AR short stories

by: Star_Regression | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 22, 2023

AR short story series where it will contain female and male AR

Chapter 1

Chapter Description: Karla discovers that the rain that is lashing the city has chemical components that affect the water if it accumulates in one part, causing it to become the legendary fountain of youth, but how long will her happiness last with this great find?

-Name: Karla.

-Age: 23 years.

-Sex: Female.

-Mexican nationality.

On March 29, 2023, a storm was raging in Mexico City, everything seemed that the storm would not stop for several hours, just as it was predicted on the weather news, nothing mattered, after all, I did not like going for a walk , I am one of those people who loves being home alone and being in my business more than being in the company of someone. I don't have a boyfriend, I have few friends and I don't usually socialize much with my family, you could say that I'm a hermit in the making, but of course, my only company is my little dog "Mercre" who was always with me through thick and thin. bad.

That night, when the storm got stronger, he decided to look at the patio through my window, Mercre was here with me, I wouldn't leave him for the world in that rain, so I brought him to the house, but something peculiar happened in the patio We had a kind of small lagoon that was in the patio, but something was out of place, it seemed to shine a little, it emitted a blue light, as if some kind of lantern had fallen; Curiosity caught me and I went to look for a trench coat in my closet, I looked for an umbrella and I was ready to face the rain. Opening the patio door, I quickly went to check the lagoon, I searched but it didn't seem like anything that attracted attention, I put my hand in to see if something hadn't fallen from the sky, but I found nothing, I decided to give up and better return home , closing the door, I was all soaked, I sat on the floor so that later Mercre began to lick me; I was confused, why was this natural phenomenon of light happening? Maybe the reflection of the moon but I don't know.

A few minutes passed, where he was with Mercre, but something was not right, Mercre looked...Smaller? That was not possible, I carefully observed his body, his size, I even lifted him up and he was very light, how could it be? This is possible, Mercre was not even 2 years old with me, a few moments later, Mercre began to lick Karla's hand and by surprise she began to shrink, becoming a puppy again, I stared at her with fear, then I looked at my hand, it was still quite Wet from what happened in the patio... that's right! I quickly went for a 1-liter bottle to be able to take some of the water to later go to the patio and take a sample.

I stared at the bottle, apparently with the light from my house I couldn't see the light emitted by the bottle, but if I noticed that it was different, I proceeded to put some water in Mercre's bowl and he began to drink it, for a few seconds Later, I was already a newborn puppy with little fur, I couldn't believe it, I had in my hands what could be the eighth wonder of the world, the emotion of having found this historical discovery, somehow I felt proud of myself, But the question is, will it be permanent? I didn't give it much importance, after all, who wouldn't mind being young again, getting curious again, I took a sip from the bottle, it tasted like iron, as if I had licked something cold metallic, in that, I felt my clothes slightly loose, I knew instantly that I became younger, I checked the mirror that was in the bathroom, my face looked a little softer, my hair seemed to be cut a little, beyond It didn't go off the shoulders, yes sweater felt a little loose but I could still keep it up, what I did notice is that my size D bra was a little loose, I may have my C cup breasts now, sadly I was of a late development, I estimated about 18 years now.

I went to the living room, leaned back in the chair and began to fantasize when I would be rich because of what I discovered, after all I had to think about the future... In that moment a thunder rumbled near my house, causing the windows to sow by the thunder, I was scared, making a cry, it sounded a bit sharp, but it was logical, I found it funny and then I kept thinking, what if I had a little more? I got up and went to have a little more, this time I had a good amount, the changes were more noticeable, since without warning, my pants slipped, exposing my legs that were now thinner, my panties were still on, but with a sudden movement and they would be on the floor, I felt that my bra had slipped under my shirt that now seemed bigger, as if I was trying on mom's clothes and my breasts were an A cup, apparently I drank too much water, I can't be more than 13 years old, my voice it sounded strange, it was practically that of a squeaky child, but that was not all; a few moments later I felt that I was getting smaller, I went to 12 years old, I left the bathroom with my bare feet leaving my panties on the floor when I ran, 11 years old, my breasts became AA cup and my hair reached my cheeks, 10 years old, I got to my room and started crying for fear of being so young and disappearing, 9 years old, I became a single digit, my body was very thin and very soft, 8 years old, I lost some teeth while they were coming back Milk teeth instantly, 7 years old, I took off the shirt I had on, I was very hot and it's better to be naked, after all I had nothing to hide anymore, 6 years old, my mind felt very confused and I wanted to do something but crying won over me again and with more force, 5 years old, I climbed on my bed with some difficulty and dried my tears, 4 years old, I started jumping on my bed with all the joy in the world, 3 years old, my strength to jump stopped when I fell on my bed where my bottom cushioned my fall, 2 years old, I had a hard time getting up a bit and decided to play with my hands and feet that were now fat since the baby fat had returned with me, 1 year old, I started sucking my foot and drooling all over it.

News channel March 30, 2023

Good morning Mexico City, today we are with the news of the moment; Yesterday, a storm swept through the city leaving many houses flooded, it seems that it was the strongest storm we have ever witnessed.

Another piece of news is that researchers from the Autonomous University of Mexico discovered that the rain could have dangerous chemical components that can affect people's health if ingested. At the moment we do not have any affected.

and finally, there is a 4-month-old baby in a house where no one was found, it seems that they abandoned the baby, they found an identification that is the one that is shown on the screen, if anyone knows the whereabouts of the girl or who knows something about the matter, they can contact the police.




End Chapter 1

AR short stories

by: Star_Regression | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 22, 2023


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