Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021

Chapter 13

“IN OUR ROOM?” he asked.

“If that’s acceptable to you all?”

“Ask him to just give us five minutes to get the girls changed and into their jammies?”

“Sounds good,” he said with a smile and pressed on something to relay that information over their radios.

Amanda used her wristband to unlock the door and they stepped inside while the security team stayed in the hallway. “Fred, you’re on diaper duty,” she reminded him. “Change them into their footies too.”

“Yes honey,” he told her as she moved to grab her bug detector out of the bag. Fred pulled the dress off over my head first, pulled my diaper cover off, then did the same to Bella. He then laid the changing pad on the bed and pushed me back onto it. My diaper changed into one of the thick Princess diapers, he shifted to Bella whom he said, “I’m glad Mommy’s milk is helping you. You definitely put out some poopy!”

She cringed at that and I saw a couple tears go down her face. I turned from her and looked at where Amanda was grabbing the sixth item I had seen her find. Fred had Bella in a fresh matching diaper quickly and put her into her sleeper. He had just brought mine over for me to put my legs in when there was a knock on the door and Amanda returned from flushing the toilet in the bathroom.

She opened the door and asked to see the detective’s shield before allowing him into the room. I was still mostly naked as the man came in and stared. “I’m sorry to disturb you all, but as this boy escaped custody we have to investigate some more. I would like to speak with you all and your littles, with you present of course, to see if we can find this person as he is obviously dangerous.”

“Of course, sir,” Amanda said as she picked up Bella and sat down on the bed with her in her arms.

Fred offered the detective a chair before sitting down on the bed keeping me between him and Amanda. His his hand on my shoulder was reassuring, and that made me decide to scramble onto his lap myself. He gave me a kiss on the head and the detective said, “She’s the most adorable little I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe she’s not a Big.”

“We got lucky with her,” Fred said.

“She’s… Stacy, right?”

“Yes sir,” Fred said.

“Do you mind if she answers the questions herself?”

“Not at all,” he said.

“Stacy you jumped in after the little girl?”

“Yes sir,” I answered, “I could see she wasn’t able to swim and I didn’t want to see her drown in front of me.”

“That was very brave of you, but didn’t you know there would be an adult nearby who could get her?”

I shook my head, “I think everyone had just left. If you watch the video you see that Makayla had just walked backstage and their emergency crews were busier cleaning up from the show.”

“Well, no one can deny that you succeeded in saving her. Do you all have any idea on why he ran from you? He was in a weird place for the cameras.”

“Well he was looking at us kind of weird when I noticed he wet his pants?” I said, “I might have said something about that…”

“Crazy how some adult amazons are not even mature enough for big boy pants, huh?” Amanda said beside me. “That was probably why he ran?”

“Maybe…” the detective said doubt in his voice. “You’re Bella, right?” He asked her.

“Yes sir,” she said nervously.

“You were just adopted yesterday, right?”

“We found her in need of some help on the plane and she asked us to adopt her,” Fred told him. “We didn’t really want to add to our family so soon, but she was special.”

“I can understand that. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are very desirable for anyone to adopt. Actually, her hair matches your other little girl so perfectly that it’s tough to believe they’re not actually sisters by blood.”

“Their eyes are different colors,” Amanda pointed out, “But I’m not going to lie and say I don’t appreciate having matching littles,” she said it with a smile as I looked up at her.

“I would too,” he said, “But I’m wondering if maybe that might have something to do with this?” He said tentatively. “Bella, why did you come to Selegnasol?”

“I was coming for business… a contact I had for my clothing business…”

I was surprised he didn’t say anything about the clothing business being too much for the little, but he then asked, “Who was your contact here?”

“Her name was Samantha Felding,” she said a name I didn’t recall at all, so I guessed she made one up. “Mommy was nice enough to get her a message that I was no longer able to do business.”

“She seems to be a pretty good mommy, huh?” he finally acted in the demeaning manner I had come to expect from amazons.

“The best,” Bella said quietly.

“Well, I do want to warn you then if this is all you know. This Collin guy’s name is a fake name. We haven’t been able to ID him for certain, but it appears he is connected to a Breeding and Export business for littles here. From the way events have unfolded I would be willing to bet he was trying to get Bella for himself. Stacy would also likely be a commodity he would find valuable for his business.”

“You think he’ll make an attempt to kidnap our little girls?”

“It’s quite possible,” he told her honestly. “The information on him being sentenced to regression seems to be hacked in from a little sympathizer group. I think if we catch him though, a judge may treat it as a legitimate sentence based off what he did today. Until he’s caught though, I would keep a close eye out for him and any associates he may have.” He said that with genuine concern in his eyes to Amanda.

“Fortunately, you have Mr. Warner and the security from LooneyWorld on your side. I would strongly suggest that you go straight from the park tomorrow to the airport with them escorting you. Once you get away from Selegnasol you’ll probably be safe. I’ve yet to get any dirt on this company, but a couple people I spoke with the federal little protection task force seem to think that this isn’t a company you want to be involved with as a little. It’s believed that they force littles that match their specifications to mate, have babies, and repeat. In the meantime, the abuse and neglect levels are believed to be despicable.”

“That’s awful,” Amanda said.

“Yes, it is,” he said. “Well, I’ll let you put these two babies to bed. Stay safe and please let me know if you or your baby girls have any other pieces of information to add to our investigation. We’ll let you know if we catch this man.”

Fred handed me to Amanda and walked him out to the door, “thanks for stopping by Detective.”

Once the door was closed Amanda put both of us on the bed and did another check with her bug detector before saying, “I think I have them all. There were six audio bugs and two video bugs. They know that I have the bug detector from the video, but at least we should be able to talk for now.”

“This is insane,” I said.

“Yes, it is… Maybe we should just head straight to the airport tonight?” Amanda suggested.

Fred shook his head, “Those security guards plus the limo ride to the airport should be pretty secure. If we leave early then there’s more opportunity for a snafu at the airport.”

Amanda sighed, “You’re probably right… Well little girls, what did you think of Looney World today?” She asked.

“It was cool,” I said honestly. “Swimming with Suzy was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done!”

“I think you’re nuts…” Bella told me, “she could have gulped you as a meal in one bite!!!”

I giggled, “She wouldn’t do that. I think she thought I was a baby calf.”

Amanda nodded, “she seemed to have fun playing with you too.”

“Well you won’t catch me swimming with them…” Bella said.

“Are you afraid of water?” I asked her.

She turned red and shook her head, “No… I’m just nervous around it. When I was in school one time an Amazon dunked me under at the pool trying to get me to go poop in the swim diaper that they made littles wear for the lesson. If I had it would have been an excuse…”

I knew she didn’t need to say more and she kind of sniffled, “Well, not that it lasted forever anyway…”

“I’m sorry,” Amanda told her as she scooped her up.

She sniffled again, “Can’t be helped. I’ll get used to it eventually I suppose. A lot of littles used to tell me when you’re captured just let go and become their baby. If you accept it you can be happy…” she started bawling then and I knew that this would not be the only time I would see her lose it over the events. I myself had a number of tears go down my face in sympathy.

“Shhh…” Amanda said and bounced her for a moment to no effect. After an awkward few minutes of her losing it Amanda pulled her top out of the way and placed Bella’s mouth next to her nipple. The sniffling slowed and soon she was nursing fairly calmly.

Fred picked me up and said, “I know you want to nurse too…”

“But we need to play it safe tonight and tomorrow night,” I sighed.

“How about I read you a story?” he suggested with a smile as he handed me my new dolphin.

Fred wasn’t as good as Amanda at a lot of things, but his voice was very soothing and I was indeed asleep before the fairytale was done.


THE NEXT THING I was aware of was hearing Amanda getting out of bed and into her suitcase. I rubbed my eyes and she noticed that I was awake. She came and picked me up out of the crib and whispered, “You want to take a shower with Mommy?”

I nodded sleepily and she carried me into the bathroom, unzipped my sleeper, directed my arms and legs out, before looking at my diaper with a shake of her head, “Well I guess you must be clear of my milk, that’s a dry diaper,” she told me with a poke on my nose with her finger. “Why don’t you use it while I get undressed.”

I sighed but forced the urine out of my bladder into the padding. There was a fair amount of urine in my bladder, and the padding swelled to the point where I felt my legs wanting to buckle. When I was done, I tried pooping too, but it was too early in the morning for it. I looked up at the now naked Amanda who asked, “Done?”

I nodded.

She reached down and pulled my diaper open and balled it up into the trash. Turning around she turned the shower on to a temperature she liked, and then stood me up in the tub. She reached down and poured some shampoo into my hands that I used, followed by some conditioner, and then she used some body wash all over my body. It was nice to feel clean! I felt a little bad that Bella was missing out on a shower, but I guessed Amanda felt she needed to sleep.

“You all clean?” Amanda asked me.

I nodded, and let her wrap me up in a towel as she gently dried me off. She sat me on the counter and began using the blow dryer on her hair and my hair, before braiding mine into twin pigtails that she tied off with two pink elastics. “Let’s get you into a regular diaper until a bit after breakfast is over, then I’ll get you in your swim diaper,” she whispered to me.

“What are we doing today?” I asked.

“We’re going to go swim in the waterpark for a few hours, then we’ll get dressed and head back home.”

“So, Bella will be staying in my room?” I asked quietly.

“For now… Maybe we can look for another house that has another room. I don’t think your Daddy or I can give up our office space… I suppose we could move my space down to the basement…”

“Might be better for Daddy to move there,” I told her with a mischievous smile. “Wouldn’t do for the mad scientist to live down to the expectations of the secret lair in the basement, would it?”

She tickled my stomach lightly and said, “nope,” as she pulled the towel away from my body and laid me down on the changing pad. “Fred, bathroom’s all yours,” she told him as she shook his leg.

“Kay…” he mumbled and slowly got out of bed. It was then that I noticed he was naked and quickly turned my head.

“You didn’t…” I whispered…

“Maybe…” Amanda said with a smile of her own.

“Eew…” I told her.

“You were asleep, you wouldn’t know one way or another, now would you…”

I sighed as she finished taping the diaper up and I figured out that she had put me into one of the thicker princess diapers. “Why this one?”

“I might have mispacked… I have five more of these, and only one of the pampers. I figured you’d want to pretend to be a real baby in the airport again... so you’d need that one then?”

I sighed and nodded, “You sure it was an accident?” I asked her with a glare.

“Seriously…” she told me.

I just shook my head and let her dress me in the thick diaper. A short sundress that only made a half-hearted attempt to cover my diaper was pulled over my head. “Why don’t you play with your new friend,” she told me with a smile as she handed me the dolphin from yesterday and then placed me into the playpen with Bella who was miraculously still sleeping.

“Play quietly, or lay back down until Daddy’s out of the shower,” she told me.

I nodded and hugged the gigantic stuffed dolphin to my chest and laid down next to where Bella was curled up into the fetal position. I must have dozed back off because the next thing I knew was Amanda carrying me in my sling out the door of the hotel room. Desiree was walking ahead of us with one of the security officers.

“Did you enjoy your extra nap?” She asked me noticing I was waking up and pulling the fabric away from my face.

“Ugh…” I whined.

She smiled at me and gave me a squeeze. I thought about asking to shift up, but decided the position I was in laying down was comfortable enough I didn’t want to move. The trip to the elevator and down didn’t take long and soon we were in the restaurant we ate breakfast in the day before.

“Would you like a high chair for your baby girl?” the waiter asked.

“Please, I’m going to have to put her down so I can feed the other one.”

“Right this way then ma’am… are those men with you?”

“Security precaution,” Desiree told him quietly while showing a staff credential.

I closed my eyes while they led us to a table. When I heard some shuffling of chairs, and she pulled me upright and loose of the sling she smiled at me, “Come on Princess, need you to wake back up and have breakfast,” as she put me into a highchair next to Fred. As soon as she finished strapping me in Fred handed her Bella and she immediately began nursing her across from me while Fred grabbed our plates of food.

I forced myself to be awake enough to nurse at the bottle of juice on my tray while he left. ‘I’d kill for a cup of coffee…’

Fred sat a plate of eggs, fruit, pancakes, and bacon in front of me along with my fork and knife from the diaper bag. “Thanks,” I told him as I began attacking the food slowly. I focused on the fruit first, then the pancakes, and then munched on the bacon.

“Don’t want eggs this morning?” Amanda asked curiously across from me as she burped Bella who had finished nursing.

I shrugged, “I don’t know…”

“You really don’t do well without your regular morning drink, huh?”

I shook my head, “I can’t wait to get home…”

She laughed, “Well we’ll be there tonight and you can sleep in your own comfy crib.”

“Can’t wait…” I said as I reached for the bottle of juice and stuck the nipple into my mouth. I nursed on it for several long moments until it was empty.

Bella meanwhile was in her highchair being fed an occasional bite from Amanda’s plate, but looking almost as tired as I felt. While I waited for them to finish, I felt the need to pee, so I just let it out. The need to poop followed immediately. I didn’t want to just do it in the middle of the restaurant right then… and I tried to hold it, but my stomach cramped painfully! Giving up I leaned forward in the highchair to let it out.

I winced as the mess entered my diaper and was smashed against my skin, warm, sticky, and smellie. I sniffled a bit and Amanda immediately noticed, “Fred, can you go change Stacy? She just made a stinky.”

He looked at me with concern and nodded, “Come on sweetie,” he said as he grabbed the diaper bag and then picked me up carefully. He carried me in such a way to keep my stinky rear-end furthest from his nose. Two of the security team members moved to follow us while the others kept watch on Amanda and Bella.

I continued to sniffle as he walked towards a family room between the men’s and women’s restrooms. “Doesn’t like her poopy diapers?” a female security agent asked.

“Not a big fan of them,” Fred told her.

“Well you would think she’d be used to them?”

“She’s not been our baby that long, so she still thinks she’s a big girl,” he told her while giving me a squeeze to reassure me everything was okay.

“Wouldn’t it be better to make her wait for a change then?”

“She gets even more unbearably cranky when she gets a diaper rash. We find it’s just easier to change her. She really is a good baby too,” he reassured her.

“I can change her if you want?” The lady suggested and I could see that crazy mothering look in her eyes.

“I appreciate it, but we are pretty picky on changing our babies ourselves. I’m a doctor and have seen too many cases of molested babies, littles, and children… We don’t trust anyone easily,” he told her apologetically.

“Understandable,” she told him.

Fred closed the door to the small room and soon had me on my back on the table. “Did you try holding it?” he asked quietly with some concern.

I nodded, “I had a bad cramp and couldn’t anymore…”

“When we get home, we’ll have to talk some more. Mommy said you could feel the need to pee though?”

“Yes, my urinary continence is back since I haven’t nursed. I don’t know why I couldn’t keep from messing my diaper though…”

“Well as long as it doesn’t happen again today, you’ll probably be back to normal tonight or tomorrow I hope.”

“Me too… I start college stuff tomorrow…”

The diaper was smelly and Fred seemed to gag for a moment when he first released the tapes. He used part of the diaper to clean as much off of me as he could before continuing with wipes. As terrible as it felt at least the cold wipes soon had me clean and he had a clean princess diaper back on me. He pulled the skirt of my dress back down and then undid my bib, packing it and everything else back into the diaper bag. He sat me on the counter next to the sink while he washed his hands before picking me back up. I felt comfortable and safe as he held me with his elbow underneath my diaper on the walk back to our table.

“Better?” Amanda asked.

I nodded as Fred put me down into his lap and watched Amanda finish feeding Bella some bites of egg. She wiped her hands with a baby wipe and said, “We ready then?”

“Does Bella not need a change?” Fred asked.

“She’s a little wet, but we might as well wait until we get to the waterpark and just change her into her swim diaper. I’d have told you to wait on Stacy too, but she hates being poopy.”

He nodded, “Let’s go get our luggage put away…”

Desiree said, “Excuse me, sir?”


“The park has already taken care of your luggage. It’ll be checked into the airport for you.”

“Oh… great,” Fred said.

“Good thing I already grabbed everything we needed, huh?” Amanda said patting at a backpack next to the diaper bag.

Isabella and I were fastened back into the carriers on Fred and Amanda. She placed a pacifier in my mouth as she settled me in while Isabella just sat there without one in Fred’s carrier. Desiree and the security team stayed around us as we went back into the park. “Let’s get some pictures with Lola!” Amanda said with a smile when they spotted a Baby Lola character. “She has diapers just like you!” she said a moment later when she was holding us both.

The person playing the character was significantly taller though than us! Easily an eight-foot Amazon was in the suit. Lola easily handled holding us both while Fred took a picture. A few more character photo stops were taken before we came back to the water area of the park. As Amanda carried me inside, I noticed a set of arrow signs pointing towards the animal area, the splash area, and then the waterpark area. Soon after my mouth dropped as she carried me into what had to be the largest waterpark in the universe…

Gigantic slides towered over a huge splash lagoon area that seemed to have a lazy river connecting all of the different sections. I could see signs for some white water rafting rides and a kid’s area with a big playground complete with gigantic squirt guns. Signs abounded everywhere about swim diapers of course.

Being early it was a bit cool still, but not too bad. “Let’s get the girls ready and get into our own swimsuits?” Fred suggested.

“Sure,” she said and dug through the backpack for his swimsuit and handed it to him. “Give us a little bit while I get them in their swim diapers,” she told him.

Inside the women’s restroom there was a long counter with one other mother dressing a real toddler into a swim diaper who wasn’t a fan of it. “Mommy I big girl!”

“I know sweetie, but you’re under the height of being allowed to just wear your swimsuit here. Don’t worry, no one will see it underneath your swimsuit,” the mother lied to the little girl.

“But I’m not a baby…” she devolved into a tantrum of tears.

Amanda ignored it like she did all of these odd places and quickly laid Bella down on a changing pad. The diaper she wore wasn’t just wet apparently, but contained a loose stool in it that Amanda wiped away. Bella meanwhile kept her eyes shut and tried to ignore everything. She wasn’t red, but her tears belied the fact she was still mortally embarrassed by the treatment.

As she was dressed into a pink one-piece swimsuit with a little frilly ‘skirt’ around it she whispered to me, “Now I know what you mean… I didn’t know…”

I gave her a hug before Amanda made quick work of my outfit and pulled off a diaper that was completely dry for once. “Wow, all dry! What a big girl,” she smiled at me. The swim diaper was pulled up my legs quickly and a matching swimsuit to hers was soon on my body.

“Come on, let’s go into a stall so Mommy can get her swimsuit on,” she told us as she placed us on the ground and grabbed onto Bella’s hand. “Stacy keep good hold on Bella’s hand now.”

I sighed but did as she told me and toddled alongside my bigger ‘sister.’

In the changing cubicle she pulled her top and shorts off quickly, followed by her bra. Milk droplets appeared on her breasts and I had to look away as I felt the craving to nurse so badly! “Uh-oh,” she said. “Bella you missed some!”

Bella shuffled nervously next to me and said, “Sorry Mommy…”

Amanda’s naked breasts suddenly were level with both of us as she hugged us and said, “I’m joking sweetie. Mommy’s breasts always make milky for her babies. I’ll put my top on and no one will know once we’re in the water,” she said with a squeeze.

I restrained myself from latching on as she stood up and found myself shivering a bit. “What’s wrong?” Bella asked as Amanda worked to tie her top on.

“Withdrawals,” I told her.

She looked at me, looked at Amanda, and said “Oh…”

Once Amanda was dressed, she stuffed her clothes into the backpack and pulled out a can of spray sunscreen. She carried us back outside and met up with Fred. “Let’s leave everything in a locker,” Fred suggested.

“Okay,” Amanda said.

The electronic lock screen of the lockers looked complicated, but apparently was just based off of fingerprints. Fred quickly purchased some time in two of them and the backpack and diaper bags had homes that we left as soon as all of us were glistening with the sunscreen.

“Where to first?” Fred asked Amanda.

“Well, why don’t you take Bella to the Kiddie playground over there since she’s not a big swimmer?” Amanda suggested.

“And you two fish are going where?”

“Dolphins Daddy!” I told him while sticking my tongue out at him.

He leaned forward and tickled me a bit, “Same thing,” he said.

“Well Stacy can’t ride the big rides, but the lagoon and river should be fun?” She asked me with a smile.

I nodded.

“That’s settled then,” Fred said while unexpectedly tossing the scared Bella in the air and catching her. “I’ll go toss this one back; you’ll meet up with us there?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Amanda said, “Behave Fred,” she told him. I noticed the security guards talked to several people in swimsuits for a moment before they traded places with the appropriately clad replacements.

I didn’t say anything though and turned towards the water. Amanda followed as she let me walk ahead on my own to the lagoon. It was probably as big as the pool yesterday, if not bigger, and had waves bobbing in and out to the edges. I walked in and said, “Brrr!”

Amanda splashed next to me, “Yeah, it’s a little cold this morning, huh?”

I kept wading in and I was in up to my neck treading water while Amanda hadn’t even barely reached her knees. I continued swimming out though and soon she was swimming as well. A lifeguard noticed me and panicked as he blew his whistle and then swam out to me. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked Amanda while trying to catch me and ‘save’ me. I ducked underwater and went to the other side of Amanda as he tried to grab me.

“She’s swimming.” Amanda told him, “with permission from Mr. Warner,” she added.

“What’s the problem?” Desiree asked, having changed into a swimsuit.

“This little shouldn’t be in here without at least water wings… and they’re really only supposed to be in the kiddie pools!”

“She has permission,” she said and somehow brought out her ID from within the cup area of her one-piece suit.

The lifeguard gulped and said, “Okay then…”

As he swam away, I looked up at Amanda from where I’d shifted to floating on my back. “That was fun…”

She laughed and said, “Thanks,” to Desiree.

“You’re welcome… I don’t think your little girl is in any danger of drowning… your husband called her a fish – I believe it!”

“Dolphin!” I griped at her and looked at Amanda, “Can we get one of those inner tubes and go around the river?”

“They’re really big, you’ll have to share with Mommy?” Amanda told me.

I nodded, “That’s fine.”

The lazy river really wasn’t much of a lazy one as it twisted and turned, and actually went down and uphill at various points. I laid on top of her belly as we went around. At one point we got bounced around a bit and I clung to her tightly. I felt terrible as I accidentally pulled the cloth off of her breast.

“Sorry,” I apologized to her as she turned red. Fortunately the teenagers that had caused the problem had moved down the river and couldn’t see.

“It’s okay, but no nursing for at least another couple of days, sweetheart,” she gently reminded me.

“I know, I really didn’t mean…”

Her giggles were enough for me to realize she had been in fact joking. I said, “Hmmph…” and turned around and sat facing away from her as we finished making our round of the river and dumped back into the lagoon. She sat me in the water next to the tube and then flipped off of it herself. For another hour or so we swam and went what few places I could before rejoining Fred who was teaching Bella how to float on her back in the kiddie area.

“Daddy,” I said as I hugged his leg affectionately.

He picked me up, “is she done swimming?”

“It has been a couple hours,” Amanda told him.

He looked at his watch, “So it has. Shall we get changed, eat, and then head to the airport?”

“Seems like a good plan,” Amanda said.

“Are you done?” Desiree asked beside us surprising us since she had disappeared for a while.

“I think so,” Amanda said.

“Why don’t you get your bags and then come with me to a backstage area for you all to change. We’ll get the team that will be with you the rest of the day then to meet up there.

“Okay,” Fred said while Amanda picked up Bella.

As we waited for Fred to unlock the lockers Amanda sniffed asked Bella, “Did you go poopy again?”

I watched as she nodded but didn’t cry this time. Amanda hugged her tightly and said, “You’ll be in a nice clean diapee here soon,” she reassured her as the lockers opened and Fred grabbed the diaper bag and the backpack.

The lady said, “Right this way,” and led us back a door that said ‘authorized cast members only.’

It led to a short hallway and there were two gendered locker room doors. Fred put me down on the ground and said, “Go with Mommy,” as he grabbed his clothes out of the backpack and handed it to her.

She kept hold of Bella and sat her down on her feet on top of a bench that rounded the locker room. Amanda quickly opened up the diaper bag and grabbed the changing pad that she sat down on the bench. Still having her stand, she pulled Bella’s swimsuit off of her before laying her down on the changing pad.

“You have the most adorable littles,” Desiree said as Bella’s feet were held in the air and a wipe on her dirty butt was in her hand.

I turned to look at the lady while keeping myself right next to Amanda’s legs.

“Thank you,” Amanda said, “I love them to death.”

I didn’t hear another diaper go on Bella and looked up as Amanda instead sat her down next to me naked as a jaybird. She began pulling her swimsuit off and said, “Stacy take your swimsuit and diapee off like a big girl, okay?”

I nodded and did as she said, leaving myself naked as she grabbed a baby wipe and wiped my butt coming away with a brown streak. I gulped at that and vowed not to think about her milk anymore!

“Let’s go take a shower really quick,” she told us as she leaned down and picked us both up and placed our heads way too close to her breasts for my mind to rationally remember what I had thought a moment ago. Before instinct could take over and I would latch she sat us down in a shower stall with water running. Amanda quickly rinsed us both off with some soap she had stashed somewhere and did the same with herself. Once done she combed our hair gently and said, “We’ll just be air drying our hair today…”

“Great, mine will be a frizzy mess…” Bella whined. One of the security guards looked at her oddly but Amanda didn’t make a comment, only laying her back on the waiting changing pad, putting a thick princess diaper on her, and then pulling the outfit from earlier back onto her and snapping crotch snaps closed. She sat her down and said, “Give us just a few minutes so I can get your sister dressed, me dressed, and then we’ll go find where we’re going to eat lunch, okay?”

“Yes Mommy,” Bella answered.

My naked body was laying the changing pad a moment later and I too had a princess diaper put on me, a pink one-piece sunsuit I’d been wearing earlier was pulled over my head, snapped at the crotch, and then I was sat down next to Bella. Pacifiers were put into our mouths and clipped to the outfits we were wearing and she began taking care of herself.

I looked at Bella staring up at her and wondered if she was thinking about her next session from Amanda’s breasts… I sighed, “You have fun playing?” I asked Bella.

She looked at me with a weird look but nodded with a smile, “I haven’t really ever been able to play in the water,” she said around her pacifier. It made things sound much more babyish with sounds like pway and I had to fight from giggling because it was cute.

“We have a pool at home,” I told her.

“You all swim a lot?” She asked while Amanda finished pulling on a pair of slacks.

“Every day…” I answered.

“That explains how Stacy is such a good swimmer,” the security guard remarked to Amanda.

She shook her head, “We adopted her that way. The first time she went into the pool we figured out she could really swim.”

“Aren’t you afraid she’ll drown?”

Amanda stuffed a few last things back into the bags, “Not really. It’s not like we let her swim alone. She always has to have an adult in the pool with her. Stacy really is a better swimmer than I am – and I was on the swim team in college,” she told her.

I looked up at her for the praise and smiled. Amanda had the sling back around her neck and quickly picked me up and placed me inside. Once I was secured, she reached down and grabbed Bella and placed her on her hip. “I can carry your bags out to your husband?” She suggested.

“Thanks,” Amanda said with a sigh of relief. “Still trying to get used to having two babies!”

Out in the hallway Fred stood patiently waiting dressed in slacks, a button-down shirt, and a sports coat. I realized then that Amanda was fairly professionally dressed too with her slacks and blouse, while Bella and I were definitely about as immaturely dressed as you could get without being dressed in only a diaper!

“Here, I’ll take those,” Fred told the lady and put his wet shorts in the backpack quickly before putting it on his back, put the diaper bag on a shoulder, and then took Bella from Amanda. “Where are we eating lunch?”

“Well…” Desiree gave us a suggestion and led us out into the park.

We had a changing of our escorts and ended up eating at a restaurant of traditional American fair. I ended up with pizza, Bella had a corndog with a side of breast milk, Fred had a hamburger, and Amanda ended up with a basket of chicken strips. It was a quick lunch though, we stopped at a changing station and wet diapers were switched out for dry before we were led to a limousine with Mr. Warner waiting nearby.

“Thank you so much for the evening last night Mr. Warner,” Amanda said.

“My pleasure dear. Stacy did you have a fun time swimming today?”

I nodded and said, “Thank you, I did. I appreciated being able to swim for real.”

“Anytime you come back let us know and we’ll make sure someone lets the lifeguards know to leave you alone. Sorry the one didn’t get the memo earlier!”

“It’s okay, I understand,” I told him with a smile.

“Well then, this is my personal limousine that will take you to the airport. Our security service will stay with you until you get through security – you should be safe then.”

“Thank you,” Fred said, “we really did appreciate the extra peace of mind with that lunatic running loose!”

“My pleasure, have a safe trip!” He told us as the doors to the limousine were opened. Along one side I could see my infant carrier buckled in next to Bella’s new car seat. Amanda quickly removed me from the sling and placed me inside the carrier while Fred placed Bella next to me. With everyone inside the limo took off and I looked through the window as we passed by and at Amanda and Fred smiling at the two of us.

It made me blush, “What?”

“Well… we didn’t intend to have two littles, but you two do look adorable next to each other,” Amanda said.

Right then Bella farted loudly and the smell of a loaded diaper permeated the air. “Eeww…” she whined.

“Well that took care of that moment…” I couldn’t help saying.



End Chapter 13

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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