Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 9

BUT ISABELLA CONTINUED and nodded, “Unfortunately I know it’s the only way…”

“Well good thing we have plenty of room in Stacy’s nursery…” Amanda said seeming to be nearly as stunned from the day’s events as Bella was. She shook her head and pushed us out to the car right behind Fred. She opened the back of the van and laid my changing mat on the floor. My diaper had leaked a lot by this point so she pulled the cute outfit off and replaced it with a spare yellow dress that had a snap onesie inside. As soon as I was changed, she laid me in my car seat and buckled me up. Meanwhile Fred unbuckled the rental car seat, put it in the trunk, and began installing the new one.

“Mandy, front-facing or rear-facing?”

“Front please?” Bella asked.

Amanda shook her head, “No, she’s only wearing eighteen-month old sized clothes and way under the eighty-pound recommendation… rear-facing is a better idea for a crash.”

Bella sighed and squeaked a couple times as I heard Amanda hurriedly remove her diaper, clean her up, and then re-diaper her. Amanda had bought another mirror that she quickly attached to the seat in front of us. I could see that Bella was now dressed in the cute pink dress that she had tried on in the store. Her blush made me wonder how her skin could turn that red! “Better than being naked?” I suggested to her.

She pulled at it, “It’s okay, I guess… I could make way better… but I guess I’m done with that…”

“Maybe,” I told her, “you never know what Mommy and Daddy might figure out.”

“Mommy and Daddy,” she said sadly… “I miss my real parents…”

I didn’t pry as Amanda and Fred hopped in and pulled away towards a clinic that they had found. Fortunately, it was close by so it didn’t take long. I didn’t quite understand why they both seemed to be in a hurry to get there before it closed that day.

Fred unlatched my carrier from the base and carried me dangling from the handle, while Amanda gently reached in to pick Bella out of her seat. She placed Bella on her hip and put a pacifier back in her mouth. Fred followed her into the building as I groaned a little about the feeling of being suspended from his hand in the carrier.

“Hi, we’re traveling and just picked up our new baby girl here,” Amanda said to the spectacled woman at the counter while patting her diaper that was showing fully with her skirt up, “I’d like to get her registered if possible, today.”

The lady looked at her and noticed the carrier too, “It’s a dead day for some reason, sign in and we’ll get your new baby girl all taken care of.”

“Thank you!” Amanda said with some relief. “We’re going to the park tomorrow and I didn’t want to waste part of the day.”

“We get that sometimes,” she told her. “How old is your real baby girl?”

Fred brought the carrier forward and I was glad Amanda had straightened my hat in the car. “Three months,” Fred said.

“A three-month-old and adopting a little?”

“Well when I wean little Stacy here, Bella can take the extra milk. Besides they say your body produces whatever it really needs to. Shouldn’t have a problem making enough milk for both of them.”

“Yeah, you’re definitely right. Momma’s body knows what her little girls needs!” the lady said with a smile. “Go fill out these forms and we’ll call you back shortly.”

Amanda carried the clipboard and Bella over to the seats and began filling out the information. She had to ask Bella everything since she was a complete stranger to us all.

“What’s your birthdate sweetie?” Amanda asked.

“So, you’re twenty-three?” She confirmed.

I saw her nod as she clung to Amanda, and I had a feeling the doctor’s part was going to suck for her. Fred sat me next to where Bella sat and she looked down at me, “You’re so cute…” She shuddered I think worrying that more was coming.

“Thanks…” I said through the pacifier. “Bella, no matter what they do to you in there you can’t cry.”


“Seriously, bite your tongue or whatever, but don’t cry no matter how mean they get.”

She looked worriedly at me but nodded her understanding.

They really weren’t busy, because almost as soon as Amanda passed the forms into the receptionist they called, “Isabella Westerfield?”

“We’ll wait here for you here,” Fred said and I realized that I wasn’t going back with Bella. I looked at him in dismay but he shook his head and leaned in, “You can’t help her, and you might just end up with something bad happening to yourself. Just be a good baby here…” I held my arms out to him and he said, “You want Daddy to hold you?”

I nodded.

He cuddled me against his strong chest for a long while. “Mister Westerfield?” The same lady that had come for Bella came out.

“Doctor actually,” he told her.

“Oh, sorry about that… If you and your baby girl can come on back so you can sign the adoption certificate?”

“Sure thing, let me just get her back in her carrier.”

He squeezed me in a gentle hug before placing me down in the carrier and buckling me back in. Amanda had taken the diaper bag with her so he just grabbed the handle of the carrier and followed her back.

I was terrified to see what state Bella would be in, but as she came into my view from the carrier, she didn’t look much more upset than she had before outside. I was relieved that there were no signs she had been beaten or anything. Just as the white-coated gentlemen asked, “Doctor Westerfield if you could just please sign these papers?” I felt my bowels open and shove a mess into the back of my diaper. I whimpered a little, but didn’t want to cry too much in here. Feeding from Amanda twice in the last half-a-day apparently already had an effect on me…

My carrier was sat down on the examining table next to Bella who reached down and squeezed my hand gently. “She’s going to be a great big sister until she becomes the little sister,” the doctor said.

Amanda laughed, “Yeah, I think she will be.”

“Umm… Mommy she’s poopy,” Bella said and wrinkled her nose.

Amanda came over and said, “Smells like she is, huh?” She glared at Fred, “How long did she sit in this?”

“Must have just happened, I checked her as I laid her back down in her carrier.”

“Right…” she said and looked at me, “Come on baby girl, let’s get you all nice and clean! She unbuckled me and placed me on the examination bed next to Bella. I fought not to blush as she held my naked butt in the air with my ankles in one hand, while Bella and the doctor looked on. Fred had just finished signing the last form when Amanda placed me back into the carrier.

“Chip now?” Amanda asked.

“A nurse will be in here in a moment to insert it,” He told her.

“Thanks,” she said.

“Nice meeting you doctors, congratulations on the adorable baby girl!” He said with a smile and a wave at Bella.

The nurse came in a minute after he left and the procedure of verifying it was right, letting Amanda put a secret password, and inserting it was the same as I had dealt with. Amanda had it inserted this time just below her left butt cheek on her leg. ‘Guess she doesn’t want it to be in the same place for both of us?’ I wondered.

Bella grunted but didn’t cry when stuck with the monster needle. I nursed on my pacifier more as I watched it happen and relaxed when it was done. “Good girl, just remember crybabies get punished!” The lady said menacingly.

Fred gathered her up in his arms then and Amanda carried my carrier out to the car. Once we were outside, I could see the tears really begin going down Bella’s face in the mirror in the car, she began sobbing as she was again strapped into her car seat. “Shh… it’s okay Bella, I promise you.” Amanda cooed at her as she buckled her in.

“I’m sorry Bella, I know that hurts,” I told her after the doors were closed.

“It’s more than just the pain Stacy,” she told me sadly, “my freedom is officially gone…” she added in a whisper.


I FELT TERRIBLE for Bella, but I didn’t think there was any other real choice to keep her from whoever was after her. From what I had seen with those people, and what I’d heard, she would have ended up as one of those littles that would be better off dead! ‘I just hope that Amanda doesn’t baby her to death… she doesn’t have an agreement at all, or a reason not to…’ I thought worriedly.

At the hotel, a valet came to the car to get the keys to park it. Amanda worked quickly to get my carrier pulled off the base while a bellhop helped get our suitcases unloaded. Fred unbuckled her and carried her on his hip, while Amanda carried me in my carrier. The bellhop pulled a cart with our luggage inside with us to check in. The hotel was decorated in a Baby Looney Tunes character theme. A cute picture of a thickly diapered Bugs Bunny was painted on the wall behind the reception desk. “We have a reservation for Westerfield,” Amanda told the lady at the desk as she sat my carrier down on the counter.

A few minutes of typing the lady said, “King Bed and a crib, correct?”

“That was correct… Is there a chance we could get a second crib?”

The lady paused and asked, “new adoption?”

“Yes ma’am, just an hour ago…”

“Well congratulations Mommy!” the lady said. “The one in Daddy’s arms I’m guessing?”

“Yes, that’s her…”

“I do have a playpen available; will that work?” She asked.

Amanda nodded, “not as comfy as a crib, but it’ll work.”

The lady said, “Okay, it’ll take a little while to get it brought up there. It’ll be an additional ten dollars a night charge?”

“That’s fine,” she said while rocking my carrier a little bit and making silly faces at me. My face must have shown some of my worry for Bella.

“And I’m guessing you’ll need another toddler’s admission to the park?” She asked.

“Is there a different price for different ages?”

“Well your baby girl in the carrier is free obviously as she can’t ride much. Your new baby girl has a toddlers size admission charge.”

“Good to know,” she said while going back to rocking my carrier gently. I sucked on the pacifier nervously then.

“Okay, just sign here – and initial here, here, and here,” the lady said to her.

As she signed it the lady asked, “Do you prefer a collar or a wrist band for your little?”

“Collars?” Amanda groaned. “What is it with everyone wanting littles to be pets? They’re babies!” she was a little impatient as she said that.

The lady seemed taken aback… “Sorry, the collars are the most popular option this year. I assume that means you want the wristband?”

“Yes please,” she said agitated.

For my part I was so grateful she said that! The idea of wearing a collar around my neck seemed horrific!

Once Amanda signed the screen, she handed her a small box, “These wrist bands should be the sizes you need. I put in the smallest size for your baby, the toddler size for your new little, and then yours and your husbands. Your hotel room access and your gate tickets are all on them. Just waive your wrist by the reader for everything there. You can even pay for meals or other things with them in the park. It’ll all be charged to the account on file.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Amanda said. “Room forty-two-forty-two,” she told Fred and the bellhop who accompanied us. Fred waived an armband across the scanner and the door opened up on its own. Inside I discovered the Baby Looney Tunes theme continued through the room with Bugs, Lola, Tweety, Daffy, Taz, and Sylvester chasing each other around the walls. There were several other characters I didn’t recognize too. It was a cute set of decorations, and I had a feeling the real kids probably genuinely liked it. As soon as the bellhop was gone Amanda pulled me out of the carrier.

“Thank you, that was getting confining,” I said while letting the pacifier dangle on the strap that she’d clipped to my outfit. Bella looked terrified then as she stayed exactly where Fred had set her on the couch. “What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“She’s probably wondering if you’re about to get spanked for spitting your pacifier out and talking,” Fred said morosely.

Bella nodded nervously.

“Bella we’ve treated you way harsher in the last few hours than we ever will again if I had to guess,” Amanda said. “But let’s wait to talk for a few minutes…”

I watched as Amanda pulled out some sort of wand out of her laptop bag and genuinely wondered what she was doing. Suddenly I got that it must be a bug detector?!? Like we were in a spy movie?

She moved about the room for five minutes before saying, “Okay, we’re good. Remind me to check the playpen though when it gets here.”

“Are you spies?” Bella asked suddenly.

I laughed, “She likes her toys, but we’re not spies.”

Fred was laughing too, “If anything she would be making the toys for the spies!”

Bella looked a little annoyed but still fearful. “Okay, why don’t we tell you a bit more about ourselves so that you look a little less like the caged animal you fear you are,” Amanda said while going over to her and sitting next to her. She lifted me up and sat me in her lap, “This one can start with her crazy story. If anyone is the lunatic of the family it’s her…”

I turned around and stuck my tongue out at her

The young woman looked at me with a puzzled look, “I couldn’t believe you weren’t a real baby at first… if you hadn’t given me that medicine, I would never have known… Thank you by the way for that,” she added sheepishly.

I shrugged, “Like she said, I’m the lunatic from the other dimension.”

“You weren’t just saying that earlier?”

“No, it’s true. I’m eighteen and came here to study at Emerson.”

“Until they captured you?” She asked accusingly.

“No, they’ve been part of my plan for several months. I didn’t want to stay in the dorms because of how easy it is for littles to get adopted from there.”

She nodded, “Happens all of the time… I did as much of my coursework online as I could at the school I went to. Thankfully it was only a two-year degree so I was able to get through it quickly too without ever staying in a dorm…”

I shrugged and continued, “Anyway, I decided one of the best ways for me to survive would be to find a set of Amazons to stay with as foster parents.”

“You are crazy!”

I smiled, “I put an ad online on this dimension’s side and had a ton of responses. I whittled it down to two couples that met the specifications I’d decided on, and then had video interviews with them. One couple gave me a bunch of bad vibes as soon as I started talking to them. On the other hand, Amanda and Fred here made me feel like I could trust them. We signed a contract that at the completion of my degree, or if I get kicked out, I have to be sent home to my dimension. We also agreed to what was acceptable and not for them to do to me.”

“So, you’re not really adopted for real?” She asked nervously.

I sighed, “I am, I even have that same stupid chip in my body as you do.” I looked up at Amanda, “That was embarrassing at security earlier by the way…”

Amanda squeezed me and said, “Sorry, it’s still way better than letting someone like that lady falsely claim you…”

“So how are you going to get to classes, be carried by Mommy everywhere?” she asked.

I shook my head, “No, most of the time I’ll be walking like a normal college student. I just agreed as part of the deal that diapers were a good idea, to avoid other Bigs attention, and that I would let Amanda indulge in her maternal instincts a little bit too.”

“So just like that?” She asked skeptically. “Things cannot be that simple…”

I laughed, “So far it’s mostly been smooth sailing except for her crazy sisters.”

“So, what about me…?” She asked in a small voice.

Amanda looked at her and put an arm around her and brought her into her, “Well first of all know that I will not be turning your brain into mush, making it to where you can only say a few words, only feeding you baby food, or preventing you from walking normally.”

“What about my teeth?” She asked nervously in a small voice.

“Stacy smile at her please,” Amanda said.

I nervously did as she asked.

“Does Stacy still have all of her teeth?”

“She has a contract with you…”

“Believe me I won’t be taking anyone’s teeth,” Amanda said and hugged her more. “I think it’s the dumbest thing on the planet.”

“I happen to agree with her,” Fred said reappearing from wherever he had disappeared to.

“So… but what do I do now with my apartment… and my stuff… and my work…” She was genuinely sobbing now. I crawled from Amanda’s lap onto hers as much as I could and hugged her tight.

“Well that’s going to be a really good question Bella… We weren’t exactly planning on ever really adopting another little either,” Fred answered.

“Unfortunately, we can’t leave you alone at home…” Amanda said softly as she began stroking both of our hair.

“Stupid Amazons…” she said and then looked up, “Umm… no offense… I mean you’re practically teddy bear Bigs… but still…”

“I understand Bella, it’s not fair at all,” Amanda said. “I might have an idea or two, but we’ll have to wait and talk to some people back home. If we can’t do anything else, I guess I can take you to some of my classes like some of the professors…”

“What about what Stacy is doing? How is she doing it?” She asked.

“Stacy has achieved some exceptional test scores that opened up some doors for her.”

“What about the CARE test?”

“Took it this past week,” I told her.

“You passed it?!?” She asked shocked. “No one passes it anymore!”

“Not easy,” I admitted, “but I did pretty well too.”

Fred snorted, “Pretty well… I guess it wasn’t perfect, but it was close enough Stacy.”

“Anyway, she’ll be in classes, with me, my father at his martial arts studio, with my baby sister Megan – who’s also a student…”

“Is she a little too?” Bella asked skeptically.

I shook my head, “No, she’s short for a Big, but she’s a Big.”

“What happened to your face? That can’t be the way you arrived?” She asked after a moment of silence.

I looked up at Amanda and sighed.

“Okay, so this is going to probably push you over the skeptical meter…” I proceeded to tell her about the mix-up and how we had solved it.

To my surprise Bella had a weird smirk on her face and giggled, “Now that sounds like the kind of messed up thing I expect!” Then she looked pained, “I’m not going to have to do that, am I?”

Amanda shook her head, “No dear, I won’t make you do that.”

She sighed in relief but then asked, “So what are you going to make me do?”

Amanda pulled me back off of where I was half-leaning on her and set me on her right knee so she could pull Bella onto her left. The idea that I could fit comfortably on her lap with another ‘adult’ really reminded me of how big she was! “Well, I guess first you have to know diapers and being babied are going to be mandatory… I’ll also suggest we get your hair permanently removed on your body for your own hygiene…”

Bella grimaced but said, “I’ve already had that done.”

I noticed for the first time that she didn’t have any hair on her arms. The leg hair was a pretty normal thing for a woman to shave so I hadn’t even really thought about that she already was taken care of.

“Well that’s helpful!” Amanda said with a smile and a squeeze, “Anyway, you’re not like Stacy so I’d probably like to nurse you more than her…”

“Nurse me?” She asked nervously.

“From my breasts sweetie,” she told her.

“What do you mean more than her?” she asked in a small voice.

“We have to keep to once a day for her for her safety…” Amanda said, “don’t worry though you’ll be eating solid food just like her.”

She sighed in relief, “Thank you… What about sewing? Can I do that still?”

“We’ll see what we can do for you there… No promises but I’ll try and make it to where you can at least do it as a craft activity. We have to be careful in case LPS gets called… I was already worried about it with Stacy here, but you’ve probably put an even larger target on us now.”

She nodded and stared for a moment before suddenly hugging Amanda, “I knew I wouldn’t last free much longer, thank you for being the ones that found me.”

“You’re welcome sweetie,” she told her. “Now I think I have two little girls that need to have a bath and then go night-night before we have a big day tomorrow!”

Just as she said that a knock happened at the door and the playpen was brought in and helpfully setup. She told Fred, “Go ahead and put the playpen my side and the crib on your side.”

Once the hotel employee was gone, she carefully carried both Bella and I into the bathroom and left for a moment. I stared at Bella nervously, “So…”

She laughed, “Look I know you’re sad for me, but this really was inevitable here. I just hate the fact it sounds like you’re the smaller baby but going to be my big sister in a lot of ways.”

I grimaced, neither of us had told her about the fact I was allowed to go poop in a potty at home. Amanda came back in a moment later and held a finger up to her lips in a quiet motion. She quickly showed me a little black device and flushed it down the toilet. After she flushed three more times I asked, “Was that…?”

“Yes, it was…”

“Wow…” was all I could say as Amanda reached down and started the bathwater in the tub and added some bubble bath that she’d brought with her. Once the water had started filling, she reached down and pulled Bella’s dress off her head and removed her diaper. She looked embarrassed with an audience, something I could relate to a moment later when my own outfit was unsnapped and my diaper was removed too. With a quick check of the temperature Amanda placed me inside the tub first and then Bella on the opposite end.

“This is awkward,” Bella said quietly.

“Yep,” I agreed.

“And you’re both going to get used to it, huh?” Amanda said with a smile. “If I’m going to have two baby girls then they’re going to get baths together like normal sisters.”

I sighed, “thank you for the bubbles at least,” I told her. It didn’t really prevent either of us from staring at the other, but I felt less exposed with a little bit of coverage on my groin. “So… umm… what’s your story Bella?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Your family?” I asked as Amanda dumped water on my hair.

She sighed, “My mom and dad just disappeared one night when I was fourteen. I didn’t see them for two years until one day some Amazon was pulling along two littles on leashes, wearing only collars and their diapers dripping poop down their legs.”

I felt bad for her, “I’m sorry…”

She shrugged sadly, “It happens… Too often… Anyway, my older sister was nineteen then, so she and I lived together until after I graduated high school and started my fashion design program. She was with a CAMOL protest group right about the time the new president was elected. She was adopted right there on the spot after someone threw some dirty diapers at the counter-protestors…”

“Ouch…” Amanda said as she poured warm water over my hair again to rinse the shampoo out. “I’m sorry…”

“M… Mo…” she choked up, “Mommy, I said before, you’ve got nothing to be sorry for. All I ask is that you please don’t go back on your word and make me like her and them… I’ll play baby, but please don’t make me like them…”

Her tears were coming in streams then and Amanda gave her a hug. Her wet hair made a big wet mark on Amanda’s blouse but she didn’t care. “It’ll be okay sweetie, I promise.”

I sat there and watched her console her, hoping beyond hope that things would be okay for her in the end. At the same time, I couldn’t help feel worse that I knew I was going to have way more freedom than she would. I was a college student with a little bit of autonomy in theory. She would be nothing more than another forced baby doll… And the sad thing to me was that Amanda and Fred didn’t have a choice about it either, LPS probably would come snooping around this year...

‘Possibly sooner if whoever just tried to bug our room gets involved…’ I thought to myself grimly.

Amanda finished up washing both of us and pulled the plug out of the bathtub. “Fred, can you come give me a hand?”

As he walked in the bathroom Bella froze and put her arms across her chest. Amanda sighed but pushed her arms down, “Bella, he’s your Daddy now… and you have to remember to act like you’re a baby now… You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and people will get suspicious if you act like that…”

She whimpered but didn’t try to cover herself again, “Fred, would you get Bella dressed so she can get used to you?”

“What if I wanted Daddy to take care of me?” I asked, trying to help Bella out.

“Not tonight sweetie,” she told me with a look that said she appreciated what I was doing, but behave.

I sighed and lifted my arms up and let her pick me up in a towel while Fred picked up a shaking Bella in another towel. We were carried into the room where two changing pads were now laying out on a table. To my surprise Fred was quicker than Amanda, so Bella was dressed in a pink set of footed pajamas before I was in my own purple set. She took us into the bathroom and blow-dried Bella’s hair first, then my own, before braiding our hair into loose braids. Bella’s braid was longer than mine, but that made sense with her being older and a girl her whole life.

“Okay, time for a bedtime story,” Amanda said as she carried us both over to the couch, now dressed in a robe.

She put me on her right knee as she leaned against her left side of the couch, and then brought Bella into her lap on the other side with her arms around us. “Once upon a time…” I enjoyed the story because it was a new one to me again, but I noticed that Bella looked sadder and sadder. At the end she was quietly sobbing, “Shh, it’s okay,” Amanda told her. Without saying anything else Amanda picked me up and sat me to her side for a moment as she laid Bella across her lap with her legs coming towards me. Amanda undid the robe and pushed her head towards her left breast, “Go ahead and nursie,” to Bella after she gave her a crazy look.

“Do I have to…?” Bella asked nervously.

“Try it and see how you feel about it?” Amanda suggested.

I watched Bella tentatively look at Amanda’s large breast and reach her head forward. She opened her mouth nervously and tentatively suckled, and a moment later she was on the autopilot I knew too well. I was feeling hungry and jealous beyond words, something Amanda picked up on with a smile. “I have two you know…”

She placed me to where I was laying on top of Bella and able to get to her right breast that was closer to me. As soon as I began nursing, I stopped worrying about sharing and went to sleep.



End Chapter 9

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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