Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021

Chapter 10
Day in the Park

DURING THE NIGHT I woke up a couple times to Bella crying softly in her playpen across the bed from where I lay in the crib. I pretended to sleep through Amanda getting up and consoling poor Bella before nursing her back to sleep both times. ‘I guess Amazon milk has its uses…’ I admitted. ‘I definitely need to stick to less though, my potty training definitely takes big steps back when I have more…’

I managed to go back to sleep the second time and stayed asleep until I was lifted up by Fred. “Come on my little fish, time to wake up…”

“Ugh…” I opened my eyes, “for the last time dolphins are not fish…”

He laughed and sat me down on the makeshift-changing table. Once I was stripped of my pajamas, he changed my soaked diaper and dressed me in a romper that was purple with white polka dots on it. The outfit snapped up the front and left these very frilly thin cap sleeves at the top. I saw there were two tiny bows over the top of the top two snaps. I sighed in embarrassment as it covered a bit more than a regular onesie down my legs, but not by enough. As I wiped the sleep out of my eyes I looked and saw that Amanda had just finished dressing Bella in a larger version of the same outfit.

“We’re twinning?” I commented, unsure of if I should be happy with this or not.

Bella groaned, “Are we going to do this all of the time?”

“Don’t you want to sis? I want to be just like you when I grow up!” I told her with my best peppy valley girl accent.

She looked at me in horror while Amanda and Fred laughed. After a moment of frowning at me she said, “You do that way too well…”

I shrugged, “I try.”

“No, we won’t do this all of the time,” Amanda said a moment later, “but coming to Looney World is kind of a time for it.”

I looked at her and realized that she had an outfit that wasn’t the same, but coordinated with the colors. “Let’s do both of your hair now!” she said sounding excited.

“So… umm… what am I today?” I asked nervously as she began working on Bella’s hair first.

“I figured you’d probably rather be a little?” she said. “If we pretend that you’re just three-months we might as well not go anywhere…”

I nodded, “How bad are we going to get picked on today?”

“That’s the great thing about this park sweetie, they have a philosophy that littles are to be treated as babies. Picking on them is not allowed and they fire any member of their staff who act otherwise.”

“Seriously?” Bella asked. “I thought those were just lies…”

“No, I’ve been here before as a kid with Hannah,” she smiled a bit and looked sad at the same time, “that trip was one of the few times it felt like Hannah was a real person. She got babied, but no one made one mean comment. I remember actually Chloe was starting to pick on her and Bugs Bunny came and told her to knock it off.”

“So, they have cast members dressed up as all of the characters?” I asked.

“Yep, and we’re going to get as many pictures as we can with you two!” she smiled.

It was clear to me that while Amanda hadn’t planned on picking up another little, the overly maternal side of her was having a blast with it. She put Bella’s hair into two floppy pigtails that went from the top of her head to flow down. She then found a purple bow that she attached to the middle of her head right in front of the pigtails. I looked up at the mural on the wall and figured out she was matching her hair to Baby Lola’s. I watched her give Bella a hug, which seemed to bring a slight smile on her nervous face, before she picked her up and put her down on the floor. She stared curiously at me for a second before toddling over towards the couch.

“Next!” she said as she picked me up from next to her and placed me in front of her on the bed.

I felt her work with my hair to do the same style and couldn’t help but run my hand up to feel it when it was done. She squealed and gave me a tight hug, “You two look adorable!”

“Thanks…” I said.

She sat me down on the ground next to where Bella had found a seat, “Mommy is going to go use the potty and then we’ll go down and get breakfast before we go to the park!”

“Well she’s excited about this trip…” I said to Bella.

She shrugged, “I’m actually kind of excited too… This is the only way I would have ever seen it… Hate that I’m dressed like this, but better get used to it, huh?”

I nodded, “It’s not so bad after a few days… Besides, if you keep nursing from Amanda it’ll help you not even think about using your diapers.”


I looked at her, “What did you think when you nursed last night?”

She squirmed, “I was mortified and disgusted when she opened her robe… but once I had the taste of it in my mouth, I couldn’t stop…” She paused, “It’s the same milk I had yesterday from your bottle?”

I nodded, “Probably.”

“It tastes really good… I didn’t even know what hit me once I started… I just zoned out. It takes away your potty-training?”

“Something about it does me at least… We figured out how much it affected me when we cleansed my body for the CARE exam… My potty-training was fully back with it all out of my system. It’s too bad too, I really like it…”

“So how often for you?”

“Only nightly now… Although yesterday I guess was special.”

“Do you think she’ll limit me like that?”

“Limit you like what?” Amanda asked as she came out of the bathroom. Fred came back inside from the hallway then too.

“I was telling her about side-effects of your milk,” I told her.

“Oh…” Amanda said.

“Do I have to be limited like Stacy?”

“You don’t want to be?” Fred asked.

“If it keeps me from having to think about wetting and messing my diapers… no.”

“Well then…” Amanda paused, “I guess I don’t have to pump anymore… Good thing I haven’t done that yet this morning. I’ll nurse you down at breakfast?” She said tentatively.

Bella almost looked excited, and I sort of understood. The green-eyed jealousy monster raged a bit inside of me, but remembering my diapers after the flight yesterday reminded me that was a bad idea. I sighed and Amanda looked at me understandingly. “I’m sorry Stacy, but I don’t think…”

I shook my head, “No I shouldn’t… We ready?”

She came over and picked me up and squeezed me gently, “Stacy, don’t think I don’t love you any less now that you have a sister. I’d happily nurse you both all day long if I could…”

I nodded, “but we can’t… So, can we go get food? Assuming I’m not going to be restricted to baby food down at the restaurant?”

She laughed, “You get regular table food – you can feed yourself if you want too.”

I nodded, “Thanks…”

“Come here Bella,” she told her after she had me settled onto one side. Amanda easily picked her up and held her in her other arm while Fred pushed our empty new stroller and diaper bag down the hall. In the elevator a couple minutes later we had to stop on a few floors on the way down to let others on. A teenage Amazon girl and her parents were the first ones on.

“Oh my gosh, she’s so adorable!” the girl cooed towards me before looking at Bella, “And you must be her pretty big sister!”

“Cute outfits,” the girls mom said.

“Mom if you would adopt a little, we could dress them just like that!”

The mom laughed, “You’re sixteen, you’re only two years from being able to adopt your own. I don’t need to change any more poopy diapers. Your first five years in them, and then the other when you were ten was more than enough for me!”

I watched the girl turn bright red, “Moom,” she griped.

I giggled a little unable to help myself and the girl stuck her tongue out at me, “At least I don’t wear them any more…”

“Thank God,” her father breathed, “Your poopy diapers were even more awful to change then...”

Several more stops interrupted the seemingly endless stream of people embarrassing their real and fake kids. Downstairs I saw that almost every one of the poor littles had those awful collars on their necks. Half of them seemed to have leashes attached to those, and it scared me to see the number of littles forced to crawl and keep up while their ‘parents’ choked them with those damn things. I buried my head into Amanda who gave me a reassuring squeeze. We ended up in the Daffy Kitchen restaurant that was in the hotel.

“Good morning, how many?” a lady at a hostess stand said. I looked back up then and noticed that Bugs and Daffy were standing with a photographer.

I smiled at them and they waived at me. I waived back as Fred said, “Two adults and two regular baby highchairs please.”

“Will your daughters be eating from the buffet?”

“Please,” he said.

“It’ll be about five minutes if you want to let your little girls get a picture?”

He made eye contact with me and I nodded up and down, “Please?” I asked, realizing Bella now had a pacifier in her mouth though I didn’t.

“Okay,” he said with a smile. Amanda walked over to where Bugs and Daffy were standing and handed me to Bugs, and Bella to Daffy.

They held us securely and the photographer said, “Smile!”

I obliged him and hoped the picture was both cute and not too embarrassing. I hugged Bugs before I thought he was going to hand me back to Amanda, but instead they joined us for a picture. Once done I was given to Amanda and Bella was given to Fred who had parked the stroller somewhere and had the diaper bag on his shoulder.

We heard, “Fred, party of four?”

They followed the hostess back to a table with two high chairs on either side of the table and two chairs next to them. Amanda handed me to Fred and put Bella in the highchair next to her. “Fred would you please get Stacy a bib out of the diaper bag and then hand me one of Bella’s?”

“Sure honey,” he said.

A moment later he passed over a bib to Amanda while he fastened a ‘Daddy’s Princess’ bib on me. Amanda put one on Bella that said ‘Messy Princess,’ so I guessed I won the lottery there. Bella looked down at her chest and groaned while my stomach made a loud growl.

“We didn’t have dinner last night, did we?” I said in surprise.

“You skipped lunch too,” Amanda said to me. “That’s part of why I nursed you the extra times yesterday,” she told me.

I blushed but nodded, “did you two eat?”

“Daddy got us something to eat after you two were put to bed.”

Bella was looking at me like I was crazy to be talking. The waitress came by a moment later and said, “What can I get you all to drink?”

“I’ll have coffee and a water,” Fred answered.

“Coffee and water for me,” she said.

“Anything for them?” She asked her, pointing towards Bella and me.

“I’ve got bottles for them.”

“Very good then, I’ll be back with your drinks. You’re welcome to go ahead and fill up your plates at the buffet.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said. After the waitress walked away, Amanda said, “Fred, why don’t you go get a plate for yourself and whatever Stacy wants. We’ll do this in two rounds that way we don’t have to carry babies and food…”

“Okay,” he told her before looking at me, “What do you want?”

I thought for a second, “Eggs, sausage, bacon… and pancakes if they have it?”

“Add some fruit too,” Amanda told him. “And remember she’s not that big!”

He laughed, “You just don’t want her proving how much she can eat again.”

“That’s it, you’re on Stacy diaper duty the rest of this trip Mister…” she said with a mock glare.

He hugged me, “See what this says,” pointing to the bib, “don’t hate because she’s a daddy’s girl.”

She stuck her tongue out at him and said, “Hand me the diaper bag on your way by.”

She dug out a bottle of apple juice that she handed to me. Another bottle for Bella rested on the table out of her reach while Amanda pulled out a cloth that she put over her shoulder. “C’mere you,” she said to Bella as she unstrapped her. I watched with more than a little bit of envy as she situated her on her lap and presented her with a breast. Bella’s face was bright red throughout, but as soon as she began nursing, she was hard at work ignoring the world.

I sighed and put the bottle of juice in my mouth and began nursing it.

Fred took long enough getting our food that Amanda had burped Bella once and switched her to her other side. “Do you want me to go get your plates?” He asked her as she sat there.

“No, she’ll be done soon I’m guessing…”

He shook his head, “Okay,” and then sat down a plate of food in front of me that he had actually done quite well with! A mini pancake stack that was a little smaller than my hand in diameter, was joined by a small pile of eggs, a piece of sausage that might as well have been a hot dog to me, two pieces of bacon, and then three strawberries the size of apples to me.

“You have her utensils?” he asked Amanda.

“They’re in the bag here,” she said with Bella still firmly attached to her.

He walked over to the bag and she pointed to a Ziploc that looked to have about six sets of plastic forks and spoons that she had made for me. He gave me a set and said, “dig in!”

I had made it through the bacon and part of the sausage when Amanda sat Bella up and burped her over her shoulder. I watched and grimaced a bit as milk spattered the well-placed burp cloth. Amanda used it to wipe her mouth and her breast discreetly. “Okay, I’m going to go get you a plate of food Bella,” she told her with a smile and hugged her. She buckled her into the seat. Bella looked zoned out, but her face turned red again as she noticed me watching her.

I smiled briefly at her but kept eating and looked back down at my plate.

Amanda was back much faster than Fred and just brought one plate of food and a bowl of oatmeal. “Now I figure you’re probably not real hungry after nursing,” I heard her say to her, “but I want you to eat some of this and then I’ll let you have some eggs and fruit.”

Bella for her part just nodded as Amanda then brought a spoonful of oatmeal to her mouth. I think Bella couldn’t help but note the serious disconnect by our sizes and the way we were being treated. The waitress stopped by then and said, “Well, don’t you have a good eater here!” towards me.

“That she is,” Amanda said as she stuffed another bite of mush into Bella’s mouth.

I just hoped the lady would move on soon. Fortunately, after cooing over Bella a little too she left. I managed to eat all of the meal without getting anything on my bib – something I was quite proud of but didn’t say anything. Meanwhile Bella had oatmeal across her bib and face, eggs on her bib and tray, and definitely was getting the embarrassing end of the meal. Amanda had just put down her fork for her last bite when Bella began whimpering with tears going down her face. I didn’t have to wonder why for long though since I could smell her diaper from across the table.

Amanda gently picked her up out of her highchair and put her pacifier in her mouth. She looked at Fred, “I’m glad this worked, I didn’t really want to have to use those enemas tonight…”

“Well with as much as it makes our other princess poop, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try,” Fred told her.

“Is that why you nursed her twice at night too?” I asked.

Bella turned red and more tears streamed down her face, while Amanda told me, “Part of it Stacy, now be a good girl and let Mommy and Daddy talk…”

I blushed at the rebuke, but understood I probably had embarrassed Bella more.

“Fred, you want to pay and gather up the stroller – I’ll go change these two?”

“I thought Daddy was going to change me!” I said with a smirk.

“I did say that, huh?” She said. “Well then, I’ll change Bella and then you can take Stacy and change her.”

With that, and not another word, she carried her and the diaper bag out to the front where the restrooms were. “Well at least I got lucky, no poopy diaper on you right now?” He suggested.

I smiled an innocent smile at him and suspicion clouded his face. I could feel the need to go and as soon as I was picked up, I planned to get it over with!


ABOUT FIFTEEN MINUTES later Bella was set in the raised stroller seat behind me. While shopping yesterday they had decided to get a double stroller that had the back seat raised to where that baby… person… could still see above the other. In the family changing room Fred had grimaced at the state of my diaper, and I just giggled the whole time. It still made me nervous to have anyone change me, but I really was becoming desensitized to Fred now.

“Hold out your wrist Stacy,” Amanda told me while reaching for the one opposite my LittleProtect device and charm bracelet.

I watched as she put on a wristband that reminded me both of the LittleProtect device and the MagicBands that Disney had the last time we visited. I noticed that mine was a baby pink color, while the one she attached to Bella moment later was red. “What’s the difference?” I asked.

“Not sure other than size?” she said.

“Did she know you were a little last night?” Bella asked from behind me.

I shook my head, “I think she thought I was a real infant…”

“I bet you’ll see littles are all wearing the red,” she told me.

“Now you two be good while we go through the security gate. I’m sure we’ll have to pull you out to have the stroller searched, just suck on your pacis until we get in, okay?” She told me as she pushed mine into my mouth and reinserted Bellas too.

I sighed but just sucked on the silicone teat reflecting that of all the things out there this was actually pretty comforting. ‘As long as it’s not one of those locking ones…’ I remembered.

The walk from the hotel to the park was very short and we were soon in the security lines. As expected, when we got to the front a gentleman asked, “Would you please pull your babies from the stroller and then pass it to me?”

“Yes sir,” Amanda said and soon I found myself in her arms while Bella was in Fred’s.

“Arm Bands?” A lady asked a moment later. Amanda pushed my arm out along with hers to be scanned. “Thank you,” she said before smiling at me, “Have fun today!”

Fred and Bella were not far behind and we were quickly buckled back into the stroller. “Where to first?” Fred asked Amanda.

“Well, I figure we’ll do some of the rides the girls can go on, maybe get a souvenir or two, lunch, and then we’ll head over to the aquarium for our little fish to swim her heart out with some finned friends?”

I looked up at where she had turned to look at me and tickle my side. “Dolphin,” I said as I pushed my pacifier out and let it hang from the holder she had connected to my outfit.

I heard Bella groan in disbelief behind me, followed by a giggle that told me she at least found our banter humorous.

“Wait, I get to go swimming with dolphins?” I asked excitedly as what she said dawned on me.

“I knew that would make her day.” Amanda said, obviously talking to Fred, “Bella can go too if she wants?”

I could hear Bella squirm behind me, “No thank you… I don’t swim well... or really ever…”

I started at that a bit, but in my mind could picture why. ‘As a little it wouldn’t have been normal to go anywhere you could have been easily diapered and kidnapped like a pool. I wonder if she’d even had a kiddy pool growing up?’

“We’ll have to teach you when we get home,” I told her as I wanted to turn around to see her, but even if I could with the harness around me, there was no view to the rear seat.

“Umm… Okay…” she sounded nervous.

“Here, let’s start with this ride!” Fred said somewhat more enthusiastically than I would have expected. I saw Amanda had my sling on as she unbuckled me from the seat. I was quickly settled into a forward-facing position as I watched Fred put on a larger harness carrier that he secured Bella into similarly. She blushed deeply as he settled her in, “All good Bella?” He asked her gently.

She just nodded and sucked on the pacifier that she hadn’t apparently felt like being without. Mine still hung loosely from my outfit and Amanda took that opportunity to push it back into my mouth as we joined the line. Amanda and Fred held each other’s hands as they walked through the metal queue bars. It was apparently early enough for the lines to be short, or the ride just wasn’t that popular, because it was a long walk before they finally met up with a line of people waiting a short distance from where guests boarded boats. Along the way the walls featured decorations and moving robots that reminded me a bit of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride from Disney World, but instead was themed ‘Bugs vs. the Pirates.’

“Wow, you have two beautiful baby girls there!” a woman with an Amazon girl holding her hand said to Amanda.

“Thank you,” Amanda said and gave me a squeeze, “your daughter is quite the pretty little princess too!”

The young girl was probably about eight and blushed. “What do you say Hazel?” her mom prodded.

“Thank you,” she said shyly.

“How old are your littles?” the lady asked sweetly.

“Stacy here is eighteen, and Bella there is twenty-three.”

“They seem very well behaved!”

“Yes, they are,” Amanda said with a laugh, “perfect angels really.”

“My friends have little sisters, but they don’t behave. They’re always getting spankings and icky baby food!” little Hazel said.

“Not like you, huh sweet pea?” her mother asked with a smile.

“Nope! I even get to change and feed them sometimes!”

“What a big girl you are…” Amanda muttered.

I squirmed a bit, more than slightly disturbed by yet another sign of how young Amazons were brainwashed to mistreat littles. You almost couldn’t fault the kids because it was simply the parents teaching them the behavior. It was really like back in the days of segregation when everyone just kept regurgitating nonsense about people who weren’t white. I frowned around the pacifier and the lady picked up on it.

“Do you get lots of spankings and baby food to make you behave like a good baby girl?” She asked me in a sweet tone of voice, but the taunt was still clear.

I was about to pull the pacifier out of my mouth and speak back but Amanda held it in there gently with a finger as she gave me a gentle squeeze on me with her arms, “I’ve never spanked her honestly, and the only time she’s had baby food was in a restaurant when it matched our meal. You asked how I get my daughters to behave? I didn’t kidnap them.”

Thankfully we had just reached the end of the line and the lady and her daughter got into a different car than we did. There was definitely an awkward silence as Amanda and Fred sat down next to each other and loosened the carriers as instructed. It meant Bella and I both had a bit of freedom to look around as the ride began. I was once again struck by the amazing progress this world had made in technology! Where Disney thrived with animatronics, this park seemed to have perfect AI behind robots that actually would interact with us as we passed. Holograms, real ones like the assistant that super computer, seemed to float as ghosts through part of the ride.

I almost forgot that I was being held in Amanda’s lap as opposed to being in a seat on my own until we got to the end and she refastened the sling with me. As she bounced me a couple times, I felt her fingers reach into my diaper, “I’ve got a wet little girl here, how about yours?” She asked Fred as they took some steps away from the ride.

“Stinky,” he said, “and wet.”

“Let’s go find the family room then and get them changed,” Amanda said and held her hand out to Fred again.

The handholding was sweet as they found our stroller but didn’t bother placing us back into it. Not being too far from the front of the park they quickly found the room and carried us inside. “Need a changing table?” A lady in a uniform asked as we came in.

“Please,” she told her.

She directed us to a table far into the room and we passed a number of genuine babies, littles, and even older Amazon children getting their diapers changed. “You want to take Stacy and I’ll change Bella?” Amanda asked as she sat the diaper bag on the large countertop.”

“I’ve got her,” he said with a smile.

Poor Bella was most certainly not smiling and around the pacifier in her mouth I could see the frown and tears going down her eyes. “Pwease just change me already…” she begged.

He kissed her head as he pulled her out of the harness and lay her down. Amanda meanwhile began unfolding a changing mat for him to use on the large counter and did the same for me. As Bella’s diaper was opened, I gagged and wanted to throw up. They may have been worried about her being stopped up, but the runny pile of poop in her diaper definitely proved that was not a worry now!

“Icky, huh,” Amanda whispered in my ear as she lay me down, popped open the snaps on my romper, and pulled the tapes of my diaper loose. I was glad of her changing my diaper as soon as the wipe hit my rear end I was able to ignore the smell next to me!

I was quickly redressed in a new diaper, before Bella and I were back attached to the front of our respective ‘parent.’

“Do you want to just check the stroller in here?” Fred asked, “I think we can probably just carry these two?”

Amanda looked at him and shrugged, “sure, might as well. Not sure I want to carry their diaper bag everywhere though too?”

“Just check it into a locker?”

“And when they need changed?”

“We’ll come back?” He suggested.

She shrugged and looked down at me. I looked up awkwardly since I was facing forward, “Think you both can make it a couple hours in those diapees?”

I sighed, but nodded.

With that I think they both found it a bit easier to move around the park. Rides like Marvin’s Space Adventure, Piggy’s Carousel, Tweety’s Flight, and Sylvester’s Haunted House occupied our next couple hours that flew by. As much as I was embarrassed to enjoy the environment deemed appropriate for toddlers, I was smiling if nothing else at seeing the universe come alive. What Walt Disney had done in our dimension; Albert Warner apparently had outdone. Coupled with the technology that made our first ride come alive I was truly in awe.

“I wish I could go on the big kids rides,” I told Amanda as she now carried me in the sling, “the effects are so cool!”

Amanda laughed, “I’m sorry princess, but you are much too small for many other rides. Bella could ride a few more than you, but I don’t want to make you too jealous there,” she kissed my head.

I sighed, “I wouldn’t mind that much… I’m getting a better deal overall than she will,” I told her quietly. I was currently repositioned to face her as we walked back to the locker where she’d stashed our diaper bag.

“I know,” she said sadly. “I’m hoping some day we can find a way to get things right.”

“What about her apartment?” I asked her quietly since Fred and Bella were a little way ahead of us.

“We called last night and had everything switched to our names. We’ll move out her stuff next week…”

I just sat silently and nodded. Both Bella and I had wet diapers by this point that were quickly changed and the two of us sat down in the stroller. I really hated continually being harnessed into places, and this trip was increasingly not allowing me to have as much freedom as I’d gotten used to the previous few days. I squirmed a bit before Amanda’s head peeked in and handed me a bottle full of juice, “Here sweetie, why don’t you drink this while we find lunch.”

I just nodded and stuck the bottle in my mouth and drank. I hadn’t had much that day so far, so I was definitely thirsty!

“Thanks,” I said around it but her head was gone and I heard her checking on Bella behind me.

Being increasingly bored I just watched people from my short perch as we passed down the fake roadway leading to wherever Fred was pushing us. Happy families of real children would pass by, cranky children would pass by, and frequently enough the other families with littles trapped as babies passed by. The park really did a good job of making even the most despondent of those seem like it was an okay day to be out and about. There was a fair share of spankings and other punishment I could see, but a lot of it was toned down from everywhere else I had been in this dimension. Since we had arrived at the park, we hadn’t really had many negative encounters picking on even Bella.

I sighed, ‘Poor girl…’

Not too far down the road we came up on a restaurant that was called ‘Taz’s Café’ with plenty of pictures of him around and a décor that looked like it leaned Australian. “Come here you,” Fred said to me as he unbuckled the confining harness and picked me up. Amanda had grabbed Bella and held her on her hip while Fred decided to give me a piggyback ride. I appreciated the view from his shoulders even as he had to duck down a little at the doorway to not hit my head!

I noticed that he also had our diaper bag on his shoulder as we walked up to the counter. “How can I help you?”

“Yes, I’d like a meat pie,” Fred said.

“I’ll have one of those Sausage Sangs,” Amanda said and looked up at me questioningly.

I looked at the board and thought that sounded good, but the fish and chips sounded better, “Fish and chips please?” I asked politely.

“Anything for your other daughter?” The lady asked.

“She’ll share the fish and chips with my other daughter.”

I felt bad and looked over at Bella hoping she wasn’t mad. “It’s okay,” she mouthed to me.

I worried that I was seeing a quick devolving of Amanda into another crazy Amazon woman with the fact I felt like Bella was getting the short end of the straw. “Why don’t you go sit down with them and I’ll wait for the order?” He asked her.

“Okay,” she said and he pulled her off of his shoulders and handed me to her. She took that moment though to set both of us on the ground and put my hand in Bella’s, while she reached for hers. “Keep up with Mommy,” she told us.

I sighed but was glad I had Bella to hang onto rather than Amanda – I didn’t have to reach up nearly as high to hold her hand! Bella on the other hand was reaching very high still and Amanda leaned over a little as she led us to a couple high chairs that she pushed over to a table. Amanda picked me up and buckled me in before picking Bella up and setting her on her lap. When she unbuttoned her shirt I didn’t feel so bad about picking lunch…

‘Why am I so jealous…?’ I angrily asked myself as I watched Bella awkwardly latch onto Amanda’s breast from my highchair.

Fred arrived a moment later and asked, “Do you have a bottle or something for Stacy?” as he sat down a large basket of fish the size of my torso and chips as thick as my arms.

“There’s another bottle of juice in the diaper bag for her,” she said nodding towards it. “If you can fill up one of those empty bottles with some water from the dispenser for Bella too please.”

Fred did as he was told and scooted me in closer to the table. He was kind enough to take a knife quickly and section up the fish into a few more manageable chunks. I grabbed the first large piece in my hand and carefully spent the next twenty-minutes carving away at it before Bella finished her nursing session. Amanda had managed to eat her sausage sandwich and drink a fair amount of water herself while feeding her.

“Still hungry?” Amanda asked Bella.

She shrugged and nodded. I watched as she leaned over and grabbed one of the far parts of the fish from where Fred had cut it and handed it to her. She slowly ate at it like I had been. I’d also spent some time attacking a large piece of potato myself.

I slowed down eventually, and Bella didn’t even finish the piece of fish she had, when Amanda asked, “Are my little girls all done?”

I looked at the food in front of me and nodded while Bella said, “Yes.”

“Which princess do you want?” Fred asked her.

“You can take the fish for a while.”

I stuck my tongue out at her, “Dolphins are not…” I was interrupted with a pacifier in my mouth. I glared at Fred who just laughed and picked me up. Back at the stroller we were sat back inside and pushed through the streets until I notice we were coming to a new part of the park that was ‘Mr. Limpet’s Incredible Aquarium.’

“Who’s Mr. Limpet?” I heard Bella ask behind me.

I pulled my pacifier out, “He was a fictional guy who got turned into a fish and single handedly helped the US Navy destroy German U-Boats…”

Fred peeked around me and said, “Hmm… close, but not quite.”

I looked at him with a questioning face, “He’s a dolphin,” he smiled at me. “And you know dolphins aren’t fish, right?”

I sighed as I realized that while he had been a fish in my dimension, the picture was stylized into a dolphin here. I shook my head and plopped my pacifier back in my mouth. I started seeing different signs of where to go to see dolphins, whales, otters, sharks, and other creatures popping up. Before we got too far though I saw a water play area with littles and babies splashing about. Most of them only wore diapers with no swimsuits. Some of the littles had more than enough breast development to feel like I was seeing something I shouldn’t.

I was just thinking about how hot it was though when the stroller stopped and I was picked up out of the seat. A bathroom and changing area were next to us along with signs saying, “Swim Diapers only in water areas. All littles and children below this height must be in protection.” The sign looked to be well over my head, and when Bella was stood up beside it, I could see she was just right at the edge of it.

“You’re close, but since you’re a baby we just get to keep you in a diapee, huh?” Amanda said with condescension in her voice that bothered me.

Bella sighed, “Yes Mommy,” she said.

Amanda took that moment to pick her back up and tickle her and gave her a hug. Both of us were stripped of the rompers quickly before our wet diapers were exchanged for swim diapers. I was a little nervous based on the lack of clothing on the others that we would be naked, but this was apparently planned for because both Bella and I found ourselves in cute swimming suits.

“Okay you two, let’s go play!”

She carried us out and set us down on the edge of a large splash park area. I turned to Bella who looked mortified about all of this and didn’t know what to do. “Come on Bella,” I told her with a smile and grabbed her hand and pulled her over to a mushroom that had water pouring out from it.

“This is so…” She said when we were alone by the mushroom.

I realized it was the first time we had actually been alone so far. “Embarrassing?” I finished for her.

She nodded, “What do they expect us to do?”

I smiled at her, “Look happy, maybe enjoy ourselves a little?”

“How? I just lost everything…”

I hugged her, “If I know anything it’s that things are not always as they seem with Amanda and Fred, if you want to be free again, I’ll help you get to be that way after a while. For now…”

Bella froze right then and I looked worriedly at her before figuring out she was just going to poop again.

“It’s okay, she’ll…” I started to say.

“He’s here… he followed us…” Bella said and I followed her gaze to where I could see the man clearly watching us from across the way. The man who had lured her to Selegnasol!



End Chapter 10

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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