Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021

Chapter 12

SUDDENLY I FELT the water ripple next to me and saw a fin. I turned my head and realized Suzy was offering me some help. I gripped the little girl tightly with one arm and my legs as I used my now free hand to hold onto her fin gently and she pulled us through the water much faster!

I heard a lot of screaming as Suzy beached us on the platform and she left us there to swim away a moment later. I was almost crushed by the girls’ weight, but managed to free myself out from underneath her and immediately checked to see if she was breathing. To my relief she immediately began coughing and I helped her tilt to the side to get it out just as her mom and Makayla arrived.

“Oh my god, baby, I’m so glad you’re okay…” her mom said to her as Makayla pulled me to the side and an EMT began checking on the little girl.

“Are you okay Stacy?” Makayla asked bending down to the ground and looking at me.

I nodded, “a little cold, but that’s nothing a bath won’t fix.”

“You know I would have been close behind into the water? I had just gone in the back…”

“I didn’t think,” I answered her honestly. Amanda walked up then with Fred in tow.

“Of course, you didn’t think,” Amanda said with a scowl on her face.

I feared she was going to yell at me, but instead she picked me up and hugged me. “Your instincts saved that little girls life,” she told me, “I’m very proud of you,” she told me.

I blushed.

“Ma’am, we’re going to need to speak with all of you in the security office.” A security officer said to her.

Amanda nodded, “I’m not surprised. Did you catch the man who did this?”

“Yes, the police are going to ask for you to identify him for certain though before they take him to wherever it is that they’ll be taking him.” The gentleman answered with a respectful tone.

Just then the lady stood up from her little girl who was being taken on a stretcher to check out and came over to us. She looked at me and Amanda and gave us both a hug, “Thank you for saving my daughter,” she said to me. “I never would have dreamed a little would be able to do so, but thank you…” She was sobbing.

“I’m glad she’s going to be okay ma’am,” I told her.

“I know she’s an adopted little, but if there’s ever anything you need please let me know,” she said as she gave me a business card that listed her as a CEO of a prototyping company.

“Thanks,” Amanda said, “Now you should go with your baby,” she told her.

She nodded and disappeared with the medic team and her daughter. I was still sopping wet in my clothes and asked, “Do you have a spare outfit by chance?”

“Sure… Sir, do you mind if I change her into something dry real quick?”

He shook his head, “If you can do it right here or in the security office, but I need to get you going directly there.”

I sighed, “just do it here…”


TWENTY MINUTES LATER we were inside the park’s massive security facility. As we came in, they led us by a temporary holding cell that had ‘Collin’ dressed in only a diaper, a pacifier locked in his mouth, and restrained by some sort of harness that suspended him in the air.

“What’s with the diaper?” Fred asked as we passed.

“Well when we found him his pants were wet from an apparent accident. When we checked into his information, we found out that he is a runaway baby.” An older gentleman with graying hair, who seemed to be in charge responded.

“Who’d have thought?” Amanda said.

Inwardly I was marking a point down for us.

“I’m Thomas Cranton, head of security, was this the man… baby... who did this?”

From my perch in the sling I could see both Amanda and Fred nod, “Yes, it is. Any idea why he did this?”

The man shrugged, “Usually for an Amazon to be given a baby sentence there’s something pretty severe. It’s a sealed record for some reason. We’ve contacted the local police department to take over and get him back to whatever center he should be in to finish his regression.”

“Sounds like a good plan, what else do you need from us?” Fred asked.

“Well we need some written statements. Can your little girl write still?”

“Yes sir,” I told him myself.

“Well if you’ll all come with me, I’ll need it from Mommy and Daddy, and then our baby heroine.”

I blushed and when we were led into a conference room began writing up a statement that was as vague as possible. An unspoken statement was present in my mind that we didn’t want to give them too much information. Anything that could potentially unravel ‘Collin’s’ trip back to babyhood was not in our best interests. It took about fifteen minutes for the three of us to answer questions and write up the incident before we finished.

“Thank you all…” Mr. Cranton said as the door opened and another gentleman in an expensive suit came inside. “Mr. Warner… how are you doing?” He asked a little warily.

“I’d be doing better if I knew guests were safe in my park. From what I hear this little was much faster than our own emergency response teams! And. the girl who was thrown in the tank was saved a much worse fate because of her. How did you manage that?” He asked me.

I shrugged, “I like swimming and have had lifeguard training.”

“Well I do wish to thank you properly… As you’re an adopted little that makes things a bit trickier.” He said.

“Excuse me, I’m Fred Westerfield… you are?”

“Oh… I’m Jack Warner, the third, and I’m the current chairman of the Looney World Parks.”

“Pleased to meet you, I’m Amanda,” she said with a squeeze to me.

“Well this incident is already getting some press attention, and I don’t really want to see it explode any further. Is there anything I can offer…?”

“Some good security through the next day while we’re here and a ride to the airport in a limo? Someone would need to return our rental car too?” Amanda said with a smile. “Maybe also no questions over Stacy swimming in the waterpark tomorrow without floaties?”

He smiled, “I think we can make that arrangement. Tommy, can you get that security detail arranged?”

“Yes sir,” he said. “I think dinner plans would be good for us to make for them too, given the way their day’s plans have been upended?”

“I think that’s a great idea.”

“We’re going to need to go back to the hotel and cleanup before we do that,” Amanda said.

“No problems, we’ll escort you over there and make dinner plans for you at Pepé’s?” Mr. Warner suggested.

“Sound’s good to me,” Fred said. “Thank you for not giving us more of a hassle about Stacy jumping in…”

Mr. Warner shrugged, “It’s a great story. It’ll help build some more positive press for us in how we treat littles when their parents bring them here.”

I shook my head at the blatant business reasoning, but appreciated I wasn’t being yanked away from Amanda and Fred or something. As we left Collin struggled against uselessly against his bonds as his white diaper turned yellow. I waved bye to him as Amanda carried me out of the building. There we had four security escorts follow us out of the park and to the hotel.

It was awkward as they followed us to the elevator, and waited by the door for us of our room.

“We’ll be about an hour,” Amanda told them as two of the officers took up position by our door.

“Sounds good Ma’am,” a young male officer said.

Amanda and Fred undid the sling and carrier from themselves and sat both of us on the bed. Amanda made a silent gesture to us with her finger to be quiet, but didn’t sweep for bugs for some reason. “Well Stacy, you’re a little hero today,” she told me as she pulled the backup outfit, she’d dressed me in off and revealed the swim diaper that was still damp from either my urine or the water.

“Sorry…” I told her and Bella who looked at me with that incredulous look even more.

She shook her head, “Don’t be sorry for that sweetheart, it was the right thing to do and as soon as you were in the water, I knew you would and the other little girl would be just fine. Let’s go hop into the shower and rinse us both off before we get you two dressed into some pretty dresses for dinner.”

“Okay,” I told her and held my arms up.

“Daddy, would you change Bella and get her into one of the pretty dresses we picked up for her yesterday?”

“Sure,” Fred replied with a smile and tickled Bella a little.

Amanda picked me up and carried me to the bathroom and removed the swim diaper. “Uh-oh, you have a little poopy here…” she told me.

I blanched a bit at that since I didn’t remember going. “I think you need to skip nursing tonight and tomorrow night,” she whispered to me.

I made a pouting face at her but nodded. ‘It wouldn’t do for me to have a poopy diaper the first day of college orientation…’

She used a baby wipe on my rear really quick before putting the diaper in the trash and setting me in the running shower where she joined me. She undid my braided hair and used baby shampoo on it, washed me down with a wash rag and some of her body soap, and then quickly washed herself too. When we were done, she called out, “Daddy, would you please bring me one of Stacy’s diapees?”

A moment later he appeared with a new Pamper and I was laid down on the counter of the sink and quickly diapered. “Wouldn’t do for our new heroine to pee all over the floor, huh?” She asked.

I looked at her wondering what was going on, but figured it probably had to do with the likelihood of there being more bugs. I sighed and patiently let her dry my hair, her hair, before she dressed me into the frilliest pink dress she had brought. She pulled up a frilly diaper cover over my rear before she tied my hair into loose pigtails. She gave me a hug before she dropped me on into the playpen next to Bella. Her dress was purple, and not quite as frilly as mine, but still showed a matching diaper cover no matter how she stood. Fred had taken some initiative and tied some bows in her hair too.

“You look cute…” Bella said to me.

I groaned, “So do you…”

I sat down in the playpen then with a sigh and the stress of the last hour, the fun I’d had over the day, and everything else caught up with me in the form of extreme fatigue. Fred had turned the TV on just then to the local news channel and I gasped at the lead story.

‘Our top news story today comes from the Looney World park. About an hour ago, just after one of the last aquatic shows of the day, a toddler girl was shoved into the show’s tank by a man believed to be an escaped baby.’ A lady said.

The clip showed a distant view of the girl being shoved in and my leaping in. The man ran as quickly as he could and came nearer to the person recording. As he closed in you could see the juice I had flung on him had hit the bullseye and it looked like he had an accident. Several individuals tried to restrain him as the person panned and the man went out of sight.

My baby! scream brought the focus back on the pool. By that time, I had reached her and had us both on our back swimming towards the platform. Half-way back to the platform you could see Suzy come up and the rest of the rescue.

‘Incredibly it appears the little shown here escaped her mother, dived into the tank, and managed to pull the Big child to safety. Towards the end of the rescue one of the parks dolphins, Suzy we’re told, helped her get her the rest of the way out of the tank. Apparently the little was able to render further first aid until the adults arrived.’

‘Hard to believe a little could do that,’ a man said, ‘but the proof is there!’

‘Hopefully after her mother spanked her for being so reckless, she got a treat of some sort for the good deed,’ the lady said with a smile.

‘A new stuffed animal maybe?’ the man.

‘Seems like a good idea! No names have been released for the two girls since both are minors. The man has been named as ‘Collin Munson,’ who was sentenced to regression at the infant level for a period of ten years. It is unknown where he was supposed to have been in care. His offense and sentencing details are sealed in his records as he is legally now a minor too.’

‘Just a minute’ another man who suddenly appeared on screen and handed the newscasters something.

Wow, just when this case seemed too strange to be true, we have received word that this Collin Munson has now escaped custody. Police are advising anyone who sees him or suspects his whereabouts to immediately call this number. He is believed to be armed and extremely dangerous,’ the man read.

‘Wow, I hope they catch him soon and get him to the nursery he obviously needs,’ the lady said.

Fred turned off the TV and I saw Amanda had joined in on the shocked faces of everyone I could see on the TV screen.

“Come on!!!” Fred hissed. “How can this guy have gotten away?!?”

“Let’s talk about this later honey,” Amanda told him while she motioned warningly with her eyes around the room. She busied herself by restocking the diaper bag.

He nodded with a sigh, “Okay, let’s get dinner and head back to see the fireworks. Then we can put these two babies to bed.”

She nodded and walked over to the playpen where she picked us each up in one arm. “Ready for din-din?” She asked us.

I nodded while simultaneously panicking about the fact the man had gotten loose so soon.

‘I doubted it would really hold him long though…’ I admitted to myself.

Amanda handed me over to Fred saying, “I want the new baby for the rest of the night, you can have Stacy.”

I glared at her, “So I’m the old doll now?”

She laughed at me and stuck her tongue out at me, “Of course! Out with the old and in with the new!” she said as she squeezed Bella in a hug.

Fred gave me a hug and said, “Don’t worry Princess, you can be Daddy’s girl anytime.”

I smiled at him, “Gee thanks Daddy…” He tickled my belly for a second and then placed me on his shoulders in a piggyback carry. Amanda handed him our diaper bag and positioned Bella on her hip as she opened the door. Outside our security guards looked ready to escort us to dinner.

“Ready ma’am?” The lead guard asked Amanda.

“Yes sir,” she told him.

“Right this way then,” he told us and led us to the elevator. It was an awkward ride down with the four members of the security group down to the lobby. Downstairs people stared at us, curiosity painted on their faces, but we made it across to the park again without incident. Inside we were led to a restaurant labeled ‘Pepés Restaurant’ with a picture of Pepé le Pew holding a restaurant tray.

Opening the door up there was a crowd of people with buzzers waiting for their table. Amanda led us through the chaos to the hostess stand, “Oh my goodness! Aren’t you two just the most adorable little girls?” to Bella and me. She reached out and actually pinched Bella’s cheek.

“Thanks,” Amanda said with a smile and hugged Bella closer to her.

“I’m sorry, their dresses are too precious! Do you have a reservation?”


She typed into her computer and said, “Yes ma’am, I see you have a reservation. Right this way please,” she said. The crowd of people around that were waiting for tables seemed disgruntled that we were being immediately seated.

I heard one say, “What the Hell? We have a reservation but we still have to wait… they get to just go in?!?”

She ignored the complaints and led us back through the main dining area, down another corridor, and into a private dining room with a single table in a large room. Two highchairs sat next to two massive adult chairs. They were setup looking across from each other so that each parent would have one ‘baby’ beside them to take care of. Amanda carefully sat Bella in the highchair next to her, and Fred did the same with me. Two waiters pulled out their chairs before they too sat down.

A moment later a gentleman in a suit came in, “Bonsoir, I am Philippe and I’ll be at your service this evening. Would you like a baby food menu or kids’ menus for your two littles? We can also happily heat up any jars you might have with you?”

“I would like them to have a regular menu tonight,” Amanda told him. “It’s a special treat for Stacy over there for saving the life of an Amazon girl earlier.”

“Mon dieu! Is this the little who jumped into the tank earlier?”

“Oui, Monsieur,” Amanda said with a smile.

“Then I will not protest your request. Should I plan to bring a box to put the leftovers?”

“That might not be a bad plan,” Fred said with a laugh.

“Before I go, what would you all like to drink?”

“Iced tea,” Amanda said.

“Same for me.”

“And for the little girls?”

“I have some sippy cups of juice for them already,” she told him.

“Trés bien, I’ll be back in a moment.”

As he left Bella looked at Amanda and Fred like they were losing their mind. “We get to eat regular food?” She asked.

“Do you see anyone else in here right now?” Amanda asked.


“And even if they were, we wouldn’t care,” Fred told her. “Especially since we have a valid reason that we just gave the waiter. You will still need to nurse from Mommy afterwards though,” he told her.

She nodded and I remembered the fact Bella was at least able to nurse instead of having the laxatives. Amanda said, “Fred I put in two sippy cups for them in the bag, can you give me Bella’s and give Stacy hers?”

“Sure,” he said and dug through the bag he had carried. Bella’s was twice the size of mine and seemed a little closer to a regular cup. Mine seemed more like a bottle almost with a soft silicone spout that felt like the same material as a bottle nipple.

I took a tentative sip and then sat it down as the waiter returned with menus that were longer than me. He carefully placed it on the tray of the highchair and I did my best to balance it and read through the menu. Bella being a little larger had an easier time, but I could see she was still trying to figure out the whole crazy slingshotting standards. ‘I hope it becomes easier when we get home…’

I looked through the menu and settled on a salmon dish cooked in papillote. It came with a mushroom risotto that sounded amazing right then. Amanda whispered to Bella for a quick moment before the waiter returned and asked her, “Have you decided?”

“Oui,” she said with a smile.

She placed her order and Bella’s before he asked her, “And for the petite fille?”

She looked at me and nodded at him to ask me, “Saumon en papillote, sil vous plait?”

“D’accord,” he told me with a smile. “And you sir?” he continued. Fred gave him an answer and he left us again alone. I caught just a glimpse of one of the security members outside as the door closed leaving us again alone in the elegant room.

“A little over the top, isn’t it?” Fred said aloud.

“Someone liked Philip the Fourtheenth’s decor I think,” Amanda said.

“One of these days I’m going to manage to get through enough of your history books to compare what’s the same and different,” I said with a sigh, “He sounds similar to a king in our universe, but Louis was his name.”

“Do littles really not have to wear diapers in your dimension?” I heard Bella ask before slamming a hand over her mouth and looking at Amanda in fear.

Amanda smiled at her and kissed the top of her head, “I’m not going to punish you for asking questions silly girl, just be careful where we’re at.”

Bella nodded and I replied, “We don’t have Amazons there, so it’s only babies and toddlers that get babied. This is a truly odd place compared to back home.”

“I can only imagine,” she said to me.

The conversation lulled soon after that as bread was brought. Amanda and Fred cut some small chunks off for us. Our actual meals arrived and the chef had already prepared a smaller version for us to our surprise. The meals were the real thing though, so I didn’t complain and was quite stuffed at the end!

I finished sooner than everyone else and chose that moment to drink the last of the juice from my sippy cup. ‘I think I like my bottle better than this…’ I thought to myself. A need to release some urine made itself known to me and I didn’t hesitate releasing it into my diaper. The warming diaper expanded and I shifted a little as it did so.

“Someone needs a diapee change?” Amanda asked from across the table.

I blushed but nodded, “It can wait though.”

“You felt it though, didn’t you?”

I nodded, “Most of your milk must already be passing through my system?”

She nodded, “We’re still going to play it safe until at least Monday though.”

I sighed and nodded.

Bella looked at me in confusion so I told her, “Have you started going yet without knowing you needed to?”

“Not yet… but I’m not getting much warning? Why would I not know? I’m not really a baby… I’ve not been hypnotized, have I?” she kept her voice low, but I could hear the panic in it.

“No, you haven’t been hypnotized… Just… the more you nurse… well… it’s not the end of the world,” I told her awkwardly with a sigh, “But Emerson doesn’t mind if I pee in my diapers, or outside of class poop… but inside class if I poop…”

“You’re gone from the university and back to daycare…” She sighed, “like me…”

“You’re not going to any daycare,” Amanda told her. “I’m not sure what I’m doing with you during the day… but daycare isn’t the answer if I can help it.”

The waiter came back in then and said, “I hope you enjoyed your meal?”

“We did very much,” Fred said as he folded his napkin.

“Mr. Warner has taken care of the check for you all, would you like any dessert though before you go?”

Amanda shook her head, “I don’t think I could eat another bite.”

I shook my head too when he made eye contact with me.

“Well then, enjoy the rest of your stay. I believe you have a park representative here to take you to a prime viewing area for tonight’s fireworks.”

“Thank you,” Fred told him.

As he left a lady came in, “I’m Desiree Kline, Mr. Warner asked for me to take you to a good place to watch the fireworks tonight.”

“Do you have a way for us to confirm Mr. Warner sent you?” Amanda asked.

“Of course, given the escape of that boy I can see your need for caution,” she said. “Let me get him on a video conference.”

Mr. Warner appeared on the screen of her phone a moment later and Amanda said, “Good evening sir, sorry to trouble you, we just wanted to make sure we’re dealing with your actual people.”

“No worries at all. In fact, I am concerned for you all as well. Please know we’re going to be keeping a close eye on you all tonight and tomorrow. We’ll make sure to extend that all the way until you get on your plane home. Hopefully any trouble you might have following this incident will stay here in Selegnasol.”

“Thanks for that sir,” Fred told him.

“No worries, enjoy yourselves. Desiree is going to take you to a private area that I love watching the show from with my grandkids. You’ll be safe and secure there as well.”

“Thanks, and have a good evening,” Fred told him.

As the screen shut off Fred picked me up, Amanda picked Bella up, and Desiree was kind enough to pick up the diaper bag and throw it over her shoulder. “Do you need to change them on our way?” she asked.

“That’s probably a good idea,” Amanda told her. “Mine has a pretty wet diapee, and I’m pretty sure Fred’s is wet too.”

“This way then,” she told her.

As we left the restaurant the security detail went in front and behind us. It didn’t take long as she walked the streets for her to come to one of the diaper changing rooms. “Would you like a hand?” She asked as Amanda sat Bella down on a station.

“We’ve got it,” Amanda told her with a smile.

Fred handed her the diaper bag and sat me next to Bella who quickly had her diaper cover pulled down and feet pulled up into the air with her naked butt for the entire world to see. I turned my face from her and looked around the room. Looking away from her didn’t help much though because two naked men were having their diapers changed too. One woman wasn’t paying attention and ended up with a spurt of pee from that man all down the front of her shirt.

“Oh, you bad boy!” She screeched at him and flipped him over to deliver a number of sharp spankings.

A female attendant walked up to her and said, “Ma’am, I believe you’ve made your point - remember he’s a little who can’t be potty trained - how could he have helped himself?”

My attention was drawn back to myself as Amanda pulled me onto the changing pad and I was soon just as naked as the others. I blushed as that same man stared at me as he passed by. He gave me a wink and a smile that made me feel more than slightly creeped out. Amanda shoved a pacifier in my mouth about that time and I turned my head towards the wall.

She wiped my bottom quickly and soon had me in a dry diaper, diaper cover, and sitting up with a hug and a kiss on my head. “There, you’re all dry now!”

I smiled around the pacifier and soon I was in her arms. “Fred, I need to use the bathroom myself now…”

“So do I. You want to take the girls with you?”

She nodded, “That works if you’ll grab their diaper bag.”

“I can watch them,” Desiree said.

“Thanks, but they can stay with me,” Amanda told her. “It’s been a busy day and I don’t think they can emotionally handle being separated from their mommy right now.”

“Of course, I understand,” she responded as a hand picked me up from my bottom and Bella and I were facing each other across Amanda’s body. It was a quick walk to the bathroom and she found a stall that she closed and sat us down next to her in on the floor.

I looked at Bella who looked almost as awkward as she could sucking on her pacifier and playing with her hair. She looked incredibly uncomfortable that Amanda was using the toilet two feet from us - something she would likely never get the opportunity to do again. I sighed as Amanda’s tinkling changed to a more odiferous nature. I decided as I stood there that as bad as I stank with a bowel movement, Amazon poop smelled even worse!

I cracked a slight smile as Bella pinched her nose.

“Okay you two, walk with Mommy to the sink so she can wash her hands,” she told us as she opened the stall door. We both stayed right by her side as Amazon women and children hurried to and from the stalls.

One amazon toddler walked up to me as Amanda washed her hands. Before I could even register what was happening, she pulled my dress up, diaper cover down, and put her hand on my diaper. The brown-haired girl stood two feet over me and told me, “Good girl, you dry!” With a slobbery smile.

“Selena come here!” her mom said grabbing her hand. “Sorry about that,” she said to Amanda who giggled as I pulled my diaper cover back up and my dress back down.

“Selena, you can’t just pull every baby’s dress up to check their diapees…” her mom hissed at her as she led her to a stall.

Blushing and beyond embarrassed I held my arms up to Amanda who picked Bella and I up and she gave me a big hug. “It’s okay sweetie. At least it was a clean diaper!”

I glared at her and sucked on my pacifier, looking forward to being in Fred’s arms. He took me and noted that I was angry. “What happened?”

“Stacy just got her diaper checked by a four-year-old,” she told him with a giggle.

“It’s not funny,” I told him around my pacifier.

He had the decency to not laugh out loud, but I definitely felt his body fighting a laugh. Desiree and our security team met up with us and led us down some of the fake streets, steps, and to a seeming dead end. Desiree found a hidden door then and led us inside.

“This is not a publicly known place,” Desiree told us. “Only cast members know of its location, but it’s by far the best place to watch the fireworks display,” she told us with a smile.

Down a brick lined corridor, we came to a small patio with some comfortable looking chairs and a great view of the lake area they set off fireworks from. We could easily see other people walking down to rides and even beginning to try and find places to watch the show. “This is great,” Amanda said, “thank Mr. Warner for us please?”

“Will do. If you look back here there is a fridge of drinks, juice, milk, beer, and champagne. If you would like anything else to eat one of your security team can have someone bring something. I’ll meet up with you again tomorrow morning to take you to breakfast and then wherever you want to go in the park.”

“Thank you, we appreciate it,” Fred said.

“If there’s nothing else I’ll see you in the morning. Your security team is just going to hang out here, you shouldn’t have any problems though.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said.

As Desiree left, Amanda sat Bella down on a couch seat and then moved to the fridge. Fred meanwhile sat me down next to Bella and I pulled my pacifier from my mouth. Bella did too and I could see she was laughing at me, “What?”

“That was pretty funny,” she told me as she giggled.

I groaned, “Is it pick on Stacy day or something?”

“Yes,” Fred said, he reappeared suddenly and began tickling me.

I giggled and laughed uncontrollably as he tickled me for several minutes. I wet my diaper during the attack and groaned.

“What?” He asked.

“You need to change me again!” I told him grumpily.

He pulled the diaper cover down and felt my diaper, “It’ll hold for at least one more tickle attack… or the end of the fireworks.” He hugged me tight, “Is that okay?”

I sighed nodded, “It’s really only the poopy diapers I want changed out of right away…”

Amanda had a seat on the couch then and had gathered Bella up into her arms as they sat closer to each other and Amanda leaned her head on Fred’s shoulder. Bella looked at me and then reached out her hand to hold mine. I was comfortable in Fred’s lap when loud music began playing over speakers in the park as all of the lights dimmed out.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Looniest show on earth!” the voice said. Further narration continued as a light show began, fountains went off, fireworks blew up, and my mind was blown with the addition of some amazing holographic effects. I’d seen the fireworks shows at Disney World back home, but nothing compared to the show I was now seeing. It was the most mind-boggling display of visual effects I could imagine as characters chased each other across the sky.

When the show ended I said, “Wow… that was cool!”

“Yes it was,” Bella agreed.

Fred and Amanda stood up and simultaneously checked our diapers. “Wet…” both said at the same time before laughing.

“I think Bella can last until we get back to the hotel, can Stacy?” Amanda asked.

“It’ll be close, but I’d rather change her there. I can change them while you look over the room for whatever surprises have been left for us.”

“Sounds good,” she said as she shoved Bella’s pacifier back into her mouth. Fred took the hint and shoved one into my mouth too.

I sighed and just sat patiently as Fred held me with my head facing over his shoulder and gently patted my back. The security team rejoined us and led us to the hotel. In the elevator a young Amazon couple looked at us longingly. A moment later the girl said, “Looks like you have two tuckered out baby girls there…”

“Yeah, they had a big day, huh?” Amanda said as she patted Bella’s back. “Looking forward to giving them a diaper change, nursing them, and put them in their crib.”

“Honey, just think we could have that…” the lady said to her young husband.

Thankfully the door opened to our floor before I had to hear anything else. The gentleman who was leading the security team held his hand over his ear for a moment before looking at Fred, “The detective investigating today’s incident would like to speak with you… especially given the suspect escaped.”



End Chapter 12

Little Hope - Exchanged Book 2 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Sep 12, 2021


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