Jacob's Regression V1

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Chapter 14
Jacob's Anger

The next morning Simon woke up before the sun rose. He had gone to sleep around when Angelique put Jacob to bed which was quite early for him. He was a bit of a night owl, but dealing with Jacob's escape attempt had exhausted him.

Fully dressed after her shower, Angelique walked back in the room on her way to the nursery. Seeing that her husband was awake uncharacteristically early, she softly asked, "Did I wake you?"

"No, I think I woke up on my own," he said, stretching his legs and standing up.

"Jacob's already got you waking up early. By next week, you'll have gray hairs sprouting," she teased.

Simon shook his head, and chuckled. "Speaking of the little devil, I'll get him this morning if you don't mind."

"I don't. That will be great actually. I can get started in the kitchen once I'm done here." She explained, straightening the sheets and fluffing the pillows.

Simon went into the bathroom where he got ready for the day and mentally prepared to deal with the insolence he anticipated from Jacob.


Jacob's blissful sleep gradually came to an end after the first ray of sunlight shone in his eyes. He turned over and pulled the blanket over his head, hoping to get a few extra minutes of rest. He longed to return to his dreams as they were his only escape from his new reality of being held captive.

He sighed, accepting that he wasn't going to fall back to sleep again and pulled the sheet from his face. It took a short moment before his eyes adjusted to the light in the room.

Stretching his muscles and blinking his eyes, he yawned. It wasn't until he shifted onto his side that he realized he was sitting in a wet diaper. That was one of the hardest parts about his regression for the young man. He was consistently being betrayed by his own body in his sleep.

Standing in the crib, he pulled down his pants and kicked them off. He quickly ripped off the tabs securing his diaper and tossed it over to the opposite corner of the crib. Feeling particularly spiteful, he decided to get his morning pee out of the way and stood over the diaper, relieving himself onto it.

Assuming it wouldn't be too long before one of his kidnappers showed up, he began climbing out of the crib. He thought he might be able to get away while they were still asleep, assuming they hadn't latched both of the doors.

When Simon entered the nursery, his eyes immediately widened seeing the little boy in the process of climbing out of the crib.

"Shit!" Jacob exclaimed as his foot slipped. He kicked at the wooden bars trying to reclaim his footing. Without the support of his feet, he slid down the bars, and the following collision of his hand with the side of the crib caused him to unintentionally release his grip.

"Jacob!" Simon shouted, rushing forward and catching the falling child. "What were you thinking?" he admonished, placing the boy on his feet.

Jacob didn't reply. The reality of how close he had just come to a really bad injury wasn't lost on him.

"What happened to your diaper?" Simon asked, scanning the room.

The young man didn't even remember that his lower half was exposed until Simon pointed it out. Somehow, he didn't think about putting his pants back on before trying to climb out of the crib. He felt the blood rushing to his face but quickly stifled the embarrassment. Determined not to show any weakness, he mustered up as much bravado as he could.

"I left it in my cage, but don't worry. I did make sure to use it." Jacob answered with a wicked smile on his face.

Furrowing his brows, Simon peered into the crib to locate the worn diaper. As soon as he did, his nose was immediately assaulted by the unpleasant smell of urine emanating from it. Eyeballing the pale-yellow mixing into the light-blue color of the sheet below the diaper, he hoped the mattress wasn't ruined.

It would be one thing if the mess was accidental, but the older man knew Jacob had only done it to aggravate him. It was a disgusting way to rebel, and Simon certainly wasn't looking forward to cleaning it up. His day had just begun, and already the child was testing his patience.

He turned back to face the little boy and firmly reprimanded him, wagging his finger in the air, "Do not do that again. If you remove your diaper without permission, there will be consequences."

Jacob scoffed. "I'd love to see you try to stop me."

Simon raised an eyebrow. "Do you really want to have mittens put on your hands?"

Jacob's face fell when he narrowed his eyes. "You wouldn't."

"If you do it again, that's exactly what's going to happen. Is that understood?"

The little boy scowled but didn't respond.

"Jacob, is that understood?" Simon questioned, staring down at the little boy with a no-nonsense look on his face.

"Yes," Jacob reluctantly responded. Averting his eyes, he asked, "So, can I get my pants back now?"

"Hm." Simon paused. "Since you're already partially undressed, you might as well have your bath before breakfast," he decided, stooping down and pulling the pajama top off of the little boy.

After lowering the bars of the crib, Simon made quick work of stripping the soiled sheets off. As he tossed the linens into the hamper, he had never been more appreciative of the waterproof mattress protector. It was the only reason he wouldn't have to go to the store to get a new mattress.

"Come on, Jacob. The bathroom is just around the corner. Follow me," he instructed, opening the door and waiting for Jacob to walk through.

The young man briefly considered running down the stairs, but he resisted the temptation. He had to remind himself that escape would only come if he was willing to patiently wait for the right opportunity. He knew there wasn't any point in unsuccessful escape attempts. They would only force his kidnappers to be more cautious, and that wouldn't help him get away. He needed to get them to let their guard down, at least just a little bit.

Simon strolled into the bathroom with Jacob following closely behind. He grabbed a clean towel as well as a washcloth and folded them both over the towel rack. He lifted the naked boy and sat him on the counter next to the sink.

"Your teeth need to be brushed." Simon said, rinsing Jacob's toothbrush and squeezing a glob of toothpaste onto it. "Open up."

Jacob's left eye twitched. This was a whole new low. He barely even remembered the last time his mother had brushed his teeth for him when he was a child.

He took a deep calming breath and opened his mouth, loathing what he was about to experience. Trying not to make eye contact with Simon while his pride took a major hit, he focused on the bathroom decorations.

Like the nursery, the bathroom also had an ocean theme. The shower curtain was blue with a wavy design and there were a few sea animal toys situated on the rim of the tub. The mats were light blue, and the tub was ivory white. When Simon allowed him to rinse, he noticed the that soap dispenser was also decorated with sea creatures.

Turning off the faucet, Simon sat Jacob in the tub and turned on the warm water. They waited in silence for water level to rise. When Simon turned the water off, Jacob abruptly interrupted the silence.

"What is it that you want from me?" he asked in an exacerbated tone of voice.

"Less defiance and a lot more compliance would be a great start," Simon cheekily responded, scrubbing the little boy's back with the washcloth.

"No, why am I here? Why won't you just let me go?" he questioned, his frustration causing his voice to crack.

"Do you remember when we talked about your wounded inner child in therapy?"

Jacob blinked a few times, unsure of where Simon was going. "Yes, and I told you the exercise was pointless?"

"You certainly did, but it wasn't pointless. It was a necessary step in your healing process. Since you refused to do it on your own, the drug the doctor gave you is supposed to give you a chance to become him again. We will have the chance to do the necessary re-parenting you wouldn't do."

"Of course, it doesn't it matter what I want. Does it?"

"No, not after you decided to end your life," Simon clarified.

Jacob sighed. He allowed the silence to return, not wanting to waste energy trying to continue the conversation. He had endured the same circular argument enough times already. It was like no one seemed to understand that he had the right to choose to end his life. He accepted that they weren't going to change their mind and he wasn't going to change his.

He figured it didn't matter anyways. Once he got away and found a doctor who was able to fix him back, he'd be free to end his life like he had planned. While Simon finished rinsing him and drying him, he spent the time silently fantasizing about the adult freedoms he would be sure to enjoy at least one more time.

When they were finished in the bathroom, Simon took him to the nursery and diapered him. "Remember, you are not allowed to take this off. Do not do it again," he warned the little boy.

Jacob rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I got it."

"Good, well it's almost time for breakfast," he said, once he finished clothing Jacob. He lifted him from the changing table, and when they entered the kitchen, Angelique promptly asked, "What kept you?"

"I decided to give Jacob a bath since he chose to remove his diaper without permission and left a mess in the crib for me to clean."

"Wow, quite the morning," she commented with an astonished expression on her face.

"Indeed. Well, let's get you in your high chair so we can finish with breakfast."

"What? No, I'm not sitting in a high chair. I'm not a fucking baby," Jacob snapped.

It was all too much for the young man. He'd already suffered through being bathed, changed and clothed. He wasn't even allowed to brush his own teeth. Now, they expected him to sit in a high chair like he wasn't capable of sitting in a regular dining chair without falling over.

"Jacob, language! From now on, we will not tolerate any more swearing. Every time you use a curse word, you're getting five minutes in timeout," Simon chastised.

He grabbed Jacob by his arm and walked over to the cabinet, removing a small stepping stool and placing it in the nearby corner of the kitchen.

"You will sit here for five minutes while we finish getting breakfast ready. Use this time to think about how you can avoid swearing in the future," Simon directed the little boy, pointing at the stool.

Biting his tongue, Jacob complied. He slowly lowered himself onto the stool without argument, not wanting to make the situation worse. He was supposed to be getting them to let their guard down, and somehow, he already got in trouble before he even had breakfast.

He took the time to dig into the depths of his soul, hoping to summon all the willpower he possessed. He anticipated that he'd need every bit of it to stick to the plan. He couldn't escape with the two of them watching his every movement.

For just a second, he actually felt shame over his behavior, and it deeply concerned him. It was far too soon for them to be getting in his head. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that he had every right to be pissed off. They were the ones who continued trying to baby him. He didn't ask for it.

Jacob's stomach growled loudly, distracting him from his thoughts. From his seat in the corner, he could easily spot the sectioned tray that was meant for him. He didn't plan to ever admit it out loud, but Angelique was better than any cook he had ever come into contact with. All of the meals he'd received so far were absolutely divine. He was undeniably looking forward to this one, and he licked his lips in anticipation.

Simon made eye contact with him and approached the little boy. "Your five minutes are up. Are you ready to have breakfast?"

"Yes," Jacob responded, carefully limiting his speech. He didn't want to risk another timeout with how hungry he was. This time, he didn't complain when Simon deposited him in the high chair. His attention was completely fixated on satisfying his fierce hunger.

Angelique placed a plate of sliced boiled eggs, avocados and small waffles on the tray of the high chair, and Jacob devoured it in a few short minutes. Filling his stomach as quickly as he did, he barely had time to taste any of the food, and when he was done, he quickly washed down the food with the cup of milk.

Releasing a soft burp, he leaned back in his chair and wondered what the two of them had planned for the rest of the day. Closing his eyes and succumbing to his drowsiness, he meditated on how he was going to continue to keep his temper in check to win over his kidnappers and secure his freedom.



End Chapter 14

Jacob's Regression V1

by: Caleb | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 19, 2021


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