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Chapter 16
Jacob's Deterrent

Once Simon got to the nursery, he took a seat on a small sofa and laid Jacob across his lap, keeping a firm hand on the unruly child's back to effectively trap him in place.

"Jacob, I've had to punish you far too many times today. You've been warned time and time again, yet your behavior hasn't changed. It seems Mr. Hammond was right. You clearly need to feel my displeasure on your backside before you will decide to change your attitude," he lamented, pulling the little boy's pants down to his ankles.

For Jacob this was all happening too fast. His heart felt like it was pounding out of his chest, and as the familiar sensation of adrenaline rushed through his veins, his eyes darted around the room. He felt like he had dug himself into a deep hole in the ground and forgot to bring a ladder.

Momentarily stunned until he felt his diaper being tugged down, he began his struggle against his caretaker's grip, shaking his head rapidly and shouting, "Wait! No!"

His plea was ironic really considering how much Jacob hated the stupid diaper. The garment was a constant source of embarrassment for him, but at that point in time it was the only thing that would cushion the impending blows to his bottom.

Regardless, he didn't get the chance to get another word in. Despite his protests, Simon pulled his diaper all the way down.

Jacob squirmed around, trying to loosen the older man's grip on him. He felt like a true toddler, exposed and waiting for his ass to be lit on fire.

The younger man couldn't believe he was actually lying over Simon's lap. As pacifistic as he knew his former therapist to be, he didn't actually think the man would be capable of spanking him, but he also didn't think that he would get kidnapped either and that certainly happened.

After a few minutes, he had stilled with his arms and legs passively dangling towards the floor. Since Simon still had not started the spanking, Jacob hoped that it meant the man lost his nerve. He thought that maybe he was going to get off with just a stern warning, but his theory went out the window the minute Simon's palm landed firmly on his bare behind.

It stung, so much worse than he imagined it would. It was nothing like the smack to his diapered bottom from before. The padding had almost nullified all of the force of the spank, but with his behind bared, there was nothing to reduce the impact of the blow.

Nearly a minute passed without any spanks following the first, and Jacob wasn't sure why Simon was hesitating. Growing up, he had seen other kids being spanked, and it always consisted of rapid successive blows until the offended adult was satisfied that they had made a lasting impression on the petulant child's behind, but it seemed that this was not Simon's chosen method.

Either way, he didn't have to do much more speculation because another sharp smack landed on his bottom, and after the third spank, he really wished Simon would stop spacing each individual smack so far apart. Spanking so slowly made the entire process more torturous for him, as the stinging from the last spank would just begin to die down when another landed, re-igniting the fire.

By the fourth smack, his view of the floor below him was clouded by the tears pricking his eyes. He grit his teeth, unwilling to cry out. He reasoned that they could punish him like a child all they wanted, but it didn't mean he was going to play the part of the little boy crying over his father's lap.

After the fifth smack, his entire behind stung horribly, and he tensed, anticipating Simon's hand making painful contact with his bottom yet again, but the next spank never came.

Instead, his feet touched the ground as Simon stood him in front of the sofa, and Jacob wasted no time before reaching back to rub the sting out of his behind.

"Jacob," Simon began, tilting the boy's chin up to face him. "I spanked you because I care about you. We know that adjusting to your regression is difficult, and we are trying to make this as smooth as possible for you. However, to do that we can't have you fighting us on every little thing."

"So, what do you want me to say? Thank you?" Jacob asked with the fire still burning in his eyes.

"No, I just want you to understand that this is what you can expect from now on if you keep pushing us."

Jacob didn't respond. He knew that anything he said would probably land him in more trouble, and he didn't really want to find out if he could take more spanks to his already smarting behind.

Simon sighed and pulled Jacob's diaper and pants back up causing the little boy to hiss.
"I'm going to put you in your crib for a nap."

"I'm not tired," the little boy brazenly asserted, glaring daggers at his caretaker.

"Do not fight me on this," Simon said sternly.

"Whatever," Jacob grumbled as he was laid on his stomach in the crib.

"I hope you have a good nap," Simon said, closing the blinds.

Jacob waited until his kidnapper shut the door to the nursery to release a loud groan of frustration. It was all too apparent that nothing in the last few hours went the way he had envisioned. He wanted them to think he was a sweet angel that they could leave unattended, but instead he was sure they thought of him as the extremely badly-behaved tyke from hell that they needed to keep an eye on at all times.

Banging his head on the mattress, he reminded himself that he was an adult, and that he didn't need to be apologetic for asserting his independence. If anything, he was sorry for his smarting bottom, but definitely not his behavior.

He rested his head against the soft blanket, remembering the first time he got in trouble at school when he was in the second grade. Pretty soon, his breaths evened out, and he was reliving the memory in his dream.

It was third period, Mathematics, and Jacob had already finished the assignment in only five minutes, which meant he had absolutely nothing to occupy himself with for the next hour.

His best friend, Maliki sat next to him. It was Friday and the next period was recess so young Jacob was bouncing with pent up energy, and even though he knew better than to disturb his classmate during work time, the boredom got the best of him.

He caught a millipede that was crawling on the ground near him and tapped Maliki on the shoulder to show him the bug.

"I bet you I can put this in Ms. Smith's shoe," he whispered to his friend.

"No way," Maliki challenged.

"Just watch," Jacob responded with a devious smirk on his face.

Jacob was small for his age. So, with ease he was able to slide under his desk and crawl towards the front of the classroom. While the other students were occupied with their assignment, Ms. Smith was taking the time to grade some of the assignments from earlier in the week. That was why she didn't notice the seven-year old crawling up the middle of the classroom.

When he got to her desk, he quickly placed the millipede on the side of her shoe, waiting in anticipation for it to crawl into her shoe.

In less than a minute, Ms. Smith shrieked, shaking the bug out of her shoe, and when she heard a giggle coming from below her desk, she knew she caught the little perpetrator red-handed.

At the time, his school was in the process of moving away from taking the responsibility for paddling students. Instead, the administrators opted to call parents in to provide the discipline for more serious infractions.

He was sitting on a chair outside of the principal's office for quite a while before he saw his mom walking down the hall. She looked tired. His mom didn't say anything to him before she knocked on the principal's door and walked in.

When she came out minutes later, she crouched in front of him and began, "Jacob, sweetie, you know your Mommy doesn't have time to come to school when you misbehave."

"I know. I'm sorry Mommy," he said, hanging his head.

His mother sighed deeply. "You deserve a proper spanking for what you did at school today, but I'm too tired right now, and I need to get some sleep before my next shift. Let's go home," she said ushering the little boy forward to begin the walk to the school parking lot.

That evening, the seven-year-old shouldered the burden of disappointing his tired, over-worked mother, and the excruciating guilt that tormented him from that day forward made certain he never got in trouble again.



End Chapter 16


by: Caleb | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 27, 2022


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