Baby for new year

by: derrickk73 | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 30, 2021

Chapter Description: Lisa and Jimmy go to the mall

                The next day Lisa said, "I need to go to the mall for the after Christmas bargains and to pick up some stuff for you, Jimmy, so I need you to come along."  Jimmy thought, «Oh great, another day out in public being treated like a little boy and having to play along or be totally humiliated. »  Lisa said, “Let’s get you out of that wet diaper and dressed for our day out.”  She took off his diaper, wiped him down, and pulled on a Pull-Up.  She then dressed him in one of his new shirts, the one with firetrucks on it, and a new pair of pants.  Jimmy was surprised and thought «These don’t itch, they’re really soft, actually.  Why did my regular pants itch so much the other day? »

                Lisa loaded Jimmy in his car seat and got into the driver’s seat of Steve’s pickup.  About 10 minutes later they pulled into the mall parking lot and Lisa pulled out a baby blue harness, put it on Jimmy and attached a leash.  Jimmy realized, «Now I’m wearing a toddler leash, like I can’t be trusted not to get distracted and run off and get lost. »  She spent about an hour casing the stores without buying anything before stopping at the food court and getting herself a soda and Jimmy an apple juice box.  Jimmy tried to drag out drinking his juice box as long as he could, but finally finished it and they got up to continue shopping.

                After three stores and a half hour, the walking and juice box began to get to Jimmy.  He realized, «I need to go peepee, but Lisa’s the only one here.  If I ask her, she’ll have to take me to the Ladies’ room.  I don’t think I can handle that kind of embarrassment. What am I going to do? »  He concluded, «I’m wearing a Pull-Up.  I can just go and no one will know until we get home. »  Jimmy paused and then went peepee in his Pull-Up like a toddler.

                About an hour later, in yet another store, Lisa held up a Paw Patrol shirt and asked Jimmy, “Do you like this one?  I think it’ll look really cute on you.”  Jimmy wanted to say, “No.  That’s for little kids.”, but the truth was he did like it and a refusal would likely break the illusion of his childhood for people standing nearby.  So, he said, “Yes.”  This was repeated with several other shirts with cartoon characters for little kids.  Jimmy recognized most of them from watching TV with Bobby the last couple of weeks and reluctantly picked out his favorites.

                A little while later, Jimmy realized, «I need to go peepee again.  But I have the same problem.  I guess I can go in my Pull-Up again. »  He proceeded to do so, but this time the Pull-Up had had enough and leaked into his pants.  Lisa noticed this, left the store, and took Jimmy to the family restroom, since it was available.

                Once inside she stripped off his pants and put them in a plastic bag.  Next, she removed the wet Pull-Up and threw it away.  Out of her bag, which Jimmy now realized was a discreet diaper bag, she pulled another Pull-Up and helped Jimmy into it.  But she didn’t have another pair of pants, so she just dragged Jimmy back out into the mall in his T-shirt and Pull-Ups.

                Another half-hour went by and Lisa showed no signs of slowing down.  Jimmy whined, “I tired of walking.  Done yet?  Wanna go home.”  Lisa detoured into a baby store and bought a stroller, which she then proceeded to strap Jimmy into.  Jimmy yelled, “No. No buggy.  Wanna go home.”  Lisa leaned down to cut off the incipient tantrum and said, “Do you want a spanking right here in this store, in front of all these people?”  Jimmy, horrified, realized she meant it and whimpered, “No.”  Jimmy wondered, «I’m becoming more and more of a baby.  I was just about to throw a tantrum. How do I stop this? »

                After about 20 minutes, Jimmy fell asleep in the stroller and Lisa got to shop in peace for an hour or so.

                When Jimmy woke up, he nearly cried when he realized they were still at the mall.  He whined, “Home yet?”  “Just a couple more stores, and then we’ll get some ice cream before we go home.”, Lisa said.  “But first let’s get you changed out of that wet Pull-Up.  Jimmy was distraught «I didn’t even realize I was wet.  I wet in my sleep even during a short nap, now.  How can I still call myself a man? »

                Lisa tried to take Jimmy to the family bathroom, but it was in use, so she took him to the ladies’ room.  «This is so embarrassing.  I can’t even decide if it’s more or less embarrassing that no one notices», Jimmy thought.  As they were just about finished, a lady commented to Lisa, “What a cute little boy.  How old is he?”  Lisa replied, “He’s 3, almost 4”.  Jimmy was hiding from the strange lady behind Lisa’s legs.  “Guess he’s a little shy.”, the woman said.  “They certainly are a handful at that age.”  Lisa said, “Yes, he is.  Well, I’ve got to finish up the shopping and get him home for his bath. It was nice talking to you.”  They left the bathroom and went back out into the mall.

                Finally, after about another half-hour, Lisa headed to the food court and got them some ice cream.  “What flavor do you want, Jimmy?”, Lisa asked.  Jimmy said, “Chokate”, Jimmy said.  They sat down to enjoy their ice cream.  Jimmy managed to smear it all over his face.  He was feeling pretty good until Lisa said, “Oops.  Looks like we need one more change before we head home.”  So again, into the ladies’ room for another Pull-Up.  Lisa said, “It’s a good thing we’re heading home, this is the last one I brought.”

                So, after 6 hours and four Pull-Ups, Lisa headed back to the truck and put all her purchases in the pickup bed.  Then, she got Jimmy out of the stroller, buckled him into his car seat, and folded the stroller up and put it in the bed.  Jimmy suddenly noticed «When we got in this truck at the airport, Lisa had to climb into it.  Now she just sat down in the driver’s seat with no problem.  While I’ve been shrinking, she’s been growing. »



End Chapter 7

Baby for new year

by: derrickk73 | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 30, 2021


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Pierry pimentel · Oct 1, 2021

Great chapter love the way you are showing jimmy regression

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Pierry pimentel · Oct 10, 2021

Very curious to see what gonna happen next

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