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Chapter 23
Angelique's Discipline

Angelique had sensed something was amiss by his defiant declaration and had tilted her left knee to get a view of his face. When she realized he was preparing to bite her, she quickly pulled him off of her lap once again disorienting the boy and pulled his diaper down to his ankles.

She pulled him back over her lap, and without missing a beat, she picked the wooden spoon off of the bed, spun it around in her hand and rained several blows on his bared behind.

"You do not bite!" she yelled, astounded that the boy would go so far. She genuinely began to wonder if he had any sense of self-preservation. He just kept pushing boundaries.

Jacob was shocked, having barely recovered from being pulled off of her lap so fast. He kicked his legs and pounded his tiny fists on her legs, unable to believe how painful the wooden spoon was on his bare ass.

The defiant boy was barely suppressing the cries and moans that almost escaped his lips as the heat spread all along his butt. He was determined not to give her the satisfaction of hearing him respond to the spanking. He stopped pounding his fists, but he was still squirming trying to escape the blows from the spoon.

Angelique had found a rhythm spanking him with the wooden spoon and alternating spots while holding him steady with her left arm. When he seemed to lose some of his fight, she lectured while still raining blows.

"Jacob, this behavior has to end. There will be no more biting, no more fighting, no more throwing things and no more swearing. We know you didn't ask for this, but because it's happening, we expect you to adjust and accept it. You don't have to like it, but you will respect the rules of this house. If you won't, you will be spanked until you learn to do so, however many times it takes."

As Angelique was lecturing him, the reality of his situation was becoming apparent to Jacob. There he was, 22 years old but the size of a toddler pinned over the knees of his therapist's wife being spanked with a wooden spoon, and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it.

The loss of control and powerlessness that he was experiencing crushed his spirit causing all of the resistance left in him to dissipate. All the frustration that had been building up behind a dam in his mind finally burst free, and he felt himself go limp over her knees and begin to sob.

Angelique was pleased to see that her words finally seemed to have an effect on the boy. She knew it was almost time to end the spanking, so she tilted him forward and aimed the last few spanks at his sit spots, making sure that he would feel the after-effects of the spanking for a while.

Jacob continued to lay limp over her knees while sobbing. He didn't even notice when she ended the spanking. He was overwhelmed with all the emotions that he had been suppressing up until that moment. The hopelessness, the loss of control, the frustration and the anger were all so overpowering.

Once the spanking was over, Angelique comforted the sobbing toddler by rubbing soothing circles along his back while pulling him in tighter. She knew intuitively that Jacob must have reached some level of acceptance over his situation, and she expected that it was going to be tough on him emotionally. That was why she resolved to stay with him and provide him with comfort until he stabilized.

A few minutes later, when his sobs finally died down into soft whimpers and occasional sniffles, Angelique slowly picked Jacob up off of her lap and stood him between her legs. She gently pulled his diaper over his reddened behind while he looked dejectedly at the floor, ashamed that he was emotionally vulnerable in front of pretty much a stranger.

Angelique could see that Jacob seemed to have no intention of making eye-contact with her. She hoped to break him out of the cycle of habitual shame Simon had explained to her that the boy tended to torture himself with. Tapping two fingers under his chin she said, "Jacob, look at me."

Jacob found himself playing with his hands before unconsciously placing his right thumb in his mouth as he raised his eyes to connect with hers. He expected her to still be angry with him for his behavior, but he was surprised to see her kindly looking down towards him.

Angelique could see the confusion in his eyes, so she began, "I'm not angry with you, Jacob. You were punished for your behavior, and now it's behind us." She paused for a second to wipe the tears from his face and continued, "Honey, just try not to force another spanking on yourself. Neither Simon nor I take any joy from this, and I'm sure this isn't very pleasant for you, is it?"

Jacob silently shook his head. He certainly didn't enjoy the fire being turned up on his ass.

"Alright then. Let's get the mess in the kitchen cleaned up and get some food in that tummy of yours. I'm going to put you in your playpen while I clean up the mess. I don't want you to accidentally get hurt by any shards of porcelain, okay?"

Jacob nodded his head with his thumb still in his mouth. The nurturing woman lifted him into her arms being sure to be gentle with his sore behind.

On the way back to the living room, Angelique grabbed a blanket and a sippy cup of water for the boy then deposited him into the playpen on his stomach, leaving him alone with his thoughts for a while.

Jacob was exhausted physically and emotionally. He was also pretty thirsty from all the crying, so he picked up the sippy cup and turned himself over. He let out a groan when he felt his weight on his sore bottom. With his free hand, he rubbed at his bottom through his diapers trying to relieve the sting.

While he gulped down the water, Jacob made sure to mentally note that he never wanted to experience another spanking from Angelique. That was nothing like the spankings he got from Simon; she was definitely the tougher disciplinarian. He figured it was to be expected since Simon was much more soft-spoken than his wife.

Setting the cup down at the edge of his playpen, Jacob rolled onto his side. He was still so tired that he didn't even care whether Angelique might wake him up again. He could barely keep his eyes open. Pulling the blanket over his body, he drifted off to sleep wondering where Simon had even gone for the day.

It was a few moments before Angelique had finished sweeping up the last of the broken pieces of porcelain and cleaning the dried oatmeal from the floor. She resolved to have Simon pick up a few plastic bowls from the store should there be another tantrum from Jacob at meal time. She was sure, however, that he would be on his best behavior for at least a few days.

She went to get Jacob to put him back into his high chair for breakfast when she saw he was soundly sleeping in his playpen. She almost squealed in delight looking at how cute he was sucking his thumb, lightly snoring and cuddling with his blanket. That little hellion from less than an hour ago was now the picture of pure innocence napping in his playpen.

Angelique decided that she would let him sleep for at least a few hours. She figured that she would wait until tomorrow morning to try changing his sleep schedule and went to the kitchen to get her phone. Sitting on the couch, she texted Simon asking him to pick up a few items from the store on his way back from town. While she waited for his return, she pulled out her current novel from the bookshelf and started reading.



End Chapter 23


by: Caleb | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 27, 2022


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