AR short stories

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Chapter 4
Infant formule Part 1

Chapter Description: Karen, a 16-year-old girl, buys a baby formula that makes her look young.

Some time ago, in the 1960s, a formula was made for babies, a formula that made babies look cuter than they already were. This formula was very popular, therefore, it didn't take long for some to try it, that implied that there were side effects, therefore its trade was prohibited, but in the city of Aguascalientes in Mexico, there are places where strange things happen, because It seems that it is magical, you find things that you would never think existed, but that would soon be discovered by a girl named Karen, without knowing that her life would change completely.

 In the year 2023, Karen is a 16-year-old high school student, she liked to enjoy her solitude and especially go shopping in new stores, she liked novelties and things that are not very common to find. They recently opened a "time" gadget store and she was dying to visit the store, but before she had to finish moving, her parents decided that it was a good time for her to start at a young age so she could fend for herself, so they got her an apartment near her school, with the only condition that she not lower her grades, something that was not complicated for her since she was the third in her class in her class. She was already familiar with moving house, so when she got to her apartment, she unpacked her suitcase and began to put her new home in order, it was small but she didn't care, being alone the size didn't seem important to her, after all it didn't I was planning to have parties or invite many friends and the boyfriend, because I wouldn't have to worry for a while since they were distanced due to communication problems, so it was difficult for me to invite him -God! I didn't think it would be more exhausting to take my suitcase all over the city just to have some clothes in my apartment- while he finished unpacking, he took a short break and lay on his bed, he was lucky that his father took charge of moving the furniture in his room to bring them to the department, after all she is still his princess as an only child.

A few hours passed, she fell asleep in her new room, but woke up after hearing someone knocking on the front door -mh...aaaay, who will be the one knocking on the door?- she got out of bed and went straight to the door, when I arrive, there were some letters on the floor, I look at them, going one by one, until one of those letters caught my attention, that letter said "We invite you to our time gadgets store, we We look forward to 5:00 pm today, Karen." I was shocked to see that the store I was going to visit knew my name, but I didn't give it much importance, so I checked my watch -It's 4:20 pm, I should go now to see the store, besides, So I can see the mall longer - I said excitedly and took my coat and left the apartment.

 A while passed and Karen finally arrived at the time gadgets store, when she entered the store, a lady of about 40 years received her -Welcome, time traveler, how can I help you- said the lady; I didn't know how to react -oh, hello good afternoon, I wanted to review a little of the objects, I'm a little curious about what I could find in this place- I said looking a little at the shelves that had a lot of variety -Of course, honey, go all you want-said the lady. After Karen checked each shelf, her attention was drawn to a baby formula that was from a somewhat familiar brand -Excuse me ma'am, what is this?- Karen asked while holding the container -Wow, I see you're interested in baby formula It is powdered milk that if you pour it into water, it becomes baby milk, something that is interesting is that it does not expire, so you can keep it for as long as you want-said the lady. Karen took a good look at the container and felt nostalgic -I think I'll take it with me, how much would it be?-

After Karen paid, she left the store and prepared to go straight home, but before going to the supermarket to buy a bottle, since the idea of taking the formula with a bottle to enter the role was fun. -Tonight will be fun- Karen said enthusiastically and entering her apartment -Well, let's see the instructions- while she took the container and read that this formula made you look more tender the way you put 1 tablespoon of powdered milk -Of okay, so I think I'll put 2 tablespoons- while taking out the bottle and filling it with water, and later put 2 tablespoons of powdered milk -Well as they say in Japan, itadakimasu- while taking the bottle and starting to suck on the nipple, all the formula passes through his throat and feeling the taste of milk, while he drinks he feels something strange, halfway through the bottle, he begins to tingle -Ouh...I think I shouldn't have taken it if I'm not a baby...this It's not good for adults...- she said as she felt constipated and squatted down -I-I feel weird...-

 She lay down on the ground while her arm touched her stomach since she felt pressured, everything indicated that she would not take things again just out of nostalgia, but that did not end there, soon her body began to change, noticing a wave of heat flooding her body, her clothes began to feel somewhat heavy, more spacious, Karen stopped feeling the pain in her stomach after feeling the transformation, her body felt as if she had a cramp, luckily she had a mirror that she had not yet placed at the wall, when he looked up, he saw a 12-year-old girl looking back at him, with some acne and you could notice a little that her C cup breast became an AA cup, I noticed that she had lost too much weight -¡¿ That...that's me?! - Karen said while listening to her childish voice, she had already passed the age of 9, she felt how her body was shrinking and especially how soft her skin was now, after the baby fat it began to emerge and finally stopped at the age of 6 years -I-I...How did I end up like this?- she said while the tears came out and passed through her round cheeks, looking towards the ground, she saw how the tips of her fingers they protruded a little from her coat, she turned back and noticed that the only thing she was wearing was her coat and her underwear that was under her coat since there was nothing to hold with the body of a girl -I'm small! - Karen said, screaming in astonishment and wiping away her tears -This must be my imagination, that's right! All I have to do is pinch myself- while she takes her thin arm and pinches herself -Ouch!- I scream in pain -This really happened- Karen gets up and she only feels how she drags her coat with her body, she couldn't believe it, what Was this possible? She is walking around the room right now, walking around and seeing what she would do to fix this situation, while she was walking, she bumped into her coat falling on her face, luckily she was able to put her hands on it but the scare made her cry new.




End Chapter 4

AR short stories

by: Star_Regression | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 22, 2023


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