Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021

Chapter 7
Stacy Smash!

“IT’S THE SAME batter and icing as the main cake. She wouldn’t mess with another mommy’s little – few Amazons would be that dumb!” He tried to reassure me.

“Fred put them in the fridge so the icing stays cold, then go wash up. I was just getting ready to dish us all up.”

“Yes ma’am,” he said with a quick disgusting kiss to her lips. I wasn’t left out though because he came and hugged me and kissed the top of my head before he disappeared. He was back by the time Amanda had set a plate at his seat, her seat, and had just given me a bit smaller than me sized portion of the meal. To my surprise she even handed me a miniature plastic fork and knife that was perfectly my size!

“Where did you get that?” I asked.

“You’re not the only one who can use a prototyping device sweetheart.”

“Oh?” Fred asked, “What did my two girls get up to today?”

“Well, we went and saw the brand-new super-toy!” Amanda said with a smile. “I can’t wait to run my models for new nanites processes on it!”

“And what else?” Fred prompted seeming to want to move past that conversation he wouldn’t understand.

“Well our little princess here got to play on the new fabricator system they put in. Somehow in about ten minutes she designed and created something special for herself…”


“A big girl potty!” She pointed to the pink and purple potty I had made that was sitting not far from him but he hadn’t noted it.

“It’s actually her size?” he asked with a bit of shock.

“And she was a big girl with her poopies a couple times today!” Amanda said with the sickening praise reserved for a toddler in potty training.

“Alright!” he said with a somewhat enthusiastic sarcasm. “So, no pee-pees in the potty though?”

She stopped eating for a moment and I took another bite of what was a very interesting and tasty dish. “We came to an agreement of sorts… She hates making poopies in her diapee, so we’re going to let her use the potty for that when we can at home. Otherwise she’ll just use her diaper like a normal baby girl.

He actually genuinely smiled then, “You actually agreed to that Amanda?”

She sighed, “As much as I want to just baby her, I know we have to let her have some independence.” She shrugged, “Besides… she makes really cute faces when she uses the potty too.”

I blushed at that from my head to my toes. “Thanks,” I muttered.

They both laughed at me and I mostly listened as they talked and occasionally answered questions. Just as I’d finished my plate, I couldn’t help but feel hungry still. I waited patiently as Amanda and Fred finished before Amanda took our dishes to the sink.

“Ready for cake?” she smiled at me while Fred left the room.

I groaned… “Please may I have a fork? Or even you feed it to me?”

“Not this time,” she said with a smile. I watched her bring the boxes out of the fridge and a piece that was a bit larger than a cupcake to them, but pretty much a small cake to me, was pulled out and set on a large Amazonian sized paper plate. I couldn’t see much more from my seat there. I expected her to bring me a bib, but for some reason she sat the plate of cake on the tray without putting one on me. Fred had just walked into the room then with his large professional looking camera.

“You’re in on this too?” I glared at him.

“Mommy let you have a potty… just let us have our own fun now?” he suggested timidly.

I looked at Amanda’s face that looked both hopeful and worried at the same time. I knew that she already had a lot of emotional investment into me… I sighed, “Aren’t you going to put a bib on me first?” I asked Amanda.

“Not this time, we’ll clean you up and throw it in the wash. I don’t think you really want to wear that to school anyway?” she offered.

I looked down at the ruffled confectionary I was wearing and nodded, “So more incentive to get cake everywhere!” I smiled.

“The messier the baby, the better!” she told me.

I looked down at the cake she’d sat in front of me that she expected me to smash and eat with my hands like it was my first birthday… It was a pink cake that very beautifully done. Especially when you considered this was about that level of detail back home on something the size of a cupcake for an Amazon, I was really impressed. It was covered in pink fondant to give it a smooth, finished appearance, and then covered with large butterflies and flowers to make it look a fake garden almost coming up from the bottom that had icing around the base.

At the top of the candle was a single candle sticking up. Just before she lit it though I said, “Can I at least wash my hands first?”

“Sure,” she said picking the cake back up and putting it on the table. I was carried over to the sink, my hands washed, and I was back in the highchair faster than I thought possible!

“You’re really excited about this?” I said to her.

She just nodded and I could see some tears leaking out of her eyes.

“Are you ready to use that camera?” I asked Fred.

“Always ready,” he said with a smile.

Amanda lit the candle and said, “Come on baby girl, blow out the candle!”

I attempted to blow out the candle but for some reason it kept relighting it. “Trick candles?” I asked with a glare.

“Nope, just have to blow more! Come on, I’ll help you!” she told me and effortlessly blew out the candle with me making for what I was sure had to be another adorable picture. Fred really didn’t seem to stop clicking the shutter as she pulled the candle out of the way and moved out of frame.

“Come on, eat your cake!” Amanda cooed.

I looked at the cake and almost felt bad for the crime I was going to commit towards it. I reached towards it and ripped out the middle of it with my right hand, bringing a messy hand up to my face to eat it. To my delight it actually tasted incredible! I let myself go with the fun of it and kept taking large chunks to shove to my mouth. My face, hair, hands, arms, and outfit were covered in pink icing by the time I was full. Fred never stopped taking pictures!

When nothing but icing and unrecognizable cake chunks remained on the plate, I looked up at them and asked, “Cute enough?”

Amanda laughed and said, “Always!”

She removed the tray and Fred took a few more pictures of my outfit covered in pink icing before Amanda stripped me of the outfit and leaving me only in my diaper. It had been dry, but I chose that moment to change that and released a bladder that was much fuller than I had realized. As I flooded my diaper it decided to leak down my leg and onto the highchair’s padded seat.

“Uh-oh, someone’s diapee leaked!” Amanda told me in her mommy voice.

I just sighed, “Clean me up now, please?” I asked.

She laughed, “It’s okay sweetie. Let me see what we can get down here and then I’ll give you a bath.”

I sat patiently as baby wipes were used all over my hands, face, chest, and even my hair before she picked me up out of the seat, “Fred, can you take the cover off the highchair and throw it into the washer with her outfit?”

“Sure sweetie,” he told her. As she carried me by him, he hugged us both and kissed my forehead. “Thank you for indulging us,” he said.

“Can I see the pictures when I get out of my bath?”

“Sure Princess,” he told me with a smile.

Amanda carried me upstairs and to the bathroom where she started the water before looking at my diaper, “This probably could have held more sweetie, but if you just flood it like you did it’s going to leak…”

I sighed, “I guess I didn’t think about that. It was a little easier a few days ago when I just went without noticing.”

She pulled the ribbons out of my hair and loosened the pigtails, “I know, but I’m afraid if we do things to let you go without feeling it, you’ll lose that bowel continence too. Just try and go a little all the time and I don’t think you’ll have as much of a problem.”

I nodded as she pulled the diaper in question off and sat me in the tub.

“I can’t believe you managed to get so much in your hair!” she said as she tickled me.

“You wanted me to get messy… believe me I would much prefer a fork!”

She laughed and said, “Close your eyes baby girl.” I expected to feel a cup of water or something, but instead felt the removable showerhead being used instead. She sprayed my hair for several minutes before adding shampoo. I just sat still with my eyes closed the whole time enjoying the sensation of her playing with my hair. It was soothing and relaxing to me and I pouted when she was done.

“Okay, hair’s done, let’s get the rest of her!” Amanda said as she tickled me with a mitted washcloth. I blushed as she scrubbed me up and down, but especially when she was down below.

Finally scrubbed clean she looked at me and said, “ready to get out? Or do you want to play with your toys for a bit?”

I gave her the ‘really’ look and she said, “Okay let’s get you dried off then!”

She picked me up and the usual routine of my hair, diapering, and then dressing took place. I was dressed in a nightgown and given a hug, “Thank you for indulging me earlier…”

“Just please don’t ever expect me to do that again?” I begged.

She pouted but said, “Okay, once was enough. I’ll spoon feed you your actual birthday cake myself next time?”

“Better than my hands!” I said with a smile.

Amanda carried me down to Fred’s office where he had his pictures showing on the screen. I squirmed in embarrassment as I watched the little baby go crazy for the birthday cake and end up with icing everywhere! It would have been absolutely adorable if it hadn’t been me in the pictures…

“That’s the one I want to put in the living room,” Amanda said with a smile and squeezed my sides from where she was holding me.

I groaned; the picture was the very first handful that had made it to my mouth. I had a wide smile and you could still sort of recognize the cake I had just demolished. There was pink icing on my hand, my mouth, and somehow already in my hair. The colors with the sunsuit I’d been wearing made for a really pretty picture actually. I didn’t bother arguing about having a large embarrassing picture in the living room, I knew there was no winning there!

Just as she sat down with me in the rocker I asked, “What are we doing tomorrow?”

“Well in the morning I have to pack for our weekend trip. Daddy is going to come home at lunch and we’re going to leave then. Until then I’ll probably just let you do whatever you want… I don’t really have any more plans?”

“Okay,” I said sleepily.

As I nursed to sleep, I tried to think of what I might do the next day. But more importantly I was incredibly curious about where it was that we were going this weekend. ‘I didn’t even think to dig past Mom’s e-mail earlier…’


THE NEXT MORNING, I almost slept through my morning diaper change completely! It was only when my arms were being maneuvered into a green romper’s ruffled spaghetti strap top that I realized something was going on.

As I opened my eyes Amanda smiled at me, while she tickled my belly. She paused for a second and said, “Well good morning!”

I squirmed, “Stop that…”

She laughed and kept dressing me into the very babyish garment. I looked down at it when she finished dressing me and realized there were tiny little multi-colored fish that could have almost been mistaken for polka dots decorating it. My diaper was covered, barely, but my legs were fully exposed.

“You look so cute my little fish!” She exclaimed happily.

I sighed, “I told you before, I’m a dolphin,” and folded my arms over.

“Wow, you are cranky this morning, huh?”

“Only because someone woke me up…” I grumbled. “What time is it?”

“Nearly nine,” she told me.

I sighed, “Thanks for letting me sleep in I guess…”

She just laughed at me again as she brought some white socks with lace on them over to me. “I can’t let you sleep all day, and then traveling - you’d be up all night driving us nuts tonight!”

I looked at them and asked, “Any particular reason you’re dressing me so babyish today?”

“Well today while we’re flying up to where we’re going, I figured it would be easiest for you to pretend to be actually three-months old. You won’t have the rude comments from the Amazons on the plane?”

Her words took a moment to sink into my tired brain, “We’re going somewhere we have to fly to?”

“It’s not a long flight, but it saves us about twelve hours in the car.”

I sighed, “Okay, I guess that makes sense… Do I have to be completely babied on this trip?”

She bit her lip, “No, not if you don’t want to, when we get there, I’m planning on treating you as much of a big girl as we can…”

I looked up at her and a thought came to my muddled mind, “If I’m dealing with extra babying… would there be time for extra… nursing?”

She shook her head, “Probably not, we really don’t want to mess your body up, right?”

I nodded and held my arms out to her, “Can you just get me something for breakfast so my brain will start functioning better?”

Again, she laughed at me as she picked me up, the only response I gave her was to lean into her shoulder hiding my head. Downstairs she buckled me into my highchair and sat a cup of coffee and a plate of scrambled eggs and toast in front of me. I gratefully ate with the fork she had made for me after a long sip of the coffee. I ate in silence for a while as she played with a tablet device at her seat. When I had just about finished eating, I asked, “So where are we going?”

“You’ll just have to see when we get there!” she told me with a smile.

“How long are we going to be there?”

“Well we’ll get to the hotel tonight just before dinner, and then we’ll stay until Sunday afternoon and get back home not too late since you have orientation beginning Monday morning at one in the afternoon.”

“What are we doing, wherever this is?”

“You’ll enjoy it – just let me save it as a surprise!”

I sighed, “Okay.” I felt a rumbling in my bowels, “May I use the potty please?”

She smiled and said, “Sure sweetie!”

I held my arms out to her, but after she unbuckled me, she popped the snaps at my crotch first instead. She fiddled for a moment and pulled the tapes of the diaper loose for me to before putting me down on the ground with the romper ends hanging freely past my rear. I walked over to the potty quickly and sat down. As always it was a little tough to get going with an audience, but eventually my grunting paid off and I felt better as a log fell into the bowl. I stayed there for a moment and rid myself of urine too – a longer lasting dry diaper might be nice!

“Done?” She asked a moment later and I nodded. Amanda picked me up off the potty and laid me down on the floor where she had placed a towel down. My legs were pushed up in the air and she quickly wiped me clean and re-diapered me into one of the princess diapers.

I sighed as she popped the snaps on the romper close and it strained to escape the fabric a bit. I stood up when she was done and waddled into the living room while she emptied the potty in the bathroom. “May I go get on my computer upstairs?” I asked her.

She smiled and nodded, “sure” and picked me up, “I need to get everything else packed too!”

Back in my room she sat me down on my feet and I logged onto my computer. While I did that she moved into the hallway for a moment and brought back a suitcase with pink sides and multi-colored butterflies on the front. I smiled at her, “I’m surprised I haven’t been dressed up in a butterfly costume yet…”

“Halloween’s not far away!” she said with a grin that made me groan.

“Me and my big mouth…” I muttered.

I logged into my e-mail and saw a message from the university with a copy of the schedule for next week. It mentioned a math placement test that apparently was required for the whole student body, along with directions of which building each letter of alphabetical last name was required to go. I sighed, but smiled when I noticed there was an optional computer science placement test that I knew I would be attending!

Just as I was going to close out of my mail, I saw a new message pop up from Gabriela Dubois with the subject, ‘Hey Baby Boy.’ I groaned a bit but smiled too as I opened the e-mail.


Hey Stacy,
I just called your mom to see how you’re doing a little bit ago. I still can’t believe you would possibly take that trip to the other dimension knowing you’d have to pretend to be a baby! Anyway, she said you still can respond to emails since you got lucky with your foster parents there. She was kind of cagey on details though for some reason. You are doing okay, right? Just let me know that my friend is still out there!

I moved into my dorm yesterday and love my roommate! She reminds me a bit of you actually… ultimate computer nerd! Her name is Kendra and I hope at some point when you get back for a vacation you can meet her! The two of you are perfect for each other! We start orientation stuff this week and then classes the next, I think your mom mentioned the same for you?
I need to run, I’m supposed to go on some tour of campus, write soon!


“Who’s she?” Amanda asked curiously from my shoulder.

I turned and looked up at her kneeling beside me and sighed, “Gabby is my closest friend back home. I didn’t socialize a whole lot in school, neither did she really, but we would hang out together sometimes.”

“Girlfriend?” She asked hesitantly.

I shrugged, “I always wondered what could happen, but for the past two years I’ve planned this trip and not really planned on a cross-dimensional relationship working… She’s also been so focused on getting into a good school.” I paused and smiled, “She was the valedictorian above me by point-zero-one of a point on our GPAs…”

“So, you’re going to respond?”

“Do I have time?”

“You have a couple hours still before we need to leave,” she told me and squeezed me gently, “you should definitely let her know you’re alright.”

I stared back at the screen as she began walking away and had a thought, “Umm… can you send me those pictures from the past couple days?”

“You want…”

“She’ll never believe this story otherwise…” I told her, “besides, like I said she’s the closest thing I have to a best friend. She knew most of what I was getting into.”

“Most of?”

“Well becoming a girl wasn’t the expected outcome…”

She nodded sadly, “Give me a moment, I’ll go put them on a portable drive and bring you the adapter.”

“Thanks,” I told her with a smile and turned back to the screen.

Hi Gabby,

I am okay and things have ‘mostly’ gone according to plan… oh where to begin?
I came through the dimensional portal with lots of skeptical looks from the people at the portal as I came through. I just kept going though, and made it through customs without too much hassle. Literally as soon as I came out the doors of customs though I had one lady try and claim me before Amanda could get there. Thankfully she was convinced that Amanda was my rightful ‘mommy’ without too much of a scene.

I sighed before I began writing the next part, wondering if she had played dumb and Mom had told her more.

Soon after that we realized there was a bit of a misunderstanding from my name… again! To make a long and embarrassing story short before the evening was over, I was dressed as a baby GIRL and we discussed that in order to avoid being kicked out of the university I would have to remain dressed as one. There’s an adoption process I went through the next day, complete with getting a chip like some sort of pet, and then really quickly I realized this dimension’s laws have, and are changing quickly. When we were here before there were a lot of advances in legal rights for littles, but apparently a new president, and a wave of hate for those rights is washing across the country. In order to avoid anything more serious happening to me I agreed to go ahead with a procedure with nanites to make me into a girl for real. If the university found out otherwise, I would have been at risk for being removed from where I’m at and put into an orphanage or an ‘etiquette school.’ Before these new laws, when we were here last, there were some pretty strict rules on when a little could be forcibly adopted – those are all but gone now.
Well you know me… honestly the girl thing didn’t bother me that much and still doesn’t. The idea of having my brain washed away scares me a lot more! Amanda and I reprogrammed the nanites ourselves that morning of the procedure. It was a good thing because there were some nasty surprises in the code… (One would have made me sick if I had anything other than breastmilk to eat…) We caught all but one of those thankfully! The one we missed made me grow a real chubby baby face that I hope I can figure out what to do with when I come home! It makes me at least look more like an Amazon baby, so I’m less likely to get picked on.
Over the last week I’ve met Amanda’s family and gone shopping for college supplies and uniforms. I also had to take a test called the ‘CARE’ exam that was a front for trying to get as many littles put straight into the nurseries as possible. Fortunately, I knew in advance, and aced both the questions and the challenge of not messing my pants. (Sorry if that’s too much information!) I was the only person taking the test to make it through that.

“Here,” Amanda reappeared and handed me a little narrow adapter and something that reminded me of a USB Flash drive device.

“Thanks,” I told her and plugged it into my computer. We both smiled when my computer read the drive as a normal drive and I was able to get to the folders of pictures. Just for curiosity I looked at the space on the drive and gasped when I saw that little storage drive could hold fifty petabytes.

Amanda went back to making noises behind me as she continued packing and I went back to my e-mail.

Since that day though I’ve been lucky in that Amanda is letting me be a little bit more independent with things. We basically have a deal that I’ll do the baby stuff to appease her, but she lets me be a college student during the days and study. Coming to school here, I don’t think there’s another Amazon out there that I could trust. She’s really very sweet and so is her husband, so I guess this is about as perfect as I could ask for! It’s embarrassing, but getting a little bit less so with time. I’m hoping as I start orientation and classes next week, I can at least get a bit more ‘normal’ with things.
With this trip I shrank a lot more than last trip – between that and the effects of the nanites on my face I look like a three-month-old Amazon except for my hair. Could be a big problem with classes, but at least being ‘adopted’ seems to keep some of them at bay. Please don’t share them with anyone, but I’ve attached a couple pictures below for you to see how I look now.

I dug through the drive quickly and picked out a photo of Amanda holding me in her lap with a big smile and then one from the previous night before the mess of the cake on me sitting in the highchair. In both I had a pretty smile and I knew she would probably squeal out loud over how cute I looked… I took both photos into a photo editor and quickly changed my mind to one at a time as the computer ground to a halt with resources. I realized each photo was ten gigabytes a piece! My poor computer certainly met its limits there! Fortunately, I had good software that let me shrink each below a megabyte when all was said and done and I attached them.

Anyway, we’re going on some sort of trip for the weekend to some mystery destination. Amanda was just packing a suitcase for me… really should have paid attention to what she packed! I need to go! Good luck with classes, and stay in touch, I miss you!

 I looked it over one last time and pressed send as I noticed my bladder urging my attention. I let the urine loose in my diaper and stood up to look at the world around me. The suitcase she had used was on the ground just next to the baby gate that she’d closed. I walked over to it and saw that even though it was small for them, I was just barely shorter than the kid’s suitcase. I thought about opening it up to look at what she packed but the zippers were locked with a small lock that I didn’t feel like picking. My diaper bag sat on top of the suitcase and looked to be full to the brim of supplies for me. I blushed a bit at that, ‘Never going to get used to that…’

I sighed and was just about to go sit down at the computer again when Amanda walked in and said, “Ready to go?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Sure.”

“I’ve got your tablet in my bag along with your phone,” she told me, “I don’t know that you’ll be able to use either on this trip much though.”

I nodded, “Where exactly are we going?”

She just smiled, “You’ll see when we get there!”

As she opened the gate and came in, I held my arms up to her and she picked me up and lay me down the changing table just as Fred came in, “Hi Princess,” he said to me with a smile while my legs were suspended in the air by Amanda’s hand. “This all of Stacy’s stuff?”

“Should be…” Amanda said. I looked at her face and had a feeling she was actually nervous over that. ‘Well new mothers never know what they’re actually going to need,’ I admitted to myself there.

“Kay, I’ll take it down. You ready to go after you finish up with her?” He asked.

“Just need to wash my hands really quick,” she told him as she taped the diaper on.

“Oh no! We almost forgot Elena bear!” she smiled at me and walked towards the crib. My bear was picked up and placed into my arms before she walked down the stairs following Fred out to the car. Before she closed the door, she quickly tucked my hair into the floppy hat she’d used the other day to hide my hair. A pacifier was pushed into my mouth and she said, “just be patient until we get to the hotel and act like a normal baby.”

I nodded and stared at the romper I was dressed in for a moment and then looked up at the mirror where I could see Amanda getting into the passenger seat. I could also just see my own reflection and knew I wouldn’t be too hassled as long as the hat stayed on! I looked like the perfect baby girl just past the newborn stage sitting in my car seat. It was embarrassing to know it was me in the reflection, but I smiled a bit that at least I was cute… ‘I wonder what Gabby is going to say about those pictures…’ I blushed bright red thinking about it!

The drive to the airport was just long enough to make me drowsy, but not bad beyond that. Amanda came around the car and dug into the diaper bag for a moment before putting on the sling she had bought this past week. I smiled as she picked me up and positioned me to where my head was at her breast and I was in an infant carry position. It really was very comfortable but I squirmed a bit, “just lay quietly,” she whispered to me. With that she placed my head towards her to where I couldn’t really see anything and the fabric of the sling made the world go pretty dark.

I sighed and nursed the pacifier and kind of wished she would at least let me nurse to kill the time… Her heartbeat was a soothing sound though and I couldn’t help but get drowsier even as she bent over and helped Fred gather the luggage. I listened as they passed the luggage off at the ticket counter and a lady said quietly, “How old is she?”

“Three months, just glad to have her quiet. Worried about what will happen when we take off…”

“First time flying?”

“With her…”

“As you start pulling away from the gate, see if she’ll nurse. It’ll help her with her ear pressure,” the lady said with a sure voice.

“I’ll try that,” Amanda said.

“There are your boarding passes. Her car seat and stroller will be at baggage claim when you get there.”

“Thanks,” Fred said.

The walking and bouncing made me stay awake, but being unable to see or do anything, was making me bored. I sensed we must have made it to some security lines as we stopped and started moving several times. As I lay there unable to see, my ears were put to full use as I listened around me for clues of what was going on. From a little way away, I heard what sounded like a teenage boy, “Mom, I’m not a baby why do I have to wear this diaper?”

“Look sweetheart, I know you’re not… but the law is anyone under four-and-a-half feet has to wear a diaper for the safety of the other passengers.”

“But I’m not a little… I just haven’t hit my growth…”

“If you keep your whining we’ll go ahead and make that rule for when we’re back home too, you could be wearing diapers to school…”

I shivered though as I realized how bad it could be for anyone that wasn’t tall. Amazonian mothering instincts didn’t have many bounds from what I could tell! In my own head I did the math though and knew that if he was truly an Amazon teenager and that short, he might not even hit betweener height…

Not long after we’d moved a bit more, I heard another lady talking, “It’s okay baby, you don’t ever have to worry about those teeth hurting from cavities again, huh?” I shivered some more and listened as clearly there was another amazon taunting another victim.

When we finally must have reached the metal detectors, I heard a man say, “You’ll have to take your baby out of the sling and put it through the machine.”

Amanda sighed and pulled the fabric back from my head. I squinted as light flared in my eyes and a huge man’s face filled my vision. “Aww, she’s so cute!” The lady I had heard taunting someone said. I just caught a glimpse of a man who looked to be thirty in a blue romper before I was free of the sling.

“Thank you,” Amanda said softly and politely, before she handed me to Fred and pulled the sling off. Fred went ahead and went through the detector with me.

Just as we stepped through the detector beeped with an odd chirp and the man said, “Step this way please sir, ma’am.”

“She’s a little?!?” I heard someone gasp.

“Where is her chip at?” Fred was asked once we had stepped to the side.

“On her right butt cheek,” Amanda said quietly.

Fred held me in such a way that my butt could be scanned and then Amanda and Fred’s IDs were checked. “Thank you both, we just have to be sure if a little is chipped that they are with their proper guardians. Don’t want to see kidnapping happen if we can avoid it!” The security guard jovially stated with a smile and a wave to me. “You do have the prettiest little girl I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe she’s not an Amazonian baby!”

“Thank you, sir,” Fred said and Amanda gathered the sling up in her arms and then reached for me to place me back in the sling.

“Do you want me to keep hiding you?” She whispered.

“I’m already outted as a little?”

“Only to the people who were standing right there…”

I thought for a second and shrugged, “I guess leave me to where I can be seen?” I quickly added, “With the hat on?”

She squeezed me in a hug and then repositioned me to where I was setting upright and sitting sideways to where I could see her face and to her left. The sling left me comfortably supported while she was able to help with other things. As we walked, I could feel a need to pee and just let it out into the diaper without even thinking about it too much. Arriving at the gate of the terminal that they were looking for she felt my diaper and said, “Fred I’m going to go change her in the bathroom really quick.”

“Okay,” he told her with a smile and gave me one as well. She slung the diaper bag on her shoulder and carried me across the hallway to the women’s restroom. There were several changing counters in there in use, with one still open that she placed me the bag on. I stayed still in the sling while she found my changing mat to put out. Before she pulled me from the sling to lay me down, I heard whimpering next to where we were and looked. A little Amazonian girl, several times my size, was crying as her mother pulled a ginormous diaper closed.

“Shhh Cami, it’s okay…”

“Mommy please…”

“It’s okay, we both know you’re going to wet on the plane when you fall asleep.”

“But everyone will see me…”

“Who? This cute little baby girl next to you?” She smiled at me as Amanda laid me down on the mat.

“See her smiling?” I smiled for effect as Amanda pulled the snaps apart on my outfit. I was grateful for the pacifier for my nerves though. My diaper was changed quickly and she was just helping the little girl pull her skirt down as Amanda was re-slinging me.

“Now is that really so bad?” I heard her ask the girl as Amanda moved to the bathroom stall.

‘Amazons are crazy…’ I thought to myself thinking about both incidences in the last while.



End Chapter 7

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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