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Jacob's Regression V1

by: Caleb Last updated Apr 19, 2021

Can you imagine being forcibly turned back into a toddler? Such is the fate of actively suicidal, depressed and hopeless Jacob, a 22 year old from the US Virgin Islands. As a means of saving his life, his therapist, Simon and his therapist's wife, Angelique kidnap him and give him a drug that transforms him into the size of a literal toddler. Set in Washington, this story narrates the month that it takes for Jacob to mentally and emotionally regress into a true toddler.

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RE: Good erotic horror stories featuring age regression?

Caleb Aug 27, 2021

This is fun, I just happened to be reading one close to this. The author has a vast collection of low/mid quality stories, but here’s one. ...

RE: Hi! Looking for soft, 'mushy' stories.

Caleb Jul 28, 2021

Hey, I’ve got tons of recommendations, but I’ve got to make a list for you. The first is going to the rehab regression by Barry Oliver on Am ...

RE: Where does everyone read age-regression stories?

Caleb Jul 22, 2021

I like to think the purpose of the alt-account is to not mention that on this one :D Anything that I don’t want associated with my real nam ...

Where does everyone read age-regression stories?

Caleb Jul 21, 2021

So, I’m looking to make an alt account to post the more deviant stories that I’ve come up with. I know I’m going to post here and maybe ao ...

On story: Jacob's Regression V1 - chapter 50

Caleb Apr 20, 2021

Hey Ambrose, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am really happy to hear that you appreciated the emotional story that I'm trying to tell ...

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