Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021

Chapter 14

“YOUR BOARDING PASSES are all in this envelope,” the lady at the ticket counter said as I sat upright in the sling with my hat on my head covering my hair. Bella was clinging to Fred as he reached to take them from the woman.

“Can you hold these for Daddy?” He asked her a moment later.

“Your baby girls are both adorable,” the lady told him with a smile. “Have a safe flight!”

With everything other than the backpack and diaper bag now checked in at the counter, Amanda and Fred were pretty unhindered. As promised the security team members from the park followed us to the line at security and didn’t leave until they saw us get to the front.

“I need to scan your little for her chip,” the man at the gate said to Fred.

“Scan my other daughter discreetly too please?” Amanda asked.

He looked at me with some surprise, but waved the wand over Bella and then over me like it was on its way down. “IDs please?” He said to them

Amanda handed him the driver’s license she had kept out for this, as well as Fred’s. Convinced they were our rightful guardians we were motioned through without everyone figuring out I was a little this time. Amanda and Fred had just made it to our gate when I looked across the room and saw the business lady from the last flight that had talked to our stewardess and ‘Collin’ at the airport after the failed kidnapping of Bella.

“Mommy,” I hissed at her.

“What baby?” she asked me bouncing a little like she was comforting a fussy baby.

“That lady over there is the one that was with Collin and the stewardess!” I said with a nod of my head.

“I know sweetie, I fully expect them to follow us home… or at least try to.”

“Why wouldn’t they be able to?” I asked her.

“Not just yet,” she told me with a kiss on my nose. She felt my diaper, and I knew that it was damper than it should have been before getting on a flight. “Wet, already?” She said with a smile.

“Sowwy,” I told her and leaned my head back onto her shoulder.

“Fred, would you bring Bella? There’s a changing room over there.”

“Sure sweetie,” he said feeling her diaper and announcing, “she is wet again already… I think it could take some more though?”

“Let’s at least start off the flight with clean diapers,” she told both of them with a smile.

I noticed that the businesswoman followed us at a distance as we stepped into the large room designated for changing diapers. She was clearly staring at us as my diaper was changed. Unfortunately for me, it was from the discreet Pamper to a bulky princess diaper. ‘I don’t know how I’ll move quickly with this diaper if something goes on…’ I grumbled internally while simultaneously feeling creeped out by her staring at me naked.

Amanda ignored her and hummed a bit as she handed me to Fred while she changed Bella’s diaper.

“Daddy said you weren’t too wet, huh?” She said to Bella as she tickled her side a bit. “This is definitely a wet little girl,” she kept tickling her for a moment. Bella’s frown softened a little, and it was what Amanda must have been looking for as she opened up the diaper. I surreptitiously looked over at the woman and saw she was texting on her phone right then. “There! All clean!” Amanda said in her Mommy voice. She packed everything back into the diaper bag and then helped place Bella into the carrier Fred had on. “Here, let’s get Baby Bella in here. If you can keep holding Stacy while I wash my hands?”

“Sure honey,” he told her and kissed Bella’s forehead and then mine, before he followed her to the sink.

Just then the business lady and the four of us were suddenly now alone in the changing room. She came over and looked at Amanda, “You know you shouldn’t have interfered with this one.”

“Interfered?” Amanda said, doing a pretty good job of sounding clueless. “What do you mean?”

“It’s getting harder and harder to find free native littles that aren’t broken in yet… This one was going to demand top dollar.”

Amanda patted Bella’s head in Fred’s carrier as he squeezed us both reassuringly, “I’m sure she was, but I got there first huh?” The voice she used was that of a mother talking to her baby. Her patronizing tone was sending my own personal anger meter up; I could only imagine it being used against another adult like her!

“You bitch, you listen here!” The lady said and moved to slap Amanda.

I watched Amanda do the seemingly impossible move of dodging, using the lady’s momentum against her, and bending her over her knee all in one fluid move. Amanda pulled the struggling woman’s skirt up, ripped her panties down, and proceeded to slap the living crap out of her bare ass. “You do not hit others little girl!” Amanda told her while annunciating each word with a strike on the woman’s bottom.

After several dozen spankings had been administered a crowd was now present. The lady was blubbering and bawling like a baby by that point! Her bottom was a vivid red with some palm prints visible, and I couldn’t help but tremble at the thought that she would ever spank me if she was capable of reducing a full-grown amazon to that with her bare hands! Granted the lady was shorter than her by a couple feet… but still!

“What’s the problem here?” A security guard came up to see the commotion.

“This ‘lady’ came into this room to stare at my little girls getting their diapers changed. She came up to us after I finished and threatened me over the fact that I had adopted this one before she had. She’s so immature that she decided to slap me over it. I caught her hand and proceeded to give her the spanking that she deserved sir.”

“Is this true?” He asked the lady.

She tried to shake her head but one look at Amanda’s angry face made her nod as tears and snot ran down her face. “Yes, I tried to slap her… But she spanked me… That’s assault!”

“Maybe if you were a mature adult, but it sounds like this was just a good punishment you needed little girl,” a large female officer said. She was a few inches taller than Amanda, so she was considerably taller than the rather short Amazonian lady.


“I think she had the right of it here. Why don’t you come with me ma’am? We’ll go sort this out in the security office and figure out what we need to do with you.”

“But what about my flight?”

“I’m not sure you’re mature enough anymore for that flight little lady, we’ll see what we can do about getting you on another flight… possibly a more supervised one?”

I almost laughed as the lady was led away by two of the officers. ‘Can she be put back into a nursery herself?’ I wondered and noticed the lady in charge had hung around.

“Mr. Warner asked for us to keep an eye on you all in case you had any other problems. I see his concerns were well founded… do you have resources back home to protect you?” She paused, “From what I can tell this is a pretty dangerous group.”

“We will be fine back home,” Amanda told her. “My father’s all we could possibly need.”

“He the one that taught you that move?” she said pointing towards a video camera I hadn’t noticed.

“That would be him…” Amanda said nervously with a nervous giggle. “Are we free to get on our flight?”

“Yes ma’am, take good care of those two little girls and watch your six.”

“Thank you!” Amanda said.

As we left the room she looked at Fred, “I need to go to the restroom really quick, can you watch the girls out here and then you can go?”

“Sure honey,” he told her and gave her a kiss as she walked into the restroom. I was a little worried at how long it was taking, but Amanda came back out and positioned me into my sling and held Bella on her side while Fred went into the men’s room. He was much quicker than her at coming back out, and soon we were boarding our flight.

As Amanda began to sit down in the front first-class area, I could see back down the plane that the same stewardess that had been involved on our last flight started to come towards us. I worried things were going to go down here too, but one of the uniformed officers from the airport came onboard and motioned for her to come up to him before she could speak with us. Without explanation they led her off of the plane. Fifteen minutes later the cabin door closed and she hadn’t returned.

I looked up at Amanda and said, “Did we just get really lucky?”

She just pushed my pacifier into my mouth in response and gave me a squeeze. Just before we were to take off, she looked at Fred and said, “Switch girls?”

He looked at her for a moment before nodding and the awkward trade was made. Unlike Amanda who had been using my sling, he had to take off the carrier that Bella sat in so she was easier to hand over. I wondered why we were being traded for a few moments. Just before we took off though I knew why, as I watched Amanda pull her shirt and bra down and push Bella in close to nurse her. I sighed around my pacifier and turned to look out the window. Fred gave me a close squeeze and quietly asked, “You really are dealing with severe withdrawal symptoms, aren’t you?”

I turned and nodded at him, but stayed quiet. As we came up to altitude Amanda switched Bella to her other breast and a flight attendant started making her rounds, “Already weaned your real baby girl?”

Amanda shook her head, “No, but she didn’t want any right now since I nursed her not long before we got on. Waste not want not as they say!” she said quietly rubbing Bella’s back as she still nursed away.

“Hopefully you get another year with your little one?” She suggested.

“We’ll see, I’ll nurse her for certain until she’s one, and then I’ll let her make the call. This one will drink one way or another though, so it’s not like I have to worry about my milk going away,” she told her with a smile.

She waved at me before taking drink orders of everyone. Amanda had a last bottle of juice in the diaper bag for me that Fred gave me and I contentedly nursed and relaxed in Fred’s arms.


AT SOME POINT I must have dozed off because the plane jolted me awake as it landed. Bella looked wide-awake next to me, and I wondered if I had missed anything. I looked over at her though and she smiled at me with a genuine smile that seemed relaxed. No pacifier was in the way, but that changed a moment later as Fred and Amanda played musical babies again.

Even before we reached the terminal I was securely fastened in the sling and she was in Fred’s carrier. Between the two of them they had the backpack and diaper bag we’d come onboard with claimed and we were quickly out the door. I felt a hand squeeze my diaper and then a more intrusive finger around underneath. Amanda pulled it out and whispered, “You’re still dry?”

I realized then I’d done the impossible at waking up dry, but also now that I was reminded realized I needed to go to the bathroom badly. I sighed and let the stream of urine out into the padding and she patted my bottom then to indicate she was happy I had gone. “We’ll change you both at the car,” she told me.

“Kay,” I told her somewhat sleepily. Not moving meant I was getting a little restless, but it also meant there wasn’t anything stimulating me to stay awake.

At the baggage claim they began looking for their luggage as we heard, “There’s my girl!”

I turned my head and saw Amanda’s parents coming towards us to hug their daughter. As her dad was hugging the two of us, he whispered, “There were two guys watching your car, we took care of them and a couple trackers they put on. I’ve got some people watching until you leave. Make sure you set your alarm anytime you’re in the house, they were scoping it out.”

“Mom, this is your new grandbaby Bella,” she told her acting like she hadn’t heard anything, pointing towards Bella nervously sitting in the carrier at Fred’s chest.

“Oh my gosh! How did you end up with another perfect little girl?” she asked Amanda before reaching for her out of the carrier.

Fred sighed but got Bella loose and handed her to Granny. “Hi Bella, I’m your Granny,” she told her with a smile.

“Nice to meet you…” Bella said nervously around the pacifier.

‘At least she didn’t hear the horror stories about her before meeting her…’ I thought to myself. ‘Maybe she’ll be able to deal with meeting her a little bit easier than I did. She certainly seems sweeter than I was worried about.’

“She’s a total doll Mandy!” She brought her over to her husband, “Meet your Grandpa,” she told her.

“Nice to meet you sir,” Bella squeaked – clearly afraid of the gigantic man who was imposing even by Amazon standards! I wasn’t sure, but it looked as if her diaper grew a little thicker as she was gently bounced in Granny’s arms.

Fred used the free hands that he had now to gather all of our suitcases and the ones Bella had brought with her on the trip, along with the stroller, car seats, etc.

“Is that everything?” Grandpa asked.

Fred counted the suitcases on the borrowed cart and nodded, “Yes, that’s everything Joe.”

“Well then, we’ll walk you to your car,” he told him while pushing the cart for us. “Megan’s going to meet you at your place,” he added.

“Yay!” I said with a smile around my pacifier.

Fred walked next to Amanda and Bella looked at me like, ‘what?’

Amanda answered for me, “Megan is my baby sister… She’s the nice one,” she added the last part.

Bella looked at me with a raised eyebrow but I just tried to tell her to wait… but didn’t know how. Amanda took care of that by shoving her pacifier back inside her mouth and she took the hint. At the large SUV Amanda asked Granny, “Can you take over with Stacy here so I can get car seats in?”

“Sure sweetie,” she said as she reached for me and hugged me gently as she placed me on her right hip. “Mandy, she needs changed…”

“I know Mom, I plan on changing both of them as soon as we get these seats in. There’s no better place to change them right now with the luggage in the back.”

Fred was limited in his motions by Bella still hanging from the carrier, “Fred, you want to hand me Baby Bella too? That’ll let these two cuties get into dry diapees sooner?”

He nodded while Bella’s face simultaneously turned red in embarrassment from the adjective again being added to her name. I sighed, and grimaced for her too, but there was no changing the fact that to the entire world here she was no longer a capable adult. To everyone she was now just another baby who couldn’t take care of herself. Even the few free littles would most likely accept that it was her fate at this point. Bella joined me in her arms on her left hip and I wondered how she could heft us both without any sign of fatigue – she certainly wasn’t a young woman anymore!

She bounced us both gently and said, “I have the most beautiful new granddaughters ever!” To emphasize it she kissed both of us on the head beginning with me.

“Thank you, Granny,” I said politely.

“Thanks,” Bella wisely added herself.

The diaper I had on was definitely cooling by this point and I was looking forward to a change soon! Not to mention that the thicker diaper had expanded a lot with the urine, to the point where I knew I would be relegated to crawling at home. I could also feel some rumblings in my rear and was hoping we could make it home before I needed to do that!

“There!” Amanda said finally as she had our car seats latched. “Which girl is wetter Mom?”

“It’s about a tie honey, but why don’t you change Bella first, she’s not as used to her wet diapees yet.”

Amanda took her and placed her on the changing mat she had laid on the floorboard. She wasted no time pulling the snaps of her outfit open, diaper open, and bared her bottom for the world to see if there hadn’t been a car parked on that side. She wiped her quickly, put her into a dry Pamper, and placed her into her rear-facing car seat and buckled her in.

“Next!” she said looking at her mother and holding her arms out for me.

She changed me just as quickly and found a spare Pamper in a seat pocket, leaving me happily dressed in the thinner dry diaper! “Thanks,” I told her around the pacifier as she balled up the used diaper with Bella’s and put them into a bag.

“You’re welcome sweetie,” she told me as she then buckled me into my own rear-facing seat. With the mirror there I could see Bella looking embarrassed and awkward while she nervously nursed on the pacifier.

“Fred, is that everything in the back?”

“That’s all of it Mandy. Girls ready?”

“Yep,” she said. “Mom, Daddy, you’re going to the house you said?”

“Yes, we’ll follow you home and give you a couple new presents I picked up for your new baby. Seems like we just did this?” She giggled a bit.

Amanda sighed, “No mechanical items, right?”

I turned bright red and fidgeted a little and I think Bella noticed.

“Definitely not!”

“Good, we’ll see you there,” Amanda said as she and Fred closed the passenger doors, and climbed into the front passenger seat while Fred climbed in to drive.

“Well that was fun…” Amanda said as we pulled away.

I pulled my pacifier out of my mouth, “You told them about Bella?” I asked a little surprised.

“We need your grandpas help with everything going on. I was afraid they would meet us here and try something right out of the airport…”

I nodded.

“What did you mean no mechanical items?” Bella asked curiously having removed her own pacifier.

I winced, “Umm… We haven’t had time to tell you anything about Ama… Mommy’s family, have we?”

She looked like she was about to choke when I almost called Amanda by name… ‘I can’t help it; I think of her by her real name when I think about her most of the time still…’ I sighed.

“Umm… I don’t think so?”

“Well Mommy has three sisters, the oldest is Chloe, then it’s Mommy, then Cassie, then the oops child Megan – who’s awesome!”

“What does that have to do with mechanical…?”

“I’m getting to that… let’s just say I like Megan a lot, but feel the complete opposite about Chloe. She would fit right in with that group that almost got you… Cassie is just as bad if not worse in some ways. Anyway, when Granny found out Mommy had adopted a little and not told her she was pretty hurt. We ended up going shopping with Chloe and Granny the next morning. I didn’t exactly get off to the right foot with Chloe though…”

“Nothing you did…” Amanda muttered angrily, obviously listening.

“Granny wanted to buy me one of those battery powered swings that can go on their own. Chloe found a higher end mechanical one that she claimed was amazing. Not knowing much about what it did Granny put me into it and started it. It wasn’t too bad at first as it gently swung me, but then Chloe activated it’s punishment feature and I got the spanking of my life…”

“Needless to say, I just about killed my sister…” Amanda said with a sad voice. “We had to cut Stacy out of that horrible device to keep it from beating her even worse…”

Bella’s eyes opened wide in the mirror, “That sounds scary…”

“Not pleasant,” I said while mentally rubbing my butt still.

“Anyway, no mechanical nursery items are allowed at home!” I said.

“No mechanical items,” Amanda agreed.

“So, what else should I know?” Bella asked hesitantly.

“It’ll take a while to catch you up on everything…” I said, “Since we’re meeting Megan, I’ll tell you she’s the nice one. She goes to Emerson too, so I’m guessing I’ll probably end up seeing her quite a bit. She’s the short one of the family – not even quite eight feet tall.”

“So, she’s just a betweener?” Bella asked.

“She’s still considered an Amazon because of our parents,” Amanda explained, “but with the rest of my sisters and I being over nine-and-a-half-feet tall, she looks really short compared to us.”

Bella nodded.

“She’s nice though… and not exactly a fan of making littles be babies…” I added.

“Yeah… I’m guessing she’s going to think I’m even more nuts, and on the way to being like Chloe and Cassie…” Amanda grumbled.

“It wasn’t your choice,” I reminded her.

“Maybe it seems that way…” Bella said, “but it was. You made the choice to save me,” she said, “thank you for that.” A lone tear went down her face before she wiped it and pretended it hadn’t happened.

The drive home wasn’t that far and soon we were being unbuckled in the garage. Fred stood me on my feet, while Amanda carried Bella inside. The urgent urge to go poop hit my bowels again as we crossed the entry into the kitchen and I could see my potty. “Mommy may I use my potty?” I asked looking up at her holding Bella.

She sighed, but nodded, “Do you need help with your diapee?”

I shook my head and bolted for the other side of the room already popping the snaps in my outfit off. I didn’t care that I had those two as an audience, as I ripped the tapes off of my dry Pamper, and sat down on the plastic potty. I grunted for just a second and was rewarded with a large piece of poop and the tinkling of urine into the potty.

“Wow, aren’t you the big girl!” Megan said as I finished.

I blushed, “I didn’t realize you were there,” I said embarrassed.

“Do you need help wiping?” She asked me.

“Even if she doesn’t would you mind doing it and then getting her back into a diaper?” Amanda asked. I looked over where Bella sat looking completely shocked in her arms.

Megan leaned down towards me with a smile and used a baby wipe to clean me up. “Come on Stacy, let’s go upstairs and get you in a new diapee, you ripped this one a bit when you pulled it off.”

I noticed she had already balled it up, and held it in her left hand while she picked me up with her right arm. She wasn’t as big as Amanda, but she still had no problems picking me up and began walking upstairs with my naked rear hanging out of the unsnapped outfit.

“Mandy you’re actually potty-training Stacy?” I heard her mom ask her as Megan hit the stairs and had me halfway to my nursery… ‘our nursery…’ I thought to myself.

She took no time to put the diaper in the can next to the changing table, lifted me up on the table, and asked, “I’m guessing you want a regular Pamper?”

“Please,” I answered.

“So, Mandy gave in and let you use a potty?” she asked me.

“We agreed just for poopies,” I told her. Feeling a little bit odd as I used a juvenile name for it with one of the few people that I ever felt like recognized my real age.

“Guess that probably is the worst, huh?” she asked as she redid the snaps on my outfit.

“You have no idea…” I told her while frowning.

She giggled and picked me up, “Did you have a good trip?” She asked as we went down the stairs.

“Umm… parts of it…” I told her honestly. “The crazy little snatching criminals not so much…”

“What?” She asked as she made it to the first floor and I saw Amanda coming back from the bathroom with my potty.

“I didn’t have time to fill her in completely,” Amanda told me as I took in the sight at the bottom of the stairs. Grandpa and Fred were bringing in the last of the luggage, while Granny held Bella gently in her arms. Bella for her part was doing a pretty good job of mostly not shaking from fear, while at the same time giving me a very jealous stare.

“Shall we all sit down in the living room and get everyone on the same page?” Fred asked while setting down the final suitcase.

“Sounds like a plan,” Grandpa said. A few moments later Megan was holding me on her lap on the couch on one end, with Amanda in the middle holding Bella, and Fred on the other end. Grandpa and Granny had taken the recliner and rocking chair that were in the living room as their seats.

A quick glance at the clock let me know it was after six and I was getting hungry. ‘Hope this doesn’t take too long…’ I thought to myself.

While everyone was sitting down Bella looked over at me and quietly asked, “You don’t have to wear diapers?”

“Because of school… if I poop my pants in class I get kicked out of Emerson. As long as I can feel my poop… I made the potty with a machine a few days ago,” I told her.

“You made that potty for yourself?” Grandpa overheard and asked.

“Yes… nearly earned her a load of trouble for it too!” Amanda said still a little disgruntled. She sighed, “I told her though that I care more for her and want her to get the education she came for… I offered to let her use it for everything at home, but as a compromise to me she decided she just wants it for poopies.”

“So…?” Bella asked me tentatively while fidgeting a little in her seat.

“So, I’m in diapers the rest of the time,” I shrugged. At her odd look I was honest, “Wet diapers don’t really bother me…”

She stared at me for a moment before turning to look up at Amanda, “Can I do the same?”

Amanda looked thoughtfully for a second, but it was Fred that answered. “I don’t think you’ll be able to get away with that…”

“Why?” She asked a little bit annoyed but still polite.

“You’re nursing from Amanda more…” Fred said softly before sniffing, “do you know that you just went in your diaper?”

She looked shocked, but I could smell it right then too as well as see her diaper pushing out on her outfit a bit. She instinctively put her hand down that direction and with a bit of a broken-up voice said, “No…”

Amanda hugged her protectively, “It’s okay, but especially with this group after you I think we need to take a little more traditional approach with your potty habits. You also need to be seen nursing regularly from me so that no one can get LPS involved here with a neglect allegation.” She patted her on the back as I grimaced a bit at the smell from her diaper. As her body tensed, I knew she was going some more, but to my surprised Amanda just sat the teary-eyed girl back down in her lap when she was done.

“Mommy aren’t you going to change her?” I asked.

“In a few moments when we get done here,” she told me. “I told you last week there might be times we can’t change you right away, Bella is going to have to get used to that too.”

My mind blanched as I thought back to the day in the walker with my poop smeared all over my but from the seat.

“It’s okay,” Bella said as she reached over to me and took my hand.

I grimaced but kept quiet.

“So, what happened on this trip? All you said on the phone was that you adopted another little girl… for some reason,” Megan said with a bit of a glare to Amanda, “and Stacy mentioned little kidnappers?”

“The short version of the story is that we met Bella here on the plane to Selegansol. She was on her way for what she thought was a business opportunity to sell her clothing line. There was a network that had actually really lured her there with the intent of getting her to have an accident on the plane and forcibly adopt her.” Megan gave her a sympathetic look but stayed quiet, “Stacy figured out the plot and gave her one of her emergency charms to keep her from pooping her pants. At that point I decided the stewardess wasn’t worth trusting…”

Bella sat quietly until then and told Megan, “I asked them to adopt me after they got me away safely from the airport. We had seen my proposed business partner, the stewardess, and another lady talking angrily and they tried to get the cops to take me away… Even if I have to…” she grimaced, “sit here in a dirty diaper it’s better than what they would have done to me.”

I looked up at Megan who was a little skeptical then, but I told her, “we ran into one of the guys in the park and he tried to get Amanda and Fred to give us up… I was able to pour some of my juice from my bottle onto him and distracted him into running to save him from someone diapering him.”

“What?!?” Grandpa laughed then.

“No one would think an adult amazon would wet their pants,” Granny added.

“They would if they had a record on file…” Amanda said with a smirk.

I saw Grandpa look over at her with a smile and asked, “What did you do?”

“Blame both of them Joe,” he said pointing towards me too as he shook his head, “They’re both trouble makers cut from the same cloth!”

I giggled at that but couldn’t help but nod.

“The police believe some little sympathizer group got into the system and just happened to list him as an escaped baby…” she told him, “though he didn’t know that as he ran and pushed that girl into the water…”

“Wait a minute…” Megan said and picked me up under my armpits and turned me towards her, “you mean to say that little that jumped into the pool at Looney World…”

I waved at her, “hi?”

She just laughed and hugged me, “So you’re a hero, and this guy got caught, escaped, and I’m guessing you know it’s likely he’ll come after you now, right?”

“The group already tried again,” Fred told everyone. “We figured we’d have trouble here, but the group tried to get us to go with them at the airport earlier. Fortunately, your daughter learned well from you Joe.”

“You put her down, or spank her?” Joe asked with a smile.

“Spanked her till her bottom was glowing,” Amanda said. “Speaking of which, this conversation is going on a little longer than I thought it would. Fred, where did you put their diaper bag?”

“On the counter over there…” he told her.

“I’m going to take Bella upstairs and change her,” she said as she stood up.

I put my arms out to her, “You just went, you can’t need changed yet?” She asked me.

“I want to be there for Bella when you show her my… er… our nursery…” I don’t know why, but I was nervous about it and turned red.

Amanda laughed at me and picked me up too. “Megan can you bring the diaper bag, I have my hands full now…”

“Sure,” she told her and followed us up the stairs once she had the bag in hand.

Amanda paused for just a second as she looked at the letters on the door that said my name, “We’ll have to add another name, huh?” She said to no one in particular. She opened the baby gate into the room and Bella shuddered. A moment later she started crying uncontrollably across from me.

Amanda sat me down on the floor by my desk, before she squeezed Bella with a hug, and then decided to change her before worrying about the crying. I couldn’t see much from my perch on the ground with Amanda in the way, so I just walked over to my computer to make sure everything was okay there. Megan followed me, “Your computer is so cute!” she told me while having a seat on the ground next to me.

The cries from Bella continued as I heard diaper tapes opened and Amanda said, “Shh… It’s okay Bella.”

I guessed I knew what was the problem and felt bad. I knew littles dealt with diapers sometimes in school, sometimes when they were out and about just to be safe, and at other times if forced by rules. The playpen she had slept in probably was embarrassing at the hotel, the nursing, the bottles, the pacifiers… everything was probably more than slightly overwhelming. But to enter a nursery… well littles in this dimension don’t get to leave those.

I turned my head towards Megan to respond to her, “It’s perfectly sized for me at least,” I told her. I could just see Bella’s legs in the air then and Amanda was clearly wiping her smelly bottom.

“How fast is it?”

I turned it on then and logged in for her to see it running. I had just opened my e-mail app when Amanda picked Bella up from the table, still sobbing and shuddering with tears. I watched her sit down in the rocking chair and try and console her. “It’s okay Bella,” she told her.

She sobbed out, “My life is really o… o… over.”

“Shhh… not it’s not, I promise you that you’ll be well taken care of.”

“But I’m not…”

“Free?” Megan suggested having turned and walked over by the rocking chair.

“No…” Bella shuddered.

Sorry for the delay on posting these chapters. Real life has been busy the last couple of weeks! Thanks for reading, please leave me a comment to let me know what you think!



End Chapter 14

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

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