Little Tales

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Chapter 6
Little Tales: Go Vacc

Chapter Description: Don't go risking people's lives for your willful ignorance

Don't be a carrier
It's selfish

Humans have the most annoying ability to be selfish, wouldn't you agree? They can fall for lies so easily that they don't even grasp that they're being lied to because they have no desire to learn actual facts.

Take this particular situation for example and the steps taken to try and prevent it from getting worse.

Go Vacc

It could be said that where there is wilful ignorance, excessive unsustainable greed and hate without reason that you don't have to go any farther than the human race.

A species of potential that could potentially be intelligent and compassionate but far too often is determined to destroy itself than progress, a species that is very likely to destroy itself in the very near future if it doesn't take a good hard look at itself and see the dire need to change.

If they ever will.


“Another one for the vaccine” A quiet sigh before a reply.

“Thank you, make sure they're secured while I get the formula ready” Doctor Rosella Dario listens to the nurses secure the patient while she prepares a new syringe for use, the vaccine was already ready but she had to use the formula first as the rules stated for this procedure.

She was still on edge about having to force this but desperate times called for desperate measures.

“You can't do this to me! I have rights!” Her patient cries out, a woman. One of the many anti vaxxers who's ignorance and beliefs was causing a widespread epidemic that was hard to fight, oh it was curable but it was hard to keep on top of it due to so many people who believed it to be their right to keep spreading these diseases around despite the danger to others, so many have already died from diseases that had originally been bested with vaccines over the past century.

“Your rights are revoked and you only have yourself to blame, you and others like you forced this response” She hated how cold her words sounded when she said that, she hated this whole situation but something had to be done before more lives were lost.

“I HAVE RIGHTS!” Always the same words, always the same arrogance. They didn't care that they were spreading disease, lives meant nothing to them when it came to their egos.

“Please be quiet. I am going to inject you with a formula that will make you unable to resist, and even better yell, once it has done it's work I will give you the vaccine and you will be given a new family who will ensure that you are brought up to be less of an arrogant prat. Your children have already been vaccinated, you'll be the youngest of them.

You could have avoided this had you not fallen for the lies of the greedy who used your wilful ignorance to their advantage, thankfully those fools are currently facing what I hope will be the end of their reign. Now this will sting for a second” Picking up a syringe filled with a pink liquid and tapping it, she approaches her patient who looks to be in her early forties.

She knew the woman's name and background but it was going to be pretty meaningless soon.

“You can't do this to me, what about that oath thing you people have?” She's heard this before and already has an answer.

“The Hippocratic Oath? Oh I still follow it and I do my best to do no harm, this will not harm you in any severe way. Had you gotten vaccinated in the first place and had your children vaccinated then you wouldn't have been responsible for the deaths of multiple children where you came from, but you thought you knew better because you watched some videos online that were filled with misinformation, you ignored the advice of trained medical professionals and scientists who expressed their concern and fears of the spreading epidemic all because those in power who used your ignorance against you brainwashed you with their constant lies.

Do you think I like to do this? Do you think that any of us like to use force to try and contain the epidemic? If you had only listened to facts then none of this would be needed” One of the nurses pulls one of the woman's sleeves up and Rosella finds a vein, places the tip of the needle at an angle above the vein and presses down, the needle entering the woman's skin.

“I am sorry about this, be content with the knowledge that your children will have the chance to live now and they'll have you as a baby sister instead of as an abusive parent who placed her own beliefs above that of their lives” Pulling the needle free after a minute, she applies some cotton wool to the small wound and a nurse holds it in place while she goes over to get the vaccine.

“What have you put in me?” The woman asks as the formula starts to take effect.

“A secret formula that, until recently, was only for the wealthy on their demand. It's a formula that will cause your body to revert in physical age to infancy, it's a painless process and your mental age will adjust to fit after about an hour or less. Call it a youth formula I suppose although it is such a simple term for something that's quite remarkable.

Enjoy your second childhood, hopefully you'll grow to be a better person than you were” The formula works fast as the woman's features begin to soften, lines fade as the skin tightens and the indications of her prior age melt away.

As this happens her body begins to change shape as the weight gain from a slower metabolism also melts away leaving her looking slim, the process takes barely less than a minute and soon she enters her late teens as she begins to shrink, her features becoming gradually more childlike as all physical development goes into reverse, her breasts shrinking until she's flat chested and back into her pre-puberty years.

The woman, now a child, is more shocked than anything else as she continues to shrink and baby fat develops, her hair becoming lighter and her teeth shrinking back into her gums. Her arms and legs become chubby, her clothing little more than a pile around her as she slips back into her toddler years and shrinks a little more until there's just a baby girl of around a year old or a little younger sitting in a pile of clothing.

“No matter how many times I see that, it always amazes me” One of the nurses remarks, Rosella agrees quietly and she picks up the syringe with the vaccine inside.

“Hold her gently but firmly, she'll feel a sharp sting and may cry from it. Once I'm done get a nappy on her and any other clothes from the box, there should be something comfortable and cute for her there then take her to her new family who are waiting for her with her former children” The baby girl coos at her, a look of surprise in her eyes. Although her adult mind is still there for time being it will be gone within the hour, she tries to talk but all that comes out is baby babble.

“This will sting, little one, but it's for your health” Tapping the syringe to get rid of any bubbles, she applies it to the infant's skin just as she had applied the previous one to the adult that the baby had been barely minutes ago, the baby looks at the needle then back up at Rosella, a soft questioning coo coming from her tiny mouth as if asking what had happened to her.

Gently the needle is pressed into the young child's arm and the contents injected in through the needle, the child crying in pain. After close to a minute and once it's empty, the syringe is pulled away and the child cries louder as a nurse picks them up and cradles them gently while taking them over to to a pile of baby clothing and baby supplies to be dressed.

Putting the used syringe in with the pile of other used syringes to be sterilised and recycled, Rosella gets to work on prepping another two for the next patient.

After close to five minutes she calls in the next patient, her previous patient being taken to her new family.

The rest of the day goes the same way with multiple patients returned to infancy and much of the same things said, she wasn't happy about doing this but it needed to be done if there was to ever be a chance of stemming the epidemic before it got even worse than it already was.

Desperate times truly called for desperate measures and no matter how much she hated doing this, and she wasn't the only one to hate it, it had to be done.


It takes months, almost a year, but finally the epidemic is finally beginning to show signs of weakening and the measures taken to fight it have resulted in many second childhoods. But it has taken it's toll on those who have had to cause these second childhoods, they knew they had to keep going but the strain was showing.

By now a new government body has been in place for several months, the wealthy who have caused so much harm to the planet and all the life on it are imprisoned with many of them dead following a spate of executions to get the message across to their friends.

Religious groups, as expected, are furious about the push back against their oppressive control but no one cares to be gentle with them, not any more, not after centuries of lies and misery. It looks ever more likely with every day that religion might end up having all of it's exceptions removed very soon and any resistance may result in abolishment.

The many have had enough of being forced to live in misery with no hope in sight and are making it quite clear.

Rosella isn't caring about that though, not right now. Right now she sits at home after a long day of dealing with the remaining anti vaxxers and keeping up to date with news on the epidemic, beside her on a table is a syringe filled with the youth formula.
Her partner is aware of how unhappy she is about her job and she has pleaded with Rosella to not do anything rash, but the temptation is so strong to be free of the job.

She looks over to the syringe, picking it up and examining it. Her partner is sitting close by watching her.

“It's not like I would be killing myself, not exactly” She has said this so many times in the past year and the words always sound so hollow to her.

“I'm not harming them, I'm saving lives by doing what needs to be done” It was the only way she could convince herself that what she was doing was the right thing.

“I'm not harming them” The syringe glints in her hand, inviting, tempting. A promise of an escape.

Such a strong promise.

Don't be a carrier

It's selfish.



End Chapter 6

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 24, 2022


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