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Chapter 3
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Chapter Description: 8-year-old Daniela makes a wish for her parents to become children again, but it all happened while they were having intimate relationships

Daniela was an 8-year-old girl who really enjoyed the absence of her parents, since they were always away from home, Daniela liked to play house with her dolls, she had a Barbie and a Ken that she gave them the role of her parents, she used to pretend that they were at home and played with their babies, something normal for a girl with a huge imagination.

 While her parents went out to parties and enjoyed good company with their friends, of course they did not leave their daughter alone, since they left her with a babysitter, but since she was 8 years old she no longer wanted to and it gave them great joy. That way they knew that she could take care of herself, but there are times when little ones must be taken care of.

 One morning, his dad received a call, it was from the party they were invited to 2 weeks ago, it turns out that it was canceled because there was a problem with a gas leak, so they decided to move the date from today to tomorrow, his dad was disappointed , he went with his wife and told her that they would not go to the party tonight anymore, mother did not seem so sad, I take it as a little break —you know honey, with so many parties and with our daughter, we have not had any privacy , it was more than 8 years since we had sex—said the mother, which her husband was left thinking, his wife was right and many marriages have suffered in that area after having children —You're right—said the father —but our daughter is at home, how do we solve that? - he asked, which they immediately remembered that his room was very far from his bedroom, it was easy to tell his daughter to lock herself in her room, with the excuse that she is already a big girl who can take care of herself, which they both accepted.

 As night fell, they told their daughter to lock herself in her room, with the excuse they had given in the morning —But daddy, I want to be with you, you're never home and now that you are, you ask me what I have to do. to be locked up, why?— Daniela said —come on daughter, we just want to sleep for a while, besides you're already grown up, don't tell me you're afraid of being locked up, right?— her father said laughing a little —of course not "Dad," said Daniela, to which her father applauded and they went to her room.

 Daniela, while her parents were going to her room, she looked out the window —aaash, why can I never be with them? I wish they would at least have real fun with me— Daniela said while looking at the sky, she saw that a shooting star passed by —wow, a shooting star, I thought they only happened in the movies, hm...I wish...I wish...I wish my parents would be like children to play together—he said Daniela as she watched the shooting star move away, while she yawned and decided to go to bed instead.

 Meanwhile, her parents arrived at the room, they were already turned on "Love, are you ready for what's to come?" said the wife as she took off her clothes, revealing a sexy white dress revealing more of her large breasts — wow, darling—said the husband —you look so sexy, you're the sexy mom—said the husband as he approached and kissed her, while he dropped his pants and shirt, leaving him only in boxers.

While they lay down and touched each other, they felt how their hands discovered each other's body, while touching their big breasts and massaging them, while the other touched her crotch, everything was an ecstasy of many pleasant emotions, but in that —Honey , your breasts feel somewhat hard and firm—said the husband, since he felt that his breasts were growing a little more —there is love, all for you, touch everything you want, do not limit yourself— while the wife rubbed her husband's penis Husband, what they didn't know is that their bodies were being affected by their daughter's desire, noticing drastic changes, —love...—said the husband —love, you feel lighter, I know weight issues bother you but..." he said, feeling that the breasts that were getting bigger were contracting again —LOVE!—said the husband looking at his wife's face, she looked as if she were a teenager starting college again —What Is it happening honey?— said his wife as she picked up her dress, noticing that because of the intimate act they were having, without noticing that it was all because she was getting younger, but it didn't end there, he saw his wife melt in front of him, her clothes she became large again, her breast became one cup less for the 10 seconds that passed, the enraged nipples began to lose firmness and still changed a dark pink tone, while she felt that her vagina that was wet, felt hot, but not in the sense of sex, but because she was having reverse puberty, letting her labia begin to retract, becoming a single slit while her pubic hair receded when she turned 12, her husband watching in amazement, noted how her breasts had faded from a B cup to an A cup, thus leaving her with mounds and rosy nipples that didn't stick out at all, nor did they hold up the clothes that now lay on the bed as a reminder that she used to be a woman, but that still I did not finish, quickly her regression was to a very accelerated degree where her teeth recede into her gums and are replaced by milk teeth, in the end leaving a 5-year-old girl, staring at her husband, noticing her small limbs and with baby fat "Honey, what do you have?" Why do you see me like this..." said her wife as she looked at her husband.

Her husband lost height in a very short time, it seemed that everything returned to his high school memories, he noticed that his boxers fell revealing his erect but equally tiny penis while he spent his high school years, his pubic hair returned to his skin, exposing the penis of the 13-year-old boy, his hair began to lighten and his skin became softer while he went through puberty and had a drastic decrease in height, and the effect wore off, his erect penis stopped being erect since by not feeling no pleasure at all at the time, it just made him look smaller by the age of 7, he finally started gaining fat leaving him with a round stomach and smooth skin and wanting to cuddle him.

"But what!?" Her husband said, "We're children," quickly, his wife jumps out of bed and locks the door, when she turned around, she saw her husband crying, "I'm sorry honey, I don't think we can give each other luxury of having sex," said the husband sobbing "Love, don't say that, look, we're not so bad, we'll be children but we love each other very much," said his wife, "do you think so?" said her husband while the wife nodded up and down while hugging —love, that's...—said the wife, noticing that the 5-year-old boy's penis was beginning to harden —wow honey, for a boy who eats boogers, you have a good activity sexual—said the 5-year-old girl while helping the penis find her vagina, in that the two children lay on the bed, the boy touched his wife's pink nipples, noticing that even though there was nothing, he felt like they were harder and his wife knew it since being smaller, they were more sensitive —I already told you that I like flatties— said her husband playing and licking his left nipple, soon he inserted his penis barely as big as his little finger into the vagina from his wife, he noticed that with this body he felt that it was like entering a very tight place, but his wife's lubrication before being turned into a girl, helped him to pass and begin to press against her, finally they began to kiss , the children get up and the girl bends over to be able to suck the boy's penis, noticing that it was throbbing a little and she could feel that it was soft compared to that of her older husband, suddenly the boy pushes the girl away and lets himself come over of his wife, leaving her drenched in semen and with a flat chest, while the girl squeezed her chest —this is phenomenal, love—said the wife.

 The two of them ended up exhausted from all the sex with their little bodies, falling asleep and naked, while their daughter opened the door with the key they left in the living room —I see my parents played a lot yesterday— she said smiling and closed the door to let them sleep.



End Chapter 3

AR short stories

by: Star_Regression | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 22, 2023


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