Little Tales

by: ReinaHW | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 24, 2022

This is a little project I'm very slowly working on that was inspired by the likes of Tales From The Crypt Keeper and Twilight Zone, it's a bunch of short AR stories with each story being it's own contained story with a narrator who spans the full series. Bear in mind that this may take a while to develop so don't expect new stories all the time, they will appear as and when I feel the ideas are strong enough. Whenever it appears on the front page that means there's a new story added to it.

Chapter 1
Little Tales: Narrator Introduction

Chapter Description: Just the narrator saying hello

Well hello there, I take it that you're here to be made younger, yes? That does seem to be quite popular with adults who are tired of the stresses of adult life.

I suppose it is to be expected with how things are in the world and how hard it is to have much hope for the future.

Who am I, you ask, well I don't have a title as such nor a name. I simply am, I can tell you that I am quite interested in the concepts of age regression and observe many scenarios where that happens to others, be it from humility purposes, fate, relaxation and many other reasons.

I can even show you some of those scenarios should you wish to see them.

So as I do that, may I just say that you are looking a little smaller than you were when you arrived here. Younger even.

That is what you wanted, yes?

Maturity is so overrated I feel.



End Chapter 1

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 24, 2022


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