Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: Neon meets Pandora and Idunn, two old goddesses. What could they want with him?

After being pulled into the black hole, I find myself landing on a blue tile flooring. Looking around, the entire room is covered in blue tile patterns and is way beyond huge. It looks like the inside of an 8 bit, virtual training room. My attention then turns to the goddesses, Pandora and Idunn, standing a few feet from me. I summon out my ace in the hole, Soulcalibur, in the shape of Edge Masters sword. The fact that these two somehow took me somewhere else completely in an instant, lead to believe that these two were the real deal.

”Well I’m guessing you two wanted to talk about something without being interrupted? Well, you got my attention.” I pointed my sword toward them and readied myself.

”Aww you’re such a sweetie with your cute little sword. I can tell you’ve been practicing a lot, huh honey?” Pandora said crossing her arms and cooing at me. I could tell that she wasn’t really taking me seriously, but did she have to use the pouty face and voice so well? 

“Okay okay, that’s enough Pandora, don’t tease him too much. Don’t worry Little One, I’ll explain everything.” Idunn spoke to Pandora, but she did more damage than she realized. I could feel my diaper swell up with the hissing of anxiety. Man, I hope they didn’t hear that.

”Hmmmm well I guess by the way you are staring us down, you know we aren’t lying when we say we are the one true Pandora and Idunn. We can also read your mind and your body movements, so we know exactly what you’re hiding, Little One, or should I say Marquis.”

I stood silent and serious, tightening my grip on Soulcalibur. Wonderful, not only did know who I really was, but they know I was Little. Meaning they know what I just did in my diaper, making me feel even more babyish then I already was. 

“We’ll get back to that later though. As I was saying, Pandora & I have come to find the source of strong energy we haven’t felt before. When you activated your I.C.E, the accident changed you more than you realize. It made you much like us, a being of energy, who’s limits are only bound by your own thoughts. Basically, we are here to show how to become a better you.”

“So what? You’re saying I could be a new god or something? Sorry not that interested in that. People don’t need gods to worship. They need a hero who actually cares about the big and little problems.”

“Which is exactly why we want to help.” Pandora decides to intervene. “Not to make you a god, but to make you even better than you are now. We can help better your senses and your ability to focus. All you have to do is submit yourself to us and let us take care of you.” 

Those words ring in my ear and make me boil. My emotions are reaching a fever pitch and I can hear my thoughts of fake online Mommy Doms messaging me throughout the years before I was Neon. All of those empty promises to take care of me. They all say the same thing and all of them turned out to be fakes and liars. I had every reason to believe Pandora and Idunn were just the same.

Which is exactly why I launched myself right at Pandora as fast as I could. Only for my sword to be stopped by just the wave of her hand. I hopped back to my spot and repositioned myself away from them.

“Well you certainly have the rage of a dragon I’ll say that much.” Idunn states while giving me sly smile. That’s when Pandora walks up and directs at me.

”Tell you what, baby boy. I’ll give you a free shot at me. You get one chance to put me on my butt. If you do, then we’ll leave and you’ll never see us again. But if I’m still standing, you’ll be under our care.” Before I can comprehend or agree to her, Pandora takes one little step and is right in front of me. It started and back me up again.

”Sound like a plan, little man?” She reached out her hand to shake mine. I reluctantly did so, and she walked back to Idunn. As Idunn moved a couple yards away, I could tell that this little challenge wasn’t the original plan by the way Idunn was giving Pandora a look of “Are you sure about this?” 

Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t let her belittle me like this. I’m Neon D. Colossus and I’m gonna show this goddess whose boss.

”Ready when you are, sweetheart!” I could practically hear the undermining tone she tried to hide. I bring Soulcalibur skyward and start charging it up for a slash shot. I need to completely eradicate the area Pandora is on so she won’t have the chance to evade or dodge.

I have been holding in so much ionic radiation just to cut it all lose. I realized early in my career that nuclear energy and nuclear radiation were gonna be a big problem. So I absorbed and converted all that energy from around the globe and absorbed it into myself. The U.N. still don’t care for because I took the worlds most prized superpower, but I did this for the planet, not to please people. Now it was time to put it all to some use.

”Soulcalibur!! Chaos Meteor Buster!!” I roar and bring down Soulcalibur, unleashing the wide green rays of energy, following by a huge ball of it. It comes crashing to Pandora as I pour more energy into it. I can feel it come to a stop when the back lash of energy sends me flying back as the room is covered in a dust cloud.

As I sheath Soulcalibur and make it disappear, I clap my hands loudly and make shockwave to clear the view. I squint my eyes to see a figure in the distance. I hear her coughing and patting her self off. She didn’t even move a inch. It’s like she just ignored it.

”Wow that was actually pretty good honey. But I’m still standing!” I can’t believe this, this isn’t happening. No I refuse to let it end like this. Before she can mock me again, I rush Pandora and decide to take her down with an old fashioned tackle. 

However, Idunn reads me like a book, as she intercepts me and pulls me in for a tight bear hug.

”Sorry honey, but a deals a deal. Now why don’t you take a little nap.” As I am struggling to break her grip, she begins blowing on my face and a gold mist escapes her lips. I can immediately feel it putting me to sleep, sapping my strength away. I feel myself slipping in her arms, and soon I fade away into the darkness. 

My body is so heavy, like I can barely lift myself up. I flutter my eyes and I’m back home in my nursery. I look around, realizing it must be the next day from the sun shining in and that and I’m in my crib. My uniform is gone and replaced by my green and white dinosaur onesie with matching booties and mittens. My diaper feels much thicker than before, meaning I was changed and put it at least 3 diapers with stuffers, and the cloth diaper was added more to my humiliation. My tears were coming down my face when I realized I was all tied up by my wrist and ankles.

“Let me out! Let me out now!” I shout and cry to the top of my lungs. Soon enough, Idunn and Pandora come through the door. Pandora was wearing a loose blue shirt with jeans while Idunn wore a purple floral dress with small bird designs. 

Pandora approached the side of the crib first. She grabbed a green pacifier from the shelf, and then began rubbing circles on my tummy. I don’t know how, but it made me feel so relaxed and peaceful. Still I was crying because of my lost and being at the mercy of two people I just met. Now they were seeing in my most vulnerable and lowest state.

“Shhh shhh it’s okay honey. We’re here for you and you’re safe. Here, take your binkie for Mommy.” I didn’t refuse out of what might happen if I disobeyed. Opening my mouth, Pandora gently pushed the nipple in. I loved sucking on my binkie. I always became so entranced by own suckling that everything else seemed to just fade away. Idunn made sure to get my attention by letting me free of my bonds with just a snap of her fingers. It must be nice to be a goddess.

”Okay baby boy, now that your all nice and calm, Mama is going to go over some new rules for you. And before you complain, know these are not up for debate, after you tried to rush Mommy after you lost on the deal.” Idunn stated clearly as she called herself Mama and Pandora was Mommy. In hindsight things could have been much worse. So I relaxed and listened to her as she reads off a list in her hands.

”See, Mommy knows you can be a good baby of you just try!” Pandora tickles my chin and I couldn’t but giggle at her. Maybe I relaxed too much, I could feel my diapie become a lot more squishie. 

At least diapie wasn’t poopie yet. No wike poopie diapies. Poopie diapies yucky yuck.

”Number 1: You are to always call us Mama and Mommy. No using are actually names, unless we give you permission.”

“Number 2: You are not allowed to change or touch your diapers from this point on. You’re the baby and babies don’t change or touch their diapers.”

”Number 3: You are not allowed to feed yourself unless we give you permission to do so.”

”Number 4: You will wear whatever outfit we decide for you that day. You can wear your business suit when you’re going into work. But if you’re home, you will be in full baby mode, no exceptions.

”Number 5: There will be public diaper changes with little privacy. In a private restroom, in the car, or even under a shaded tree, you will be changed on spot when we say so.”

”Number 6: You are not to throw anything you get your hands on. Throwing will get you sent into time out and a spanking. 

“Number 7: No yelling or saying bad words. It’s okay for you to cry and throw the occasionally tantrum. But it will only send you to time out time and a spanking, so be mindful.

”Number 8: You will be taking regular naps from here on out. They will be after your lunch on weekends or after you get off work. 

“Number 9: You will be breastfeeding three to four times a day. Once in the morning after breakfast, once in the afternoon during lunch, another in between if you’re still hungry, and one during night time.

”Number 10: We have any right to always change these rules or add any rules. As long as you listen to us, you’ll be much better.”

This was a lot to take in. I could see that the smiles in their faces really looked genuine. And the way Pandora kept rubbing my tummy through out the whole time, really made me relax. I just nodded my head in agreement. Pandora pats the front of my diapered crotch and Idunn hands me a green crayon.

”That’s a good boy!” Exclaims Pandora. “Now take the crayon and sign the contract for Mommy.” 

It’s like one of those comics where the character literally signs his soul over. But what can I do? It’s not like they are out to hurt me, the could don’t that already. Taking the crayon, I sign my name in the best scribble I can muster. Man I’m so tired, that fight with Mommy left me so weak I can help yawning. My tummy is growling too.

”Awww I think the baby needs some food.” Idunn says caressing my cheek after hearing my tummy. “I’ll go make breakfast while Mommy get the baby changed.” And out she goes, likes she’s been here before. I’m guessing while I slept, they took the opportunity to explore the house. 

“Come on honey, let’s go get you cleaned and we can start our day!” Pandora says as she lifts me up and carries me over to the changing table to start my new life.



End Chapter 2

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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