Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022

Chapter 4
DAY 1 (Part 3)

Chapter Description: Tom comes back home and prepares to sleep for the first time in his infant form.

In the seat back home, Juliette drowned my worries in a bottle of hot milk. Enthralled in the deliciousness of that aromatic liquid, my eyelids began to close and I lost any notion of things. In that state of semi-sleep, I remembered the car engine being turned off, and then being carried on foot by someone upstairs. Then, a door closing and finally the end of any movement. Along with that, words and whispers from my caretakers/ex students.

When I began to wake up again, I felt fine hands taking away my clothes. First my overall, than my t-shirt, and finally my diaper being untaped and a feeling of nakedness.

But only when my bottle’s nipple was forcibly taken away from my lips, I opened my eyes, alarmed. I saw I was completely naked and being carried by Juliette towards the bathroom.

“There, Sandra”, Juliette indicated. “Open the right faucet”.

The sound of water running came to my ears when I felt Juliette was putting me down. Sandra put her hand inside the water to check the temperature and then opened the other faucet.

Feeling the danger of the water incoming, I raised my eyes and then saw over me, the benevolent face of Juliette (the girl I had fallen in love with) governing over me with a radiant smile, which melted me in the inside, removing any fear from me.

“There, baby, there…”, Juliette said, while with help of Sandra, took me on her hands and began to submerge me in the water.

I kicked my legs once and again, although weakly, as both girls put me in the comfortably warm water, and then began to drop water over my head and rub my whole body.

The water was nice, but I couldn’t help feeling even more pitiful this time, with both of my students washing my now frail and little body, with my ridiculously tiny penis exposed to them, even when they didn’t seem to care for me (yeah, sure my penis was way too far of representing any menace to them, other than a cute and funny toy to laugh at).

The bathing was relaxing enough for me to end up half-asleep, and after Juliette dried me up and fit me with a fresh new diaper, I heard her say:

“Thanks for helping me with bathing him. See you later, Sandra”.

“See you, Jools”.

Sandra said goodbye and went out of the door.

And that was all I knew for that day.


Around 8 p.m, and I gradually began to wake up. And I felt… something. Just something… it seemed my tiny baby brain couldn’t even realize what was happening, but I knew something was wrong. And probably it wasn’t me having become a baby, I simply knew there was something that caused me… discomfort.

I couldn’t help feeling it pounding in my chest, and as the discomfort grew, it became a little moan that came to my throat… then, it grew into a screech, and finally a big scream at full lungs.

I was there alone in the bed, crying and shaking my limbs. I was wearing only a diaper and a baby t-shirt, I knew something was wrong and mom wasn’t there to fix it. I felt like the most desolate and hopeless creature of the world, I just wanted her to be with me.

I didn’t have to wait for long anyway, as in matter of seconds (that seemed like minutes to me), Juliette came out of the bathroom, whose light was the only thing shining in the darkness there. She was wearing a short nightgown and everything seemed to indicate she had just recently showered or bathed. Her face was pure, clean of all makeup and she looked so lush and joyful I couldn’t help to take her for a goddess, the most beautiful in the world… or rather, she was my world herself.

Juliette laid down next to me and was soon to carefully hug and embrace the little thing I was next to her. I comfortably rested my head between her padded breasts and got lost in her smell. She curled against me while holding my head, and turned on the TV. Soon, everything was right, so mellow and tranquil I kind of forgot everything about the day and just focused on the feelings she was granting to me.

I noticed how Juliette took out a little notepad and began scribbling, probably something about school, or her life plans, while she every now and then paid attention to the fashion design reality show from TV. She was, again, to my perception, the best of femininity out there in life.

I spent probably a couple hours leaning against her, until again I felt some unknown discomfort, and I began to try to roll around her. She was quick to notice and embraced me a little tighter.

“There, there…”, she whispered. I noticed on her voice how she was also tired and getting sleepy. That just made me curl even more to her breasts, and she took out one of them. Her breast was beautiful, perfectly oval and soft, covered with a fine layer of light hair only a little baby like me could have the privilege to be as close to notice.

“Your meal, baby boy”, she said. Of course, I was instinctively dragged to it and took a lip bite on her. A stream of hot milk, sweet like honey, drowned my sense as I avidly had my dinner, clinging to that beautiful girl’s full breasts. Juliette hugged me like that, caressing my head until I was satisfied, and again, I began to fall asleep. Juliette also stood still as I did, and so, I had the privilege of spending my first night sleeping next to the girl I loved the most.



End Chapter 4

Smart girls, Stupid Teacher

by: Sidora | Story In Progress | Last updated Jan 8, 2022


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