Little Tales

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Chapter 9
Little Tales: As You Wish

Chapter Description: Be aware of what you wish for

All you desire is but a wish away

If you deserve it that is

Humans can be quite the selfish lot, can't they? Not all of them, no, but far too many of them. From a refusal to consider others during a pandemic to hoarding away money and resources from those in need, the human species has quite the selfish streak.

One woman in particular that this tale is about has such a selfish streak, one so cruel that she doesn't consider the consequences of what she demands.

Don't be selfish if you can't handle the outcome.


It belonged to her and her alone, all of it, the world and more. That was what she was taught as a child, that because she was born to wealth that nothing was within her grasp should she desire it and used people to get it.

So it all belonged to her because she said so. And she wanted more, so much more. So much that people would love her for it.

So her delusions drummed into her by her family would have her believe anyway. In reality she is hated for her greed and utter lack of compassion for others, no one is jealous of all that she has, they are disgusted and sick of her excessive, unsustainable greed.

She had never worked a day in her life for any of it, she had inherited most of it and had people steal the rest of it for her since she didn't care for doing any task she regarded as too menial for one such as herself.

Servants tended to her day and night which of course she was ungrateful of for they were less than herself, so she believed, they existed only to serve her and she could do whatever she wanted to them at her whim. Just as her long dead parents had taught her.

Cruelty was her talent, arrogance was a large part of her personality. Selfish, petty, cruel, abusive, arrogant, hateful, full of herself. Her greed is seen as the epitome of life by those who lust for wealth at the cost of others, she buys politicians like they're going out of style and demands them to work towards making her richer which they do willingly for her gain is their gain.

Even at over one hundred years old she is as vile as ever with no hint of changing her ways, were she to die then there would be a celebration for many and grieving for those who profit from her avarice.

Death could not come sooner if Death could be arsed to pay her a long overdue visit.

Today is yet another day of her lust for more and maybe, just maybe, today might be the beginning of the end.


Narrow bony fingers tap on expensive polished wood as she presses the buzzer again with the other hand, she has been pressing it for five minutes with no reply which is angering her. Finally a door opens and a woman who looks to be her in mid twenties enters.

“Yes, my lady? You buzzed?” An elderly woman who looks like she's being kept alive by sheer spite itself leans forward as she glares at the woman with cold, hate filled eyes.

“Five minutes, Arisha, five minutes! You should have been here within a minute, what kept you?” Her voice is as cruel as her personality, little more than a low snarl mixed with age.

“I was busy, my lady, with cataloguing your recent acquisitions as you requested last week. I was just finishing” There was a lot to catalogue, more than one person alone could do but her owner had demanded that she do it alone out of barely concealed hatred for the woman she has depended on the most for the past eighty years.

“That is no excuse!” Arisha says nothing as she is used to this vile woman's demands, she has had to get used to them for decades ever since she was freed by this hateful bag of bones before her. It wasn't how she had pictured her freedom.

“I need you to find me a relic, one that will grant me what I desire” Arisha resists a sign for she has been doing these relic hunts for so long, she is gifted at finding them but finds it distasteful to be finding them for someone so greedy.

“What is this relic you desire, my lady?” Eleanor Bethany Drowley leans back in her chair before she answers, the creaking of her bones is loud in the large study.

“One that is said to look like the one I found you in, it is said to grant the wish of anyone who frees whatever is inside. If it is true then eternal youth will finally be mine” Eleanor has been seeking such a thing for the last sixty years as she longs to lord over everyone for centuries, she sees it as her birthright.

“I see, my lady, very well. It shall be found as you demand” Arisha turns to leave but not before Eleanor remarks with:

“And don't take too long this time, you belong to me and don't you ever forget that” Suppressing a shudder Arisha simply nods and leaves the room, she had to get ready for yet another task at the behest of a monster.


While Arisha is preparing to head out to hunt the relic that Eleanor demands, Eleanor is snarling as she sees a family out for a walk beyond her land, she has security cameras everywhere around her land so that she can pick her more targets to hurt simply for the sake of it. The law does nothing as she owns the judges, the police and the courts. She had laws made that allowed her to do whatever she wanted to others who were too close to what she believed belonged to her which was basically everything.

A popular walking path passes close to her land and she likes to hurt anyone who uses it, it makes her feel good to be so cruel.

“JARVIN! THERE ARE WALKERS CLOSE TO MY LAND, HAVE THEM SHOT!” The family is instead asked to try and veer around minutes later, none of her long suffering staff are willing to kill on demand no matter how much she demands them to.

She once tried to have children killed on one Halloween because she hates children and wanted to see them due for existing. Instead her staff had given them treats and escorted them to safety from her wrath, she had threatened to fire them all but knew that no one else was willing to work for her. Those who did only did so out of dire need, not out of any loyalty to the odious woman.

She had even tried to be president of the United States once but the laws about anyone not born in the US prevented that, her parents hadn't been able to arrange that as she was born a few hours after the plane had left the UK and well before it would reach the US. She was registered as a British citizen due to that which her parents had felt was unfair, so far her most recent attempts were still in limbo and would hopefully stay that way.

She hoped that if this relic granted her what she desired then she would be president of that land for the wealthy only as soon as she could buy all the politicians and judges needed to ensure it.

Her birthright was to rule over the worthless peons of the world and she was determined to do so no matter how many died along the way for her ambitions.

Lives meant nothing to her but a stepping stone to having everything.

Soon she watches Arisha leave the house to find the relic and she rubs her hands with delight, soon she would be the most powerful woman in the world forever.

Just as her parents said she was meant to be.


Arisha waits until she's a good distance from her owner's land before stopping, she enjoyed these times of freedom but she couldn't be too long, not as long as that vile woman had a grip on her soul.

I can sense you better now, I'm on my way. My owner desires what you can give her but there needs to be an amendment to the wish she will ask. Are you okay with that?

Yes, find me” Soon that evil woman will get everything she deserves, just not in the way she expects. Starting the engine to the motorbike she has been granted the use of, she heads towards the location of the relic that her owner has demanded her to find. She has always known where it is as she is connected to the being within it, the being calls to her every day as it has done for centuries ever since they had both been trapped within the relics by a cruel man of power close to two thousands years ago for refusing his advances.
As punishment they were made immortal and forced to be bound to whoever frees them from their prisons. Eleanor has freed her from own such relic eight years ago when it was found in a dig and ever since has had Arisha seek out more relics due to Arisha's skill at finding them, being bound to that woman was unpleasant however and she yearned for her freedom even if it meant death.

As long as Eleanor continues to have a grip over her soul though, as long as she lives that is and can make demands, then she is trapped and forced to obey no matter how much she yearns to refuse. The only way she can be freed is if her owner is unable to make demands with the spoken word, dies or grants Arisha her freedom which is unlikely to happen. She is useful after all and Eleanor loves to use people.

All she can do is hope that this plan will work and grant her some freedom from her owner's cruelty.

It had to work, it needed to, she couldn't handle any more of that woman.


Here, below you, I can feel you close by” Arisha arrived at the location of the relic moments ago, a beautiful area with the ruins of a long collapsed castle all around her. The relic had been buried here centuries ago when the person assigned to bury it had travelled all the way to Scotland from the Middle East on a one way trip, they died not long after it had been buried knowing that they weren't going to return home.

The relic that Arisha had been sealed into had been buried in somewhere called Australia, the person who had buried the relic there having died not long after as well. A Drowley sponsored dig had found her and taken her to Eleanor where she was freed, she wished she had never been found.

Digging, find you soon” Metal meets dirt and stone long untouched until today as the shovel cuts into the ground, she ignores everything around her as she digs without rest for the curse placed on her ensured that she didn't need rest nor nourishment, illness was beyond her which unsettled her. She hasn't aged in centuries which also unsettles her.

So close after all these centuries, so close, a little more” An hour later the shovel hits hard wood, a form of wood that doesn't decay with age just as the long dead man of lust had intended. A fitting prison, he had felt, for those who refused him.

Take me to her, I will grant her wish” Digging the relic out of the dirt, a relic shaped like that of a woman and made of a beautiful old wood that has been extinct for centuries, Arisha places it into a rucksack, fills the hole she's made once she climbs out and return to her owner.


Eleanor watches with barely concealed excitement as Arisha returns a day later, entering her study an hour later with the relic.

“Took you long enough, give it to me and leave the room” Arisha complies, placing the relic on the desk and leaving the room, she waits outside however which Eleanor isn't aware of.

Taking the relic from the desk, Eleanor examines it before smashing it with surprising strength for her age off the edge of the desk, breaking it open. A form begins to solidify on the other side of the desk, turning into a woman who looks to be close to the same age as Arisha.

“Thank you for freeing me, what is your wish?” The woman asks coolly.

“Do you have a name before I make my wish?” The woman nods as she looks at Eleanor with a dispassionate gaze.

“Yes, you may call me Risha. So what is your wish?” She knew what the wish was of course, Arisha has already told her but she felt it best to play it cool and let the vile woman believe she has control.

“I wish for eternal youth, to be young forever and never age. It is my blood right to rule over the peasants of this world” Risha smiles coldly, time for some fun.

“Very well, as you wish” A light wave of her hands is all it takes for the years of melt away from Eleanor as she slips back to her thirties in seconds, much to her delight.

“AT LAST! I'll never have to suffer the indignities of old age again!” Risha, still smiling coldly, leans towards her to look her in the eyes.

“Well you're right about that, however you will suffer other indignities” Eleanor laughs in Risha's face, her laugh one of coming menace.

“Such as? I'll never age, I'm young forever!”

“Yes, you are and you will be. Only not as you expected, I only made you this age so that I can watch the horror on your face for the next part” Eleanor starts to feel strange as her body begins to shrink into her clothing, the only clothing still fitting her being her underwear as it begins to change, she had already been wearing adult nappies due to her weak muscle control before and now they were changing to a more infantile like design as they puffed out with youthful designs appearing on them, her bra begins to morph and grow into a baby style t-shirt.

“What are you doing? You can't do this to me! Don't you know who I am?” Eleanor demands as her age rapidly decreases to her mid teens, early teens and pre-teens.

“I know exactly who you are and what you made my sister do for you, she told me everything as I called to her to find me. She had to wait though and now as you become too young to control us we will be freed, of course you will need caring for which we're happy to do. Maybe we can raise you to be less of an evil harlot and more of a compassionate person” Eleanor tries to call for help but her legs give out from under her as they tangle in the puddle of over sized clothing, Risha grabs her before she can hit the ground and lifts her up to eye level.

Eleanor, now around three years old, feels fear for the first time in a long time as she realises what's happened.

“Such an adorable child, pity you couldn't have been a better person when you were grown up. That's all going to change now as you fade away and get replaced with a blank slate ready for a new upbringing” Eleanor tries to scream but her mind feels fuzzy as she continues to shrink before stopping at around six months old, the mental fuzziness increases and she can feel who she was fading away.

Arisha enters the room, Risha handing Eleanor to her.

“I think she's going to need some milk, want to feed her?” Arisha nods quietly as she takes the baby girl and sits down behind the desk, undoing her top and hold the infant to a breast as she begins to lactate.

“She won't get any older than three years old, she did want eternal youth after all and I felt this was fitting. So what will we do with her wealth?”

“We can distribute it, she did make me beneficially of her wealth should anything happen to her and with what you've done then as far as everyone else is concerned she's a baby and I'm her mother while you're her aunt. We'll do away with her family legacy, give back to those in need and make sure she has a humble life. We'll have more than enough to live on but not more than needed.
She had this coming”

“If you want I can let her age more than just three years, if you feel it's time”

“When, not yet though. Quite the coincidence that her family line is connected to that disgusting man who cursed us, we've managed to remove part of his lineage” It had taken a great of secret research for her to discover that before she had set the plan in motion, revenge needed time to be implemented after all.

“I'll make sure the people who work here have excellent references and a healthy final payment, this house can be given to the public to do with as they see fit and the relics here can go to a museum where they belong, the greed ends here” Looking down at the suckling infant in her arms, Arisha feels contentment at her plan having succeeded. Eleanor had to be stopped and this had been the only way she could think of by using her former owner's desires against her.

“And you, my little one, you will hopefully grow to be a better person than you were” Eleanor doesn't say anything, she doesn't fuss nor complain, she's too content in her mother's arms suckling warm, sweet milk, her former self completely gone.

“Revenge finally satisfied”

Don't be selfish



End Chapter 9

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 24, 2022


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