Emerald Princess

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Playtime

Chapter 5: Playtime


I WOKE UP in the castle crib with Caireen standing over me.

“There’s my baby girl,” she said with a smile.

“Hi,” I said timidly.

“Let’s get you changed and going for the day!” She told me with a smile.

She changed the soaked diaper and then dressed me in a pale-yellow dress before setting me down on the ground facing a large dollhouse. “Okay, I think it’s time for you to start learning to play.”

“Umm?” I said, “Huh?”

“Take one of your dollies,” she told me with a smile.

I looked and there were a number of cute and lifelike dolls sitting by the house. They actually seemed far more realistic that I imagined appropriate for this time period; very anachronistic with the surroundings. I picked one that looked kind of like me with red hair and green eyes painted on her face. I was surprised to see she was like Lily’s dolls and the eyes opened and closed as I picked her up or lay her down. She had on a pretty green dress similar to mine. I sheepishly looked under her skirts and sure enough she had a diaper on too.

“Okay now you have to name her!” Caireen said with a smile.

I thought for a moment about some of the Irish names that I had come across when researching who Caireen was the other day. I also thought about my code name and said, “Emie.”

“That seems perfect,” she praised me in a voice like she was talking to someone my apparent age. “Okay, now for the fun part, let’s practice changing her clothes.”

I looked over at the box and saw there were other outfits there. I wondered though if she meant this to begin my training. I pictured a dress similar to the green one but fancier and with tights. I kind of willed it to be so and the dress I pictured was now on Emie!

“Well aren’t you a quick learner!” Caireen said as she leaned over and squeezed me into a hug. That night she had me practice changing her dresses to other ones that were appropriate, more modern baby clothes, and so on before she finally had me work on her hair too. I was starting to feel tired when she said, “I think it’s time for bed here,” she said with a smile.

“Am I actually getting sleep in the ‘real’ world?” I asked sleepily.

“Yes, Sofia you are.”

“Can I do this stuff there now?”

“I think you can safely. Stick to clothes on dolls and hair on dolls for now though. The last thing you want to do is mess up your sister’s hair like you did Emie’s a bit ago!”

I blushed as she changed a wet diaper, thinking about the tangled mess of hair - Caireen had to help get it back to normal. She then held me in a rocking chair and rocked me to sleep with a lullaby.


I WOKE UP on my own when I heard Dad starting to move around the house to get ready to work. I smiled as I realized that Caireen had brought Emie into the real world for me and she lay next to me.

This was the first time I had woken up on my own so I wasn’t quite sure what I should do. I tried saying, “Mommy? Daddy?” Quietly for them to hear. The last thing I wanted to do was wake up my sister early if we could avoid it.

Finally, I couldn’t help myself anymore, I reached up to the rail of my crib with a short hop and pulled myself over like I had a wall yesterday.

‘You are so going to get in trouble for this,’ I heard Caireen sigh.

‘I’m not really a baby...’ I told her.

‘I know, but will your Mom appreciate the difference?’

‘She’s going to need to, how else am I going to get out of bed at school?’

I heard her sigh and I decided to just face the music. I opened my door quietly and walked downstairs where dad was reading the paper.

“Well good morning Sofia…” he thought for a second, “how did you get out of your crib? Your mom is still in the shower.”

I blushed but decided to spit it out, “I climbed out.”

He sighed and I could tell he was mentally trying to decide what to do. “Well we didn’t say you couldn’t do that. Be ready for your mom to get mad about it though.”

“Mad about what?” Mom asked from behind me.

“She climbed out of her crib,” he answered.

I turned towards Mom. “I’m not really a baby mom, and it was way smaller of a climb and jump than what I was doing yesterday.”

She picked me up and I suddenly worried I was going to get a spanking. She sighed, “I guess we’re going to have to get used to finding a balance between you being a baby and not being a baby, huh?”

“You’re not too mad?” I asked, kind of scared.

“I probably should be, but you’re not a regular baby. Of course, if you were this would be the sign we needed to get you in a big girl bed or spank your bottom. Since Caireen doesn’t really want you in a regular bed maybe…”

I trembled, “Please no?”

Mom smiled and tickled me, “Like I said, you’re not a regular baby. At least if you get hurt, you’ll get better quick. Don’t expect to come crying to me about it though!”

I smiled, “Okay.”

She felt underneath my nightgown and said, “I guess I get an early start on diaper changes today, huh?”


Mom changed me into a knit dress that had a few tiers of ruffles on the skirt. Lily had one similar that she wore all of the time. As if Caireen had felt like there should be some sort of constant joke with my name it had a picture of Sofia the First on the front.

“Okay, shall we get breakfast?” she asked as she sat me down.

“Umm… can you actually get Emie for me? I left her in my crib by accident.”

Mom looked in the crib and saw my baby doll, “She’s beautiful,” she said. “Where did you get her?”

“Caireen gave her to me in the castle last night, I guess she decided to bring her with me to the real world.” I hesitated, but then said, “Watch this!” I changed her dress into one identical to mine.

She grimaced but said, “Cool. I actually think I liked the other one better,” she said.

“Okay,” I said and changed it back.

“This ability doesn’t work to change your diaper?” Mom asked.

I sighed, “I asked Caireen that last night. In theory it works exactly like that, but she’s blocking me from it.”

Mom carried me down the steps and then let me down on the ground and I walked on my own to the dining table. “Pancakes?” Mom asked.

“Really?” I asked surprised.

“Well, it’s worth celebrating that you’re up before the afternoon!” She said semi-sternly.

She sat me on the counter a few minutes later and I stirred the ingredients. She had to stop me before I went too far in mixing it, my extra strength had a practical application of helping me mix better! She paused long enough to go wake my sister up and bring her down in a nearly identical dress to mine, before actually cooking the batter.

“We twins!” Lily said when she saw what I was wearing.

I giggled, “Sort of, I’m taller!”

“Well I’m heavier,” she said.

Mom laughed, “That’ll be the only time in your life I think I’ll hear you brag about being heavier Lily!”

“Well, it’s the only time in my life I’ll probably still be taller than her too,” I told Mom.

“I get taller than you?” Lily asked me.

I sighed, “Lily, by the time you hit your next birthday you’ll probably be taller than me.” I added, “You’ll grow up but I’m always going to be a baby.”

Her eyes widened and I think she must have grasped that wasn’t normal because she toddled over and hugged me. “I love you, even if I bigger! You bestest brother sister ever.”

I smiled and hugged her back. Mom put us in our high chairs and then put bibs on both of us. I watched her cut up Lily’s pancake after putting some syrup on it, and then she did the same with mine. “You don’t have to do that…” I said.

“Shhh…” Mom said with a smile, “If you complain too much, I’ll feed you!”

I gulped and just ate the mutilated pancakes. She had given me a stack of three that I easily finished before also finishing the sippy cup of milk she had given me. Mom attacked Lily’s face with a baby wipe and then me as well. “You two go play; I remember someone made a promise last night.”

I nodded and said, “Come on Lily, let’s go down to the playroom.”

I stopped for a moment though and Mom seemed to have read my mind because she had a pacifier ready to go that she attached to my dress with a clip. “This way you can’t lose it!”

I blushed and sucked on it.

“Mine Mommy,” Lily said. She produced it and I had a feeling Mom was wondering how she was going to get the baby sister to break a habit her older sister was never going to break.

As soon as we hit the playroom, I let Lily take the lead. She ended up deciding we should have a tea party that morning. She made certain to teach me how to play right. I had fun with her and even amused her by changing the clothes of several of her dolls with magic. I also let her play a little with Emie. It was strange because I had to fight a strange possessiveness that I felt about her.

Mom came down and watched us off and on through the morning. She changed another messy diaper on me during the morning and a wet diaper on Lily, but mostly just let us play. When lunch came, she made us wash our hands and gave us PB&J sandwiches.

“Okay, nap time girls,” Mom said as she lifted Lily out of her high chair and then came for me.

She changed both of us and then let me have my cell phone and Emie in my crib. I had a number of messages from Hannah and Jacob, as well as some other friends. I just responded to Hannah and Jacob though telling them that they could come over that afternoon. With Hannah we debated how I should tell Jacob, but a couple of his messages from last night made me wonder if he hadn’t already put two and two together.

I couldn’t help but think back to last night when I asked Caireen about changing my own diapers the same way as the clothes. As soon as she said I would be able to I tried. It was pretty funny when I suddenly ended up with this weird not diaper thing hanging half off of my body and the rest of my clothes went away too.

‘I said you would be able to, not that I would let you yet.’ She had said laughing. ‘I think given your situation, size, and lack of potty training it would be best if you get used to being taken care of for a while...’ As if to emphasize the fact it was a bad idea, I felt urine trickle down my legs without the diaper to collect it.

I tried to argue and negotiate with her for twenty minutes, but in the end, I had ended up with another diaper, outfit, and been put back to play some more with the doll’s clothing.

‘I know you think I’m being unfair,’ Caireen said to me then.

‘No...’ I said, ‘I guess I don’t mind Mom changing me. I wouldn’t even freak out too much over Hannah changing me later. It’s the thought of going to school with all of these superheroes and villains and being unable to handle something like changing my own poopy diaper.’

‘I promise you it’ll work out.’

‘I hope so...’ I told her.

After an hour or so, during which I was on my phone playing games and surfing the internet, Mom came in. “Didn’t feel like a nap today?” Mom asked.

I shook my head, “I think I still have the circadian rhythm of a teenager. Or mostly at least.”

“Are Hannah and Jacob coming over?”

I nodded, “I’m guessing they’ll be here in a bit over an hour.”

I let her pick me up out of my crib and walked downstairs with her. I decided since I was going to Whateley there was no point in doing my homework. Apparently, I was going back at least two grades anyway, so what was the point? I turned on the TV and used Netflix to find Sofia the First episodes. I had watched a couple with my sister, but I usually was doing homework and ignoring it. Somehow, I thought it would be wise to actually know what happens in the show!

Three episodes in, my sister had joined me, the doorbell rang and I knew it would be my friends. “Lily, would you please give me and my friends some privacy for a while?” I asked.

I could tell she wanted to be annoyed, but I was really proud of her. She said, “Sure, I play downstairs!”

I would have hugged her, but she ran downstairs so fast I couldn’t catch her. I instinctively knew my pacifier was still in my mouth and decided to let it dangle from the clip instead. ‘On second thought...’ I pulled the clip from my dress and then the little purse I had my MID in from that other space. I looked in the purse and easily fit my pacifier in.’

‘That’s my baby girl!’ Caireen praised me.

I smiled.

Mom came to the front door and I decided to stand behind her.

“Hi Mrs. Hammerstein, may we see Nick?”

“Come in Jacob,” Mom said instead.

“Is he okay?” Jacob asked.

“Hi Jacob, Hannah,” I said as I came out from behind Mom when the door shut.

“Hi Sofia,” Hannah said. She couldn’t seem to help herself, she leaned down and picked me up. I hugged her before she said, “Come on Jacob, we need to talk.”

“Let’s go to my room?” I suggested.

“Your room?” Jacob asked, but dumbly followed. “Hey this is Nick’s room, why is it a nursery…?”

Hannah sat down on the floor with me on her lap.

“Jacob this sort of is still Nick’s room, but you were sort of right on your guess that I was a mutant…”

“Holy Fuck! Nick?!?!?!?” He said, finally getting it. “What the Hell happened to you?”

“I manifested,” I said, “unfortunately my body decided to play a trick on me.”

He looked around with an intensive stare at the crib and changing table, “So you’re like a baby now?” He asked, “Not just in size?”

I sighed, “I’m no longer potty trained and have a bonding with a goddess who prefers I continue to act my appearance for a while.”



“That sucks.” He thought for a moment, “Hannah, why aren’t you shocked?”

“His parents needed a babysitter for Lily when he changed. They were a little bit panicked for some reason,” she said with a smirk and squeezed me against her tighter. “It was kind of impossible to hide it all from me.”

“How come you didn’t tell me before?” He asked.

“Honestly, I’m scared to let anyone know about this! The fact that I let you know to come over was a big step Jacob.”

“So, did you get like any super powers?”

I smirked, “Yeah, I did.”

“I mean besides super stinky diapers.”

I momentarily wondered if I hadn’t gone again, but he was joking. In revenge I decided to turn his socks bright pink and add some ruffles.

“That’s not fair,” he told me looking down.

“I think they’re cute Jacob,” Hannah said.

“Change them back please?” He begged.


“Umm… tickle?”

I squirmed against Hannah, “Oh no you don’t,” she said. “She’s all mine.” All of the sudden out from nowhere she started tickling my sides and couldn’t help but giggle non-stop until she finally let up. My dress had ridden up during the tickling and my very soaked diaper was on display.

Mom came in just as it was ending. “I see you three seem to be doing okay…” Mom said and hesitated before adding, “Umm Hannah, seeing as how I assume you just helped her make that wet diaper, would you mind changing her?” With that she walked away and I found my mouth open.

“Well, your mommy’s right,” she said and I was up in the air before I knew it. she carried me flat in her arms outstretched in front of her. “You know I think you’re lighter than a lot of one-year-olds I’ve babysat.

I blushed.

“How much do you weigh?”

“Twenty pounds.”

“I’m going to the restroom, I’ll be right back,” Jacob said, clearly not wanting to be present for my change.

“Wow, that’s light!”

Hannah sat me down on the table, “How do we do this?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you’re my best friend turned into a two-year-old baby. Do I treat you like your sister when I’m changing her diaper, or do we do this different?”

I shrugged, “Caireen seems bent on me getting used to embarrassment and diaper changes. Change me the same way you do Lily.”

She smiled, “Okay!” The next moment she had me laid back on the table and used the strap to keep me from going anywhere. She pushed my dress back up to where she could see my diaper, “Wow, you’re one soaked baby girl!” She said in that baby voice all girls have.

My thumb found its way to my mouth then and she noticed. She reached underneath the table, “Here, why don’t you use your paci,” she said with a smile and put it in my mouth. I nursed it as she undid the tapes of my diaper and pulled it out of the way, putting a new one in its place. She wiped me really good, powdered me, and then taped it back on. The next part was a surprise as she blew a big raspberry in my exposed belly button.

I giggled.

“Oh, do we have the giggles again?” She asked as she tickled my feet a little. Hannah undid the strap, pulled my dress back down, and then picked me up and held me in her arms. “You do realize you’ve stolen my heart at this point?”

I looked at her, slightly confused, “You have got to be the most adorable baby girl known to mankind. I so want to take you home with me instead of leaving you here!”

I knew she was joking, but a part of me would have been okay with that too. Jacob came back in then once he determined the coast was clear. The three of us sat back down then. “So, are you going to go to preschool now?” He asked, trying to start up the conversation.

“No silly, I’m going back to high school!” I told him.

He laughed. “Seriously, what are you doing?”

“I’m going back to high school.”

“You’re joking, right?” He paused, “I know LAHS is weird, but even that would be too much for us.”

I laughed, “I am going back to high school, just not here.”

“Where are you going?” Hannah asked nervously.

“There’s a private school in the Northeast that is just for mutants. It’s some sort of superhuman high school I guess…” They both gaped at me for that, “Anyway, I’m going to be a sophomore… or maybe in junior high for the rest of the year after Christmas and they’re supposed to get me through all of their other work as time goes on.”

“A sophomore again? Or back in junior high? That sucks!” Jacob said.

I nodded, but said, “It beats daycare?”

“I don’t know, naptime, playtime, snacks - daycare was pretty sweet,” he said.

I laughed, “I guess… of course at this rate I’ll probably find out since I’m not going until after Christmas. Mom occasionally has to drop Lily off at a daycare and do some errands and things. Especially with me no longer being able to babysit her.”

“I’ll babysit you two if you need one.” Hannah said.

“We’ll definitely be taking you up on that Hannah,” Mom said from behind me, making me jump. “Are you two staying for dinner?”

“Sure, if you don’t mind?” Jacob said.

Hannah nodded, “I don’t have anywhere to go.”

“Let your parents know though,” she told them.

“Will do.” I heard them answer in stereo.

I watched them both pull their cell phones out and text their parents. Neither parent would be surprised with them being at my house. My new appearance…

“Hannah, have you said anything to your parents?” I asked nervously.

She looked sheepish, “I told my parents… They promised to keep it a secret, but I was worried they might ask some really embarrassing questions until I had no other choice.”

I just nodded, “I don’t see how you could have kept it a secret.”

“That being said my mom really wants to see you!!!” She laughed.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Sofia, you realize you’re just like all of the other exemplar girl models, right? You’re just the ideal baby model!” Hannah said while I shot her daggers. “No seriously, have you thought about it? You would be like their perfect toddler model since you could behave and listen to directions so much better!”

“So, what you’re saying is that I should be modeling Pampers?”

She laughed at me, “If it pays, why not?”

“I don’t think so…” I said. In my mind I had to admit that money is nice though...

We managed to talk about some things other than my new status as a baby. My missing in action status was hurting the flute section Hannah told me - apparently, they were lost without me. There was absolutely nothing I could do on that front unfortunately. I hadn’t even had a chance yet to see if I could still play a piccolo. I had no doubts that holding a regular flute would forever be beyond me now.

“Dinner is ready guys,” Mom said to us.

“Okay,” Hannah said in stereo with me. I had been sitting in her lap for a while and she stood up and picked me up at the same time. “You are so light!”

“How light is she?” Jacob asked.

“Here,” Hannah said and handed me towards him. It was like a deer being caught in the headlights, the idea of holding a baby scared him to no end. Not to mention that I used to be his normally tall teenage best friend.


“Boys!” Hannah huffed. “Here, put your arms out and let her grab around your neck, you grab her right here along her waist.” She made sure he was holding me right, I made sure I could use a death grip to hold onto his neck if I needed to! “See, how hard is that?”

I giggled.

Mom must have heard some of it too and she ended up taking a picture of him holding me and standing there with Hannah. Three musketeers and all that…

Mom had made nachos for dinner. For those of you who may be thinking those gooey things with fake cheese you get at the movies that’s not what I mean. Mom makes them with corn tortilla chips, then some refried beans, lots of shredded beef, and then real grated colby jack cheese. The beef is cooked in plenty of red chile based sauce so it has a bite.

Much to everyone’s amusement I insisted on my ‘me size’ silverware.

“What? I really hate eating with my hands!” I said to them. I still had to touch my food some though, the stuff doesn’t stay on the chip. It was a good thing she’d insisted on the bib though, my smaller mouth made it much more difficult to eat with big chips than it used to! I forced myself to continue eating the meat even though it tasted as spicy as a ghost pepper to me now!

“How are you still eating?” Jacob asked in shock after my second plate.

I blushed, “I don’t know, it’s not like it adds any weight to me…”

“I wish I could eat that much and not gain weight,” Hannah said.

“Me too,” my dad affirmed.

When I finished eating Mom let me down from the highchair. I think she kind of was trying to help me be discreet, but just like the last couple days Lily pooped first, and I was right behind her. I sighed and scrunched my face up.

“I’ll take one of them,” Hannah offered.

“Umm thanks,” she said and Mom looked at me. I just went ahead and pointed my head towards Hannah as okay. “Which one you want?”

“I’ll take this stinker,” she said with a maniacal laugh and picked me up in such a way to avoid smushing the mess anymore. I was getting upset, she could tell, and she pushed a pacifier in my mouth. “There, that’s better,” she said with a smile and teased my nose with her finger.

I always knew Hannah was great with Lily because she liked her, but now I knew why she was great with babies in general. She got me changed and kept me giggling the whole time. Before she even pulled the tapes down, she had blown some raspberries on my belly and tickled me to make me smile around my pacifier. She cleaned me up quickly and never once made a real face about it. She made some fake ones of course about me being stinky. Well, sort of fake, you know what I mean. I’m sure it did smell! For some reason the smell of my poopy diapers didn’t seem to bother me.

She had just finished washing her hands and thrown the dirty diaper away and I hugged her.

“Thanks,” I told her.

“Anytime Princess,” she told me. She looked at her cell phone, “I guess I need to get going home. If I can find a ride out here would you mind if I came out again sometime this week?”

“You want to?” I asked, amazed.

“Sure, you’re still my best friend.”

As they were walking out the door Mom asked Hannah, “We’re going to Albuquerque to go shopping for some things on Saturday, would you be able to come and help with Sofia and Lily? It was nice having an extra set of hands for diaper changes today,” she smiled. “And, I’m sure Sofia wouldn’t mind some time with a normal teenager.”

“Sure,” she said, “I’d love to. Let me just check with my mom.”

“Let me know and we’ll pick you up on the way out of town.”

“Cool,” she said. “Bye Lily, bye Sofia.”

As they left Mom came up to Lily and I and grabbed our hands. “Okay girls, bath time!”

It was soon bedtime and Mom once again gave me a bottle of warm milk. “I guess with your regenerating I don’t have to worry about tooth decay,” she said as she kissed my forehead, “I don’t know how I’m ever going to break your sister of her bottles and pacifiers though with you around.”

I pulled it out of my mouth for a moment, “Just wait until I go to school?”

“That means getting through Christmas and your grandmother complaining about how her kids were done with bottles and diapers before they were one!” She laughed and so did I.

“Have you told them about me?”

Mom shook her head, “They’re supposed to come down for Thanksgiving… I think it’s best to tell them in person.”

“And Grandma Wendy?” That was mom’s mom. The other two were Dad’s parents.

“Well, she wants us to go to lunch with us on Saturday…”

“Oh…” I said. I sat up and hugged her as well as I could. Mom’s mother was her only family left as her dad died when she was just a little girl. The biggest problem with her mom though was that she was nearly a Humanity First member with her rhetoric. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Mom shook her head, “No, but you’re my baby girl and if she can’t accept it then that will finally be it,” she said. Mom grabbed the bottle from my hand and pushed the nipple of the bottle back in my mouth. “You don’t worry about any of that sweetheart, I promise you’ll be safe.”

She didn’t read me a story that night, instead she held the bottle for me, stroked my hair, and sang a lullaby.



End Chapter 5

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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