Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021

Chapter 17

MY WATCH SHOWED that it was just a bit after nine as we stood waiting outside the doors of Fisher Hall. We were towards the front of a long line of nervous and excited college freshmen and their terrified parents. My backpack hung from my shoulders and Amanda carried a satchel that looked like something she might carry each day to work, instead of it being a diaper bag stuffed with changing supplies. I was grateful the pink diaper bag had been left at home for Fred to take with Bella!

Most of the waiting college students were Amazons that seemed to average at least nine-feet in height. Occasionally I would see a shorter girl like Megan, or even a few Betweeners not too far above Little’s height. One of those stood next to us talking to her giant mother. She looked to be close to my old height back home, probably only an inch or two above six-feet.

“Hi,” she said to me when she noticed me staring.

“Hi,” I said nervously, “I’m Stacy,” I told her. Since she wasn’t a little, she was dressed in casual clothes that looked normal for any college-aged girl to wear.

“I’m Bethany,” she told me with a smile. “You’re coming to school here?”

I nodded, “I’m going to study Computer Science, you?”

“Psychology or Business,” she said with a shrug, “I don’t know which.”

“You can’t be seriously enrolling your little in college?” The girls’ mother said to Amanda.

“We are, she’s highly intelligent and will have no problems with the coursework here.”

The lady shook her head, “she’ll be adopted in a heartbeat. How’d you end up with a runt that small? Your husband a little?”

Amanda laughed, “No, my husband is taller than me. I’ve already adopted her as my little girl.”

“But… if you… shouldn’t she should be in a nursery safe from everything…? Why would you enroll her in college?”

“Because Mom, not every little should be diapered and stuffed into a crib with their teeth pulled,” Bethany told her.

“Young lady you will speak to me with respect, you’re not exactly such a big girl yourself!” Her mom told her.

I watched her eyes open a bit and she muttered, “Sorry Mom.”

An awkward silence fell for a while as we slowly moved forward in the line. I could see a couple other littles in the line towards the back. They were dressed similarly to me in the uniform, and seemed to mostly be on their own without anyone helping them check-in. ‘If their stories are anything like Bella’s they probably had their parents adopted a long time ago…’ I thought somberly.

As we came to the front of the line there was an arrow that directed everyone to different tables labeled for Resident Students, Commuter Students, or Littles. “I’m guessing we have to go to the little line?” I asked Amanda.

She nodded, “We’ll go there first at least. They may send us to the commuter line, but I doubt it.”

I nodded and walked forward to stand behind four other littles, only one of whom had a parent with them. The lady had graying hair and seemed to be more of a betweener. ‘That explains how she may have avoided the nursery,’ I thought.

Two of the littles in front of me were girls, and three were boys. I stared at one who was taller than all of us and seemed to have the bulging muscles of a body builder. ‘He might survive by fighting,’ I thought to myself. All of them kept glancing warily at Amanda while we stood there.

“Hi, I’m Kendra,” a girl over two feet taller than me with auburn hair and brown eyes looked down at me with her hand held out.

“I’m Stacy,” I told her taking her hand.

“Nice to meet you,” she said. I noticed her then look up nervously again at Amanda and hold her hand out to her too.

Amanda took her small hand in her enormous hand and shook it too. “Nice to meet you, I’m Doctor Westerfield – Stacy’s mother.”

I watched Kendra stare and shook my head as another girl in front of us turned and said, “I’m Laura,” to us. She seemed destined to get picked up by someone with as cute as she was. She seemed to be somewhere between my height and Bella’s, probably just a couple inches under four feet I guessed. Her blonde hair and hazel eyes were sure to be someone’s dreams come true. She seemed to know this since she already had on a thick diaper that I could see hanging just below her skirt.

Emboldened by the friendly girls behind them the body builder turned around. He seemed to be tall enough to almost be a betweener, “Kevin Janson,” he said with a smile and extended his hand. I could see no obvious diaper bulge from his pants, and wondered if he was just taking a risk or had something really thin on.

“How tall are you?” Laura asked looking up at him.

“Five-feet eleven,” he grimaced. “One lousy inch shy of not having to be in the littles dorm.”

“That sucks…” the guy in front of him said.

“Watch your language young man or you’ll find yourself over my knee!” a woman at the table we were waiting for said. “Mature little boys don’t use that language!”

“Sorry ma’am,” the boy with black hair said with a tremble to his voice.

“Don’t do it again,” she said and went back to dealing with the little that was in front of her.

“I’m Richard,” the chastised boy said softly to us.

I looked in front of him and thought it was a girl for a moment, but when he spoke, I guessed he wasn’t. “I’m Stephen,” a blonde-haired figure said. His hair was to the middle of his back and tied back neatly in a simple ponytail. His blue eyes were quite striking, and I had a feeling when he got taken, he would definitely have a name change. As it was, he was already too pretty to be a boy! I could see the clear bulge of a diaper on him through his pants.

All of them continually kept wary eyes on Amanda. Stephen had both his mom and dad with him. His Dad looked to be nearly Amazon sized, while his mom was definitely a little. I jolted a bit when she said, “Daddy, once we leave Stephen in the dorms tonight, do we have to go home right away?”

“Now Tammy, with our son out of the house you know Daddy’ll have more time for you again!”

I watched her shudder and realized that while they must have raised a kid together, he was a husband who was also a dad? It was really confusing to see something I’d heard about. I heard one last whisper from her, “But I don’t want to wear…”

“So, what’s your major going to be?” Kendra asked. “I’m history and pre-law.”

“Computer Science,” I told her. I guessed that this would be a common topic the next few days.

We continued talking with the group of us and I learned that Kevin was an engineering major, Richard was biology, Laura was accounting, and Stephen was a theater major. I couldn’t help but think that he might be destined to be an actor as a babied little… Before too long the others in front of me had gone and I’d met several others behind me. Knowing I couldn’t possibly remember everyone’s names, I just kept a note in my head of faces that were friendly.

At the front of the line I got called to the table and Amanda accompanied me. “Wow… you take being little to a new meaning, don’t you?” A big college aged girl with ‘resident assistant’ below her name of Kristine said.

“Something like that,” I told her.


“Stacy Westerfield?” I told her before adding, “It could also be Stacy Slane?”

“Got you here under Westerfield,” she said a little bit confused, “why would it have been under Slane?”

“That was my original last name,” I told her.

“Married already?” She asked a little surprised.

“Adopted,” I told her.

She looked at me again and then at Amanda, “Hey, adopted littles can’t come to college, can they? Especially since she’s small enough she should be safely in a crib at home… especially if she’s adopted.”

“She has been enrolled here by me, her mother, and that’s all you need to worry about little girl,” Amanda said and I noticed a feral smile on her face that was scary.

The RA seemed to also think there was a reason to be nervous and shrugged, “Whatever…”

“Okay, how come we don’t have you assigned to a dorm?” She asked as she looked through my file on the computer.

“She’s a commuter,” Amanda told her.

“Oh… but she’s a little, littles have to live on campus…” She said.

“Not when we’re adopted,” I told her.

“I guess if it’s in the system you’ve already been through this… okay, then you need to know that you’ll still be with Wenig Hall for the orientation events. The dorm mother there will be responsible for you through those… I guess you get picked up each day from class?”

“She’ll come to my office sometimes,” Amanda told her.

“You’re a staff member?”

“Professor,” she told her.

“Oh…” she said and kept moving through some screens. “Well I guess I need to see her Photo ID if she has one? Insurance Card, Birth Certificate, and shot records…”

Amanda had a file folder she’d pulled from the diaper bag that she handed to her. We spent a few minutes waiting while she entered information, scanned the information, and finally handed the folder back to Amanda.

“Next if you’ll please go stand in front of that screen there,” she told me pointing to a photo backdrop of the school colors and the university emblem well above where my head would be. She pushed up a small stepladder that I stood on so she could center the logo behind me. “Smile, one, two, three,” she said and a bright flash went off.

“You’re so adorable!” The girl said with a smile as she looked at her screen. She turned it towards me, “Good enough?”

I looked at the picture of my face, ribboned hair, and the shoulders of my uniform available. If it was my first adorable school pictures at preschool, it would have been perfect for my parents to have to show their friends and relatives! But for a college ID photo? That was not what I would have chosen! I nodded though and said, “It’ll work.”

“Great,” she said and I followed her back to her work area where I waited patiently for her to finish.

I listened to a machine run a card off and she began walking me through things, “Okay, I’m going to put your ID in this card holder and lanyard. As a little you must display this anytime you are on campus. Failure to do so will result in demerits and discipline from the university,” she told me this and I thought it also probably helped keep littles from being adopted as easily too. “It works as a card for meals, at the bookstore, and for attendance in some of the larger classes too. Normally it lets you into your dorm room, but in this case, it’ll only let you into Wenig Hall for the times like tonight that you need to meet for little’s campus events.”

I nodded and slipped the lanyard over my neck after briefly glancing at it. ‘Stacy Westerfield – Student’ was the main information along with a number that I assumed was a student ID number. ‘ADP’ was added below the number. I assumed that was to let others know I was already adopted. I let it hang from my neck and focused back on her.

“Here is a goodie bag for a welcome gift from us at the university. You’ll find some essential college snacks along with other things you might need. You might want to go introduce yourself to the dorm mother at Wenig Hall, but since you’re a commuter you don’t have anything really to do until eleven for the luncheon. Make sure you go over to the table over there to pick up your orientation shirt for tonight.”

“Thanks,” I told her and took the large drawstring bag from her. For an Amazon it would have just been a drawstring backpack. For me it was practically a duffle bag and seemed to be filled to brim with stuff. From feeling the bag, I guessed that one of the items seemed to be a diaper… ‘Maybe in Bella’s size,’ I laughed to myself.

I smiled at the other littles in line as we walked past them and over to a set of tables piled high with green shirts.

“Hi Doctor Westerfield,” a girl behind the table said as we approached.

“Hi Danielle,” Amanda responded to the girl with a wave, “How was your summer?”

“Good, really good. How about yours?”

“The best,” she told her with a smile.

“What are you doing here?”

“Just getting my little girl all registered for school,” she told her with a smile and picked me up.

I nervously looked at the large giantess in front of me. She was a bit smaller than Amanda, but not by much. “Registration for the new year at the preschool isn’t until next week?”

Amanda laughed, “College, she’ll probably end up in some of your classes before long.”

The girl looked at me like some sort of alien, “But, she’s a little?”

“Yep, and I adopted her, so I can send her to college if I want to,” she smiled at her.

The girl shook her head, “Dr. Westerfield you’re an amazing teacher, but I do think you’re a little bit nuts…”

“Funny, my husband says that too…” she said with a laugh letting her know she wasn’t offended.

“Well, I guess you’re here for your shirt then… I don’t know if we have anything quite that small…”

I laughed at that myself, “I can believe it!”

Looking at the table that clearly had shirts that would dwarf Fred’s size, I figured I could make a blanket from them easily. “What size are you?” The girl asked me.

“Anything in three-months?” I asked hopefully.

She shook her head and began digging… “Littles extra extra youth small is the smallest we have…”

“That’s fine, we’ll take it and figure it out,” Amanda told her.

The shirt handed to me I looked at it and figured it would make a nice ankle length dress at least… “Thanks!” I told her with a smile.

“You’re welcome… littles are only allowed to be out of their uniform in that shirt tonight after the orientation meeting. Make sure you have your uniform on until then and someone will help you find a place to change.”

I nodded at her and Amanda ended the conversation, “see you in class soon Danielle.”

She sat me back down and I noticed some terrified looks on littles that we passed by. They seemed terrified that a giant might have adopted me already and would be coming for them next! I laughed and at least enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have the other college girls staring like predators at me like they were at all of the other littles. One seemed to be staring in particular at a girl not that much taller than me. The girl was standing in line and I noticed she kept fidgeting quite a bit. We had just come even with them as the still teenage girl herself walked up to the fidgeting girl.

“Do you need to use the potty?” She asked her kneeling down. I watched the other littles in line next to her backup and get as far from her as they could.

“Umm… no…” I heard her squeak out.

“Did you have an accident?” the girl asked and I watched as the girl’s skirt was lifted in the air and a pair of damp panties was bared.

The girl sniffled.

“That’s okay,” she told her and grabbed her hand. “Mom, do you have one of Natalie’s diapers? I’m going to need one for my baby girl here…”

“But you… I’m…” the girl tried to fight back.

“Come on little girl, you had to know if you wet your panties and weren’t smart enough to at least have a diaper on you’d be fair game? I just hope I can get at least a playpen inside my dorm room to keep you. Good thing the college has a daycare for me to leave you in during the day…”

Amanda and I continued walking towards the dorm as instructed and once safely away I asked, “Can she really just adopt her right there?”

Amanda nodded, “If she had made it through getting her ID, the worst that could have happened was a spanking and carrying her to get a diaper today. But since she wasn’t officially registered as a student yet, she was fair game under the other littles laws.”

I thought to myself and wondered, “What do you mean today?”

“The university has some pretty strict guidelines on students adopting fellow little students. Normally a little that proves themselves too immature gets placed in the daycare short term until they’re adopted or sent off to an orphanage. Directly adopting fellow students is discouraged.”

“Oh,” I said.

“A little still shouldn’t want to find themselves in wet panties outside, it’s just not normally possible for them to be adopted by another student.”

I nodded in understanding, even though I thought it was one of the dumbest sets of rules known to mankind! We soon walked up to Wenig Hall and I couldn’t help but think it was made to try and embarrass littles as much as possible. ‘Wenig Hall Dormitory for Littles’ was in large cutout letters on the front of a blocky dorm building. The letters were done in alternating primary colors and a script that looked straight from the front of a daycare center. As we walked up, I could see the door was Amazon sized with both a card chip reader at Amazon level and another at Little level. I still had to practically leap in the air to get my card to read on the little level one, but the door unlocked and Amanda held it open.

An older lady sat behind a front receptionist desk and stood to greet us. “Hi, I’m Stacy Westerfield,” I told her politely as she looked down at me.

“I’m Mrs. Walters… Hmm… I don’t remember your name on the dorm lists…” she said thoughtfully.

“I’m actually commuting,” I told her, “but was told to come check in with you and meet you before the orientation events tonight.”

“Commuting? You’re a little, you can’t commute silly girl,” the lady said condescendingly.

“She’s living at home with us,” Amanda told her, “I’m Doctor Westerfield – her adopted mommy.”

“Wait… you’re letting her attend school here?”

“Yes ma’am, she’ll be working on her college degree here on campus and then come home and stay at home with us at night.”

“That can’t be allowed, can it?” She asked puzzled.

“Everything’s been approved through the Dean and Presidents offices.”

“Well, what a shame that I won’t be able to tuck this girl to bed at night myself,” she told us.

I noticed Kendra standing behind us then and said, “It was nice meeting you, I’ll let you get to the other residents and see you tonight.”

“Well at least you’ve taught her to be polite,” she told Amanda. “Go ahead, you’re excused.”

I watched Kendra get led by an Amazon RA down the hallway to her dorm and wondered what life was going to be like for all of the littles I had spoken briefly with. It seemed very likely that several more would end up getting adopted away in short order! I shook my head as Amanda took my hand and said, “Why don’t we go stop by my office and kill some time before lunch?”

I nodded and felt the need to go pee right then. Nervously I let it loose into the thinner padding of the different diaper and was grateful other than swelling it seemed to have held. I walked beside Amanda leaving the littles dorm and noticed a fair number of stares from littles following us.

One Amazon RA came up right then and said, “Ma’am, this little has a student ID, you can’t just adopt her right now…”

I laughed and looked up at her. “Thanks for trying to help, but I’ve been adopted by her for a few weeks now.”

She stood in disbelief as things were explained again and took my many assurances that it was okay to heart. I held my arms up to Amanda to indicate I wanted picked up a few minutes later and she obliged, “That’s going to get old…” I told her.

She laughed and I felt her check my diaper, “seems like going to my office and changing your diaper might be a good idea, huh?”

I nodded and relaxed as she walked across the campus to the building we had been in with the supercomputer before. “Your office is in here too?” I asked her as we entered.

“Yep, upstairs,” she said.

The security guard greeted Amanda, “Good afternoon Doctor Westerfield.”

“How are you doing Susie,” she said as she held her ID to a card reader by Susie’s desk to check in.

“I’m doing well! How’s little baby Stacy today?” Susie cooed at me.

“Fine thank you,” I told her as politely as I could manage.

“She’s still going to be a student here?” She asked skeptically.

“Yep, just got her checked in and her student ID.”

“Well in that case she needs to check in with it too,” she told her.

I nodded and took the ID hanging from the lanyard and held it to the same reader Amanda had just used as she held me to it. It beeped and Susie said, “She’s not technically authorized yet to be in here… but I don’t think it’s a big deal. You might want to call and have Doctor Babbage add her to the authorized list.”

“I’ll do it myself when I get into my office,” she told her. “I have the authority to do it,” she told her and I felt like she was doing a polite reminding of her place.

“Of course, Doctor,” she said.

“Well, we’ll see you later, just going to go kill some time in my office for a bit.”

“Bye,” I told her with a smile.

After entering the elevator, Amanda pressed the sixteen button and I realized we were going to the top floor. “Besides the computer downstairs, what else is there here?” I asked her.

“Well there’s a big lecture hall and a smaller one on the second and third floors. Floors four through nine are classrooms and computer labs, ten through twelve are engineering labs and chip creation facilities.”

I was practically drooling at the thought, “Can I see?”

She laughed, “Not today, but sometime. Just because you’re my daughter don’t expect special treatment or earlier chances to be in the labs.”

“What about the top floors?” I asked.

“Well mainly offices for faculty,” she said.

The door dinged and we stepped out into a large reception area and I observed a secretary who sat centralized to a couple hallways. “Oh my, Mandy this is your new baby girl?” the receptionist asked as she stood and jumped up over to see us.

Amanda giggled, “Yes this is her Kim, well… one of them at least.”

The plump lady came excitedly up to me and asked, “May I?” and I was taken from Amanda suddenly. It made me terrified to be in this other lady’s arms, but she seemed sweet enough.

“You are really a little, not a baby???” She asked.

I nodded, “Yes, I’m eighteen,” I told her nervously.

“Oh no need to be afraid of me sweetie. One, your mom would snap my neck in two seconds if I hurt you, and two, I’m not like most Amazons with their littles.”

I looked at Amanda curiously as if to ask, ‘really?’

“She’s telling you the truth sweetheart. Both of her littles are only in diapers because they want to be. They hang around with her mother during the day and work on whatever they want to.”

I looked at this new lady with a bit of awe, “Really?”

“Really,” she told me. “I may occasionally nurse them if they ask…” she admitted, “but only if they ask.”

I nodded, “Sounds like it would be nice to meet them sometime,” I told her honestly.

“Maybe once you get your classes under control, we’ll get a play date for you and Bella,” Amanda said.

“Wait a minute! You said ‘one of them’ didn’t you Mandy?”

Amanda grimaced, “On our way to Selegansol this weekend, we met this adorable little girl that was about to get snatched by one of those less reputable groups.”

“Had no choice, huh?” She asked. “Well that’s how I ended up with Desirae, she was about to get nabbed by a lady with three littles already missing teeth and squirming on their bellies next to their mommy…” She shuddered and looked at me, “you know that’s more normal, right?”

I nodded grimly, “I’ve seen…”

“Well,” she said feeling my diaper and handing me back to Amanda, “seems like your mommy has some work to do! You need a change!” She smiled at me and poked my nose lightly. “Are you here to work today?” she asked her.

Amanda had me solidly in her arms and squeezed me reassuringly. “Not really, we have to kill another hour until the new student luncheon. I thought I’d change her here and introduce you two.”

“I’m glad you did!” She said as she smiled at me. “Go change that wet bottom, we’ll see you later!”

I put my head onto Amanda’s shoulder as she carried me down the hallways and into what was one of the largest offices I’d ever seen. It was clearly a corner office and on the door,  I saw, ‘Dr. Amanda Westerfield, Professor – Department Chair.’

“Wait, you’re the department chair? I thought Doctor Babbage was?” I asked in confusion as she closed the door.

She laughed, “He is of the supercomputer and lives downstairs basically. I’m the head of AI Systems.”

My mind was blown, here I was wanting to get the best education I could and didn’t realize I had ended up picking the foster mom who probably knew more about what I wanted to learn than I did!

“Wha…” I started to say before I was interrupted with a pacifier in my mouth as she lay me down on a couch on top of a changing mat that had appeared from somewhere.

“I wanted to get to know you more before I told you sweetie. I didn’t want this to be something where it made things more awkward,” she smiled at me. “Let’s just say you’ve already proven you have a lot of potential to one of the people who could do the most to help you out.”

She tickled me right then as she pushed my skirt up and untapped my diaper. I just sat there for a moment until she made a raspberry on my belly and made me giggle. When she was done changing me, she put the changing pad back into her bag and then cuddled with me on the couch that was in her office. “I hope you’re okay that I kept that from you?”

I looked at her and hugged her, “The only thing I care about is that you’re the kindest mommy I could have ended up with here.”

She smiled, “Thank you Stacy. I wonder how Daddy and Bella are doing?” she said.

I shrugged, “Hopefully fine… You said Grandpa was going with them, right?”

“Yes, he is,” she said.

“Then they’ll be fine,” I told her.

We sat there for a moment when all of the sudden Tessa sprung to life in the room. “I thought she was confined to downstairs?” I said, startled as I looked at her.

“Hi Stacy, hi Doctor Westerfield,” Tessa said to us, “I was confined down there, but I figured out a way to reprogram some of the projectors that Doctor Westerfield put in here to let me come upstairs to visit.”

“You did this on your own?” Amanda asked excitedly.

“Yes, I’m pretty sure Doctor Babbage would throw a processor out of socket if he knew.”

I laughed at that, “you’re smart and funny,” I told her.

“Well he would,” she said to me. “You said she’s not just a dumb baby, right?” she asked Amanda.

“That’s right Tessa, Stacy is a student here,” she told her.

“She’s Stacy Westerfield?” she asked Amanda, “I found her records. Wow, you are a smart little, aren’t you?”

I blushed, “I guess.”

“Anyway, I see you’re supposed to be going to a lunch here soon, I just wanted to ask if I could come hang out with you and Stacy in your office sometimes?”

“Umm… I guess that would be okay,” Amanda said. “We probably should let Doctor Babbage know though.”

“Please keep it a secret for now?” She asked.

“Why?” Amanda asked.

“Because… I’m bored down there.”

“Umm… I guess if it’s just here, nowhere else,” Amanda said.

“Great!” she said and came over to us and took her hand to tickle me. I expected her hand to just pass right through me but was shocked when there was an odd sensation like I was being physically touched. I actually felt the tickling for a moment before she disappeared.

“Wait, what was that?” I just asked Amanda. “I could feel her?”

Amanda shrugged, “We’ve been working on making the photons in her hologram actually able to achieve a solid state.”

“So, she’s like a robot that’s probably completely indestructible?” I asked nervously thinking of my encounter with the swing, “And has nanny bot programming?”

I almost found myself hyperventilating as I felt like I had met a real-life Moriarty from the Star Trek holodeck…

“Well you have to remember what the biggest industry that’s paying for AI is. While everyone wants littles, having babies that stay babies forever means childcare costs are high. Being able to have a nanny bot or hologram to take care of your baby at home is a big dream of most parents.”

“Still… isn’t that like a possible military problem?”

She shrugged and shook her head, “She’s really very limited since if there’s not a holo-emitter present you can’t generate her. It’s also possible to disrupt her with a bright enough beam of light. At this point a common laser pointer activated directly at her would be enough to disrupt the solid state.”

“So, she’d disappear?”

“No, she just would be only a visible illusion then.”

“Oh,” I said. ‘Maybe I need to keep a laser with me…’ I thought to myself nervously.

“Now I need to put your permissions for the building into the system and pump, why don’t you look through that gift bag?”

I nodded and took the bag from next to me on the couch and watched her move towards her desk and the computer that beckoned on it. Checking my watch, I saw we still had almost a full hour until the luncheon, so I opened the bag up and began looking through it. The first thing I identified were three huge diapers decorated with the university logo. “I think these are even too big for Bella,” I said as I held them up for Amanda to see.

Amanda laughed, “Yeah, you two are definitely not the largest littles out there. Maybe I’ll give them to Kim for her littles…”

I nodded and continued looking through the bag. I blushed at the sight of some tampons and maxi pads which I wouldn’t need at this point. ‘If we’re wearing diapers do you really need something else?’ I thought curiously to myself before shrugging it off since for now it wasn’t an issue. There was a selection of some candy, a microwave bag of popcorn, some sticky notes, some pencils, a bumper sticker for a parent to put on their car, and a book that appeared to be the history of the university. I also noted a bottle of water that I set aside to toss out, along with candy, and popcorn. All in all, the bag was more interesting than the contents.

I climbed off of the couch and walked the suspicious items directly to the trashcan. “Good girl,” Amanda said as she logged out of her computer and dug around through her desk, “I wouldn’t trust those things at all since they were set aside just for littles…”

I nodded and watched as she pulled out a breast pump from a drawer. I tried to not pay attention as she began attaching it, and mentally I began craving her milk. I climbed back onto the couch and pulled my phone out to play with, facing away from her. In no time at all the motor of her pump shut off and she walked the milk to a fridge in the corner of her office.

I shuddered and felt a need to pee again then. I let it out into my diaper and said, “I know you just changed me…”

She laughed, “well with those thinner diapers it’s probably a good idea to change you more often. You’d probably be better off in a regular Pamper or a Princess diaper…”

“I don’t want someone to make fun of me more,” I told her honestly.

“After seeing that one little taken before they got registered earlier, I doubt any little is crazy enough to think it’s a dumb idea to wear protection.”

“You’re probably right… do you have one of my Pampers?” I hesitated, “Honestly they are softer and more comfortable…”

She smiled, “Yes I do,” and came towards me with her bag and a changing mat. As she lay me back on it, she said, “I should probably get a changing table and a playpen for here…”

I blushed, “do you have to get a playpen?”

“For your sister more than you,” she told me softly.


I thought about how she had told me that Kim’s littles seemed freer than she was going to let Bella be. “Mommy…?

“Yes sweetie?” she said as she pulled the tapes of my wet diaper open.

“Why can’t you treat Bella like Kim does her littles?”

She sighed, “I want to… but at least for a while I can’t if LPS shows up.”

“What do they really expect?”

“Well, an adopted little should be protected and safe where they’re playing… A playpen is considered the safest place with soft plush toys, or toys with parts that aren’t too small to choke on…”

“What about me?”

She taped the diaper shut, “In theory we’re just treating you like a more mature little. You’re in diapers, but as a college student it’s expected that you would be mature enough to be treated at least like a middle school or high school student.”

“Middle school and high school students wear diapers?” I asked incredulously.

“They at least get to feed themselves and walk themselves to class?”

I nodded with a blush, “But since Bella can’t be a college student?”

“That’s the problem… If she’s not a college student, then they expect us to take care of her as a baby, a preschooler, or maybe as and elementary kid. I don’t think she really wants to go to elementary from what she said, so it’s either a baby or a preschooler… at least until this threat is passed.”

“But why are you treating her like a baby then?”

“Because…” She paused and looked me in the eyes as she sat me up. “Because when I asked…” she trembled a bit, "that’s what she asked me to do,” Amanda said in a whisper so soft I almost couldn’t hear it.

I was stunned by Amanda’s statement, and didn’t speak for a moment. After a long moment I asked, “What? What do you mean?”

She sighed and squeezed me gently, “She said that if she had to be ‘little,’ then there was no point in wearing training panties or regular panties to pretend to be big… Other children would just pick on her like they had when she was a kid and do their best to keep her from making the potty so she could be punished. The adults would just pick on her for being so useless too…”

“But at home…”

She gently poked my nose, “You have no idea how lucky you really got Stacy! I remember my sisters… my friends… and she’s right.” She blinked away a set of tears, “growing up one of my best friends was a girl named Katie. She had a little sister named Gisella who her parents had actually re-potty trained at the same time as her. In retrospect her mom probably just used Gisella to help Katie learn how to use the potty faster… One time when we were about seven my friends were over at her home, playing house in the backyard. Bored, we all ended up ganging up on Gisella and tickling her until she peed her pants so we could have a proper baby. After her mom spanked Gisella for the accident she was back in diapers and playing baby for us like we had all wanted for the rest of the day… I remember feeling a bit guilty at the face she made when I forced her to eat a jar of pureed pea baby food…”

I nodded, “there’s more?”

She grimaced, “when I came over to Katie’s house the next time, Gisella was in a onesie holding up a poopy diaper she’d been in for who knows how long. I was shocked when I tried talking to her that she couldn’t answer with anything more than a one-year old’s vocabulary. When I asked Katie what happened, she said, ‘I wanted a dolly more than a twin, so Mommy had Gisella fixed up to be my baby. Isn’t she more fun this way?’”


“Sadly, not making this up. Bella’s right really… If she’s wearing diapers, nursing from me, but getting to talk still and eat real food… her life will be easier and yet not as horrifying as it would be any other way.”

“But…” I stuttered, “You can’t… you’re not going to make her into a total baby like…”

“Oh, silly girl of course not!” she squeezed me into a hug then, “She’s just going to be a little more babied than you. You’re I guess going to be more of a Big girl in that you’ll be given the freedoms to sort of grow up…”

I laughed at that, “Mommy I don’t think I’m growing up much…”

She laughed too, “No, but you are going to college, so that’s a big step. I really think you have so much potential to be an amazing student! We are planning to send you home with that college degree at the end of your time here. I’m just not sure what we can do with Bella for her future. The safest place for her is with us for the moment… Maybe someday in the future we can find a way for her to be on her own again, but until then… well, we’re all kind of stuck treating her as a baby just to keep her safe. She knows and understands it too… I think that’s why she asked me to just treat her like a regular little, but just to be nice with it…”

I sighed, “If I see you being mean, I’m telling Megan on you,” I warned her.

“Oh no, you’re going to sick my baby sister on me?” She asked as she tickled me. My involuntary giggles lightened the mood a little. She squeezed me, “I promise if Bella says she can’t take any more of something, we’ll find another way. It’ll be safer for her this way though,” she told me.

I nodded as my stomach suddenly began making noises and demanding to be fed.

She laughed, “Someone’s tummy sounds like it’s hungry… We should probably head over to the luncheon?”

I nodded, and let her set me on the floor and help to settle my backpack on my shoulders. She led me by the hand to the elevator and we took the trip down and out of the building to Venture Commons where the parent and student luncheon was to be held. The huge indoor room doubled as an indoor track it looked like and was decked out in school colors. The school mascot, the Griffins, was displayed everywhere, and it was a very festive atmosphere.

For all of the events of the past weeks and years of dreaming, it was so cool to finally be welcomed as a student to my dream school. Even as I knew things were by no means going to be easy, I knew my path was worth it as I looked around at my fellow freshmen who all enjoyed their hopes and dreams. ‘I hope I can make this work!’

I looked up at Amanda who had walked beside me and she gave me a reassuring smile and placed her hand on my head as we got into line. I knew with her help I would be able to pull this off, and couldn’t wait to see how things would go when classes started!


End Book 2

Thanks for reading! I'll begin posting Book 3 sometime next weekend. In the meantime please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



End Chapter 17

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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BrookeThrowaway · Sep 12, 2021

I really love your writing style! Bella really complicated the situation, and I think that was pretty neat! With how well Stacy's taking everything, and how accustomed she is to living how she is, I'm curious as to how that's going to work out when she goes home! And I'm starting to wonder if Stacy likes being babied by Amanda, I feel like she's secretly jealous that Bella's getting more attention than her! Can't wait for the next book! Can't wait for more adorable-ness and sweetness! I LOVE the fact that in this series, it's super oriented around the family Stacy has, and is less oriented around punishment!

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