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Chapter 20
Simon's Fury

Jacob ran towards the front door as quickly as he could. He knew he only had mere seconds before Simon would recover and begin chasing after him. With escape so close to his grasp, he couldn't fail this time. Re-capture was not an option.

As he neared the front door, his stomach sank when he saw that the door was secured with a childproof latch. He didn't have the spare time to get something to climb on top of. No, he had to keep moving. He had to find another way out.

He immediately sped towards the back door, praying to whatever power above looking after him that it wouldn't also be latched. Jacob turned into the kitchen, stumbling for a second as he almost slid into the corner, but once he looked up and saw that the door wasn't latched, he knew that luck was finally on his side.

Escape was within his grasp. He stood on his tiptoes to undo the deadbolt. He was barely tall enough to guide it with only the tips of his fingers. He was seconds away from freedom. All he had to do was turn the knob and he was finally free. He looked back to make sure Simon wasn't already behind him, and the coast was clear.

Overwhelmed with anticipation, he turned the knob and pulled at the door, but it didn't budge. He pulled again, harder this time using all the strength his toddler-sized body could muster, but the door just squeaked like something was blocking it from opening.

Jacob peered up at the hinges of the door, and he could see that one of them was broken. He would have to be able to lift the door to get out. Adrenaline surged through his system. Time was running out, and he didn't have another exit.

He didn't even have a second to evaluate his options before he felt a hand on the back of his neck, causing every hair on his body to stand on edge. He tried to turn and face his captor, but Simon just growled, "You are in so much trouble," and hoisted Jacob over his shoulder.

He took him upstairs and stood him in the corner of the nursery facing the wall. When Jacob immediately turned around, Simon quickly turned him back to face the corner and landed a hard swat on his behind.

"Do not move," he said in a no-nonsense tone that scared Jacob.

The regressed young man didn't dare move an inch as his sense of self-preservation kicked in. He was genuinely frightened. This was the angriest he had ever seen Simon get. He feared what was in store for him, especially his rear end.

Simon took a seat on the rocking chair, trying to calm himself before administering Jacob's well-deserved spanking. He took a deep breath, expelling the frustration he felt having to end the conference call with his peers. Simon had to make sure that he wasn't going into the spanking with any feelings of wanting revenge for the earlier kick to his groin. He believed it would be irresponsible to spank the little boy while he was angry.

Once Simon was fully calm, he sat forward in the chair. "Jacob, come over here," he instructed him in a stern tone.

Jacob hesitated. He didn't want to face the punishment that he knew was coming to him, but at the same time, he didn't want to make it worse by aggravating the older man.

"Jacob, I'm not going to ask you twice," Simon said, tapping his knee and pointing to a spot on the floor in front of him.

His thinly veiled threat was enough to get Jacob moving. It was awful for him. He was being forced to walk to his own punishment. Simon might as well have asked him to cut his own switch.

He tried stalling by walking slowly, but one look from Simon caused him to speed up his walk towards him. When Jacob finally stood in front of him, Simon tilted his chin up to force the little boy to look him dead in the eyes.

"Before we are done here, I expect an apology from you," the therapist stated matter-of-factly.

Jacob mustered every drop of the courage in his body and responded, "Fuck you. I'm not sorry."

"That's okay. We'll see if your attitude changes in a moment," Simon said, keeping his voice calm and his tone steady. As Jacob was already bare, he didn't have to waste any time. He simply pulled the little boy right over his lap and began the spanking.

Nothing prepared Jacob for the barrage of spanks that instantly landed on his bottom. Spank after spank, Simon wasn't holding back, not this time. This was going to be a punishment that would make sure Jacob didn't try to escape ever again.

"This is what's going to happen every single time you pull a stunt like the one from earlier," Simon said, continuing to land spanks on Jacob's rear end.

Initially, Jacob thought he was going to be able to ride out the spanking like he had the first time, barely shedding a tear, but after the first dozen spanks, he was really feeling the sting radiate all over his bottom.

He tried kicking out and squirming around, but Simon didn't let him move an inch. The older man wrapped an arm around him, and simply continued spanking him. The spanking continued to go on, the only sound in the large lakeside home coming from the spanks that echoed from the nursery.

"Ow!" Jacob howled out after a particularly forceful spank landed on his sensitive sit spot.

"Are you ready to apologize?" Simon asked, pausing the spanking to wait for a response, but when Jacob ignored him, he landed a volley of sharp spanks to the boy's sit spots.

"I asked you a question Jacob, and I expect an answer," he said, sternly.

Jacob tried to hold out, unwilling to cross that boundary that Simon was asking him to, but with his bottom on fire, he couldn't think straight. He shook his head, trying to clear it, and it seemed that Simon took that as his answer.

The spanking continued with Jacob twisting and squirming under Simon's tight grasp. He couldn't repress the groans of pain or the instinctive tears that ran down his face. His body was automatically responding to the spanking whether he wanted it to or not.

To Jacob, it felt like the spanking was going on forever, and he needed reprieve. He just wanted to make the stinging stop, and Simon had already made it clear what he needed to do if he wanted the spanking to end.

"Simon stop! Please! I'm sorry," Jacob cried out, no longer caring about anything other than his sore bottom.

"Good boy," Simon praised him, instantly stopping the spanking.

Jacob lay across Simon's lap panting. The spanking had taken a lot out of him. He'd used half of his energy trying to wiggle out of Simon's grasp. The other half was used up when he tried to stifle his reactions to the sharp slaps to his butt.

Simon waited until Jacob seemed to have somewhat recovered from the spanking before he lifted him off his lap and stood him on the floor in front of him.

"Every time, Jacob, that you make an escape attempt, this is what's going to happen. I hope that you learned the lesson you needed to choose not to do it again. Otherwise, you'll be right back over my lap," Simon said slowly, emphasizing his words with small hand gestures.

When Jacob didn't respond, Simon tilted his head up and asked, "Do you understand?"

"Yes," the little boy muttered.

"Yes, what?" Simon asked.

"Yes, sir, I understand," Jacob ground out through his teeth.

"Good boy. Now, let's get a fresh diaper on you," Simon said, placing Jacob on the changing table.

Jacob groaned when his sore bottom was on the changing table. He was honestly looking forward to the diaper as it would provide some padding for smarting behind. Simon didn't take long to diaper Jacob and slip on a clean pair of sweatpants on him.

I'm going to put you down for a nap while I get lunch together," Simon explained as he lowered Jacob into the crib.

"Okay," the regressed young man whispered, demoralized.

Jacob lay in the crib on his belly with his face buried in the sheets. He was so tired, defeated and ashamed. He was so close to escape, and he failed. He didn't have a contingency plan. Just twenty-four hours ago, he expected that by now he'd be headed towards freedom, but there he was lying in his cage of a crib with his diapered bottom smarting.

He couldn't concede the war against his kidnappers just yet, but they'd certainly won the battle. He was tired of fighting, tired of the spankings. He didn't care about anything that made him rebel anymore, not his past, pride or rights.

The young man just wanted to sleep for as long as he could, and he dozed off hoping that he'd sleep away the shame of succumbing to the spanking.



End Chapter 20


by: Caleb | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 27, 2022


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