieve I wuved you. I bet yoo haf cooties!”

Dats mean!” Jenny sniffled. “I gonna teww!”

Teww who?” asked George. “We're wunnin fwom evwyone!”

Jenny began to cry. “I dun liddle.” she sniffled, curling up on the floor.

Jenny I...” George said, walking over to her. “I s-sowwy.”

Jenny looked up at Geroge's tiny naked form. He couldn't have been older than four at the most. His tiny nub of a penis sat atop a tight sack of pea sized balls. He was totally hairless, except for the hair on his head. In spite of their arguing, she did find him cute. Standing up and wobbling a bit, she hugged him. “I s-s-sowwy too.” she stammered, still crying some.

George hugged her and patted her back when he felt something wet at his feet. He looked down to see a stream of pee coming from Jenny. “Uh oh.” he said softly.

Jenny blushed and looked down, also feeling the wetness at her feet. “Oh no!” she shouted. “My potty twaining! Now I gonna need diapews!” She began crying anew.

No wanna be a babee!” shouted George, who began crying as well. Then the door opened.

It was Mary, holding a toddler version of Brian. “I found them Diane!” she shouted.

Diane came over and into the small room. “There you are!” she shouted. “I've been looking all over for you.”

Mawy?” asked Brian. He felt so small and vulnerable in her arms. He also felt a pressure building, and didn't want to have an accident on her.

“Yes sweety?” Mary replied, bouncing him a little. He had gotten smaller during their little chase, now only about three.

“I hafta go poddy.” he said with a blush, feeling like a toddler going through potty training.

I'd better get this little one to the bathroom.” said Mary to Diane. “I'll see you later.”

I'll be headed that way with these two soon.” said Diane. “They're almost ready.”

The toddler couple continued to cry and wail.

Aww, come on.” said Diane. “There there, its going to be okay.” She lifted up Jenny by the arm pits and held her out in front of her. “You two are so cute! I bet your ex will love to see you two together now.”

Jenny just wailed louder. Her face turned red as she kicked her chubby legs and shrank in Diane's grasp. Soon, without knowing or trying, she began to poop on the floor.

George saw and backed away, disgusted by the sight. “Ew, poopy!” he said. He no longer saw her as any kind of mature adult.

Jenny just kept wailing like a baby, shrinking more and more. Eventually that's all she was. A mere one-year-old baby girl in need of a diaper.

Diane laid her down and took out some baby wipes. She lifted Jenny by the ankles and began cleaning her front and wiping her messy rear. “Such a big mess you made for mommy.” she said.

M-mommy?' Jenny sniffled. “Ma...mama?” Was she her mother? The music echoing in her ears and Diane's motherly voice and smile made it hard to see her as anything else.

Diane smiled and nodded. “Yes, I am your mommy now.” she said, finishing up her cleaning job and pulling out a pink and white diaper with dollies and tea pots on it.

No diapee!” Jenny screamed, kicking her chubby legs.

Now now, you don't want to go around naked and pottying on the floor do you?” asked Diane.

Jenny sniffled and shook her head. “Noh...” she said shyly.

You want to be a good girl for mommy don't you?” Diane asked with a smile.

Jenny's mind was jumbled with thoughts about what had happened. She felt very small, vulnerable, and cold. She wanted her mommy. “Uh huh...” she said finally, and stopped resisting.

That's right.” said Diane, and proceeded to diaper her little baby girl. “That's my good little girl.”

The words sent tingles through Jenny's mind and made her giggle a little. It felt good to hear them.

George watched the scene unfold. His mind was racing with strange thoughts. He knew that he and Jennifer had been older before, and what they were doing. He felt ashamed. “Whewe my mommy?” he asked. If she had a mommy, where was his?

Diane smiled and finished diapering Jenny. “I'll be your mommy too.” she said. “You two can be brother and sister!”

Sistew?” asked George, looking at the diapered baby girl in front of him. It was starting to form new memories in his head, replacing old ones.

That's right.” she said. “You can be her big brother and help her.” She motioned for him to lie down next to Jenny. “Maybe if you get a diaper on too, she will stop crying.”

George looked at Jenny, who was still crying and fussing. She looked so pathetic now, but he wanted her to stop crying. He felt bad for the things he had done, and laid down next to her, holding her hand. “It be otay Jen-ny.” he said.

Jenny sniffled and looked over to see a two-year-old George. He was just a baby, but still bigger than her. She felt him grab her little and hand smiled slightly. “Big...bwo?” she said, still a bit confused.

Yes Jenny.” said Diane, lifting Goerge by the ankles and sliding a blue and white diaper under his little chubby bottom. It had images of doughnuts and cupcakes on it.“He will be your big strong brother, and protect you from all the bad things.”

George blushed as his bottom was settled onto the diaper. It felt very soft and comfy, as if it were made just for him, and it crinkled when he moved. Suddenly he began to let out a stream of tinkle in the air, getting some on Diane's blouse and hands.

Georgie!” said Diane in surprise. “Goodness, you pee peed on mommy!”

George found it funny, and began to laugh a baby's laugh. This made Jenny laugh too, and soon the room echoed with the laughter of babies.

. . .

Mary brought Brian into the restroom where she saw Stella and Teresa bathing three giggling little tots. “Oh my, how cute they all are!” she said.

Brought another?” asked Tersa. “May as well add him to the mix!”

First thing's first.” said Mary. She walked over and put Brian down on the plastic training potty. “Go ahead and do your business little man.”

Brian blushed, looking up at the giant blonde woman's green eyes. Her face was bright and cheerful, without a hint of malice. He felt he could trust her, even if things felt off. He pushed, and released his bowels into the tiny plastic potty. A moment later, he started peeing as well. The cup covering his front kept it from spraying out and instead aimed it down into the base of the potty. Feeling accomplished, he smiled. “I did it!” he cheered.

Good boy!” said Mary. She helped him stand, then wiped his bottom clean with a baby wipe.

Brian felt a tingly pleasurable feeling in his mind when she called him a good boy. He wanted to be her good little boy and enjoyed seeing her smile.

Mary then picked him up and deposited him in the bath tub with the others. He was bigger than them, but only slightly, and was quick to join in on the splashing bubbly fun.

Mary smiled and began washing him from head to toe, using some toddler body wash.

Brian smiled and inhaled the sweet scent of lavender. It filled his head with memories of childhood he had long forgotten.

The three ladies happily washed their little men all over, enjoying making them smile and blush.

Tony felt embarrassed, but also enjoyed his bath. It was an odd feeling being washed all over by someone, let alone someone who was a giant compared to him.

Teresa smiled as she bathed Scott. She adored his cute blushing face and little bottom. “Such a cute little butt.” she said.

Scott wiggled and blushed, feeling very tiny indeed. He looked up at his huge bather and all the giant smiling ladies bathing everyone. It was all very strange, but was starting to feel normal.

Even Brian was starting to enjoy himself, being cleaned thoroughly.

Charlie blushed. He and Scott were the smallest. Looking over at Scott, he didn't see an adult office worker. He saw a little baby boy with wispy black hair.

Scott was comparing himself to the others in the tub and blushing. Suddenly a cup of water was poured over his head, surprising him, and making him jump and rub the water out of his face with his pudgy hands.

You boys and your little toys. So cute.” She and the other ladies laughed at the little regressed board members..

Na cute...” Tony pouted, folding his arms and huffing.

Now you're even cuter.” said Stella, teasing him.

Once they were clean, the ladies rinsed them down and got them out of the tub, drying them off with fluffy towels. They laid them on a long changing table side by side.

Gotta weaw diapees?” asked Scott, blushing.

Yes, I think its best if you all do until we can see how much of your potty training is left.” said Teresa.

Look what I have.” said Stella, showing Tony a diaper with a 90s style splash on it.

Oooh, I wike it!” Tony cheered, clapping his pudgy little hands.

I've got one for you too Charlie.” she said, holding up a diaper with baby toys on it.

Charlie smiled and blushed. “I..I wike it.” he said, kicking his little feet. They were a bit hard to control fully.

How do you like this one?” Mary asked Brian, showing him a pull-on diaper with sports balls on it.

Brian smiled and gave a little thumbs up. “Good one.” he said while blushing. It was all starting to feel normal, like he had been friends with the other babies laying there with him, and they all shared many laughs and play dates together. He didn't mind wearing a diaper as long as they were too.

I have one for you too Scotty.” said Teresa. She showed him his own diaper, which had video game characters on it.

Scotty giggled in spite of himself. “I wike it!” he said babyishly. He really did like it. Its definitely something he would have picked out for his own baby, if he ever had one.

Stella smiled and lifted Tony by the ankles, sliding his open diaper under him and sprinkling powder on it and his crotch. After taping the diaper up snugly, she did the same to Charlie, then gave them both a kiss on the head. “Precious.” she said to them.

Mary let Brian stand on the changing table and guided him to stick his little feet through the leg holes of the diaper. She sprinkled powder into it then pulled it up, giving it a pat.

Teresa lifted her baby's legs and slid his diaper under him as well, then settled his little butt onto it. She sprinkled powder over his bottom and front, making him blush and coo softly. She just smiled and pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it snugly around his waist.

Once they were all properly diapered, the ladies lifted them up and carried them out of the bathroom.

Whewe we goin?” asked Scott.

“To see Sam.” said Teresa. “She'll answer all your questions.

All around inside the building, little regressed employees were being gathered up by people dressed in pink and blue outfits. They were all being taken to be cleaned and diapered as well.

Mary, Stella, and Teresa took their charges up to the CEO's room, where Diane was waiting with George and Jenny. They looked cute, holding hands.

Looks like you're all here.” said Samantha. “Good job girls! They all look so tiny and cute!” She walked around, inspecting them. “They even have that new baby smell!”

George blushed, having wet his diaper recently. “Why yoo do dis?” he asked.

Yah, why yoo make us babees?” asked Brian.

Its quite simple!” said Samantha. “You see, I realized that there's no real way adults could accurately gauge the interests of children unless they were children themselves. Though some of you were clearly more in tune with your inner child, others required a more firm push.” She turned and looked out of her window at the city. It had been raining, but was starting to clear up. “Out there exists a school that possesses the ability to regress its students in order to let them have a second chance at life. A friend of mine who works there was able to let me use some of their secrets to regress you all back into babies and toddlers. My plan is to turn this whole building into a mega-daycare!”

Daycawe?” asked Tony. “Buh why?”

It will be mostly for those like you, regressed adults.” Samantha explained. “While there is a degree of mental regression to be expected, not everyone who gets regressed will truly act like the age they appear to be. Therefore, part of the building will be used for actual children. Both parts of the building will be studied for interactions and interests. Then we will use that data to create even better products and solutions for children.

Buh yoo made us aww babees.” said Scott. “Wha about da owder kids?”

Well, kids do grow up.” said Samantha. “You will too, in time, and as you do we will gauge your changing interests. We can always reset you back into babies if need be.”

The regressed board members gasped and blushed at the thought of being turned into babies over and over again.

Nu uh!” squeaked Jenn. “Nu faiw!”

Was it fair for you to take advantage of George's failing relationship?” asked Samantha. “Was it fair for you to use other peoples time and effort for your own gain? Who are you to tell me what is fair and what isn't little girl?”

Jenny blushed and looked away, ashamed.

Well, now you have a chance to start over, with Georgie as your big brother.” said Samantha. “Don't worry, in time you won't even remember your sexual escapades and only think of each other as brother and sister. You'll all be good friends here at the daycare, and we will make sure your every need and desire is taken care of.”

Wha about our famwies?” asked Charlie. “Dey wowwy about us.”

I've taken care of that.” said Samantha. “It seems you were all on a corporate jet when they lost contact with it in the Bermuda Triangle and went down. They won't find it nor any bodies. Besides, now you have a new family! George and Jenny, Diane will be your mommy. Brian, your mommy is Mary. Charlie and Tony, your mommy is Stella. Scotty, Teresa is your mommy. Each of them have chosen you to be their children, but you will be taken care of by all of them when we are all together. From what I've seen, none of you have a strong relationship with your old families. You spent most of the time in your office or asleep, not even taking holidays off much. In a way, it was almost too perfect.”

The baby board members each looked like they were in deep thought. They knew she was right. They were stuck in a rut and had no close family ties nor friends to hang out with as adults. Now that they had been regressed, they really started to see each other as friends and family.

You'll still be my little board members.” said Samantha. “You'll have your own spaces where you'll live with your mommies and can have play dates with each other while the others live off site. Plus when you grow up, if you grow up, you'll all have a healthy inheritance with which you can do whatever you choose.” The deal was sounding better and better all the time. “Now, how about you play together while we all get things ready?”

The regressed little board members were all placed in a room with soft green floors, wooden walls, and decorations of cartoon animals and cute smiling bugs, trees, clouds, and sun. The floor had several baby toys on it and in the corner was a changing table. In the middle of the room was a colorful circular rug with the alphabet on it.

Dis wooks fun.” said Tony, getting up on his little legs to explore the room. His diaper crinkled cutely as he walked.

Yah, nah bad!” said Charlie, trying to get up and walk too, though he had more of a waddle and his weak legs barely supported him.

We gets to pway n haf fun aww day instead of wowk?” asked Brian. “Count me in!” He giggled and toddled over to a hollow plastic ball, rolling it around.

Ish bettew dan wowk.” said Scott. “Now I can pway aww day!” He crawled over to a wooden puzzle and began playing with it. “Ah, I wemembah dis!”

We bwo n sis now.” said George, looking at Jenny's baby form.

Uh huh.” said Jenny, blushing and sucking her thumb. “Me wike it. Nu cawes, nu wowwies.”

Uh huh, pwus now I can eat aww da toddwer food I want!” George giggled, patting his tummy.

Jenny giggled too, then noticed George was in a familiar squatting position. “Poo poos?” she asked.

George blushed and nodded as he bent his knees and grunted softly. A muted fart sound could be heard, followed by the soft crinkle of his diaper as it accepted his little load. It drooped and sagged low on his hips. “Weww, dat 'tinks.” he laughed. “Guess dat somefin we gotta get used to.”

Tinky big bwo!” shouted Jenny, teasing.

The others joined in giggling as George was taken over to the changing table by Diane.

Who's my stinky boy?” she asked in a motherly tone. “Who's my stinky baby?” She blew raspberries on his tummy.

George giggled and squealed, wetting his diaper again. He was enjoying the attention,and the feel of his squishy diaper. “Me am!” he said babyishly.

Diane opened Georges diaper and made a face. “Shoo wee! Stinky pants!” she teased. She wiped down his groin, then lifted him by the ankles and wiped his little butt free of the poop. She then rolled the diaper up and tossed it into the nearby diaper pail before replacing it with a fresh, clean one. She applied powder, dispelling the smell of his mess, and then taped the diaper up snugly. “There we go, all clean and sweet smelling again!” She smiled and bounced him in her arms a bit, then sat him back down next to Jenny.

It kinda nice bein cweaned up wike dat.” said George, blushing.

Y-yah.” said Scott. “I got used to it.”

Brian rolled a ball to Tony. “Wets pway!” he said happily.

Yah, wets aww pway!” said Tony, rolling the ball to Charlie.

Charlie giggled and kicked the ball with his chubby foot, rolling it to Scott.

Scott crawled over and smiled, pushing the ball over to George.

George smiled and nudged it to his new baby sister.

Jenny smiled and stuck the ball in her mouth, making everyone laugh. She was teething. “My baww!” she giggled.

Good fing we gots mowe!” said Brian, dumping out a box of hollow plastic balls. He and all the others giggled and squealed, playing with the fun colored balls as their mommies watched over them.

Time for din din!” announced Samantha. She helped gather up the little board members and take them to the cafeteria. It was occupied by the regressed staff and caregivers feeding them. As such, the room was full of the sounds of babies cooing, giggling, and eating. She and the assistants placed each tot into a high chair and tied a bib around them.

High chaiws too?” asked George. He looked down and the floor was very far away.

Charlie looked down and saw his feet. He giggled and kicked them, wiggling his toes. It was still weird to think that these chubby baby feet were his.

Scott looked over at Charlie, amused with his toes, and looked down at his bib. It had retro Pac-Man designs on it, and the phrase “Eat them up!” on it. He giggled as he drooled on it by accident. “Pahman!” he shouted.

Stella served up some tiny chicken nuggets to Tony, along with some little baby carrots. “Eat up sweetie!” she said. “If you need help, let me know!”

Tony smiled and picked up the food with his little hands, eating it happily. “Nummy!” he said with a mouth full of food.

Stella began spoon feeding Charlie some baby food since he was a year younger than Tony. “Here comes the airplane!” she said, making airplane noises and wiggling the spoon around.

Charlie giggled and opened his mouth wide. “Aahhh!” he said happily. He closed his mouth around the spoon and ate his baby food happily. It didn't taste gross like he thought it would. On his regressed taste buds, it tasted great.

Mary smiled and served Brian a tray of cut up hot dogs and peas, arranged as if they were bats hitting balls. “Here you go sweetie!” she said.

Brian smiled and began eating with his little pudgy hands, like the toddler he now was, enjoying every bite.

Teresa sat down in front of Scott, bringing with her some baby food. “Open wide for mommy!” she said, spooning up some chopped up cooked chicken.

Scott blushed and opened his mouth, receiving the food. He closed his mouth and felt the soft food on his tongue, chewing a little and swallowing. He was sure it was going to taste bland, but it actually tasted pretty good. Without hesitation, he opened his mouth for more.

Teresa smiled and continued to feed her precious baby boy.

Diane sat by George and Jenny, serving George the same meal as Tony had, letting him eat with his fingers.

George, feeling like a little food critic, ate the food and smiled happily. He quickly filled his tummy with good food.

Here, let me help.” said Sam, sitting in front of Jenny. She began spoon feeding her a jar of baby food. It was a jar of mashed peas.

Jenny was hesitant to eat the green goop, turning her face away at first.

Come on little lady.” said Sam. “You have to eat up so you can grow big and strong.”

Jenny blushed and looked at Sam's big motherly face. She couldn't resist obeying her, and opened her mouth, though reluctantly.

Good girl.” said Sam, feeding her the goop.

Jenny closed her mouth and ate the food. It didn't taste bad, like she thought it would, but it didn't taste great either. She continued to eat when Sam switched it up to some chicken paste, which tasted good when paired with the veggies. She soon felt her little belly becoming full, as it didn't take much.

As each of them were fed, they were also given baby bottles with either milk or juice to nurse on. Once they were full, each of them were picked up and burped, then taken to a big open nursery. It was huge, even by adult standards. The babies looked around in awe. There were some baby sports toys for Brian, chunky plastic robots and building blocks for Charlie, cute little dolls and plushes for Jenny, a small plastic cooking station with plastic food for George, an activity center and small plastic slide for Tony, wooden puzzles and plush Pac Man toys for Scott, and even more toys meant for ages one to five.

They were set down on the floor and immediately went over to play with the toys, having a blast playing with each other. They weren't afraid to share their toys, and play games with each other, making sure they were all included on the fun no matter what age they were. George even volunteered to make food for Jenny's little tea party. Soon they were joined by other regressed staff members who had finished eating, and the room was now full of giggly happy babies.

Night fell, and a full day of regressing and playing had worn them all out. Jenny was the first to yawn and curl up on the floor with a plush rabbit. George soon followed, lying next to her. One by one the others began to yawn and tire out.

Looks like its bed time!” said Samantha in a sing-song-y voice. She and the others scooped up the tired tots and took them into an adjacent room. Soft, tinkly lullaby music was playing. The walls were decorated with moons and stars. There was a large window along one of the walls, allowing for a scenic view of the city. Along the wall were five cribs. Scott and Brian got their own cribs, while Charlie and Tony got their own, as did George and Jenny. There were more cribs available, but they wanted to sleep together. All of them curled up with each other or plushes, and given pacifiers to suck on as they slowly fell into a deep and peaceful slumber.

Sleep tight my babies.” said Samantha, dimming the lights.

From then on, their days would be filled with high chair feedings, diaper changes, play time, and naps. Each day they would play happily together, and become even closer friends. Samantha's plan worked, and soon her company was producing the best, most highest selling products for children. The school she was in contact with would sometimes send clients her way, and they would meet more new friends that way. Each of them would grow and learn, then choose to return to babyhood and start all over. The CEO and her helpers were able to use secrets similar to those of the school in order to remain young capable mothers for them all, and everyone lived happily ever after.

                                                                                                            The End



End Chapter 1

Office Mismanagement

by: Ouroboros | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 9, 2021


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