Jacob's Regression V1

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Chapter 22
Jacob's Temper

The following morning, Jacob woke up to Angelique lifting his legs on the changing table. It surprised him that she was able to get him out of the crib without waking him. Before he was regressed, he had been a very light sleeper.

"Good morning sleepyhead," Angelique said once she saw Jacob was stirring awake. "Did you have a good rest, sweetie?" she asked while continuing to finish changing his diaper.

Jacob simply nodded his head. He was certainly too tired to verbally respond to her. It seemed like all the people in his life were always morning people, and he didn't understand why this was the case considering that he was a true night owl.

"It's just us today. Simon went to handle some business in town. I already made your breakfast, and I figured we can spend some quality time together today once you are done eating." She pulled the onesie off of Jacob leaving him in only his fresh diaper and placed it in the laundry basket they kept in the nursery. 

Jacob just looked at her. He wasn't sure if he should try to explain why he wasn't interested in perpetuating Stockholm Syndrome to a therapist. He had also learned from his two spankings that neither of them took kindly to his smart aleck responses. The 22 year-old-turned-toddler was still too tired to be bothered with responding so he just yawned and closed his eyes again hoping to go back to sleep.

Angelique tapped her fingers on the toddler's tummy trying to keep him awake. "It's already past 9am, Jacob. I don't want your breakfast to get cold. Let's get you to the bathroom. So, I can brush your teeth and wash your face."

Jacob groaned as Angelique picked him up and walked to the bathroom. He hadn't been forced to adhere to such an early wake up time in years. While he was in graduate school, he would often go to bed in the wee hours of the morning and wake up whenever he felt like it as he mostly had evening classes.

With one arm wrapped around the toddler, Angelique switched on the radio they kept on a shelf in the bathroom and picked a station that played music. She placed Jacob on the counter while she busied herself with gathering a towel, a wash cloth, a small toothbrush and a tube of fruit-flavored toothpaste for the little one.

Once she gathered the supplies, she turned on the faucet and lathered some gentle soap onto the wash cloth. She slid Jacob closer to the faucet, gripped his chin with her left hand and proceeded to scrub his face using her dominant hand. 

Jacob was sure that he would never get used to the constant invasion of his personal space by his caretakers. He tried to pull away from Angelique, but he wasn't strong enough to get out of her grasp.

"I'm almost done," Angelique said as she felt Jacob trying to squirm away. "Close your eyes so I can rinse your face." She tilted the child so that his upper body was over the sink and poured a cup of warm water to rinse the soap off.

Jacob did as she instructed and hated himself for his complacency in his own debasement. Washing his face was the absolute last thing he wanted to be doing in that moment. He began to think about how rapidly he was losing his autonomy.

Angelique gently dried Jacob's face with the small towel. Once she was done drying him, she wrapped the towel around his neck then grabbed the toothbrush and toothpaste.

Jacob watched his caretaker rinse the small toothbrush and place a pea sized amount of the fruit-flavored toothpaste on the toothbrush. When he didn't automatically open his mouth, she put the toothbrush in front of his face and instructed the boy, "Say Ahh, Jacob."

Jacob decided that he needed to at least try to preserve his dignity and autonomy. He was 22 years old, dammit, not some dumb toddler.

Jacob shook his head. "I want to do it myself."

"Mommies don't let little toddlers brush their own teeth. They don't do it quite right." Angelique tapped his cheek. "Say Ahh, Jacob."

Jacob was convinced that his caretakers were living in an alternate reality. He was smaller sure, but he was certainly still capable of brushing his own teeth.

"You aren't my mother and I can brush my own teeth." He insisted, unwilling to allow another level of debasement without protesting.

"I see a certain little someone is feeling fussy this morning. Well, I would like to remind you that you were spanked yesterday for precisely this, refusing to follow instructions. Do you really want another spanking so early in the morning, Jacob?" Angelique calmly asked.

Jacob was mortified that she would bring that up and threaten him with a spanking. He narrowed his eyes at her while she blankly stared back at him. After a short moment, he realized that the fight just wasn't worth it. He was too tired and didn't exactly enjoy the taste or smell of his own morning breath in the slightest. He sighed and opened his mouth wide enough for Angelique to brush his teeth.

"That's a good boy," she praised him.

Jacob rolled his eyes at her, but he kept his mouth open while she continued to brush his teeth.

When Angelique finished brushing his teeth, she tilted him back over the sink and instructed Jacob to spit. She also made sure to scrape his tongue which caused the groggy toddler to gag a bit. She filled the cup near the sink with water and placed it to his lips.

"Take a sip and rinse your mouth." His caretaker tilted the cup slightly forward.

Jacob took a sip and rinsed his mouth, being sure to get as much of the fruit-flavored toothpaste off of his tongue as possible. Even though his child palette had returned, he didn't enjoy the texture of the paste on his tongue.

After he finished rinsing, Angelique took the towel from around his neck and dried his face off once again.

"Alright, it's breakfast time," Angelique announced while lifting Jacob with one arm and moving to turn the radio off with the other.

She walked downstairs and into the kitchen before placing Jacob into his high chair.

"Now you wait here while I make sure your breakfast is nice and warm for you," she said before moving into the kitchen to stir the breakfast in the pot on low heat.

Sitting in the high chair, Jacob was glad to finally have a quiet moment to himself again. He leaned back into the chair and closed his eyes. As he was just about to drift into a deep sleep, he heard Angelique exclaim, "Jacob! Rise and shine, sweetie."

Very few things caused Jacob to lose his temper, but at the top of the list was having his sleep disrupted and being jarred awake.

Jacob snapped his eyes open and snarled, "Leave me alone! I just want to sleep."

"Sweetie, we talked about this. A good sleep schedule is important, and it is better for you to start adjusting to a proper one."

"I don't care! I'm tired. Go away!" Jacob shouted.

Angelique ignored him and placed a small porcelain bowl of oatmeal on the tray of the high chair. She turned to retrieve a spoon from the dishpan near the sink.

Jacob was livid watching her continue to ignore his protests, and he was tired of feeling like his words were falling on deaf ears. Before he could stop himself, he shouted, "I said I don't want breakfast!" and pushed the bowl of oatmeal off of the tray and onto the floor.

The porcelain bowl fell to ground with a loud smash and shattered everywhere splashing all of the oatmeal over the dining area floor and littering shards of porcelain around it.

Angelique had turned around to face Jacob with a small spoon in hand right as he pushed the bowl of oatmeal over the edge of the tray.

"Jacob! We do not destroy dishes in this house," Angelique admonished the young boy.

She carefully stepped around the mess and removed the angry toddler from his high chair to hold him at eye-level.

"I think you need some time in your playpen to calm down and think about your naughty behavior."

Jacob found himself even more infuriated by her tone of voice. He hated that she continued to talk to him as though he was a child.

"Fuck you!" he yelled. He pushed against his caretaker hoping to get out of her grasp before she confined him to the playpen.

"Oh, that is it!" She flipped the defiant boy over and tucked him under her arm, temporarily disorienting him while locking his arms in place.

Once Jacob recovered from the shock of being turned around so suddenly, he did his best to try to twist and squirm to get out of her grasp. "Let me go!" He shrieked.

"You're not going anywhere," Angelique responded calmly while grabbing a wooden spoon from the kitchen. She quickly climbed the stairs to the bedroom with the wiggling boy tucked securely under her arm.

Jacob was too preoccupied with trying to twist out of her grasp that he didn't even notice her get the spoon.

As they entered the bedroom, Angelique took a seat on the edge of the bed, pulled the furious toddler over her knees and placed the wooden spoon on the bed. Jacob having now experienced two spankings, knew what was coming and began to feel desperate. It was one thing to have Simon spank him but a whole next thing to be spanked by a woman he barely knew.

He tried to plead. "I'll eat the breakfast. Please, I don't want another spanking."

"No, Jacob. We are past that. Your behavior has warranted a spanking, and you are getting one. There's no point in trying to get out of it."

Her authoritative tone further enraged the young boy, and Jacob felt his vision go red when he caught a view of the wooden spoon on the bed. He couldn't believe she would spank him with that. This was the 21st century, and he was not a child.

"NO!" he shouted and bared his teeth.



End Chapter 22

Jacob's Regression V1

by: Caleb | Complete Story | Last updated Apr 19, 2021


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