Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

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Chapter 8
Chapter 8

Chapter Description: Neon has been captured by Ma’at. What fate awaits him now?

“Wakey wakey sleepy bear. Time to get up, you don’t wanna miss this.” 

A familiar voice spoke to me. Where am I? Was I back home? What happened? My eyesight adjusted to confirm my answers. Ma’at stood in front of me smiling at me. I tried to moved and make a grab for her, then I realized I was butt naked and gagged by giant pink pacifier. It gave me small comfort due to my own infantile reflex. 

Despite my best grunts and struggles, I couldn’t move at all. A pink aura surrounded me and was keeping me in place. I could only suck on the pacifier and glare at Ma’at. She pulled out a giant mirror and then stood behind me, holding my head to face the mirror.

”Now let’s make you all sweet and pretty for Nanny.” 

I could only watch as my fate became that of the man I saw earlier. Ma’at saw to my transformation personally. I could feel warmth over my body, feeling myself shrink in body mass. I expected there to be pain as my could feel myself change, but there was only pleasure and a sense of relief causing me to moan despite my situation. 

All remaining stubs of body hair were removed. My skin tone became several shades lighter while my toe and finger nails became longer, painted with pastel pink nail polish. My eyes began to shrink, my lips reformed into a pout under the pacifier, and even my face was reshaping to be more feminine. My hair grew longer and reached past my shoulders. Ma’at moved her hands through my hair, parting it into two, allowing it to be braided and tied into pigtails. Ma’at then tied two pink ribbons to the ends.

Her hands massaged my chest, waist stomach, rearranging my body fat to give my B cup size breast, a bubble butt, and a small waist. My legs and thighs became more shapely to match my new figure. I gave a slight nudge of resistance when Ma’at came around to face me, her hands on my member.

I moaned louder with each stroke, looking down at my cock as it was shrinking and disappearing before my very eyes. It feels so good, but I know this is wrong. Ma’at giggles at my dispense as she drains me of cum. I can feel it all leaving me while she shapes my cock into a clot and my balls spread apart and form an opening for my new vagina. On the final orgasm of the transformation, I look up at the mirror with Ma’at beside it, as a another woman stares back at me.

”Well aren’t you just the cutest thing ever! From this point forward, your new name is Marcy! Yes that’s right, my baby girl Marcy!”

No this can’t be happening! No no no! I’m not her baby girl! 

With new found adrenaline, I radiate whatever remaining energy I have left to break through the pink aura around me. Focusing my energy outward, my outfit and goggles lying on the ground flies right past Ma’at, almost knocking her over. A bright green flash radiates and shines through the room, my gear now much more tight and form fitting for my new assets. Who knew that boobs could be so heavy?

”Well well, I wasn’t expecting you to break through that so easily. You live up to the name dragon, baby girl. Now come to Nanny so I can-“

Before she can utter another work, I charge forward with both fists out. As the ionic energy dissipates, I’m left shocked as Ma’at looks down at me unfazed. Punch after punch I give her, until I’m left with nothing but sore knuckles and exhaustion.

”I guess someone needs to learn the hard way then!” Ma’at grabs me by the arms and begins to glow a bright pink as she makes changes to my outfit.

All the hard work I put into making this suit is undone. In an instant, my suit is replaced with a pastel pink frilly short dress. The center spelling out “Pamper Princess” in cursive. A small jeweled tiara on the top of my head and yellow booties and mittens on my hands and feet. Surprisingly though, no diaper covered my pussy. A small draft confirms my nakedness below while Ma’at carries me over to a chair. 

“No please! Please not that!” I struggle and fuss but it falls on death ears as Ma’at bends my over knees and pulls up my dress. I barely have any strength to move as she holds down right with just one hand. I try to steal myself as best I can for the inevitable.


Three quick strikes hit my backside so hard and fast I don’t even have time to register it. All I feel is the immense pain in spilt second. I whimper and plead behind my pacifier, but Ma’at continues her punishment. And all can do is be a good girl and take it


“You do NOT hit Nanny! That’s a very bad baby girl!”


”Nanny gave you a gift and you try to hurt me? That will not be tolerated, little missy!”


“Dragon hero or not, I am the Nanny and you are the baby! You will be a good baby girl from now on! No more big boy privileges!”


”Okay all done sweetie. Now I’m gonna lift up and take your paci out. When I do, Nanny wants a good apology.”

Nanny lifts me up onto her lap so that I’m facing her. I’m a sobbing and tearing mess. I’m so defeated that I just wanna be held, even as she takes out my paci. I just wanted to be good girl and not get spankies anymore.

”Okay little girl whenever you’re ready. Nanny needs to hear nice and clearly.”

Nanny’s won now, there’s nothing else I can do. She beat me like the little baby girl I am.

”I sowwy Nanny. I was bad babie gurl. I sowwy I hit you and was nasty. I be good babie guel from now on. No more big boi. I pwomise I be good.” 

I was so much in sadness, I began to start to hiccup through my loud sobs. Nanny me into her and began rubbing my sore bottom. Her touch made me feel a little better through my tears. 

“Apology accepted Marcy, now come, Nanny needs to change you into your diapies. Then it’s snack time.”

Nanny tickles my tummy making me giggle. She kisses my forehead and carries me over to the one of the many changing tables in the room. Through the door next to us, two blonde maids appear. One of them hands me a bottle of warm to nurse on, while the other starts jiggling keys to keep me distracted. I’m way more into this yummy baba because it’s strawberry milk! The keys are pretty colors though. 

“I think three diapers and stuffer should be plenty to worth with. What do you think, sweetie?”

I am too busy playing with the maids to give an answer, but Nanny goes to work regardless. 

First I feel warm cream on my butt and lotion, easing away my soreness. I let out a small moan from behind my baba.

”Awww such a good girl being so still for your diapie change. Nanny’s almost done, just keep drinking your bottle.”

That’s pretty simple because this baba is soooo good. I hope Nanny has another one of these after I finish this one. I smell the fresh lavender powder and hear the crinkles of the diapies as Nanny lifts my legs. Tape by tape she straps me in until I’m all dressed. Then she surprises me with a pastel blue cloth diapie cover.

”Ohhhh I just can’t resist! I love the poof these give to padded little babies like you, princess.”

I giggle and laugh because I liked be called princess. Even if I was just a Pamper Princess. With a final tape and diapie bottom pat, Nanny lifted me up for hug as I finished my baba. She patted my back until let out a huge burp, giggling at how loud it was. A new record for me!

”You’re such a good girl! Your tummy must still have some room left for more. Does Marcy want more baba? Does my baby girl want more baba? I think she does, I think she does!”

“Baba Pwease! Baba Pwease ! Baba Pwease!” I clap my hands and chant as Nanny carries me over to the other side of the room. There the two blonde maids set up a big bouncer and open it. Nanny gently puts me inside and closes it. She gives more baba and gives more toy keys to play with. The two maids cut on the tv for me to watch Frozen.

”Now you be a good baby girl and drink all the bottles the maids give you. Nanny has to check on her other little ones. I won’t be long Marcy.” 

Nanny gives me a kiss on the check and leaves me to my show. Opening up a shiny pink door. It’s just me and the maids and my yummy baba.

Half way through the movie, I feel my tummy start to churn. I really have to make poopies, but I can’t stop chugging baba to concentrate. As I finish it, the blonde maids start become wobbly all of a sudden and then pass out on the ground!

”Don’t panic sweetie, it’s us.” An invisible voice says. Wait I know that vice anywhere! It’s Mommy, Mommy is here for me!

Instantly Mommy and Mama, all dressed up in their costumes appear before me! I’ve never been so happy to see them! Now they can get me out of here!

”Awww you so cute princess! Who’s my little princess? Is it you?” Mama tickles my tummy sending me in full on giggles.

”Mama and Mommy here for me! Yay!”

”Shhhh, yes we came honey. You’ll be home in no time at all-“ just as Mommy was about to unlock me from the bouncer. A pink flash appeared in the room. Nanny was coming back!

“Mommy! Mama! Hide!” And in instant they were both gone from sight, hiding somewhere in plain view. They had managed to use a quick spell on the maids somehow and were back to standing by my side like nothing happened. Nanny walks over smiling and whistling. Before either of us can say a word, a loud fart escapes my backside.

”Well I think a certain princess is ready for her first poopie diapie!”

I can bear a stinkie diapie, as long as Mommy and Mama have a plan to save me!



End Chapter 8

Baby Hero vs. Mommy Goddesses

by: BabyBoy1672 | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 27, 2021


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