Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 6
Mom's Baby

AMANDA KISSED MY head, “then I don’t mind changing them…”


“You’re worried something is wrong with you?”

I nodded, “Shouldn’t I be?”

She laughed, “If you were a free little to some extent you should be, but we DID adopt you and you knew about diapers before you came here. Even free littles are allowed to have wet diapers at Emerson. Really it’s even encouraged by the RAs in the dorms in the hopes that they can baby the littles a bit more.”

“What will happen though if one of the big students finds me with a wet diaper?”

“I suspect they’ll offer to change it for you,” she told me. “But, it’s in the student code of conduct that a little student has to willingly agree for that big to change their diaper. Should you agree they have to let you get onto your class when they’re done.”

“Something has to go wrong though, right? Nothing in this world is ever trouble free for a little?”

“Well you could have some Big decide to fondle you like Chloe did that one day…”

I blushed, “That was horrible.”

“I was one second from knocking her teeth out when she stopped,” she told me and sighed, “So I wouldn’t let anyone you didn’t know change you.”

“I’m allowed to change my own diapers though?”

“They’ll explain more at orientation, but yes most of the time. They do have a dedicated changing facility on campus that you should expect to be taken to by some people if they find you soaked and you say you don’t want them to change you. Most of the time it’ll be a pretty clinical change there…”

“And what happens if I have a messy diaper?” I asked nervously.

“Well if you’re not in your class when it’s discovered then it’s just a change like a wet diaper. If you’re in class I hope no one discovers it.”

With all of that information I looked at her, “I do want to use my potty… but only when I need to poop at home, would that be okay with you?”

Her eyes glistened as she hugged me, “I think that’s a perfect compromise!”

She held me for a long moment before squeezing me again, “Okay, let’s get this little fish all dried and she can help make din-din.”

“Dolphin,” I grumbled back to her as she chose to tickle my side. I was out of breath by the time the tickle attack subsided and she stood up with me hanging upside down in her arms.

“Fish!” she said as she carried me a few steps upside down before righting me and holding me tight in her arms, “I hope you do know that you’re the best thing to ever happen to me.”

I blushed, “thanks for being willing to think of me as more than a pet to be abused or something…”

She squeezed me again, “I promise I’ll never let you be thought of as such.”

As she mounted the stairs, I caught a glimpse of the potty, “So can I just take my diaper off to use the potty?”

“Well…” she thought as she walked up more, “I guess if you’re wearing a normal Pamper and near the potty… yes… If you’re wearing a princess diaper you’ll have to ask for help.”

“Are the tapes that hard to pull off?” I asked as she deposited me on the changing table.

“Well let’s see,” she told me with a mischievous smile.


She proceeded to strip me of my swimsuit pretty quickly and said, “I guess I forgot I should give you a quick shower…”

I nodded, “Might be good…”

She carried me to the bathroom and took the swim diaper off too before setting me on my feet in the bathtub and pulling the sprayer down. After Amanda checked the temperature, she proceeded to rinse me off with the swim cap still on my head. Once she finished, she pulled the cap off and dried me off again, “There’s a clean fish!”

“Umm… please don’t gut me.”

She laughed, “You don’t have to worry about that,” she tickled me some more in the towel and I felt my bladder complain, but managed to hold it. Back in my room she got back to the changing table with me and I hoped she’d forgotten the diaper she was going to put me in, but no such luck! One of the thick princess diapers was secured to my bottom and she said, “Okay, try the tapes!”

I looked up at her feeling like I’d just been told to try to escape from a pair of handcuffs. I pulled with all of my might at the tape and didn’t manage to even budge it loose at all. “How can you pull it loose so easily?” I asked in amazement.

“We’re much stronger than you, even the weakest Amazons can bench-press about four-hundred pounds. I’m guessing you’d be lucky to do twenty to thirty?”

I sighed and nodded, “Even in my full normal form back home I would be lucky to do two-hundred in high school when I was stuck in PE.”

“That would probably just barely move the tapes… I know Amazons who have decided they want betweeners as their babies, and have no problems keeping them in their diapers.”

“Would you mind if I tried something else?” I asked.


“Can I get down from the table?”

She looked at me skeptically but put me down and I walked over to my desk with school supplies on it. There was a pair of scissors on the desk that I picked up. She looked at me with a pair of narrowed eyes but gently nodded her permission. I took the scissors and sliced at the back of the tape next to where the back met the front.

Or at least tried to! No matter what I did I couldn’t cut the tape! “Why won’t this cut?!?” I asked frustrated after a moment of trying.

“It’s not just a regular tape, the material the adhesive is bound to is a variation of what your tablet screen is made out of…”

“You can make something like that cheaply enough to waste it on a diaper?” I asked, thinking not of the entrapment for a moment, but more of the economics of being able to waste a material like that on something disposable! A little was just going to pee and poop in them on a regular basis, and it was cheap enough to throw away?

“Easily,” she told me.

I looked at the diaper again and backed the scissors further back on the material past the tape and into the area behind the tapes. The scissors actually did slice through several inches of the material before I noticed a color change happening on the material and it instantly mended itself and tightened painfully on my waist!

“Owwww!” I cried and Amanda quickly picked me up.

She hurriedly sat me on the changing table and used her Amazonian strength to pull the tapes loose before it could constrict anymore. “I wouldn’t do that again…” she sighed.

“What was that!?!?”

“It has a self-healing technology too…”

I just looked at her in shock as she pulled the crazy diaper out from underneath me and brought out a regular Pamper for me.

I sighed, glad to have escaped whatever pain would have been coming as it constricted more. “So, I guess I’m going to have to ask for you to take me to the potty if I have one of those on?”

“I guess so,” she said with a smile as she left me strapped to the table with the new diaper for a moment. She disappeared into my closet for a moment before coming back with something blue that made my eyes widen in shock it would be on me.

“What is that?” I asked kind of distastefully.

“It’s called a sunsuit,” she said with a smile, “and it’s going to look adorable on you!”

I looked at it closer as she brought and it was like something that was confused if it was a onesie, a romper, or a dress… On the front it had several layers of skirt like ruffled blue chiffon material with white flowers coming from the top that gave it a volume like a dress. It was sleeveless with a rounded white color with a fairly large yellow rosette flower sewn at the front of it like a boutonniere or something… The bottom had the typical snaps for the crotch of a onesie and the back seemed to be just a plain onesie.

“Why would anyone…”

“Because you’ll look adorable!” She told me with a smile again.

I sighed as she loosened the strap on the table and sat me up to pull it down over my head, buttoned a couple buttons on the back, then pushed me back to my back again to pull the crotch shut. My hair was brushed out really quickly and she tied it off into twin pigtails hanging loosely off the back of my head. “Let’s get a picture!” she told me with a smile. She put me in my crib and handed me Elena before grabbing her phone and saying, “Smile!”

I glared at her for a second before she descended on me with those tickle instruments of war for a moment and as I felt the diaper warm, she pulled away. She managed to snap a picture of a smile before saying, “Come on… please?”

I shrugged and managed a good smile for her before she posed me in a few poses in the crib and indulged in a baby photo shoot. She took a few of me sitting in the gliding chair by myself and then found a doll in the toy box for me to hold. A moment later she picked me up and sat me on my stomach before grabbing one of those stacking ring toys and taking the rings off.

“Really?” I asked her incredulously.

“Please?” she paused, “You won’t believe how cute you look in these pictures! I can use them too so that we can show you’re not just being neglected by being an adult?”

“You owe me big…” I grumbled.

She smiled and I forced myself to smile as I put each ring on and she used the rapid picture button on her phone. At least that’s what I assumed it was since I heard the sound of a shutter at machine gun speeds.

She pulled the top one off then and said, “In your mouth?”

“Eeew…” I said, “Where has this ring been?”

“It’s brand new?”

She looked at me with the most puppy dog cute expression a grown woman could ever make… and I stuck the damn ring in my mouth and put my slobber on it as requested. I posed for a few more pictures before she picked me back up and sat down with me in her lap on the floor next to the toy. She turned her phone into selfie mode and said, “Smile with Mommy!”

As the picture took, I saw a brief sample of it and I had to admit I did look adorable in the outfit… I looked like one of the happiest babies ever in her mommy’s arms. She stood up and sat down in the gliding chair and did a few more, including some with my pacifier in my mouth so I would look cuter. When she finally had enough of her picture taking, she carried me back downstairs and sat me in the walker. She handed me her phone to look through the pictures.

Her phone intrigued me as it was big enough to be a tablet in my hands! In fact, it was the same size as the tablet she had bought me… I scrolled through the pictures and even the harshest part of my being couldn’t help but make ‘awe’ sounds at the little girl in the pictures. There was a serious disconnect in my brain that I was in fact that little girl! For a moment I could honestly understand how they would think I belonged in this state… and it terrified me!

Amanda had begun working on dinner and I took the moment while she wasn’t paying attention to me to explore her phone more. I clicked on what I assumed was the spot for a home button and was rewarded with a home screen similar to the tablets. I saw an envelope icon and assumed it was an e-mail app. I clicked on it out of curiosity and saw a read e-mail that was labeled with the subject, “Thank you,” from ‘Christine Slane.’

‘Mom is e-mailing Amanda?’ I thought to myself, but had to admit I shouldn’t be shocked. Her giving up her baby to another woman had to be the hardest thing she’d ever done… I knew I shouldn’t click on it… but Amanda was completely in cooking mode and my finger thought on its own and I pressed it.



Thank you again for being so good with my little boy… I mean girl now… You have no idea how confusing that is! The pictures you sent last night though make Stacy look so adorable! I wish I could scoop her up in my arms and love on her too! As much as her dad will never admit it, I always kind of wondered if she didn’t have a gender issue… She wasn’t much of a normal boy honestly… I think in the long run being a girl will be good for her.

I’m sure the diapers are much weirder for her… but I bet she doesn’t mind the wet diapers all that much if she’s like she was when she was little! She would cry instantly if she had a messy diaper, but she’d happily sit in a wet diaper for hours without complaint. Pull-ups were almost useless on her when we toilet trained her! It took the ones that made her feel cold when she wet, to get any success!!!

Would you mind terribly sending me some more pictures? I might just have to start another baby book for her! Might help actually when she comes back home if she has ‘baby photos’ of her as a little girl… Not to mention blackmail someday when she falls in love!

If for some reason you think it’s not possible for her to get…


As I was reading the next paragraph the phone rang with Fred’s picture on the phone. I panicked and made it a notification like I would with my phone and hit the home menu to get away from the e-mail. I then heard, “Who is it?”

“Daddy?” I suggested.

“Go ahead and answer it sweetie!” she told me with a smile and her hands clearly doughy from whatever she was making.

I pressed a flashing green bar at the top and answered the phone. “Hello?” I said.


“Yes Daddy,” I told him, “Mommy’s got her hands full of dough.”

She smiled at me from across the kitchen, “Can you tell her I’ll be home a little bit late and I’m bringing home one of Doctor Kell’s special cakes that she’s sending to congratulate us for her being a new mommy.”

I sighed and wanted to face palm, “Okay, I’ll tell her.”

“Good, you be good sweetie, I’ll be home in a bit. Bye bye,” he said.

“Bye,” I told him and he hung up.

“What did he say?” She asked as I pulled the gigantic device away from my head and shook my head thinking of the memory of a video of Steve Jobs saying no one would want to do that with a tablet…

“He’s bringing home one of Doctor Kell’s cakes to congratulate you on having me?”

“Ooh!!! Awesome!”

“Who is she? And what kind of awesome cake does she make?”

“You met her in Daddy’s office before we went down, remember?”

I thought back to the day that was kind of foggy and thought that I sort of remembered her, “Okay, was she the weird hyper woman?”

She laughed, “That’s her! She may annoy everyone, but there is no doubt that she makes the best cakes ever!”

“Just as long as I don’t have to smash into it pretending like it’s a first birthday cake?”

I looked up at her growing smile and felt my stomach turn, “No…”

She didn’t respond and just went back to work. Meanwhile her phone had gone to sleep and I was now locked out of it. I sighed and looked around for something else to do. I saw the TV remote was in reach but the warnings about hypnotic suggestions meant I couldn’t use that to kill time.

About that time, I felt my stomach rumble a bit and realized I was a few minutes from another squished poopy diaper in the walker. I looked up at Amanda who seemed to be shaping the edges of a pie. “Mommy?”

“Yes sweetie?”

“Can you let me out of this so I can use the potty?” I hesitated before adding, “I have to poopy.”

She looked at me with a sigh and I could see the cogs in her head turning. It would be easier just to tell me to go in the diaper - just telling me to wait would probably bring the same result… I was just a baby… but I wasn’t, so she washed her hands really quick. I walked towards her in the walker at the same time hoping to help her get me there in time!

I held my hands up to her and she carefully picked me up under the armpits and sat me down on the floor. I looked up at her and she nodded towards the potty she had brought down on the floor a few feet from me. There was no time to waste as I reached down and undid the snaps of the sunsuit, pulled the flaps out of the way, and then pulled the tabs of the diaper loose with some effort. I tried to not just let it plop down and rolled it as best I could while simultaneously rushing to sit down on my plastic potty. I made it just in time as the large chunk rushed from my rear while I simultaneously leaked some urine too.

Amanda looked at me with a smile when I was done, “Good girl!!!” She cooed, “Here’s a wipey, make sure you clean up good!”

I was a bit shocked she was letting me wipe myself, but I took advantage of the chance to wipe my own butt.

“Sweetie, you’re a girl now, make sure you wipe front to back. You do not want to get a bladder infection,” I looked up at her and saw she was serious so I made sure to follow her directions. When the last wipe was clean, I stood up and she used another wipe on me to be sure I was clean. She then just pushed me down onto the floor of the kitchen to lay down as she quickly diapered me again in the same diaper, resnapped the suit, and then placed me back into the walker.

“Thank you for letting me use the potty,” I told her with a smile. As humiliating as it was to be making that happen in public in the kitchen, it was still way more preferable than in my diaper!

“You’re welcome sweetie,” she said sadly. There was no doubt in my mind that the idea of not changing that diaper was saddening for her for some reason. Before I had a chance to ask more she suggested, “Why don’t you go play?”

“With what?” I asked as she stood up.

“Hmm… I guess you don’t have anything, huh? Mommy’s phone must have locked you out. Let me go clean out your potty and then I’ll get your tablet.”

I smiled at her as she walked away with the smelly bowl of my excrement. I was quite grateful to have done it in there and not in the diaper! I listened as the toilet flushed from the hallway bathroom and then the sink ran for a moment after some spraying and she brought the potty back to the kitchen and washed her hands. I just sat with my feet barely touching the ground and waited for her to bring me my tablet.

She reappeared a few moments later and handed it to me and kissed my head, “Be a good girl for Mommy!”

I eagerly turned the device on and began playing around some more. I checked my e-mail with its built-in app that Amanda had already setup. I found an e-mail from Mom that had to have been around the same time she e-mailed Amanda.



I’m so glad that you made it through that test! I can’t tell you how worried I have been for you! While you do make an adorable baby girl, all I want is my smart, adult, child back in one piece! I know you may not e-mail every day, but please make sure you keep us up to date with how you’re doing. I do at least feel a lot better that it seems Amanda and Fred are living up to their word to you.

Stay safe,
Love Mom

I felt a tear going through my eye again knowing that not only did she care enough to e-mail me, but not smother me while she was doing continual check-up through Amanda. It was kind of an invasion in privacy… but who could blame her given the circumstances!

Hi Mom,

I know you worry… I wish I could say that it’s unfounded, but the truth is this was the riskiest thing I could have done. Even doing something like joining the military back home to go into special forces or something probably would be safer… Something about their house though really is becoming home. Last night Fred took a picture with me and

I paused as I almost typed Mommy… ‘Do I really think of her as that now?’ I asked myself. I had to admit I now had ‘Mom’ back home who would forever be my real mother… but ‘Mommy’ here was becoming special too. Of course, given the nursing sessions and the intimate things like diaper changes and baths it was probably inevitable. I sighed and kept using the screen keyboard to type. 

Amanda, and I looked so happy. I mean really happy! We all know I have been so driven over the years and… have I really smiled that little? I confess that honestly the wet diapers really don’t bother me that much. That kind of brings me to today… This morning we went to a new facility…

I told her about the facility and how I’d made a potty for my size, and the arrangement we’d made. 

She honored it a little while ago and I was so much happier to not go in my diaper! Especially in the walker I was sitting in then and now since it squishes it... I know it’s a pain for her to clean that out, so I honestly think using the diaper for everything else is perfectly fair. I don’t think I’d want to bring them home!!! But, it’s really not that bad? Anyway, I smell dinner getting close to being done and the noises from the kitchen have grown quieter, so I guess I’ll talk to you later. I think they’re planning some sort of surprise trip this weekend, so if you don’t hear from me until Monday please don’t worry!



I looked up and indeed Amanda had sat down with her own tablet on the couch. I put my tablet down on the tray and waddled the walker forward towards her. She noticed with a smile and said, “You want up?”

I nodded and quickly grabbed the tablet before she picked me up and hugged me.

“Thank you,” I told her.

“You keep saying that, but for what now?”

“For what I imagine is the most difficult thing in the world for you – not just giving into those maternal instincts and putting me in one of those etiquette schools. The fact that you let me go poop in the potty earlier meant more than I can tell you.”

She laughed, “You know your mom has been e-mailing me since you came up with the agreement?”

I played dumb then, “She has?”

She tickled my side, “She’s your real Mom, of course she has! She’s worried about you more than I think you can understand.”

I nodded, “I think I do actually…”

“Well anyway she told me that she figured you’d be okay with those wet diapees, but the messy ones you hated as a baby.”

I smiled at her. Knowing that she didn’t keep mom’s e-mail completely from me only increased my level of trust, “Do you have any idea of just how disgusting it is?”

To my surprise she nodded, “Yes I do…”


“I told you I ended up with an enema as punishment one time?”

“You mentioned Chloe somehow framed you?”

“She did. So, Mom did the enema to me and somehow found diapers that were big enough for me while she was at it!”

“How old were you?”

“I was twelve and Chloe was thirteen.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever really asked… what’s the order of kids in your family? I mean besides Megan being the baby?”

“Well Chloe is the oldest – she’s about eighteen months older than me, so it was just after my twelfth birthday. Cassie is about four years younger than me and had just enough age difference to absolutely adore her big sister Chloe, but we were close enough in age that we did nothing more than constantly fight and bicker.” She sighed, “I fought with both of them pretty much non-stop, which meant I spent a lot more time by myself in my room or with Hannah…”

“Sorry,” I said knowing Hannah’s death made her sad.

“Not your fault, just old memories… Anyway, back to the story. Mom really did love Hannah more than I can tell you and always doted on her! It made Chloe, and Cassie by proxy, so jealous of her! Hannah was crying pretty uncontrollably when she found her in a blown out messy diaper and found the enema packs in the trashcan. Chloe should have been busted, but she managed to point to me and said she’d found me doing it. Cassie of course was right there to corroborate the story and blame me.”

“And Megan?”

She laughed, “Silly, Megan wasn’t born for another seven years!”

“Oh,” I said feeling kind of dumb. She squeezed me tight.

“Anyway, Mom said if I was going to be so mean to our baby sister that I could join her as a baby for the rest of the weekend! She made me strip right then and there in Hannah’s room before placing me with my nose in the corner. She told me not to move and told Chloe and Cassie to watch me while she ran to the store. Chloe taunted Hannah and me both non-stop while she was gone… I hated her more than I think ever… When she got back Mom put me over her knee to spank me a couple dozen times first before she filled me up with that disgusting thing. As soon as she was done, she diapered me in the biggest and thickest diaper I’d ever seen before! It didn’t take long before I swear, I pooped more than I thought I could hold in my body,” she said and squeezed me protectively. “I spent that night getting rid of everything in my bowels uncontrollably before being placed in the crib even before Hannah’s bedtime with a pacifier in my mouth and nothing but a diaper on…”

I shuddered knowing at age twelve Amanda had to have been developing a real need for privacy, “That sounds awful!”

“Well Mom never made me go to the store or anything, but she threatened to send me to school in one if I ever did that again! Dad spanked me too that night – he was always protective of Hannah. Mom even…” she blushed, “well let’s just say there’s nothing of the baby experience that you’ve had that I haven’t had.”

I looked up at her and smirked, “I might have to ask Granny about that?”

She shook her head, “Please don’t… I think she found out by the end of the weekend that it wasn’t me. Come Sunday she hugged me and apologized and the next weekend it was Chloe and Cassie in diapers.”

Amanda’s eyes really did well up with tears then as she said, “a week later summer began and Mom let me go to a girl scout camp for two weeks like I’d begged for. Mid-way through the camp Dad came to pick me up and tell me that something had happened to Hannah…”

“She died, right?” I asked.

She nodded, “They never let us see the body, but we buried her in a cemetery not far from my grandmother.”

I leaned into her and gave her the biggest hug I could, “I’m sorry Mommy.”

She hugged me back as a timer went off in the kitchen, “Come help me finish dinner!” She said and picked me up. She sat me on the island counter and I watched her reach into one of her ovens and bring out a pie.

“We’re having pie for dinner?” I asked kind of lost.

She laughed, “Yes we are!”

I looked at her still not getting it, “Dessert for dinner?”

“Not all pies are dessert?” She laughed at me, “This is a meat pie, sort of like shepherd’s pie, but I used beef and mushrooms?”

I nodded, “I’ve never had shepherd’s pie before, but I’ve heard of it,” I looked thoughtfully at it, “Sounds interesting?”

Just as I said that the garage door opened and she said, “Looks like Daddy’s home just in time for din-din, huh?” She picked me up and tickled my side for a second.

“What is with you and tickle torture?” I asked through my forced giggles.

“It makes you smile and look adorable!” she said as she squeezed me tighter and touched her nose to mine before kissing my forehead. Like I expected she sat me down in the highchair and had just put the tray in place with Fred walked in with a big box and a smaller one.

“Well it looks like I made it home just in time!”

“You did,” Amanda said, “I thought you said just a cake?”

“She even made a special one for our baby’s first cake,” he said with a smirk. “She said the only thank you she wanted was pictures.”

I groaned.



End Chapter 6

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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