Little Tales

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Chapter 3
Little Tales: Release

Chapter Description: Just let it go, release

Release, let go.

Life is stressful with so many expectations, so much to be done with so little time to just relax and do something you would prefer to do.

For adults in particular life is one never ending round of stress more often than not with the only release being death.

One woman, however, finds another way to release.


Her body ached from fatigue and a long week of sleepless nights in order to meet deadlines set by those at the top, she was so tired that she would probably collapse there and then and maybe with luck not wake up at all.

She couldn't keep doing amount of work with so little time to herself to relax and sleep, her own needs were being pushed to the wayside for people who cared nothing about her and her co-workers.

The last time she had seen a doctor she had been literally ordered to relax but she didn't have the time to and her health was degrading as a result. At this rate she would probably be dead within a week if her boss and the other higher ups didn't pay attention to the warning signs from everyone under them.

Sadly profit was more important than lives in their eyes and she would likely be just another name in a computer file of staff who had ended their lives so to be free of the never-ending stress.

With the work finally finished for the day, she looks up at the office clock and groans at how late it is. She was so hungry and so tired, she wasn't going to have time for a bite to eat let alone a full night's sleep since she had to be back at work early in the morning.

She looks over to the nearest window and for a flash of a second considers opening it and throwing herself out since that was clearly the only way she was going to get her badly needed rest. A light ping of a lift can be heard and it breaks her out of her dark thoughts.

Time to head home, well more of a temporary residence with how little time she got to actually live there. This mandatory overtime wasn't paid for, it was only because the board of directors just had to have another mansion, another yacht, another politician.
Pushing herself up with a groan from her desk after she switched the computer off, she picks up her handbag and heads for the lifts and notices a third one that wasn't there before. At least she was sure it hadn't been there before.

Since she wanted to get to her car in the car park at the bottom of the building she decides to take it and approaches it, the doors opening with a soft swish as she nears. She stops when she sees a woman who's maybe around the same height as herself inside.

“Sorry, I'll take another one” The woman smiles warmly and steps back to let her inside.

“It's quite okay, going down?” Her voice sounds so warm and calm, her eyes are glistening warmly in the artificial light.

“Yes, the car park” The woman nods and waits until she's inside.

“If you want you can press the buttons to go down instead” Such a warm voice, it made her feel something inside that she hasn't felt in so long. A sense of security, like she was safe with the woman.

“Thank you” She studies the control panel, her fatigue laden eyes having trouble making it out. Finally she sees what she's looking for and presses the button for the car park and the lift starts to move.

“You look tired” The woman says softly, it was probably very obvious to anyone. She looked pale in the reflection of the lift doors, she looked like death warmed up.

If this kept up she would be death cold.

“Mmm, barely slept for days. Do you work here? I've never seen you before” With almost to a thousand overworked wage slaves then it was all likely that the woman just blended with the crowd.

“No, I'm just here to see someone and I've met them now. When did you last have any time to relax?” She wanted to remark that it isn't any of the woman's business but she found herself replying instead with something else.

“I'm not sure, it's been a while. I don't have the time for anything but work” Her stomach growls at that moment loudly, the sound practically echoing in the lift. She blushes.

“It's okay, you probably haven't eaten much in a while either. Don't you ever have days where you can just release and let go of all the stress and expectations?” She wished.

“No, maybe when I was younger before my parents disowned me for being trans. They said that I was sinful and evil, an abomination so they disowned me. I've spent the years since just trying to live my life and be myself, I made the mistake of getting this job but I needed the work. It was the only job that didn't look down on me for being who I am even though it's little more than a death trap. I need the money though” She couldn't believe that she pouring her heart out like this to a stranger, something about the woman though made her feel safe about doing so, that she wasn't going to be judged and looked down on like so many have over the years.

“I see. Well why don't you close your eyes and picture the most relaxing thing you would love to do if you got the chance, something you've always kept locked away inside yourself. It could be anything, don't worry about being judged for it, I don't judge” It sounded silly but she decided to try it out.

“You aren't going to stab me to death if I do?” She can feel the woman smiling that warm smile before replying.

“No, I'm not here to harm anyone”

“That's good” Closing her eyes she allows herself to picture the one thing that she wished she could do in regards of a release and a long repressed image comes to her mind, one she has hidden away out of shame and fear of being shamed.

“I don't think you'll want to hear it”

“Why not? It's okay if it's embarrassing, everyone has their secrets” She really wanted to say what it was but she was so afraid of being laughed at if she did.

“Well...I see myself wearing a really thick adult nappy and just wetting myself while sagging against the lift door in relief, it's so silly and you probably think I'm a monster for saying it” She had kept such a strong desire to let herself regress for years and always fought against it, in the past few months though that desire has only gotten stronger due to the stress and the dire need to take a break.

“I don't think you're a monster, you would be surprised at how many people around the world actually wish they could take a break from being an adult. Adulthood is a stressful life with so many expectations, so many demands and far too many enforced ideals. Too many turn to more harmful methods in order to relieve their stress and those who seek harmless methods are always scorned and ridiculed. What you just described is really quite harmless” The desire to regress, to take a break from being an adult increases as she looks at the image in her mind. It looked so soothing to just let go like that.

“Keep picturing it, imagine how that nappy must feel. It's so thick and soft, it makes you feel very secure and comfortable. You want to lose yourself to it for just a little while, how long exactly is up to you but you desire to let go so badly that it hurts. You can feel it now, can't you?” She nods, it was such a lovely feeling.

“Let it be then, just let yourself release” She can feel a building pressure in her bladder and for a moment she is scared that she won't make it to a bathroom in time, at least that is until a different feeling kicks in. It didn't matter.

“What if someone sees me?” Her voice sounds so small to her ears even though she was an adult, it sounded more like the voice of a young child.

“I'm the only one here and the only one who will see you. I won't judge you” She can feel her body move, turn and sink against the lift doors. She doesn't even fight it.

“You can open your eyes now if you want” She does so and she can see the woman looking at her with such a peaceful expression, she felt so safe around this woman. Then she sees her reflection in the lift walls. She can see herself quite clearly but where her skirt and underwear had been is now a thick, soft looking nappy.

She wonders why she isn't even freaked out at this but she isn't, instead she just giggles. She looked so cute with it on.

“I need to pee” She whispers in such a small voice.

“Go ahead, I'll clean you up and change you if you want” She liked the sound of that, she really wanted to be babied so badly by the woman. She didn't want to be an adult any more, she was dying as an adult.

“I would like that” Then the floodgates open and she sags against the lift doors as an intense feeling of remarkable pleasure, close to what she felt when her estrogen treatments had kicked in for the first time years ago after beginning her hormone replacement therapy, flows through her body.

She doesn't fight it, she doesn't even feel any disgust at it as she soaks her nappy.

It stops after what feels like an eternity even though it was only a few seconds and she blushes.

“I had an accident” The woman just smiles as warmly as ever.

“It's okay, little one, it's what young children do. And you are a young child, yes?” She was? Wasn't she an adult? She was sure she was but as she tries to say that she is she instead shakes her head.

“No, I'm a baby, I like being a baby. I want to be little, I need to be little” It only made sense really, after all what was so good about an adult all the time? There was no pleasure in such a life.

“Then just let yourself be the baby girl you are, I'll take care of you. It's what I'm here to do” The woman reaches for her and she realises that the woman is so much taller than her, like a giant, and picks her up. How could she be so tall?

“Have a look at your reflection if you want to, we're almost at the car park” Turning her head to look at her reflection she is surprised to see, instead of a grown woman, a baby girl of maybe a year or a little older looking back at her. She has dark blonde hair that is slowly darkening, adorable chubby cheeks with an equally cute nose, a cute mouth and bright little eyes.

Her hands and feels are tiny and she's clad in a nappy that badly needs changing and an oversized shirt and bra, she can see her tiny legs poking out from underneath.

“Dat me?” She asks, she sounded so young now, so tiny.

“Yes, little one, that's you. Such an adorable baby girl who really needs changing, you really soaked that nappy. How do you feel?” She giggles again, the sound makes the woman kiss her on the forehead.

“Ikkle!” Her mind starts to feel hazy as the lift stops, the doors open and the woman walks into the car park with the happy little baby held securely in her arms.

She can see her car and she points to it.

“Dat mine” The woman nods and walks towards it, she somehow has the key fob for it and the lights blink as the car is unlocked.

Opening the back door she sits her little charge on the back seat and grabs a nappy bag, there's a baby seat as well.

“This won't take long” She just giggles happily as the woman undoes her wet nappy, cleans up and applies a new clean, dry nappy on her, securing it firmly before cleaning up and giving her hands a wipe with a baby wipe.

“There we go, all cleaned up and as cute as ever. Now let's get you home, you really need to be fed and to have a good sleep” Securing the happy tot in the baby seat, she gets into the driver's seat once done and starts the car. The bubbly tot watches from the window nearest her as the scenery changes to street light lit streets, she rubs her eyes and yawns a little. Her stomach growls and she whimpers, she was so hungry.

“Almost home, little one, mummy will feed you as soon as we get home” The car soon stops and the sleepy, hungry baby girl is helped out of the baby seat and taken inside. A part of her knows that this is her house but now it's just home where she and her mama live, she loved her mama very much.

After locking the door, her mama sits her down on the sofa and removes her coat and shirt, she was wearing a nursing bra and she smiles so warmly at her hungry baby girl.

“Num num time, sweetie” Picking the baby girl up, she sits down and undoes the nursing bra, the baby girl's eyes opening wide as a little tongue licks her lips. She could smell the milk and she wanted it so badly, she needed it.

“It's all yours” Her mama holds her to the nearest breast and she latches on comfortably, suckling as if her life depended on it.

As she suckles her mama pats her thickly padded bottom, cradling her softly and humming a gentle tune.

“That's my baby girl”


Time seems to pass so slowly for the baby girl from then on, it becomes a routine that is so soothingly predictable. That's okay though since she was so safe and loved.

As for her mama? Well even a guardian angel gets their dream assignment from time to time.

Has yours?

Release, let go.



End Chapter 3

Little Tales

by: ReinaHW | Story In Progress | Last updated Dec 24, 2022


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