Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021

Chapter 4

BEFORE WE COULD talk anymore, the garage door opened and Amanda walked in. “Well, don’t you two look comfy?”

I nodded, “He makes a nice pillow.”

“I’m just a pillow to you, huh?” I had a moment of warning from my brain, but nothing prepared me for the tickle torture that began then. He tickled me non-stop for several minutes causing me to giggle and pee uncontrollably into my diaper.

“And apparently you have a built-in ability to make her need a new diaper?” She suggested to me as she came closer.

“Hey, it’s not that full…” I whined.

She picked me up from his lap and stuck her hand on my crotch making me blush, “Uh-huh, really? A few more drops and you’ll be leaking!”

“Sorry,” Fred said with a smile. “I was doing pretty well though!”

“Well she does smell clean and she’s wearing clothes… They’re even on the right direction… so I guess you did something right!”

“Of course, I did!” he said.

“I guess I’ll go clean up Daddy’s mess,” she told me with a smile and then tickled me some herself.

Upstairs she changed me into one of the thicker nighttime diapers. When she went to pull my shorts up they barely slid back over the diaper. “Hmm… Might need to find bigger shorts for these diapers, huh?”

I groaned, “Or maybe thinner diapers?” I suggested with a smile.

She shook her head, “Not a chance at night sweetie, you’re a heavy wetter then. Now, want to see your new toy?”

I grimaced, but then smiled about the toy, “Please?”

She carried me to her workroom and sat me on top of her desk where I could watch as she unwrapped the device from its box. The label said ‘Melon Corp’ and reminded me of an Apple package. I watched as she opened the box up and the resemblance grew stronger, “We have an Apple corporation back home that does the same thing with their packaging. I bet they’re sisters across the dimension…”

“Overpriced and overhyped devices, but they work really well?” She asked.

I nodded, “Yep!”

“Well this is about as high end as we can get, I hope you like it!”

She finished unpacking the device and handed it to me. On first glance it could have been a flexible transparency sheet from an old overhead projector. It seemed to be about seven inches tall and five inches wide, making it feel about what a normal iPad would feel like on my world size wise. I turned it in my hand and could see it had to have been just a hair thicker than maybe six sheets of paper… “It’s a tablet?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep!” She said and I watched as she pinched a corner of it and instantly the transparent screen filled with a touch screen that was vibrant and featured incredibly high resolution!


She smiled at me, “Thought you would like it. Let’s get it setup for our network and then go ahead and buy all of your textbooks.”

“Can I do it?” I asked.

“Sure,” she told me and walked me through what was mostly a no-brainer process. When I was done setting it up, she helped me find an app and a store to go download my college textbooks. While I was waiting for them to download, I rolled and folded the screen gently to see how flexible it was.

“You can’t crease or scratch those screens,” she told me.

“At all?”

“Well I suppose if you used diamond you might be able to scratch it… they’ve run bulldozers over them and they still work.”

“It’s so light too!” I told her. “How long does the battery last?”

“Forever,” she told me.


“Well… practically. I think it’s actually technically twenty years before the fuel would need replaced… if you could somehow access that.”

“What powers it?”

“It’s a tiny hydrogen fuel cell,” she told me with a smile.

“How is that possible? And how do they make this all transparent?” I asked incredulously.

“Not actually sure about the transparent fuel cell, Melon Corp has kept that a trademarked secret, and guarded that information really carefully. If you do figure it out, and can clone the technology, you’d probably become one of the richest people in the world overnight… until they sued you.” She laughed at that.

“Sounds like back the company back home too…”

“The transparent part is due to a breakthrough about seven years ago in printing circuits at the atomic level in a new glass like substance.” She shrugged, “It’s still pretty new even to us. Melon came out with this technology a generation ago and this is the newest version from a couple months ago. I thought because it’s so light and thin it should be great for you at school.”

I nodded, “This is one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever seen!” I turned it around and played with it a bit more. A moment later I realized a flash from a camera had gone off.

I looked up and saw Fred with a small but high-tech camera, “Sorry, I couldn’t help but need to get a photo of you and your mother both playing with your new toy.”

“You could at least get a better photo of us!” She told him and pulled me more into her lap and sat in one of her chairs and said, “Smile,” to me.

I did smile then, wondering what the picture looked like as the flash went off.

“May I see it?” I asked.

He came and I looked in astonishment at the photo. I really could live without the cheeks being so fat, but I knew without a doubt it was the happiest expression I had seen on my face in a long time. I looked and tried to figure out besides the girl part what was different… but I couldn’t figure it out.

“You really do make a beautiful girl,” Amanda told me with a squeeze.

“Thanks,” I said and looked at her in the photo too just before Fred took the camera away, “You look pretty too… We both look happy…” I said.

“Well you were a moment ago at least?” She asked as she turned me around to face her. “What’s wrong?”

“Who knows?” I told her honestly, “It’s weird… I looked happier in that photo than I have in any photo in a long time.”

“Is there something wrong with that?” Fred asked.

I shook my head, “No, but when you think about everything… it seems kind of weird, doesn’t it?”

“Does it matter?” She asked me, “There’s nothing wrong with being happy! Plus, if you’re just going to be miserable this probably isn’t the risk you’re taking!”

I nodded at that, “Okay, I’ll try to be happy when I can.”

She squeezed me in another hug, “Okay, we have an early morning tomorrow, so what do you say about a bedtime story, nursing, and then it’ll be night-night time?”

I sighed and looked at my watch, surprised it was nearly ten, “Okay, I guess that’s not too unreasonable.”

She hugged me as she carried me back to the nursery along with my new tablet that she sat down on my desk. I felt her hand check my diaper and was a little surprised that she sat in the recliner without changing me. It didn’t feel wet, but since I’d still been going frequently while barely noticing I was surprised that I was still dry. “You haven’t nursed from me since last night…” she said reading my mind.

I nodded, “It really does mess with my body, doesn’t it?”

“I think so…” She said with a sad sigh, “I’m going to keep pumping it during the days, and in the morning, as I don’t want to risk you having a messy diaper in class…”

I nodded, “I’m sorry.”

She hugged me, “It’s okay,” she told me with a smile. “Now how about that bedtime story?”

For the next fifteen minutes I watched entranced as she told a story with an illustrated book that reminded me very much of Beauty and the Beast. It was a little different in this dimension though with Belle being a diapered little and Beast being a large wolf-man creature. In the end of the story both grew into Amazon adults…

“That was cute… and demented all at the same time,” I told her sleepily.

She laughed and tickled my side a little before pulling her shirt and bra out of the way for me to nurse. My body seemed to almost be at a craving stage of withdrawal then because I felt like my mouth was moving on overdrive and she commented, “You would think I haven’t fed you all day…”

I could feel myself needing to pee for only a second before my body involuntarily let go of the urine. The diaper warmed and expanded under Amanda’s hand and I knew she knew I was going. There was little warning to my brain though, and I knew that there could be no doubt about the milk causing incontinence! It really did taste so good though!

My whole body relaxed as I nursed, and like so many times the milk made me sleepy. I was soundly asleep before she changed my diaper and lay me down in my crib for the night.


I WOKE THE next morning to the sounds of someone walking down the hallway. Yawning, I rolled over to where my head faced the open crib bars towards the door. As I looked, I realized that I had never really thought about the fact my door stays open all of the time… It was a far cry from when I used to lock my door at home just in the thought of someone coming in my room. ‘Privacy is not something you’re going to get for a long time…’ I reminded myself with sigh.

As if to punctuate that point Amanda came in then dressed in a professional looking pantsuit set. “Why good morning Princess! I can’t believe you’re already awake!”

I tried to make a smart remark and then realized I was sucking on a pacifier and just sighed and nursed it instead.

“I sure wish you were more of a morning baby,” she told me with a smile and tickled me while leaning over the rail of the crib.

I groaned and spit out the pacifier into my hand, “Be nice...”

She laughed at me and gathered me up into her arms and checked my diaper, “Well maybe the wet diapee doesn’t help?”

I shrugged, “I hadn’t actually noticed it yet…”

I was squeezed into a hug and then she carried me over to the changing table. “We don’t have a lot of time this morning before we have to get to our appointment at the lab, so let’s get you dressed and eat breakfast quickly.”

I kind of perked up then and asked, “You said this is a new supercomputer and prototyping lab?”

She pulled the shorts off of me and laughed, “It’s all about the toys for you littles, huh?”

“You’re just as bad,” I told her.

“No, I’m not…” She pouted with a frown, then stuck her tongue out and smiled, “I’m probably worse!”

She then launched another tickle attack on my belly leaving me giggling uncontrollably! She didn’t let up for a long moment until I knew I had to have emptied everything that could have been left in my bladder. “Not fair,” I whined, out of breath as she reached to undo the tapes from my soggy diaper.

She just smiled at me and kept working to clean me up. A Pamper was fastened to my bottom before she sat me up and took the top off. “Let’s try the summer uniform today,” she told me with a smile.

I groaned, “You’re mean!”

“We could just dress you in a onesie? Or maybe a t-shirt and diaper?” She smiled at me and lightly tickled my belly.

I squealed, “The summer dress is fine!”

She kissed my head and said, “I thought it would be!”

I raised my arms up and she helped me into the dress that had a number of buttons going up the back. “How do you even put this kind of dress on by yourself?” I asked.

“You either get good at contorting your body, or you ask the RA in your dorm to help you,” she told me.

“RAs help?”

“And pay extra for the privilege usually!”

I woke up more as I sensed there was information here I’d missed before. “What do you mean? I thought RA’s usually did that job to get free room and board?”

“If you’re an RA for a Big floor yeah, but the RAs for the littles get their dream jobs – so they pay for the privilege.”

“Huh?” I asked as she gathered me into her arms and carried me downstairs.

“Think about it – you have all of those littles in your dorm rooms and they have to mind you! You get to mother them, pick on them, diaper them every night – maybe even during the day – and generally condition them for when they get kicked out of school to be adopted by someone. They even often get the pick of the litter so to speak!”

“That’s horrible…” I told her.

“I thought you knew about this?”

“I knew things in the dorms could be bad from what the guy said on our previous visit, but I had no idea that it was that bad…” I let her buckle me into the highchair and raised my arms while she put the tray in place. “So that means that the girl I met yesterday, Sarah?”

“Yes, she gets diapered every night in the dorms at the very least. She didn’t look like she was wearing one during the day, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.”

“You said with the laws though… and the university rules… wouldn’t it just be safer to wear diapers?” I asked.

She shrugged, “I would think so, but many littles are too stubborn for their own good. They know they can make the potty and don’t want to give into the Amazons…” She paused as she poured some actual cereal into a bowl for me, “As independent as you are, I was honestly surprised that you were willing to agree to the diapers and the babying…”

“I didn’t really have much of a choice anywhere else, right?” I blushed as she handed me a spoon and poured only a little bit of regular milk over the cereal. “That’s enough, I don’t like it soggy…” she smiled at me and stopped with just a little in the bowl, “Anyway, my next best option was Doctor Nimitz and his wife… I know now that I wouldn’t have been even able to go to school with him.”

She nodded, “But you did have a choice, you could have gone to school in your universe? Surely you had scholarship offers with how smart and talented you are? You had an amazing GPA, and already know more computer coding than most undergrads do by their senior year?”

I shrugged, “I’d been accepted to a few universities, given scholarships… but the risk and reward here?”

“Kind of like your parents, I think you are crazy sweetie,” she told me. “But I guess if you do fail and get stuck in daycare, I can at least not worry about avoiding nursing you during the daytime anymore!” She smiled at me as I took another bite of cereal. She had sat down at the table with her pump and began pumping while we both ate breakfast. I kept finding myself distracted by the milk she had and a craving for it roared its head.

“Your milk must seriously mess with my mind,” I sighed as I finished a bite.

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t look at it without having an intense craving… It’s kind of crazy…”

She frowned, “Maybe we should just stop the night feedings too…”

“No!!!” I practically cried, then thinking better of myself, “Sorry… please don’t? It helps me sleep?”

With a sigh she said, “Well I understand where you’re coming from Stacy, my need to have you at my breast and not this contraption is probably just as bad. I guess we both just have to hold ourselves to the less card, huh?”

I nodded and finished the cereal. I tried not to look at her while she was pumping her other breast and instead looked at my wrist with the charm bracelet, she kept refastening it to my wrist each morning. I noted that the emergency charms and that the whole thing jangled when I moved my hand. “Do you like that?” She asked me, making me look up at her again.

“It’s pretty,” I told her. “I think I was always kind of jealous of girls for getting these. The idea of different charms for everything is really cool.”

“And as a boy that wouldn’t exactly be on the plate, huh?” She asked.

“No,” I admitted.

She finished with the pump and came back to unbuckle me from the highchair. She carried me to the living room and sat me down next to the playpen. “Do you need to make any poopies?” She asked me.

I assessed my situation and shrugged, “Maybe?”

“Why don’t you try while I clean up the pump and put the milk away.”

“Okay,” I told her and waited for her to turn her back to me.

I sighed and grimaced at the thought of pooping another diaper, but I knew it was inevitable since there would never be a potty small enough for me from a store. I squatted down and felt my bladder release first, and then finally warm mush began entering my diaper. When I was done, I had this weird feeling of lightheadedness and drained energy. It was like doing the dirty deed made me get rid of everything in my body as my blood pulsed and I knew my face was bright red. Just as I had finally gotten my breathing back under control Amanda returned to the room.

“Smells like someone is ready for her new diapee!” She told me with a smile.

I just held my hands up for her to pick me up and stayed as still as I could as she carried me back upstairs to my changing table. Without it being smushed she was able to clean it up fairly quickly, but nothing about getting poop my butt would ever be considered pleasant by me! She finished up and put me in another Pamper before sitting me up.

“What do you want to do with your hair today?” She asked me.

“I don’t know… what’s normal for a little going to college?”

“Depends on how smart the little is…” she told me.


“The smart ones will either try and play up their youthful appearance with pigtails to make it seem like they’re being taken care of, or keep their hair at least in a little girl’s style with bangs and their hair loose, but curled under.”

I nodded at that, “I guess that makes sense, neither makes an Amazon think they’re trying to get out of their place in life. The not so smart ones?”

“Nothing and keep it just loose, cutting it down to a crew-cut, or dyeing things in weird colors.”

“Since I don’t have bangs cut into my hair, I’m guessing I should probably go with pigtails…” I thought for a second, “Or how about a French Braid?”

“I can do that with your hair if you would like, but you’re going to have to sit absolutely still since we don’t have a lot of time until we need to leave!”

“Okay,” I told her.

“Let’s take you back downstairs to your highchair, it’s easier to reach you,” she told me. I watched her gather some ribbon, my hairbrush, and a couple of elastic ties before she carried me downstairs. She just sat me in the highchair without doing the straps or placing the tray in place. As promised, I sat still in the chair while she worked quickly, and suffered through the occasional yank of hair or rat being brushed out. When she was done, she sat me on the floor next to the door to the garage, “I’ll go grab your backpack, just wait right there.”

I stood obediently by the garage entrance while she hurried and finally returned with my new backpack. “Why do I need this?” I asked her.

“It helps make you look like a student. If you don’t want to instantly find yourself in someone else’s nursery waiting for a rescue you need to learn to look and act like one of the littles that are still free.”

I nodded, “Okay…”

She opened the door and I walked to the door next to my carseat as she opened it, picked me up, and then buckled me in. “Here’s your phone,” she told me with a smile before closing the door.

I happily turned it on and found myself checking my new school e-mail that was setup on the phone. To my surprise that girl from yesterday, Sarah, had e-mailed me. From the header I discovered her last name was Evans.

‘Hi Stacy,

It was nice meeting you yesterday… assuming you really were honest yesterday… or at least your ‘mommy’ was honest, I hope to see you around campus. I wanted to let you know that next Thursday at 4:30pm we’ll have a meeting for ΛΔΠ sorority. We’ll eat a catered dinner at the student union room where we meet. Hope you’ll be allowed and able to make it!

Sarah Evans

Recruitment Chair



“Huh,” I said aloud as I read the message.

“What’s that? Did you say something?” Amanda asked.

“That girl we met yesterday?”

“The little that I scared senseless?”

“Yeah that one… Apparently she’s the recruitment chair for some sorority?”

“Lambda Delta Pi?”

“That’s the one, anyway she invited me to an event next week on Thursday in the afternoon. Any chance I might be able to go?”

“Hmm… I’ll have to take you to the door, or maybe I can have Megan do it since she won’t be seen quite as scary by the other littles.”

I sighed, “Can’t I walk across campus on my own?”

“It’s kind of asking for trouble sometimes sweetie…”

“Well… is it something I can do? Might be nice to have friends?” I suggested hopefully.

“You can go meet them, but no joining without us really talking about the potential consequences. At least they aren’t allowed a house on their own, so we don’t have to worry about that being an issue…”

“Thanks,” I told her and scribbled a quick reply.


‘Hi Sarah,

Thanks for e-mailing me, I was afraid Amanda had scared you off yesterday. I’ve been given the okay to come so I’ll show up. Just to warn you Amanda, or her younger sister Megan who’s a student too, will drop me off. Thanks for the invite!



By the time I had finished writing the reply we had pulled up to the university and parked in what I now knew was Amanda’s assigned parking space. She picked me up out of the car and handed me my backpack. “Ready?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “I think so, toys are always fun!”

She smiled at me and held her hand out. We walked down quite a number of sidewalks until we came to a very new looking building labeled, ‘Emerson Kilby Center for Computing Technologies.’ I remembered on our tour her mentioning the new supercomputer, but it wasn’t possible for us to get in. My inner-nerd was shaking with excitement and I mentally wondered if the diaper might be necessary to contain that excitement. I mentally checked and decided it was dry so far!

Amanda held the door open for me and used her card to swipe in a reader at a security desk. “How are you doing Doctor Westerfield?” The lady security guard asked.

“Doing great! Doctor Babbage told me the good news that they have things online, so I brought my little girl here to come see where she might work on some projects during her time here!”

The security guard was a rather round lady who stood up then and looked down on me. “Well Sweetie I didn’t even see you there! Aren’t you so adorable dressing up as one of your mommy’s students and playing college girl today?”

“She’s actually a student,” Amanda told her with a smile.

“Seriously? Why don’t you just have her at home in her crib? I don’t think I would ever be able to put a treat that sweet down!” The lady said in a kindly, but completely condescending voice.

“She’s brilliant, that’s why. Plus, I don’t see a need to regress her, I’d like to see her be able to be on her own again someday.”

“Well to each their own I suppose. I never have gotten around to getting myself a little, keep thinking one of these days I’ll find one of these college littles with a pair of messy pants and get to claim one of them.”

The conversation just became awkward then and I was glad when Amanda said, “Susie it was good to see you, we better get going.”

“You too Doctor Westerfield!” She said to her before giving me a baby wave, “Bye bye, baby girl!”

I sighed as we walked away and down a hallway with door handles that were out of my reach. We soon reached an elevator and I felt us move down what seemed like several floors. I couldn’t see the readout or the buttons though, “How far below ground are we going?” I asked.

“About three-hundred feet,” she answered.

“Even with Big proportions that seems far… why so far down?”

“Government contracts and the idea it can survive some disasters. It’s also thought to be easier to work on cooling down here with the system they put in.”

“How cool?”

“Pretty cold, I know it was their goal to get things down to near absolute zero.”

I looked at her in shock as the elevator opened and she led me down some more hallways, another security checkpoint, and finally I could see a glassed-in room filled with racks and racks of pure computing power!

“Whoa!” I said as I looked at the rows and rows of rack units.

She practically squealed as she squeezed my hand, “Awesome, isn’t it?”

We walked through a glass door and a shorter, and much rounder, Amazon walked to us. He had a balding head and gray hair on the sides of what remained. “Hi Amanda! So glad you could make it down today!”

“I’m glad you let me know you were ready to start letting others come in!”

“Well you’re one of the people I expect will want time on her, and you gave us some very valuable new ideas on linking the processes together. I didn’t realize you had a little girl though?”

“This is Stacy,” she said, “Stacy this is Doctor Babbage, head of this project.”

“Nice to meet you sir,” I told him politely while she continued to hold my hand. I assumed that meant I shouldn’t try and shake his.

“She’s in the student uniform? So, you just got her a few minutes ago?” He asked.

“No, she’s going to be going to school here this year.”

“Why? We all know littles can’t do anything? What’s she studying - theater so she can act on TV?”

I snorted at that, “That’s kind of funny, me acting…” I laughed. “No sir, I’m studying computer science.”

He laughed at that, “Now you’re joking.”

Amanda and I both shook our heads, “No Andrew, she’s more knowledgeable than probably eighty percent of your undergrads.”

He looked at us both like we had second heads before shaking his head, “She’s got protection on, right? I don’t want to risk her peeing on something.”

I sighed, “Yes sir I have a diaper on.”

“Okay… well, I guess we can begin the tour. The last time you were down here we were just putting the racks in, right?” He said to Amanda.

“Yes, you’d just really laid your cable out for power too.”

“Well we’ve completed the assembly of the project. We have just run our first benchmark test that completed last night, and we’ve hit a home run here with the T-3554!”

“How fast?” Amanda asked.

“743 Zettaflops!”

“You’re serious?” I said.

“Do you even know what a Zettaflop is?”

“It’s the measurement of processing power, one Zettaflop is ten to the twenty-first flops per second.” I wanted to add that we were still at least a decade away from achieving a single Zettaflop, to hit 743!?!?! “Your ability to model simultaneous data is enormous!”

He actually smiled at me, “Well… I guess you’re right Amanda, she actually does get that at least. Try not to get drool on the machines here,” he said.

“Hey, she’s just as bad,” I pointed towards Amanda.

“Yes, she is,” he admitted.

He took us on a tour of the racks and I looked closely at the parts I could see. “What are you using for cooling?” I asked. I was kind of surprised the room wasn’t warmer or separately enclosed to where we couldn’t get in.

“Well we are using a liquid cooling system using liquid helium that continuously cycles through. The system runs directly around the processors and stays within the insulated units.”

“How cold are you achieving at the benchmarked capacity?” Amanda asked.

“Four degrees Kelvin when it’s running with all processors, cores, etc. We’re hoping to eventually figure out a way to bring that down, but most of the success at getting to below that four degrees involves magnetic containment that would cause more problems than the speed would solve.”

“Why aren’t we freezing while being this close to it?” I asked kind of nervously.

“We designed the system to keep all of the temperatures insulated inside the racks. If we have any downtime, we have to take an entire rack offline, drain the coolant, let it warm to room temperature for twenty-four hours, and then work on it.”

I looked up and saw what I presumed was a halon or equivalent fire suppression system – you did not want to be in the room when that went off! Gas masks actually did appear to hang every now and then, but as a little I was way too small to use one! I actually shuddered at that thought. “So, are there terminals somewhere? How do you input data and setup modeling runs?” I asked.

“Well we have terminals in a couple adjoining rooms, as well as a new interactive assistant we’ve created.” He said as he led us down back towards the entrance and then to another hallway. We entered a room that had a wall of workstations on one side, and a platform at the end. He stepped towards the platform and I felt urine involuntarily shoot into my diaper as a very realistic amazon-sized hologram sprang to life in thin air!

“Amanda, Stacy, this is Tessa.”

“Pleased to meet you,” the Amazonian sized woman stated. I couldn’t help but note she looked like a model, but wore a conservative pantsuit. Somehow, I guessed that other options of clothing… or not… that were probably available to the technicians.

“Nice to meet you too!” I said. “Are you fully self-aware?” I found myself asking.

“I’m not sure little one. Why is it that she is here? I thought all littles just sit in daycares and shit themselves?” she asked rather bluntly.

“Umm… I guess most do?” I told her while everyone else just seemed frozen around me. “I’m going to be a student here at the university and Amanda has adopted me, but agreed to let me study here.”

“So, you’re not just baby? Even though I detect a wet diapee underneath your skirt?”

I blushed, “No, I only wear these because there’s not a toilet short enough for me.”

“Hmm… I may have to re-evaluate my programming here.”

“Tessa is a way for us to interact with the mainframe at a new level rather than just through a terminal. We based her somewhat on a nanny-bots programming,” Dr. Babbage interjected.

“Ah, so that explains her knowing what a little is and the bias there,” Amanda said.

“Bias?” Tessa asked. “I’m not biased, am I?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Amanda said, “Your only interactions and knowledge led you to the conclusion that littles are completely helpless. I would bet however that if you had time to interact with Stacy here you would find otherwise.”

“Hmm… Doctor Babbage can we do that sometime? I’d like to learn more?” Tessa turned to him.

“We’ll see Tessa,” he said. “Thanks for visiting with us.”

“Nice to meet you Tessa,” I told her.

“You too Stacy,” and with that she phased out of existence again.

“She’s so cool!” I told them both.

“I happen to agree with you there,” Dr. Babbage said. “You sure are a weird little…”

“You have no idea,” Amanda said with a smile.

“Let’s keep going with the tour,” he said to us.

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End Chapter 4

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

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