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Chapter 2
child attack

Chapter Description: A war between some scientists against the citizens, ends up being a nursery the size of a town

In the year 2097, in a hidden town in Mexico, a confrontation would break out between the town's inhabitants, since they wanted the world to know about their technological advances, but the town authorities prevented such information from being unleashed, since this could cause problems for the entire world and to avoid confrontations between other countries, since Mexico could not afford to fight with major powers in the world. A part of the town was in favor of making known about the "DAJOK" invention since it could help many sick people since it altered their DNA, restored it, causing them to become young, avoiding critical illnesses and treating them before they worsen again, but the other part of the town (mostly scientists and the authorities) did not want to share said invention, either to use it in our favor or for any other situation.

One day, half the town gathered outside the building where the "DAJOK" invention was located, the town was protesting and they were about to use weapons to unleash chaos, at this point, the town no longer did it to give to know the invention, unfortunately most wanted the invention for their own benefit. The scientists were inside thinking what to do, since they couldn't get out, since they ran the risk of being attacked or worse, that they managed to enter and make chaos in the laboratories, exposing everyone to danger; The authorities had arrived and tried to calm things down but it was impossible since the inhabitants immediately began to attack.

In the laboratory, there are things that the inhabitants did not know, such as that the "DAJOK" machine was no longer a cabin, it was already a kind of gun that shoots lightning, having the same effect as the machine but easier to transport, and not just that, they had made many models and a group of scientists proposed that we use them against the people, the poor scientist was on the verge of panic and wanted to get out soon without having to die trying, apparently he was not the only one who had an opinion about it , since several scientists already had the weapon in their hands. Before making a decision, they meditated a bit and thought of all the possible ideas that did not involve using weapons, but unfortunately they did not have enough time since it was heard that they were already banging on the doors of the building, they had to think of something since They didn't have much time since there weren't many officers because of the size of the town, to their bad luck, a man managed to get through since, although they were jamming the door with all the heavy things they could use to stop them, but apparently it wasn't the right thing to do. enough since the man entered and went to our direction at full speed with a baseball bat, fear caught one of the scientists and fired the weapon towards the person, while the man ran, he was quickly becoming very young with was approaching, leaving a child of no more than 4 years old with a very heavy bat for him, at that moment he began to cry for what had just happened, the scientist was in shock but it did not last long, since the other scientists were They plucked up their courage to start preparing for the attack.

All the scientists were already prepared and after hearing the door finally open, all the citizens of the town ran while being chased by the police, after they entered the area where the scientists were, they started shooting, suddenly The entire corridor began to fill with lightning, lights, smoke, it began to look like a war that would never end, a woman in her forties was struck by lightning, leaving her vulnerable with the appearance of a 7-year-old girl, she she looked ridiculous with the clothes that were now more of a hindrance to her, a group of teenagers were about to hit an officer when they were struck by lightning, leaving them as babies, while the officer remained as a boy of approximately 12 or 13 years .

This seemed to have no end, in the corridors there were many children of different ages, civilians had taken some weapons from the scientists, leaving them as 2 to 3-year-old children, all this would end up being a city of pure children, but later, a doctor appeared who she seemed to be the boss and in charge of the "DAJOK" project, the doctor seemed to be in her forties or fifties at most, which she yelled that was enough fuss, everyone needs to be educated from the start, of that, she used the first version of "DAJOK" and with a button, a light came out that enveloped the whole town, then the place was silent and then the voices of small children and babies began to be heard screaming and crying, the doctor seemed to be about 13 or 14 years old, which made her the oldest in town, after all, everyone will be in quarantine and she will be taking care of them until she sees that they have learned their lesson, she said while carrying two babies who apparently were her best friend and her best friend , after that, he gave them a kiss on the forehead and went to prepare a room for all the babies and children so that they are safe with their new aspects.




End Chapter 2

AR short stories

by: Star_Regression | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 22, 2023


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wanderingwhere · Apr 3, 2023

This was a good story, a follow up would be cool!

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