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Chapter 5
Superheroine: AR/Age Regression

Chapter Description: The villains can also win the battle, which can be the risk that the superheroine ends up in diapers.

There are always villains to deal with, some stronger than others, others are nothing more than distractors that are not dangerous at all, but this is the story of a great villain who calls himself Chrono-man and he controls the time of objects and beings. alive. This villain has caused many problems, so much so that when they asked superheroes for help, many ended up in diapers and without control of his powers, so when they managed to capture him, he put himself in the hands of a superhero named Sky girl; her home was turned into a special cell for Chrono-man, many protested how unsafe it was the home of a superhero, but when they saw where she lived that it was a very large place and had the most advanced technology created by her, they did not hesitate to to stay in that place watched over by Sky girl.

Entering Sky girl's house, going down to the basement where her laboratory is where Crono-man is held prisoner, we find her cell that has a crystal specialized in isolating powers — You don't know what you're doing, Sky girl — Crono-man said with a thick tone of voice — Shut up, you won't be able to escape from this cell — Sky girl said as she continued experimenting with the blood test she took from Crono-man — This is impressive, do you know what we could do? with your power if we use it for good? She — she said as she continued to watch how cells restored other cells to keep them alive; meanwhile, Chrono-man was planning something, he had discovered a way to age the ventilation duct system, causing heating in the microchip system of the crystal that isolated his powers so as not to use them outside the cell, it was a failure that neither Sky girl would have imagined, she was a prodigy girl, for her age she was already one of the most intelligent people, being only 23 years old, but all this was just beginning, while Chrono-man was aging the system, Sky girl He went for his lunch — Behave, Crono, it's time for my lunch — he said laughing as he went to his kitchen to prepare a sandwich, leaving Crono-man alone — That stupid woman thinks she's so smart, but we'll see who has the last laugh When I escape from this pigsty — Crono-man said, taking advantage of the fact that Sky girl was gone, he prepared to use his maximum power to break the system as fast as possible until finally the microchip was broken.

In the kitchen, Sky girl was having her sandwich for lunch until her smart watch began to sound a danger alert — Overheat Alert, Overheat Alert — the clock sounded while she felt one of her biggest fears. She quickly ran towards her laboratory and just as she entered, an explosion occurred, leaving Sky girl stunned for a moment while she activated her watch against Chrono-man — I'm finally free hahaha — Chrono-man shouted — Now yes, stupid, Let's see if it's fun for you when you're back in diapers — Crono-man said while pointing his hands at Sky girl, but when his power reached Sky girl, nothing happened — Did you think I wasn't prepared for a situation like this? ? — he said as he raised his arm to show his watch (Serious mistake) — The villains syndicate were right, you are a superhero that should not be underestimated, even if your power is not very helpful — Crono-man said as he started running at full speed towards Sky girl.

Sky girl gets up to later start flying at full speed towards Crono-man to start a battle, Sky girl takes Crono-man by the arms to lift him up and throw him with all the momentum he gained, destroying the computer with the fall — And the girl throws the first blow — while stroking her head — But it wasn't only me who received damage hehe — Crono-man said, Sky girl only felt a slight electric shock on her wrist, because Crono-man's target was always her watch — You made the classic superhero mistake which is to show what makes you vulnerable — Chrono-man was preparing his clash of time towards Sky girl — Ouch, that shouldn't have happened — Sky girl said while trying to get her watch to work — TOO LATE , SKY GIRL! — Crono-man said, throwing his time ray towards Sky girl, the changes began to emerge, going quickly from 23 years old to 17 years old — My clothes! — Sky girl shouted while holding her super suit since it was beginning to fit loose — Hm, I see that that clock is still ticking, right now you would be a 3-month-old baby, but what does it matter, it will be more fun to see you slowly turn back into a baby — Crono-man said as he got up and walked slowly towards Sky girl — You won't — Sky girl said as she quickly flew towards the door to press a button with a fingerprint to activate the maximum security of her house and thus preventing her she was a baby again, Chrono-man would not leave before the league of heroes arrived at her location — Well, if my destiny is to start my life again, then let's fight — Sky girl said as she flew to give a strong blow to Chrono-man's face.

And so begins a fight that will decide the future of the world to return to diapers or continue living as normal, while the two fight, again Sky girl has another regression, now her 17-year-old body begins to decrease, going from 17 to 11 years old, her outfit is now a hindrance, she looked funny — You shouldn't play with your mother's clothes, Sky child — Crono-man said with a laugh, implying that he was enjoying the show. Now Sky girl, she chooses the option of being left with only her panties that didn't have the same fit, but were all she could keep to keep fighting. While the authorities were still in the process of arriving at the place of the fight, Sky girl couldn't take it anymore and was tired of fighting with the body of a girl, which Crono-man took advantage of to shoot once more — No, then play with the adults being a little girl hahaha - shooting and leaving Sky girl vulnerable again, in a few seconds, her body that barely gave signs that it was blooming was replaced by a body now a little more with baby fat, her limbs were reduced like toothpicks She was now a 5-year-old girl, now she couldn't keep her panties on anymore, which was the only thing that kept her decent, but now there was nothing to cover — You're a very adorable girl — said Chrono-man — D…don't bother… — Sky girl said unable to bear the new feelings of her childhood and began to sob to finally start with a tantrum — I want to be big, I'm a big girl, make me big now — Sky girl said while crying and trying to hide it with her hands , she no longer cared about covering her body, the only thing she wanted was to be big again — I told you that I would make you start your life over — said chrono-man as he approached her and loaded her, which she tried to get away from. him, but all his efforts were useless, which she stopped fighting and began to cry harder and hidden her face in Crono-man's chest — shh shh, little girl, you better come back more — Crono-man said, which Sky girl stopped crying leaving her with a fear, her childish emotions had caused her to forget her main objective and now she was in the arms of her enemy, which she tried to fight again, but it was too late since he had already released his power on her, little by little she became smaller, being already a newborn baby — Wow, you look very cute — Crono-man said as he lifted the baby to see what she was like now — You are too small to know what is good and evil — he said while looking at his body, which the last thing Sky girl did while conscious was to have an accident leaving Crono-man disgusted — Ugh, that's disgusting, I think it's time to wear diapers — Crono-man said while investigating with his look like escaping

After a few minutes, the authorities arrived at the battle site, which only found destruction and a large hole in the laboratory, everyone knew that Crono-man is free again. While the officers were investigating the place, one of them found a photograph of Crono-man holding a newborn baby — Guys, you have Sky girl — the officer said as they gave code red to stop crono-man and rescue Sky girl.




End Chapter 5

AR short stories

by: Star_Regression | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 22, 2023


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