Baby for new year

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Chapter 6

Chapter Description: Jimmy opens some unusual gifts for Christmas.

                On Christmas Eve Day, Jimmy had been playing video games with the boys for a couple of hours without anyone asking him if he needed to go potty.  Suddenly, he was hit with an intense urge to peepee.  He dropped his controller and ran to find someone to take him potty.  After a few minutes, he found Lisa.  “Lisa, I really need to go peepee.”, Jimmy said.  Lisa sighed and said, “Come on, then.”  She grabbed his hand and began walking to the bathroom.  Just as they get there, before Jimmy can pull his underwear down, much less get on the potty, his bladder let go and he wet himself.  Lisa gives him an exasperated look and strips off his wet clothes.  She grabbed a couple of towels to wipe up what spilled on the floor.  Leaving everything on the floor she took Jimmy’s hand and led him, nakey, to the kitchen where she grabbed a plastic bag and then led him back to the bathroom to put all the towels and clothes in the bag.  They then took the bag to the laundry room and she dumped it’s contents in the washing machine, added soap and started it.  Finally, she took Jimmy upstairs to get him dressed in another set of Underoos.  Jimmy thought, «I just peepeed my pants in front of my girlfriend. How is she ever going to see me as a man again?  I am still a man, aren’t I?  Fuck, of course, I’m still a man.  Eventually, this nightmare has to end. »

                The next morning Jimmy, and everyone else, was awoken at 6am by the twins.  They were hopping up and down to open gifts, but Lois insisted on fixing and eating breakfast first.  When Jimmy woke up, he found his thumb in his mouth, again for the fourth time.  As usual, he had woken up wet, so wet, in fact, that it had leaked on the bed a little.  He had to wear his wet GoodNite downstairs to breakfast, just like every other day.

                Finally, it was time to open gifts, so Jimmy goes to the tree with everyone else, still in his GoodNite.  The twins start tearing of the wrapping paper.  When Jimmy’s turn came, Lisa said, “Here’s one for you, Jimmy, from me” and handed him a small package.  When he opened it, he found a 3-pack of binkies.  He thinks, «What is this kaka? What do they want from me? »  Before he can formulate any kind of response, Lisa popped one in his mouth.  «What do I say?  I’ll get in trouble if I’m rude. », Jimmy thought.  Around the binkie, He says, “Fank you, Litha.”  To Jimmy’s horror, Lois had her phone out and snapped a couple of pictures of him sitting there in his wet GoodNite sucking on a binky.

                He got several other gifts from the other adults.  They were mostly clothes: Onesies, footed pajamas, short t-shirts, and jeans with no fly and snaps up the inseam.  Lois made him hold them all up so she could get a picture.  One of the gifts from Steve was a stuffed puppy in a police uniform.  “I thought Chase would make a good companion for you and Benny.”, Steve said.  “Fank you, Theve.”, Jimmy said. Bobby pipped up, “That ith tho cool, you got Chathe and I got Marthall”

                A little later, Bobby opened several pairs of cartoon briefs from his parents.  “We’ve decided you’re finally too old for Pull-Ups for every day wear.”, Janet said.  In spite of everything, Jimmy managed to be happy for Bobby.  Until he opened his last gift from Lisa.  “I think you’ve shown you need these.”, Lisa said. Inside, he found a big box of Disney/Pixar Pull-Ups.  Steve said gently, “Buddy, you haven’t had a dry morning in weeks.”  “And,” Lisa added, “then there’s your accident yesterday.”

                As Jimmy fought back tears, Steve said, “Here, let’s get you changed out of that wet GoodNite.”  He proceeded to pull off Jimmy’s GoodNite and wipe him down with baby wipes.  He then held out a Pull-Up with Buzz Lightyear on it for Jimmy to step in to.  Once Steve pulled it up, Lois took another picture, gushing about how cute Jimmy was.

                After gifts, the twins went off to play some of their new video games and Paul took Bobby to get changed into a pair of his new briefs.  After they got back, Lisa said, “Jimmy, why don’t you and Bobby go to Paul and Janet’s room to play Paw Patrol with your new buddies?”  Once they got there, before they started playing, Jimmy was face-to-face with Bobby and thought «I’m just abot looking him in the eye.  What is going on?  Are these boys just growing really fast? »

                Under Bobby’s guidance, they played until Christmas dinner was ready.  After a while, Jimmy almost forgot he was in Pull-Ups, while Bobby was wearing briefs.

                When it came time for dinner, Jimmy mused, «I’m a big boy and I’m going to prove it by sitting at the grown-ups table »  Over the past several weeks, Jimmy had eaten on lap trays in front of the TV with the boys or at the kids table.  He hadn’t tried to sit at the main dining room table since the first night.

                He went to the chair next to Lisa, and realized he’d have to crawl up on his stomach and grab the back of the chair to pull himself up into the seat.  Once he’d done that and sat down, he noticed that he could barely see over the top of the table.  He couldn’t eat like this.  At this point, Jimmy realized «The boys aren’t getting taller, I’m getting shorter.  I’m shrinking. »  At that moment, Steve walked up and said, “Jimmy, buddy, you need to sit at the kid’s table.”  It was all too much for Jimmy, he just started bawling.

                Steve picked him up and carried him into another room and sat down in a rocking recliner.  As he started to rock and rub Jimmy’s back, he just kept saying, “It’s okay.  You’re okay, Jimmy.”  Jimmy was sitting there and thinking, «Nothing’s all right.  I’m shrinking.  It’s never going to be alright again. »  After a little while, Jimmy began to tire from crying and realized, «This feels good.  I feel safe and loved in Steve’s arms.  But that’s wrong, I’m a big boy, I shouldn’t be crying and I shouldn’t need to be held.  I am a big boy, right?  My life before feels like a dream.  This feels real and right, somehow.  What am I going to do? »

                When Jimmy’s crying finally petered out, Steve asked, “Feel better?”  Jimmy nodded.  Steve then asked, “Ready to go have some yummy din-din?  Mom made her famous shells and cheese.”  Jimmy nodded again.  Steve got up and carried Jimmy to the kids table and put him down, then walked over to the empty seat next to Lisa.

                “Is everything all right?”, Lisa asked.  “Yeah”, Steve said, “Jimmy’s just had a rough day.”

                After dinner, Paul said, “We need to move the toddler bed to Lisa’s room since Bobby will be sleeping on the bunk beds with the twins.”  Lisa responded, “My room’s too crowded, let’s put it in Steve’s room.”  Steve shrugged and said, “Okay, if that’s what you want.”  So, Paul and Steve went to move the toddler bed.

                When they got back, in what was apparently an annual tradition, everyone gathered around to measure the boys and marked their heights on a door frame.  Tommy and Timmy both topped out a 5’6”.  Then it was Bobby’s turn and he marked 4’7”  Paul was about to put the tape measure away when Lisa said, “We should do Jimmy as well.”  Jimmy thought, «I don’t really want to know. »  He said, “No, that’s okay, it’s for family.”  Steve responded, “You are family, Jimmy.  Come on, get up against the door frame and I’ll mark your height real quick.”  Jimmy felt like he couldn’t fight this, so reluctantly walked over to the door frame.  Steve got him situated. and marked his height.  When they measured the mark, it came up 4’6”.  He had lost 9 inches and was now officially shorter than Bobby.

                That night, when Janet took Bobby up for his bath, Steve grabbed Jimmy and gave him his bath as well.  A little while later, Paul said it was time for Bobby to go to bed and took him to the boy’s bedroom and put him in a GoodNite.  Steve took Jimmy into his room, but instead of a GoodNite, Steve pulled out a Huggies diaper.  Jimmy protested, “I don’t wear diapees.”  Steve said, “Your GoodNite leaked last night, you obviously need more protection.  You know you need this, so please don’t fight me.  I’d really hate giving you a spanking.”  Jimmy reluctantly lay down on the toddler bed and let Steve diaper him.  Steve tucked him in and gave him Benny and Chase and popped a binky in his mouth.

                As sucked on his binky and drifted off, Jimmy mused, «I’m being turned into a baby.  I can’t even go back to living alone in my apartment, I’m too small to get around it without help.  And yet, this feels like it’s the way it should be and my life before was a game I was playing and losing. »



End Chapter 6

Baby for new year

by: derrickk73 | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 17, 2021


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Sorry this took so long

derrickk73 · Sep 12, 2021

I've been recovering from surgery and hadn't felt like writing.

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TinyBearsWriting · Sep 18, 2021

I'm really liking the story. I thought it was abandoned for a while but I'm glad to hear you're recovering.

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Pierry pimentel · Sep 26, 2021

Very ansious to see how gonna unfold the next day for jimmy is he gonna use diapers in the daytime too? Please update when you can I love this story

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