Baby for new year

by: derrickk73 | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 30, 2021

Chapter Description: Jimmy loses more control over his life.

                In the morning, James woke to Paul saying, “C’mon boys it’s time to get up.”  Tommy and Timmy got up, excited, and hurried downstairs after being changed out of their dry GoodNites into some clean Underoos.  Jimmy laid there thinking about going back to sleep.  Paul said, “Hurry up, Jimmy.  You need to get downstairs if you want breakfast.”

                James decided he needed to go to the bathroom first.  He managed to get the seat up by going to the side of the toilet and went peepee with his little nuggets practically resting on the rim.  He was able to reach the flush lever on this toilet, and didn’t even notice how strange it was that he was proud of himself for going to the bathroom without help.

                After getting the seat down with a bit of a bang, he realized he still had nothing to wear but his Underoos, so he reluctantly went downstairs to breakfast.

                After breakfast, he asked Lisa, “Are my pants washed yet?”  She replied, “It’s too cold to run the washing machine, so if this cold weather doesn’t lift, we’ll have to do laundry by hand, and we’ll put it off until absolutely necessary.”  Jimmy whined, “So, my only pair of pants aren’t considered absolutely necessary?  I can’t run around in my underwear all day.”.  Lisa said, “Everyone’s already seen you in your underwear. It’s no big deal.  And it’s not like you’re leaving the house until this snow melts some.”

                About an hour later, Steve asked, “Jimmy, do you need to go potty?”  James debated, «What’s with the infantile phrasing?  It’s embarrassing.  Should I say something?  But I really don’t want to make an issue of it. That may just be how they talk about it here. »  He said, “No.”  But in less than 5 minutes he was hit with a sudden, intense need.  He paused the game he was playing and said, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom.”

                He ran for the bathroom with Steve just a step behind.  When he got in there, he pulled down his briefs, and before he could do anything else, Steve picked him up and set him on the toilet.  Once again, he had to ask Steve to close the door.  After he finished peeing, he got down and pulled up his briefs.  Steve picked him up so he could wash his hands and reminded him, “Don’t forget to use soap.”

                James went back to the playroom and his game.  About an hour later, Steve asked him again if he needed to go potty.  He said, “No.”  But again, he was suddenly hit with an urgent need.

                The third time he said no.  Steve said, “Buddy, I think you should try.”  He picked Jimmy up and carried him to the bathroom and pulled down his briefs before setting him on the toilet.  Again, Steve didn’t bother to close the door until James asked.  This time he not only went peepee but boom-boom.  After he was finished, he climbed down, wiped himself, and was allowed to pull his briefs up.  Without James asking, Steve flushed the toilet for him and then picked him up so he could wash his hands.

                This pattern repeated throughout the day.  Steve would ask, Jimmy would say no and then Steve would take him to bathroom and he would end up going.  The only variation was that Paul was the one to ask him one time.  He pooped that time too.

                After dinner, James opened his second Hanukah gift and found a set of Batman Underoos.  “Thank you.”, Jimmy said perfunctorily.

                As sandy-haired, green-eyed Paul took the similarly colored Bobby upstairs for his bath, James whispered to Lisa, “How tall is Paul?  He’s taller than Steve, and I’m sure Steve’s over 8 feet tall.”  Lisa replied, “Steve’s 8’3” and Paul is 9’ even.”  “No wonder I feel so tiny here.  Paul’s nearly 4 foot taller than I am.”, James said

                James then said to Lisa, “On the subject of baths, I think I should wait a while to take mine.  The water was rather lukewarm going right after the twins.”  Janet, overhearing, said, “The tub is plenty big.  Why doesn’t Jimmy just get his bath with the twins?”  Lisa said, “That sound like a fine idea.”  James thought «Not really.  But how can I refuse now? »

                So soon enough, James found himself in the bathtub with the two six-year-olds.  They were playing in the bubbles with their bath toys and when Tommy offered one to Jimmy, he took it and started playing with it and the twins.

                Janet started washing Tommy while they played and Lisa started on Timmy.  When Janet finished with Tommy, without missing a beat, started washing James.  Jimmy thought, «What the hell? I wanna say something, but I don’t want to make a scene. »  A few minutes later and he thought, «Oh my god, she’s running that washcloth over my boy bits completely unself-consciously.  This is so emasculating.  I just want it to stop. »

                After she finished bathing Jimmy, Janet said, “Okay.  You boys can play for another 10 minutes and then it’s time to get out.”  When the 10 minutes were up, Lisa helped James out of the tub and dried him off.  She handed him the Batman Underoos, and knowing he had nothing else to wear, Jimmy reluctantly put them on.

                James and the twins went downstairs to watch some TV.  When Janet said, “10 minutes until bedtime, boys.”, Jimmy found himself getting sleepy again.  Lisa said to him, “I see a sleepy little boy.  You need to go on to bed too.”  So, again James goes to bed at the same time as the 6-year-olds.

                The next morning started with Janet saying, “Okay, boys.  Time to get up.  Breakfast is ready.”  When Jimmy said, “I need to go to the bathroom first.”, he was surprised when Janet took his hand and led him down to the bathroom, pulled down his briefs and set him on the toilet.  After he was done, she pulled his briefs up and helped him wash his hands.  Only then did James notice that she had never closed the door.

                After breakfast, the pattern set yesterday of playing with the twins and one of the adults asking Jimmy every hour if he needed to go potty and making him try continued.  The only break was when Paul asked the twins if they wanted to get their snowsuits on and go play outside for a little while.  He looked at James and said, “We brought an extra suit for the twins.  I think it will fit you if you want to join them.”  So, James got to play outside for a while.  They made snow angels, had a snowball fight, and even built a snowman before Steve called, “Time to come in boys.  Jimmy, do you need to go potty?”  “No.” James replied.  “We’ll try anyway once I get you out of this snowsuit.”, Steve said.

                That night, Jimmy opened another set of Underoos.  Spider-man this time.  When Janet said, “Boys, bath time.”  Steve picked James up and carried him upstairs.  He told Jimmy while the tub was filling, “Go ahead and try to potty.”  To Jimmy’s dismay, he did end up going peepee.  When the tub was full, Steve picked James up, put him in the tub, and proceeded to wash him while he played with the twins.

                After the bath, Steve dried James off and said, “Let’s get your Underoos on.”  He held out the briefs for Jimmy to step into and when James hesitated, he said, “Come on.”  James reluctantly steps into the briefs.  Steve then said, “Hold your arms up.”  When Jimmy did, he slipped the T-shirt over his head.

                The next day went pretty much the same.  Jimmy played with the twins most of the day.  Steve or one of the others asked him frequently if he needed to go potty and took him to the bathroom to do so.  At one point, dismayed, James realized «Every time someone takes me to the potty…No, I mean bathroom, I end up going peepee…pissing, dammit.  I haven’t gone to the bathroom of my own volition in nearly 3 days.  What is happening to me? »

                That night after opening gifts and another pair of Underoos, Steve and the 7’10” Lois take Jimmy and the twins up for their bath.  Steve insisted, “Go ahead and try to potty, Jimmy.”  After being set on the toilet, he not only goes peepee, but boom-boom as well.  When he climbs off the toilet, Lois grabs some toilet paper and begins to wipe Jimmy’s bottom.  This is too much for James, who screams, “I am not a fucking child.  I can wipe my own ass.”

                Lois closed the lid of the toilet, sat down, and pulled Jimmy across her lap.  She said, “Little boys don’t use such language in this house.  And little boys who leave skid-marks in their Underoos obviously are not fully potty-trained and need an adult to wipe their little tushie.”  Lois began spanking Jimmy.  To his surprise, it really hurt.  5 swats in and he was crying.  By the time she reached 10 he was bawling and promising, “I’ll be a good little boy.”

                At that point, Lois let him up and proceeded to wipe his tushie.  The twins had just watched all this and marveled at Jimmy’s language and Grandma’s response.

                Then they proceed with bath time.  This time Lois washed Jimmy.

                As he was put to bed that night, James thought to himself, «I’m just a little boy to these people.  I can’t even leave.  I don’t have pants. Money, or ID.  Even if I somehow got to town, I couldn’t buy a bus ticket to the airport. Even if I figured that out, I have no ID to get on a plane.  I’m trapped here until the end of the holidays.  And if I try to assert my manhood, I’ll get another spanking and I don’t think I can take that. »



End Chapter 3

Baby for new year

by: derrickk73 | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 30, 2021


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vended · Jun 5, 2021

Chapter three felt a bit too repetitive, if you don't mind the criticism. I get that you were showing the progression of the way he's treated childishly, and it's a fun way to do it when it's in-between more narration, but here it's directly the same events one after another, so it can't help but feel somewhat repetitive.

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Spidey.kid89 · Jun 6, 2021

Absolutely loving this so far. Been re-reading it waiting for the next chapter lmao. I kinda liked the repetition, almost made me feel him being conditioned to accept this treatment.

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Pierry pimentel · Jun 8, 2021

Great chapter ! Curious to see what gonna happen next I think jimmy gonna be very soon with the 3 year old Bobby to play and use nighttime diapers rsrs

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