Little Tales

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Chapter 2
Little Tales: Hey Diddle Diddle

Chapter Description: Bigotry does not become you

Hey diddle diddle

Revenge can be a slow burn sometimes, it isn't always something that can be done instantly. Sometimes it's an act that needs time to ferment before it's truly ready to be acted upon.

Take this little act for example.


Hey Diddle Diddle

Her name is Ashla Firvi, remember that name. She was only a baby when her parents arrived to this country in order to escape a harsh regime of oppression so she doesn't remember the country of her birth, the only country she considers home is the one she's grown up in.

She's a quiet woman, very intelligent with a love of science in particular. Especially chemistry. Of course her intellect was always looked down on by those who judged her for the colour of her skin and the country her parents came from, the insults were always ones of the more racist and ignorant variety.

Sadly even as an adult those insults have continued due in no small part to a hate mongering media that claims anyone different from the 'norm' is evil and must be destroyed. Such vile ignorance is all too common.

Whenever she is told to 'go back to where she came from' she can only answer that she is already home. Not that the racists ever listen.

One such bully is someone who has hounded Ashla since childhood has been a rather nasty piece of work called Annie Rose, she comes from a rather nasty family who are every bit as racist and ignorant. They raised her to be just like them and she willingly indulged them.

Ever since the first day of school when they were barely a couple of years out of nappies Annie has bullied Ashla mercilessly for no reason but her differences from herself. Others over the years have come to know and even like Ashla, all but Annie who refuses to listen to anyone but her bred ignorance.

All through their school years Annie would torment Ashla and even almost kill her a few times, her parents would be informed of their child's actions against another child but they refused to listen, they would claim instead that Ashla's mere existence was a threat to their own existence and that she needed to be deported.

Thankfully Ashla was a citizen of the country and her parents had already been accepted as citizens legally some years before, they were hard workers who were popular with their neighbours and doted on their daughter.

No matter how much Annie tormented Ashla however, Ashla would take the pain and plan a way to get her revenge some day. She didn't want to hurt Annie, that would only be stooping down to her level, but she did want to humiliate her and wound her ego.

It would take a long time for that revenge to become a reality until the chance finally arrived after years of study and hard work.

Now she was ready to make Annie feel very small.


It is over thirty years since Annie began her tirade of hatred on Ashla, everyone else she tried to push into hating Ashla as well have long since told her to get over herself. She has few friends and all but one of them are as hateful as well, Ashla however has a fair few friends but they respect that she's quite quiet but happy to spend time with them from time to time.

Over the decades Annie has gotten jobs at any place either close to where Ashla is working or exactly where she is working with only one intent, to make Ashla's life a living hell. No amount of complaints and restraining orders have stopped her from her single minded mission in life.
Maybe today she just might start to get the hint.

For the past few months Ashla has been working for a company responsible for manufacturing circuit boards for tablets, her job is little more than a receptionist but she doesn't mind the work. Sadly Annie also has the same job and they are forced to share an office together so Ashla has to suffer constant insults and racist remarks daily. She has learned how to tune it out but it still hurts and her boss isn't sure what to do, she tried to fire Annie but Annie ended up getting the local hate rag on her side and the bad press wasn't what the company needed at that time.

Bigotry, sadly, always gets too much support from the equally hateful.

So Ashla has decided that it's time to bring her revenge into play. She spent the past month working on it and she finally finished last night, she had it with her in her handbag and is waiting until lunch time to enact her long planned revenge.

The hours until then seem to drag as Annie goes into her usual hateful tirade, one racist remark of sheer ignorance one after another and every one else who can hear her feel great pity for Ashla who is doing her best to ignore it.

Finally lunch arrives and she heads through to the staff kitchen to make her lunch, a rather nice banana sandwich with a strawberry yogurt and some water with a slice of lemon. Annie, of course, follows her through instead of heeding the warning to leave Ashla alone.

“Oy, freak! Getting deported yet?” Ashla ignores her while digging in her handbag and taking out a small canister of what looks like perfume, she sets it down and makes sure that Annie can see it which she does.

“Freaks like you will never be beautiful!” Annie remarks as she grabs the canister believing it to be perfume.

“Can't you just let her enjoy her lunch in peace?” One of Annie's few friends remarks, she works in packing and is growing increasingly tired of Annie's bigotry.

“No, freaks like that don't belong in our country. She's a filthy savage like all of her kind!” Disgusted glares turn to her, Ashla is well liked by many for her manners and hard work while Annie has only earned complaints for her behaviour.

“She's a human being like the rest of us. I'm going to the bathroom, be right back and we're going to talk about your attitude when I do” Ashla waits until everyone else has left while Annie examines the perfume bottle.

“You'll never be pretty, your skin colour is disgusting” Annie then sprays herself with the perfume while Ashla just smiles, a slightly wicked smile.

“Maybe not or maybe I will be, but you, you're going to be too young for anyone” Annie pulls back a fist as if to start a fight then realises that Ashla seems to be growing, at least until she notices that her clothes are getting bigger by the second while Ashla is just watching her shrink.

Only it wasn't just shrinking.

Annie's age falls away as she shrinks into her clothing, puberty in reverse is quick then childhood and finally a rather scared toddler of around two years old or just under that is looking up at Ashla, surrounded by her clothing.

This is followed by wetting herself.

“Aww” Ashla remarks as she kneels down to look the scared toddler in the eye. “Hey diddle diddle, the little one did a piddle all over the kitchen floor. If you weren't such a hateful bitch as an adult you wouldn't be feeling yourself disappear right now. Don't worry though, it's only going to last a day or two, maybe longer and then you'll be all grown up and as vile as ever. I wonder how many times I can do this do you until you get the hint to leave me alone”

Annie begins to cry before plopping down on the floor, she felt like she was trapped inside as a much younger mindset takes over. She wanted her mum but her mum had died several years ago, as had her dad. She had blamed Ashla of course when it hadn't been because of Ashla, it had been because they had been driving while drunk and smashed through a barrier off a cliff.

“Take the hint, keep this up and I will humiliate you every single time in many different ways. I'm not going to hurt you like you've done to me, I'm not like you. I prefer to go for the ego and the ego of people like you is seriously fragile. Enjoy nappies, I hear that they are very comfortable. Revenge, in your case, is indeed warm” Waiting until she can hear Annie's friend returning, she returns to work leaving Annie to be found by her friend.


A week later Annie returns to work and throws the usual hateful glare towards Ashla, Ashla only smiles coldly at her.

“Bitch” Annie remarks.

“Woof” Is Ashla's reply.

Ashla waits until Annie has made herself a cup of coffee during lunch and while Annie isn't looking, she uses the spray on her coffee. Annie doesn't notice and Ashla waits until Annie starts drinking it before remarking:

“Enjoy your coffee, I'm sure it will go right through you. Tinkles” As the spray kicks in again Annie's eyes go wide as she realises what Ashla's done and minutes later Annie's friend can be heard yelling out:



Annie eventually stopped harassing Ashla a year later after a little incident involving unpaid taxes, she's currently spending time in prison and Ashla just loves to send her little gifts of food stuffs, anomalous of course, with more of the spray added to the mix.

Revenge is sweet and sometimes even warm.

Hey diddle diddle



End Chapter 2

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 24, 2022


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