Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 5
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WE WALKED OVER to the terminal side of the room and he showed us some of the software they were testing on the system now that it was up. One researcher had input some weather modeling system and you could see it calculating conditions for the next four weeks. “How accurate has it been so far?” Amanda asked.

“Well it could put Dana from the local station out of business!” the lady running the software said, “It’s been accurate to the minute so far today on temperatures and rain across the world. We’ll have to try it for a few weeks before we announce anything to the public, but I think this system is able to finally be accurate enough to depend on completely!”

I listened as the variables and the fluid calculations were discussed. I understood the programming end, but some of the concepts behind their models were way beyond my knowledge. Eventually Dr. Babbage ended the conversation and walked us back towards the hallway. “You want to see the prototyping space too?”

“Yes, and maybe we could let Stacy here make something?”

“Well we don’t have long; she’d need to model something quicker than I think most people are capable of… I suppose she could use something from the library to base something off of. You’re looking for refrigerator art?”

“Something like that,” Amanda said while I seethed.

Dr. Babbage wasn’t intentionally being mean like Chloe – he just seemed to be a total jerk on his own. Somehow, I suspected I wouldn’t be his biggest fan even if I were a full-grown Amazon. He was just naturally a condescending jerk!

The hallways led us around the outside of the mainframe area and we soon entered a large room with computers next to large glass enclosed units that looked like the 3D printers that had begun to be popular in my own dimension. I knew Amanda had one upstairs that she had made her controller on, but these seemed to be much larger and more advanced!

“Wow, you have the latest ZX3300 machines!” Amanda said, “I thought you were only going to be able to get the 2100s?”

“Last minute benefactor gave us funding for the upgrade!” Dr. Babbage said happily, “Sam was ecstatic!”

At the statement of a new name a lady walked over towards us, “Hi Mandy!” She said with a smile, “And who is this gorgeous baby girl?”

“I’m Stacy,” I told her.

“Oh my God, she’s so cute! You must have just caught her on your way here?” She asked Amanda while cooing at me.

“No, she’s been with us almost two weeks now Sam. She’s going to be going to school here still.”

“Why don’t you just have her in the daycare while you work? Surely being a big elementary student will be too much for her?”

I sighed, “She means college here,” I told her.

The lady looked taken aback and re-examined me. “For what?”

“Computer science,” I told her.

“Mandy?” She asked.

“Yep, my little girl here is actually pretty dang smart with programming. We’re going to help her get through college and then we’ll see what happens then.”

The lady sighed and shook her head, “Just when I thought you were getting practical and settling down… So, you want to see the machines?”

“Please!” Amanda and I said simultaneously.

“Well these are the latest from the Zagner company.” Amanda picked me up and stood me on a bench next to one of the machines so I could see, “They’re able to prototype in plastic, wood, steel, ceramic, and even gold or other precious metals if you buy the filament for it.”

“I assume that’s ridiculously pricey?” I asked.

“Market value plus forty percent,” she responded after skeptically glaring at me for a moment.

“Ouch,” I said. “How do you control it?”

“Well you use the modeling software on this computer,” she said opening up a program. I watched as she instantly prototyped a small bracelet on the screen that said Stacy on it in cut out baby block letters that tilted back and forth. She went up to the top of a menu bar and I watched as she pressed ‘Print.’ To my left in the clear plastic area I watched as the machine came alive and within a matter of seconds a bracelet my size printed. She opened a door on one side and then handed it to me.

“For you baby girl,” she said with a smile.

I sighed inside my head, but accepted the ‘gift’ graciously, “Thank you.” I put it on the wrist with my charm bracelet and found it fit pretty well once I got it over my hand. “What’s it made out of?”

“Oh, that one is the titanium thread,” she told me. “Very hard material obviously.”

I looked at the bracelet some more and noted that if it wasn’t for the baby block letters spelling my name, I would actually think it kind of pretty to wear. There was somehow a natural variation in colors across the bracelet that I vaguely remembered hearing would happen with titanium depending on the heat applied.

“Can she play with it for a few minutes?” Amanda asked.

“The bracelet is hers to keep,” she said.

“No, I meant the printer?”

“Umm… she might break it…?”

“I promise you she won’t,” Amanda said with a smile.

“Come on, it won’t hurt anything,” Dr. Babbage said, clearly deciding he wanted to indulge me for some reason.

“Alright then…” she said.

I was given a quick lesson on where things were in the menus before they all began talking about the new lab and the mainframe. ‘What to make?’ I thought to myself. I looked at the baby blocks on the bracelet and wished that I didn’t have to be a baby in this world. The diapers weren’t terrible, but pooping myself sure was! There was no hope of using a potty since I was so small…

‘That’s it!’ I thought to myself.

I quickly scanned through some of the shapes that they had preprogrammed to use to build with and used the mouse and the oversized keyboard quickly to create my idea. I followed the K.I.S.S. rule, but also tried to keep in mind its usability… Just before they remembered I was there I selected plastic for the material, selected colors for the various parts, and then pressed ‘Print.’

“What did you make cutie?” Sam asked.

“Something I hope Mommy will let me use?” I looked at Amanda hopefully and she looked quizzically back at me in response.

As I said that I watched the machine quickly whirl back and forth with the filaments quickly forming the idea that had come to mind.

“How adorable!” Sam said a minute later when the machine was finished. “She actually thinks you would let her use this too! That’s hilarious!”

Amanda gave me ‘the look’ then, but I just looked at her with the puppy dog eye look that I knew all girls had. It seemed to work as her glare softened slightly, “Well I did tell her that the reason I couldn’t even think about potty training her was there aren’t any potties small enough for her.”

“She’s absolutely tiny… She probably fits into the three-month sizes at most, right?” Sam asked.


“So yeah there’s no reason to even think of having a potty for a baby or a little that size silly girl,” she told me. “If my little girl was as tiny as you, I wouldn’t even let her crawl around anymore!”

“Assuming you don’t want that as a refrigerator magnet, I’ll recycle it for the filament…” she said as she walked to the screen next to me.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, we’ll take it with us,” Amanda said. “I want to show her Daddy what she made so he can get a good laugh.”

“You’re right, Fred would enjoy that!”

I watched her reach in and hand Amanda the me-sized pink and purple potty chair. It was a very simple design, but I had managed to make it to where the bowl in the middle would pop out to empty it and the seat would fit my tiny rear. It was only seven inches high to the seat, so I could actually sit down on it unassisted with no issues. I had come to that height for the measurement based on how tall my knees were off the ground since most toilets tended to be that level.

As Sam picked it up she said, “Whoa… I thought this was just a simple print… How did you make it in two pieces with one print?”

I smiled at her, “Magic,” I told her knowing she was referring to the bowl being removable.

“No, for real?” she asked.

I explained the instructions I’d given her printer, which was just similar enough to a MakerBot I’d used at school back home for a project once, to easily make sense. That machine was so far behind the one I’d just used it wasn’t even a fair comparison though!

“Maybe you don’t belong just drooling in daycare…” she said skeptically. “How did you do this so quick?”

I shrugged, “It’s just math and using some of the pre-existing shapes in your software.”

“My goal is she actually gets to earn a degree with that brain of hers,” Mandy said to her.

“What does she do with programming?” Dr. Babbage asked.

“You’ll just have to wait and see,” I told him. “I should have the pre-reqs for your courses done by the end of next year.”

“Depending on your placement exams… maybe sooner…” He breathed as he began staring at me like some unknown creature.

“Well we’ve taken enough of your time up today,” Amanda said as she scooped me off the bench and sat me on my feet, “I’ll be back to work full time in two weeks and I’ll come down to discuss the latest project the department wants to use your system to model, Andy. Maybe I’ll bring Stacy with me depending on the time. She has a pretty busy schedule this semester on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but the other days are pretty light.”

“I’m curious to see what her placement exams do actually though,” Dr. Babbage said. “She may have to change that schedule around completely…”

“We’ll see,” Amanda said, “See you later Andy, Sam.”

“Nice meeting you,” I told both of them.

Amanda carried the potty in her left hand and held my right hand as we exited the elevator on the ground floor.

“Oh, sweetie you’re not trying to potty train that little baby girl, are you?” The security guard from earlier asked.

“No, I just have it to show her what a big girl she isn’t,” Amanda told her.

I grimaced but kept walking, “You know that was a big risk you took in there,” she told me as we got to the car.

“How so?”

“You could have been seen as just antagonizing two people I’m guessing you’ll have for classes in the future.”

“Instead I impressed them though, right?”

She opened the back of her car and sat the potty down before picking me up. “This time you did,” she said as she pushed me onto my back and the pushed the skirt of my dress out of her way. I heard and felt her rip the tapes loose on my diaper, “You can’t depend on that working every time though, you have to be more careful!”

“Yes Mommy,” I told her with a sigh. “So, do I get to use it?”

“Use what?”

“The potty?”

“Why would you need one?”

“Because I’m not really a baby?”

“You have about as much sense as one…”

I pouted as she sat me up and hugged me, “We’ll talk at home. You and I both know though that you’re safest in a diaper. If you wear big girl panties to school, and have just one accident, you’ll be on your way back to daycare.”

I nodded, “I was only thinking maybe at home… so I don’t have to go poopy in my diaper?”

She looked at me, “You really hate going poopy in your diapee, huh?” She asked as she began buckling the harness on my car seat.

“It’s gross… peeing isn’t so bad, but poop is disgusting…” I wrinkled my nose.

I watched her face go through several thoughts before she sighed, “Let me think about it and look at your potty a little closer back home.” She pushed a pacifier into my mouth, kissed me on the forehead, then closed the door and went around to her side of the car to pull away.

I sighed and looked at my watch seeing I now had more points to play with my pet. I spent the few minutes of the ride home playing with it and watching it grow. Amanda broke me away from it as she lifted me out of the car seat and carried me inside. I felt her check my diaper underneath the dress as she continued to carry me into the living room and sat me in the playpen. “Why?” I asked.

“Just wait there,” she told me and walked back out to the car. I waited and watched as she came back with my bag and the potty.

I watched through the mesh as she sat down on the couch and examined it, “Do you just like throwing your future away?” She asked me after she’d looked at it for a few minutes.

“What did I do?” I asked.

She sighed, “Stacy if the general population of this city had their way you would be exactly like Kacey or Neville. Going to school is the last thing littles should be doing as they don’t need the education to drool on themselves… That’s what most Amazons think!” She told me. “So, pushing buttons with a big and making a potty… not very smart.”

“Sorry…” I said contritely, I knew she had a point.

She was silent for a few minutes before standing up and setting the potty down on the floor of the kitchen. I wondered what she was up to when she came back over to me and felt the dry diaper. She stood me up on the floor and pulled my dress up off my head so I was just in my diaper. A moment later she pulled the tapes off it and I was naked. “Well you wanted a potty to use, see if you can still use it,” she told me.

I stared at her in shock for a second and then walked over to my creation and gingerly sat down. I had nailed the height and smiled as I forced out a small chunk of poop that I needed to get out. The urine and poop smelled in the potty, but as far as I was concerned, I had just done the most grown-up thing since I’d left home!

“Good girl,” Amanda cheered at me before attacking me with a couple baby wipes to clean me up. She stood me up naked in the kitchen and said, “Wait here until I get back and put another diaper on you.” She used the handle I had designed to pick up the bowl and carried it to the downstairs bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and running water was used to rinse it out. She returned, sat it back in the potty, and carried my naked body upstairs with my school dress held in her opposite hand.

“So…?” I asked her.

“Well you know how to make things with the prototyping machine…” she said.

“And the potty?”

“What about it?”

“…is that the only time I’m going to be allowed to use it?”

She sighed and lay me down on the changing table. A moment later my feet were in my face as she pretzeled my body to put a new diaper underneath me. “I’m going to have to think about it more, Stacy. I’m not sure if we can even find training panties in your size… Plus, why bother?”

“Because you know I’m not a baby?”

“But you’re going to have to wear diapers to your classes no matter what. You’ll have to be diapered when we go anywhere pretty much no matter what… the only time you would be able to use the potty would be here at home?”

“Okay, that’s really all I want.” I told her.

“Not so fast, I haven’t agreed to that yet, have I?”

I sighed, “What would it take for you to agree to it?”

“There would be conditions, and it would definitely only be at home… I need to think it through though first and I’ll talk to Daddy about it too. I don’t want to put you in more harm just so you can feel a little more grownup. It’s honestly easier to change your messy diaper than empty that potty and clean it out each time.”

I felt myself turn red in annoyance then, but I kept my mouth shut for once. She finished diapering me and found a purple onesie in the closet that she pulled over my head and snapped the crotch shut on. I was given a tight hug, “I’m sorry if I seem mean about this Stacy…” She sighed, “Give me some time to figure out where we need to actually draw lines with you. I know you’re a college student, but a part of me really wants to do exactly what Chloe and Cassie say… Holding you tight and cuddling you is like a dream come true! I like being in charge of your poopy diapers - it makes being your mommy feel more real…”

I looked up and saw tears in her eyes, “I’m sorry… If you really want me just to keep using my diapers…”

She shook her head, “We’re going to figure this out… just not right now. Let’s go downstairs and get some lunch in our tummies, a nap, and then go for an afternoon swim.”

I felt bad then, but relieved that she wasn’t taking the potty and throwing it in the trash… Downstairs she harnessed me into the highchair and began digging around the fridge and the cabinets. “How about PB&J?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “That’s fine, thank you,” I told her as she placed a sippy cup of juice on my tray.

I took a sip from the cup as I watched her take two pieces of gigantic sized bread and spread peanut butter on one, jelly on the other, and then put them together. She then pulled out something plastic from one of the drawers and placed it on top of the sandwich. I recognized it then as probably being a sandwich cutter. I watched her then use a knife to cut the shaped sandwich into four parts that she brought to me.

“It’s cute!” I told her with a smile as I saw the butterfly sandwich on my plate. “You really are obsessed with butterflies, aren’t you?”

She smiled, “Yes I am my little butterfly!”

It was good to see her smile again, and could tell she wasn’t angry with me as she kissed the top of my head and placed a bib around my neck. I ate the sandwich slowly and enjoyed the taste of the jelly that was used. It seemed sweeter than the strawberry jelly at home. Amanda made her own sandwich and I laughed as she used the butterfly cutter on her own sandwich too.

“What are you laughing at,” she stuck her tongue out at me, “it’s already dirty, might as well have my own butterfly!”

“Uh-huh,” I said and took another bite of my sandwich.

When I was done, I watched her eat her own sandwich before she came over to me with a baby wipe to clean my face and hands. “Not such a clean princess this time?”

I shrugged, “Sowwy,” I told her with a smile.

She moved the tray and picked me up while feeling my diaper. “Since it’s dry it’ll hold you through your nap,” she squeezed me again while she took me up to the nursery and lay me down in the crib. A pacifier was placed in my lips and she turned the mobile above me on. “Sleep for a bit and then we’ll go swimming,” she told me.

I sighed and turned over to face the wall of bars by the wall. I grabbed Elena and pulled her in tight to me to cuddle with. The music lulled me into a bit of a trance and I went to sleep.


SOME TIME LATER Amanda woke me up, “Hey sweetie, you awake yet?” She asked me as she held me.

I yawned, “I guess…”

“You’re dry… do you want to use your potty?”

I looked at her in shock, “What?”

“Your potty, do you want to use it or just go in your diapee?”

Her eyes were red like she had been crying, “You’re asking me? Why?”

She sighed and gave me a squeeze, “The last thing I want to do is treat you like Chloe and Cassie treat their littles… Our original plan was to baby you for a week so you would understand how things go for normal littles… and then have you grow up and start using the potty again this week.”

“Original plan? What changed it?”

“Besides the fact that you are beyond adorable, cuddly, and cause tons of maternal hormones to screw with my brain?” She paused, “Your size… I was being honest when I said there was no potty your size. I just decided it was easiest just to diaper you then. I…” She choked up, “I like babying you. It makes me feel like all is right in the world… so I can’t say that I really sought out a ton of alternatives. When you suddenly made a potty… well it felt like you were rejecting me.”

I felt tears in my own eyes then, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t… I didn’t think about how…”

“You shouldn’t have to… College students, especially littles, have to have a sense of maturity about them… If you’re completely un-potty-trained there’s a huge possible problem for you there. So… since we have a potty that you can sit on, do you want to use it?”

I looked up at Amanda for a long moment and thought about still just using the diaper. I could see it clearly on her face that she would rather change a wet or messy diaper than let me ‘grow up’ and use the potty. The truth was I knew I agreed to diapers when I came… But I also knew if I wanted to be more than a drooling, toothless, damaged little I had to assert myself. “Potty please Mommy,” I told her.

She squeezed me and smiled, “Okay, I set it in the hallway bathroom, let’s just get this diapee off of you.”

She sat me on the changing table for a moment and pulled the tapes loose. I was sat on the ground and walked down to the hallway bathroom with the flaps of the onesie hanging down and only marginally covering me. As promised my new pink and purple potty sat on the floor and I sat down on it. Almost immediately I was able to let loose a stream of urine into the little bowl. A moment later Amanda reached down and used a baby wipe on me and handed me a swim diaper, “here, I left your swimsuit on your desk if you want to go put it on while I clean up.”

I looked back at the liquid in the potty and nodded at her in thanks as I pulled the swim diaper up my legs. Back in my room I pulled the onesie off over my head and grabbed the yellow swimsuit she had left out for me. There was a large pink and white flower with a face on it that made me smile. I stepped into the leg holes and pulled the one-piece suit over my shoulders before looking at myself in the mirror. While I looked like a baby right then, I felt the most mature I had since I’d left my own dimension!

“Ready?” Amanda asked from the doorway.

I held my arms up to her in the ‘I want up’ pose and she obliged, “Now I am,” I told her giving her a hug the best I can. “Thank you, I don’t think I can even begin to express that enough. Thank you for caring for me more than anyone else here ever would.”

She hugged me back, “You’re welcome, let’s go toss you in the pool my little fish.”

“For the last time I’m a dolphin… You and Daddy just can’t seem to get that right,” I complained.

She tickled my bare foot for a moment making me giggle some more, and then carried me downstairs and out to the pool. I noticed for the first time she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit of her own, but didn’t think much of it. She gently sat me in the water and I began swimming laps. As I swam, I traded counting of laps, and what to do with Amanda. I felt bad for her that she had that need for a baby… and in all honesty being a baby for her didn’t bother me as much as it would have for someone else.

Nursing from her was obviously a dangerous thing to do, but the fact was that it was one of the most calming and relaxing things I could ever remember doing! The comfort I felt while nursing her breast made me continually long for it again. When she changed a wet or messy diaper, she was… just so loving as she did it… it was hard to totally hate anything except the feel of the mess on my bottom.

By the same token though going to college meant I needed to be an ‘adult’ little. At least as much of one as possible… so if I constantly wet and messed my diapers I was pretty sure it would be inevitable that I would do so at a bad time there.

The thoughts ran through my head constantly, and only when I came to the realization I had counted to ‘one-hundred’ twice with my laps, did I flip on my back and rest. I noticed Amanda laying in a chair reading and decided to swim to the ‘shallow’ side of the pool that had some steps that I had yet to use built in. I was able to stand on the top of those steps and pulled myself onto the pavement next to the pool, but in the process gave myself more of a wedgie with the swimsuit and the diaper. I tugged it back better into place and walked to Amanda and sat in ‘my chair’ that was next to hers.

“Well hi there, did you finally get tired?” She asked me with a smile as she put her book down.

I shrugged, “Not really, just decided I’d done enough.”

“How many of those laps did you do?”

“Two-hundred,” I told her with a smile.

“We really need to take you to a real pool sometime…”

“Would they even let me in?”

“The university will, since you’re a student, as long as you have a swim diaper on.”

“Diapers…” I sighed.

She picked up a towel and wrapped my wet body in it before picking me up and setting me on her lap.

“Diapers,” she agreed.

“What do you think we should do?”

She sighed, “I think today and tomorrow you need to use the potty when you feel the urge. If you have accidents, we change you, but…” Amanda looked like she was hurting and on the verge of tears, “I think you having as much control as you can is the smartest thing to do…”

“What…” I paused and breathed, “What if I don’t mind wet diapers?” I asked feeling my face redden.



End Chapter 5

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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